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M AY J U N E 2014 N O RT H S H O R E I N T E R AC T I V E J O U R N A L V O L . 29 N O . 4

July 14th North Shore Chamber Golf Outing at Ipswich Country Club 1:30pm Tee-Off

June 4 Executive Breakfast - Update from State Legislature Key Business Issues that will Affect the North Shore

Invited Senators: From left to right: State Senators invited: Bruce Tarr (R), Joan Lovely (D), Thomas McGee (D), Kathleen O'Connor Ives (D) & Jason Lewis (D)

The North Shore Chamber of Commerce 7:15am June 4 Executive Breakfast at the Sheraton Colonial Hotel in Wakefield will feature an Update from State Senators on Issues impacting Business on the North Shore and Boston Areas, most importantly focusing on Minimum Wage, Unemployment Insurance & NonCompete Agreements to name a few. To Reserve Tickets or Sponsorships Click Here

The North Shore Chamber cordially invites you to the last of three Leadership Dialogues with leading gubernatorial candidate: Steven Grossman (D) on June 11.

These leadership meetings are different than the monthly breakfast series are conducted board style. They will offer opportunities to discuss Policy with the Candidates and ask questions about where they each stand on important issues.

Our next governor will need input from business leaders who have much to gain based on making sound policy decisions. The Dialogue will begin at 8am with a full breakfast and will be held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. Click Here to Register

Sponsors, Foursomes & Singles Welcome!

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Non-Compete Agreements Protect Innovation

The largest business association in Massachusetts announced today that it opposes efforts to ban or limit the use of non-compete agreements because the action would threaten hundreds of small companies that depend upon the agreements to protect their intellectual property.

In a letter to members of the Legislature, Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) said a survey of its 4,500 members shows that non-competes are used widely in every segment of the Massachusetts economy, including manufacturing, life sciences, medical devices, finance, retail,

Article continued Here

Baker tells forum audience what state needs to be great politicians and others at Hawthorne Hotel for the first of three forums sponsored by the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and Energi featuring high-profile gubernatorial candidates.

Swampscott Republican Charlie Baker has worked in state government for years, had success in the private sector and ran for governor in 2010.

Next up is Attorney General Martha Coakley on May 16, followed by Treasurer Steve Grossman on June 11, both of whom are vying for the Democratic ticket.

For about an hour, Baker answered questions from the audience ranging from education, healthcare and taxes to local aid, unfunded pension liabilities and even where he stops for his morning coffee.

But the question he hears most on the The main issues are jobs, schools and campaign trail: Why does he want to communities, he said. The goal is to run again? create an environment that fosters job growth and stability, leads to great Baker said he wants to make schools in every town and instills Massachusetts a place where every- firm belief in every community for a one can prosper, not just people like brighter future. him who were fortunate to grow up in a “great town,” get a “great educa- “The simple truth of the matter is that tion,” have parents who were regular- this is a far less equitable state than it ly employed and paid the bills, and in was when I got out of college in turn ensure his children have the 1980,” he said, arguing that data same opportunities for success. shows Massachusetts is the second most inequitable state behind New “My big worry about the common- York. Baker said the Bay State ranks wealth is whether or not we’re going near the bottom of numerous surveys to be a great place for everybody to on cost of living, cost to do business, live,” he said, adding he believes too taxes, and permitting and licensing many Massachusetts residents face fees. limited opportunities because of where they live in the state. Read the entire Salem News Article Here Baker spoke yesterday to about 100 business and industry leaders, local

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Attorney general addresses North Shore Chamber

Attorney General Martha Coakley says Massachusetts is in “terrific” shape to grow its economy.

The biggest challenge, said Coakley, a Democratic candidate for governor, is recovering from the recession while encouraging business development and workforce growth, she said. At the same time, the state needs to invest in education, transportation and housing.

Coakley spoke yesterday to about 100 business people at a North Shore Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Hawthorne Hotel. Republican Charlie Baker spoke in April, and Democratic state Treasurer Steve Grossman will speak June 11. Coakley fielded a wide range of questions on everything from the gas tax to the minimum wage.

Education: Coakley said charter schools and traditional public schools should work together to share best practices. She supported universal pre-kindergarten, and longer school days to focus on math, science, technology and engineering.

She said she supports lifting the cap on charter schools, but also argued for greater accountability and equitable funding between charters and school districts. She said some charter schools are “terrific,” while others have failed.

“We shouldn’t be warring for funds between public schools and charter schools; we should be financing our schools,” she said.

Business issues: Coakley said her philosophy is to listen to consumers and businesses who might be affected before taking a stand on proposed laws or regulations. She said regulations need to be imposed fairly, but officials also need to know “when to be involved” and “when to step back.” She supports raising the minimum wage. Read the entire Salem News article Here

North Shore Chamber’s YouTube Video Event Recap

Beverly Mayor Mike Cahill talks to North Shore Chamber Board April 2014

Ann Marie Casey, North of Boston CVB talks Economic Impact of Tourism on North Shore

Maureen Woodman welcomes guests to The Essex Room at Woodman's - May 7 Breakfast

Annie Harris speaks on Tourism and ENHC at May Breakfast

Dr. Lindsay, president, Gordon College Keynotes the 2014 North Shore Honor Scholars Dinner

Bill Tinti welcomes guests to Gubernatorial Series: Martha Coakley Breakfast

North Shore Chamber Photostream Visit the North Shore Chamber’s Flickr Site:

Robert Norton, CEO, NSMC gives an update on North Shore Medical Center at the March Board Meeting, held at Shore Country Day School.

