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Digital Photography & Yoga Teacher


The Great Tour of 2012

COMMUNITY BAND Dust off your band instrument

YOUTH CHOIR Does your child or teen love to sing?


History of local music legend


Tanya Clary: Learning the craft of Mehndi

MICHAEL GRAHAM: A new look at old signs


Looking for a killer costume


FSJ youth making a difference


Healthy snacks for back to school

ROCK CLIMBING For the love of rock


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A true blonde never tells.

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And so it was borne: the idea is to make Northern Groove a tool available for everyone to use. With the masses now positioned to easily communicate their stories, the publication evolved to become more than a sum of its parts, more than a magazine. It became a COMMUNITY. But it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen just over the Summer. As a matter of fact, it is still developing. People communicating with each other on a cultural level is what Northern Groove is all about. We are building this system to make it easy for Fort St. John to promote their passion for real value in activity, and share it with their curious neighbours. From your home or office website access to the delivery of tangible content to our regular hangouts, Northern Groove brings our appreciation for culture all together into a big melting pot for us to share and grow! This is not a minor accomplishment, and certainly cannot be attributed to any single person, but to all of us, the writers, the photographers, the readers, and most of all the doers - the event organizers, the artists, the dancers and the actors, the sculptors and the singers. Fort St John has accumulated a huge display of arts and culture that is meant to be celebrated! Show us all something you think is worth celebrating by registering as a Groover today, so that we can all enjoy it together tomorrow! Thank you for being a part of Northern Groove, whether you are a reader - an appreciator of ideas, or you are a builder of those ideas. By making the connection between us, we are strengthening the bonds that make us a community we can be proud of.


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BECAUSE OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT. The stories in this magazine are contributed by incredible people who work, live, and play here in Fort St. John.

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//choosing to work the dream ASHLEY ALEXANDRA PHOTOGRAPHY


Ashley Alexandra Photography:





wise person once said, find a job doing something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Unfortunately for the majority of us, finding that job such as camping, road tripping, or hanging out all day at the Beaton River would be impossible. So of course, we find ourselves searching elsewhere to accommodate our basic needs and to live life fruitfully. I was fifteen years old the day I marched up to my mother and announced I’d decided to become a Photographer. Thirty minutes prior to this declaration, I had stumbled upon the art of digital photography and manipulation, fell in love with it and knew I had found my calling. At that time, I had no idea what my decision would bring me, let alone remember making the affirmation, but it would be a decision that would help shape my life. Immediately upon graduating, I dove headfirst into the oil and gas Industry, of which our little city is so well known for. From then on, and up to the last five years, I’ve travelled, worked, and furthered my education

by gaining a diploma in Professional Photography and a Yoga Instructors certification. I eventually settled into a week-on week off-shift for CNRL and found myself working my dream job during my days off. But as time went on, I felt as though I was stretching myself thin trying to work three separate jobs. I began to feel as though I wasn’t living up to my creative and personal potential. At times I worried that building a career out of photography was unrealistic, and that my dreams were out of reach. But the more I furthered myself in my artwork and in my life

experience, the more attainable my aspirations slowly became. I decided to take the risk and trade in my dependable Friday paychecks for the uncertain life of a starving artist. I made the choice to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dreams. Sometimes we need to take the road less travelled in life, or throw inhibitions to the wind and bush whack our own path. Every choice I’ve made since the age of fifteen has led me down this winding trail; only when I tossed the map out the window could I begin to see my life goals on the horizon. Contributed by Ashley Barks


new stock arriving daily


fall is coming




// twin peaks & tall cans By Lindsay Pratt


o be completely honest touring involves a lot of activities we already engage in on a regular basis: drinking beer, playing music and sleeping (both too much and very little). However it was refreshing to play to new audiences and experience a wide array of venues. For instance, in the sleepy coal mining/ ski bum town of Fernie, B.C. we had the pleasure of performing at the Wednesday night social. The social was located outside of a converted railway station aptly named…The Artstation. The conductors rolling by were polite enough to refrain from blowing the horn although I believe there were some safety rules being blatantly disregarded. In beautiful Creston (home of a Kokanee brewery) we entertained


