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The Class of 2012: Historic Results! 2012 will be remembered for many reasons, but for Northfield School it will go down in history as the year in which we achieved our best examination results ever! Our Year 11 students really excelled themselves and proved that all of their hard work throughout Year 10 and 11 was worth it . In all, 88% of our students achieved 5+ A*-C grades. This is an astounding improvement of 19% on last yearʼs result. In addition to this, 59% achieved 5+A*-C (Including English and Maths), an increase of 14% from 2011. These high levels of achievement are the culmination of two years of focussed intervention programmes and support strategies, put in place by our dedicated staff to encourage students to achieve their academic potential. Our HAT (High Achievers Team) programme resulted in increased numbers of students achieving the highest grades. Indeed, a large number of students achieved A* and A grades in all subjects with several achieving 14 A* grades.  The Raising Attainment (RAF) programmes also successfully increased student success at 5+A*-C and 5+A*-G. Northfield really is going from strength to strength as a result of the commitment and endless efforts of our staff and students! ACHIEVEMENT SUMMARY

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22 students achieved 10+ A*A grades an increase of 2% 65 students achieved 5+ A*A grades an increase of 2% 113 students (over one third) achieved 3+ A*/A grades an increase of 9% 187 students (55%) achieved 10+ A*C an increase of 13% 266 students (78%) achieved 6+ A*-C an increase of 16% 48% of students with Special Educational Needs achieved 5+A*-C, an increase of 16% 330 students (97%) achieved 5+A*-G an increase of 1%

Costa Challenge  Complete! Whilst  most  of  the  country  was  gripped  by  Olympic  fever  and  the  on-­‐going   possibility  that  it  was  never  going  to  stop  raining  this  summer,  Northfield   School  took  part  for  the  first  @me  in  a  project  called  World  Challenge.  Fourteen   students,  accompanied  by  teachers  Mr  Taggart  and  Miss  Booth,  travelled  to   Central  America  and  the  tropical  des@na@on  of  Costa  Rica  for  three  weeks.  This   was  the  culmina@on  of  two  years  of  hard  work  that  had  seen  each  student   have  to  raise  £3,400  each  through  a  combina@on  of  ac@vi@es  ranging  from   cake  sales  to  bag  packing  and  even  to  grave  digging  in  one  extreme  case.   On  July  18th,  at  the  less  than  pleasing  hour  of  half  past  twelve  in  the  morning,   the  excited  group  of  travellers  boarded  the  “Mega  Bus”  from  Middlesbrough  to  begin  a  long  and  cold  journey  to  London   Heathrow.  This  would  be  by  far  the  most  daun@ng  part  of  the  trip  as  naviga@ng  fourteen  teenagers,  equipped  with  full   trekking  equipment;  via  London’s  rush  hour  tube  traffic,  was  worse  than  anything  we  had  to  contend  with  whilst  on  the   other  side  of  the  world.  The  UK’s  busiest  airport  would  also  be  where  one  unfortunate  member  of  the  party  managed  to  lose   their  full  spending  money,  before  we  had  even  boarded  a  flight! This  would  be  the  only  real  mishap  to  occur  as  we  arrived  in  Arenal  at  Cerro  Chato  in  the  North  West  of  the  country,  a  dormant   Volcano,  to  begin  our  acclima@sa@on  trek.  This  would  involve  a  six  hour  trek  in  hot  condi@ons  that  some  students  thought  they   would  not  be  able  to  complete,  but  a  very  happy  and  proud  party  arrived  on  top  of  the  mountain  proud  of  their  achievement.   The  students  had  to  cook,  clean  and  set  up  camp  in  several  new  loca@ons  across  the  country  –  most  never  having  been  on   holiday  without  parents  before.  The  whole  point  of  World  Challenge  is  the  students  lead  and  are  in  control  of  their  trip.  The   two  teachers  and  fearless  Trek  Leader  Cliff  Lowther  provide  advice  and  ensure  no  harm  comes  to  them,  but  the  emphasis  is  on   the  students  leading  their  own  experience  –  and  they  were  an  absolute  credit  to  the  school  and  to  themselves.   The  second  week  was  on  the  West  coast  in  Os@nal  where  the  students  completed  a  project  phase  helping  clear  the  beaches  for   turtles  to  come  ashore  at  night  and  lay  their  eggs.  This  was  an  experience  that  we  will  never  forget.  The  sight  of  such   magnificent  creatures  emerging  from  the  Ocean  under  a  full  moon  and  the  clearest,  starriest  skies  I  think  I  have  ever  seen,  and   then  digging  a  hole  before  laying  up  to  100  eggs  was  an  awesome  sight  to  behold.    We  also  went  into  a  local  school  to  meet   students  whose  school  day  runs  from  8am  to  5pm  -­‐  our  students  were  suddenly  thankful  for  the  hours  they  study.  Part  of  this   visit  was  to  donate  $500  towards  a  new  canteen  and  dining  area  facility  as  they  currently  do  this  outside  on  stoves  and  have   three  tables  for  over  one  hundred  pupils!   The  final  trek  was  down  to  the  South  West  of  the  country  and  an  arduous  four  day   trek  through  jungle  and  rain  forest  with  full  packs,  which  would  prove  to  be  the   toughest  physical  challenge  of  the  trip.  The  terrain  was  mountainous  in  parts,   although  the  monkeys  that  swooped  down  to  provide  the  perfect  Kodak  moment   and  the  tree  huts  that  we  stayed  in  surrounded  by  the  kind  of  jungle  sounds  people   download  apps  for,  made  this  as  rewarding  as  any  other  part  of  the  trip.  

