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SPITSBERGEN WINTER 2013 01.02. –15.05.2013

WELCOME TO LONGYEARBYEN, SPITSBERGEN 78°North LONGYEARBYEN: Longyearbyen is the Norwegian administrative centre in Spitsbergen. This small and colourful town has transformed from being a typical mining community into a community with a varied business sector and a host of cultural, activity and service options. Longyearbyen has a young population with many children and few elderly people. The population has kindergartens, primary and lower secondary school and upper secondary school. In addition, the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) offers subjects such as Arctic biology, Arctic geology, Arctic geophysics and Arctic technology. The Norwegian authorities have determined that the economy in Spitsbergen shall be based on three main industries: mining, research and tourism. Research, international studies and tourism combine to attract people from different countries and around 40 different nationalities are represented in Longyearbyen.

TEMPERATURE: Considering the location, winters in Spitsbergen are relatively mild. March is generally the coldest month with an average temperature of minus 14 °C. POLAR NIGHT / MIDNIGHT SUN: In Longyearbyen the winter darkness stretches from October 27th to February 15th. During this period the entire sun is below the horizon 24 hours a day. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is completely dark all the time. We refer to the period of complete darkness as the Polar Night, which is defined as the sun being more than 6° below the horizon. In Longyearbyen the Polar Night lasts from November 14th through January 29th. On clear days, the darkness is often illuminated by the arrival of the Northern Lights. The Midnight Sun season runs from April 19th to August 22nd. SHOPPING: Longyearbyen has a good selection of shops selling sporting equipment, clothes, gifts, souvenirs and more. Spitsbergen is exempt from VAT so all goods are tax-free. URBAN LIFE: In Longyearbyen you will find several cafés, pubs and good restaurants. CULTURE AND EVENTS: Annual events include Polar Jazz,


CLIMATE: Given its location midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, you could be forgiven for thinking Spitsbergen is intolerably cold, but it is not. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Spitsbergen has a surprisingly mild climate with large variations between summer and winter. The winter is dark and magical, while the summer is earthen coloured and cool.


Sun Celebration (Solfest) Week, Svalbard Ski Marathon, Spitsbergen Marathon, Dark Season Blues and KunstPause Svalbard. In addition, Longyearbyen has a lively cultural scene with exhibitions, concerts and other entertainment events year-round. OTHER: Cinema, swimming pool and fitness centre. For more information, contact the reception at your accommodation or the tourist information office. TRANSPORT: FLIGHTS: BOOKING: Activities can be booked on, at the reception desk at your accommodation or directly with the activity provider a minimum of one day in advance by 10pm. •N  B! Not all activities are available for the entire period from 01.12.12 – 15.04.13, check the date of the individual activity. •D  uration of activity: The time is calculated from pick-up to drop-off back at your accommodation. • The use of thermal suit, hat/helmet, boots and gloves are included in the price of dog sledding/snowmobile trips. We recommend several layers of wool and fleece and windproof outer layer in addition to warm footwear, gloves, hat, buff and possibly also a windproof balaclava. • The provider retains the right to cancel the excursion due to weather/snow conditions. • There is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights. It is reliant on the weather conditions. Svalbard Reiseliv AS Tel. +47 79 02 55 50/ fax +47 79 02 55 51 - Opening hours (every day) March 1 – Oct. 1: 10am-5pm Oct 1. – March 1: 12 noon – 5pm

For information about other winter activities in other parts of Northern Norway, please visit:




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ICE GROTTO 01.02.12–15.05.12

We travel from up to the Longyear Glacier by tracked, all-terrain vehicle. When we reach the glacier, we descend into the ice cave. Equipped with a headlamp, we walk in along the passages formed by the melted water under the glacier. The fascinating ice and rock formations are breathtaking, but be aware you may have to crawl in places. Your safety is well taken care of and the glacier does not move. Even though we mostly explore airy passages, this trip is not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia or restricted movement. Operated by Spitsbergen Travel AS Tel. +47 79 02 61 00 – Activities may also be booked at the reception desk at our accommodation establishments.

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WILDERNESS EVENING 01.02.13-15.05.13

You don’t need to go on an expedition to feel the wilderness in your body. Camp Barentz with kennels is located 10 km from Longyearbyen. The open fire is crackling inside the warm houses and the aroma of bidos (reindeer soup) cooking on the fire spreads throughout the room. Our hosts serve hot food, coffee brewed on the fire and home-baked cake and entertain you with a lecture and photos from the Arctic. You sit comfortably in the warmth while the polar dogs howl outside. Operated by Spitsbergen Travel AS Tel. +47 79 02 61 00 – Activities may also be booked at the reception desk at our accommodation establishments.

M=Monday, Tu=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, Th=Thursday, F=Friday, Sa=Saturday, Su=Sunday





NOK 740 p.p.