townsfolk, hostel dwellers and a possible runaway from the Bountiful community at the Snoring Sasquatch. The man who runs the show, Mr. Paul Hutchinson, explained to us that the ‘Squatch was formerly a church, then an insurance agency and now was home to hosting a variety of musical acts on a regular basis. Paul also had some really strong beer, which he was kind enough to share with us during our late night jam following the show. One of the main questions asked to us by friends and family members was, “Are you still getting along?” For those of you with personal knowledge of Naomi and I’s personalities you will certainly notice the OCD/NOCD nature of our relationship. Naomi is Type A. She is a natural born leader and is assertive bordering on…you know. I on the other hand like to take instruction (most of the time) and most certainly have my head in another dimension for a good portion of the day, which can be frustrating for a partner who NORTHERNGROOVE.COM

NORTHERNGROOVE.COM likes to get things done.

morning. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

I’m proud to say our bond came out unscathed.

Many people tried to explain to us that our first tour might cause some disillusionment regarding the romantic notion of, “being on the road”. Many bands tend to break even or even lose money (God forbid!) on their first tour. Luckily Twin Peaks was born and raised in the Peace and the generous and supportive nature of

I credit this to the healthy dose of testosterone supplied by our dear friend Tall Cans (Mitch Vinet) in keeping us on an even keel. I also attribute our to our ability to sleep in bunk beds, laughing until four in the

our communities made it a stress free experience. The amazing staff of the Lido Theatre along with owner Brian Kirschner’s experience and advice made our CD release and tour kickoff a real success! That along with the selfless musicians who came out to play and the fantastic, albeit sweaty, crowd caused a tremendous swelling of pride in our community that stayed with us for the duration of the tour. The main thing this tour taught us was no matter what your artistic goals/daydreams may be don’t be afraid to pursue them. Also, make sure one member of your band has OCD, and never underestimate a well-plotted spreadsheet.

more info... Web:

Twitter: @TwinPeaksMusic

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Dust off your

band instrument


o you have a band instrument sitting in a closet collecting dust? Are you a former band geek looking for a place to play? Are you currently in band, looking for a new and challenging place to play?


success! We have a great group already, and I am excited for all of the fun and challenging music we will be able to perform this year!

More information about membership can be found at, where you can begin the membership process right online.

We will begin playing intermediate level repertoire, with the goal of eventually advancing our skills and If you answered yes to any of the travelling. questions above, you should come out and join the Northern Winds Sabrina, a former military musician, Community Band, under the direction holds a degree in Music Education of local music teacher Sabrina Bailey. from the University of Victoria and can’t wait to bring more music to Northern Winds is an exciting new Fort St. John, the “Music Capital of the group, the only of its kind in the North.” energetic city, open to anyone with 3 years playing experience in a concert If you would like to join the band, rehearsals are thursdays at 7pm in band setting. the Bert Bowes band room in Fort St. The first rehearsal for the Northern John. Registration for the 2012/2013 Winds Community Band was a huge year closes October 10, 2012.

The first concert will be on Remembrance Day, with several performances throughout the year. We are looking to spend our first year playing as many community outreach concerts as we can - let us bring the music to YOU. Our first concert will be on Remembrance Day, but we are eager to find performance opportunities after that! You provide the space, we provide the entertainment. If you are interested, you can also contact Sabrina (the director) at




s a voice and piano teacher, it often comes up my conversations with other parents that they feel their child is particularly musical or really loves to sing, often from a very young age. Although it is always possible that this means their child will grow-up to become especially gifted, it usually seems that almost all children enjoy singing and dancing - it’s a human thing! That said, there are certainly some children who seem more inclined than others to enjoy singing. If you have one of these, you know what it looks like: they sing in the car, they sing in the yard, they sing when they are supposed to be sleeping - sometimes it seems they’d rather sing than talk!

lessons. In my opinion, it really depends on both the student’s aptitude and the teacher’s technique. A child’s voice is in a state of constant change and growth until they reach adulthood and their vocal cords are fragile and susceptible to over-use and abuse. Although it may seem like children have endless vocal endurance when it comes to whining or arguing with their siblings, vocal or choral instruction that is too demanding on a child’s voice can actually do more harm than good! The other reality is that if a child does not yet know how to read music, they could end up spending a good part of their voice lesson working on theory rather than singing or they will just sing and rarely get around to learning any practical musical skills.

