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1 2 6 7 3 5 4 10 11 9 8 Are you interested in a closer look at life as a Husky? Scan the QR code or visit admissions.northeastern.edu/visit for more information about guided tours, virtual events, and other opportunities for a firsthand look at the Northeastern experience. 1 East Village Residential Hall 2 Stetson/Speare Residential Quad 3 West Village Residential Complex 4 International Village 8 Ruggles Station 9 Mass Ave. Station 10 Symphony Station 11 Northeastern Station 5 Admissions Visitor Center 6 Marino Recreation Center 7 Matthews Arena Museum of Fine Arts | 5 minutes Newbury Street Shops | 5 minutes Prudential Center | 5 minutes Boston Public Library | 10 minutes A short ride from campus Note: These times are based on average subway or bus rides from on-campus stations. Boston Common | 15 minutes Faneuil Hall | 15 minutes Charles River Esplanade | 20 minutes New England Aquarium | 20 minutes Fenway Park | 25 minutes Museum of Science | 30 minutes Institute of Contemporary Art | 35 minutes Logan International Airport | 35 minutes A CLOSER LOOK AT OUR BOSTON CAMPUS You'll be surrounded by culture, innovation, and history. Miles away from ordinary.


Arlington Burlington Charlotte Nahant Portland San Francisco Seattle Silicon Valley Toronto Vancouver

Northeastern’s global network of campuses and locations offers endless opportunities to pursue an experienced-powered education. Undergraduate students have the chance to complete their degree program in Boston, London, or Oakland, with many participating in one of our signature first-year programs across the globe. Wherever your academic journey takes you, Northeastern offers robust and seamless support at every step. addition to Boston, Oakland, and London, Northeastern has graduate campuses and locations across North America—offering opportunities to network with graduate students and alumni and the potential for further study after graduation.


Northeastern University is a top-50 national research university built on a tradition of innovation and engagement with the world. As a pioneer in experiential learning for over 100 years, our interdisciplinary approach to education integrates immersive, authentic experiences into students' academic careers, helping them explore their passions across various disciplines through co-ops, research, service, and global study.






Did You Know? In



NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY LONDON NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY OAKLAND 1 OUR STUDENTS WORK WITH LEADING COMPANIES INCLUDING: MassLibertyGoogleCoca-ColaAmazonMutualGeneralBrigham WayfairVerizonSpaceXPricewaterhouseCoopersNike HOW WE MEASURE UP 97% of 2021 graduates are working full time or enrolled in graduate school within nine months #1 in Co-ops/Internships (U.S. News & World Report, 2022) Your Gateway to a Global Community


2 Something for Everyone TRADITIONSSIGNATURE > Husky Hunt > The Beanpot Hockey Tournament > Fall Fest > Friends and Family Weekend CLUBS FOR EVERY INTEREST > Art Blanche at NEU > Engineers Without Borders > Husky Gaming > And 500+ more JOIN IN AS A FAN OR SUPERSTAR > 19 Division I sport teams > 89 club, intramural, and esports teams Visit studentlife.northeastern.edu to learn more. COMMUNITY

A Cultural Hub We promote a culture that embraces inclusion for all members of the Northeastern community—a community where diverse perspectives not only coexist but thrive, which is vital to learning. As a valued member of our community, you’ll enjoy a supportive environment where inclusion and a deep sense of belonging is the norm. We offer countless resources designed to enhance and support diversity and multiculturalism. On-Campus Cultural and Resource Centers > Asian American Center > Catholic Center > Center for Intercultural Engagement > Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service > Chabad at Northeastern > John D. O’Bryant African American Institute > Latinx Student Cultural Center > LGBTQA Resource Center > Northeastern Hillel > Office of Global Services > Social Justice Resource Center Ask a Husky Ambassador There’s a lot to experience at Northeastern. If you have questions, ask one of our Husky Ambassadors. As current volunteer student leaders, they’re ready to share their Northeastern experiences with you and answer any questions you may have from a student perspective. Email huskyambassadors@northeastern.edu to get in touch with a Husky Ambassador. A COMMUNITYVIBRANT 500+ student clubs and organizations 100+ Division I, club, and intramural sports DID KNOW?YOU Northeastern's Boston campus hosts an accredited arboretum featuring 1,471 trees. 3

