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High Carbon to Low Carbon Careers The case for putting your skills to use in the wind industry Pg. 8 Plus Show-in-Print Features: • RE+ Texas Pg. 54 • NABCEP 2022 Continuing Education Conference Pg. 55 • ACP O&M and Safety Conference Pg. 77 • IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition Pg. 102 Pg. 58 Pg. 23 Positive Wind Trends Continue for 2022 Pg. 68 Making Remote-First Work Sustainable, Profitable, and Fun Pg. 104 Solar Solutions for Remote Communities Pg. 12 VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 2 2022 BUYERS GUIDE Pg. 79 ENERGY STORAGE
On our cover… Trimark designs, installs, and services utilityscale SCADA and metering systems that optimize PV plant performance and revenue. They’re a strong proponent of “greening the grid,” and support the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Trimark Associates, Inc. /// High Carbon to Low Carbon Careers The case for putting your skills to use in the wind industry Pg. 8 Plus Show-in-Print Features: RE+ Texas Pg. NABCEP 2022 Continuing Education Conference Pg. ACP O&M and Safety Conference IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition Pg. Positive Wind Trends Continue for 2022 Pg. 68 Making Remote-First Work Sustainable, Profitable, and Fun Solar Solutions for Remote Communities Pg. 12 VOLUME 16 ISSUE 2 2022 BUYERS GUIDE Pg. ENERGY STORAGE 8 High Carbon to Low Carbon Careers The case for putting your skills to use in the wind industry 10 Solar’s New Herd of Asset Managers The social, environmental, and economic benefits of solar grazing 12 Solar Solutions for Remote Communities 14 Linear vs. Circular Economy 16 How to Prepare for the Solar Boom 18 A Short Guide to Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery and Robotics 20 The Unexpected Ways Changes to the Clean Water Act Impacts Solar Projects 22 New York City’s Green Energy Future 28 Solar Spotlight: Racking & Mounting 38 Solar Product Spotlight: Wire Management 41 Solar Spotlight: Tracking Systems 44 Solar Spotlight: Structures & Carports 47 Solar Product Spotlight: Ground Screws 50 Solar Spotlight: Metal Fabrication for Solar Structures 52 Solar Product Spotlight: Pile Driving 54 Show-in-Print: RE+ Texas 55 Show-in-Print: NABCEP 2022 Continuing Education Conference 58 Adding Precision to ESG Reporting 60 Know the Warning Signs Understanding your wind turbine generator 62 How Remote Monitoring Can Increase Reliability 64 Improving the Performance and Reliability of Wind Turbines 66 Can Offshore Wind Actually Compete? 68 Positive Wind Trends Continue for 2022 73 Wind Product Spotlight: Torque Wrenches & Tensioners 75 Wind Product Spotlight: Bolts & Fasteners 77 Show-in-Print: ACP O&M and Safety Conference 79 2022 Energy Storage Buyers Guide 102 Show-in-Print: IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition 104 Making Remote-First Work Sustainable, Profitable, and Fun DEPARTMENTS 8 Top story 10 Solar energy 28 Solar spotlight: Racking & Mounting 38 Solar product spotlight: Wire Management 41 Solar spotlight: Tracking Systems 44 Solar spotlight: Solar Structures & Carports 47 Solar product spotlight: Ground Screws 50 Solar spotlight: Metal Fabrication for Solar Structures 52 Solar product spotlight: Pile Driving 54 Show-in-print: RE+ Texas 55 Show-in-print: NABCEP 2022 Continuing Education Conference 58 Wind power 73 Wind product spotlight: Torque Wrenches & Tensioners 75 Wind product spotlight: Bolts, & Fasteners 77 Show-in-print: ACP O&M and Safety Conference 79 2022 Energy Storage Buyers Guide 102 Show-in-print: IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition 104 Energy efficiency 106 Events calendar & advertisers list 40 Wind product: Brass Knuckle 38 Solar product spotlight: Wire Management The Unexpected Ways Changes to the Clean Water Act Impacts Solar Projects 20 CONTENTS 2022 Energy Storage Buyers Guide Maysteel 90 Show-in-print: IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition 102 4 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE SUBSCRIPTION Information will remain strictly confidential. FOLLOW US ON Visit our website for new subscriptions, renewals, or change of address. Pr nted on paper w h 90% ecyc ed ber P Recycled Logos_Layout 1 10/20/09 1:40 PM Page PUBLISHER Ian Stuart ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Quinn Stuart EDITORS Jill Walters Meg Lugaric ART DIRECTOR Chris Van Boeyen SALES Ian Stuart Quinn Stuart Don McIntosh Keaton Spence Ben Mitchell CIRCULATION MANAGER James Vail ACCOUNTING Alison Bell 255 NEWPORT DRIVE, SUITE 336 Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5H1 Phone: (604) 461-6223 2022 MARCH•APRIL Volume 16, Issue 2 /nacleanenergy /north-american-clean-energy North American Clean Energy (USPS 1370) is publishing bi-monthly and distributed free by Action Media Ltd. Periodicals postage paid at Henry, IL. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to North American Clean Energy at 515 University Ave. Suite 1, Henry, IL 61537. Subscription updates can be made at North American Clean Energy accepts no responsibility or liability for reported claims made by manufacturers and/or distributors of products of services; the views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of North American Clean Energy. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publishers. Editorial, Advertising, Production, and Circulation are at 255 Newport Drive, Suite 336, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5H1 (604) 461-6223. Subscriptions: $89 per year outside North America. Email:
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The great thing about having access to instant news is that you quickly learn the latest buzzwords. Wait, did I say great? What I meant to say is that I want to scream and tear out my own hair – or someone else’s – every time I hear a term being overused. Unfortunately for me, that term is “infrastructure”. My body isn’t capable of the level of eye rolling necessary for me to cope with reading or hearing it one more time. Word nerd that I am, I naturally looked up the official definition, courtesy of Merriam Webster, which describes the essential meaning of “infrastructure” thusly: the basic equipment and structures (such as roads and bridges) that are needed for a country, region, or organization to function properly. Even the Fern Hollow Bridge couldn’t take listening to Biden sell us yet another amazing and comprehensive infrastructure plan. I totally get it; I would have thrown myself over that poor bridge if it had provided more than a 3-foot drop to the ground. I’ll try not to bore you with origin stories. Instead, let’s go a few years back to 1998, when Bill Clinton debuted his $217 billion transportation infrastructure bill that helped increase the number of bike paths and provided upgrades to an interpretive music center (to help calm those of us stuck in traffic watching highway workers stroll past our line of cars?). Not even 10 years later, George W. Bush felt compelled to sign a 4-year, $286 billion transportation (ahem, “infrastructure”) bill. I bet Fern Hollow wishes it had received some of that “Bridge to Nowhere” money. After those pricey four years were up, Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring with his much-vaunted $831 billion “American Recover and Investment Act” that he signed into law in 2009. Allegedly, the nation was standing by, shovel ready, though what exactly we were we were shoveling varies depending on who you ask. Throughout Donald Trump’s turn in office, he proposed $7.5 trillion on infrastructure improvements, but he got kicked off the playground and nobody agreed to anything.

I don’t recall George Jetson having to steer around power lines, or Smokey the Bear citing decaying towers propping up poorlymaintained transformers as the cause of forest fires. I was happy to help prevent the fires, but I took his “only you” with a grain of salt; how could I convince a massive California utility to secure basic infrastructure before weighing down the grid with ambitious plans to electrify ever-growing fleets of school buses? Given his propensity to harken back to his good old days, I’m fairly certain that Joe Biden either played with or has knowledge of Lincoln Logs. Can you imagine him haphazardly throwing some pieces into the carpet and then building a fort on top? He wouldn’t get too far before it all came crashing down.

By the way, Webster’s goes into a more fleshed out definition of “infrastructure” that includes: the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity. Presumably, that encompasses things like cargo ships and dock workers. And maybe even people to unload trucks at whichever destination is fortunate enough to receive new stock. Rube Goldberg is turning in his grave watching the sputtering machine that is our current infrastructure.

On a final note, reading reports of the dozens of private jets that fly into and out of Los Angeles for that town’s latest star-studded gala already has me on edge without those individuals tweeting mid-air about how everyone has to do their part for climate change. I’ll tell you one thing, if Pete Buttigieg ever succeeds in lowering the speed limits for the rest of us, I’ll be first in line to hitch his vehicle to an anchor from one of those algae-encrusted barges waiting off San Pedro.

Stylish and sustainable shopping system

BRINGiT Bags iTKit Shopping System is derived from sustainably harvested beechwood and eucalyptus trees and is a reusable grocery bag set which includes all the bags needed for an organized and plastic-free trip to the market; 1 iTTote, 1 iTBag Shopper, 2 mesh Produce Bags, 2 large Produce Bags, and 2 small Produce Bags. Wide straps ensure a comfortable carry, and interior and exterior pockets provide organization and plenty of storage. The iTKit Shopping System is durable and can be used hundreds of times. But, when it eventually reaches the end of its life, users have comfort knowing it has replaced 3500 plastic bags over its lifetime and will never end up in a landfill or in the ocean because it’s uniquely home compostable and marine biodegradable. Every step of the lifecycle is thoughtfully considered, minimizing its environmental footprint from production to disposal.

BRINGIt Bags ///

3D-printed printed forest with eco-friendly, photovoltaic leaves

High power density solar cells eliminate device battery waste

Ambient Photonics and Universal Electronics Inc. have entered into a working relationship to reduce the economic and environmental impact of disposable batteries and improve convenience in consumer devices. Embedding Ambient’s low light energy harvesting photovoltaic (PV) technology into connected devices eliminates the replacement and labor costs required to replace batteries as well as reduces the carbon footprint of a battery-powered device by up to 90%. Ambient dye sensitized PV cells generate as much as three times more power than amorphous silicon cells, which have served as the most commonly used photovoltaic solution for indoor applications. This unique high power density under LED, fluorescent, or diffuse sunlight coupled with their industrial printing process enables made-to-order cells for high volume electronic device manufacturers.

Universal Electronics Inc. ///

Ambient Photonics ///

Ricoh USA, Inc., announced 11th grade students Charikleia Moraitaki and Maria-Eleni Batatoudi of Athens College in Psychiko, Greece, are the winners of the 16th annual Ricoh Sustainable Development Award (RSDA) presented at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF). The students have been awarded a $10,000 scholarship for their winning invention, "Solar Park with Photovoltaic 3D-printed Trees: Technology Allies with Nature." The RSDA honors students who develop innovations that strengthen environmental sustainability and support Ricoh's global commitment to pursue excellence, improve quality of life, and drive sustainability in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moraitaki and Batatoudi's innovation is a 3D-printed forest made from eco-friendly materials that is designed to tackle the global energy crisis and combat climate change by harvesting solar energy. The innovators' prototype takes the form of a tree with panels, or "leaves," made of photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy. The model tree includes three critical innovations: a gyroscopic mechanism that adjusts the leaves' position and inclination toward the sun for maximum solar absorption, an automated process to control individual tree height when model trees are arranged in a forest array to capture maximum energy, and a revolution system to prevent excess heat from reducing output efficiency. The long-term project goal, as envisioned by its creators, is to build photovoltaic parks and forests with 3D-printed trees that harvest solar energy and offer a pleasing aesthetic complementing the natural landscape. With this RSDA win, Ricoh has totaled more than $440,000 in scholarships awarded for sustainability projects at Regeneron ISEF. The RSDA has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to more than 35 students since its inception in 2005. The program underscores Ricoh's continued investment in sustainability.

Ricoh USA, Inc.


“6 A.M. and already the boy ain’t right”
– Hank Hill



As North America’s most diversified steel and steel products company, Nucor is committed to delivering quality, on-time reliability, and sustainability to the renewable energy market. Our Energy Solutions team is your partner in optimizing the design and installation of your next solar and wind projects.

Let’s work together to make your next project a success.

High Carbon to Low Carbon Careers

The case for putting

skills to use in the wind industry

Decades ago, the perception of wind technology inspired some predictable skepticism as a “novelty” form of energy. Fast-forward to 2022, and the reputation of wind turbine innovation as trailblazing and ground-breaking is not unearned. In recent years, these assets have become exponentially more efficient, productive, versatile in location, greater in scale, and greater still in blade size.

With advances like floating offshore turbines and articulated wind columns, a broader spectrum of disciplines has migrated towards the wind energy industry on the engineering, design, and construction side. And the advances don’t stop there; this steady growth has spawned a variety of sub-sectors including offshore wind support vessels, underwater cable laying, condition monitoring systems (CMS) for blade health and the digital solutions that accompany them, among many more. Just as the expansion to offshore has tapped into the maritime industry, the increasing digitalization of turbine systems and their coordination has allowed a variety of professionals with prior expertise outside of mechanical engineering (computer programmers, data scientists, and data analysts) to flourish in the industry as well.

Surprisingly, the “ultra-modern” turbine design we are familiar with today is over 30 years old, and even older in concept. Despite the progress made in the field, the mechanical reality is that wind turbines are not as complicated as people might think.

Rather than increasing the base complexity of the wind turbine concept — which is, at its core, a simple conversion of rotational force into electrical energy — developments have principally been additive and auxiliary, focusing on configurability, reliability, and streamlining an already straightforward formula.

Instead of causing a false sense of career instability, the rapid expansion of the wind industry should instead be seen as an opportunity to put specialized learning from other sectors, and particularly high-carbon careers, to use for a greener world.

As a Principal Mechanical Engineer with 13 years’ experience in the global wind industry, I’ve worked on onshore and offshore wind farms across the UK, and in Europe, North America, China, and Mongolia. I previously worked in highcarbon industries, including aerospace propulsion development for Rolls-Royce and Boeing, and chassis and powertrain development for various automotive OEMs. Surprisingly, there was no substantial upskilling necessary in his transition from aerospace to wind.

Wind technology is an amalgamation of foundational engineering disciplines; compared to aerospace, it’s much simpler. It’s just components, and mass, and forces, and torque, and power, and volts, and amps — just the same as we get in any other engineering discipline.

Due to this fundamental simplicity, I believe that now, more than ever, there’s exciting opportunity for new entrants to the wind industry, which itself will benefit from an influx of young workers whose entry is not limited by a requirement of decades of experience, and who have a freshly cultivated, fundamental grasp of engineering skills. Even so, there seems to be a reluctance to get involved with wind turbine engineering by experienced individuals in other careers, as they assume wind must be too different or complicated.

To those with experience: the work surrounding wind turbines is as broad in scope as you can imagine. Civil engineering, cable-laying,

8 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Solar arrays can also support critical habitat for endangered pollinators, a key element in our food chain.

Solar’s New Herd of Asset Managers

The social, environmental, and economic benefits of solar grazing

On a warm day in July of 2021, upon arriving for a routine operations check of a 750kW community-scale solar project in Royalton, Vermont, the asset manager was greeted by a friendly and curious herd of sheep. After thoroughly vetting the new arrival, the herd was content to get back to its work of keeping the vegetation at the site in check. This scenario is a great example of the mutually beneficial relationship between agriculture and the solar industry. Sheep are more than happy to do the work that noisy, fossil fuel-powered mowers used to do on this site, while also taking advantage of the shade under the panels for rest.

A growing partnership is developing across the solar industry, with farmers and other landowners on track to lease more than 2 million acres of land in the U.S. for community and utility scale photovoltaic solar projects by 2030. Accelerating the deployment of solar arrays - beyond the 300,000 acres of farmland currently hosting solar projects - to reach these projections presents a tremendous opportunity for farmers and local communities.

The partnership between the solar industry and the agriculture sector has led to a broader trend emerging for solar and agricultural industry that includes a critical role for livestock: agrivoltaics. Herds of sheep are now providing solar grazing services that offer a number of benefits to the solar project itself, as well as the farm and local community.

Enter the “electric” sheep

Sheep are the most common solar grazing animals. They enjoy the shade of the solar panels on hot days, napping and grazing in locations that human-operated mowers would struggle to reach. They are resourceful and discerning foragers, unlikely to chew on wires (like goats) and not large enough to damage racking (like cows). Their size also allows them to walk under the panels and in and around above ground equipment to search for vegetation that might otherwise become a shady nuisance for a solar array.

nearly 3,400 individual dairy farms as production was largely ceded away from smaller family farms into large, agri-business operations. The co-location of solar generation projects and agricultural production on Vermont’s working landscape provides an example of the numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits for farmers nationwide. In Vermont and elsewhere, where farmers have been faced with challenge after challenge, solar affords an opportunity to diversify revenues while keeping the land in active food production. Leveraging income from PV generation provides a unique opportunity to de-risk and diversify farming operations so as to maintain financial viability for farmers.

Additionally, preliminary research out of Minnesota finds that implementing managed sheep grazing at solar projects significantly increases soil carbon storage and other nutrients important for plant production. Early estimates show, and long-term study may confirm, that an acre of recovering agricultural soil installed with native plants may result in one ton of sequestered carbon per year, and that can possibly accumulate for 12 to 15 years before saturation is reached. And in a future economy where carbon sequestration will be monetized, this can result in an additional source of revenue. Utilizing sheep as a vegetation maintenance tool can reduce the overall carbon footprint of the maintenance of the solar energy project, maintain a tie to the local agricultural community, build soil health, and enhance soil carbon sequestration.

A new agrivoltaic economy

With solar grazing, the vegetation at solar sites becomes a source of nutrition and a pasture for sheep, which can in turn support a larger domestic market for sheep and lamb products in the U.S., where nearly 50 percent of the lamb consumed is imported. There is a growing interest in local food production that puts a premium on locallyproduced lamb, dairy products, and specialty wools, further underscoring the value of solar grazing with sheep.

Solar grazing keeps farmland in active food production

Solar grazing can also contribute dairy, meat, and wool to regional markets where agricultural production is in decline. For example, from 1969 to 2020, Vermont lost

Solar projects can provide additional agricultural value beyond the social, economic and environmental benefits of co-located sheep grazing; there is a growing number of agricultural activities that are well suited to pair with solar generation. These include planting pollinator-friendly ground cover for honey production, growing mushrooms and other vegetable crops, and keeping chickens and other poultry. Depending on the project location, there are many opportunities for solar and agricultural collaborations. In short, the growing agrivoltaic economy will allow a given area to harvest the value of the sun in multiple ways — as fuel for crops, pasture for sheep, and as a source of carbon free renewable energy.

Chad Farrell is CEO and Founder of Encore Renewable Energy, which offers fullservice community-scale renewable energy services.

Encore Renewable Energy ///

Farrell Sheep hard at work in Royalton, VT managing all those hard-to-reach spots under the panels Solar grazing also reduces or eliminates the need for fossil fuelpowered equipment like lawn mowers, reducing emissions and costs.
10 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///
North American Clean Energy 11

The 1P Tracker by Soltec PATENT PENDING

Linear vs. Circular Economy

Ratty clothing, empty milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles.

What truly is waste?

Whether we realize it or not, the answer to this question impacts our day-today lives and increasingly shapes our economic and environmental futures. It also has everything to do with linear vs. circular economies.

Take, make, waste—that’s the crux of a linear economy. We take resources from the earth. We make stuff, use it for a while, then throw it away. And when we replace that stuff, the take-make-waste system perpetuates. Thus, the linear economy model packs a one-two punch to American economic prosperity and environmental health.

Consider, for example, the linear life of a single-use product in a single sector: wood pallets used by the solar industry. In 2020 alone, an estimated 1,580,000 wood pallets were used to ship solar PV modules in the United States. That same year, the linear economy of wood pallets used for solar shipping resulted in 60 million pounds of wood waste in U.S. dump sites.

But that isn’t the whole picture. A lot more happens between forest and landfill.

Nearly every phase of a wood pallet’s life cycle creates waste and negatively impacts the environment. This includes the heavy machinery used in sawmilling, toxic chemicals used to treat and adhere the wood, and the many stages of transportation discharging greenhouse gasses (GHG) and other emissions.

Some of these chemicals, such as methyl bromide, are known to be toxic to humans, and believed by scientists to break down the Earth’s ozone layer.

In addition to logging, sawmilling, and manufacturing, wood pallets require transportation—lots and lots of transportation. Pallets go from forest to sawmill, sawmill to manufacturing site, manufacturing site to PV module manufacturers, PV module manufacturers to job sites, and finally on to landfills, where they will sit for 13 years until decomposed.

Take. Make. Waste.

A linear economy devalues our increasingly limited natural resources to profit off waste. In fact, the linear economy model very successfully yielded economic growth throughout the 20th century —unsurprising, perhaps, given that Americans throw away 4.5 pounds of trash per person, per day.

(In case you’re curious: at this rate, the U.S. will collectively run out of currently active landfill space in just over 60 years. Some states will actually run out in the next 5 years. )

From an environmental, not to mention quality-of-life, standpoint, it’s easy to see how this is untenable. Experts, too, are

beginning to recognize the unsustainability of a linear economy itself.

With our rapid population growth, we’re destroying the ecosystems on which businesses and society depend. While we’re at it, our throwaway culture is depleting and degrading Earth’s bank of natural resources at an accelerated rate —the same natural resources needed to sustain a linear economy.

What are we doing with all those increasingly limited, increasingly valuable resources?

We’re burying them in landfills.

By contrast, a circular economy recognizes the value in our ever-diminishing natural resources. Circular economic practices intentionally design waste out of the picture, preferring to keep these resources in use for as long as possible, optimizing value before recovering and regenerating them at the end of a useful life.

To this end, a circular economy understands that one company’s discarded material is often another company’s ideal input material. Encouraging cross-sector purchase or trade of surplus materials such as plastics, packaging, and construction materials converts “waste” into cost savings and additional income for large and small businesses alike. In these scenarios, one company’s trash truly is another’s treasure.

What’s more, the circular economy model mimics patterns found in nature, where there is no such thing as “waste.” It ensures the possibility of economic growth despite resource constraints, potentially creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and generating millions in economic value while restoring the ecosystems and natural capital on which global societies depend. It’s a clean, efficient system with real-world impacts.

In other words, a circular economy just makes sense—especially for industries built on the principles of sustainability and green living. Like the solar industry.

With its push for renewable resources and clean energy, the solar industry should be pioneering circular economic practices at every opportunity, not dumping millions of pounds of wood waste into landfills. We should be the first industry to proactively engineer waste out of our production, installation, and shipping practices. When discarded material is unavoidable, we should steward that material as a useable resource into its next life.

Because ultimately, the real difference between linear and circular economies is a question of vision and value: what truly is waste? Simply put, waste is opportunity. Waste is value. It’s a path toward positive change.

Philip Alex Schwarz is the Co-founder and CEO of PVpallet, Inc. Made from recycled HDPE, PVpallet is the solar industry's first reusable, recyclable, collapsible pallet solution specifically designed for solar modules. PVpallet's mission is intensely focused on a circular economy and aims to eliminate the massive amounts of packaging and shipping waste generated throughout the renewable power industry every year.

Philip has dedicated his career to sustainability, with over 15 years of engineering, development, consulting, and EPC experience across numerous renewable energy technologies including solar PV, battery storage, solar thermal, renewable natural gas, and ethanol. He has worked on over 7 GW of solar PV projects both domestically and globally. Philip has an MBA from Arizona State University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and is a professionally licensed engineer in the State of Arizona.


14 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// 800-308-6788 | | Made in the USA YEARS 1996 2021 US Patent #8985530, #8783628 #10944355, #10666029 and other Patents Pending. The physics of separating cables in free air creates multiple benets: • Higher cable efficiencies can harvest up to 8% more energy • No trenching substantially lowers the cost of labor and materials • NEC 310.15 code compliant cable separation requires no derating of the cables • Mounts with messenger wire or aluminum rails to any vertical pilings or poles • Solar Snake Max XLTM models manage cables from 350 Kcmil up to 1250 Kcmil CALL 800-308-6788 TO DISCUSS YOUR NEXT SOLAR PROJECT Solar Snake Max XL Max XLTM cleanenergy-mar-apr-1-4pg indd 1 cleanenergy-mar-apr-1-4pg.indd 1 2/11/2022 11:31:05 AM AM
North American Clean Energy 15
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V, to 30 A.
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How to Prepare for the Solar Boom

In 2021, solar represented 54 percent of newly-added electricity generation capacity, compared to 8 percent in 2011—a more than 600 percent increase. Federal, state, and local regulations and renewable energy goals will continue to drive growth in the solar market through the next decade. Companies in the solar market are bracing for a flood of work. Careful planning, training, and capacity building will be required to absorb that work. This article examines three considerations that will be essential to supporting the continued growth of solar generation capacity.

1. Planning and Pre-planning

Solar work presents planning challenges both in the prework and construction phases of the project. The supply chain issues triggered by COVID-19 have not spared the solar industry; this should to be considered during the prework period. With material delays throughout the country, orders need to be made early and extra capacity needs to be built into planning. For instance, utility-scale solar requires extensive use of specialized equipment like pile drivers. Purchasing additional machinery to maintain capacity is a prudent step given current conditions.

During actual construction, pre-planning of work for the next day or week is a vital practice. Solar installation is complex with many, many moving parts. Often, these parts are order-dependent, meaning if one function stops, the entire train stops, bringing the job to a halt. Therefore, making sure that detailed plans are created, adjusted, and readjusted according to changing conditions is important to keeping work on schedule.

2. Workforce

Solar projects are demanding, with high people hours and often hundreds of new hires over the course of construction. This means that safety, recruitment, and communication all require special attention.

