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Career Development Action Plan Current situation (Where I am now: Academic achievements, experience/s and strengths) 2nd Year studying Public Relations and Communication Really enjoyed Employability and Work Placement Skills module Communication skills have vastly improved and career goals have been clarified Learning how to structure my CV and craft my career statement I found incredibly helpful

Career goal/s

(Where I want to be: Meaningful career goal/s – whether employed or self employed) Currently considering: • Public Relations and Communications role at the University in Libya (Permanent, Full-time) • Particular interest in the media / advertising fields • Develop skills in English by undertaking part-time study

Routes to achieve goal/s (Main options, broad steps towards my goal/s) • • • •

Study for Masters’ degree in Public Relations and Communication in the UK Gain work experience in chosen field in Libya prior to studying for Masters’ degree over two years Earn money to support further study Undertake a six month course which will teach me how to integrate students into their University life.

Issues (What’s stopping me, challenges to deal with) • • • •

Clash of cultural experiences – studying in the UK but transferring to Libya for work placement Difficulties with English pronunciation particularly when reading. Self-confidence in public presentations….forgetting script, nervousness, shyness Lack of work experience

Actions (Specific/Stretching, Measurable/Motivating, Achievable/Agreed, Realistic, Time bound) Action

By when

1. Organise specific timings and liaise with employer of public relations company for work experience this summer (August 1 st – 15th, 2014)

15th April,2014

2 Write covering letter to employer outlining skills and interests and provide CV.

22nd April,2014

3. Book appointment with Southampton Solent Head of Public Relations and Communication to gain interview experience and receive advice about the intended goal.

15th March,2015

4. Make contact with the Head of Public Relations and Communication at Tripoli University in the summer holidays after completion of BA in Public Relations and Communication

1st August 2015

5. Learn to drive to gain confidence and to help with career prospects

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20th June 2014

Action plan  
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