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Finance For the financial year 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013: On 1st April 2012 we had a total cash of... We had money come in from…

£m 7.7

Rent and Service Charges relating to our properties

£m 31.0

Grants from Welsh Government and Local Authority


Property sales under the Right to Buy scheme


Bank interest and other items such as commission

1.0 Total

We spent it on...


Improving and repairing your homes and communities

£m 33.3

Providing tenancy management and support services


Town centre offices, a new head office and new IT systems


Central support services and administrative costs

7.5 Total

51.8 £m

To do this we had to borrow...

12.0 £m

This left us with a total cash at 31st March 2013 of... 24


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