Patrick Hughes, CEO of Fallon Health Speaks on ACA Health Care costs at the April 2 Executive Breakfast.

Shown at the Charlie Baker Gubernatorial Series Breakfast are business leaders from Title Sponsor, Energi, Inc. Thank you for your support!

Also shown at the Gubernatorial Series featuring Candidate Charlie Baker are Corporate Executives from Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline and Spectra Energy, including Board Member Rich Paglia, president and CEO.

Charlie Baker speaks with attendees before the Gubernatorial Forum including: Thomas MacDonald, the Hawthorne Hotel, Linda Fairbanks-Atkins and David Dragonas, Transaction Resources, Inc.

Shown at the Leadership Table for the Gubernatorial Series with Charlie Baker from l to r: Title Sponsor Brian McCarthy, Energi, Eugene Wong, Endicott College, past Chair Karen Andreas, The Salem News and Mike Minogue, ABIOMED.

Download Your Photos at the North Shore Chamber’s Flickr Site:

Brian McCarthy, CEO, Energi, Inc, candidate for governor, Charlie Baker and Chairman Bill Tinti, Tinti Quinn Grover & Frey.

Shown at the April Board Meeting is past Chairman, Tom Alexander (left) and Newly-Elected Mayor of Beverly Michael Cahill.

Shown after the May 7 Breakfast on Tourism at the Essex Room from l to r: Chairman Bill Tinti, host Maureen Woodman, speaker Annie Harris, speaker Anne Marie Casey and Treasurer Russ Cole, First Ipswich Bank.

Shown at the 2014 Honor Scholars Dinner are Keynote Speaker, D. Michael Lindsay, Ph.D., Gordon College, Sponsor Maureen Woodman and Grace Cotter Regan, St. Mary’s High School.

Gubernatorial Series speaker Attorney General Martha Coakley addresses a full room of business and community leaders on May 16. Shown from l to r: Bill Tinti, Martha Coakley, Brian McCarthy and Senator Joan Lovely.

Also pictured at the Coakley Breakfast are from l to r: Cerise Jalelian, Regnante Sterio & Osborne, Bill Tinti, Tinti Quinn Grover & Frey, Sponsor Brian McCarthy, Energi, Attorney General Martha Coakley and Robert Bradford, North Shore Chamber

2014 North Shore Chamber Annual Golf Outing

North Shore Chamber of Commerce Outing Ipswich Country Club - Monday, July 14th - 1:30pm Tee-Off All Levels of Play Welcome - Only $999/Foursome

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Proceeds to benefit the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

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5 Arguments Against Net Neutrality

reported, the NSA already tampers with U.S.-made routers for spying purposes.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler speaks during a May 15 news conference after the agency voted to advance his Net neutrality proposal.

When news of the Federal Communications Commissions' plan to consider paid priority on the Internet hit Reddit, the question wasn't so much whether the move was a good idea, it was "How do I best tell my elected representative that this is a horrible idea?"

Reddit is not the only corner of the Internet where the debate over net neutrality appears one-sided. Most tech commenters appear to be in lockstep on the issue. There is another side to the argument, though. A small minority are applauding the FCC's potential move, often on libertarian grounds, though when the cable companies are talking, self-interest also plays a big role. Here are their five top arguments against net neutrality in principle: It gives the government more power over the Internet As journalist Glenn Greenwald

If net neutrality went into effect, then the government would have to monitor the telecoms' and cable companies' broadband connections. Writing in Forbes, entrepreneur Joshua Steimie warned, "Don’t be surprised if that means the government needs to be able to install its own hardware and software at critical points to monitor Internet traffic. Once installed, can we trust this government, or any government, to use that access in a benign fashion?"

It's not a free market solution If the government enforces net neutrality it would essentially be impeding what had been a free market. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the cable industry's primary lobbying group, argues that regulating the Internet like a utility — one of the ideas being considered — is dumb. "Imposing regulations designed for century-old utilities will only choke off growth and investment," the group reasons.

As former FCC Chairman and NCTA president and CEO Michael Powell wrote in a recent op-ed, giving the FCC power over regulating rates for broadband would "fracture confidence that our national broadband policy rests squarely on a light regulatory foundation. Network investment would suffer, and the push to reach more households would slow."

Little regulation has worked fine until now Though there has been more than $1 trillion invested in the Internet since the '90s, as Powell argues, the federal government has had a very light touch. That is not entirely by choice, as FCC regulation has twice been struck down by a federal appeals court.