Parents often wonder at what age a child is “old enough” to take singing

I generally say that parents are better off to put a younger child in piano or

instrument lessons first and that if they love to sing, put them in a good children’s choir at the same time. If you have a child (or know one...or are one!) between the ages of 7-17 who loves to sing, why not consider the Northern Lights Youth Choir this year? For just $100/year plus fees, your child will receive qualified group vocal instruction, get to be on stage in a group (for those who hate solos) but also have some small opportunities for solos (for those who love the spotlight!), learn songs that are both fun and challenging and have a chance to make new friends in a safe and creative environment. Visit, email on Facebook or call Jen @ 250-261-5389.

YOUTH CHOIR Jen Giesbrecht

Does your child or teen

LOVE to SING? 08 9







he live music scene in Ft St John has become one of my twenty favourite things about living here in the North Peace. The Trews were playing at The Lido on November 30, 2009, and they were truly “rockin’ the house”! Something made me grab a piece of lined paper, and a Sharpie, and start trying to capture the moment. Since then, I have found a lot of enjoyment in sketching live music. Everywhere from “Face The Music “at the NPCC to Home Routes Concerts to evenings at Whole Wheat & Honey, and the Kilnhouse, and The Lido, we really ARE the music capitol of

the North. Sometimes, when the performer is incredibly kinetic, like “Wild Tony Springer” at On The Rocks, it was very challenging to nail down the essence of the performance. (It helped that Dimitri brought me pots of tea, and a work lamp, at a table he set up for me in the landing, right across from the band.) It is always a little frightening to me, to sketch in public, because I manage to achieve a likeness, about ONE in ten drawings. (It used to be more like one in twenty….) When I do, it is very rewarding, especially when people use them as a Facebook profile pic, or a performer asks to use it in posters (Harpdog Brown), or it gets enlarged

outside like Gidd’s at JDFitzgerald’s. When I don’t, I have a good time anyway. Often I post these to a FB page called “Everyday Matters”, where sketch artists from all over the world share their moments, kind of like the World’s Biggest Fridge Door. The best part, really, is the actual challenge and experience of trying to integrate what you hear, feel, and see into a sketch. It adds a whole other dimension to the experience of listening, because you never see something quite like you do when you are trying to draw it…and especially if the subject is moving, really fast, playing an electric guitar behind his back….




here is a phenomenon referred to as “six degrees of separation”, in which, by association, everyone on earth is connected within 6 acquaintances. We may have a local version of this phenomenon, which we could refer to as “3 degrees of Craig Brooks”. It is entirely likely that everyone in Fort

12 11

//craig brooks St. John is connected within three acquaintances to this community heavyweight, who has spent a lot of his life investing his time into friends and family.

he carried around the house and played it to anyone that would listen! His childhood home was a place of many good parties, always full of live music!

Craig was born and raised in Fort Saint John. At a very early age Craig showed interest in music - at 3 years old he entertained his parents and their friends. He had a toy guitar that

Though Craig took 5 years of parentapproved piano lessons, at age 12 he found a set of drums under the Christmas tree—this would become his choice instrument. At 14 he had a


