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Meet the Board The Board of NPT Homes is ultimately responsible for the strategic running of the organisation, making sure that it is financially sound and that it complies with the law in all it does. The Board also has responsibility for deciding the direction of the organisation, what it needs to be doing in the future and what needs changing. The Board does not manage the day-to-day affairs of the organisation, that is the job of the Chief Executive and the staff. The Board reviews performance at a very high level but doesn’t involve itself at an operational level. The Board is equally made up of tenants, Council nominees and independent members.

Key decisions made: Approval of the 30 year Business Plan and Financial Statements; Approval of the Equality and Diversity Policy and for NPT Homes to work with Tai Pawb, an organisation that promotes equality and social justice in housing in Wales; Approved partial amendments to the Rules to give more flexibility to the organisation and its members; Agreed the new Risk Register and approved the Analysis and Mitigation proposal; Agreed the operational change to the Tenancy Support Scheme and to create an in-house tenancy support scheme; Agreed the approach to 'Making a Difference'; Approval of policies and procedures including Health and Safety, Social Media, the Code of Conduct and Data Protection. 12

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