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PROUDLY SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF ACWORTH AND KENNESAW Top model went to North Cobb High School; see page 7.

Vol. VII, Issue VIII/AUGUST 2009

You, too, can afford a personal chef; see page 17.

One Kennesaw Family Will Win $250,000

Kennesaw Breaks Ground on Pedestrian Underpass Courtesy of Pamela Davis, City of Kennesaw

The City of Kennesaw held a ground breaking event on July 13th to mark the start of construction on a pedestrian underpass under the CSX railroad in downtown. The project, which includes a 115 foot tunnel under the CSX railroad tracks, is expected to take six months to complete. The underpass is an element of the Kennesaw Downtown Development Authority’s master plan for downtown revitalization. The walkway will provide safe passage between the downtown commercial district on the west side of the tracks to the historic Depot Park and Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History on the east side.

Eight families in Kennesaw’s Legacy Park Annandale neighborhood are the stars of the new CBS television reality seriesThere Goes the Neighborhood. The families are competing for a grand prize of $250,000. The show will air on Sunday nights at 9:00p.m. beginning August 9th.

Kennesaw-based CBS Reality Show Begins in August From staff reports and Courtesy of CBS

Eight families in Kennesaw’s Legacy Park neighborhood are about to become television stars. There Goes The Neighborhood is a new seven-episode reality-competition series that features eight families living in their actual suburban neighborhood. The families spent much of June surrounded by a massive 20-foot wall as they competed in family-friendly games. The host is former American Idol contestant Matt Rogers. For the duration of the competition, the families were cut off from the outside world while their homes were encircled by the daunting wall with no way in or out. Each week, one family will be eliminated until one victorious group remains to claim the $250,000 grand prize. (Learn more about the eight families who participated: see pages 4-5.) u

Inside This Issue Calendar of Events

The City of Kennesaw will host the Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival on August 14-15; see page 18 for more.

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The City of Kennesaw held a ground breaking event on July 13th for the pedestrian underpass under the CSX railroad.

“The pedestrian underpass will help make the downtown area safer and more pedestrian-friendly for both residents and visitors,” said Mayor Mark Mathews. “This construction will make the area more accessible, reduce congestion, and enhance traffic flow, an essential step in attracting development.” Public art will be incorporated into the design through the use of relief panels depicting the Great Locomotive Chase. The drawings of Wilbur G. Kurtz will be used to recreate the storyline of The General and the Texas as users travel through the underpass. Kurtz’s work is also featured at the Southern Museum in downtown Kennesaw. The primary design firm for the project is URS Corporation who partnered with Mactec Engineering for some wall design work. The contractor is JJE Constructors, Inc. u

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Fresh vegetables, homemade breads, and even jams and jellies are available at the local farmers’ markets in both Acworth and Kennesaw; for more information, see p. 11. Above, a young patron shows off her purchases: a selection of jams.

2 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

Money Matters

Know Your Rights with Debt Collectors Courtesy of Jason Alderman Like many folks, I recently had an awkward encounter with a debt collector. Someone had stolen my credit card number and used it to charge a hotel stay. Thanks to my card’s zero liability policy the charges were quickly reversed and I didn’t have to pay anything. But unbeknownst to me, the thief had booked an additional reservation, so my cancelled card was later charged a noshow fee. Long story short: After trying to collect the $350 bill from the thief ’s non-existent address, the hotel turned the claim over to a collection agency. Fortunately, I was able to unravel the mess and got the unpaid collection removed from my credit report. Not everyone is so lucky, however. Although the vast majority of debt collectors operate reputably, the Federal Trade Commission receives tens of thousands of complaints each year about overzealous collectors overstepping their legal bounds. Here are a few precautions you can take: First, recognize that you are responsible to pay off legitimately incurred debt. If you realize you may have difficulty paying a bill, however, proactively contact the lender to work out a payment plan. Don’t wait for them to contact you and certainly don’t ignore their calls or correspondence; that could harm your credit rating. You have certain rights whenever dealing with debt collectors. For example, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they cannot harass you by: Using abusive language or threatening arrest. Calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. Contacting you at work if you tell them your employer disapproves. Contacting others, except to verify where you live and work. Revealing to others that you owe money. Once a debt collector contacts you: Get the names of the person calling and his/her agency, its address and phone number. Take detailed notes of all conversations, correspondence and pre-

recorded calls, noting names, dates and times. You may request that all subsequent contact be handled by mail. Send this request – and all further correspondence – by certified mail, return receipt requested. Request that all conversations be followed-up in writing. Document any false, misleading or harassing statements and include them in your correspondence. Ask for full details about any debts the collector claims you owe, including dates, amounts, lender’s name, etc. Instruct that you be the only person contacted, unless you wish an attorney to be involved. Retain all records indefinitely in case of future disputes. Have all agreed-to repayment plan terms verified in writing, including promises to remove or adjust reports to your credit history. If you feel you’ve been targeted in error, tell the collection agency, in writing, that it has the wrong party and to stop contacting you. If they can’t provide proof, by law they must cease collection efforts. And, finally, don’t pay bills you don’t owe just to make the collector go away; that’s considered acknowledgement that you are responsible. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s “Debt Collection Practices: When Hardball Tactics Go Too Far,” offers great tips on navigating the debtcollection process, including your privacy rights, sample letters and where to turn for help (www.privacyrights. org/fs/fs27-debtcoll.htm). Jason Alderman directs Visa’s financial education programs. Sign up for his monthly e-Newsletter at www. u

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4 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

City Beat: Kennesaw

Meet the Families on “There Goes the Neighborhood” From staff reports and Courtesy of CBS

The Bussiere family, comprised of Tom (dad), Susan (mom), Marcia (grandmother) (top row, left to right), Elise (daughter) and Jake (son) (bottom row, left to right).

Tom and Susan Bussiere have been married for nine years; they moved to the neighborhood from Boston five years ago. Tom is an insurance agent and Susan is currently a homemaker. They enjoy running and have completed many road races together. Elise is bright and is enrolled in her school’s gifted program; Jake is also a good student who enjoys playing on the computer. Susan suffered a stroke in 2008 (she has since recovered and leads a normal life), and since then, her mother, “Mimi,” has lived with the Bussiere family.

The Johnston family, comprised of Cameron (dad), Regina (mom), Carliegh (daughter) and Theresa (niece) (left to right).