Today, wired or wireless broadband reaches 99% of Americans and connections running 100 Mpbs and faster are available in 85% of homes, the NCTA argues.

Classifying the Internet as a common carrier service wouldn't have the intended effect This is the argument Comcast EVP David Cohen put forth recently. "There is nothing in Title II that provides authority for saying that all [Web] services have to be treated the same," he said this week at the MoffettNathanson Media & Communications Summit. That is, even if the Internet was considered a utility, cable companies like Comcast could still initiate tiered pricing.

Charging everyone the same price isn't fair Cohen continued that the days of allyou-can-eat pricing are coming to an end. Within five years he expects Comcast to charge based on usage. “People who use more should pay more, and people who use less should pay less," he said. Data caps will be high enough that most customers won't notice them, he says. Going back to the utilities metaphor, that's the same way it works with electricity, gas and water.

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The new Ambassador Program is a membership outreach group designed to involve and inform new chamber members about programs and events that can benefit their businesses. Being an Ambassador also helps connect existing NS Chamber members with new businesses and prospects.

Ambassadors welcome members to Chamber Programs and wear an Ambassador Badge to identity themselves and their companies. They also make good will-calls (on behalf of the Chamber) to new members to encourage their active participation at programs and events.

Ambassadors assist in membership by contacting Chamber members bimonthly to relay information, identify business concerns and to talk about upcoming events and how they work. Being an Ambassador creates a vibrant and successful chamber business community.

Get Connected and become an Ambassador before the June 4th Executive Breakfast (see below). The only requirement is that you are a current North Shore Chamber member in good standing. Ambassador's Job Description:


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A&A Services Title Sponsors April Breakfast Break Into the North Shore Market.

Shown at the April Executive Breakfast is Title Sponsor A&A Services. From l to r: Chairman Bill Tinti, Chris Zorzy, president, A&A Services & Karen Andreas, North of Boston Media Group.

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Remarks by David Allen, Danvers High School Teacher at 2014 Honor Scholars Dinner

David Allen, a psychology teacher from Danvers High School has been teaching history and psychology for 46 years and is known as the elder statesman of the Danvers faculty. His remarks are below:

Honor Scholars of the Class of 2014:

It is my privilege to speak to you on behalf of all the teachers and educators you have ever had.

From all of them I extend to you our congratulations on your academic accomplishments. This is no mean feat. Massachusetts' schools have long had an excellent reputation and produced many great scholars. By some standardized tests of achievement Massachusetts schools rank in the top 2 to 4 in the world, along with such schools as Singapore & Hong Kong. And you North Shore scholars, rank in the top 5% of your schools respectively. This is not merely a good job; this is an excellent job.

God and the genetic lottery of your parents provided you with a good brain. A brain which was built to learn. In fact it cannot not learn! Your brain is a meaning-seeking device which demands to know the 'why' of everything. It works on a use-it or lose-it basis. And you guys have used it !

Over the course of your lives and school careers you have taken this good brain and trained it into an excellent mind. Most of you have kept the curiosity you had as a 3-year-old (why???), but you have sharpened it as your teachers and parents have led you through your lessons. Out of this has come the desire, the courage and the skills to inquire into any realm of academics and/or life.

Following the old military adage, you have learned discipline by being under discipline. You have learned to follow directions, wait your turn, and finish your work on time. And the self-discipline you have developed in your academic life (and in the logic of your critical thinking) has already borne good fruit. You have achieved the success for which the Chamber of Commerce honors you tonight and that has made your parents so proud of you.

All, or almost all, of you have been accepted to colleges for next year (some of you to several). You have also probably been offered some nice packages by these colleges. This was not for your pretty looks and high IQ's. This was for your hard work and excellent grade point averages. And we who have been your teachers are very proud of you, your accomplishments, and your work ethic.

On behalf of all your teachers I would also like to say "thank you" to all of you. You have been the students that have done so much to make our teaching lives worthwhile. The joy of our teaching has been in your success.

So... this is your night. Enjoy it as we honor you and your hard work!!!

But, remember to count your blessings! -You have been blessed with a good brain.

--You have been blessed by parents who love and support you.

"You have been blessed by teachers who have been models for you.

-You have been blessed by communities that recognize

-Your accomplishments and have been willing to invest in you and your future.

-You have been blessed by being part of a society that has responded to evil tragedies with 'Boston Strong' and 'Danvers Strong'. And thus you have learned to be strong!

So you are well equipped for what lies ahead. We, as educators, encourage you to keep up the good work. We have every confidence that you will succeed in whatever field you have chosen or been led to. You are qualified and are being equipped to lead and serve in the future. The Class of 2014 will contribute much to this world, and may even change it for the better.To that end, as you go into the great adventures that follow graduation, we will not wish you good luck, rather we will wish you "good thinking' and that God would continue to bless and keep you!!!

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Spring 2014 Interactive Newsletter  

North Shore Chamber Spring 2014 Interactive Newsletter

Spring 2014 Interactive Newsletter  

North Shore Chamber Spring 2014 Interactive Newsletter