NORTHERNGROOVE.COM full time gig playing in local venues. While attending Dr. Kearney he assembled a rock band: Simon Kaos They hit the road after graduating from high school, and became one of the eighties most sought after touring live rock bands of Canada! Though Hair Metal may have faded away, you can still enjoy a few of their performances if you are inclined to It wasn’t long after arriving to “the search them out on city” that Craig started performing his magic on stage, forming a band Thanks to Craig’s enthusiasm, called “Short Busche and the Country persistance and dedication. He Clippers”. started another band called Giant Not long afterwards, with the help of Again another top-touring band of a handful of some amazing musicians, Canada! After a name change and a a new band was formed known as couple new members, ”Point of Power” ”Deere John”. was created. They were picked up by a label and recorded a smashing heavy When he’s not touring, Craig can be rock CD.Touring and some radio play found around his hometown of Fort followed, but through a few twists in St. John with a smile on his face the road, he found himself a role as a and ready to shake your hand. If you family man, moving back to Fort Saint haven’t had the opportunity to meet John to raise his children. him, you should ask your friend to introduce you to him at the next show!

craft of writing. He is also well known for his “Play on Words”! Presently he is performing with C.C.M.A’s recording act Sean Hogan Friends and family often experience the magic of Craig Brooks at local venues in Fort St. John… I know I always do!

Craig recently celebrated a milestone birthday, surrounded by friends and family, many of them taking the stage at The Lido to perform for the crowd. Some of the well-known faces included Ryan Hennessey, Mike Strandberg, Ridley Bent, Gidd and Bettyann Hampton, Dave Tolley, Darcy Bailey, and Craig’s own son Connor, as well as a myriad of digital Craig exudes enthusiasm in everyday presentations from friends who life… He strives for excellence weren’t able to attend in person. always. It is this combination that has made him one of Fort St. John’s most Contributed by respected drummers and songwriters! Andrea Brooks & I am not a music critic, but I do know Tyson Mowat that Craig digs deep emotionally in his

SAT. OCT 13 . UFC ANOTHER VEGAS TRIP GIVEAWAY! FRI. OCT 26 . Chaotic Justice with Subconscious Pilots | no cover | 8pm Home of Fort St. John’s longest running

OPEN MIC every wednesday 8pm

IN THE SUPER 8 {250 263 9991}

live lives 12 where m usic 13 l loca



hen I first began to do mehndi body art, I thought it a clever way to get into funky music festivals and interesting artistic events while making some money during the summer months. What I didn’t anticipate was the connection with other women that would become the central appeal of what I do. Henna has long been associated with groups of women and the celebration of momentous lifeoccasions, but when I began my henna practice I didn’t know that the small blue booth that fills with women weekend after weekend would become a place where stories are told and peace is sought. While learning the craft of mehndi


“when a woman holds her hand out to one of the four artists ... we have learned that it is an intimate invitation to create something beautiful with her. “



// tanya clary with my friends and daughters, long winter hours have been spent in my living room, the fireplace crackling, its subdued light mixing with that of candles, stories and wine to create, over and over, year after year, memories that are infused with the distinctive smell of mehndi oil. Hands and feet intricately are decorated under the influence of the feminine divine, the unintentional consequence of learning how to mix and then paint a natural paste on our skin. Our art has grown along with the festivals we attend. Learning the ancient art of henna has made me more flexible and adaptable; as the patterns have evolved, so has my soul. After nine years, when a woman holds her hand out to one of the four artists who have dedicated long hours to learning the craft, we have learned that it is an intimate invitation to create something beautiful with her. We have learned from each other how to open up and to trust the process, and not worry about the end product. Now, when a person sits down in our booth, we often hear a personal story, one that flows as easily as the henna paste. At other times we appreciate the silence while this person is introduced to the personal lines of her hands, wrists, arms or other parts of her body—itself such a personal and intimate experience. I have painted on a bare chest scarred with marks of breast cancer, and on skin damaged by burns, on parts of

the body that women seek to see as attractive. It is a powerful experience when a person can see themselves as beautiful in a new way, like when a person just recovered from chemotherapy, offers a smooth head for a henna design. These are powerful moments when more than just henna staining one’s skin is happening. It isn’t uncommon, after a long hot day at a festival, to see an exhausted women with children in tow look at our booth, turn to her husband and say, “Give me twenty minutes.” As seasoned henna artists, we can do a design fairly quickly, but for such women, it is irrelevant what design she gets or where she gets it. More important is the small space of time just for her, and as the partner in this moment, we have learned to read her needs and wants at that moment, and to appreciate the time with her fully. I enjoy taking the time to allow her to settle into a meditative state, or to see her come alive in the cocoon of our little blue booth where stories and laughter are always present, while becoming intimate with her hand in ways that she herself is often unaware of. As henna artists, we have used the people around us as canvases. My daughters have been willing participants and seasoned critics of new ideas, and friends have offered up their hands and feet to experiments that sometimes need