Cameron and Regina met while they both lived in Pennsylvania. He has been a stay-at-home father since 2007 and coaches the Legacy Park Flag Football Youth League. Regina has been unemployed for the past 7 months. She previously worked as an IT executive for a major internet company. Theresa (Regina’s her maternal aunt) works as a freelance artist producing fine art paintings and sculpture, but she is also studying to become a make-up artist. Carliegh just finished 5th grade at Big Shanty ES (she got straight A’s) and is very active at her church parish.

The DeGirolamo family, comprised of Greg (son), Chris (son), Jeff (dad) and Lisa (mom) (left to right).

The Mullennix/Goff/Hatcher family, comprised of Nathanael (son) Keith (son), Chris (mom) and Renee (mom) (left to right).

Jeff (aka “Biggy”), a contractor, and Lisa, a client services manager, have been married for 18 years and are both from New Jersey. Both are avid tennis players and Lisa even teachers tennis in the neighborhood. Greg attends North Cobb HS and enjoys making scale models of rockets and cars. He is also interested in engineering. Chris (aka “Mr. Personality”) is a student at Awtrey Middle School and is considered the “class clown” at school, which sometimes gets him into trouble with his teachers. He also enjoys playing lacrosse and tennis. Mom Chris works at an accounting firm and enjoys a good movie. She took on the responsibility of raising her brother’s sons, Keith and Jeremy Goff (who is not participating), 16 years ago after a freak camping accident that killed both parents. Nathanael, Chris’ biological son, is a graduate of North Cobb HS and will be attending UGA this fall. Keith will attend North Cobb High School as a senior this fall. Chris’ partner, Renee Hatcher, entered the picture a little over a year ago and all three children have welcomed her into the family.

City Beat: Kennesaw



Meet the Families on “There Goes the Neighborhood”

The Nelson family, comprised of Christian (son), Mickey (mom), Branson (son), Jackson (son) and Chris (dad) (left to right).

Originally from South Florida, Chris and Mickey have been married for 23 years. He is the Youth Sports Coach for Legacy Park football. Mickey attended Florida State before getting married. They both enjoy boating, salt water fishing and family time with the children. Christian was the captain of the lacrosse team in high school; he plans to attend UGA this fall. Branson just completed 9th grade at North Cobb HS where he is on the Honor Roll and plays lacrosse. Jackson just completed the first grade at Kennesaw ES and wants to be an oceanographer.

The Southey family, comprised of Laurie (mom) and Haley (daughter) (left to right).

The Southey’s moved to Legacy Park about 2 years ago. Laurie has been raising Haley as a single parent for most of her life; she maintains a friendly relationship with her ex-husband. She enjoys hiking and playing tennis. Haley is in 10th grade at North Cobb HS; she is a straight A student in the magnet program for international studies and is a member of the Interact Club and the Environment Club. She is also on the tumbling and cheerleading teams (she’s won the Spirit Award two years in a row), enjoys cooking, scrapbooking and helping the “underdog.”

The Schindler family, comprised of Noah (son), David (dad), Olivia (daughter), Christina (mom) and Emmett (son) (left to right).

The trauma of the 1994 earthquake in CA led the Schindler’s to move back east. David is Jewish and Christina is Christian; the result is that the whole family is active at their local temple but celebrates Christian holidays as well. The entire family enjoys karaoke nights. Noah will be in 7th grade at Awtrey MS this fall. He is currently preparing for his bar mitzvah. Emmett, a 5th grader at Big Shanty Intermediate School, is an aspiring young actor who enjoys baseball, basketball and video games. Olivia, a first grader at Kennesaw ES, wants to be a song writer/singer.

The Upshaw family, comprised of Christopher (son), Alexus (daughter), Therese (mom) and Ricardo (dad) (left to right).

Ricardo (one of nine children) and Therese (one of eight children) were both raised in Ohio. He played football in college and received a degree in architecture. Therese has her degree from KSU. Christopher ran track in high school and attends NMTC. He intends to transfer to either KSU or GSU to study communications. He enjoys football, basketball, camping, wakeboarding, jet skiing and video games. Alexus finished high school with honors and loves cheerleading, tumbling, ballet and jazz. Accepted to GSU, she plans to study genetics and psychology.

6 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

City Beat: Acworth NCHS Graduate and Former Kennesaw Resident Named World’s Most Successful Male Model By Cynthia Dell’Omo and Theodore Thimou

Lana Winters knew she was looking at a future supermodel the moment she viewed former Kennesaw native Sean O’Pry’s prom pictures on his MySpace page three years ago. Today, Sean O—as he’s known in the industry—has been named the world’s Most Successful Male Model by Forbes magazine. The 20-year-old North Cobb High School graduate now lives in New York to accommodate his busy work schedule.

Winters, the owner of VNY Model Management in Manhattan, first learned of O’Pry from her friend and onetime America’s Next Top Model judge Nolé Marin. “[Marin] saw his prom pictures and showed them to me [saying,] ‘You have to take a look at this guy,’” she recalls. “I took a look and said, ‘We need to get him here immediately…If he really looks like that, he’s [going to be] a supermodel!’” The then 17-year-old O’Pry boarded his first plane ever and headed to New York after Winters obtained his parents’ permission. A former high school athlete with zero modeling experience, he landed a huge opportunity shortly after his Big Apple arrival. “We did a Polaroid sheet on him and in three days he went to a huge casting for Barneys. Off of just his notebook and his Polaroid sheet, [he] booked a [huge] campaign…I won’t disclose the money, but it was a lot!” That was the quickest turnaround Winters has ever seen. “The response that Sean had was far beyond anybody’s response ever.” His other major clients have included Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. Looking ahead, O’Pry wants to explore acting. “We have some scripts that we’re reading currently for him and definitely that is where he’s headed,” says Winters, who will continue to be his agent. “We are preparing him and I’m having him meet the right people.” Whatever direction O’Pry’s career takes, Winters believes he will be around for a long time. While some models have limited careers, she says that he has the look that brings longevity. “He’s in the classical category. I think that as he gets older, he’s going to do a lot more stuff.” u