Many utility-scale solar projects are executed in harsh, desert environments. This type of work setting requires special safety training—heat illness training is non-negotiable. Having been involved in a project where daytime temperatures regularly exceeded 120 degrees, I know firsthand how important it is to start early in the day to beat the heat, shut down early to avoid the hottest portions of the day, provide cooling stations and towels to the crew, and ensure constant monitoring and check-ins for team member safety.

The battle for talent is an issue across the construction industry, and solar installation is no exception. In fact, the nature of the work creates added difficulties for recruitment. First, there is the scale of the projects—a 3,000-acre jobsite needs a lot of people. Second, there is the mobile nature of the work; key clients are likely to have projects around the country, and capturing that work requires the development of repeatable processes to train new workers and providing incentives to retain them. Having a mobile workforce is a major differentiator and a key to success.

Finally, communication with the workforce needs to be clear and consistent, especially when it comes to pre-planning work on the construction site. These projects have many moving parts, unfolding over enormous jobsites. Without focus and dedication, communication failures can lead to issues that disrupt or delay work.

3. Technology

Effectively identifying and deploying new technologies is a crucial driver of success in large-scale solar installations. Projects have grown more extensive in the past decade, and they will likely continue to

16 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Amos is the Area Manager for Granite’s Industrial & Energy Division. In this role, she has been involved with a number of utility-scale solar installations, including the massive 640MW Athos 1 & 2 projects in Riverside County, California which will, once completed, generate enough electricity to power 179,000 homes and offset 1.7 million tons of CO2 e annually.

Granite Construction ///

grow. An average new utility-scale installation is approximately 250MW, up more than 100 percent in the past decade. Using the right technology ensures that these increasingly large projects are completed in compliance with exacting specifications.

Locational awareness is essential for everyone on the jobsite: lasers for precise line and grade work and GPS tracking for equipment. Technology also supports safety and communications needs. Using tablets to communicate daily work plans, execute quality control, and provide access to safety information is more efficient and timelier than in the past.

Lessons Learned

Solar installation is a market with exceptional potential for growth, and companies need to be strategic in how they approach these new opportunities. Another important consideration is clearly defining the type and scope of projects to pursue. Maintaining close coordination between estimating and operational teams will ensure that project pursuit is focused on work where the company has the proper knowledge, crews, and capacity. Without foresight and planning, the coming solar boom could be overwhelming. If you exercise careful consideration, however, some incredible opportunities are coming down the line.


A Short Guide to Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery and Robotics

In the United States, it is estimated that 1.1 billion solar panels will be going up in the next 8 years just for the commercial, industrial, and utility-scale segments. As solar installations grow worldwide so does the need for cleaning them. With the solar panel cleaning market continuing to expand, it’s a good time to learn about the machinery and robotics available to help you face each cleaning challenge with more success. Keep in mind, these guidelines are for the commercial, industrial, utilityscale segments only, not residential.

What is the ideal solar panel cleaning machine? That depends. The right machine is specific to the solar installations you have to clean, the resources available to clean it, and how your portfolio of cleaning jobs will be comprised. Most O&M, solar panel cleaning companies, EPC’s, etc. have a portfolio of solar installations. It is important to choose the machinery that will help you with all the installations in your portfolio. It

is also important to consider labor type (skilled vs unskilled), logistics, CAPEX, OPEX, accessibility issues, and more. What machinery allows you to clean each installation type efficiently?

Here are some important Concepts to Consider when analyzing the machinery and robotics:


As your portfolio of solar installations grows and changes over time, will the machinery allow you to clean each new installation that is added?

Accessibility / Setup -

How easy or difficult is it to access the solar panels with the machinery you have chosen? Getting setup is a significant part of the job and generally speaking, the easier you can get set up the more productive you can be.


If the aerial lift cannot reach the solar panels, can you get the job done? If so, how?

Are the gaps between arrays an issue? How can you get the machinery from one array to the next?

Ground - Mount

Is the spacing between the arrays wide enough for the machinery or cleaning team?

Is there a drive shaft that impedes your access or complicates your operation? How far is the installation from where the cleaning crew lives/works?

If you need to clean a floating installation, what machinery will allow you to do the job safely?


Logistics is part of Accessibility but it has to do more with getting the machinery to the site. Do you need a flatbed truck or can you get the machinery out to the site with a van or pickup truck and trailer? How do you unload the machinery and how many operators do you need to do this?

Worker Type

Do you need skilled workers or can unskilled workers do the job? Do you have labor shortage issues and is this going to impact your operations?

Power Source & Power Source Management

You need to power the machines and in some cases the water pumps and water treatment devices. How easy or difficult is it to keep the operation going?

Water Consumption

Solar panel cleaning should be done with treated water. How much water does your machinery use?

Productivity Levels

What does the average solar panel cleaning operation look like and what are your productivity levels? Go beyond panels per day. Understand the solar panel cleaning system and see how many operators are needed as well.

Machine Maintenance

How is the machine maintained? What are the parts that wear and tear? How much do they cost? What is the expected lifetime of the machinery? Does the local distributor have parts in stock?

Solar Installations Types - Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Solar Installations Types - Utility-Scale Simple. Solid. Sustainable. • Specified for Use With IronRidge and Other Leading Racking Systems. • First Building Code Certified Screw Foundation System in The U.S. • Year-Round Installation • No Concrete & No Excavation • Environmentally Friendly • Immediately Loadable • Cost Effective

Carbon Footprint

How are the machines powered? Are they carbon-based or clean energy?

System CapEx

Each machinery type requires a long list of complimentary items. Understand the solar panel cleaning system capital expenditure not just the cost of the machinery.

System OpEx

Each solar panel cleaning system has to be maintained. Look into these costs and frequency.

Commercial, Industrial and UtilityScale Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery

The guide below is not based on specific machines with specific brands but rather a generalized overview of each machinery type. There are significant differences between machine brands. The statements below are general guidelines.

Powered Lift and Shift Solar Panel

Cleaning Machinery

Powered Lift and Shift is a semiautomated solution that generally has the following characteristics.

Manual and Powered Water-Fed Pole

There are many manual and powered water-fed poles in the marketplace. Many residential cleaners use these tools when they win a C&I or utility-scale cleaning job due to the relatively low CAPEX.

Fixed Slider with Docking Station100% Dry cleaning

The solar-powered fixed slider with docking station is a system typically used where PV soiling rates are extremely high and the installation is very remote. Conceptually it is very different from the systems seen above because you have one robot per array that is fixed and housed in a docking station. The robot can be programmed to clean at a certain time or remotely activated.

The success of choosing the right machinery is directly correlated to your understanding of the cleaning challenges you have to face in the present and in the future. Analyze the characteristics of each of your installations and plan accordingly. Understanding the solar panel cleaning machinery options will help you make a better decision.

Cleaning Machinery

Brush & Lift / Tractor Brush is a semiautomated solution where a brush is attached to an aerial lift for rooftop installations or it is attached to a tractor or excavator for ground-mount installations.

Manual Lift and Shift

This system is powered by 1 or 2 people pushing the robot down an array. It is typically used in places where the labor rates are on the lower end.

Dry Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Robotics

Solar panel cleaning robotics is a semi-automated solution that works for C&I and utility-scale installations.

Dry cleaning only is recommended in these parts of the world. All the systems above also function as dry cleaning options. Below are listed the solar panel cleaning machinery that is only dry cleaning.

Carla Dawson is the cofounder of Relysm, a solar panel cleaning consulting company based in Spain and the USA. Relysm engineers and architects are dedicated to designing optimum solar panel cleaning systems for solar asset owners and more. Carla has a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and an MBA.

Relysm ///

Brush & Lift / Tractor Brush Solar Panel Source: Source: Source: Sunbrush USA Source: SCM Solar
North American Clean Energy 19 Renewable Energy Today Granite offers civil, structural, and mechanical construction services to utility scale solar and battery energy storage projects. Our extensive resume of self-performing work makes Granite the subcontractor of choice for renewable energy projects throughout the country. Learn more at: Solverde Solar Project, CA
Source: SCM Solar

The Unexpected Ways Changes to the Clean Water Act Impacts Solar Projects

How the CWA affects solar

The Clean Water Act (CWA) is a key piece of legislation in the United States that governs how water bodies are managed. The CWA was first passed in 1972, and has been read additional info here on the EPA’s website. While many

Early changes to the CWA

In 2020, the Trump Administration’s EPA and Army Corps of Engineers clarified which waters were protected by federal jurisdiction on the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) in the Clean Water Act (CWA) with the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR). While maintaining protections for clean water, the 2020 rule preserved state authority over waters within their state and clearly defined what waters are subject to state and local protections vs. federal oversight. Further, NWPR clarified the ephemeral streams are not under jurisdiction of CWA and eliminated the nebulous “significant nexus” test to determine classification as WOTUS.

As is common in administration changes, the rule proposed by the Trump Administration was placed under review by the new Biden administration. In August 2021, the Arizona US District Court vacated the NWPR; all reviews are done using the pre-2015 regulations. Biden’s administration has proposed new changes that redefine WOTUS again, potentially broadening the types of waters to be protected.

Latest CWA changes impacting solar

The Biden Administration’s proposed changes to the definition of “WOTUS” would include those having “significant nexus” to waters of the United States (WOTUS, thus under federal jurisdiction). The concept of “significant nexus” is a key change, and implies bodies of water that connect.

This could classify waterways on private property (that only see water because of precipitation), streams, canals, dry riverbeds, and drainage basins as federal jurisdiction. Specifically, the proposed changes will focus on restoring protection to ephemeral streams, ditches, and adjacent wetlands.

The intended effect is to prioritize clean drinking water and keep the biospheres pristine. However, changing the definition of WOTUS by including those that share a “significant nexus” creates regulatory uncertainty on not just solar projects, but also other commercial development and even private property owners.

These new rules also expose solar projects to additional federal jurisdiction and oversight, which results in cumbersome and expensive permitting.

The following are three ways a developer can mitigate wetland impacts: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid! If you cannot avoid the water features, minimization is the best practice.

Staying within the thresholds of the Nation Wide Permits (NWP) is key to utilize NWP 51 and 57. NWP 51 has been specifically issued for renewable energy projects and has a 1/10 of an acre threshold. NWP57 is the replacement NWP for the revisions to NWP-12 for

Clean Water Act is a critical piece of legislation that helps to protect our water resources. However, changes to the act recently proposed by the Biden Administration could have a significant impact on solar projects across the country. In this article, we'll
at these changes and explore how they could affect solar development. We'll
consequences of these proposed changes. It turns out that the new rules may
it more difficult for solar projects to get approved due to
for the
of solar in
SOLAR ENERGY RPM ROLLFORMED METAL PRODUCTS 877-665-7655 YOUR GO TO TEAM • Forming Steel-Stainless-Aluminum-Copper-Brass • Custom Profiles and Standard Shapes for Solar Racking • Take Advantage of the Strong US Dollar
take a closer look
also discuss some of
increased red tape and bureaucratic hassles. What does this mean
America? Let’s continue to understand these impacts.

line crossings and includes provisions for access roads. The NWPs have been reissued in 2021, so they are readily available for use by developers. The prerequisite is to file a Preconstruction Notification (PCN) with the local Corps office prior to any impacts.

3. Lastly, do not forget to consult with the local state office as well for compliance with section 401 of the CWA. State impacts are not always evaluated the same. States like New York have very stringent evaluation means and methods on what constitutes an impact.

The Clean Water Act (CWA) is a key piece of legislation in the United States that governs how water bodies are managed. It's been an important law for many years and has helped to protect our nation’s waterways from pollution, but recent changes proposed by the Biden administration will make permitting more challenging on solar projects.

Not only can these changes create regulatory uncertainty on solar projects, they also subject them to cumbersome and expensive permitting

requirements. This ambiguity adds renewable energy development uncertainty when it comes to dealing with private waters within state jurisdiction, or even just being near these types of waters at all.

In addition to thorough research and consultation with experienced hydrology experts, developers of projects over the next several years should stay abreast of challenges to the CWA as the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) agreed to take another look at the definition of WOTUS, granting Certiorari in Sackett, Michael, et ux. V. EPA, et al on January 24th

Robert Wilson, III is Development Manager at Q CELLS USA, Hanwha Solutions’ US renewable energy platform that develops, constructs, and owns photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS) throughout North America. Q CELLS USA ///

North American Clean Energy 21 E m a i l : t e c h i n f o @ k g t e c h n o l o g i e s . n e t w w w. k g t e c h n o l o g i e s . n e t

New York City’s Green Energy Future

In 2005, realizing that the climate crisis was worsening, then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone founded the C40, a global organization of mega-city mayors determined to create climate solutions of their own. In 2007, New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg hosted a summit for C40 members; ever since then, New York City has been charting its own course toward sustainability and resiliency. While it may not be the first city you think about when the topic is green energy and sustainability, New York’s city government and a growing number of its residents, businesses, and organizations are determined to see that change.

Over the last several years, NYC has consistently ranked among the top American cities for renewable energy and innovative initiatives to facilitate a greener future. Current policies are moving the metropolis toward ever more ambitious green energy goals. One key piece of recent legislation, Local Law 97 (part of the city’s Climate Mobilization Act of 2019) features a plan to reign in a major source of emissions throughout the city: buildings. Surprisingly, the energy used by buildings accounts for nearly 80 percent of citywide emissions.

The new law mandates that most buildings over 25,000 square feet will be required to meet new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission limits by 2024, with the goal of reducing building emissions 40 percent by 2030. Although hard to imagine in a city dominated by skyscrapers, green roofs are appearing in all corners of the Big Apple. These roofs support vegetation that absorbs water, provides insulation, and reduce the heat island effect, a familiar phenomenon for anyone who has spent

an August in NYC. In addition, green roofs reduce stress on city sewer and wastewater management systems.

An extraordinary example of a green roof in action is atop the iconic Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan. This state-of-the-art, seven-acre roof absorbs up to seven million gallons of storm water run-off annually, and reduces heat gain throughout the enormous complex. Combined with other sustainable features, the center’s annual energy consumption has been reduced by 26 percent. The roof also hosts a one-acre farm that yields up to 40,000 pounds of produce annually and supports a vibrant community of wildlife.

Cities like New York have no shortage of distinct groups and factions vying for attention. Yet, most of the truly effective initiatives addressing climate change are cooperative in nature. It is not uncommon to see city government, commercial enterprises, nonprofits, and community leaders working together on projects to bring renewable energy to urban communities. In fact, it is almost impossible to create measurable change without this kind of cooperation across diverse groups.

For example, the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability houses a Clean Energy Communities program. The program is run by staff from local nonprofit Solar One and works in concert with state entities like the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), local communities, and energy businesses, including solar installers and grid operators. According to Elissa Knight, Director of the Clean Energy Communities

Photo Credit: Solar One




in urban areas is difficult at best; there simply are not enough transmission lines to bring power to the city from upstate clean energy sources. But ambitious plans are moving ahead on different fronts all the time. Just last fall, then Mayor Bill DiBlasio announced plans for a $191 million investment in offshore wind turbines to help the city reach a goal of 100 percent clean electricity production by 2030, and full carbon neutrality by 2050. Of course, sustainability is not simply a matter of access to energy. New York City is comprised of five Boroughs— Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island—all of which have substantial coastlines. Manhattan is just a small island in the nexus of two major rivers, with a large natural harbor adjoining the Atlantic Ocean. Ten years after Hurricane Sandy flooded parts of all five Boroughs, the city is now beginning resiliency projects to protect the South Street Seaport and the east side of the island. Berms, seawalls, abundant vegetation, and green spaces are all part of the immense East Side Coastal Resiliency Project and the Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan.

New Yorkers increasingly understand that sustainability for the city is inextricably linked to environmental and economic justice. Dozens of organizations and activist groups are on the case, making sure that low-income communities are front and center in the city’s plans for a clean energy future. With access to a growing variety of clean and affordable energy sources, a forward thinking and diverse population, and the considerable weight of city and state government, New York City is moving quickly toward a complete transition to clean energy.

Michael Barry is the Communications Manager at Solar One, a NYC nonprofit delivering innovative education, training, and technical assistance that fosters sustainability and resiliency in diverse urban environments.

Solar One ///

Program, “The investment and innovations in programs like these reflect New York City's consistent commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change. This is a community effort that involves participation from diverse stakeholders, and I’m pleased to say that collectively, we are moving the city towards a clean energy future for all New Yorkers.”

By their very nature, community power programs require cooperation between diverse groups, and it is in no small part these community wide efforts that are leading the charge toward sustainability. Marginalized communities are widely recognized as the most adversely impacted by climate change and can benefit most from access to clean energy. A growing selection of community power options enables residents, building managers, co-ops, and entire neighborhoods to choose to install solar power on their rooftops or subscribe to community power programs that supply energy generated by renewable sources. Despite impressive efforts, the city still receives close to 85 percent of its energy from fossil fuel sources. Siting and building clean energy installations

“The investment and innovations in programs like these reflect New York City's consistent commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change. This is a
effort that
participation from diverse
and I’m pleased to say that collectively, we are moving the city towards a clean energy future for all New Yorkers.”
Photo Credit: Solar One
Solar One North American Clean Energy 23
Photo Credit:

Guidebook to boost solar energy use in communities

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the third edition of “Solar Power in Your Community,” DOE’s guidebook to help local governments unlock environmental and economic benefits of increased solar deployment in their communities. This latest edition contains nearly 40 case studies from around the country that show fieldtested approaches to reduce solar market barriers, highlights new technologies and strategies to maximize the benefits of solar, such as combining solar with energy storage to improve resilience, and emphasizes strategies for improving the equity of solar deployment at the


utility string inverters

Yaskawa Solectria Solar announced its new SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-250 lineup of grid-support utility interactive inverters that features higher power and DC oversizing ratios from 2.0 – 2.86. The flagship model, with its rating of 250kW and 600Vac 3-phase output, is joined by models with 480Vac 3-phase output, and select models with user-adjustable reactive-power overhead. Multi-inverter racks, factory assembled and tested, provide 1 to 2MW power building blocks for large projects. In addition the SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-250 inverters have undergone advanced cybersecurity analysis to ensure they are secure and reliable. The SOLECTRIA XGI 1500 inverters are made in the USA with global components at the Yaskawa America factory in Buffalo Grove, IL. XGI 1500 and XGI 1000 inverters are designed and manufactured in the USA and are Buy America Act (BAA) compliant.

Yaskawa Solectria Solar

The Animal Guard Bender by Slick Tools is a customizable tool used to bend critter guard into rigid C channels. The added structural integrity of the bent mesh facilitates the installation process, while increasing the load capacity of the mesh to withstand snow and critters. The bend angle of the mesh can be adjusted individually, ranging from 45° to 90°. The width of the bend can be set from 3.5'' to 6.5'', depending on the roof-to-array gap. The recessed critter guard creates a seamless transition between the solar panel and roof. The Bender is compatible with PVC and powder coated wire meshes and can be

Energy Engineering Experts Generation | Transmission | Distribution Schedule a consult at (512) 382-6700 5 NORTH AMERICAN LOCATIONS CUSTOM METAL ENCLOSURES FOR ENERGY STORAGE, INVERTERS, EV CHARGING AND MORE Find out more at Ready to scale your renewable energy technology? Maysteel fabricates custom metal enclosures for solar inverters, energy storage and EV charging. And, when supply chain disruptions threaten your plans, Maysteel is right where you need us with ve North American fabrication Scalable Knowledgeable Close to Home

A go-to work shoe

The new Sparta 2 is a fresh update on KEEN Utility’s core athletic work sneaker, designed for light industrial tasks, warehouse work, or any job requiring constant movement. Product highlights include a 2-layer engineered mesh upper that keeps the feet cool, KEEN.ReGEN midsole technology offering all-day cushioning and lightweight performance, and streamlined aluminum safety toes. Other safety features include an oil and slip-resistant, non-marking rubber outsole that is also EH-rated to provide underfoot protection from live electrical circuits. With an athletic-inspired silhouette, this responsive work shoe is ready to provide all-day comfort and protection. The Sparta 2 is available in several colorways for men and women.


Compact fuses offering big protection

Mersen has announced improvements to its AJT series of fuses (15-100A models), enabling an increase in AC operating voltage from 600Vac to 700Vac. This has been done primarily to better accommodate power transmission networks at 585V or 600V. The most current-limiting UL-class fuse, Mersen’s AJT series provides optimal performance and saves valuable panel space. Their time-delay characteristic allows for use in a wide range of applications. AJT fuses are available in indicating and non-indicating versions. The fuses have been UL self tested.

Mersen ///

Simple processing of cross-sections

The CRIMPFIX R VARIO, by Weidmüller, enables the simple processing of various crosssections from 0.5 – 2.5mm² (AWG 20–14). By selecting the cross-section on the display the machine automatically loads the crimp die with the according ferrule. Besides simple handling, the CRIMPFIX R VARIO is characterized by quick processing time and reliable processing of various insulation materials and crimping lengths as well as the quick change between different wire-end ferrules.


Inc. ///

North American Clean Energy 25

Powerful solar module in a small footprint

Panasonic introduced two new series of EverVolt solar modules to its portfolio of high-performing residential solar solutions, including the new 410W/400W H Series panels made with half-cut cells and heterojunction technology with gapless connections and the 370W/360W PK Black Series modules, which are Panasonic’s first panels made with PERC technology. Comprised of 66 halfcut cells, the new 410W/400W EverVolt H Series modules are now the most powerful modules in the company’s portfolio. With efficiency ratings of 22.2% and 21.6%, respectively, homeowners can enjoy maximum power production while using less roof space. Homeowners can also benefit from a temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C, which enables greater energy production throughout the day. Power output of at least 92% is guaranteed after 25 years.

Panasonic’s new 370W/360W PK Black Series modules, made with 60 half-cut cells and PERC technology, have module efficiency of 20.3% and 19.7%, respectively, and guarantee power output of at least 86% after 25 years. The sleek, all-black compact panels are made with both flexibility and aesthetics in mind and provide a greater range of solar options for eco-conscious homeowners. Both new models are covered under Panasonic’s TripleGuard and AllGuard warranties, which cover product, performance, and labor for 25 years when installed by a Panasonic Authorized, Premium, or Elite installer and registered through the Panasonic website.

Panasonic Corporation of North America /// w

Ultra-compact DC power supplies

Altech Corporation introduces the PSC Family of power supplies. Five models range from 75W to 480W of available power and have a three-year warranty. Dimensions of this ultra-compact supply family are 4.85'' (d) x 1.25'' (w) x 4.9'' (h) for the 75W supply up to 4.85'' (d) x 2.75'' (w) x 4.9'' (h) for the 480W unit. All supplies are DIN rail mountable. The PSC Family has a universal input voltage range of 85Vac to 264Vac, and output voltages of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, and 48Vdc. Key features include a built-In current sharing function, current limiting, comprehensive output protection and built-in active power factor correction, PFC, to reduce energy usage with PF >0.95dc power, and self-test LED indicators provide visual status of operation. The current sharing capability of these supplies enables users to connect them in parallel to support 1+1 to N+1 units for additional current availability or redundancy. Output protection the PSC Family provides are over voltage, overload, short circuit, and open circuit. Key PSC Family specifications include efficiency to 91%, 150% peak load capacity, and output voltage accuracy of ±1%. Operating temperature range is -13°F to 158°F (-25° C to 70°C). Safety standards met by PSC Family supplies are UL508, UL60950-1, and EN62368-1. These units are also in compliance with EMC standards EN55032 Class B, EN61000-3-2, Class A, and EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11.


An alternate to standard jumpers

Commoning possibilities with WAGO’s TOPJOB S continuous jumpers have expanded with the introduction of new 3 and 5 way continuous jumpers. As with previous jumper introductions, these variants utilize the exclusive jumper retention spring designed into TOPJOB S terminal blocks to ensure a vibration-proof connection every time. This offering provides additional options when circuit designs need to use the second row of jumper slots on TOPJOB S terminal blocks for other purposes, i.e., testing, etc. Combined with staggered jumpers, they are able to cover a wide variety of end-use commoning applications. Because of this flexibility, users now have the opportunity to continuously combine adjacent and/ or alternate jumpers for endless possibilities.

WAGO /// w

Solar solution for metal roofs

S-5!’s PVKONCEAL module skirt conceals the lower edge of the solar PV array, and when paired with the PVKIT solar solution, protects all mechanical and electrical components underneath, as well as creating an attractive, clean finished look. PVKONCEAL also helps to minimize the intrusion of small animals, debris, and unwanted objects under the solar array.

S-5! ///

Altech Corporation
26 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///
Sensors for Solar Technology
Serving North America For 20 Years Introducing IMTSOLAR.COM +1 (716) 276-8466 Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB Modbus Weather Station TM The Classic PV Reference Cell (Silicon Irradiance Sensor) Si-RS485TC-T-MB
Modbus - Analog - Irradiance Wind - Temperature - Ambient Back of Module and more... MADE IN GERMANY
American Clean Energy 27

Along with quality panels, it’s important to ensure a solid base and a supportive structure for a successful solar installation. The following highlights a variety of mounting and racking solutions that are available, along with their key features, to help solar designers and installers find the best option for their project.