working. As artists, we have learned to study what they like, who they are-how they sit, breathe and ultimately how they exist in the moment. Whether in my living room or in our crowded booth, it is impossible not to share intimacy with someone receiving a henna design. There are now events that we are expected to attend, where women come back year after year to enjoy our latest designs. With competition from spray tattoo and other body design booths, our little henna booth stays busy with women who are looking for more than just a quick body decoration. They seek the serenity of the mehndi experience, the moment and the art. I began doing henna expecting to make some extra summer cash while listening to live music, but practicing the art of henna with my closest friends, for women who want to share a special moment, it’s become much more.


Photo by Ashley Barks


A NEW LOOK AT OLD SIGNS Contributed by Anita Perry Signs… they’re everywhere, and thanks to local artisan, Michael Graham the signs around us are regaining some charm they’ve lost along the way.

years Michael has been hand crafting signs he has come to realize that keeping these classic styles around is not only fun, but something he is quite passionate about and just as it happens, is also very talented Quality hand painted signs are quickly at. These signs offer a distinct, and becoming a thing of the past. attractive option for those who don’t want your every day, run of the mill Signs like these are increasingly sign. difficult to come by, but in the last ten


If you wander into Michael’s garage, you’ll find him surrounded by lumber that has been reclaimed from heritage homes that are facing destruction or even pallets, miss-tint paints, brushes and various other tools of his trade. You’ll look around and begin to see examples of Michael’s work and you will be amazed… and I can guarantee you will smile.



Michael is an artist and craftsman who puts a great deal of pride into his work. He will work just as hard on a sign meant to hang in his garage for his own enjoyment as he does for a customer’s custom order. He loves what he does, and it shows in every

sign he makes. Working under the banner of “Hang Em High Signs” you’ll find him in the shop working on signs nearly every night. In a world that has become so fast

and disposable it’s comforting to know that someone saw the value of keeping this art form alive. To reach Michael for your signage needs:


F airy W ings Costumes and Things

COSTUMES By Pauline Lindley Fairy Wings Costumes and Things is our local fantasy land in full out Technicolour. Any time of the year, not just Halloween, you can become your favourite character, your alter ego, your total opposite, or your own worst nightmare.

maybe some of us should keep it hidden).

Amber say it’s all about the accessories and accessories she has! Wigs, hats, armour, swords, jewellery, capes. She also has lots of ideas and tips on how to use these aides to make your costume Imagine coming to your own birthday the best it can be. party as a fairy or a pharaoh. Come on over and visit Amber in her new, Bringing your wife flowers (or!?) as a and much BIGGER, location. Knight of the Round Table. 8679 Jones Sub. Fort St. John, BC. Meeting your husband at the door 250 262 -9464 // wearing only a French Maid outfit 250 262 –WING (just make sure to send the children to Gramma’s first!) Hosting your anniversary or housewarming party as Fred & Wilma, Sonny & Cher, Superman & Wonder Woman, Donald & Daisy or maybe Prince Alarming & Cinder Ella? Dressing your best friend as Orgazmo at his bachelor party (you could be Choda Boy!)

Photo: Tonino Guzzo

Pretty much any scenario you can come up with, Fairy Wings can help make it happen. It’s about having fun and bringing out your “hidden” side (although





NEW LOCATION 8679 Jones Rd. 250 262 9464 250 262 WING

vet clinic

NLC college


Opens October 19th Store Hours 10am - 6pm Also Available By Appointment!