4 Diversity is at the Heart of Northeastern At Northeastern University, diversity and inclusion are vital to learning and discovery, opening the door to experience a wide range of people, cultures, and different viewpoints. As a result, our dynamic and global community continues to grow. With a diverse student body and ample opportunities to get involved in our community, you're sure to find your fit here, meet new people, and make friends from around the world. FALL 2022 FIRST-YEAR CLASS 44 % StudentsWhite 18 % AmericanAsianStudents 10 % Hispanic / StudentsLatinx 5 % Black AmericanAfricanorStudents 2 % Students Whose Race/ Ethnicity is Unknown <1 % Native American or Alaska Native Students <1 % Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Students 15 % (Non-U.S.InternationalStudentsCitizens) DomesticInternational 6 % TwoIdentifyStudentsWhoasorMoreRaces 114 countries represented in the studentundergraduatepopulation 11 cultural resourceandcenters 74 languages spoken by the first-year2022class





The N.U.in Program – Global experience in the fall semester Global Scholars – First year in London or Oakland NU Immerse – Year-long English language program in Boston will have the opportunity to indicate your preference for these programs during the application process.

The Northeastern Advantage

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Students begin their first semester or first year studying within the Northeastern network before transitioning to the Northeastern University Boston community.

Students complete their entire degree program at one of Northeastern’s undergraduate campuses. University Boston Northeastern University London Northeastern University Oakland Signature First-Year Entry Programs




> Northeastern

Enrollment Programs

At Northeastern, you’ll define your future through an experience-driven, interdisciplinary education that integrates learning inside and outside the classroom. This unique approach to academics is powered by the university’s global network of world-class faculty, industry-leading employer partners, and strategically positioned campus locations. growing global network offers many exciting opportunities to become a Husky—from full enrollment at one of our undergraduate campuses to exciting first-year experiences. Regardless of how you join our community, you’ll participate in experiential learning opportunities relevant to your unique learning journey.



Africana CriminologyAsianAmericanStudiesSignLanguageEnglishInterpretingStudiesandCriminal Justice Cultural SpanishSociologyReligiousPolitics,PoliticalPhilosophyInternationalHumanHistory,HistoryEnglishEconomicsAnthropologyCulture,andLawServicesAffairsSciencePhilosophy,EconomicsStudies

Note: The information contained in this brochure is current as of its printing (August 2022). The contents are subject to change without notification if there is a change in federal and/or state regulations and/or university Northeasternpolicy.University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action/Title IX educational institution and employer. Tuition rates, all fees, rules and regulations, and courses and course content are subject to revision by the president and the Board of Trustees at any time. Please visit admissions.northeastern.edu/majors for the most current listing of majors and combined majors.


D’Amore-McKim students choose both a major and a concentration for their academic program. Majors Business InternationalAdministrationBusiness required.


College of SocialSciences and Humanities


6 MAJORSANDMAJORSCOMBINED Concentrations AccountingAccounting and Advisory Services Brand HealthcareFintechFinanceFamilyEntrepreneurialCorporateBusinessManagementAnalyticsInnovationStartupsBusinessManagement and Consulting ManagementManagement Information Systems MarketingMarketing Analytics Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Supply Chain Management Undeclared Khoury College of Computer Sciences Computer DataCybersecurityScienceScience ExploreNortheasternProgram Program for undeclared students Do you need more time to explore all of your interests? The Northeastern Explore Program could be the right fit for you. Explore provides you with specialized advising for up to two years while you delve into your passions and shape your Northeastern learning journey. Then we’ll help you transition seamlessly into any of our colleges and 280+ majors. Bouvé College ofHealth Sciences Health PharmaceuticalNursingScience Sciences SpeechPublicPharmacyHealthLanguage Pathology and BouvéAudiologyUndeclared College of Arts, Media and Design Architectural Studies Art:ArchitectureArt,Visual CAMDTheatreStudioMusicMusicMusicMediaMediaLandscapeJournalismGameGameDesignCommunicationStudiesStudiesArtandAnimationDesignArchitectureandScreenStudiesArtsIndustryTechnologyArt*Undeclared College Engineeringof COEMechanicalIndustrialEnvironmentalElectricalComputerCivilChemicalBioengineeringEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringUndeclared College of Science Applied EnvironmentalChemistryCellBiomedicalBiologyBiochemistryBehavioralPhysicsNeurosciencePhysicsandMolecularBiologyandSustainability Sciences Environmental Studies

At Northeastern, majors and combined majors are housed within our eight academic colleges and programs. Upon applying, you’ll be asked to select one, and you may add another major, a minor, or a concentration during your first year.