Zilla Corporation

Product: Zilla Electrical Passthrough

Application: Roof-mount, side-mount

Angle: Flush mount on comp shingle roofs, metal roofs, or siding

Material: Aluminum, galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly using 3/8" hex drive socket with no shingle cutting or caulking

Certifications/Approvals: Passed 3rd party testing for roof flashings following AC 286 evaluation standards using the methodology of UL 441

Warranty: 25-year limited product warranty

Key Features:

• A versatile, low-cost way to make electrical transitions simple, clean, fast, and secure;

• Sleek, low profile patented design installs using the method of attachment first, flashing second, and an O-Ring seal third, providing three waterproof protection layers;

• Use with combiner boxes, j-boxes, conduit bodies, and other compatible transitional components;

• Available in two sizes: 3/4" O.D. and 1-1/4" O.D. with 1" I.D. NPSM adapter;

• Made in the USA.

Sinclair Designs & Engineering

Product: Sky-Rack 2.0

Application: Ground-mount

Angle: Fixed tilt or season adjustable

Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703


Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• Only 4 main components;

• Designed for rapid assembly;

• In-house engineering for fast permit approval;

• Quick deployment lead time;

• Manufactured at SDE, Albion Michigan.

Full Tilt by BCI

Product: Fixed-tilt racking system

Application: Ground-mount, utility-scale Angle: Customizable Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Some pre-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703

Warranty: Yes

EJOT Fastening Systems, L.P.

Product: EJOT Self Drilling Solar Fasteners

Application: Rack mounting for trapezoidal and corrugated metal roofs

Angle: Sloped roofs

Material: Carbon drill point with stainless steel body, BiMetal

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: 100% IBC compliant, IAPMO ER0308

Warranty: 10-year warranty

Racking & Mounting SOLAR SPOTLIGHT: RACKING & MOUNTING 28 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// THE RACK THAT’S READY WHEN MOTHER NATURE ATTACKS Call engineering for specific roof application Patent Pending by Pre-assembled components make assembly a snap! Adapts to work on a variety of roof types Free Samples and Ordering: 860-773-4150 /

KB Racking

Product: EkonoRack 2.0

Application: Flat roof

Angle: 5° to 20°

Material: 3000 Series aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL STD 2703, ULC/ORD STD C1703

Warranty: 25-year limited warranty



Application: Roof-mount

Angle: 5°, 10°, 15° south orientation, 10° e/w orientation

Material: Aluminum, stainless steel Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: Wind tunnel tested, UL 2703 certified

Warranty: 25-year product warranty

Clark Rubber & Plastic

Product: Custom plastic and rubber components

Application: Roof, ground-mount, and utilityscale

Angle: Any

Material: Rubber and plastic

Warranty: To specification

Unirac, Inc.

Product: NXT Horizon

Application: Pitched roof rail system

Angle: 9.5° to 45°

Material: Structural aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Preassembly

Warranty: 25-year warranty Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703

North American Clean Energy 29


APA Solar Racking

Product: TITAN Duo

Application: Ground-mount, commercial and utility-scale

Angle: Adjustable Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Some preassembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL Listed

Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• Dual ground screw or alternative single C pile foundation;

• Suitable for large format modules;

• Rolls with topography well;

• Designed for continuous rows with integrated wire management;

• Designed by installers, for installers.

DCE Solar

Product: Long Span Application: Ground-mount Angle: 5° to 35° tilt angle Material: Galvanized steel

Certifications/Approvals: LS UL2703 approved for grounding and bonding Warranty: 20-year warranty

Solar Stack

Product: Solar Panel Mount

Application: Roof-mount Angle: Flush mount, 5° mount Material: Aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: Miami-Dade NOA Approved, certified Solar Stack installer training is offered Warranty: 25-year warranty

AceClamp by PMC Industries, Inc.

Product: Solar Snap by AceClamp

Application: SSMR, concrete cover board, asphalt, membrane

Angle: Varies

Material: Aircraft quality aluminum, stainless steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Warranty: 20-year warranty

Key Features:

• Snap-fit provides fast and easy installation;

• Exceptionally strong racking system;

• Adjustable height and width fits multiple applications;

• Rigorous 3rd party testing ensures quality and performance.

Solar Foundations USA

Product: SFUSA Ground Mount

Application: Adaptable ground screw fixed-tilt system designed for residential and commercial-scale projects

Angle: 0° to 45°

Material: Hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless-steel mounting hardware Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-Assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703

Warranty: 25- and 40-year warranties


Product: SpeedSeal Technology

Application: Roof-mount Angle: 10° to 90°

Material: Structural aluminum, stainless steel hardware

Pre- or Post-assembly: Ships preassembled

Certifications/Approvals: Miami-Dade NOA and Passes UL 2582 Wind Driven Rain Test, ASTM E2140 Water Column Standards Warranty: 25-year manufacturer’s warranty

30 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///


Product: RexRack Mounting System

Application: Roof-mount

Angle: 20° to 60° from horizontal

Material: AISI 6063


Product: SMR Rail System

Application: Roof-mount

Angle: Flush-mount

Material: Aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL Listed

Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• High value, high performing rail system;

• Fast install and low cost;

• Lag-to-panel single tool installation;

• Single SKU, pop-on universal clamps make installation fast, reliable, and flexible for any module thickness;

• Quality roof attachments for any roof type.



Product: GLIDE Agile

Application: Utility-scale ground-mount Angle: 5° to 35°

Material: Steel, hot dip galvanized

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, Edition 1; CPP Wind Tunnel Tested

Warranty: 20-year limited warranty

Key Features:

• Less hardware for fast installation and reduced labor hours;

• Foundations for the most challenging terrain;

• Accommodates up to 36% slope tolerance;

• Designed for landscape and portrait modules with landscape allowing for bifacial module compatibility;

• Durable, tolerating up to 170mph winds and 100psf ground snow loads.

T6 anodized aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Warranty: 5-year finish warranty, 10-year parts warranty Certifications/Approvals: Structural engineering report issued by Predictive Engineering, Inc. Universal
Product: Universal Clamps Application: Roof Angle: Adjustable Material: Aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: Tested up to 3970lbf (SI135M) when properly installed. Warranty: 10-year warranty
Product: RC and RCT Mounting Clamps Application: Standing seam metal roof Material: Aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: Tested up to 2400lbs with 600lbs allowable loading when properly installed Warranty: Lifetime warranty North American Clean Energy 31 ProteaBracket™ & PVKIT™ 2.0 ProteaBracket can be used for rail mounting or “direct-attach” with S-5! PVKIT 2.0 The Right Way!™ | (888) 825-3432 | ww PVKIT™ 2.0 FEATURES & BENEFITS • Pre-assembled components save time and money • Versatile: same kit for most module thicknesses • Only one tool needed for installation • Installs with module, reducing lay out time • All non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel • Single-piece EdgeGrab installs with ease • Added slots for wire • Low hardware provides clean • Available in black by special order • 1″ gap between modules, allowing load reduction per ASCE-7 • UL 2703 Listed *visit for details on our warranties ProteaBracket™ FEATURES & BENEFITS • 34% lighter – saves on shipping • Stronger L-Foot™ • Load-tested for engineered application • Corrosion-resistant materials • Adjustable – Fits rib up to 3″ • Peel-and-Stick prevents accidental shifting during installation • Fully pre-assembled • 25-year warranty* • Now made in aluminum S-5-6/13-Solar-Text-Ad-halfpage-ad-01.indd 1 8/5/19 12:48 PM

Nucor Steel

Product: Nucor Solar Pile

Application: Ground-mount Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: ASTM steel grade and tolerances

Key Features:

• Lightweight foundation pile;

• Ease to drive;

• Decrease steel weight of entire system;

• Decrease shipping cost;

• Few processing steps.




Application: Rail-based rooftop mounting

Aluminum and coated steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, ASCE/ SEI 7-16, AC428, ANSI/AWC NDS-2018

Warranty: 25-year warranty


Product: S-5-PVKIT 2.0

Application: Roof-mount, standing seam, and exposed fasten (trapezoidal and corrugated)

Angle: Flush to roof Material: Aluminum 6061 T6

Pre- or Post-assembly: Either pre- or post-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: ANSI UL 2703 listed (module mounting), ETL UL1703 (grounding/bonding)

Warranty: 25-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturer

Key Features:

• Lowers system weight;

• Reduces logistics and shipping inconvenience;

• Quick install time and limited labor requirements.

VesprSolar, Inc.

Product: V-Clamp PV Fastener Application: Ground-mount Material: Steel with zinc coating

Pre- or Post-assembly: No pre-assembly required

Certifications/Approvals: Varies by project Warranty: UL 2703 Recognized Component; Tested to IEC 61215 for panel loading

Fabrack Solar, Inc.

Product: Racking

Application: Ground-mount Angle: Manual adjust, 30°, 45°, 60°

Material: Aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- or postassembly

Certifications/Approvals: Fully engineered Warranty: 25-year warranty


Product: SolarPod Crown Application: Roof-mount Angle: Any Material: Galvanized steel, powder coated steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 1703 and UL 2703

Warranty: 10-year warranty

DOUBLE STUD XL + ELECTRICAL PASSTHROUGH THE MOST INNOVATIVE SOLAR MOUNTING PRODUCTS EVER MADE Patented earth anchor foundation (US Patent #10,622,938 B2) saves EPCs and solar installers time and money. O SPRE Y P O WER P L A T F O R Mention OSP2022 and receive a $500 discount ordering 3+ Osprey good thru 6/30/ (877) 537-2221 | | New 100% modular design uses interchangeable and universal parts. Steel components deliver on wood pallets in box trucks (not flatbed) reducing freight cost. The new Osprey PowerJack™, a handheld install tool quickly and easily “Load Tests earth anchors in real-time soil conditions. No geotechnical report and no 3rd party inspections.

SunWize Power & Battery

Solar Mounts, LLC.

Product: Ballasted roof-mount

Application: Large commercial-scale Angle: Adjustable Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Preassembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, UL465 Compliant

Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• Pre-welded riv nut for fast installation;

• Minimal ballasted weight psf;

• 50 KSI, G90, 11 gage steel;

• Multiple block configurations for variable weight;

• Top clamps ground from panel to panel.

Landfill Solar Corp.

Product: Anar Racking and Ballast System

Application: Non-invasive ground-mount, utility-scale Angle: Supports 2.5H:1V (22°, 40%) slope Material: Aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: ASCE 7-10 Warranty: 1-year material and workmanship warranty

Roof Tech, Inc.

Product: RT-APEX

Application: Roof-mount Angle: 0° to 45°

Material: Anodized aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, TAS100, ASTM 2140 Warranty: 25-year warranty

Magerack Corporation


Large commercial and utilityscale ground-mount solar
Racking Product:
Angle: Custom tilt angles (5° to 35°, 1° increments) Material: Galvanized steel (G90 - G235) Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703 Classified Warranty: 20-year limited warranty
Product: PowerRack Application: Ground-mount Angle: 25° Material: HDPE
or Post-assembly: No assembly required
120mph wind loads
PowerField Energy
Warranty: 10-year
MageBracket F Rail-less Mounting Kit for Metal Roof
Metal roof
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Warranty: 25-year product warranty
SunWize 2-Module Self-Standing Structure
45° fixed tilt
Aluminum with stainless steel
North American Clean Energy 33
hardware Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Warranty: 1-year warranty

Metal Plus, LLC

Product: Metal Roofing Brackets & Safety Anchors

Application: Roof-mount

Angle: Adjustable

Material: Powder coated steel, anchor; aluminum extrusion with stainless steel D-ring

Pre- or Post-assembly: Some preassembly on anchor

Certifications/Approvals: Brackets; OSHA requirements with proper fall-arrest systems tie-downs and proper roof anchor, Anchor; OSHA 1910-140, ANSI/ASSE Z359.18, ISO Testing

Warranty: Up to 10-day full money back guarantee; after 10-days and up to 30-days, there is a 20% restocking fee

Key Features:

• Designed for metal roofers, solar installers, carpenters, and masons by a metal roofing contractor;

• U.S.A made;

• Engineered for easy one hand installation and removal while the contractor is working on the roof;

• Installs from 1" up 2" Snap-Locke (w/o nailing fin) or Mechanical Standing Seam Metal Roofs;

• No need for a rail system with these brackets.



Product: Stone Coated Steel Roof Mounts

Application: Roof-mount

Material: Stainless Steel Angle: 90° or 180°

Pre- or Post-assembly: No assembly required

Certifications/Approvals: UL Certified Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• Easy, straightforward installation, allowing for more installations on stone coated steel roofs;

• QuickBOLT’s Stone Coated Steel roof hooks maintain the integrity of the roof as they are installed underneath the steel roof panels;

• Install with ease and confidence knowing the roof is protected against the harsh elements these hooks are designed for;

• Designed in partnership with metal roof manufacturers like Decra, Boral, and Isaiah roofing.

Schletter NA, Inc.

Product: FixRL

Application: Roof, rail-less

Angle: Adjustable Material: Aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: 100% preassembled

Certifications/Approvals: UL Listed Warranty: 25-year warranty

Clearline Technologies

Product: C-Port Rooftop Pipe Supports

Application: Roof supports for solar racking and conduit

Angle: Full range

Material: Recycled rubber, galvanized strut Warranty: 10-year warranty

K2 Systems

Product: Splice Foot X and XL

Application: Roof-mount

Angle: Compatible with low slope and pitched roofs

Material: Aluminum with stainless steel hardware and K2 EverSeal preassembled on base

Pre- or Post-assembly: Preassembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, TAS 100(A) wind driven rain tested and approved, Warranty: 25-year warranty

34 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///


OMG Solar

Product: OMG PowerGrip Universal 7 Roof Anchor

Application: Roof-mount

Material: Heavy duty cast aluminum, with additional materials for water-blocking Warranty: Through OMG, Inc.

Key Features:

• No welding of thermoplastic membrane for a water barrier;

• A strong, universal roof mount;

• Compatible with all commercial roofing systems;

• No cutting open the roof;

• Typically secured with common roofing screws to the roof deck, not the structural members.

Kinetic Solar

Product: Kinetic Solar Fixed Angle Ground Mount

Application: Ground-mount Angle: 45°

Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Some preassembly required

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, LTRAE-001-2012 (Bonding)

Warranty: 20-year warranty

Key Features:

• Modular components;

• No on-site cutting or drilling required to assemble the structure;

• Available in high wind configurations;

• Compatible with screw piles, ground screws, ballast blocks, and concrete piles.

GripRac, Inc.

Product: Grip Belt

Application: Flat roofs

Angle: 0° to 15°

Material: Aluminum 5052, with 304 stainless steel hardware

Pre- or Post-assembly: Preassembled

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, UL 1703

Warranty: 25-year warranty

American Made Fabricators, Inc.

Product: Solar Racking

Application: Ballasted roof and ground-mounting Angle: Adjustable Material: Galvanized, aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: Yes Warranty: Yes

Atlantic Clean Energy Supply (ACES)

Product: Solar Racking Systema Application: Roof-mount, ground-mount, tracking system Angle: All angles covered Material: Galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly, post-assembly
Certifications/Approvals: ETL approved, structural engineer approved Warranty: Lifetime warranty
North American Clean Energy 35 Come see us at Intersolar North America Booth #2124 Patent Protected: Special thanks to our friends and customers in the solar industry! Your purchases help provide employment and services for persons with disabilities. We are very grateful! Call: 814.472.5077 Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped Cable Management with Integrated Grounding ü Simplifies Design, Lowers Costs ü Can Provide EGC and GEC ü Quick and Easy Installation ü Wide Range of Styles and Sizes CAB-Solar-IntegratedGroundingAdJan-Feb2022.indd 1 12/9/2021 9:46:29 PM

Nuance Energy Group, Inc.

Product: Osprey PowerPlatform Application: Ground-mount

Angle: 10° to 45°

Material: G90 - G235 galvanized finish

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-engineered turnkey system

Certifications/Approvals: UL Approved Intertek US and CA

Warranty: 25-year warranty

Key Features:

• USPTO Patent (#10,622,938);

• 100% modular design with universal parts;

• No geotechnical report;

• No concrete or heavy equipment needed;

• Installs in 45 to 60 minutes.


Sollega, Inc.

Product: Ballasted Ground Mount FR510 Racking

Application: Roof-mount, ground-mount

Material: UV rated Nylon 6 Polymer

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703 Class "A" Type 1, 2, 3 modules, UL3741 PV Hazard Control Array

Warranty: 25-year limited warranty

Key Features:

• Simple, modular one piece design;

• Fully ballasted/hybrid options;

• Pre-assembly for fast installation;

• Injection molded in the U.S.A;

• Meets rapid shutdown without need of MLPE's when installed with SMA Core 1 inverter.


Product: Solar Racking Application: Ballasted roof-mount, post-driven ground-mount Angle: 5°, 10° roof-mount; 10°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35° ground-mount Material: 5052-H32 Aluminum, galvanized steel Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, 1st Ed. Jan. 28, 2015

Warranty: 10-year warranty

Pegasus Solar

Product: Pegasus Rail System

Application: Residential sloped roof

Angle: Flush-mount on sloped roof Material: Aluminum and steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, PE certified to ASCE 7-16, LTR-AE-001-2012

Warranty: 25-year warranty


Product: Non-penetrating non-ballasted racking Application: Flat roof Angle: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°

Material: Marine grade aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- or post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: ICC ESR, UL, LA RR, RWDI

Warranty: 25-year warranty


Product: Racking Systems and OEM Structural Materials

Application: Ground-mount, shade structure, commercial- and utility-scale Angle: All angles Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post-assembly Certifications/Approvals: Listed to UL 2703 Warranty: 5 to 20-year warranty

36 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Solar Connections International

Product: PowerMount Adjust

Application: Roof-mount Material: Aluminum

Certifications/Approvals: 3rd Party Uplift/Shear Reports

Warranty: 25-year limited warranty

Key Features:

• Features the aptitude to adapt to ribbed panels that range in widths from 0.75" to 3.00";

• Eliminates the need for multiple SKUs, simplifying order placement and installation experience;

• Features pre-applied EPDM on the PowerWings to provide a watertight seal with four points of attachment;

• This system includes the PowerMount Adjust Bracket, (2) PowerWings, four stainless steel fasteners with EPDM washers, and an M8 serrated flange bolt.

TerraGen Solar

Product: TGR - High Tilt

Application: Roof-mount Angle: 15°+

Material: Aluminum, galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Warranty: 10-year warranty standard with extended options available

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703 grounding and bonding, fire rating

Opsun Systems, Inc.

Product: SunRail Bifacial Application: Flat roof bifacial Angle: 10° to 30 °

Material: Aluminum rails, stainless steel bolts Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly in option

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703, ASCE-716, peer-reviewed Wind Tunnels for tall buildings Warranty: 20-year warranty

Tamarack Solar Products

Product: Tamarack Solar FM Racking System

Application: Roof-mount, ground-mount

Angle: Flush

Material: 6005-T5 aluminum, stainless steel, plastic Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post-assembly

Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703 listed, Class A Fire Rating for Type 1 & 2 modules, PE Certified in 42 states, patented 50-50 Clamp

Warranty: 25-year warranty

AIMS Power

Product: Universal Ground and Pole Solar Mounts and Brackets

Application: Ground-mount, pole-mount, and carports

Angle: 20° to 45°

Material: Steel, aluminum Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post-assembly available

Certifications/Approvals: Wind, snow, structural

Warranty: 10-year warranty

North American Clean Energy 37 233A South Street | Hopkinton, MA 01748 | 800.539.3939 NFI-Hanger For FREE product samples, please reach out to Vin Marino or 800.539.3939 GROUND MOUNT WIRE MANAGEMENT • Most cost-effective ground mount wire management option on the market • Holds 25+ PV wires in a single Hanger (tested using #8 PV wire, 7.95mm dia.) • Opening/Closing function means NO NEED TO EVER REPLACE • Round material = no sharp edges ever coming in contact with cables NEW

Wire Management

PV systems are installed in a variety of environments that create challenges for installers, especially when it comes to wire management. When installers take wire management seriously, they can create long lasting systems that require less maintenance over time. Proper organization, support, routing, and protection of the wiring is essential for a successful PV system. The following are some solutions that can make your wiring job much easier...



Product: S-5! Conduit Clamp

Application: Electrical conduit securement clamp

Material: Galvanized steel, EPDM

Wire diameter range: 1/2" to 4" (13mm to 200mm)

Maximum load weight: Dependent on roof design point load

Warranty: Lifetime product warranty

Key Features:

• Ranges in size from 1/2" to 4" to cover most conduit clamping needs;

• Adjustability within each clamp which increases with clamp size;

• EPDM isolator prevents abrasion while giving a tight hold;

• M8 threaded shaft mounts directly to any S-5! Clamp, Bracket, or the S-5! GripperFix utility mounting system.


Nine Fasteners, Inc.

Product: NFI-Hanger (large and small)

Application: Hanger

Material: HD galvanized steel

Wire diameter range: 2" (50mm) large, 1.3" (33mm) small

Maximum load weight: Rated to 50lbs (23kgs)

Certifications: UL Listed (1565)

Key Features:

• Open/closing feature allows NFIHanger to be removed and reinstalled without replacement;

• UL Listed with 50lb load rating;

• Manufactured in the USA;

• No sharp edges for supreme wire safety.

CAB Solar

Product: Solar cable management with integrated grounding

Application: Above-ground cable management system for tracker, ballasted, or fixed-tilt projects

Material: High tensile strength, class 3 galvanized steel wire, coated with flame retardant, corrosion resistant, high dielectric grade, UV stabilized Plastisol

Maximum load weight: 100lbs (45.36kgs) / hanger

Key Features:

• Safely supports and separates all types of cabling, reduces labor time, makes troubleshooting easy;

• Can provide both EGC and GEC, simplifies design, saves on engineering cost.

Heyco Products Corp.

Product: Heyco Heavy Duty Lockit P Clamps

Application: Clamp

Material: Nylon 6/6 with zinc plated steel insert or 304 stainless steel insert

Wire diameter range: 1.5" to 3" (38mm to 76mm)

Maximum load weight: 200lbs (91kgs)

Key Features:

• Available in three different sizes to accommodate cables ranging from 1.5" to 3" in diameter;

• Unique design allows for installation of Heavy Duty Lockit P Clamps to be independent of cable installation;

• Release feature allows for serviceability or field maintenance;

• Steel mounting tab provides reliable, long-lasting hold in harsh environments;

• Extra mounting hole inside of clamp provides anti-rotational benefit.

Certifications: ETL Safety Listed by Intertek to UL 2703, UL 2239, UL 1565
Quick and easy to install, helps lower project cost;
38 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Leco Solar


Application: Cable tie

Material: UV stabilized nylon 6/6

Wire diameter range: 1.25" to 4" (31.75mm to 101.6mm)

Maximum load weight: 40lbs (18kgs)

Certifications: UL94-2 Rated, UV resistant


Product: ACC-FPV180

Application: 180° module cable clip

Material: 304 stainless steel

Wire diameter range: 0.20" to 0.31" (5mm to 8mm) per each cable

Certifications: UL 1565


Product: First Solar Series 6 Ratchet P-Clamp Hanger Application: Hanger

Material: PA66HIRHSUV

Wire diameter range: 0.5" to 2" (12.7mm to 51mm)

Maximum load weight: 100lbs (45.4kgs)

Certifications: RoHS

Wire diameter range: 0.25" AWG (6.35mm)

Certifications: UL Listed E472380, NEMA VE1

Warranty: 10-year warranty against material defects

Leeco UV Resistant Solar Cable Ties
Solar Raceway
Wire Management System
Application: Cable tray
Material: 100% aluminum, silver anodized finish, or custom color
North American Clean Energy 39 ... and no membrane to weld! OMG offers a full line of PowerGrip Solar Mounts for securing solar arrays on commercial roofs. PowerGrip Universal 7 is one of the strongest mounts available in the industry, can be used on any commercial roof, and does not require membrane welding for a secure, watertight, installation! Please visit our
to see the latest innovations in solar mounts, as well as our line of conduit supports for commercial and residential roofs! SOL A R ROO F M O U NT S 800 633 3800 -


Stäubli Electrical Connectors

Product: Stäubli 1000V and 1500V In-line-Fuse PV-K/ILF

Application: Load-breaking device for applications up to 30A

Material: Insulation materials are PC and PA

Certifications: UL4248 (models PV-K/1500ILF25/6N0055UL and PV-K/1500ILF30/6N0055UL), UL9703 (all other models)

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Key Features:

• MC4 connectors come standard with the in-line-fuse PV-K/ILF;

• Installers can readily find matching MC4 connectors to avoid mating connectors from different brands together;

• O&M teams can have a handful of Staubli’s in-line fuses on-site for quick and easy replacement;

• The cable cross section is 10 AWG/6 mm² and is cTÜVus certified;

• Installation is quick and easy.

Toro Design and Manufacturing

Product: VelociWrapper

Application: Tripling for buried MV cables

Material: Polypropylene twine

Wire diameter range: 1" to 3" (25mm to 76mm)

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects

Key Features:

• Over 90% savings on cable triplexing and installation;

• Eliminates zip ties and manual labor in MV cable triplexing;

• Wraps up to 4mph while significantly increasing safety;

• When paired with the VelociWrapper Fairlead, no manual handling of cable between reels and trench;

• Spiral wrapping is more consistent and material is less expensive than using zip ties.

Snake Tray

Product: 407 Series Solar Snake Tray

Application: Hand bendable cable tray for solar installations

Material: Pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel

Wire diameter range: .25" (6.35mm)

Maximum load weight: 30lbs/ft supported every 36"

Warranty: 10-year warranty

Key Features:

• A patented “lobster trap” design secures cables against adverse outdoor conditions;

• Trays connect together with a single connector in 10 seconds;

• Built-in mounting rings lower the cost of installation with less hardware and labor;

• Trays stack together for easy handling and low-cost shipping;

• Suitable for roof tops and car ports.