8 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



10 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



FEATURED ESTABLISHMENTS BBQ Street.................................................................. 22 Beverage Resort, The.....................................................13 Big City Deli.................................................................17 Big Shanty Smokehouse..................................................16 Caper’s on Main Street..................................................25 Capo’s Italian Restaurant................................................22 Cave, The....................................................................13 Di Gusto Italian Grill & Bar........................................... 19 El Taco Azteca.............................................................24 Fish Head Grille............................................................22 Golden Krust............................................................... 25 Hong Kong Star........................................................... 14 Johnny’s Pizza.............................................................. 12 Keegan’s Irish Pub........................................................ 12 Mandarin Chinese Restaurant......................................... 20 Mexico Tipico..............................................................21 Montecalvo’s Italian Restaurant.......................................21 NCG Cinema...............................................................16 Oak Barrel...................................................................17 Old Mill, The.........................................................16, 22 Scooter’s Restaurant and Pub..........................................24 Swift Wheels................................................................ 17 Stovetop Solutions........................................................ 17 Tokyo Japanese............................................................25 Trackside Grill..............................................................12 Twisted Leprechaun...................................................... 24 Watson’s Gulf Coast Seafood..........................................24

Paul Hardy of Hardright Bakery sells a loaf of bread to a customer at the Kennesaw Farmers’ Market. Paul participates in both the Acworth and Kennesaw Farmers’ Markets, and his baked goods are now sold at Swift Wheels in Kennesaw. For more information, see the ads below and the Swift Wheels ad on page 17.

12 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



14 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



A Taste of Two Cities

From staff reports [Ed. Note: Do you have news for “A Taste of Two Cities” Please email or call 770-420-7353.]

FISH HEAD GRILLE is offering $2 domestic draft beers and $.50 wings on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information, see their ad on page 22. GOLDEN KRUST is offering a recession-buster special this month. Try your choice of curry or stew chicken for only $2.99; see their ad on page 25.

COMING SOON: PIRATE BAY, a theme-styled restaurant, will be opening soon next to THE CAVE and BEVERAGE RESORT. Owners Yuri and Rita Turkin hint that it will be unlike anything Kennesaw has ever seen before. For more information, see the ad on page 13. OPENINGS: TWISTED LEPRECHAUN CELTIC PUB & COFFEE BAR is now open at at 2851 Cobb Parkway, Suite 209 (next to Montecalvo’s Italian Restaurant) in Kennesaw; telephone 770-693-2932. The pub features live entertainment six days a week and a huge outdoor deck. No cover charges. Open at 2pm daily; food and drink specials.Visit or see their ad on page 24. CLOSINGS: LOS CABO’s in Kennesaw is now closed. UPDATES/SPECIALS: BIG CITY DELI is now offering party trays to serve large crowds. For more information, see their ad on page 17. BIG SHANTY SMOKEHOUSE wants everyone to stop by and say hello at the PIGS AND PEACHES FESTIVAL in Kennesaw on August 14-15th. Also, Shannon is offering a canning class on August 17th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Call 770-499-7444 to reserve your spot today. Visit online at www.bigshantybbq. com. See their ad on page 16 for more information.

KEEGAN’S IRISH PUB has added BAR BINGO to the Tuesday night schedule; it starts at 7:30. Play bingo for house cash. See their ad on page 12. MEXICO TIPICO is offering a free soft drink or tea with purchase of any lunch special from 11am to 3pm. See their ad on page 21. Want to learn how to can? Shannon from The Big Shanty Smokehouse will teach you how on August 17th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Call 770-499-7444 to reserve your spot.

CAPO’S NY PIZZA AND ITALIAN RISTORANTE has added new wines to their wine list. Also, join them on Sundays for “Sangria Sundays” and enjoy Sangria for $5. For more information, see their ad on page 22. THE CAVE is offering an incredible gourmet meal for two for only $19; choose from Cave ribs, rack of lamb, or filet mignon. Make plans to see the popular band AARON & CO. on August 22nd and Jim Nance’s band The WANNA-BEENS on August 28th. For a complete line-up, see their ad on page 13. DI GUSTO’S ITALIAN GRILLE & BAR transforms into Acworth’s only late night dance party on Friday and Saturday nights. The party begins at 10:30 with lights, fog, and great music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. See their ad on page 19.

THE OLD MILL RESTAURANT is now offering live music and seafood specials beginning at only $15.99 for two people on Wednesday nights from 6 to 9pm. See their ads on page 16 and 22. SCOOTER’S RESTAURANT AND PUB is doing BIKE NIGHT on Saturday nights complete with door prizes, raffles, and food and drink specials. See their ad on page 24. TOKYO JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE is now offering free fried rice with the purchase of any lunch special. Lunch Hibachi meals are as low as $4.99. See their ad on page 25. WATSON’S has new hours: they are now closed on Sunday but will open on Mondays for lunch from 11-4. Also, kids eat free Tuesday & Wednesday nights with purchase of adult entrées. For more information, see their ad on page 24. u

16 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



Stovetop Solutions: A Personal Chef Service By Kathie Beckett You don’t have to be a super star or a lottery winner to have your own personal chef.

and his son. “The value it brings is truly amazing. It’s great to have a week’s worth of meals ready to go. Somer also cooks a little bit extra so I find that I also have plenty for Chef Somer Al-Kassar of Stovetop Solutions can lunch.” That savings alone has saved Wayne make you feel like a rock star in your own home. She will about $10 a day. help you plan your meals, shop for you, cook it all, and Other clients agree. Dr. Christine Goss leave your kitchen spotless. uses Chef Somer’s services, and said that she has actually saved money because food doesn’t And all for a lot cheaper than you might imagine. go to waste before she has a chance to cook it. “I like the idea of giving the client exactly Customer Wayne Feuerherm hired Chef Somer to what they want, and it really does save time cook a special romantic Valentine’s Day meal. He said, and money because there is no waste. I’m “It was really great. The meal was delicious and she even doing what I love. It’s fun and I feel fortunate wore a chef ’s hat and coat.” Then, the single dad spoke that my office is the grocery store,” said Somer. with Chef Somer about doing other meals for himself So how does it work? She has a variety of options, including meal plans and preparation for individuals and families. Initially, she will set up an interview with you to determine your likes, dislikes, special dietary needs, etc. Then, she will submit a sample menu and you approve it and/or make changes. Next, let Somer do the shopping, the cooking, and the clean-up. Then, you come home, pop Chef Somer of Stovetop Solutons provides custom meal planning and dinner in the oven, and relax. preparation for individuals or families on a regular and/or periodic basis. Somer said, “I have a real passion for cooking. It brings me joy shepherd’s pie. Not quite ready to hire Somer for her to cook for others, like my mother did for me. personal chef services, but you’re stuck in a rut on what to It makes me happy when customers tell me make for dinner? Take advantage of her menu planning that they feel as though they got their money’s service for about $20. “It answers the question of ‘what worth.” are we going to have for dinner?’” she said. Her most popular dishes include veal or For more information, call 770-296-4900 or visit chicken Marsala, chicken Parmigiana, and online at u (left to right) Clients Wayne and Matthew Feuerherm enjoy a hot meal together.