A sweaty,  dirty  and  exhausted  group  then  emerged  onto  the  Pacific  coast  and  some  much  needed  R  &  R  before  the  long   journey  home.  It  was  a  browner  and  much  leaner  group  that  arrived  back  in  Teesside  on  the  Megabus  to  an  expectant  set  of   parents  with  some  relieved  teachers  eager  to  enjoy  the  rest  of  the  holiday  without  students  for  a  liele  while!  This  was  a   magnificent  experience,  which  has  helped  develop  the  student’s  independence,  leadership  and  decision  making  skills.  The  next   World  Challenge  trip  will  be  the  Mayan  trail  through  to  Mexico  to  Belize  in  2014.  I  urge  any  current  Year  9  or  10  students  to  get   involved  –  See  Miss  Dickinson  for  further  informa@on.   Mr  Taggart


As the  home  to  14000  books  and  a  range  of  PCs   and  resources  for  study,  Northfield  School’s   Library  and  Resource  Centre  is  at  the  heart  of   our  school  community.  Its  central  posi@on   within  the  school  building  ensures  that  it  is   always  a  hive  of  ac@vity  and  students  are  able   to  to  access  our  excellent  library  facili@es  every   day  if  they  choose  to  do  so. The  following  are  a  just  a  small  range  of  the  fantas@c  opportuni@es  on  offer  to  our   students:-­‐ ·         Access  available  during  lessons,  at  lunch@mes,  before  and  aler  school. ·         Hundreds  of  books  to  choose  from  to  suit  all  ages  and  interests. ·         Help  with  homework  and  support  with  research. ·         Book  Clubs  and  Film  Clubs. ·         The  chance  to  become  a  student  librarian.   Everyone  is  welcome,  so  why  not  pop  along  and  see  what  you  can  discover?

Opening Hours  

Before School

Lunch Time

A8er School



12.30 Yr  7  only 3.30  –  4.15  p.m. 1.00  –  1.20  all  year   groups


8.30 -­‐  8.50  a.m.

12.50-­‐1.20 p.m.  All   3.30  –  4.00  p.m. year  groups


8.30 -­‐  8.50  a.m.

12.30 Yr  8  only


8.30 -­‐  8.50  a.m.

12.50-­‐1.20 p.m.  All   3.30  –  4.15  p.m. year  groups


8.30 -­‐  8.50  a.m.

12.50-­‐1.20 p.m. All  year  groups  

Film Club  3.30  -­‐4.30   p.m.


On Tuesday 3rd July our Year 9 students completed a Guinness World Record attempt for the highest number of bottle tops in a continuous chain. The record stood at 34,149 but Year 9 managed to achieve an amazing 37,170. We have now had confirmation that Northfield School is indeed a Guinness World Record holder. Well done to all of the students who were involved and to Mrs Story, who persevered against the odds to ensure that we had the best chance of achieving the record.   

y t i r Cha rk wo

Our Year 10 Hospitality students proved that they were made of sugar and spice and all things nice, when they took part in ʻThe Worldʼs Biggest Coffee Morningʼ on September 28th. The students made a huge array of cakes and biscuits and then sold them to staff, allowing them to raise £60 for MacMillan Cancer Support.


In September, Northfield PE Department had the honour of hosting the Valencia Roadshow for the North East schools. Inspireport organised the event with Northfield to promote their football trips abroad and in the UK. They chose Northfield because of the excellent facilities we provide and as a result of the good relationship that Mr Alderson has built up with Valencia CF in recent years.

The Valencia coaches travelled through the UK offering training to young people, starting off in Glasgow and ending in Brighton. A group of Gifted and Talented footballers from various schools in the North East were involved in the event and Billy Hadfield and Brad Popple were Northfield's representatives. In the last two years, Northfield has visited both Valencia CF and Villarreal CF and the students have really enjoyed each football trip. This Easter, approximately 42 Northfield students will visit Ajax in Holland for further training opportunities.