40 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// w w w . h e y c o . c o m “Stay Connected with Heyco” Power Components Box 517 • Toms River, NJ 08754 • P: 732-286-4336 • F: 732-244-8843 For FREE samples or product literature, call toll free 1-800-526-4182, or visit heyco com HEYCO® Wire Management Solutions for Solar Installers & Integrators... Heyco® Solar Products Warranty Visit www heyco com for information about Heyco’s 20 Year Limited Warranty on our solar products Heyco® SunBundler® Stainless Steel Wire Cable Ties Aircraft grade 302/304 stainless wire w/UV protected vinyl jacket and stainless steel crimp sleeve, 8 (203 mm) to 20 (508 mm) lengths Heyco® HEYClip™ SunRunner® Double-compression design holds from (1) 12 gauge USE-2 to (2) 8 AWG cables up to 8,3 mm OD Heyco®-Tite Cordgrips for Enphase Q Cable Heyco now offers 1/2 NPT and 3/4 NPT cordgrips compatible with the Enphase Q Cable Use the 1/2˝ NPT for just 1 Enphase Q Cable or the 3/4 NPT for 2 Enphase Q Cables PLUS a #8 solid Grounding cable
UVX Clip
Helios UVX clip installs into a 260 (6,6 mm) mounting hole and holds up to 2 cables between 230- 315˝ (5,8-8,0 mm) each
Edge Clips provide high panel retention forces while req low inser tion forces Ideal soluti for applications where holes are not available or temperatures are too extreme for adhesive solutions NEW &
Heavy Duty Lockit P Clam Available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of cables ranging from 1 5˝ to 3˝ in diameter Unique desig allows for installation of Heavy Duty Lockit P Clamps to be independent of cable installation while release feature allows for ser viceability or field mainten 3483 Heyco NA ad 3.5x10_Layout 1 8/5/21 11:32 AM Page 1
Heyco® Edge Clips Heyco

Tracking Systems


An advanced mounting system for photovoltaic panels, solar trackers maximize the sun’s energy by tracking its progress across the sky. Versatile enough to provide highly efficient solutions for both large and small projects, solar trackers can generate more electricity in the same area as their fixed-tilt counterparts. Below, we explore some of the solar tracking systems available on the market today...

PAGES 41 & 43

Sun and Steel Solar, LLC

Tracker Name: The Better Mousetrap of Trackers

Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis

Drive System: Slew drive, wire cable, 2 half pulleys leveraged 8:1

Tracker Length: 216' (66m)

Tracker Height: 6.5' (2m)

Pile Count: 10 pre row

Modules per Row: 120 large format

Module Mount: Sloped rails for +/-5° PV tilt

Slope Tolerance: Yes

Tracking Range: 60°

Standard Configuration: 4L, 2P, 3L, 2L, 1P

Preventative Maintenance Required: Minimal

Tracker Power Consumption: Decimal dust

Key Features:

• Robust, strategic simplicity throughout;

• Simple steel-on-steel bearings coupling round torque tube sections;

• Small slew drive leveraged 8:1 via robust and tolerant cable/pulley drive;

• Pre-assembled panels of 4L, 2P, 3L, 2L, or 1P;

• One PLC controller for entire field.


Tracker Name: PHLEGON SAT 3L, 1P

Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis tracker

Drive System: Linear electrical actuator

Tracker Length: 78' to 300' (24m to 120m)

Tracker Height: 3L: 10’ (3.1m); 1P: 8’5'' (2.4m)

Pile Count: 150 (3L) to 225 (1P) piles/MW

Modules per Row: 48 to 120 (2 to 4 strings)

Module Mount: Z rails with fasteners, easy access

Slope Tolerance: Up to 15° n/s

Tracking Range: 3L 90° (±45°), 1P 100° (±50°)°

Standard Configuration: 3L (400, 500 series modules), 1P (600 series modules)

Preventative Maintenance Required: Annual visual and sample torque, low count of fasteners, no lubrication

Scorpius Trackers, Pvt., Ltd.

Tracker Name: SRT-60

Type of Tracker: Horizontal

Drive System: DC electric, multi torsion lock cable drive

Tracker Length: 360' (100m)

Tracker Height: Up to 6' (1.8m), 1P

Pile Count: <300 per MWp (0.15 piles per one 540w module)

Modules per Row: Up to 93

Module Mount: Rails or clamps

Slope Tolerance: n/s 5%, e/w no limit

Tracking Range: 60°

Standard Configuration: 1P and 2P available

Preventative Maintenance Required: Not required

Tracker Power Consumption: < 0.05%

Certifications: Bankability by Black & Veatch



Tracker Name: SFOne

Type of Tracker: Dual-row single-axis tracker

Drive System: Enclosed slewing drive, dc motor

Tracker Length: Up to 246' (75m)

Tracker Height: 7'9'' (2.4m) dependent on module

Pile Count: 18 piles per 120 modules

Modules per Row: 2 rows of 60 modules

Module Mount: Omega rails with rivets, bolts, or clamps

Slope Tolerance: Configurable Tracking Range: Up to 120°

Standard Configuration: 2 rows 1x60

Preventative Maintenance Required: Visual inspection

Certifications: UL 3703, IEC 62617, EN 1090, IEC 61326-1

Key Features:

• Smart, limited shadowing with TeamTrack Algorithm;

• Cost-effective;

• No special parts or installation operations;

• Robust;

• Dy-Wind implemented.

Certifications: UL 3703, UL 2703, CSA-LTR North American Clean

How can they all have the better Single-Axis Tracker? They offer the board game “Mousetrap”. We offer a Timex watch of sophisticated simplicity. Post-seed & pre-sales with our
rd (& final?) tracker
fter 600 MW of two
Disciplined engineering with
vision to
with reliable savings of $50M/GW
previous trackers since 2004.
on your LCOE. Please contact us for stirring Round A opportunity!


Tracker Name: TerraTrak

Type of Tracker: Single-axis

Drive System: Independent row design 12Vdc motorized slew drive

Tracker Length: 132' (40m)

Tracker Height: 8' (2.5m)

Pile Count: 8 piles per 78 modules; 10 modules per pile

Modules per Row: 78

Module Mount: Rails (AKA purlins); 2 modules per purlin

Slope Tolerance: n/s 20%, e/w unlimited Tracking Range: +/- 60°

Standard Configuration: 78 module row; interior row with 7 foundations, exterior row with 9 foundations

Preventative Maintenance Required: Biannual greasing of worm gear

Tracker Power Consumption: Self powered tracker

Certifications: UL 2703/3703 Controls Tested to MIL Spec 810-G

Key Features:

• Adaptable frame can accommodate 20% n/s slopes, undulating typography, and up to 135mph wind speeds;

• Durable foundations that handle tough and frost susceptible soils;

• Proprietary PeakYield technology and controls provide real-time performance monitoring to boost visibility and maximize energy production;

• Predictive analytics and machine learning reduce downtime and maximize energy output;

• Onsite weather station, integrated weather API, and automatic stow protect assets from inclement weather.

Trina Solar

Tracker Name: Vanguard 2P

Type of Tracker: Single axis single-row tracker

Drive System: Multiple linear actuator

Tracker Length: 223' (68m)

Tracker Height: Adjustable

Pile Count: Approximately 106 piles/MW

Modules per Row: 120

Module Mount: Purlins, bolts/rivets, clips, Nclamp

Slope Tolerance: n/s 15°

Tracking Range: ±55°

Standard Configuration: 2-in-portrait, up to 4 strings per tracker (1500V string)

Preventative Maintenance Required: Low

Tracker Power Consumption: DC motor: 0.2kW

Certifications: IEC, CE, UL

Moser, LLC

Tracker Name: Konza Solar Tracker

Type of Tracker: Dual-axis

Drive System: 3 actuator, hemispherical range of motion

Tracker Height: 9' minimum pole height

Pile Count: 1 pole per tracker

Modules per Row: 12 to 16

Module Mount: Commercial railing systems

Slope Tolerance: Yes

Tracking Range: Continuous 360° horizontal (2pi Steradians)

Standard Configuration: Array to approach square configuration

Preventative Maintenance Required: Clean sensor lens, annual inspection

Tracker Power Consumption: 370 kWh/ MW-year (estimate)

Certifications: PE stamp as needed

STI Norland

Tracker Name: STI-H250

Type of Tracker: Horizontal, single-axis, dual-row

Drive System: Rotative electromechanical actuator

Tracker Length: 196'85" (60m)

Tracker Height: 4'92" (1.5m)

Pile Count: 19 piles (in 2 rows)

Modules per Row: 60 (configurable)

Module Mount: Bolt, clamp, or rivet

Slope Tolerance: n/s 15%, e/w 10%

Tracking Range: 110° (+/-55°)

Standard Configuration: 1P

Preventative Maintenance Required: Annual check

Tracker Power Consumption: Powered from the grid (< 0.035Kwh/day), self-powered option available

Certifications: IEC 62817, UL2703, UL 3703

Pursuit Solar

Tracker Name: HelioDrive Tracker

Type of Tracker: Top-of-pole, tilted, single-axis

Drive System: HelioDrive, passive, powered by the sun

Tracker Length: 21' (6.4m)

Tracker Height: 12' (3.7m)

Pile Count: 1 post for 12 modules

Module Mount: Module rails and clamps

Slope Tolerance: Unlimited Tracking Range: 120°

Standard Configuration: 6 panels wide x 2 panels tall

Preventative Maintenance Required: None

Tracker Power Consumption: None, passive tracking

Certifications: Quality and reliability test reports available

Stracker Solar

Tracker Name: Stracker S1A, S1B

Type of Tracker: Dual-axis Drive System: All-electric drive-core Tracker Length: 20' to 32' (6m to 9.8m) Tracker Height: 20' to 30' (6m to 9.1m)

Pile Count: 1 pole pier Modules per Row: 4

Module Mount: Steel rail and bolts Slope Tolerance: 45° Tracking Range: 180° to 220° azimuth

Standard Configuration: Landscape Preventative Maintenance Required: Annual lubrication

Tracker Power Consumption: 55kwh/ year

Certifications: UL 3703 Listing in progress


Tracker Name: NX Horizon

Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis, independent row Drive System: Self-powered, nonbackdriving

Tracker Height: 4'3'' to 5'10'' (1.3m to 1.8m)

Modules per Row: Up to 93 modules Module Mount: Self-grounding, electricactuated fasteners

Tracking Range: Options for +/-60° or +/-50°

Standard Configuration: 1 in portrait, 3 x 1500V per standard tracker

Tracker Power Consumption: 24V brushless DC motor

Certifications: UL 3703, UL 2703, IEC 62817, CSA

Deger Canada

Tracker Name: Deger S100-PF-DR

Type of Tracker: Single-axis, dual-axis Drive System: Maintenance free rotary drive

Tracker Length: 2 x 137'5'' (41.91m)

Tracker Height: 6'6'' (2m)

Pile Count: 9

Modules per Row: 84

Module Mount: Rails, clamps

Slope Tolerance: 10°

Tracking Range: 50°, 70°

Standard Configuration: Portrait

Preventative Maintenance Required: None

Tracker Power Consumption: 6kWh/year

Certifications: CE, UL

42 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Nevados Engineering

Tracker Name: All Terrain Tracker (ATT)

Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis Drive System: 24Vdc Slewdrive

Tracker Length: 340' (110m) +

Tracker Height: 60" (1.52m) typical Pile Count: Maximum 8 per pile Modules per Row: Up to 90

Module Mount: Self grounding and self aligning module clips

Slope Tolerance: Maximum slope change of up to 26% n/s, install slope up to 37% n/s and e/w

Tracking Range: +/-60°

Standard Configuration: 1P 6-8 modules per bay, typically 1, 2, or 3 strings per row

Preventative Maintenance Required: Minimal

Tracker Power Consumption: Selfpowered Certifications: UL 2703, UL 3703, ISO certified suppliers, bankability reports and wind tunnel studies available upon request


Tracker Name: Axone Duo

Type of Tracker: Dual-row, horizontal singleaxis

Drive System: Slew drive

Tracker Length: Up to 262' (80m)

Tracker Height: Adjustable Pile Count: 0,15 pile/module

Modules per Row: 64 per row (128 per motor)

Module Mount: Bolts and nuts, rivet or clamps for frameless modules

Slope Tolerance: n/s up to 14%, e/w up to 14%

Tracking Range: E-O: +/- 60º

Standard Configuration: 1 module in portrait

Preventative Maintenance Required: None, visual inspection only

Tracker Power Consumption: 0KWh/MWyear, self powered, non parasitic Certifications: UL3703, IEC62817

Sustainable Energy Management Systems, LLC

Tracker Name: Utilitas Trac Systems

Type of Tracker: Single axis horizontal Drive System: 240V linear actuator

Tracker Length: 568' (172m)

Tracker Height: 6' (1.82m)

Pile Count: 40 piles per 320 modules

Modules per Row: Up to 320 modules, depending on string length and site requirements

Module Mount: Dual clamp with Nord Lock wedge washers

Slope Tolerance: 10°

Tracking Range: +/-35° Standard Configuration: 2-up in portrait

Preventative Maintenance Required: No scheduled maintenance

Tracker Power Consumption: 244kWh/ Mw/year

Certifications: UL Listed motor/tracker control sub components available upon request


Tracker Name: Sunfolding T29 Single Axis Tracker

Type of Tracker: Single-axis

Drive System: Sunfolding AirDrive X

Tracker Length: Configurable; as short as 2 posts

Tracker Height: 3' 5'' (1.06m)

Pile Count: 4 posts for 28 modules typical Modules per Row: Configurable; 9 modules min or 240 max

Module Mount: Module clamps to dual purlins

Slope Tolerance: n/.s 17.5%, e/w unlimited

Tracking Range: +/-52.5

Standard Configuration: 1P

Preventative Maintenance Required: Yes, minimal

Tracker Power Consumption: 1666 Certifications: UL 3703 / UL 2703 / IEC 62817

North American Clean Energy 43 2P, or not 2P, that is the question : Weather ‘tis nobler in the wind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous tracker claims, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. Want to Ride the Solar Coaster?  Round A Tickets now on Sale! The Better Mousetrap Single-Axis Tracker for 4L , 2P, 3L & 2L “panels” pre -assembled in a comfy tent, 24/7, rain or shine, racked & delivered via Industrial PEZ Dispensers, or use our patented robust round torque tubes as trolley rails to rapidly EPC GWs of PV. Simple & Leapfrog ging via Engineered Simplicity! Round A , Round Torque Tubes, ‘round 2023! Industrial 2P PEZ Dispenser Cal Poly SLO Test Site 2018 - 2021 O&M Gaps or 100% PV




Kinetic Solar

Product: Solar Carport

Roof Inclination: 10°

Height Clearance: 7.2' Depth: 20'

Space-to-Column ratio: Single carport occupies 2 parking spots (min 8.8' parking spot width)

Configuration: 24 Panels, landscape

Options: Off-grid with battery, grid-tied with FIT (nonroo'op), and net-metering

EV Charging: Level I or II EV chargers to charge up to 2 vehicles

Panel Type: Can accommodate any panel

Power Generated: 6.85kW system size. The installation is an off-grid setup with batteries from Canadian Energy.

Key Features:

• Level III fast DC chargers with battery option can be integrated with larger carports;

• Durable, modular, easy installation;

• Engineered to withstand over 150mph winds;

• No loss of parking spots;

• Innovative foundation solution with no excavation.

Structural Solar LLC

Product: Solar Carports, canopies, pavilions, ground-mounts

Roof Inclination: 0° to 25°

Height Clearance: Unlimited Depth: Up to 60'

Space-to-Column ratio: Columns typically on 27' centers

Configuration: All types

Options: Architectural options, roofing, lighting, charging stations

EV Charging: Yes

Panel Type: All types of modules including bifacial frameless modules in water management system

Power Generated: No limit

Certifications: AISC certified fabrication and coating

Solar Mounts, LLC

Product: Galactic Series Carport System

Roof Inclination: 7° standard

Height clearance: 14'6" standard (7' to 25' available)

Depth: Covers two rows of parking, maximum vehicle clearance and maximum space coverage

Space-to-Column ratio: 3-1 typical, 6-1 max

Options: T-Frame, Y-Frame, L-Frame, Long Span

EV charging: EV charging compatible

Panel type: Any commercially available solar module

Power generated: Site specific

Certifications: UL compliant, PE structural engineers certified in all 50 states, in-house licensed contractors in all 50 states

Key Features:

• Pre-engineered structures for fast and easy delivery in 6 to 8 weeks;

• No onsite welding or additional racking required;

• Proprietary universal mounting brackets fit any commercially available solar module;

• Modular design allows for multiple configurations dependent on field layout;

• Cantilevers are available for added layout space at each end of array.

and structures
Solar power carports
take full advantage of large areas, such as parking lots, for the purpose of producing electricity while, at the same time, providing shade and a covered area for users. Gaining popularity over recent years, these solar structures are ideal for generating renewable power without sacrificing valuable real estate. The following listing offers details about some of the more popular
available on the market today.
Structures & Carports BLIKIR Carports Product: Residential Solar Carport Roof Inclination: Roof tilt angle of 5° Height clearance: 9' Depth: Up to 22' deep of coverage. Up to 6 panels in landscape orientation per column. Space between columns is 18'. Space-to-Column ratio: 4 columns for 1 to 2 cars Options: 1 or 2 car structures, variety of colors, shared columns connect multiple units, watertights surfacing using T-Gasket, solar LED safety lights, decorative mesh EV charging: Yes, designed with prefabricated holes for Enel X EV Chargers, compatible with any charger Panel type: Accepts any framed solar panel. Up to (24) 60-cell or (18) 72-cell solar panels Power Generated: 24 x 60/120 cell panels (8.6kW @ 360W) or 18 x 72/144 cell panels (8.1kW @ 450W) Certifications: ASCE/SEI 7-10, ASCE/SEI 7-16, IBC-2015,
Inovateus Solar Product: Solar Carport Roof inclination: 7° Height clearance: 14'6" Space-to-Column ratio: 18' Configuration: East/West Facing V-Shaped Options: Architectural options, roofing, lighting EV Charging: Available Panel type: Canadian Solar including bi-facial frameless Power generated: 15516 MWh/year Genmounts Product: PV Carport Canopy Roof Inclination: 7° Height clearance: Custom to project requirements Depth: 2 rows of parking space Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1, 4:1 Configuration: Y, T, L Canopy designs EV charging: Optional Panel type: Custom designed to module selection Certifications: UL 2703 Listed Solar Carports Direct Product: Steel Solar Shade Structures Height clearance: 8' to 14' Depth: 17' to 23' Space-to-Column ratio: 8' to 20' Configuration: Portrait Options: Colors, style EV charging: Possible Panel type: Any framed panel Power Generated: Per system design Certifications: Fully engineered by licensed professionals
Design/Build Solar Carports and Canopies
Inclination: 0 to 7° Options: Module installation, underside decking, top side decking, concrete bollards, paint, hot dip galvanizing, aesthetic features
charging: Optional Panel type: Any Panel type: Based on project size
General Contractor, Structural Steel Contractor, Certified Welders
M Bar C Construction Product:
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15 Total Listings

2021 Top Solar Contractor for Solar Power World: BAJA Carports

04 Enhance Listing

Mercedes-Benz of McKinney McKinney, Texas | 787 kW

Today's car dealerships are looking for ways to improve their competitiveness. The cost of power, competition from online car buying, and escalating insurance premiums due to vehicle damage and deductibles are among their biggest challenges. One Texas car dealership has discovered that carports equipped with rooftop solar power address all three of these challenges while also benefiting the environment—and providing them with predictable and stable future power costs.

The main motivation for this solar power carport installation in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, was to protect the dealership's high-end car inventory from hail. It was completed last April after three months of construction. Using a solar carport structure to protect their inventory gives car dealerships, like this one in Texas, the ammunition to potentially negotiate better rates and deductibles with their insurers.

The solar carports produce 1.089 megawatt (MW) hours of solar power annually and offsets 1213 metric tons of greenhouse gas. This is the equivalent of over 136,000 gallons of consumed gasoline or the annual power consumption of 190 homes. They are offsetting 78 percent of their power consumption with this solar installation. Their power costs are nearly eliminated, with a potential payback on the solar installation in five years or less.

In terms of curb appeal, the unique and attractive curved design of this carport, which encompasses the dealership's showroom and service building, complements their inventory and provides a shaded and comfortable environment for customers. It acts as an extension of their showroom floor where customers can walk around out of the sun and make their way into the dealership's VIP lounge. The carport is also equipped with solar-powered canopy lighting to illuminate the inventory late into the evening.

Baja Carports provided structural design, components, and installation on the project. Their team of in-house engineers to design the carport configuration. It features Baja's TS radius beam solar support system manufactured from pre-fabricated steel. The solar panels are attached directly to the structure's framing system or its rooftop decking, which was a design challenge since solar panels do not bend nor are their frames curved. According to Baja Carports, the structure's curvature made for a challenging solar panel installation.

“The current design was born out of necessity to not design too tight of a radius so that solar modules could be installed. The outcome was a slight curvature, which works for solar modules and provides a unique look,” says Baja Carport’s Director of Operations Paul Cerejo.

Baja Carports was able to deliver and install the solar carport structure using a designated staging area and installing the carport structure in three phases with eight crew members in just 28 days. There was very close coordination with dealership management and a dynamic situation where the staging area was diminishing in size on a daily basis.

“Working at a high-end dealership, which cannot shut down for installation, while keeping their facility in operating condition is always a complex task,” says Cerejo. “Coordination between our installation crew and the dealership's sales department was vital.”

Outdoor lots at car dealerships are common for storing and displaying their inventory. Therefore, there is a constant need to protect that inventory from destructive weather like hail, as well as direct sun, rain, and snow. Solar carports are a perfect solution.

North American Clean Energy 45
BAJA Carports builds a beautiful carport solution for Texas Mercedes Dealership to generate power & protect from hail in just 28 days
the rest with Solar Carports ADVERTORIAL
Dealership outshines

Baja Carports

Product: Full Cantilever T w/ bolted connections

Roof Inclination: Roof tilt angle of 5° to 15°

Height Clearance: 7' to 25' engineered clearance

Depth: Covers two rows of parking, provides maximum vehicle clearance and maximum space coverage

Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1 typical with 4:1 max

Configuration: Pre-fabricated galvanized steel with bolted connections, purlins directly attached to beams. No additional racking system required

Options: Tapered or straight beams, wide-flange (W beam) or structural steel [HSS] columns, trim fascia, and can be painted on-site. Additionally, the Full Cantilever T is compatible for accessories (installed by others), EV stations, and LED lights. Its columns can be acceptable for either wrapped columns or concrete bollards

Panel type: Neutral, can design engineered to any panel size

Power generated: Based on module vendor selection, orientation (portrait or landscape), and location. Baja can accommodate proposed PV layout specifications and improved integration

Certifications: Licensed (registered) general contractor. Licensed (registered) engineers. Baja Carports has the credentials to work in all 50 states

Key Features:

• Covers two (2) rows of parking, provides maximum vehicle clearance and maximum space coverage;

• Engineered to meet live loads up to 60psf and wind speeds to 160mph per local jurisdiction building codes;

• Maximizes solar panel production and coverage in either portrait or landscape to achieve and meet property’s project’s needs;

• All steel components are pre-fabricated for fast assembly and installation on-site;

• Custom engineering allows for compatibility with all solar panel sizes and manufacturers.


Lumos Solar

Product: SolarScapes

Roof Inclination: 7°

Height clearance: 8' or 14'


Product: Surface Lot Canopy

Roof Inclination: 5° to 10°

Height clearance: Varies per project

Depth: Varies per project

Space-to-Column ratio: Varies per project

Configuration: Any

Options: Water management (decking, gutter, downspout), painted/epoxy coated finish, facia trim, snow/ice guard, raise column

EV charging: Yes

Panel type: Compatible with all commercially available module type

Power Generated: Varies per project

Certifications: UL 2703

Key Features:

• Pre-project planning with geotechnical analysis identifies installation risks up front ensuring on budget and on time completion;

• Optimized scheduling resulting in less disruptions on site;

• Custom layouts to optimize space, enhance functionality, and reduce energy costs;

• Creative design and engineering teams create modern solutions that fit any business and budget;

• Trusted experience in manufacturing and installation results in optimized projects with short lead times and less risk.

Scarlet Solar

Product: TiltPort, solar-tracking carport

Roof inclination: from -25° to +25°

Height clearance: Up to 16'

Depth: 40' to 60' (covers 2 rows of parking, up to 10 cars)

Configuration: Prefabricated, Plug'n'Play, 35-60Kwp/unit

Options: Waterproof, bifacial, EV charging, snow optimized EV charging: Yes

Panel type: Panel agnostic

Power Generated: Up to 2400KWh/Kw

Certifications: Code compliant

Kern Solar Structures

Product: Solar CarPort

Roof Inclination: 2°, 5°, 7°

Height clearance: 10' to 15'

Depth: 20' to 40'

Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1

Configuration: Single, double, inverted cantilever

Options: Custom options available

EV charging: Compatible with any charger

Panel type: Any full frame panel with a height of 35mm to 48mm

Power Generated: Varies

Certifications: UL 2703, UL-467 bonding


Ground Screws

Ground screws are becoming the choice in foundation methods. They eliminate the need for concrete and allow foundations to be quickly set. The following highlights a variety of available options to suit different applications and soil conditions.