18 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

Wine Q & A By Cookie and Peter Thorpe

Courtesy of Pamela Davis, City of Kennesaw

Q. What is a good temperature to serve white wine?

flavorings, aromas, etc. that could be the cause.

A. One important thing to remember is not to serve the wine too cold.  Chardonnays are best at a temperature of  55F to 60F.  You will lose most of the flavors and aromas if it is served too cold.  Wines made from sauvignon blanc and riesling grapes are best at a temperature of around 45F to 55F.  Champagnes and sparkling wines are better well chilled at 45F.

Q. How do I recognize a wine that is bad?

Q,. What do they call the bigger bottles of wine? A.  A regular size bottle of wine is 750ml.  The next size up is called a magnum, which is 1.5 liters; it’s the It equivalent of two regular sized bottles. Wine experts will say this is the best size for aging because they last longer and will mature more slowly in a magnum. A “Jeroboam” is 4.5 liters and contains 6 bottles of wine. Q.  Are sulfites in wine really bad for you? A.  All wines contain sulfites that are a naturally-occurring process of fermentation.  Sulfur has been added to wine as a preservative for hundreds of years.  People often think it’s the sulfites that give them headaches, but mass-produced wines could be adding

Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival

A. Before you taste a wine, there are a few things to look at to identify a bad bottle: 1.  Appearance:  is the wine cloudy?  If so, it could have hints of bacteria spoilage. The wine should be clear.  Look at the color of the wine. A wine that has aged too long or has been exposed to oxygen will be reddishbrown or an amber color for whites.  2.  Smell:  if a wine smells moldy or musty, it could be a corked wine.  3.  Taste:  An oxidized wine will taste like sherry/vinegar. Q.  What should I do if I break the cork when opening a bottle of wine? A.  Using a waiters corkscrew, go in on an angle and use the inside of the bottle as an anchor as you slowly unscrew the rest of the cork.  If the cork breaks up more or falls into the bottle, use a funnel with a screen and decant the wine.  I’ve used cheesecloth or coffee filters to trap the pieces of cork too. Visit the Oak Barrel on Main Street in downtown Acworth, tel. 770-974-7720; ♦

The City of Kennesaw’s annual Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival at Adams Park and the Ben Robertson Community Center will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 14 & 15. Festival hours are Friday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Air Force (Rock, Pop, R&B, Country & Adult Contemporary) 4 p.m. BBQ Contest Awards Presentation 5 p.m. About Time (For Jazz!) 7 p.m. The American Flyers (Disco Funk, Motown, Oldies, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock & Top-40)

From its humble beginnings ten years ago as a friendly backyard barbecue contest, the Festival has grown to become one of the premier barbecue events in North Georgia. It features a non-sanctioned Backyard BBQ, Anything Butt and Peach Dessert Contest, as well as a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned Professional Contest, recognized as a Georgia State Championship Barbeque Cookoff. Over $14,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to contest winners.

Festival goers can reserve a table directly in front of the performance area for only $50 for a table (per night). Each six-foot table seats six persons. Chairs are included.

Free music from a number of local and national acts, including Nashville singer Natalie Stovall and Atlanta’s own American Flyers, will take center stage during the event. Below is a lineup of featured entertainment: Friday 3 p.m. Roger “Hurricane” Wilson (Blues) 6 p.m. Doc Stovall & The Tumbleweed Cowboy Band (Cowboy/Western) 8 p.m. Natalie Stovall (Country/Rock) Saturday 10 a.m. Orchard Academy Chorus/ Theatre Group 11 a.m. Bob Patterson a.k.a. Bogey (Southern Rock, Blues & Country) 1 p.m. Chocolate Thunder (Blues, Rock & R&B) 2:30 p.m. Reserve Generation of the US

In addition to great music and delicious BBQ, delicacies and desserts for sale, festival goers will be treated to a large Kid Zone with inflatables, live bowling and interactive games; as well as an appearance by the US Air Force Jet Car, parachuting daredevils, unique vendor booths and sponsor exhibits. On Friday, August 14 at approximately 7 p.m. (following an attempt at 5 p.m. to break the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the largest dodgeball game ever played), the City of Kennesaw and Kennesaw State University will also be hosting a traditional 6-on-6 dodgeball tournament on the soccer field at Adams Park. Team registration and additional information is available online at www. tournament. For more information, visit or call the City of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Department at (770) 422-9714. ♦



20 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



Montecalvo’s Celebrates 30 Years of Good Italian Food By Kathie Beckett

Dennis Montecalvo hasn’t changed much since 1979, and neither has his signature restaurant. Montecalvo’s Italian Restaurant turns thirty in September, and many of his loyal customers from 1979 are still regulars. And there’s a good reason for that: the food has remained consistent. Dennis said, “After thirty years, our goal is the same: serve quality food at a reasonable price. We treat our customers like we would our own family and serve nothing that we would not eat ourselves.”

Marietta off of Cobb Parkway, across from the Walker School. Dennis and his partner Angela Bolza (she retired in November of 2008 but still helps with paperwork) took a leap of faith and moved to Kennesaw in 2004. Of course, they brought their signature recipes with them.