9am – noon (3 hours)

We provide all necessary equipment and experienced guides. You bring an adventurous mind, outdoor clothing and solid footwear.

Children (8-13): NOK 370 p.p.

Pick up from your accommodation

The tour price includes return transport from Longyearbyen by tracked, all-terrain vehicle, helmet and headlamp. Min. group size: 2 Max. group size: 12

NOK 890 p.p.

From 19pm

The tour price includes: aperitif, two-course dinner, coffee, drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks), lecture, slide show and transport. We recommend casual clothes, woollen socks and warm footwear. NB! Min. 6 people

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), 1 Euro = NOK 8




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During our three-day Wildlife Safari, we will have enough time to get a feeling of being part of the majestic Arctic nature. We will also have good opportunities to experience the polar bear country on the east coast of Spitsbergen. Our experienced, local guides will take care of arrangements to ensure you will remember this adventure for the rest of your life. Operated by Svalbard Wildlife Expedition Tel. +47 79 02 22 22 –

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Longyearbyen offers wonderful opportunities for summit climbs. The characteristic and towering Trollsteinen (Troll Rock) rises to 850 m above sea level. We cross Lars’ Glacier on snowshoes and continue along the ridge to the summit, which offers a fantastic view. Operated by Svalbard Wildlife Expedition Tel. +47 79 02 22 22 –

M Tu x W Th F Sa Su


During the space of two long days, this trip will offer a concentrated Spitsbergen adventure. In a small group, we will experience the polar bear country on the east coast of Spitsbergen. Operated by Svalbard Wildlife Expedition Tel. +47 79 02 22 22 –

M=Monday, Tu=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, Th=Thursday, F=Friday, Sa=Saturday, Su=Sunday





NOK 13,300 p.p.

Duration three days

The tour price includes: snowmobile, clothing, guide + safety equipment, all meals and accommodation in “cabin” of basic standard.

Pick-up at accommodation at 8:30am

NB: Valid motor vehicle driver’s licence required Min 3 (may be organised with 2 people, but a surcharge of NOK 2000 p.p. applies), max. 6 people

NOK 990 p.p.

10am – 5pm

The tour price includes snowshoes, head lamp, hot lunch, hot drink, guide and safety equipment

NOK 9,500 p.p.

Duration two days

The tour price includes: snowmobile, clothing, guide + safety equipment, all meals and accommodation in “cabin” of basic standard.

Pick-up at accommodation at 8:30am

NB: Valid motor vehicle driver’s licence required Min 3 (may be organised with 2 people, but a surcharge of NOK 1500 p.p. applies), max. 6 people

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), 1 Euro = NOK 8


RADISSON BLU POLAR HOTEL SPITSBERGEN The world’s northernmost full service hotel has a relaxed atmosphere and is a natural meeting place for the town’s population. The hotel maintains a high standard and also features apartments. Our most centrally located hotel is situated in the heart of the Longyear Valley and enjoys a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain Hiorthfjellet and the Isfjord. The hotel offers good dining options and a lively pub where you can meet the locals. Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen is centrally located in Longyearbyen with all that the town has to offer right on your doorstep. Tel. +47 79 02 34 50 –

FUNKTIONÆRMESSEN RESTAURANT Funktionærmessen Restaurant at Spitsbergen Hotel looks after traditions and offers first-class French inspired cuisine in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Elegantly decorated tables and a touch of class combine to make this possibly Longyearbyen’s best restaurant. Our wine card features around 100 different wines and our cellar contains good vintages. Funktionærmessen has two great advantages: our panoramic view of Longyearbyen and our selection of champagne. We can offer one of Norway’s best selections of champagne by the glass. We also offer wine and champagne tastings in our historic chamber Nordpolet. Tel. +47 79 02 62 00 –



Tel. +47 79 02 62 00 –

SPITSBERGEN GUESTHOUSE Spitsbergen Guesthouse offers reasonably priced accommodation in the upper part of the Longyear Valley near mountains and glaciers. This is an ideal starting point for hiking, skiing or snowmobile trips, summer and winter alike. We offer single, double and triple rooms, as well as apartments. Each house contains a kitchen for self-catering, a lounge, guest laundry and shared bathroom and toilet facilities. Breakfast is served in the Stormessa, the old mess hall, which also features a TV lounge and internet access. Spitsbergen Guesthouse is our most popular place to stay – not only because it is reasonably priced, but because it is basic, sociable and charming.


Spitsbergen Hotel has an elevated location in Longyearbyen offering fantastic views of the town, Lars Glacier and Longyear Glacier. Spitsbergen Hotel was originally built as the accommodation/dining area for employees at Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani and was the company’s official representational building. Great effort has been put into preserving this unique history. The hotel has 88 rooms, all of which are of a high standard. Several rooms feature historic interiors. Hotel facilities include a library, pool table, sauna and exercise room. We highly recommend a visit to the hotel’s own French inspired Funktionærmessen Restaurant.