American Earth Anchors

Product: PE46-Hex8

Description: 46" aluminum screw anchor that can replace concrete footings. The 8" extended hex head comes with two 3/8" clear holes for direct mounting of a 2" schedule 40 pipe. The PE46-Hex8 screws in and out with an impact wrench for easy leveling, will not rust, and weighs only 12lbs.

Material: Heat treated aluminum

Thickness: 1.75" (4.45cm) shaft

Length: 54" (137cm)

Flange Size: 4" (10.16cm)

Thread Width: 3" (7.62cm)

Thread Pitch: 2.25" (5.72cm)

Threads: 17

Key Features:

• Replaces concrete footings, no digging, forms, pouring, or waiting;

• Tested for up to 14,000lbs of pull out and 9,000lbs of down pressure;

• Aircraft quality 356 alloy, heat treated cast aluminum;

• Fast installation with 1 3/4" socket and impact-easy leveling by screwing up or down;

• Made for temporary or permanent application.

WORD Rock Drills

Product: Solar Drill Attachment

Description: The Solar Drill Attachment is a rock drilling attachment designed to be used for the installation of ground screws and anchors. This machine attaches to the customers existing skid steer providing a fast, efficient, and economical solution for solar installation.

Key Features:

• A rock drill at its core, the torque capabilities of this machine is optimized for challenging soil conditions;

• Manufactured with a unique level of adaptability, this machine can be utilized in solar installations and other applications;

• Can easily be outfitted to combat refusal holes;

• Installation and drill training available for each machine.

Gripple Inc.

Product: PV Solar Anchoring Kit

Description: A specifically-engineered solution designed to create a fast, strong, and lightweight foundation for ground-mounted solar arrays that protects against wind, storms, earth movements, and temperature expansion/ contraction. Replacing concrete ballast, and installed with hand tools, the anchoring kits are suitable for all soil types as well as installations in uneven, difficult terrain and even shallow depths. Kit contains a pre-ferruled cable attached to a ground anchor, and a fastener/ tensioner to secure.

Material: Corrosion-resistant Type ZA2 Zinc Anchor, ZnAL coated cable, and ZA2 Zinc Fastener/Tensioner

Thickness: 1/8" (3.175mm), 5/32" (3.97mm), or 1/4" (6.35mm) cable diameter

Length: 10' (3m) or 16' (4.9m) cable lengths

Key Features:

• Lightweight and durable;

• Easy-to-install, ready-to-use kits;

• No heavy machinery or concrete needed;

• Anchor kits load rated up to 3860lbs;

• Time, labor, and cost saving.

Western Green

Product: Falcon 170

Description: The Osprey PowerPlatform utilizes the Falcon Anchor for its patented earth anchor foundation system saving solar installers time and money. Falcon Anchors install using handheld tools. No geotech, report, heavy machinery, driven piers, or concrete ballasts needed. Installers benefit with low labor cost and quick installation time.

Thickness: 1.57" (40mm)

Length: 6.69" (170mm)

Key Features:

• Lightweight;

• Robust 7 kip ultimate load;

• Cost-effective installation tools;

• Allows for highly mobile installation on remote and micro-grid sites;

• American Made.


APA Solar Racking

Product: APA Ground Screw

Description: APA Ground screws are a suitable foundation for challenging soils. The screws are made from one solid piece of heavy walled tubing. The tip of the ground screws are forged to a point allowing for penetration into extremely hard soils and to help pass by cobbles. The continuously welded threads provide the strength needed to bite into the soil securely holding them in place. The ground screws are finished with a robust hot dipped galvanized coating to protect them from corrosion.

Material: Hot-dipped, galvanized steel

Thickness: 0.137" to 0.157" (3.48mm to 4.0mm)

Length: 47" to 120" (119cm to 305cm)

Flange Size: Various

Thread Width: 0.375" (9.5mm)

Thread Pitch: 1.5" to 2.0" (38.1mm to 50.8mm)

Threads: 24 to 40

Key Features:

• Ground screws are suitable for rocky, hard pan, and frost susceptible soils;

• Various screws sizes available depending on the application;

• Ground screws can be used with all of APA’s racking systems;

• Available with APA A-frame foundation for single axis trackers;

• Set screw connections allow pile heights to be adjusted quickly.

Solar FlexRack

Product: Ground Screw

Description: Solar FlexRack’s Ground Screw Solution is fast and easy to install. Concrete is not required and the systematic installation process is seamless, resulting in significant project cost savings.

Material: Galvanized steel Thickness: 0.12" (3mm)

Length: Varies based on project

Flange Size: 2.99" (76mm)

Thread Pitch: 1.6" (40mm)

Thread Width: 3.8" (96mm)


Product: Ground Screws

Description: Terrasmart's ground screw has a spiral thread design that minimizes embedment depth and increases installation efficiency resulting in significant reduced costs. The patented, forged tip allows the screw to be seamlessly and accurately installed in any soil condition.

Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized

Thickness: Wall thickness 0.145" (3.7mm)

Length: 114" (2896mm)

Flange Size: 3" (76mm) diameter

Key Features:

• Patented, forged tip allows the screw to be accurately installed;

• Suitable for challenging terrain with high risk of refusal, corrosion, or frost heave;

• Can be installed in tough soil environments including bed rock, caliche, volcanic rock, and glacial till;

• Spiral thread design minimizes embedment depth, increasing installation efficiency;

• Built tough to eliminate subsurface risks and accelerate project timelines.

American Ground Screw, Inc.

Product: Ground Screws and Helical Piles

Description: American Ground Screw solutions effectively anchor solar arrays without concrete footings. Their system of ground screw foundations is adaptable to any terrain and racking system, and is compatible with all static and tracking photovoltaic systems.

Material: Q235B Steel

Thickness: 0.08" to 0.39" (2mm to 10mm)

Length: 2' to 15' (0.6m to 4.6m)

Flange Size: Various

Thread width: 0.39"(10mm) standard

Thread Pitch: 1.57" (40mm) standard

Threads: Continuous weld, varying lengths

Key Features:

• ICC Certified;

• Stock and made-to-order options;

• Immediately loadable;

• Suitable for rocky soil or bedrock;

• Corrosion resistant.


Ground Connection, LLC

Product: Foundation ground screws

Description: Customized ground screws for almost any size pole used in solar LED lighting and can be installed in minutes.

Material: ASTM A 501 galvanized steel

Thickness: Up to .39" (10mm)

Length: Up to 82.68" (2100mm)

Flange Size: Varies

Thread Pitch: Varies

Threads: Varies

Williams Form Engineering Corp.

Product: Earth Anchors

Description: Threaded steel bars and accessories for rock anchors, soil anchors, high capacity concrete anchors, micropiles, tie rods, tiebacks, strand anchors, hollow bar anchors, post tensioning systems, and concrete forming hardware systems in the construction industry Material: Grade 75, Grade 80, 150 KSI

Threaded Bar

Thickness: Varies Length: Up to 50ft

Flange Size: Varies

Thread Pitch: Varies Threads: Varies


Product: SGN pipe screw

Description: The Stopdigging SGN pipe screw is designed to hold tube within itself and is a suitable foundation for solar rack installation. The model is available in several sizes depending on requirements. Four M12 threaded fastening holes assures secure fastening and adjustability of both round and square tubes.

Material: Galvanized steel Thickness: 2" to 5" (51mm to 127mm) Length: 22" to 98" (559mm to 2489mm)

Milspec Earth Anchors

Product: Solar Helical Pier

Description: Solar pier with helical plate is a foundation alternative to cement or driven H-beam. Milspec’s solar helical pier allows for greater loads and has an extremely high pullout resistance. With a 50-year minimum lifespan, they are easily removed and can be reused.

Material: API pipe

Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized Diameter: 2 3/8" (6.03cm), 2 7/8" (7.3cm), 3 1/2" (8.89cm), or larger if needed

Thickness: .190w to .337w

Length: 5' to 10' (1.5m to 3m) as needed

Flange Size: As required

Thread Pitch: 3" (7.62cm)

Threads: 1 to 3 helices

Bracing, Anchoring & Cable Routing for Ground-Mounted Solar Arrays Experience our full range of bracing, anchoring, and cable management products engineered to improve the stability and strength of ground-mounted solar arrays. Protects them against wind, storms, earth movements, and temperature expansion/contraction.
tools, and anchoring kits replace
SCAN THE CODE TO WATCH VIDEO PV Solar Bracing Kit PV Solar Anchoring Kit Cable Routing System Gripple Inc. 1611 Emily Lane Aurora, IL 60502 USA 1 866 474 7753
to install, require

Metal Fabrication for Solar Structures

Customized shapes and formed structures designed to mount, secure, and support solar panels are a significant component to any reliable solar power project. This is where processes such as roll forming and extrusion come into play. The following highlights some of the main companies involved in metal fabrication processes for solar components and related support structures.


Process/Technology: Gatorshield is produced and coated in-line using a proprietary Flo-Coat galvanizing process. This OD/ID triple coat process provides advanced corrosion protection, strength, and a smooth bright appearance that won’t chip or flake during fabrication

Materials: Wide variety of carbon steels including low-mid carbon steel grades, structural steels, and high strength low alloy grades

Sizing: Sizes range from 0.500" to 4.00"; gauges range from 0.035" to 0.180"

Shapes/Structures: Round, square, rectangle, oval, custom shapes available upon request

Key Features:

• Resists rust and corrosion;

• Exhibits a bright and smooth finish;

• Fabrication services including end forming, bending, punching, and laser cutting.

Nucor Steel

Process/Technology: PowerShingle

Solar Structures - Carport and Canopies. Steel manufacturer with building design and manufacturing capabilities

Materials: Steel

Key Features:

• 30 years of metal building engineering expertise;

• Watershedding technology that requires no sub roof;

• Can work with any purlin design;

• Fully customizable structure design;

• 100% USA manufactured from steel to panels.


Johnson Bros Roll Forming Co.

Process/Technology: Modernized equipment and tooling designed to offer roll forming services with the latest automated technology, including: pre-notching; prepunching; cut-to-length; and post-fabricating, combined with the cut-length operations

Materials: All metals, including: ferrous and non-ferrous in either plain or pre-anodized; pre-painted; pre-laminated; pre-embossed; perforated; duplex; special alloy; pre-hard tempers; and more

Sizing: 0.005" to 0.150" thickness, and coil widths up to 20" wide before forming; maximum height of profiles 5.25" in the vertical axis

Shapes/Structures: Profiles; panel frames; reflectors; trim; support structure framing; Hat shapes; C-channels; U-channels; Zees; rings; and many other custom shapes for solar components

RPM a NEW ERA Group Company

Process/Technology: Custom rollformed metals, product assembly, and project development

Materials: Pre-galvanized, Galvalume, Gavanneal, chrome coated, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

Sizing: Thickness range 0.015” to 0.250” with yield up to 80ksi, and tensile up to 100ksi.

Shapes/Structures: Custom and standard profiles: Hats, Angles, C, Z, U, Flats, Grooved, Folded. Open steel tubes, welded aluminum tube, and others as specified

Key Features:

• 27 automated lines;

• 3 facilities with production and assembly options;

• Offering dedicated volume-driven lines;

• P.Eng., PMP, and Senior Production Engineer on staff;

• Mill metallurgist support.

Samson Roll Formed Products Company

Process/Technology: Over 40 production lines offering custom roll forming services including a fully integrated service to develop, engineer, produce, and package component parts or finished products. Additional services provided include: pre- and post-punching/notching, secondary stamping, assembly, and Run and Ship Programs

Materials: Nearly all metals, including pre-coated, painted, anodized, embossed, galvanized, or laminated metals

Sizing: Range for finished profiles: 0.005" to 0.250" thickness, ¾" to 16" slit width, 6" to 720" length, up to 3.5" maximum part depth

Shapes/Structures: Parabolic shaped channels, C, U, and hat channels, in a range of different coating weights, for use as brackets, photovoltaic array supports, or solar panel framing/trim, and other custom shapes for the solar industry.

Matenaer Energy Products

Process/Technology: Stamping, machining, laser cutting, bending/forming, manual welding, robotic welding, coating

Materials: Low carbon steel, high carbon steel, stainless, aluminum

Sizing: 0.0149" to 1" thickness

Shapes/Structures: coil, sheet, plate, angle, castings, channel, beam

North American Clean Energy 51 Triple coated galvanized tube from Allied Tube & Conduit® has been manufactured with a unique combination of strength and advanced corrosion protection for over 40 years. Our tube can be easily fabricated including bending, swaging and flattening without damaging the triple layer of corrosion protection. For more information about Gatorshield steel tubing or our secondary fabrication services please visit: Build Your Solar Farm with Gatorshield® Clear Organic Coating (Qwick-Coat®) Conversation Coating Uniform Galvanized Zinc Coating High-Strength Cold-Formed Steel 90% Zinc Organic Interior Coating

Pile Driving

Solar pile driving systems are changing the future of ground-mount solar installations. What used to take days or weeks can now be completed in hours, saving time and, more importantly, money on solar field installations. Here are some of the solar pile driving systems available on the market today...


Hercules Machinery

Product: STR20

Operating weight: ~19,500lbs (~8845kg)

Column inclination: 40°

Lateral inclination: 15°


Make & Model: Yanmar

Power (hp & kw): 74.9hp

EPA Certification: Tier 4 Final

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic tank capacity: 80gal (302L)

Oil flow rate: 30GPM

Oil pressure: 3000 max

Fuel tank capacity: 30gal (113.5L)

Hammer Model: IH1250

Hammer weight: 2000lbs (907kg)

Blows (n/min): 570 - 1180bpm

Maximum post size

Side: 10" (25.4cm)

Key Features:

• Side Shift, +/- 5";

• Tilt: +10º, -45º;

• Slew: +/-15º;

• 360º rotation;

• 3 attachment options and GPS ready.


WORD Rock Drills

Product: WORD Telescopic Pile Driver Attachment

Operating weight: 3000lbs (1361kg)

Transport height: 5' (1.5m)

Transport length: 13' (4m)

Hydraulic system

Oil flow rate: 10 / 20gal/m (38 / 76L/min)

Oil pressure: 1900PSI


Model: AB406

Hammer weight: 600lbs (272kg)

Blows (n/min): 380 - 900

Maximum post size: Height: 13' (4m)

Key Features:

• Attaches and operates through existing skid steer;

• Suitable for testing soil conditions on large job sites or installing residential and small commercial sites;

• Telescopic extension design allows the pile driver to instal piles up to 13ft;

• Pile Driver feed length capable of compacting by 4ft for easier transportation.


Product: 20ft Mast Pile Driver

Operating weight: Approx 11,023lbs (5000kg)

Transport height: 9'6" (2.92m)


Product: PD5 Pile Driver

Operating weight: 10,300lbs (4672kg)

Transport height: 8'2" (2.5m)

Transport width: 85" (215.9cm)

Transport length: 11'7" (3.6m)

Column inclination: 10° out from vertical

Lateral inclination: 10° each way of vertical


Make & Model: CAT C2.2T CRDI

Power: 48.8hp (36.4kw)

EPA Certification: Tier 4 Final

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic tank capacity: 35gal (132L)

Fuel tank capacity: 25gal (95L)


Model: High frequency hammer (950 J)

Maximum post size

Height: 15'5" (4.72m)

Side: 6'7" x 8'3" (17cm x 21cm) in rectangle opening

Gayk North America

Product: HRE5000

Operating weight: 11,025lbs (5001kg)

Transport height: 8'2" (2.5m)

Transport width: 7'22" (2.2m)

Transport length: 20'34" (6.2m)

Column inclination: 20°

Lateral inclination: 20°


Make & Model: Hatz 3H50TIC

Power: 564hp (42kw) 12V

Noise Rating: 117db

EPA Certification: EPA Tier IV

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic tank capacity: 60gal (227L)

with return filter

Oil pressure: 180bar

Fuel tank capacity: 150gal (568L) diesel


Model: Epic IM405 with Nitrogen Kit

Hammer weight: 1397lbs (634kg)

Blows (n/min): 530 - 1050

Maximum post size

Height: 20' (6.1m)

Side: 9" x 9" (23cm x 23cm)

Transport width: 7'4" (2.25m)

Transport length: 7'4" (2.25m)


Make & Model: Yanmar 4TNV88C

Power: 47.6hp (35.5kw)

Noise Rating: 114db

EPA Certification: Tier 5

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic tank capacity: 53gal (200L)

Fuel tank capacity: 26gal (100L)


Model: MTB 65

Hammer weight: Approx 551lbs (250kg)

Blows: 1060/1450

Maximum post size

Height: 20'(6.1m)

Side: 9.8" x 7.87" (250mm x 200mm)

Key Features:

• Parts and service available in the USA;

• DTH, GPS options available;

• Client focused support;

• Heavy hitting hammer;

• Available now.

SOLAR SPOTLIGHT: TRAINING North American Clean Energy 53



April 21st-22nd , 2022

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, TX

Solar and Energy Storage Texas is now RE+ Texas. Since it's debut in San Antonio, Texas in 2016, the event has garnered the attention of industry leaders and professionals from all cross-sections of the energy industry. Each year, the event has grown to welcome more than 400 attendees and 40 exhibitors and continues to evolve to include the energy storage industry. Venture to the region's premier event to expand your business, connect with industry leaders, and gain the latest trends and policies impacting the Texas market.

Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.

Versatile, long-lasting daily use battery

Fortress Power presents the eFlex 5.4. This versatile 5.4kWh battery can be used with applications such as home, business, mobile, telecom, and railway. Its aluminum enclosure is climate resistant, and the battery is IP65 rated. The eFlex has passed the fire safety test, UL 9450A, proving it is rugged, long-lasting, and a daily use battery. Flexible mounting options are available in addition to the FlexRack, an eFlex combining cabinet that holds up to 4 batteries. Fortress Power batteries also come with their 10-year warranty and remote monitoring.

Fortress Power

Speedy direct to deck mounts for conduit support

QuickBOLT’s new product, the Conduit Mount for Asphalt Shingle, TPO, and EPDM roofs features a 7/8" high EPDM Cylinder and Install Screw. Installers can use this in combination with their own shoulder clips for supporting conduit on the rooftop. The Conduit Mount can be attached anywhere on the roof deck to run conduit. Install in 5 seconds or less, no sealant required. By using the EPDM block to lift the conduit off the roof, this mount meets 2020 NFPA Code 310.15(B)(2) for raceways or cables exposed to direct sunlight on or above rooftops.


Direct-attach mounting components

Solar installation is quick and convenient with direct-attach. PVKIT 2.0 utilizes clamps or brackets and a grab system to marry the module to the built-in rails. Lower the weight of the entire system, reduce logistics and shipping hassles, off and on the roof, while saving significantly in install time and labor. The S-5! PVKIT 2.0 comes pre-assembled, requiring only a single tool to install the S-5! clamp and PVKIT. Featuring aggressive bonding teeth for better grounding, this UL 2703 listed solar module mounting solution requires fewer lugs/ground wires, helping customers save time and money when flush mounting.


Solar cable management with integrated grounding

CAB Solar Cable Management is quick and easy to install, which lowers cost for labor and material. CAB's Integrated Grounding option can further reduce costs as it can provide both the EGC and GEC. The patented design includes a custom engineered messenger wire, clamps, and mid pier brackets, and now includes #2 and #3 Equivalent Options. The system meets NEC and IEEE standards, and is ETL Safety listed by Intertek. CAB's ground-mount cable support is offered in a wide range of sizes and styles to safely separate large bundles of cables. CAB Solar Hangers are manufactured from high tensile strength spring steel with a thick protective coating of high dielectric grade PVC. This coating is flame retardant, chemical resistant, and UV stabilized for long service life.

CAB Solar

Rail-less mounting system

The RockIt system conforms to UL 2703 and is a rail-less racking system for use on a variety of roof types including composition shingle, tile (flat, S, and W), and metal roofs. Designed in conjunction with solar installers, the RockIt System quickly and easily installs with the use of just a single tool.


54 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// | 1.336.584.6700 GROUND SCReWS? HeliCAL ANCHORS? RefUSAL HOleS? Rock Drilling Attachments Get the Job Done.


March 28th -31st , 2022

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Phoenix, AZ

The advanced-level content presented at the annual NABCEP CE Conference is geared toward PV industry professionals who have experience with PV installation, solar + storage, technical sales, design, O&M, or system inspection. This event allows NABCEP Board Certified Professionals to obtain as many as 20.5 hours of continuing education units needed to recertify. PV Associates can obtain 12 continuing education units needed to renew. Noncertified renewable energy professionals seeking to advance their career can earn up to 18 hours towards becoming NABCEP Board Certified by attending the CE Conference.


Dependable, longlasting batteries

Designed to deliver reliable power and scalable for use in a wide range of residential and commercial energy storage applications, Rolls premium heavy-duty Series 5000 6V 6 CS 27P model offers 929Amp-Hour capacity (@ 20 Hr AH rate) in a dual-container construction. Rolls Series 5000 premium flooded models feature heavy-duty thick plate construction, high liquid reserves for extended watering intervals, and Advanced NAM carbon additive for improved charge efficiency, extended cycle life, and PSOC performance, backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty.

Rolls Battery Engineering

Confidently model, control, and monitor renewable assets

Energy Toolbase is a software platform providing a cohesive suite of project modeling, storage control, and asset monitoring products that enable solar and storage developers to deploy projects efficiently. ETB

Developer offers utility rate and financial analysis of solar + storage projects. Acumen EMS controls software utilizes AI and machine learning to discharge and optimize storage systems operating in the field. ETB Monitor is a monitoring software providing real-time insights into the operational and performance and savings of the systems.

Energy Toolbase

Modular battery design

MK Battery introduces the DEKA Duration DD5300, a 48V, 5300Wh battery module utilizing Lithium-Ion technology. Tested and validated, and branded with the DEKA name from East Penn Manufacturing Co., this modular design allows for either wall mount or floor mount installation and is stackable up to eight modules high. Stocked in the U.S., the product ships complete with accessories included. The DD5300 is a universal module that has a programmable BMS, Dual usage, for low voltage and high voltage applications. Low voltage (48V, 5.3kWh, 212kWh). High voltage (150 to 1000V, 21.2kWh, 763kWh). Remote monitoring and firmware updates are just one click away on any smart phone, utilizing a proprietary APP.

MK Battery

Protect roof penetrations without chemical sealants

Join QuickBOLT’s training at the NABCEP CE Conference and earn 1.5 CEU hours. Mike Wiener and John Jeffers will teach attendees about the history of traditional flashing methods, relevant codes, and how to use modern mounting and sealing solutions to speed up solar installations. The training will focus on asphalt shingle installations using BoltSeal powered mounting solutions, which, when done right, can be used without any chemical sealants at all. Sealant-based solutions have come into question in recent years birthing new technologies like BoltSeal that don't rely on chemical sealants, but rather the brute strength of mechanical compression.


Post-sale customer experience platform

Bodhi is a customer experience platform for the solar industry. By automating post-sale communication and personalizing the homeowners’ experience, Bodhi helps installers focus on executing projects, making more sales, and transforming communities around energy. Bodhi reduces postsales headaches for solar companies and their customers while driving referrals and follow-on sales to reduce the cost of customer acquisition.


Semi-autonomous machines

Solar Installation Machines, LLC develops semi-autonomous machines under the brand name Modulator for installing large-scale ground-mount solar systems. The prototype of the first machine, Modulator Uno, is currently under construction. It is fully electric and is compatible with Sollega’s FR510 ballasted racking solution.

Solar Installation Machines, LLC

High quality energy storage inverters

GoodWe is a PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer with engineers working at its R&D centers to continuously optimize and advance energy storage technology. GoodWe’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV systems delivers performance and reliable quality. GoodWe

Junction box for tile roofs

EZ Solar’s newest roof junction box is designed for tile roof applications. It is a quick, clean, and aesthetically pleasing installation on tile roofs.

EZ Solar

Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.
North American Clean Energy 55

Solar torque tube hangers

CAB Solar has introduced MultiCarrier Torque Tube Hangers for under-panel cable management. These offer a tight, snap-on fit over most torque tubes or fixed tilt structures. The low profile is beneficial for reduced shadowing with bifacial panels. The spiral design holds large bundles of cable safely and securely, while simplifying upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting. CAB Solar Products are manufactured in the USA by the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped. This nonprofit provides numerous services as well as employment opportunities for over 350 persons with disabilities in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Purchase of CAB Products helps support this mission.

CAB Solar

Residential off-grid solar and home backup power

Discover HELIOS Energy Storage System (ESS) batteries are UL 1973 (Pending) certified for residential offgrid solar and whole-home backup power. HELIOS ESS batteries are rated IP67 for indoor and outdoor installations up to 30kWh and require half the space of 24V and 48V groupings of GC-size lead-acid batteries. HELIOS ESS batteries feature an integrated heat mat, allowing cold-weather charging to begin from -4°F (-20°C). Parallel up to twenty HELIOS ESS batteries for over 30kWh of capacity. Unlock the full potential of HELIOS ESS batteries with LYNK II Gateway by enabling their internal BMS to dynamically manage the charging configurations of hybrid inverter-chargers, Schneider, Victron, Sol-Ark, SMA, Studer. Configure, monitor and troubleshoot HELIOS ESS batteries with LYNK ACCESS software for PC.