The sauces remain the same: homemade and simmered until just perfect. The pizza dough is prepared daily, and customers still drive from The Kennesaw restaurant originally started in Marietta for the pizza. Dennis said, “For the most part, the menu has stayed the same, but some things have The signature pizzas feature homemade sauce and dough and are known to cause changed. For example, cravings. Marietta residents often drive to Kennesaw just for the pizza. we’ve added daily He glanced through the menu from 1979 and specials and there is a said, “Back then, two people could eat for about $10. much greater emphasis on seasonal items.” Drinks were 35¢ and a beer was a dollar. Desserts were also a dollar and a lunch portion of pizza (an 8” x 8” Montecalvo’s customers are loyal, square) was only $2.” As a restaurateurs’s son, he started and Dennis and Angela are loyal to the Montecalvo’s so that “I could eat some decent Italian customers. Dennis pulled out a large food in the Atlanta area.” scrapbook that Angela had maintained for years. Inside was not only the first In honor of the anniversary, Dennis has decided to menu from back in 1979, but also clips of roll back prices to 1979 on one item per day. Simply ask numerous articles written about them and your server what the 1979 special is for the day. Here’s to the restaurant. She had meticulously saved 2039, Montecalvo’s. articles written about their customers as well. He said, “This scrapbook is just Montecalvo’s is located at Cobb Pkwy at Jiles Rd in chock full of memories. It sure doesn’t feel Partners Dennis Montecalvo and Angela Bolza started Montecalvo’s in 1979. Kennesaw;; telephone 770-424-8771. ♦ like thirty years.”

22 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

Calendar Of Events/Classified ONGOING FIRST FRIDAYS in downtown Acworth. Join merchants from 5-9 on the first Fridays of the month for a great time. KENNESAW-ACWORTH LIONS CLUB meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at Montecalvos Italian Cuisine at 7pm. Call Dan Larson at 678-574-5925. MILITARY SUPPORT GROUP FOR WIVES in Kennesaw/Acworth area. Meet the second Saturday of each month; Call 770-422-2050 or email BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE (BACA) has started a new chapter in Kennesaw, GA. The chapter meets monthly and can be contacted at or 770403-6861. BACA exists to provide aid, comfort, safety, and support for children that have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. Find out more at SENIOR LUNCHEON on the third Tuesday of every month at the Robert School Community and Education Center. Lunch served at 12, followed by Bingo and prizes. Call 770-9171234. NEWCOMERS CLUB OF COBB COUNTY is on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 am. Those new to Cobb County, or just looking for new friends and activities, are invited to join in. The Newcomers Club of Cobb County holds a wide variety of social activities throughout the month including Bridge, Canasta. Located at John Knox Presbyterian Church, 505 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta, 30067. Call 770-234-5068 or email KENNESAW-ACWORTH LIONS meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 6:30pm, at Montecalvos. See www.kennesawacworthlions. org or call Pam Eaton at 770-529-4372 for more information. PHOENIX SQUARE DANCE CLUB starting in Hiram GA at the Greenbrook Community Center, 149 Greenfield Road in Hiram. Classes start August 13th at 7:30pm. Call Sandra at 678-799-0662 for more information. THE MOMS CLUB OF ACWORTH EAST provides you with the opportunity to share activities, friendship and fun with other at-home moms and their children. We offer playgroups, babysitting co-ops, park days, a variety of activity groups and a MOMS Night Out! TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is looking for new members to join in our weight loss meetings. TOPS meets every Thursday morning at 9:30am at the Kennesaw Public Library. For info on joining, contact Pamela at 770-426-8426. Unite with us to take off pounds sensibly. Attend an introductory meeting. THE NORTH METRO TOASTMASTERS CLUB is open to anyone who is interested in improving his or her public speaking and communication skills. All are welcome to attend regular, weekly meetings held at the Kennesaw Library (2250 Lewis St.) at 7:15pm on Mondays. Call Liz at 770-337-0230 or THE ROTARY CLUB OF NORTH COBB meets on Thursdays 7:30am at Pinetree Country Club. Visit AUGUST 2009 August 3-7 LITTLE GIRL CHEER CAMP 2009 from 6 pm-8 pm. Ages 4-13 (8th grade). Exhibition and awards on Friday, August 7th at 7:30 pm. Registration begins at 5 pm on

Monday, August 3rd. Participants will perform at halftime at a North Cobb Varsity football home game. (Cheerleaders will get in free with cheer camp T-shirt). Individuals-$60.00 per cheerleader (Cash only). Squads (10 members or more)-$40.00 per cheerleader. Camp fee includes a camp t-shirt. If you have any questions you may contact ncwarriorcheer@ August 7 BLUE GRASS AND COUNTRY PERFORMANCE group Hwy. 41 came together through a love of community, art, music and fun. They have been featured in Taste of Acworth, Cartersville, Love the Lake and Red Top Mountain venues. Band Members Daniel, Eric and Grady will perform some of their specialties at Theatre On Main in Historic Downtown Acworth, at 8:30 pm. Some of your favorites include: Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison, High Cotton, Rocky Mountain High, This Old Guitar and MORE! You DON’T want to miss this. Tickets $14 at the door. Call 770-565-3995 for questions. Beer and Wine available. For directions visit August 8 EFT-EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE free workshop from1-3pm courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. Learn this tapping technique combined with the spoken word to release emotional & physical discomfort. Facilitated by Angel Spann, certified EFT practitioner & Hypnotherapist at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Call 770-966-8000 for more information. August 15 A COURSE IN MIRACLES free seminar from 1-3 pm courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. This seminar teaches a self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to universal love and peace is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. Facilitated by Rev.Lorrie Schaffer at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Call 770966-8000 for more information. August 15, 18, 22- KENNWORTH PARK FALL GIRL’S FASTPITCH SOFTBALL REGISTRATION will begin on Thursday, August 13th from 6pm till 8pm at the concession stand at Kennworth Park. Please bring proof of residence and your child’s birth certificate. Registration fees are $90 for 10U-up, $65 for 6U and 8U. There is a $25 non-Cobb County resident fee. A $50 concession stand duty deposit will also be collected at registration. Additional Registration Days: Saturday, August 15th from 9am-12pm. Tuesday, August 18th at 7pm-9pm. Saturday, August 22nd from 9am12pm. August 17 BIG SHANTY SMOKEHOUSE will have a class on canning from 6:30-8:30. Shannon will be discussing proper canning techniques and ways to preserve those fresh vegetables that many of you have in your gardens this time of year. Sometimes a good neighbor with a green thumb drops off a bucket of tomatoes, squash or cucumbers that you could never use before they went bad. Canning can offer an alternative that will allow you to enjoy that garden fresh flavor all year long. The cost is $15 per person and includes appetizers and beverages.