Tel. +47 79 02 63 00 –

Brasseri Nansen at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel is an unpretentious restaurant. We like to offer a playful selection of tempting dishes based on local Arctic ingredients with a choice of a la carte dining and our specially compiled menus. The tables are decorated in a creative manner and we offer a wide selection of beverages. Brasseri Nansen 2nd floor is our most exclusive chambre separeé. Only the chef and the maître d’ are allowed access. There is only one table here, which may be booked for groups of 4-10 people. The menu is compiled in conjunction with the guest. The chef’s aim is always to impress. Barentz Pub & Spiseri at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel is a pleasant you will make new acquaintances and enjoy an international selection of beers. This is where the locals gather at the end of the working day. Tel. +47 79 02 34 50 –




SVALBARD MUSEUM – LIFE WITH ICE AND LIGHT At Svalbard Museum you will gain an insight into the unique Arctic wilderness and into the history of Svalbard. The exhibition is a grand display of narrative joy and diversity that displays the close relationship between sea and land, nature and culture. The majestic Arctic nature, animal life and history are among the features you will remember after your visit to the museum. The museum store stocks polar literature, maps and local handicrafts. Svalbard Museum was awarded Winner of The Council of Europe Museum Prize 2008. Tel. +47 79 02 64 90 –

GALLERY SVALBARD Gallery Svalbard was established in 1995. Gallery Svalbard houses the permanent art and cultural collections Kåre Tveter collection, Svalbard collection (maps, books and payment notes) and the Recherche collection. The gallery offers arts and crafts through permanent and temporary exhibitions. The shop includes a book and gift section with various art books, general Svalbard literature and more. Refreshments in Art Café. Next door is the Longyearbyen Kunst- og håndverksenter (art and craft centre), where local artists and craftspeople display their work. Tel. +47 79 02 23 40 –

SVALBARD BOOKING Svalbard Booking has one of Svalbard’s largest tour itineraries with a host of exciting activities. We also offer our guests affordable accommodation at our two accommodation establishments, Svalbard Hotel and Svalbard Lodge. We also have considerable experience with arranging events for groups. We have a wonderful new conference section and beautiful function rooms at the historic Huset. Make use of our many offers during your stay in Svalbard. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience! Tel. +47 79 02 46 60 –


SVALBARD WILDLIFE EXPEDITION Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS was established in 2008, but can be traced back to 1992 when Svalbard Wildlife Service started tourism activities in Svalbard. In 1980, the founder of Svalbard Wildlife Service, Arne Kristoffersen, came to Longyearbyen as a miner. Since then, he has spent most of his years here and consequently knows this area better than most. After a year of preparations, Svalbard Wildlife Service was established in 1990, and Arne arranged the first tour in the summer of the same year. This was part of the delicate beginning of tourism in Svalbard. Tel. +47 79 02 22 22 –

Our spectacular product provides the framework for accessing Spitsbergen’s magnificent landscape. We offer the most unique accommodation in Spitsbergen: A trapping station with more than 90 Alaskan huskies outside, a hotel ship frozen in the ice and a hotel in trapper style in Longyearbyen. Regardless of the season, we arrange day trips, overnight trips and longer expeditions. During winter, activities involving snowshoeing, skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling provide you with an unforgettable Spitsbergen adventure. Tel. +47 79 02 46 00 –

SPITSBERGEN TRAVEL AS Spitsbergen Travel is a total supplier. We offer accommodation, adventures, hosting, food and beverages. Stay in comfort at our hotels or in more basic surroundings at our guest house. Eat well at our restaurants in the town centre and join us for some of our activities. We offer everything from simple hikes to bespoke expeditions and cruises. Welcome to Spitsbergen and adventures with Spitsbergen Travel! Tel. +47 79 02 61 00 – Activities may also be booked at the reception desk at our accommodation establishments.



Do you dream about Svalbard?

- a unique place to stay Do you dream about Svalbard? About white snow plateaus, blue glaciers, all the speed and excitement of a snow scooter ride and maybe a hair-raising encounter with a polar bear? Or maybe you would like to see the group of islands bathed in the red glow of the midnight sun during summer, experience the teeming birdlife, or enjoy an exciting boat trip to watch calving glaciers. Whatever the time of year – northern lights and dark polar nights or the midnight sun when the day never ends - you need somewhere to sleep. You need a base during your stay on the island.

Norbye & Konsepta AS

At Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg you will encounter the real Svalbard, both inside and outside of the rough wooden walls. Polarrigg is an exciting and unique place to stay, which our guests, after their first visit, return to – time and time again.

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg - Post box 17, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway Tel. +47 79 02 37 02 - -

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