Combined Majors Our combined majors offer the best of all worlds. Students can explore their passions through several academic fields and collaborate with faculty and industry experts across all industries.


Political Science and Philosophy

Cybersecurity and Economics Data Science and Behavioral DataNeuroscienceScienceand Biochemistry



History and Cultural Anthropology and Economics and History and Philosophy History and Political Science History and Religious Studies Services and Communication Studies Services and Criminal Justice Services and International Affairs Services and Psychology Services and Sociology Affairs and Criminal Justice Affairs and Cultural Anthropology Affairs and Economics Affairs and History Affairs and International BusinessInternational Affairs and Religious Studies Studies and Religion and English and Interaction Design and Political Science



Sociology and Environmental Studies


7 Africana Studies and English Africana Studies and Media and Screen Studies Africana Studies and Political Science American Sign Language and Human Services American Sign Language and Linguistics American Sign Language and Psychology American Sign Language and Theatre Architectural Studies and Design Architecture and English Behavioral Neuroscience and Design Behavioral Neuroscience and Philosophy Bioengineering and Biochemistry Biology and English Biology and Mathematics Biology and Political Science Business Administration and Communication StudiesBusiness Administration and Design Business Administration and Psychology Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering  Chemical Engineering and Computer Science Chemical Engineering and Environmental EngineeringChemicalEngineering and Physics Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies Civil Engineering and Computer Science  Communication and Media Studies Communication Studies and Graphic and Information CommunicationDesignStudies and Sociology Communication Studies and Speech Language Pathology and CommunicationAudiologyStudiesand Theatre Computer Engineering and Computer Science Computer Engineering and Physics Computer Science and Behavioral NeuroscienceComputerScience and Biology Computer Science and Business AdministrationComputerScience and Cognitive Psychology Computer Science and Communication StudiesComputer Science and Criminal Justice Computer Science and Design Computer Science and Economics Computer Science and English Computer Science and Environmental and Sustainability Sciences Computer Science and Game Development Computer Science and History Computer Science and Journalism Computer Science and Linguistics Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Science and Media Arts Computer Science and Music Composition and TechnologyComputerScience and Philosophy Computer Science and Physics Computer Science and Political Science Computer Science and Sociology Computer Science and Theatre Criminal Justice and Journalism Criminal Justice and Philosophy Criminal Justice and Political Science Criminal Justice and Psychology Criminal Justice and Sociology Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies Cultural Anthropology and Theatre Cybersecurity and Business Administration

Data Science and Economics Data Science and Environmental and Sustainability Sciences


Spanish and International Affairs and Linguistics and Interaction Design Theatre and Journalism

Data Science and Biology Data Science and Business DataAdministrationScienceand Chemistry Data Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering Mechanical Engineering and Design Mechanical Engineering and History Engineering and Physics and Screen Studies and English Media and Screen Studies and History and Screen Studies and Journalism Media and Screen Studies and Media Arts and Screen Studies and Philosophy and Screen Studies and Political ScienceMediaand Screen Studies and Sociology Media and Screen Studies and Theatre Media Arts and Communication Studies






Physics and Music Physics and Philosophy

Political Science and Communication Studies

Sociology and Cultural Anthropology

Sociology and International Affairs Sociology and Philosophy



Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology

Political Science and International Affairs

Economics and Business Administration Economics and Human Services Economics and International Business Economics and Journalism Economics and Mathematics Economics and Philosophy Economics and Psychology and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering and Music and Physics and Communication Studies and Criminal Justice and Cultural and and Information and and



Sociology and Political Science

Data Science and Mathematics Science and Physics Data Science and Psychology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology








Political Science and Human Services

Anthropology English


Philosophy English


and Criminal Justice Cybersecurity


Linguistics and Speech Language Pathology and MathematicsAudiologyand Business Administration and Philosophy and Physics and Political Science Mathematics and Psychology Mathematics and Sociology

Political Science and Business Administration

Linguistics and English Linguistics and Psychology



Psychology and Music Psychology and Theatre Public Health and Journalism Religious Studies and Africana Studies


Music Industry and Communication Studies



Political Science and Economics


Linguistics and Communication Studies

Data Science and Health Science Data Science and International Affairs Data Science and Journalism Data Science and Linguistics