dates are Thursday, August 20 9:30 am -7 pm; Friday, August 21 9:30 am – 6 pm; and Saturday, August 22 8 am -12 noon. Many items are 1/2 price on Saturday ONLY. We offer high-quality items at greatly reduced prices. Find gently used children’s, junior’s and teen’s clothing, accessories and shoes. We also offer FORMAL WEAR, maternity wear and accessories, school uniforms, baby items/furniture, electronics, books, CDs, videos/DVDs, TOYS and more! For more information, please call 678-318-1908 or email


August 22 AUTISM IN GEORGIA meets on the fourth Saturday of every month at The Autism Sunshine House, 6340 Cedarcrest Road NW, Acworth, GA 30101 from 10 am to 2 pm. our next meeting is August 22, 2009. AIG is holding a Basic Obedience Dog Training class so RSVP at and bring your dog. Please consider donating $10.00 to the cause, if you have any questions please call 770-974-7592 or e-mail kitty.

CHILD CARE IN MY HOME. Licensed, experienced. Lots of TLC for your little one in a nurturing environment. Proudly serving this community for 20 years. Call Lyndyl Williams 770919-7259.

August 22 DETOX YOUR BODY free seminar from 1-3pm courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr Patricia Cohen. This seminar is designed to explain why and how to detoxify your body safely and effectively in the upcoming 3rd season. Facilitated by Dr. Cohen at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Call 770-966-8000 for more information. August 27-29 NEXT GENERATION CHILDREN’S CONSIGNMENT SALE located at Kennesaw First Baptist, 2958 N Main Street NW, Kennesaw GA 30144. On Friday, August 28th from 9 am-6 pm, Saturday, August 29th from 9 am-1 pm. On Thursday, August 27th, there is a New Mom Preview Sale. For more information, visit August 29 UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRITUAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE free seminar from 1-3pm courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. Facilitated by Rev. Lorrie Schaffer at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Call 770-966-8000 for more information. SEPTEMBER 2009 September 1 “THE CHAIN GANG CROCHET GROUP” will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, September 1st from 6 to 8 pm at St. Catherine’s Church (1618 Ben King Road, Kennesaw). We will meet in Rooms 316/317 (enter through the door in the back of the church and it’s the first classroom on the left). Crocheters of all levels are welcome to join. Call Gina O’Leary at 404-723-4446 or email for more information.

August 18 CROSSROADS CAREER NETWORK for job seekers: The August 18, 2009 meeting will be held at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, 5145 Due West Road, Powder Springs at 7:00 pm. Free of charge. For more information, call 770-590-0334.

September 11 PASS IT ON FALL CONSIGNMENT SALE is scheduled for Friday, September 11 from 9 am-6:30 pm and Saturday, September 12 from 9 am-noon with many items half price on Saturday. Gently used clothing in infant, children’s and junior sizes; also school uniforms, formal wear & maternity clothing, and accessories and shoes. Infant items, strollers, furniture and accessories, children’s toys, outdoor toys, bikes, books, videos & DVD’s. Consignors get to shop early! Log on to and choose PassitOn Consignment Sale or call 770-974-3312 for more information or to consign. A ministry of Acworth UMC, located off Hwy 92 at Lake Acworth, 4340 Collins Circle, Acworth, GA 30101.

August 20-22 DUE WEST TREASURE CHEST CHILDRENS/JUNIORS CONSIGNMENT SALE located at the corner of Acworth Due West Road and Kennesaw Due West Road in the Due West United Methodist Church Family Life Center. Admission is free! Sale

September 12 NORTHSTAR CHURCH will host the Sixth Annual Clothesline clothing giveaway on Saturday, September 12, from 8 am till 2 pm. Clothing, coats and shoes (all seasons and all sizes) will be available for men, women, teens, boys, girls and infants – no proof of need is

1/2 OFF HANDYMAN Professional results with pictures and references. Show us a quote and we will do the job for half the labor. 770-316-3734. ACWORTH GRANDMOTHER will babysit 24/7 all ages in her home. Low rates. Call Jenny at 678401-4356. APARTMENT NEAR KSU. 1BR 1BA kitchenette. All utilities, satellite dish, wireless internet included.  $699/mo.  Call 678-777-9777.

EXPERIENCED SERVER AND CASHIER needed (part-time). Contact Michelle at Hong Kong Star at 770-917-0688. EXPERT CLEANING SERVICES By Deborah. Honest, dependable, thorough. Free Estimates. Call Cell 631-834-1793 or 678-372-7278. LAND FOR SALE: 20 acres Stilesboro Road. Priced for quick sale. Call 404-9926009.Yuri MARKETING EXPERT can help you with your projects. Extensive experience assisting businesses, churches and non-profit groups with newsletters, direct mail, and brochures. Award-winning results. Reasonable rates. Quick turn-around. Free initial consultation. References available upon request. Please call Kathie 404641-7892. Marketing / Public relations (Acworth / Kennesaw) Social Butterfly? WE WANT YOU! P/T to start. Have fun and move up in our office. Must be ethical, upbeat and eager to help others. Must possess strong communication skills in person and on phones. Must have own, reliable vehicle. Must be available until 8pm during the week, and some Saturdays. Call (678) 372 - 7278. SPACE FOR LEASE,1000sf. former Hair salon. Facing Barrett Parkway. Good Deal. Call 404992-6009 Yuri TWO ADORABLE YORKSHIRE TERRIERS (male and female) for adoption, if you are interested, please contact via email: paulsmth250@gmail. com. Classified ads are $25 for 25 words; each additional word is $.50. Email: DEADLINE is the 25th of the month for the next issue. u required. No transportation is provided. Clothing donations may be brought to the trailer parked behind the NorthStar main building any Sunday, beginning August 2 through September 6 during church service hours (9 am till 12 noon and 4:45 pm till 6 pm) Someone will be on site only during those times to receive the donations. NorthStar Church is located at 3413 Blue Springs Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144. September 13 FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY is coming to Summit Baptist Church on Sunday, September 13, 2009, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. This 13-week course by Dave Ramsey helps people dump their debt, get control of their money, and learn new behaviors around money that are founded on commitment and accountability. This will be an experience for Students (6th grade and up) and Adults. Each family will purchase a Family Membership Kit for $100.00 that includes a lifetime membership in FPU. Call Lee Gambrell at 770975-4595 or to register go to our website, www. Send your calendar information via email to u

24 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



26 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

Home & Garden

Gardening with Charlie: Cultivating a Healthy Lawn By Kathie Bond-Borie, Guest Columnist A lawn is the glue that holds your yard together. Keeping it looking good isn’t as hard as you may think. By paying attention to watering, fertilizing, mowing and building the soil underneath the grass, you can avoid many common weed, insect and disease problems. That means more time playing ball, barbecuing and entertaining on your lawn.