Discover Battery

Wind resistance solution for metal roofing

S-5!’s addition to its line of WindClamps is designed to increase wind resistance for standing seam and other concealed-fastened metal roofs. The new WindClamp2X, is a small aluminum clamp placed over the roof’s seam at designated intervals to prevent male-to-female seam separation and/ or seam separation from the roof’s mounting clip. S-5! WindClamps are a cost-compelling alternative for new construction and can also be used in retrofit applications to bring older roofs into compliance with current codes and wind standards. Attaching these simple clamps to a roof’s seams improves wind uplift performance. S-5! WindClamps increase wind resistance, preventing multiple modes of failure, including seam separation and clip disengagement when used at roof clip locations. This clamp-to-seam technology has been a cost-effective solution to preserve rooftops in some geographic regions and/or roof “zones” with an increased probability of extreme wind uplift conditions.


Powerful residential hybrid inverter

Eliminate customer overload calls with 15kWac power (30kW peak), and truck rolls to add or subtract missing backup circuits, and speed up install with Sol-Ark's incorporated 200A whole-home UPS transfer switch. The inverter covers multiple applications: small (9kW), large (15kW), and home/ small commercial (15kW x 9 stacked = up to 135kW). Sol-Ark also supports portable and standby generators, including Gen and Grid peak shaving. The 9kW/15kW comes with 2/3 MPPT's of 20A (500V) for a total of 4/6 strings. Outdoor and indoor rated. Utility communications, open ADR2.0. closed-loop communications, and UL9540 with many battery providers.


All-in-one residential and commercial storage solution

Fortress Power’s eVault Max 18.5kWh is scalable up to 370kWh with a serviceable top cover access to make installation of this battery simple and worry-free. The eVault Max uses Tier 1 Automotive Prismatic cells and includes an intelligent digital-based battery management system (BMS). It is AC/DC coupled to solar arrays and works for many applications that require solar storage, including off-grid, back-up power, selfsupply, peak charge reduction, and demand response. The eVault Max is compatible with most inverters and offers closed-loop communication.

Fortress Power

Durable fixed-tilt ground-mount system

Terrasmart’s GLIDE Wave is a fixed-tilt ground mount system that is uniquely engineered to follow the existing terrain of a project site, with continuous rows that reduce the number of foundations required. There is less hardware for ease of installation, which reduces labor hours. Its pre-assembled parts also reduce the number of connections needed at each table by up to 50%. GLIDE Wave is durable, tolerating up to 170mph winds and 90psf ground snow loads.


Intelligent, reliable, and efficient rapid shutdown solution

Enteligent’s SolarUp device meets NEC 690.12 panel-level rapid shutdown (RSD) requirements and intelligently provides panel-level power optimization when necessary. With 99.8% efficiency during nonoptimizing operation, an onboard microprocessor actively enables MPPT power optimization, providing the maximum PV module output to the inverter whether in full sun or shade. Designed with the latest solid-state technology, SolarUp RSD devices have 30% fewer components, which reduces heat generation, improves reliability, and minimizes stress on the device. With a health condition monitoring selfdiagnostic and fire-activated thermal fuse for backup safety, SolarUp devices are safe, SunSpec RSD Certified, and plug’n play compatible with most PV inverters. Also on display will be Enteligent's hybrid solar EV charger, which delivers combined inputs of solar DC and grid AC to a DC fast charging plug.


High powered string inverters

Solis 75kw - 100kW series high-power string inverters are widely used in industrial and commercial rooftops. Solis’ new three-phase string inverter has maximum 28 stings input, support “Y” type connections on the DC side. Maximum string input current is 13A and supports bifacial modules access as well as anti PID function to improve system efficiency. High precision intelligent strings monitoring reduces fault location time.

Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.

56 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///
CLEANPOWER Show-in-Print 41 Total Listings North American Clean Energy 57 Cutting-Edge Blade Monitoring Technology Reliability When It Matters Most A Blade Integrity Revolution Introducing Sensoria™ – the new 24/7/365 blade monitor performance and reliability. Sensoria™ remotely detects, reports, and visualizes blade damages, giving you Edge-to-Edge Intelligence on your blade integrity anytime, anywhere. • Remote Blade Integrity Monitoring • Real-Time Damage Notifications • Advanced Acoustic Emission (AE) Technology • Intuitive Web Data Portal w/ Mobile Accessibility Blade Data View Site Data View Fleet Data View Copyright © 2021 MISTRAS Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Turbine Data View +1-833- TRY - SENSORIA | Keep Your Blades Spinning. Call or Visit:

It is clear a green energy transition is underway as electricity grids around the world install greater proportions of renewable energy generation. The electricity markets that operate on such grids are setting new renewable energy penetration level benchmarks year on year. Renewables have exceeded 50 percent of total demand in the UK at times, and have met total demand in portions of the Australian grid as far back as 2020. This trend is set to continue as Wind and Solar are now cost-competitive with traditional fossil-fuel generation sources. New fossil fuel plants are also facing challenges obtaining finance, and operating plants are being phased out early in many markets globally.

Wind farms, on the other hand, are increasingly viewed as a mature infrastructure class. Aside from the financial returns of a direct investment in or lending to a wind farm, the social capital afforded by renewable energy investments can be substantial. Further, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are increasingly chosen by multi-national corporations to both obtain a hedge in volatile electricity price markets and show off their green credentials. The ability to state the amount of avoided carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as a direct or indirect result of a company’s actions is a powerful marketing statement. It is also a tangible metric used to evaluate company sustainability targets, typically conveyed in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting processes. ESG reporting principles have been adopted

by most banks and investment funds in order to increase transparency and build trust with investors/ consumers (while making returns).

When it comes to avoided CO2 emissions in the electricity sector, however, not all photons are created equal; production by each wind farm in a customer’s portfolio has a differing impact on climate change mitigation efforts. WHEN and WHERE a wind farm delivers power to the local grid has a large impact on the avoided CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuel generators.

emissions. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) determines total output average and non-baseload average emission intensity rates via a hindcast of the US electricity grid operations for yearly intervals. The total average emission intensity rates are calculated from all combustion generators contributing to the bid stack in the analysis interval. On the other hand, the non-baseload emission intensity rates are more comparable to marginal operational unit emissions intensity rates and can be used to roughly estimate emissions reductions by deploying renewable energy sources.

CO2 emission intensity rates of an electricity grid (typically expressed in kg/MWh or lb/MWh) are dependent on the generation fuel mix dispatched in each scheduling period. In un-regulated markets around the world like Australia (and some in the US, such as the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas or “ERCOT”), generators bid their available capacity at a unit price to meet forecast demand for each scheduling period. As operating costs for wind farms are low, they employ a bid strategy to ensure they are dispatched whenever the wind resource allows. Non-renewable generators must consider the fuel costs in their bid strategies. Therefore, the mix of generators (both fuel type and capacity) dispatched in each scheduling interval (i.e. the ‘bid-stack’) contains varying emissions intensities. The total emission intensity rate of each scheduling interval is therefore the weighted average of each generator deployed to meet requested capacity supply. Importantly, the generator that delivers the final portion of capacity supply in the scheduled interval is known as the marginal operational unit and it is this unit’s emissions (i.e. marginal emissions) that require consideration in avoided CO2 emissions calculations. For example, with decreased electricity demand (largely fossil fuel generators) in a scheduling interval due to higher penetrations of renewable energy or electricity customers employing energy efficiency measures, the capacity delivered by the marginal operational unit (and its associated marginal emissions) may correspondingly decrease.

Excellent resources are available to help wind farm owners and operators understand the positive impacts their assets are having on reducing greenhouse gas

The average rates are calculated at the plant level and aggregated to balancing authority and finally national levels. The eGRID data thus provide increased spatial resolution and an improved temporal precision by capturing changes in the electricity market in each analysis interval. Temporal precision is important; the total emission intensity rate reduced by 39 percent in ERCOT between 2004 and 2019. Reductions in average emissions intensity rates have occurred in most markets around the world.

However, the eGRID emissions intensity rates are not representative of the marginal operational unit. The EPA has developed another tool known as AVERT (AVoided Emissions and geneRation Tool) to allow users in the US to evaluate sustainability efforts via marginal emissions intensity rates. These rates provide spatial resolution and are representative for a temporal period in a similar fashion to the eGRID data.

For further temporal resolution and near-real time analysis, a physics-based time series method that identifies the marginal operational unit and evaluates its marginal emissions can be employed to more accurately capture the beneficial impact of deploying renewable energy and or reducing consumption compared to average emission intensity rates. By tracking company sustainability efforts of both consumers and producers of renewable energy, the time-series data can be incorporated into a wind farm secondary SCADA system to assist in ESG reporting processes. Correctly considering the spatial and temporal dependency of electricity grid marginal emissions intensity rates permit wind farm owners and operators to accurately document their contributions to reducing scope 2 GHG emissions.

GreenPowerMonitor ///
Michael Sherry is Director Wind Business and Product Development at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company.
to ESG

WindCube® lidars

Proven. Accurate. Reliable.

This is lidar without limits: Accurate, dependable wind data for every phase of a wind project, onshore and offshore.

Lidar is changing the wind energy industry, and the WindCube suite of lidars is leading the way. Companies around the world use WindCube lidars in all phases and types of wind farm projects. They are leading with lidar.

• Improve bankability and project success

• Increase efficiency and operational continuity

• Streamline WRA, PPT and other crucial tasks

Know the Warning Signs Understanding your wind turbine generator

Smart Application Engineering by detailed understanding of the operating conditions and function of the product is needed for many industries. It is especially critical for Wind Industry due to accessibility challenges up tower compared to typical industrial applications on the ground. But there are enough warning signs in most cases before the catastrophic failures or flashovers. Too often, these signs are either not understood or underestimated. Wind turbine generators are high-voltage machines; design or manufacturing faults and use of cheap products are common root causes of electrical failures. These products are not commodity. After install, the lack of preventive maintenance could result in severe damage, costly repairs, and unexpected shutdown of the wind turbine, all of which can be significantly minimized by applying better product and timely service by wind farm technicians.

The growth in wind as a major source of power is closely related to improved reliability of wind turbines. The rotation of the blades and shaft must include wear of the interacting parts and thereby concerns for maintenance and life of the related components. The wind turbine includes a wide variety of sliding electrical contacts to conduct electric power to and from the rotating parts. Along with generators and motors, some other systems also include grounding and lightning protection. Majority of these electrical systems include the sliding contact, commonly called a carbon brush, the brush holders with spring, and the rotating collector rings. The wear at the sliding contact interface can be a limiting factor with reduced reliability, and more frequent high-cost maintenance cycles.

A carbon brush is subject to wear from both friction and from electrical erosion. The objective is to attain a balance between these factors for a minimal total wear rate of the interacting sliding surfaces. Optimal designs and appropriate preventive maintenance service can offer impressive results with minimal planned downtime and reduced operating costs, but it takes some effort.

Following are significant elements for continually improving the function of the carbon brushes in a wind turbine.

1. Wind turbine generators are complex devices. Manufacturers have typically outsourced the carbon brush holder assembly. The add-on of the slip rings, brush holders, and carbon brushes should provide a well-coordinated system. However, these components are most often manufactured, and sometimes designed, in various locations and by different companies. As a result, the quality, reliability, and compatibility of these parts can be deficient. Turbines that are re-powered for higher output require optimum product selection, as operational parameters change. The proactive design coordination of the carbon brushes, brush holders, and collector rings according to the operating conditions is vital for superior performance and life.

2. The growth in wind as a major source of power is closely related to improved reliability of wind turbines. Specific operating conditions can significantly affect the reactions at the carbon brush contact. Operating with generator output either above or far below the machine rating will cause

faster wear. Contaminated atmosphere (including marine environments) can cause the ring surface to have higher resistance and higher friction. Installations subject to freezing temperatures have air with low moisture content (low relative humidity) that can cause higher frictional wear of the carbon brushes. In these cases, adjustments in the brush grade may be needed to approach normal performance and life of the sliding contact system.

3. The spring force on the carbon brushes is a crucial factor for proper function of the sliding contact system. The pressure must be appropriate for the expected amperage levels and the sliding speed. This means the spring must provide enough pressure to assure a reliable electrical connection, yet not too much pressure to cause excess frictional wear (image 1). Just like carbon brushes, the springs are often taken for granted, and may also need replacement. The force on springs will decline over time, so regular checks on springs is needed to avoid increasing wear.

4. Unlike most electrical components that suddenly fail, the carbon brush holder assembly will show symptoms of deterioration well before total failure (image 2). Regularly inspecting used parts can be a powerful diagnostic tool. With regular observation and trending of the filming/patina condition, arcing, heat, and the worn carbon brushes, deteriorating conditions can be identified and corrective action can be taken to address the problems, thus avoiding the threat of an unplanned shutdown. The carbon brush holder assembly is a critical yet often misunderstood part in the operation of the wind turbine. Excess conductive dust from wear of the carbon brushes (image 3), swelling of the carbon brushes (image 4), and grooving or threading of the slip rings (image 5) are especially frustrating and expensive fixes. The motivation to avoid such frustration and cost is exaggerated by the inconvenience of the up-tower location.

There is always an opportunity for improvement by first understanding the symptoms and then fixing it. Predictive and preventive maintenance is the KEY to success. Show your used carbon brushes, springs, and holders to subject matter experts to learn the warning symptoms. With many turbines going out of warranty, look for improvement for life expectancy and reduction in long term maintenance cost. Be flexible for engineering trials with constant monitoring. With information on the existing design, data on the operating conditions, and observation of trends toward undesirable symptoms, adjustments in the sliding electrical contact system can attain excellent results. (image 6) The reward for satisfactory wind generator operation is significant and it is certainly worth the time investment!

Nitin Kulkarni is Vice President Engineering and Business Development at Helwig Carbon Products, a family-owned, American manufacturer which specializes in carbon brushes, brush holders, spring assemblies, metal graphite brushes, and carbon graphite components.

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. ///

Figure 1: Optimum spring force allows better contact. Figure 5: Significant grooving of the slip ring Figure 4: Brushes swelled and stuck in holder
Figure 3: Warning signs such as excessive metal dust
Figure 2: Brush holders showing discoloration due to heat
2022 MARCH• APRIL /// 60
Figure 6: Upgrade with sturdy and optimum product.

Consistently High Performance –For A Longer Life!

Lasting endurance and profitability for on- and offshore wind.

Robust Controls

For operation under extreme condtions. Resilient. Enduring. Profitable.

Predictive Maintenance

For the optimum maintenance strategy. Intelligent. Coordinated. Profitable.

Condition Monitoring

For perfect operating conditions. Controlled. Optimized. Profitable.

We are taking part and look forward to your visit

O&M and Safety Conference March 08-10, 2022 Coronado, San Diego, USA Booth: 1104 energy.industry.maritime.

How Remote Monitoring Can Increase Reliability

Figure 1: Bearing damage is one of the most common wind turbine problems. Historically, roller bearings cause the most frequent problems.

Using wired sensors for condition monitoring of wind turbine machinery and components isn’t new. However, continuous advancements in technology and connectivity powered by the Industrial Internet of Things let maintenance professionals strategically maximize historical and real-time data remotely, increasing wind turbine reliability and availability.

Today, operators can more easily get ahead of common wind turbine problems. Using years of cumulative wind up-tower and down-tower data, analysis experts can more accurately predict machine problems, such as bearing wear or damage, to prevent machine failure.

Growth of remote condition monitoring services

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2021 Wind Market Report, U.S. wind capacity reached a record 16,836 MW in 2020, for a total of 121,955 MW, and overtook solar power installations for the first time in many years. In 2021, China, the U.S., Germany, and India had the highest increase in wind capacity. Because of the technological advancements in wind turbines and the increase in wind turbine installations globally, the demand for and value of remote condition monitoring systems continues to grow. This is especially true for vibration monitoring.

In 2015, the average age of a North American wind fleet was 5.5 years. In 2020, the average age was estimated to be seven years old, and fourteen years old by 2030. As a result, optimizing wind turbine performance to ensure regulatory compliance and life expectancy is critical, as is finding the most efficient ways to keep maintenance and operations costs down.

Many maintenance teams lack the specialized condition monitoring and data analysis expertise to monitor an entire fleet constantly. That pushes organizations to enlist an external remote condition monitoring service to help wind farm operations decrease vibrations and up-tower maintenance — reducing operations and maintenance expenses. Additionally, costs can be further reduced by adopting condition-based maintenance (CBM), a subset of predictive maintenance strategies wherein only relevant maintenance is performed based on machinery data and health.

Figure 3: Powerful software provides insightful asset condition monitoring data enabling deep analysis.

Benefits of a remote condition monitoring service:

• Improves maintenance planning and scheduling

• Prevents unscheduled and costly downtime

• Extends equipment lifespan

• Reduces maintenance and production costs

Wind turbine remote condition monitoring services fill maintenance operations gaps

A lack of resources and on-premises data analysis experts often drives the need for partnering with an independent remote condition monitoring services company.

Remote condition monitoring service companies continuously monitor wind turbine vibration data and provide expert analytical evaluations.

Some operations offer a complete solution beyond services that include hardware and software. This allencompassing service model enhances a more cohesive relationship between providers and customers.

Because wind fields are often in remote locations, information about a machine issue must be communicated quickly. Expediency is even more critical if the wind turbine is located offshore and has weather concerns.

Fault diagnosis expertise is necessary for identifying the type and location of the fault and determining the severity of the fault and time to failure. With a data-driven remote condition monitoring service, customers know which component is causing a problem and why. The provider’s experts make recommendations on fixing the problem based on condition monitoring data, and they offer advice on targeted vibration reduction.

Choosing a remote condition monitoring services provider

The extent of services a provider offers varies depending on their capabilities and experience. A remote condition monitoring service should include recurring analysis and reporting, status reports at periodic intervals, event-driven reports, and data management. Also, data should be accessible from anywhere, and the system should include a robust software system. Ultimately, it should be apparent that

62 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Figure 2: A wired advanced vibration analysis tool can measure and monitor a wind turbine’s main bearing, gearbox, generator, and nacelle. This graphic details vibration velocity levels according to VDI 3834 and ISO 10816-21 standards for component-specific frequency ranges, acceptable (green) and unacceptable (red).

the remote condition monitoring services provider possesses product, application, and industry expertise.

Five things to consider when choosing a remote condition monitoring services provider

1. Monitoring & diagnosis certifications matter

The remote condition monitoring center should be certified and offer FMEA-based states diagnosis (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis). Ensure those performing your data monitoring and diagnosis are ISO CAT certified, i.e., monitoring specialists with ISO CAT I certification. Diagnosis specialists with ICO CAT II, III, and possibly ISO CAT IV certification.

2. Impartial independent remote CM providers

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) often provides remote condition monitoring services to its buyers. However, there can be drawbacks to using an OEM. When you partner with an independent services provider, you receive a fresh view

of the machinery without preconceived notions about why a component experienced a fault. Their assessment of the machine’s health is based on data.

3. Expertise and hands-on experience counts

When it comes to wind tower data diagnostics and analysis, the more experience your service provider has, the better. Look for a provider with a track record for solving wind turbine problems and one that understands the complexities of vibration analysis and fault diagnoses. Make sure the service provider can show you years of proven expertise, knows wind turbine machinery inside and out, and that they understand your organization’s needs and goals.

4. Consider a full-service solution and partner

A complete remote condition monitoring vibration system should include the hardware, as well as software and services. Your provider should be an integral part of your operations and someone you trust fully to keep your equipment up and running. If your company plans to expand its condition monitoring program in the future, look under the hood of the company you choose. Are they on top of technology? Will their devices integrate with others? They should be able to tell you how their service fits into your reliability journey now and into the future.

Michael Dietl works at Prüftechnik, part of the Fluke Reliability family, where he manages the Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Services Team based in Munich, Germany. He has over ten years of experience in the wind industry sector and six years in remote condition monitoring and services for several industries. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Stuttgart partnering with ETH Zurich and speaks English, German, and Spanish.




Increase cost efficiency

There are a variety of ways that remote condition monitoring can help ensure a high return on your investment. One of the most obvious cost efficiencies from condition monitoring comes as wireless sensors reduce the need for route-based maintenance. A services provider should be able to offer different service levels to fit your needs and budget.

Dr. Edwin Becker is Managing Director and Service Manager of Fluke Deutschland GmbH (formerly Prüftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH), an ISO 184362 certified vibration expert and has particular experience with gearboxes and drive technology.

Fluke Deutschland GmbH ///

Images courtesy Fluke Reliability

North American Clean Energy 63

Improving the Performance and Reliability of Wind Turbines

Inside today’s high-performance wind turbines, where the locating bearing is subjected to particularly high loads, the rotor shaft bearing support is a vital component. These unique application conditions, combined with stringent reliability requirements and increasing incidents of failed bearings in the field, provided the impetus to optimize the spherical roller bearings that are used as wind turbine main shaft bearings.

This research resulted in the Asymmetric Spherical Roller Bearing (ASRB), which offers high wear resistance as well as considerably lower friction torque and operating temperatures than the conventional standard. As such, this innovation has the potential to significantly extend wind turbine reliability and operating performance.

The Challenge

The main shaft inside a wind turbine supports the main rotor hub and transmits rotational energy, in the form of torque, from the rotor hub to the gearbox. This application requires high reliability as well as robust resistance to the high loads generated by the rotor blades. Due to the high levels of thrust generated in this environment (see Fig. 1), conventional double-row symmetrical spherical roller main shaft support bearings used inside wind turbines experience uneven internal load distribution between the roller rows. This causes the rotor-side row to have lower load, while the gearbox-side row is potentially overloaded. Because of the low speed of the rotor shaft, only a minimal grease lubrication film is generated. This, in turn, produces a metal-to-metal running condition. The result: a high rate of surface wear, poor performance and, ultimately, premature bearing failure.

Following an extensive investigation of failed bearings, based on data obtained by analyzing the performance of approximately 10,000 wind turbines located throughout the world, it was noted that a significant percentage of failures occurred mostly in locating bearings of the 3-point as well as 4-point support rotor shaft systems. Both of these shaft systems are fitted with standard spherical roller bearings designs that feature two rows of symmetrical barrel rollers. Most of the damage was found to be concentrated internally on the axially loaded row (downwind) of the locating bearings. The damage, observed primarily at the surface level, is classified in accordance with ISO15243 as either fatigue occurring near the surface (surface distress) or abrasive wear.

As noted above, abrasive wear in wind turbine main bearings operating under random conditions is already a widely recognized problem. This type of damage is primarily caused by varying shaft speed and loads that can lead to a very thin or nonexistent lubricating film. If the separating lubricant film between the roller and raceways surfaces is allowed to degrade, micropitting, smearing and, eventually, extensive damage (spalling) at surface levels will be the result.

Optimizing the Existing Standard

The first step in addressing these issues was to develop and validate a lubricant formulated with the proper load-carrying properties for a variety of operating conditions, including low shaft speeds and extreme loads. Beyond merely improving the lubrication conditions, however, a strong emphasis was placed on optimizing the design of existing standard bearings with enhancements, such as extremely strict surface finish limits and special coatings on the rollers.

Figure 2: Comparing wear on uncoated vs. coated rolling elements

To that end, a metal-containing hydrogenous amorphous carbon coating optimized the standard bearing design by offering a high level of protection against abrasive and adhesive wear (see Fig. 2). Due to its highly ductile coating structure, this coating can withstand the high contact pressures that routinely occur

Figure 3: Coated bearing rolling element
64 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///
Figure 1: Rotor shaft bearings are subjected to a range of dynamic loads, especially high axial loads

in rolling bearing applications. As a result, the coated rollers significantly reduce sliding friction and minimize sliding-induced damage. To further mitigate the potential for sliding, these upgraded bearings utilize a two-piece brass cage that enables each roller row to rotate independently.

The Ultimate Solution

Beyond merely optimizing the conventional bearing design currently used in most wind turbines, however, the goal was to provide a bearing solution that would be able to perform under high-thrust loads while still maintaining its excellent misalignment characteristics. To that end, an entirely new bearing design for main shaft bearings in wind turbines was created: the asymmetric spherical roller bearing. The term “asymmetric” refers to the bearing’s different contact angles, which serve to improve the load distribution between both bearing rows, reduce the contact pressure and friction torque, and increase axial stiffness by approximately 50 percent. Moreover, this unique design prevents rollerto-raceway contact stress peaks from developing as a result of the periodic bending of the rotor shaft during operation, or accuracy errors that arise from the initial assembly inside the wind turbine’s nacelle.

The operating principle behind the asymmetric spherical roller bearing is as follows: While the rotor side of the bearing is designed to carry the normal radial load present in the application, the gearbox side of the bearing is optimized with an increased contact angle to accommodate the high thrust. During operation, the potentially damaging thrust is safely transferred through the bearing and transmitted to the housing support (see Fig. 4).

The innovative asymmetric design ensures a more even internal load distribution, which provides improved

rolling motion while minimizing sliding. The result: less torque, less friction and less heat. Plus, the axial displacement of the bearing is also reduced.

Ryan Greenfield is Industry Manager Wind Energy

Americas for Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

The result of this innovation is an improvement of overall system efficiency, which allows the wind turbine to generate more power with significantly improved reliability – and wind owners to breathe a sigh of relief! Schaeffler Group USA Inc. /// All images courtesy of Schaeffler
North American Clean Energy 65 Don’t be let down by a lift. Installation and preventative maintenance by IUEC elevator mechanics will keep your elevators moving SAFELY and more EFFICIENTLY. We have more than 675 elevator companies ready to serve your elevator lift needs. Contact us today. Carisa Barrett 410 -701-2206 Vance Ayres 540-490-0476
Figure 4: Cross section of an ASRB showing the load transfer

Can Offshore Wind Actually Compete?