Sociology and Religious Studies


Political Science English and HistoryHistoryHealthHealthHealthHealthGraphicGameEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmentalTheatreandSustainabilitySciencesandChemistry andSustainabilitySciencesandEconomicsandSustainabilitySciencesandJournalismandSustainabilitySciencesandLandscapeArchitecture andSustainabilityStudiesandEconomicsEngineeringandHealthScienceEngineeringandLandscapeArchitectureStudiesandHistoryStudiesandInternationalAffairsStudiesandPhilosophyStudiesandPoliticalScienceDesignandMusicTechnologyandInformationDesignandMathematicsScienceandBusinessAdministrationScienceandCommunicationStudiesScienceandPsychologyScienceandSociologyandAsianStudiesandCriminalJustice


NUMBERS THAT SPEAK VOLUMES 51% of graduates receive a job offer from a co-op employer 100+ years of experiential learning 148 countries have hosted Northeastern learning opportunities


For more than a century, Northeastern has combined rigorous academics with immersive, authentic experiences. This experiential learning model encourages intellectual development, innovative thinking, and personal growth. Students apply what they are learning in the classroom in real-world contexts—allowing them to understand how to apply their knowledge and master their field of study. That’s the power of a Northeastern education.

The Most Powerful Learning Model







EXAMPLE OF 5-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE PATH Student graduates in May of year 5. 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 Sep – Dec SPRING Jan – Apr SUMMER I May – Jun SUMMER II Jul – Aug Chart Your Own Academic Path At Northeastern, no two student paths are the same. Our programs are specifically designed to meet your unique professional and personal goals— helping you expand your knowledge and define your journey. Support Want help exploring your options? We have several resources that can help. Each student is paired with an academic advisor who will guide you through the process. To ensure you achieve your goals, you’ll also have access to specialized advisors who are experts in co-op, study abroad, and financial aid. Visit academicsadmissions.northeastern.edu/ to learn more. of Civilizations


VacationClassGraduate StudiesStudyCo-opAbroad

9 CHART KEY Dialogue

While every student's path is unique, below are a few examples of how your journey could unfold at Northeastern. Regardless of your enrollment or entry program, Northeastern empowers you to pursue an experienced-powered education. OF 4-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE PATH Student graduates in May of year 4. 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 Sep – Dec SPRING Jan – Apr SUMMER I May – Jun SUMMER II Jul – Aug


EXAMPLE OF 4-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE PATH WITH PLUSONE MASTER'S OPTION Student completes undergraduate studies and begins graduate programs in May of year 4. 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 Sep – Dec SPRING Jan – Apr SUMMER I May – Jun SUMMER II Jul – Aug

Northeastern offers unmatched opportunities to grow as a global citizen, whether it’s through The N.U.in Program, the Global Scholars Program, a traditional study-abroad experience at an international university, a global co-op, or a faculty-led Dialogue of Civilizations excursion. Each program offers you a distinct opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures and exchange ideas with people around the world.


Powered by Experience

Northeastern prepares students to confidently step outside the comfort zone of the classroom and into the real world—ready to engage and ready to chart their path. Our unique academic model includes powerful experiences, such as: Co-op Northeastern’s signature co-op program helps you explore your career paths. Starting as early as your second year, you’ll combine classroom study with six-month periods of full-time, immersive industry experience. Northeastern has more than 2,900 employer partners worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, global nongovernmental organizations, startups, and a whole lot more. Most co-op positions are paid, and the compensation is set by the employer, which varies by industry. Please note, you only pay tuition when you are enrolled in an academic course.




Participating in community service as a student allows you to apply your knowledge from the classroom to serve the community. You can participate in programs such as NU|ACES, which allows you to build a relationship with a local community organization for a full academic year. You may also take one of our Service-Learning courses to learn how to empower communities across the globe.


As early as your first year, you can pursue intellectually exciting research—not only in a lab but also out in the real world across all industries and fields of study. You’ll have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other students, faculty, and industry experts to conduct and publish impactful research. And you’ll have access to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, which fosters a culture of research and creative endeavors.