Each spring rake up the dead grass so a dead layer, known as thatch, doesn’t develop. Also loosen up compacted soil by aerating your lawn. You can rent an aerating machine or use aerating shoes that punch holes in the grass as you walk. These holes allow water, air and nutrients to freely flow into the soil.

Yearly additions of organic matter spread as a topdressing (applied on top of the lawn), is the best way to build the soil. Compost is the best organic matter to use on lawns.

Another way to add organic matter is to leave the grass clippings on the lawn. Grass clippings are high in nitrogen, and if chopped finely with a mulching mower, they will decompose quickly while feeding your grass plants.

Every spring and fall, use a lawn spreader to broadcast a 1- to 2-inch-thick layer of compost on your lawn. It will naturally work its way into the top few inches of soil and provide nourishment to the grass.

Even with a healthy dose of compost each year, lawns still may need some fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer is particularly essential for lush, green growth. However, don’t be seduced by quick-fix chemical fertilizers. Quick-release lawn fertilizers are so highly soluble that much of the nitrogen leaches through to the soil without the grass ever having a chance to use it. They may also cause problems by leaching into groundwater and nearby streams and lakes. It’s best to use a slow-release fertilizer that feeds the grass over time as needed. If you see a few weeds here and there, don’t panic. It’s better to relax your standards somewhat than to immediately reach for the herbicides. Prevent weeds from spreading by mowing regularly and hand-removing individual tenacious weeds, such as dandelions. Leave perfection to the greenskeepers and their putting greens.

If you have a healthy, well-maintained lawn, insects and diseases will naturally be discouraged. Some insects that can cause problems are sod webworms, grubs and chinch bugs. Sod webworm damage shows up in late spring as small dead patches in an otherwise healthy lawn. Check at night for a light brown caterpillar about an inch long. Bacillus thuringiensis, an insecticide, is a safe remedy. Grubs are larvae of beetles. When they have done their damage, you can roll entire patches of lawn back like a carpet. One sign of grubs in a lawn is the presence of a lot of 1-inch holes where birds, skunks or raccoons have been digging for a meal of grubs. Milky spore, a natual insecticide, is a safe remedy. Chinch bugs are fond of St. Augustine grass, but will attack bluegrass and bentgrasses, too. Damage shows up as large, distinct patches. Insecticidal soap is a safe remedy. There is an effective, safe control product available for almost every lawn pest. These products make sense not only from an environmental point of view, but from a personal one as well. Just imagine the number of times kids fall facedown in the grass during an active game of volleyball or football, or just how close toddlers and pets are to the lawn as they run around, and the choice of pest remedies becomes clear cut. For more tips and garden information, visit online at u



28 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

July 16-ILLEGAL DRUGS-2500 Cobb Parkway, Diamond Dave’s- A patron told an officer that she saw a white powdery substance on the toilet seat in the women’s restroom right after two women had come out. The officer spoke to one of the women and searched her purse finding some loose pills that the woman said were not prescribed to her. She said the pills were Xanax. This woman, a 21-yearold Kennesaw resident, was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule 2 and schedule 4 drug. It is unclear if the white substance in the restroom was addressed. July 16-ILLEGAL DRUGS-Ridgecrest Drive- An officer responded to a report of a suspicious car and found it against the guard rail with a 29-year-old Acworth man behind the wheel. The man seemed disoriented and couldn’t tell the officer how he got to his present location. The man was arrested when it was discovered that he had no driver’s license. In the car some marijuana was found. He was charged with driving while unlicensed and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. July 17-THEFT-1425 Ridenour Boulevard, Walton Ridge Apartments- An employee of the apartment complex reported that he saw four young males walk by a bicycle at the pool. One of the males took the bicycle so the employee confronted them and got it back. The males threatened the employee and then disappeared on foot into the complex. They were not located. The bike was returned to the owner who was swimming at the pool. July 18-TRAFFIC ARREST-Cobb Parkway- An 18-year-old Acworth woman was arrested and charged with failure to maintain lane, underage possession of alcohol and DUI of alcohol. A breath test showed that her blood/ alcohol level was .10 grams. July 19-UNDERAGE DRINKING-3655 Cherokee Street, Bullfrogz- The manager reported that he escorted two young men out of the club after he saw that one of them had a beer in his hand who appeared too young to

Police Report drink. An officer arrested both of them, a 20-year-old and a 21-year-old both from Buford. The 20-year-old was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and the 21-yearold was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

12:30am. He then found two candles lying outside which had been thrown against the house. He also saw two young males crouched down behind his neighbor’s house. They ran toward Holden Way when the resident yelled at them. A neighbor said he believes he knows who the kids are.

July 19-PUBLIC INDECENCY-Highland RidgeSeveral neighbors reported that a man was walking around his yard naked. An officer made contact with the man, a 28-year-old resident, who admitted to the act but displayed signs of a mental disorder. He was placed into custody and taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

July 22-DISORDERLY CHILDREN-3119 Cherokee Street, Bright Futures Daycare- An officer responded to a report of two young males who were standing outside the back of the fence threatening to shoot the kids on the playground with BB guns. One of the kids was found and transported back to his home where he was turned over to his mother.

