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» STATISTICS An example of this is defining the best Demographics variables for specific marketing campaigns. These could include Age Ranges, Credit Scores, Nationality, Language, Relationship Status, Income Level and Ethnicity among other variables. The more specific the variables within each category, the better the targeting and the results will be for the next set of marketing campaigns or qualifications.

“We use Marketing Analytics tools to

dissect our operation and determine areas of opportunity. The versatility it yields in measuring performance is extremely beneficial in enhancing our ability to be successful.” Paul Little, Marketing Director at Villa del Palmar Cabo Region.


Determine your Key Performance Indicators. In addition to the general performance indicators such as VPG, Closing % and Show%, Marketing Analytics can be further monetized by using indicators such as:

problems. Costly delays can be easily avoided, such as the cost of working another batch of leads or another week of hotel check-ins with the same underperforming strategy. c) Courtesy Tours Analytics. Most reporting tools are usually unable to determine what the efficiencies are on Not Qualified (NQ) tours. That is because generally, efficiencies are only calculated either by Qualified (Q) tours only, or by total number of shows. Courtesy Tour analytics assists in evaluating the real performance of the NQ tours, by preserving the original NQ reason or category, even when they purchase and become Qualified. Therefore performance indicators should be easily obtained at will by specifying: 1. Only Qualified Tours. 2. Qualified Tours and Courtesy Tours (NQs) combined. 3. Only on Courtesy Tours.

a) Marketing Agents booking Analytics, which include NQ rates, Appointment Cancellations rates and Tour Rescheduling indicators. Analytics on the booking effectiveness of each particular OPC or concierge will assist in achieving a better staff management and a better lead assignation process, which results in higher show rates and higher efficiencies. b) Lead Status analytics, which show a crystal clear picture of what happened to all acquired and assigned leads during a certain date range. The initial and final dispositions of all leads can be analyzed by type, prequalification, source, acquisition date or by any other category.

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – Professor and Consultant W. Edwards Deming.

In addition, lead status analytics allow for quickly identifying and addressing trends or potential 2013 January / February


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