Fall Enrollment: First Year EARLY DECISION PROGRAM For students whose unequivocal first choice is Northeastern, we recommend you consider applying Early Decision. To recognize that Early Decision students make a commitment to us, we’re making a commitment to you by offering additional benefits to those considering applying to Early Decision and those ultimately admitted through the Early Decision program. Learn more at admissions.northeastern.edu/earlydecision. Early Decision I (ED I) Application deadline: November 1 Decisions released by January 1 Early Decision II (ED II) Application deadline: January 1 Decisions released by March 1 NONBINDING ADMISSION PROGRAMS If you are admitted to one of the following programs, you have until May 1 to make your enrollment decision. Early Action (EA) Application deadline: November 1 Decisions released by February 1 Regular Decision (RD) Application deadline: January 1 Decisions released by April 1

“I was more than just an intern. I had the responsibility of someone that was on the team.”

“Within two weeks, I went from having no experience to running two experiments on my own.” ON THE MOVE

College:MichelleCollege of Arts, Media and Design Major: Communication Studies Hometown: Jupiter, Florida Co-ops: Reebok and New Balance Involvement: Northeastern University Dance Company

College:Alex College of Science Major: Cell and Molecular Biology Hometown: West Orange, New Jersey Co-ops: LogicBio Therapeutics, Inc. and Fulcrum Therapeutics Involvement: Colleges Against Cancer



Northeastern accepts the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Please visit admissions.northeastern.edu/app for more information about the application requirements.


Northeastern will remain test-optional for all students through fall 2026. Students can choose to apply with or without standardized testing. Any student who chooses to apply without test scores will not be disadvantaged in our admissions process. We recommend that students consider our middle 50% score ranges when submitting scores. We look forward to the continued flexibility and opportunity the test-optional policy will provide our applicants. STUDENT PROFILE Fall 2022 middle 50% ranges 4.2–4.6 GPA 33–35 ACT 1470–1550 SAT 91K applications for fall 2022 HOW TO APPLY

Our admissions process aims to build a diverse community of intellectually motivated and engaged students. With our full enrollment and first-year entry programs, students have various pathways to joining the Northeastern community. Students are asked to indicate their preference for these programs during the application process, which the Admissions Committee will also consider during their review.






All admitted students are considered for admission to the University Honors Program; no additional application is necessary. An honors education offers students a self-directed learning journey without boundaries. Through rigorous academic experiences, exclusive global opportunities, and Honors Living Learning Communities, students admitted to the Honors Program have access to various ways to enrich their academic experience. Visit undergraduate.northeastern.edu/honors to learn more

> Early

> Awards

for 2022–2023 > Early Action: December 1 > Regular Decision: February 15

> $450M

Northeastern believes in forging strong financial partnerships with students and their families. For students eligible for federal financial aid, Northeastern will meet their full demonstrated financial need based on information from the CSS Profile and FAFSA forms. following are priority filing dates for the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and additional financial aid forms. Decision

5 TUITION AND FEES For the academic2022–2023year: > $59,100 tuition > $18,440 room and board > $1,092 fees Visit northeastern.edu/costadmissions. to learn more. 13

I: November 15 > Early Decision II: January 15 SCHOLARSHIPS >





All students are evaluated for merit scholarships; there is no separate application process. Students interested in earning merit-based microscholarships before applying to Northeastern can learn more through RaiseMe. National Merit Finalists and National Recognition Program Scholars are eligible for a competitive merit-based award. may include federal, state, or university grants; university scholarships; federal work study; and federal student loans. investment in institutional financial aid

At Northeastern, we believe in your future. We also believe that financing your education is a partnership that continues throughout your college career, not just for your first year. Since 2015, Northeastern has met the full demonstrated financial need of eligible students. Whether it’s through a scholarship or need-based grant, we provide you with the means to control your future.


POSSIBILITIESTHEEXPLORE 360 Huntington Avenue | Boston, Massachusetts 02115 | 617.373.2200 The information contained in this brochure is current as of its printing (August 2022). The contents are subject to change without notification if there is a change in federal and/or state regulations and/or university policy. Northeastern University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action/Title IX educational institution and employer. Tuition rates, all fees, rules and regulations, and courses and course content are subject to revision by the president and the Board of Trustees at any time. UG_2022 Learn More Contact us at admissions@northeastern.edu for further questions. Connect With Us Schedule a campus tour, register for a virtual event, and discover more ways to engage with Northeastern at admissions.northeastern. Applyedu/visit Visit admissions.northeastern.edu/apply to get started. Follow Us Follow @nuadmissions on Instagram for exclusive content, student takeovers, and live Q+As. For an authentic look at our community in action, check out #LikeAHusky