Please Call


// the power of

skate parks



linton Green is sitting on his BMX bike as we watch a bunch of different kids on their boards, bikes and scooters, take turns dropping in on Fort St. John’s spray painted concrete skate park ramps. Clinton, a mainstay at the park, has been skating and riding here since the park first opened in August 2002. Well known in the FSJ scene, he tells me about the park and how a committee he chairs along with his friends and the city is helping develop a brand new skate park. As we watch, one of the older kids on a skateboard calls out to the group of about thirty, standing waiting their turn




to clear a section of ramp so he can attempt a manual. A move where he’ll balance himself on the nose of his skateboard.

just come here because it’s out of the way.” And what they leave are smashed bottles. Shards of glass for the kids or in some cases the parents who support the park and community

“You can see the cops coming from far off.” One skateboarder tells me. “These kids who don’t use the park,

The plan? To get a new park in town.

The committee’s desire is to see a better designed park for the user, in a more open space that won’t be abused. With their efforts, and with City Council on board, the project is He starts, pops the becoming a reality. The board up on two entire project is being wheels, rides it around “IT MAKES ME PROUD TO BE A PART OF funded through the the ring of the ramp THE COMMUNITY!” CLINTON GREEN efforts of the Fort St. John then jumps his board Skatepark Committee via of the edge of the donations from generous ramp, executing the difficult trick to come and clean up. And it’s not local companies and residents as while one his buddies records it on just that, the park itself has hit its well as through grants. camera. maximum capacity. “It makes me proud to be a part of The group hollers out as he nails the “The old park is just that, old.” Clinton the community! it’s good to see how attempt. With nothing but friendly says. “The way it was built 15 years much support from the city end we support and commitment across all ago may have been a design that have received.” Clinton says. ages. Clinton echos the cheers made was awesome back then, but by the group. they didn’t plan it out for the progression of the users. It “The fact you can go to a skate park,” doesn’t have the capacity to hold he says, “anywhere in the world, all the users that come every you’re guaranteed to meet new day to it. And it’s in a secluded people and make new friends that location so it gets lot of people share the same interest.” traffic through there that don’t And that’s exactly what is happening need to be there.” Echoing the here in Fort St. John. This different comments of his friends at the group of kids varying in ages and park. ability have formed a community It was this threat, this awareness around a skate park, a movement of that the community of Skaters, shared interest. BMX Bikers and Razor Scooters But there are problems with the was in trouble that led Clinton, existing skate park, where they share his parents, friend Adam Kirsch tricks, stories and time. Where they and others to organize the FSJ Skatepark Committee. connect.

A location for the park has been selected, with City Council approving the donation of land at the corner of 93rd Street and 93rd Avenue., The Fort St. John Skatepark Committee, chaired by Clinton Green, is currently in the fundraising stage and has raised approximately 80% of their total goal. Using a portion of the funds that the committee has already raised, the City has contracted Langley, BC based New Line Skateparks Inc. for Phase 1, which includes a public consultation and a design concept. New Line has built



10109 95th Avenue . 250 785 3711


skate parks across North America receiving accolades from the likes of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and the New York Times. “I am super stoked about the new park!”, says Green. I think it’s going to be a huge addition to the town and give a lot of youth some inspiration to get off the video games and be outside, I’m very excited for something we can all progress on for years to come and also to have

something much more visually appealing to the public.” Before I left the park, I asked Clinton, if only one thing could be taken away by the public from this experience, what should it be? His answer, was nothing short of inspirational, “I want the people of Fort St. John and the youth to get that if you dedicate some time and set your mind on something you can make it happen,

and I want the people to be very proud of the youth doing all of this because this IS the next generation. It’s awesome to see and be a part of them doing whatever they can to go out and get what they want.” To learn more about the new Fort St. John skate park project, contact City Hall at 250-787-8150 or email communitydevelopment@ Contributed by John Kirby




The leaves are changing colour, the air is feeling brisk, and, wait now….did I hear a bell ringing? Ah yes, school’s back in, which can only mean one thing. Busy parents like you and I will soon be chucking rejected school lunches in the garbage, left, right and centre! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe you’ve all but given up on ever meeting your child’s demands for a delicious lunch that has kid appeal while also providing healthy food. Let’s see if we can’t find something new for you to try. Step into my kitchen, shall we?