Offshore wind is a growing and increasingly hot area for renewable energy developers and policy makers.

But today, the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and project time to develop, offshore wind in its best markets remains significantly disadvantaged compared to onshore wind and solar in their best markets. Onshore wind and solar technologies now have lower LCOE than even the marginal cost of just the fuel in a fossil power plant in many markets. The big question remains: Is offshore wind a massive niche and policy boondoggle, or can it be as competitive globally as its onshore cousins?

Laying Out the Case For Competitiveness

Regional Policy and Economics: Cleantech and energy may be global, but power is regional. The story of cleantech growth has been one of the hyper-regional growth stories; good news is offshore wind probably doesn’t have to beat onshore — it just has to beat it in its best markets as the marginal resource (or see public policy support it).

Resource Wins: The best high-quality renewable resource at scale outside of hydro is offshore wind. A little longer turbine is not just a little better in wind turbines — it’s exponentially better when placed in the best resource. In energy, the best and biggest resource tends to win. So offshore will eventually outcompete all other resources.

Easy Technical Problem: This may sound odd, but offshore wind is a technically easy. Yes, it is expensive, capital intensive, and massive, but the technical challenges of scaling systems of this type are well known, even offshore. We built 50,000-ton ships almost 100 years ago, and can build ships ten times that large today. We were drilling offshore in 1897, and now drill in twomile deep water. That’s technically hard. With due respect to the engineering industry, offshore wind is in the category of “First Sergeant, get it done.”

Early Days on Scale: The industry is still really small, whichmay seem strange to say for a decade-plus old sector with GWs of production, but a Gigawatt is nothing in energy. The story of cleantech and renewables is one of mass manufacturing scale-up dominating technical advances to drive down costs, which we haven’t yet seen in offshore wind. Hence, the best is probably yet to come on costs as it grows.

66 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// C M Y CM MY CY CMY K OnyxInsight-NACE_MarApr2022-3rdMagH.pdf 1 2022-02-17 5:54 AM

Not Entirely Cut and Dried: The Challenges

Complexity and low Volume is the Enemy in Cleantech – Most of the world's scale successes in cleantech in the last fifteen years (e.g., Solar, EVs, Batteries) were due to mass manufacturing. These advantages were delivered from high volume manufacturing, productization, rapid deployment, and repeatability to drive costs down through volume practices. Even at a massive scale, we with offshore wind we are still talking about largesized, relatively low volume units from a handful of companies--not the kinds of factory built things that lend themselves to the type of mass manufacturing scale and competition that have been winning in cleantech. For offshore wind the industry may find that a fatal flaw to keep up with cost reductions in other sectors, and we may never see the prices come down comparatively.

Industry Not Built for Success – The marine, drilling, and oil and gas industries all have the technical skills set to deliver offshore wind – and have for decades. But the marine and offshore industries have been designed to provide complexity and safety in large, complex, long lead time custom projects. Ultra-low cost, repeatability, cost down manufacturing like the successes in onshore wind, energy storage, and solar PV would be an entirely different framework for the industry. If it succeeds, it will likely have to change its stripes and adopt an entirely new DNA.

Competing with Falling PV and Onshore Wind Costs – Chasing PV and onshore wind is kind of like catching a falling knife, and industry cost curves underlying solar cells

and battery continue to drop. My firm sees no reason why we can’t reach $0.01/kwh wholesale power. Few analysts are advocating offshore wind can match that cost curve – but perhaps in some markets that’s ok.

Electric Infrastructure Costs: In the utility-scale renewable projects that now dominate the US and global electric power capacity additions each year, the dominant variable to both economic success and project delivery is usually available transmission infrastructure. That does not exist offshore and is a LOT more expensive to build there, leaving it.

I’ll leave you with an analogy from history. Over a decade ago, I visited a fabrication yard in Scotland. The yard was one of the first movers in offshore wind platform fabrications, founded to make offshore jackets for the North Sea oil industry, and the last jacket had been completed.

For offshore oil, the company would design and assemble one massive customengineered jacket every 18 months. The offshore wind industry did not need custom one-offs and couldn’t afford the cost of them. For wind, the team needed to roll three jackets a week into the water for a year – for one small 150 MW wind farm. Nobody in the marine industry had done that since the US Liberty Ships in World War II: 2,751 Liberty Ships were built, with the first one taking 150 days, and the fastest taking four days and fifteen hours to complete.

Wind turbines are no more complex than a Liberty Ship, and the US had to invent every process to build them from scratch. If the offshore wind industry decides to build like Liberty Ships, there won’t be much to catch it.

Neal Dikeman is a partner in Energy Transition Ventures, an earlystage venture capital firm investing in startups that drive or benefit from the energy transition. As chairman of, he leads a network dedicated to bringing together scientists and entrepreneurs to commercialize cleantech and fight climate change. He was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for US Senate from Texas in 2018.

Energy Transition Ventures ///

North American Clean Energy 67 VISIT MIDPOINTBEARING.COM O U

Positive Wind Trends Continue for 2022

While mindful of challenging events that continue to unfold around the world, the wind energy industry can celebrate a record-breaking year in 2021. Trends for 2022 point toward continued growth in many facets of the industry. Wind energy is being embraced by government and utility sector leaders who continue to set optimistic goals for renewables. These tailwinds will power the industry as it works through regulatory, labor, logistics and site selection challenges.

There was more wind, solar, and energy storage installed in the United States in 2021 than any previous year, according to the American Clean Power Association. More than 7.2 gigawatts of new wind capacity were installed through the third quarter of 2021 (enough to power nearly 2.2 million homes). That comes out to nearly 1 GW more than what was installed through the third quarter of 2020, and nearly double the wind capacity installed during the same period in 2019.

For 2022, the project pipeline remains busy, although last year’s record pace may be hard to match. Much of the low-hanging fruit has been achieved in site selection of land-based projects. Longer and/or more expensive permitting and development processes could be in store at more challenging locations.

There also could be a downtick in installed projects due to congressional delays in extending the production tax credit. The credit of $18 per MW expired at the end of 2021. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the current PTC, along with improvements in the cost and performance of wind power technologies, is helping to drive project demand.

Other actions by government could boost the industry long-term. In January, it was announced the Interior Department would hold an offshore wind lease sale of the most lease areas ever offered, in the New York Bight off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. The resulting projects could generate up to 7 GW. Earlier, the Biden administration announced a goal to deploy 30 GW of offshore wind in the United States by 2030.

State governments have set wind energy targets as well. New York plans to invest $500 million in offshore wind energy, and is seeking an offshore grid that can deliver 6 GW to New York City. North Carolina set offshore wind development goals of 2.8 GW by 2030, and 8 GW by 2040.

68 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// SECURE CRITICAL BOLTED JOINTS Wind, Solar, Energy Storage Tech—HEICO Fastening Systems has precise, proven and reliable solutions to ensure critical bolted joints stay secured under dynamic loads, thermal extremes, high vibration environments and tight spaces. • 888.822.5661 • Hickory, NC HEICO-TEC® Tension Nuts HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washers

On the corporate side, an $8 billion, 2.6 GW wind farm is planned off Hampton Roads in Virginia by 2027; another is eyeing a 2030 completion goal for 2.5 GW off the coast of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Corporate customers are creating demand for renewables through their own sustainability goals, and the environmental, social, and governance movement among shareholders will further this trend. Meanwhile, jobsites can expect to cope with the ongoing pandemic as they enter a third year of facing negatively impacted labor and logistics, including temporary labor issues due to employees testing positive. Safety protocols for

subcontractors will see constant evaluation and evolution. Clusters of positive tests in manufacturing and logistics could continue to create supply chain issues that ripple their way to jobsites. But with fewer government-mandated lockdowns and with backlogs at U.S. ports slowly shrinking, supply chain bumps should level out.

A long-term trend that will impact the supply chain is the onset of wind energy component manufacturing on American shores. The first offshore wind turbine OEM blade facility in the United States is scheduled for construction (currently, these parts are imported from Europe). The $200 million facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, is intended to support the Outer Banks project. OEMs tend to attract suppliers, so the announcement of this facility could trigger the buildout of a domestic manufacturing supply chain.

Project scale is also expected to continue growth trends, both in hub height and blade lengths. DOE estimates the average land-based hub height was nearly 300 feet in 2020, a 59 percent increase since 1998. Offshore hub heights that averaged 330 feet in 2016, are predicted to rise to 500 feet by 2035. Rotor diameters have grown more than fivefold over the past two decades, and averaged 125 meters in 2020. Manufacturers are working on turbine models with 200-plus-meter diameters.

Bigger, taller turbines can generate more power. More power brings up the issue of storage. In fact, several companies are trying to innovate in this space. Various concepts include undersea reservoirs that turn excess wind into hydro power, and 220 MW floating boat-batteries that can carry offshore wind energy back to land.

The pandemic has created untold hardship for millions around the world. Science, government and business have been forced to learn on the fly. Despite all of this, the wind energy industry has been able to maintain momentum. While there will continue to be new challenges, the outlook for wind energy is bright in 2022, and for the years to come.

Vikash Patel is the Co-Founder of Logisticus. Logisticus provides everything from initial feasibility studies, civil design, turbine storage, and transporting turbine components. They can find and design solutions for the most challenging transports, across the toughest terrain, with a process-oriented approach focused on risk identification and mitigation, as well as safety, data, and technology.

Logisticus ///

North American Clean Energy 69 PREMIER MANUFACTURER OF BRUSHES HOLDERS SPRINGS AND Extra-long brush life Made in U.S.A. Trained up-tower engineering support
OPTIMAL BRUSH GRADE & SPRING FORCE WILL: MAXIMIZE BRUSH LIFE | MINIMIZE RING WEAR | REDUCE MAINTENANCE Replaceable and adjustable brush holders Replaceable constant force springs

Smart renewable energy insurance

GCube has launched a new, smart, data-powered insurance offering. The service, supported by Clir leverages AI-led analytics and data sets to offer enhanced terms and reduced premiums for wind and solar operating companies. GCube has signed with Clir to leverage data from over 200GWs of operating assets. By better understanding claims scenarios, insurers will be able to provide more accurate insurance quotes, and subsequently drive better terms for the industry. By having Clir onboard a wind portfolio’s data set onto its platform, GCube can uncover the asset’s meteorological and operational loading, overall component health and reliability, and the impact of current operations and maintenance. These insights give GCube clarity on its underwriting pricing, and offer more competitive terms where operating projects model with lower risk factors.

GCube ///

Over-torquing prevention

Reduce the chances of over-torquing fasteners with the new 3/4” Drive BreakOver Type Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial. The 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench comes with a specially-designed break-over mechanism that provides a clear indication when the torque target has been reached, and provides a large break angle which reduces the likelihood of over torquing fasteners. The wrench is designed with a quick-release mechanism, allowing for disassembly into two pieces for easy storage and portability. The 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench is available in three torque range options and offers fast adjustment with an easyto-read scale to reduce the possibility of errors. The rugged design and durable powder-coated finish ensure for long, trouble-free use in demanding applications, the sealed ratchet head provides long cycle life and minimal downtime, and the large plastic hand grip for proper, comfortable use.

Snap-on Industrial ///

PPE workers want to wear

Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex gloves provide spongelike slip resistance with a proprietary polyurethane foam coating process. Plus, they’re 20% thinner than comparable 15-gauge coated gloves, yet thick on comfort and flexibility. Red Warrior gets its red color from a seamless nylon knit material for maximum flex and tactile sensitivity, with an uncoated back and wrist that helps improve ventilation. The seamless and stretchable full knit wrist provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside the glove. The soft feeling polyurethane coating covers full fingers and palm in black, in contrast to the red knit, creating a cool-looking glove that encourages compliance. These gloves deliver solid grip without being sticky and perform against oils, fats, and greases, making them suitable for both dry and light-oil applications. Polyurethane coatings improve tactile sensitivity relative to other coatings, improve slip resistance particularly in wet applications, and are breathable. Red Warrior offers protection balanced against value for light-duty protection, all-day comfort, and maximum flex.

Brass Knuckle ///

Monitoring and analytics platform for rotating equipment

A.W. Chesterton Company has released Chesterton Connect Cloud, a web-based dashboard and analytics platform for viewing and analyzing data collected from Chesterton Connect equipment monitoring sensors. The Chesterton Connect Cloud provides 24/7 access to process and operating conditions of pumps or other equipment being monitored to easily recognize and solve issues before emergencies occur. From any remote location, those in charge of equipment operation can view overall performance, explore variances and trends, add notes, and focus maintenance efforts where needed most. Chesterton Connect Cloud analytics dashboard enables reliability teams to conveniently track all rotating equipment conditions in real-time , effortlessly build reports and corrective actions to increase equipment performance and uptime, easily overlay and compare measurements for up to three sensors, easily find events and add notes to specific actions, and view vibration trends through a color-coded analysis for vibration velocity as well as acceleration.

A.W. Chesterton



Wildlife acoustic monitoring tools

Reduce both bat fatalities and curtailment costs using SMART (Song Meter with Analysis and Remote Transfer) from Wildlife Acoustics. The ruggedized microphone has two interchangeable ultrasonic sensors and an integrated microphone test speaker. Built-in redundancy, and a heater that removes condensation means less downtime to service microphones. Analyze bat calls in real-time. Integrate with SCADA and other turbine control software. Recordings or an activity summary can be downloaded remotely.

Wildlife Acoustics ///

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Predictive analytics software provides efficient fleet management

ONYX Insight has launched its AI HUB full-turbine predictive analytics platform, bringing disparate data streams together to streamline and enhance operations and maintenance (O&M) decision-making while eliminating data silos. ONYX Insight’s AI HUB centralizes critical data streams such as vibration, oil sensor, and pitch bearing monitoring, allowing operators to benefit from advanced analytics using engineeringenhanced machine learning. ONYX Insight’s new platform connects engineering and site teams, while automating labour-intensive yet unproductive data standardization and case management functions to free up resource. AI HUB has four new modules to integrate data from diverse wind assets, which are: Pitch Bearing Monitoring: Advanced analytics and online sensor solutions to detect early warning signs of impending pitch bearing failures; Blade Drone Analytics: Drone agnostic blade analytic software for fleet-level blade defect analysis and repair management; Case Management: More efficient workflows to bring all analytics into one place for better collaboration and communication; and Lost Energy Intel: Machine Learning powered SCADA analytics identifying issues causing the most lost energy and reliability problems.

ONYX Insight ///

Increased power rating and operational flexibility

Vestas’ V162-6.8 MW is globally applicable and combines an increased power rating and operational flexibility to deliver up to 7% annual energy production (AEP) depending on project-specific conditions. The V162-6.8 MW features flexible power ratings of 6.5MW, 6.8MW, and 7.2MW, and expanded site applicability through an optional larger CoolerTop. The performance improvements are achieved through enhanced EnVentus powertrain and power conversion systems. The V162-6.8 MW benefits from enhanced transportability and siteability, as it is based on Vestas’ new modularized nacelle concept, where the nacelle structure is divided into the main nacelle house containing the powertrain and the side compartment with the power system including converter and transformer. Both nacelle compartments are dimensionally designed to correspond to general industry logistics standards for road, rail, and ocean transportation with less need for specialized handling. The EnVentus platform is the next generation of Vestas technology, building on and leveraging proven technology from the 2MW, 4MW and 9MW platforms to meet customization needs efficiently through advanced modularity.

Vestas ///

North American Clean Energy 71 CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING SERVICES At Logisticus, we understand your wind project is only as strong as the team behind it. From off & on-site civil design and construction services to CRUA, TIA and bridge studies, we holistically cover it all to ensure your project has the support and expertise it needs early on to succeed. SUPPORT AT EVERY TURN WE DO THE HEAVY LIFTING, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO WANT TO LEARN MORE? VISIT LOGISTICUSGROUP.COM TODAY. MORE INNOVATION. LESS RISK.

Online condition-based monitoring

Online condition-based monitoring reduces the risk of asset failure by increasing situational awareness. Dynamic Ratings’ monitors evaluates wind assets including switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, batteries, and more, and measure their performance to make sure everything is working properly. Asset monitoring can be easily managed on a visual dashboard to ensure ease of use. Their LIFESTREAM Support Services are available to help users throughout the life cycle of their assets.

Dynamic Ratings ///

Optimize annual energy production

WindESCo Swarm is the wind industry’s off-the-shelf solution for targeted, fleetwide wind optimization. The technology enables turbines to cooperatively adjust positioning to eliminate wake interference between assets and boost production for the entire farm. For a 1GW wind plant, this translates to profit generation in excess of $20 million over a five-year period. WindESCo Swarm is delivered on a technical level in strategic partnership with renewable components giant Phoenix Contact.

Phoenix Contact develops and provides the solution’s ‘Swarm Edge’ hardware component, which is installed onto each turbine to provide centralized data collection and control, and enables WindESCo Swarm to unlock millions in revenue for wind asset owners.

WindESCo ///

Grease gun with integrated high-pressure and high-volume delivery modes

SKF launched a new tool within its Tools and Equipment product line that simplifies the critical task of lubrication. The Lincoln dual-piston lever-action grease gun (Model 1154) features a thumb-operated switch that allows users to toggle between high-volume and highpressure lubricant application modes. This makes it easier for technicians working on a wide range of equipment to quickly adjust the tool to match changing lubrication requirements as they work.

For high-volume applications, the Model 1154’s high-volume position allows efficient greasing of all lubrication points with fewer strokes. Large joints, bushings, and bearings can be filled quickly. If high pressure is needed, such as when a fitting is blocked, in Model 1154’s standard output, pressure position, the tool can easily open the fitting without an operator having to apply excessive force. The pressure position has a standard grease output of 34 strokes/oz and develops 10,000 psi for use whenever high-pressure requirements are needed.

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Tensioners & Torque Systems


The proper alignment of a bolted joint can be achieved by using either torque or tension methods of bolting. Proper bolt loads must be realized during installation or the integrity of the joint will be compromised, leading to misalignment and, if left unchecked, the ultimate failure of the joint. In this issue, we look at some of the tensioners and torque systems available today.



ITH Engineering

Product: ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinder

Description: ITH bolt tensioning cylinders are designed for tightening large diameter bolts of all major OEM wind turbine applications including: foundation rods, tower bolts, bearing bolts, and more. High accuracy and repeatability ensures consistent even loads throughout bolted joints. Combine with the Micro-MAX pump for a lightweight and compact bolting system.

Bolt Diameter: M16 and larger

Key Features:

• Designed with OEMs for all turbine applications;

• Lightweight and compact designs;

• Patented safety features;

• High load accuracy and repeatability;

• Fast operation using one or multiple tensioners simultaneously.

Stahlwille Tools, LLC

Product: Stahlwille Manoskop 730 Quick Series

Description: A time proof torque wrench with long term accuracy and no need to reset to zero due to the wear resistant NO-Coil spring mechanism. Simply press and slide with fingers, the user can quickly and effortlessly set the desired torque value. With modular design of head piece, swapping from ratchet drive to crowfoot or box end is as easy as release and plug-in. Thanks to the patented design, there's no need to disassemble the unit for bringing it back in tolerance during calibration, as the adjustment points are easily accessible on the housing.

Power System: Manual Drive Size: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Torque: 5 to 480ft/lbs; 4 to 650Nm Weight: 0.7lbs to 9lbs (0.3kg to 4.1kg)

Noise Level: 75db when click is triggered

Key Features:

• No return-to-zero needed;

• Press and slide to set torque value, effortless and quick;

• No disassembly needed to bring the unit back in tolerance for calibration;

• Interchangeable heads, ratchet, crowfoot, box end, and more.

Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems

Product: Smart Tensioning System

Description: The new Smart Tensioning System provides operator guidance and data capture to ensure correct load is achieved in every bolt. Can eliminate loose bolts and reduce rework. Available for foundations, tower sections, and blade bolts.

Bolt Diameter: M30 to M72

Stud Protrusion: 2.79" to 8.27"

Max Stroke: 0.39" to 0.79" (10mm to 20mm)

Max Load: Up to 3200KN

Hydraulic Pressure Area: Up to 630in2 (16,000mm2)

Outside tool diameter: Design to fit any application

Overall height: Design to fit any application

Overall distance between stud CLs: Design to fit any application

Weight: 33lbs to 145.5lbs (15kg to 66kg)

alkitronic, Inc.

Product: alkitronic EF

Description: alkitronic’s electric torque multipliers are specifically designed for use where high torques, fast operating speed, high precision, or a high number of joints are required. The different models cover torque output from 100Nm to 42,000Nm. Their electronic torque tools utilize motor technology and control software to give joint control.

The low-maintenance brushless motors of the electric-powered torque multipliers keep the cost of ownership down while the built-in controllers reduce training time and errors by the operator.

Power System: Electric Drive Size: 3/4" to 2 1/2"

Torque: 315 to 30,980ft/lbs, 430 to 42,000Nm

RPM: Up to 10RPM

Weight: 29lbs to 137lbs (13kg to 62kg)

Noise Level: Under 75db


Product: HMT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Description: The HMT-Series is a range of fast, durable, and efficient modular hydraulic torque wrenches, enabling users to tackle a broad set of bolting applications. Users can interchange cassettes with ease, switching the HLP low profile hexagon cassette with the HSQ square drive whenever the application demands.

Power System: Hydraulic Drive Size: hex sizes 1 1/16" to 4 5/8" AF

Torque: 154lbs to 13,489lbs; 209-18,289Nm (@10,000 psi)

RPM: Oil Flow at 10,000psi varies from 15 in3/ min to 60 in3/min

Weight: 2.20lbs to 4.40lbs (.99kg to 1.99 kg)


Product: Hydraulic and Electric Controlled Bolting Equipment

Description: Controlled bolting products and services

Power System: Hydraulic, electric, battery, pneumatic, and manual

Drive Size: 0.5" to 3.5"

Torque: 1 to 200,000ft/lbs, 1 to 270,000Nm

RPM: 1 to 375RPM

Weight: 1lb to 500lbs or (227kg)

Noise Level: 1 to 95db

North American Clean Energy 73

ITH Engineering

Product: Hydraulic Torque Wrench type CX

Description: ITH type CX is an ultralight wrench system that maximizes speed and versatility. The ultralight housing and TWIN swivel hose connection make handling easy. The quick-release reaction arm has an asymmetrical shape and can be flipped to shorten or lengthen its reach in addition to 360° rotation.

Power System: Hydraulic Drive Size: 3/4" to 2 1/2"

Torque: 1475 to 29,500 ft/lbs (2,000 to 40,000Nm)

Weight: 4.6lbs to 75lbs (2.1kg to 34kg)

Key Features:

• High-speed dual-hose operation;

• Ultralight housing;

• Quick-release reaction arms and drive inserts;

• Asymmetrical reaction arm can be flipped and rotated 360°;

• TWIN swivel hose connection.


Product: High Torque DC Angle Nutrunner

Description: AcraDyne's HT DC

Angle Nutrunner is a tool for servicing blades on wind turbines. The compact tool configuration allows easy access to blade bolts. The 360° swivel gearcase allows for precise placement of the tool reaction bar against reactive surfaces.

Power System: Electric 110V or 220V Drive Size: 1"

Torque: 240 to 3000Nm; 77 to 2200ft/ lb

RPM: 15 to 38RPM

Weight: 17.9lbs to 20.4lbs (8.1kg to 9.3kg)

Noise Level: <66dB(a)

Key Features:

• 240 to 3000Nm torque range;

• Faster speed than hydraulic tools;

• Dual-lever option available for additional safety;

• Built-in transducer ensures accurate torque and angle values;

• Intuitive user interface for setup and data transfer.


Product: VT-1000

Description: The VOLTA's Lithium Power provides the capability to torque hundreds of fastenings with no hoses or cords to limit the user’s reach.

Power System: Battery Drive Size: 1" 240 to 1000 ft/lbs (330 to 1350Nm) 2 at min torque, 8 at max torque 11.5lbs (5.2kg) w/o reaction arm and battery, 14.5lbs (6.6kg )w/reaction arm and

Noise Level: 76 - 87db


Product: LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Torque Tool

Description: The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool has been redesigned from the ground up with expanded functionality, greater durability, and intuitive usability. This lightweight battery powered tool, with capacity up to 5000 ft/ lbs, is a solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting jobs worldwide.

Power System: Battery Drive Size: 3/4" to 1.5"

Torque: 35 to 5000ft/lb; 47 to 6779Nm

RPM: Varies by configuration

Weight: Varies by configuration

Noise Level: 70db

Norwolf Tool Works, Inc.

X-Driver System


Power System: Hydraulic Drive Size: Assorted Torque: Assorted Weight: Assorted Noise Level: Assorted

The X-Driver system is a multi-patented, doubleacting hydraulic torque wrench based on a power head that works with 3 different drives: A Drive - low profile hex ratchet, M Drivelow profile cassette, and V Drive - square drive. A slim, fast, easy, and versatile hydraulic wrench.
74 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// Maximum Integrity. Optimum Performance. Wireless Monitoring. The SPC4® System The next level in safety, economy, and accurate bolt loading. Talk to a technical specialist: | U.S. Toll Free: 1-800-832-6587 |

Bolts & Fasteners

Reliable tools and components are important in any industry, but particularly in wind power, where efficient turbine and blade construction and operation are essential to safety and project success. This issue, we’re highlighting the latest in bolts and fasteners from various companies in the industry.

Sanlin Fastener, Inc.