July 19-ROBBERY-3900 Legacy Park Boulevard, Legacy Park Grill- A man reported that he was accosted by two men in the parking lot. He ran but they grabbed him, ripped his shirt and told him they would shoot him. The victim ran into the club. The offenders reportedly picked up the keys to the victim’s car, which he had dropped, and pressed the key fob several times to determine which car was the victim’s. The offenders were not located. July 21-ROBBERY ATTEMPT-2250 Lewis StreetKennesaw Library- A woman reported that she was attacked as she sat in her car to leave. A man reached and tried to take her purse from her. The woman struggled to hang onto the purse and she blew the car horn, which alerted other people who were in the area. The man ran away and he is described as black, 6’2” tall, slim and about 20-25 years old. The woman sustained a bruise to her arm as the result of the attack. It is thought this is the same man who officers had contact with about a week prior. On that day, a call was received about a homeless man sleeping behind the dental office next to the library. The man told officers he was waiting for the library to open and he was not charged with anything. He was, however, identified during that encounter. July 22-VANDALISM-Dorchester Walk- A resident reported that he heard something hit his house at about

July 23-VANDALISM-Highcroft Main- A resident reported that someone threw eggs on his car and driveway. He said this also happened on the 15th. July 23-ASSAULT-2320 Kennesaw Oaks Trail- A 29-year-old Acworth woman was arrested after she ran into the garage door where her ex-boyfriend lives. The woman had called police from nearby after the garage door incident and claimed the ex-boyfriend at his house had assaulted her. She was charged with 2nd degree criminal damage to property. July 24-HIT AND RUN-Old Highway 41- A woman reported that a truck pulling a trailer pulled out of a parking lot and hit her car before leaving the scene. A witness was able to get the tag number of the trailer, which led an officer to a residence in Acworth. The trailer was in the backyard and the truck was in the garage but no one would come to the door. The officer got a search warrant to impound the truck and returned to the residence later. The wife of the suspect let the officer in the garage where he witnessed heavy damage to the front of the truck. Arrangements were made through the suspect’s attorney for him to turn himself in at the police station. The 28-year-old man came in later and was arrested and charged with failure to yield at an intersection and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police Report July 24-ILLEGAL DRUGS-Cherokee Street- An officer stopped a car because one of the headlights was out. The officer became suspicious because the driver took what appeared to be evasive action just before the stop by darting into a gas station. He grew more suspicious when the driver and passenger’s accounts of what they were doing didn’t match. The officer used his K9 partner to sniff around the car, which led to a search of a toiletry bag. The bag contained a large zip-lock plastic bag, which contained methamphetamine. The men, a 52-year-old Cartersville resident and a 34-year-old Woodstock resident, were arrested and charged with trafficking a controlled substance. July 25-BURGLARY-Sentinel Place- A woman reported that someone went into her home and stole her laptop computer. She said that it must have occurred between 12:15pm and 12:30pm because her niece was at the home except for those 15 minutes when she left to go to the gas station. It appears that the house was left unlocked for that period of time. July 25-UNWELCOMED VISITOR-2774 Cobb Parkway, El Rodeo- A server reported that a customer had been giving her problems since he arrived. She had asked the man to move from the patio because it was reserved for a large party. The man initially refused to move. When the party arrived she asked him again. He called her a “b****” and starting cursing loudly. Two customers left as a result of the man’s behavior and the language was spoken in the presence of children. An officer asked for ID from the man and he said he didn’t have any on him. He gave what turned out to be a false name and birth date. The officer noticed the man had a wallet and the man’s driver’s license was found. The license had been suspended for drug possession. The 26-year-old Marietta man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and giving a false name and birth date. July 25-PERSON ARMED-Travelers Trail- A man reported that he went to a neighbor’s house to use the

phone. He claimed that while he was using the phone someone stuck a shotgun at him from behind a door and cocked it. He then ran back to his house where he waited 45 minutes to call police. Officers went to the neighbor’s house and made several people come out before finding a pistol and a shotgun under a couch. A female, a 21-year-old Cartersville resident who admitted to owning the pistol, was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a family violence offense. No further action was taken against the other occupants of the house at the time. July 25-THEFT-2766 Cobb Parkway, Dollar GeneralAn employee reported that two woman came into the store and kept circling the front registers before going through the store collecting several other items. They then came back to the registers, placed more items in their bags and ran out before leaving in a blue Ford Crown Victoria. The employee was able to get a tag number. July 26-ROBBERY-Knightsbridge Road- Two men reported that while they were at Kennesaw Billiards they were invited by two women to come home with them. When they all arrived at a house on Knightsbridge Road they walked around back and went into the basement before realizing that the house was vacant. They said a black male then appeared and put a pistol to their heads while a white male robbed them of $1900 cash and two cell phones. The women and the man then left in the same red car that the victims and the woman had come to the house in. One of the females was described as about 24 years old and pregnant and the other was in her mid 30’s. The victims said that the two women used to live next door to them on Highway 92 in Acworth. July 26-PERSON DRUNK-1750 North Roberts Road, Cowboy’s- Staff reported that a 19-year-old Dallas man was denied entry because he had no picture ID so he left angry. Two hours later he was seen leaving the club with a beer in his hand. He told the staff that someone had let him into the club. Staff members told him he couldn’t leave



with the beer but he ignored them and walked over towards Hooters where an officer spoke with him. The man gave the officer what turned out to be a false name and birthday. He was charged with underage possession of alcohol and giving a false name and birth date. July 26-BURGLARY-3326 Cherokee Street, Marathon- An officer responded to an alarm and saw that the drop ceiling inside had been partially collapsed. The owner of the business arrived and a hole was found in the ceiling where the burglars had entered through the roof. It was undetermined at the time of report if anything had been stolen. July 27-ILLEGAL DRUGS-BARRETT PARKWAYAn officer stopped a car because there was a license plate attached to it that didn’t belong to that car. The driver and the passenger both appeared to be very nervous and avoided eye contact with the officer. The car belonged to the passenger, a 31-year-old Powder Springs man. He allowed the officer to search his car and the officer found a prescription bottle with bags containing several pills and a white substance. The pills were determined to be “Ecstasy” and the white substance was methamphetamine. The man was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance. The man also was wanted by Marietta Police for failure to appear. July 28-PROWLER-Lullwater Main- A resident reported that a man came to his door and started banging on it demanding drugs. When the resident called police the man ran and hid beside the house. An officer found him and ordered him not to move but the man ran. The officer was able to catch and arrest the man who is a 20-year-old Acworth resident. It’s unclear what the man was doing there but he was drunk. He was charged with prowling, underage consumption of alcohol and obstructing a police officer. For more police reports, visit www.kennesaw-ga. gov and view daily crime reports.u

30 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009



32 NORTHSIDE NEWS August 2009

Northside News August 2009  

Northside News August 2009