01 02

VEGGIE BITES (baby carrots, baby tomatoes, snap peas, zucchini sticks, celery sticks) with hummus dip

DECONSTRUCTED SAMMY slices of meat rolled up, with a small container of mustard for dipping. Did I mention kids like to dip?


SKEWERS stab chunks of fruit/veg/cheese or meat on a stick. Trust me, kids love the hint of weaponry involved. - for those children not allergic to last night’s leftovers, a thermos does quite nicely

03 24

BREAD ALTERNATIVES: rice paper, nori wraps or pitas



Remember, if your child is not used to consuming a lot of fruits and veggies, it may take some time to recalibrate his or her palate. Childhood is absolutely the best time to do this! Habits young people build tend to stick with them for life. If you’re looking for a lunch box that can accommodate these kinds of kid-friendly foods (while simultaneously saving the planet from ziplock-inundation) check my website. This is just a small taste of the variety of lunch options available when you start to think outside the box. If your family is thinking about making a change when it comes to food and lifestyle, I encourage you to check out and score your free consultation. I love working with motivated families and sharing my passion for whole family nutrition!


to all of our performers and guests who has made this year’s live music and entertainment at Jackfish our best yet!

Amy Furman is a holistic health coach with a passion for helping people redesign their nutritional habits and overall lifestyle to achieve the life of their dreams. Visit to schedule your free consultation and to sign up for her monthly newsletter


// rock climbing Chris Wagner

I’ve always loved climbing. In my youth, I would spend hours climbing all of the trees in our yard, exploring the upper branches to see how high I could get, and what else I could see. After moving to Fort St. John in my 20’s I started getting into rock climbing, and it’s captivated me ever since, with its mix of adventure, athleticism, and good friends. A couple of years ago I was climbing in Jasper, hanging off a bad hold with my left hand, feeling for the next clip with my right. I reached just above my head, found the clip in point and reached down to bring up the rope to clip in. I felt shaky and not confident, and the rope wasn’t cooperating and clipping in right away. Instead, I hooked two fingers into the carabiner and leaned back on it. The screaming monkey brain was taking over, neglecting to bring monkey-like climbing abilities with it, but, for as long as those fingers held, I was not falling. My left hand found the rope again and brought it up to clip it in. I tried it twice before realizing why it wasn’t working: My fingers, wrapped through the carabiner and keeping me from falling, were also preventing it from opening and the rope from clipping in. I could see no way to move from this point, so I shouted “falling”, and let go. The fall was over almost before I


realized it, with me dangling from the rope 4-6 metres below where I had been. We accelerate towards the earth at about 9.8 metres per second per second, so, by the time I had gone the distance to where I was caught by the rope, it had been less than a second, and I knew I was done with climbing for the day. I was thirsty (a little dehydrated), physically and mentally tired, and needing some food. In the Peace region, there’s been an explosion of the climbing community, with over 90 members of the facebook group, and new areas

for climbing being developed all the time. Dawson Creek, Tumbler Ridge, and Chetwynd all have climbing gyms as part of municipal facilities, and outdoor climbing can be found at at Bear Mountain in Dawson Creek, Boulder Gardens in Tumbler Ridge, and the Mecca of Peace Region climbers - Hassler Crag outside of Chetwynd. NORTHERNGROOVE.COM


NORTHERNGROOVE.COM is kinda like a



AWESOME ...and it’s free and everyone is welcome


welcoming the world to fsj Hi, my name is Kim and I’ve been living in Fort St. John for just over a year. I moved here, as many do, for work, (and speed skating), and was lucky enough to find a job where I get to do exactly what I love best – Getting to know other people from different cultures and backgrounds and interacting with others in a positive way.

immersed in the world of immigration, settlement, multiculturalism, and ways a community becomes truly welcoming and inclusive.