Year 7 lead the way at the top! Although our  Year  7s  have  only  been  at  Northfield   for  a  maeer  of  weeks,  they  have  certainly  made  an  excellent  impression   so   far!  Mrs  Charlton,  Head  of   year  7,  is  ‘delighted’  with   the  year  7   intake  and  the   transi@on  that  they   have  made  to  our   school.  Mrs  Charlton   went  on  to   say   ‘There  has  been  an   extremely   high  standard  of   uniform,   behaviour  and   organisa@on   from   the  year  7  students.  They  have  been  highly  mo@vated  and  are   enthusias@c  about  their   transi@on  to  Northfield.  They   have   seeled  into  the   school  very  well.  All  students  have  adapted   brilliantly  to  school  life   and  many   are  par@cipa@ng   in   a   range  of  extra  curricular  ac@vi@es  outside  of  school.  This  is  very  pleasing  to  see’ Mr   Taeersall,   Assistant   Head   of   Year   went   on   to   say   'Each   @me  the  Guidance   Team   visit   Morning   Form   Time  or   Year   7   lessons,   we  are  witnessing   a  high  level  of   aeainment  and   progress.    The  students  are  engaged  in  their   learning   and   are  a   credit  to  the  school.’   Each  student  has  the  opportunity   to  excel  in  our  school  community  and  we  are  already  seeing  many  taking  full  advantage  of   the   excellent   resources  being   made   available   to   them.   This  month   the   Whole   School   Aeendance   Reward   Scheme   was   launched.   It  was   Mrs  Cameron’s  tutor   group,   7TO,   who   were   on  top   out   of   56   tutor   groups   on   the   first   launch,   closely   followed  by  7TT  in  3rd  place  and  7TI  in  8th.  


In the  Achievement  Points  League  year  7  dominate  with  7TI,  7TT,  7TH  &  7TE  taking  some  of  the  top  spots.  However  it  is  Mrs   Poppleton’s   tutor  group,   7TR,  who  have  dominated  the  achievement  point  tables  for  a  number  of   weeks,   with  Savannah   Hoban  as  the  top  scorer  in  the  whole  school.  Bethany  Wynee  is  in  second  posi@on  with  Vithu  Sivanesan  in  third.


Mrs Charlton  went  on  to  say  that  this  has  been  an   excellent  start  to  Year  7  and,   the  Year   7  guidance  team,   including   Mr   Taeersall,   Mrs  Harvey   and   all   of   the  Year  7  form   tutors,  are  said   to   be   very   excited  about  the  future   of   our   students  .  It   certainly  looks  very  bright!  Congratula@ons  Year  7.  Keep  up  the  good  work!

duke of edinburgh award

Seven intrepid  explorers  from  Year  10  set  out  on  their  first  Duke  of  Edinburgh   expedi@on  on  Friday  12th  October!  In  order  to  work  towards  aeaining  their  Bronze   Award.  They  were  accompanied  on  their  expedi@on  weekend  by  Mr  Simpson,  Mr   Bimson,  Miss  Smith  and  Miss  Bowes,  all  of  whom  were  extremely  impressed  with   the  students'  behaviour  and  determina@on.   The  group  camped  out  over  night  at  Pybus  Scout  Campsite  near  Stokesley.  This   involved  students  putng  up  tents,  cooking  meals  on  camping  stoves  and  sleeping   under  canvas  on  a  very  wet  hill  side.  On  the  Saturday  morning  they  showed  off  their   orienteering  skills,  with  the  students  taking  turns  to  lead  the  group  around  a  9km   walk  around  the  Cleveland  Hills.   Highlights  of  the  weekend  were  Mr  Bimson  playing  with  fire  and  the  birthday   celebra@ons  for  Sophie  Smith  and  Jack  Bloomfield.  The  beau@ful  birthday  cake  was   very  much  appreciated  aler  all  of  the  exer@ons  of  the  expedi@on! Miss Bowes said "All of the students  were  brilliant  and  really   enjoyed  it.  They  are  now  looking   forward  to  our  next,  hopefully   much  warmer,  two  night   expedi@on  in  May."  The  students   are  now    planning  their  skills  and   voluntary  parts  of  the  award.  We   wish  them  every  success!  

Following the success of their worldwide and UK tour, a group of forty American Performing Arts students from the Young Americans initiative are visiting us in March to create a whole school show with our students. The Young Americans promote music education and performance opportunities to young people all around the world, through the provision of music and dance workshops. Over 250 students will be involved including local primary schools and this will be a fantastic way of bringing our local community together. When : It is happening between March 11-14, 2013 Where: Northfield School Sports Drome What: The students involved get a 3 days performance workshop which is full of fun, fitness and performance. Anyone can take part!! They are taught by and perform with the Young Americans!! This will truly be an amazing and inspirational experience...

Visit to find out more and contact Miss Dickenson in school for more details.

Royal Seal of Approval

During the school's Jubilee Week earlier in the year, Mrs Story encouraged her Year 7 and Year 8 classes to enter into the spirit of the celebrations by making congratulations cards, decorative posters and poems to mark the occasion. They were so beautiful that she then sent them to the Queen. This has now resulted in Her Majesty sending us an extremely complimentary letter, thanking the students for their efforts. Congratulations to Mrs Story and her students!

Dates for your diary October Half Term Holiday PD Day

Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November 2012 Monday 5th November 2012

Year 7 Parents Evening with Year 7 Guidance Team

Thursday 8th November

Year 10 BP Oil Trading Enterprise Activity Year 11 Parents Evening

Thursday 22nd November

Carol Concert (Thames Road)

Thursday 12th December

Carol Concert (St Cuthbert's Church

Wednesday 19th December

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School Newsletter October

School Newsletter October  

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