WICWP has been around for 4 years, and aims to build a more welcoming and inclusive community in Fort St. John for newcomers through community multicultural events, workshops, and In March, I joined the Welcoming and other special initiatives. Inclusive Communities and Workplace What I learned in these few short months is that our mission of a welcoming and inclusive community cannot happen without two key components: 1) a dedicated group of volunteers, passionate about our cause and creating real change in our community, and 2) a community that is willing to engage and grow. I am thankful I got to experience both – committed, passionate volunteers with a purpose, and a community that is welcoming, open, and excited for new opportunity. Without both of these, we could not have seen all of the positive changes we have so far.




Recently, we have seen many new faces, new artists, and shared many amazing multicultural experiences together. If you haven’t been to one of our events, you are missing out! We have heard about life in other countries, learned how to become make coconut-milk from coconuts,

listened to many incredible musicians and their stories, tried delicious treats from all around the world, laughed, danced, and generally have worked at creating a more welcoming community. On the workplaces side of things, we’ve been connecting with employers to help gather tools on creating more culturally competent workplaces where everyone feels welcome and included, and committed to learning and changing with our ever-growing diverse community. I would really like to celebrate and thank all those who put in countless hours in the name of creating a more welcoming and inclusive community for everyone. Your tireless dedication and enthusiasm is inspiring, and I hope our community continues to grow in its capacity to welcome all newcomers, and create a place for each to feel at home. I would also like to thank everyone in the community who participated in our events by celebrating the diversity that makes Fort St. John such a great and unique place to live. If you have not yet taken part in the any of the incredible multicultural events in our city, I encourage you to get take part and get involved. By supporting multiculturalism, we can make our home an even more welcoming community!

The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities & Workplaces Program (WICWP) is a special collaborative community initiative aimed at supporting and celebrating cultural diversity through community events, workshops, articles and special initiatives. This program is made possible through funding the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROGRAM IN FORT ST. JOHN, PLEASE CONTACT KIM AT 250.785.5323.




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Ditsy or Deep?

A True Blonde Never Tells


eemingly clumsy clowns are very good at their craft. Bumbling detectives play the role to get an edge on the bad guys. So it stands to reason that what we would consider a “true blonde” may be much smarter than all those “blonde” jokes indicate. Yes, Elle Woods, in the musical Legally Blonde, leads us to believe she is a ditsy blonde but the inner genius surfaces when her friends and colleagues see more than meets the eye.

bounce new things around to see by Stevie Eby) who is always serious, which works best. looks lawyerly, and “wears black when nobody is dead”. As the fashionista Elle Woods, Melanie Truscott plays Elle Woods in Melanie shares the stage with Ben Emmett encourages Elle to spend less time trying to win back the Stage North production of Legally Wheeler (Emmett), a Harvard Warner and more time on her Blonde coming up in November on Law alum and teaching assistant, who lawstudies which includes the North Peace Cultural Centre gains insight into the real Elle Woods. the trial of the infamous stage. Melanie has played many Elle enrolled in Brooke Wyndham. roles in her life, on and off stage, but this one is dear to her heart. She Harvard Law School to follow her Brooke and Elle says she has been rehearsing all her one true love, Warner (played by A.J. are Delta Nu life for this role. Melanie is naturally Zabinsky), who is a sorority expressive and can easily step from sister an emotive to a somber character snobbish, arrogant, law student and and with little prompting. She is creative, her ex-boyfriend. Apparently Elle had the energetic, and entertaining. Proof much higher LSAT of this is at rehearsals. Fellow cast members are continuously laughing scores than Warner thought possible. Warner has taken up with Vivienne and enjoying the same scenes over Kensington (played and over again which helps Melanie


experiences they shared and the knowledge that all “blondes� know is uncovered and helpful in solving the murder case. The story is fun but the lyrics of the songs and fast-step dancing move this story from interesting to dynamic. Director

and choreographer Emry Mika has had the cast in dance rehearsals since June. With one month to go, the show is coming together like a whirlwind and

Ticket Info Tickets are now available at the North Peace Cultural Centre box office or online at

the cast and crew pour out enough energy at each rehearsal to create a tornado. Contributed by Sue Popesku

For more information www. or phone 250785-6214.

more events Visit for a full events listing and calendar of every article in this magazine and more.



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