Product: Bolts, nuts, and stamping parts

Description: Sanlin fastener produce nuts, bolt, stamping parts, and customized products.

Application: Sanlin fastener has implemented a quality control system: ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO45001.

Key Features:

• Long outdoor service life;

• Good anti-rust effect;

• High strength grade;

• Simple and convenient installation;

• Various surface coating options.

Copper State Bolt & Nut Co.

Product: LMF+ Load Monitoring Fastener

Description: Load Monitoring Fastener+ (LMF+) wireless fastener tension monitoring system provides continuous monitoring of tension during and after assembly. Set predefined tolerances offer in-service alerts. Real- time, precise, and easy-to-read digital data measurements can be read with a hand-held reader, phone, or any Internet device. Condition monitoring for optimized performance and + predictive maintenance.

Application: LMF+ used where fasteners (dia. M20 – M100) need accurate tension during installation and retorque, and where a text or email alert is a benefit when fastener comes loose.

Cooper & Turner

Product: High Strength Safety Critical Fasteners

Description: Cooper & Turner is a manufacturer and supplier of high strength, safety critical large diameter (M16 <> M100) hex bolts, double ended studs, and threaded rod. Employing automation (including in-process NDT inspection and automatic zinc flake coating) and robotics results in high quality and consistent products, having full lot traceability, for global customer needs.

Application: Where there is a requirement for a high quality product manufactured for the demanding needs of renewable energy, able to withstand hostile environments of the world.

Sherex Fastening Solutions

Product: Disc-Lock and TEC Series

Description: Sherex's TEC Series and DiscLock wedge locking products help secure joints from loosening due to vibration. These wedge locking washers and nuts are used on many wind assemblies and come in standard sizing up to M72.

Application: TEC Series and Disc-Lock products are used in a variety of renewable applications. Standard sizes range from M3 to M72 and include sizes in inches as well.

ITH Engineering

Product: IHF Fasteners

Description: IHF fasteners are designed for use with ITH tensioners to achieve maintenance-free bolted joints. The optimized design eliminates the need for washers and allows high utilization of the yield point, small bolt dimensions can be used with the same tensioning force.

Application: IHF fasteners are generally used in steel construction, especially on flanges. Available standard dimensions are M36 to M80.

Key Features:

• DIBt approved;

• Maintenance-free;

• Substitute common bolts and nuts;

• Highest accuracy and repeatability in clamp loads;

• Flanges can be designed more compact and reduce costs.

Williams Form Engineering Corp.

Product: Earth Anchors

Description: Threaded steel bars and accessories for rock anchors, soil anchors, high capacity concrete anchors, micropiles, tie rods, tiebacks, strand anchors, hollow bar anchors, post tensioning systems, and concrete forming hardware systems in the construction industry.

Application: Foundation anchors for wind turbines

NTC Wind Energy

Product: IronClad Bolt Caps

Description: IronClad Bolt Caps, Grout Sleeves, CorrosionX Grease, and Bolt Tensioning

Application: Foundation corrosion protection

North American Clean Energy 75

HEICO Fastening Systems

Product: HEICO-LOCK Wedge-Lock Washers

Description: HEICO's certified bolt fastening system works safely in dry and lubricated conditions. They can be reused consistently without loss of function or quality, and cost up to 50% less than comparable fasteners. HEICOLOCK Wedge-Lock Washers are suitable for use with high-tensile bolts of grade 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 and their respective nuts.

Application: A wedge locking system that prevents bolted joint self-loosening for critical applications subjected to vibration and dynamic shock loads. Typical applications include wind turbines, heavy machinery (i.e. construction, processing, and agriculture), mining and quarrying, oil and gas, etc.

Key Features:

• Supplied as a pre-assembled pair that is easy to install and remove;

• Will not rust, break or vibrate loose;

• Certified system for securing bolts, working at low and high preload levels;

• Particularly suitable for dynamic loads, including when using lubricants;

• Available from M3-M76 and 1/4"-3" in steel or stainless steel with narrow or wide bearing surfaces.

Nucor Steel

Product: Fasteners

Description: Nucor Fastener manufactures hex head cap screws, finished hex nuts, structural bolting assemblies, and flange bolts, with expanded product lines to include build-to-print fasteners with customized head styles, dimensions, grades, and finishes.They are able to accommodate special finishes, patches, adhesives, and other secondary processing requests.

Application: Steel products for custom solar projects

Key Features:

• Made in the USA;

• Advanced tracking system documents full history of steel from raw material through shipping;

• Low cost, long lasting engineered solutions;

• Made from recycled steel;

• ISO9001:-ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q90012015, ISO/TS 16949:2016, ANSI/ ISO 14001:2015 registered.

Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Company

Product: Maxbolt Load Indicating Fastener System

Description: Valley Forge now has direct tension measurement available via a remote wireless group of meters.

Application: Wind turbine yaw puck assemblies, blade bolts, tower anchor bolts, tower section bolts.

Key Features:

• Continuously measures and displays the amount of tension on a bolt or stud;

• Monitors clamping force while the fastener is in service;

• In-service monitoring reduces potential for premature wear, expensive downtime, and catastrophic joint failure;

• Compatible with conventional tightening and tensioning equipment;

• Sealed to withstand harsh environments and submersion from -40°F to 180°F.

Belleville Springs and Washers
Solon Belleville Springs and Washers reduce bolted joint failures by maintaining the bolt preload. They are particularly useful where vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep, and bolt yield are problematic.
Mechanical components in wind turbines
76 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// Tension&TorqueKit Minimalist Compact Lightweight Thesimplesolutionfor boltchecks
Solon Manufacturing Co. Product:

March 8th -10 th , 2022 Hotel del Coronado Coronado, CA


Blade servicing tool

AcraDyne HT DC Angle Nutrunner is a compact tool for servicing windturbine blades which allows access to blade bolts that cannot be easily accessed by other continuous drive tools. The 360° swivel gearcase allows for precise placement of the tool reaction bar against reactive surfaces. A dual-lever option avoids accidental tool start and provides additional safety by providing Two-Hand No Tie Down tool operation. The AcraDyne HT DC angle nutrunner can fasten blade bolts efficiently and accurately. In a field test where pitch-bearing bolts were tightened, the fastening speed increased by 500% when compared to hydraulic tools. The customer was able to tighten all 200 pitch-bearing bolts in 1-1/4 hours.


GWO certified training programs

Safety One Training has recently received GWO certification to meet the safety needs of the growing wind energy industry. Centrally located in the Denver metro area of Colorado, Safety One Training provides hands-on training at their indoor facility, which includes a training nacelle. In addition to the Manual Handling, Working at Heights, and Fire Awareness modules of the GWO BST Standard, they also provide training in SPRAT Rope Access, Confined Spaces, and Advanced and Customized Rescue for wind energy technicians.

Safety One Training

The ACP Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference is where the industry connects to recognize these unique challenges and identify solutions in health and safety, operations and maintenance, workforce training and development, and quality assurance.

Transformer manufacturer and field services provider

Southwest Electric Co. manufactures standard and custom transformers for all conditions and they also provide a complete range of maintenance, testing, and oil processing services. In addition to transformer manufacturing, they offer substation services and can handle the remanufacturing of Yaw & Pitch motors to like-new conditions in a matter of weeks.

Southwest Electric Co.

Long lasting synthetic lubricants

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants use sophisticated additives to provide cost-effective choices for prolonging equipment life, reducing maintenance, and increasing performance. AMSOIL PTN 320 is approved with all gearbox manufacturers, including Winergy/ Flender, NGC, Gearbox Express, Moventas, and ZF, and their lubricants are used as a global factory run-in for Winergy, NGC, and ZF.


Enhanced reliability in electric pitch control systems

The Richardson Electronics’ ULTRA3000 Pitch Energy Module (PEM) is a reliable ultracapacitorbased plug and play replacement for batteries within wind turbine pitch systems. Ultracapacitors have the ability to deliver quick bursts of power in a short time frame, helpful for emergency pitching in a wind turbine generator (WTG).

Richardson Electronics

FAA and ICAO compliant lighting systems

TWR is a manufacturer of obstruction lighting, radar detection systems, and visibility sensors for wind turbines and tall structures that present a hazard to aviation. TWR provides FAA and ICAO compliant systems.

TWR Lighting, Inc.

Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.
North American Clean Energy 77

Fall arrest cable sleeve

The new SKYLOTEC CLAW Vertical Fall Arrest Cable Sleeve is designed to fit a wide variety of wire ropes and travel along the vertical system while providing fall arrest when needed. Engineered to fit 3/8 and 5/16-inch wire rope, this high quality, lightweight stainless-steel device travels smoothly up and down the vertical system without hanging up. The redundant safety features reduce the risk of improper installation and unsafe situations. The CLAW is independently tested to meet ANSI ANSI/ASSP Z-359.16, ANSI/ASSP A14.3, OSHA, and CSA Z259.2.5-17 requirements.


Predictive maintenance solutions

ONYX Insight’s hardware solution, ecoPITCH, predicts where and when costly pitch bearing failures occur in wind turbines. Based on its condition monitoring system, ecoCMS, ONYX Insight’s ecoPITCH uses robust, innovative sensor hardware, permanently installed in the hub, to detect early warning signs of impending pitch bearing failure, through advanced analytics. The system uses multiple data streams and advanced signal processing techniques, enabling operators to understand when faults are going to occur in this critical part of the turbine which is notoriously difficult to monitor.

ONYX Insight

Versatile and durable torque tester

SmartCheck is a small sized, versatile, and easy-to-use torque tester suitable for any workshop and service vehicle. Its compact dimensions coupled with its rotatable display and the flexibility for horizontal or vertical mounting, provide compatibility in any location. With a splash-proof display and keypad, it can be operated through power supply or battery. SmartCheck quickly provides information on whether or not a torque wrench is within the prescribed tolerances or if it requires adjustment. The integrated visual and audible overload protection mechanism and impact resistant plastic housing ensure the durability associated with STAHLWILLE products.


Automated monitoring and weather analysis

Indji Systems is an online software service provider for the Renewable Energy Industry. With clientdriven solutions, they provide fully automated monitoring and analysis of natural hazards impacting client assets and operations. The Indji Watch product provides awareness of significant weather events endangering employees and disrupting operations. Indji Watch enables informed decisions through intelligent monitoring of assets, accurate alerts, post lightning analysis, and high-resolution model forecasts. Indji Systems’ new Plan of Day/Week dashboard gives users the ability to easily identify rapidly changing weather at-a-glance, allowing them to be more proactive in mitigating potential impacts to their operation and employee safety.

Indji Systems

Option to easily ascend wind turbines

The Climb Auto System by 3S Lift is an innovative single person ladder-mounted lift that allows technicians to reach the top of the tower in 5 minutes. It improves health and safety because it puts zero stress on muscles and joints. By eliminating the climb, the lift extends technician longevity and allows experienced talent to stay in the job for longer. Because the Climb Auto System is mounted to the existing ladder it can be easily retrofitted to almost any wind turbine, often in 8 hours or less. Thanks to lower upfront capital expenditures and lower operating costs, it reduces the total cost of ownership compared to a Service Lift. The Climb Auto System is CE, UL, ANSI, and OSHA certified and has been installed in more than 55,000 turbines worldwide.

3S Lift

Customizable SCADA analytics

Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA is a customizable, easy-to-use solution that helps manage wind farms. Maximum flexibility ensures rapid implementation, ease of operation, and the possibility to expand the installation efficiently. Users can prioritize the information they want to see and achieve the security levels required to keep data and assets safe. Live data from different farms and turbines can be compared to support detailed analysis, including power curve, wind distribution, energy production, and switch counters in the form of graphs and/ or tables. Bachmann’s Wind Power SCADA is based on pure web technology, allowing for a wide range of devices; a browser is all that's needed to access secure, extensive, and detailed information on an entire fleet.

Bachmann Electronic

Intersolar North America & Energy Storage North America
78 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// Nutrunner is THE Tool for Servicing Wind-Turbine Blades 240 – 3,000 Nm torque range Faster speed than hydraulic tools Dual-lever option available for additional safety Compact ergonomic design with 360° swivel gearcase for limitedspace applications Built-in transducer ensures accurate torque and angle values 800-852-1368 503-254-6600 A BETTER ANGLE ON BIG JOBS Visit us at booth #406 at the ACP O&M and Safety Conference CONTACT US TODAY TO REQUEST A QUOTE
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- Li-Ion
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Batteries - Lead Acid

Azimuth Solar Products

Azimuth carries deep cycle lead crystal/ Silicon Dioxide batteries that are maintenance free and ready to use. No freezing, a -40°F to 149°F temperature range, no off-gassing, and a 100% depth of discharge for full capacity use. 8-12 years service life. Comes in sizes for small projects to RV upgrades. Easy set up and Canadian warehouses.

Natron Energy

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries are UL1973 recognized and have passed rigorous UL9540A fire testing, offer high power density, fast recharge, and long cycle life. Natron builds its batteries using commodity materials on existing cell manufacturing lines. Natron Energy’s mission is to transform industrial and grid energy storage markets by providing customers with low cost, long lasting, efficient, and safe batteries.

Sun Xtender Batteries


The NSB BLUE+ Battery applies carbon technology for high cycle life and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) performance. Thin plate technology delivers long life and high power output. In addition, the NSB BLUE+ Battery is a UL1989-recognized product and is flame retardant to meet UL94VO. It is built in the United States, has a two-year shelf life and offers fast, efficient recharge. The NorthStar BLUE+ Battery features special plastic components for operation in a wide temperature range. Its product range is 40-210 amp hours.


Redflow manufactures the ZBM3 which features a modular, scalable design that is suitable for a wide range of applications from small commercial installations to large GWh storage solutions. Each battery is rated at 10kWh, with a 3kW continuous and 5kW peak power rating. The ZBM3 is small, simple, and compatible. The compact and flexible design includes a more compact stack and an Energy Extraction Device (EED) built into the Mark box, allowing flexibility of energy output of 0-60V, making it compatible with a wide range of applications without needing any external voltage conversion.

VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Renewable and Maintenance Free Battery PVX-1530T of the Sun Xtender renewable energy battery product line is a 30H Tall battery size, a 12V option used in both grid tied and off grid renewable energy storage systems. A low impedance renewable energy battery design with excellent charge acceptance. There is no current limit with controlled voltage charging. VRLA-AGM is a sealed, maintenance free deep cycle battery requiring no watering. Copper alloy terminals keep the Sun Xtender renewable energy battery free from dissimilar metal corrosion and there is no exposure to lead. Shipped fully charged and ready for installation. All Sun Xtender Batteries ship Hazmat Exempt by land, sea, and air.

Batteries - All Iron Flow

ESS, Inc.

Maxdura Battery

Maxdura Battery is an industrial battery supplier across North America, which brings high-quality products and battery maintenance services to their valued customers. Their business includes new and fully reconditioned forklift batteries, forklift chargers, storage battery for solar, wind, and on/off-grid system, battery rental, battery parts and accessories, battery recycling, battery inspection, repair services, and more.

Rolls Battery Engineering

Designed for true drop-in replacement in standard BCI sizing, Rolls new R-Series 12V and 24V LFP lithium models offer a maintenance-free and lightweight flooded and SLA alternative with fast charge/ discharge capability, built-in BMS with operating protections, up to 4x series and 4x parallel connectivity for 48V system configuration and exceptional cycle life (>6000 cycles @ 80% DOD, >3000 cycles @ 100% DOD), backed by a 3-year full replacement manufacturer warranty.

The ESS Energy Center is a “battery-in-abuilding” platform that uses their second generation power module to deliver capacities starting at 3MW and storage durations ranging up to 12 hours. The Energy Center’s environmentally benign chemistry, composed of iron, salt and water, make this solution easy to deploy and maintain. Power and capacity operate independently, providing the flexibility to use the battery for multiple uses simultaneously and can be upgraded by adding electrolyte. The Energy Center utilizes the same electrolyte on both sides of the redox equation, reducing contamination and degradation while increasing efficiency, and is easily recyclable at end of life.

U.S. Battery Manufacturing

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1926 and manufactures deep cycle batteries specifically for many industries, worldwide. The company’s RE Series batteries are designed to provide high peak capacity, long cycle life, and reliability for use in industrial or residential renewable energy applications. RE Series batteries utilize the company’s XC2 formulation and Diamond Plate Technology to create an efficient battery plate, delivering high watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram.

Batteries - Li-Ion

Battle Born Batteries

Battle Born Battery’s 100Ah 12V Li-ion batteries are a replacement for lead-acid batteries and elevate RV, marine, and off-grid experiences. This safe, reliable lithium option weighs in at just 31lbs and is capable of storing renewable energy and relieving battery anxiety. With a life expectancy of 3000 to 5000 deep cycles, a 10-year warranty, and a built-in battery management system (BMS), these batteries are meant to get users out there and provide the luxury of staying out there longer. Battle Born Batteries are designed and assembled in the USA and are backed by an in-house team of technical sales specialists.

80 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Bioenno Power

Based in Santa Ana, California, Bioenno Power offers lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for various solar and industrial applications. The company's "BLF-" series offers a 10-year service life, 1/4 the weight of SLA batteries, and built in circuitry that balances/equalizes cells, protects against overcharging, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overvoltage.

Dürr Systems, Inc.

Garnde Solar Energy

Darfon America Corp.

The B17 is a 17.5kWh high-voltage LFP battery and is part of Darfon’s outdoor-rated energy storage solution. Its high voltage design increases the conversion efficiency, lowers the current, and reduces the cable thickness. There are 6 battery modules in the B17, and each module can be installed or swapped in-situ. The low enclosure height means the battery can be installed beneath the H7 hybrid inverter, reducing the installation footprint.

Dürr Megtec is a global turnkey supplier of production machinery for lithium-ion battery electrodes, including tandem and simultaneous two-sided coating lines, integrated solvent recovery, and refining systems. From R&D to mass production, Dürr Megtec offers easy-to-use laboratory coating machine or production lines with patented simultaneous two-sided coating capability. For other advanced materials markets, like fuel cells, battery separators, composites, or membranes, Dürr Megtec offers customized industrial dryers designed to meet the requirements of each project. In addition, they offer a wide variety of pollution control equipment, including oxidizers, solvent recovery, and particulate control.

Garnde and its partners have invested in the production of Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) batteries, and they have been working to continuously improve technology and reduce costs of lithium batteries. Garnde have developed their EnerBank LiFePO4 Battery (12V-100Ah, 12V-150Ah, 12V-200Ah) which will bring large market opportunities to replace lead-acid or gel battery in solar systems. A cost-effective energy storage solution that provides >12 years service life span, and >5000 cycles @ DoD 80%.

Lion Energy

Kronus Engineering

Kronus Engineering’s DOLOMITE battery storage system provides affordable backup power for commercial buildings. Whether running standalone or connected to renewable power or the grid, the adaptable, high-performance solution helps save energy, reduce utility bills, and provides reliable energy security for thousands of cycles. With a base module capacity of 70kWh, the DOLOMITE is scalable to meet a wide range of energy needs. Like Kronus’s other battery products, the DOLOMITE has quick startup times, noiseless power, a small carbon footprint, and requires little maintenance.

The new Lion Eclipse provides 3 in 1 wireless charging for Qi enabled smart phones, earbuds, and watches. It also has 2 USB outputs for charging other devices. The Lion Eclipse is a suitable companion for travelers who don't want to have multiple charging cords for their devices. It's pocket sized, yet powerful enough to charge the user’s devices. It's TSA approved for the airlines as well. The Lion Eclipse is 27,000mAh, 99.9Wh, and weighs just over a pound.

Lithium Power, Inc.

ESS-500-48 is a lithium-ion rechargeable NMC battery pack. Designed for telecom UPS and other mission critical applications, the back-up battery comes with built-in safety protections, gas gauge, cell and pack balancing, as well as communication. Various communication protocols are available such as CANBus, SMBus, Bluetooth, and more. Around 60 parameters of battery information can be delivered live or saved in the battery's history data log. The battery pack is designed to meet UN, UL, and IEC certification requirements.

Lithium Werks

LEOCH Battery Corporation

Leoch's Pure Lead + Carbon Technology has been specifically engineered to support partial-state-of-charge applications where the batteries are cycled regularly. These high power, energy dense batteries offer super-fast charging from 0% to 90% in 1hr and a long deep cycle life of 3000 cycles at 50% DoD. The ABS-Polycarbonate jars provide rugged durability and a wide operating temperature of -40°F to 131°F (-40°C to 55°C). Tested to IEC standards.

Lithium Werks manufactures lithium-ion cells and custom battery systems that can be arranged with cells at 3.3Vdc up to systems of 1000Vdc, from kWh to MWh. Lithium Werks’ Lithium Iron Nanophosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry delivers high power, extreme safety, exceptional life, and is suitable for frequency regulation, peak power shaving, and critical UPS line stabilization. They also make custom battery solutions for long duration solar and wind energy storage.


Villara Energy Systems

The VillaGrid is a Lithium Titanate (LTO) battery, delivering 30kW peak power (10kW continuous), a 20-year warranty, and carbon-free, non-flammable battery chemistry. Villara Energy Systems has designed a smart battery optimized for power, safety, and lifetime value. Built with fundamentally, elementally different battery cells (made by Toshiba), the VillaGrid is powerful enough to back up whole homes, and can be charged or discharged in the extreme cold (-22°F) and the extreme heat (131°F). The VillaGrid is 9540 listed, CEC approved, and delivering energy independence to discerning homeowners.

Batteries - Redox Flow

Energy Storage Solutions, E22

E22’s VRFBs are electrochemical energy storage systems that include Remote Diagnostic and Continuous Monitoring of all parameters, including the State of Charge (SOC). Currently available in two sizes depending on it's capacity. 50kW with 4 hours of energy storage ready to discharge at rated power and fully packed in an standard 20ft container. 250-330kW that allows the parallel connection of several units to each other, thus having the possibility of configuring the system according to the requested needs. European Conformity mark (CE) according to Directives 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/, and taking as reference the certifications IEC 61439-1:2011, IEC 61439-2:2011 and IEC TS 62933-5-1: 2017.


IMA Battery's Iron Moderate Acid Redox Flow Battery contains non-corrosive near-neutral electrolytes and provide a 25+ yr service life and unlimited cycles. There is no capacity decay during full-service life and the electrolyte can be directly re-used at the end of 25-yr product life. It's an aqueous system, and has no fire hazard and at MWh+ scale, it occupies a small footprint. It has a built-in absorbent design and can absorb the leaked water-soluble electrolytes and convert them to water-insoluble hydroxides, which can be readily recovered for new electrolyte production or for direct land disposal.

North American Clean Energy 83

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)


Aggreko’s fully integrated, plug-and-play battery storage solutions ensure maximum system effectiveness and efficiency. They have been optimized across every component to deliver system performance, minimize operating costs, and shrink a carbon footprint. Aggreko offers solutions to power a microgrid, add reliability to a hybrid system, and to optimize business cases through smart energy management. The Y.Cube is a ready-toinstall energy storage system.

Atlas Energy Solutions

Atlas Powerwalls and Powertowers pair well with many hybrid inverters with BMS communication and work well with most off-grid inverters systems. Their 12V 100Ah and 200Ah collection with built-in Bluetooth makes any RV solar or off-grid solar easy and will retrofit with most systems as a replacement battery. Their new Bluetooth 48V series is able to stack in series for 96V to accommodate a new series of hybrid inverters. The 7.6kwh Ultra Slim line of batteries have versatile removable mounting brackets for easy installation. Their versatile battery cabinet can stack 6 slims inside for a total of 45.6kwh power tower. This cabinet also has a1000Ahdc bus bar along with NEMA 3r rating and thermostat controlled fans. Atlas offers a 1-year or 6000 cycle warranty with all their products.

Discover Battery

Discover Advanced Energy System (AES) LiFePO4 Lithium Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are UL 1973 and UL 9540 certified for residential off-grid solar and whole-home backup power. AES LiFePO4 lithium ESS offers bankable performance and features up to 3C peak power along with lightningfast 1C continuous charge and discharge rates. Parallel up to twenty batteries for over 140kWh of capacity. Unlock the full potential of LiFePO4 ESS with LYNK II Gateway by enabling the BMS to dynamically manage the charging configurations of hybrid inverter-chargers, Schneider, Victron, Sol-Ark, SMA, Studer. Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot LiFePO4 ESS with LYNK ACCESS software for PC.

Edgecom Energy

Edgecom Energy's turnkey BESS is custom designed for a facility's specific needs and can be operated remotely with their Blockchain-Based Network Operations Centre (NOC) to optimize its participation in the Ontario energy market. With no upfront capital, Edgecom Energy will install their scalable, modular BESS on the site and provide users with a quarterly cash payment for having the system participate in various savings programs. The system can also be used for power quality improvements and backup power. Users pay their electric bill to Edgecom Energy, who is an OEB-licensed billing company. Edgecom Energy then owns, operates, and maintains the system over the term.

Moment Energy

Moment Energy provides clean, affordable, and reliable energy storage by repurposing retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries. These Energy Storage Systems (ESS) reduce diesel consumption by creating hybrid generator systems and enabling off-grid sites to install solar or wind power systems. With a dieselbattery-hybrid solution, it’s possible to reduce diesel consumption by up to 40% and generator runtime by up to 90%. With the addition of solar, the need for diesel can be removed altogether. Their solutions stack with 60kWh building blocks to accommodate any sizing needs.


Invinity Energy Systems

The VS3 is the core building block of Invinity’s energy storage systems. Self-contained and easy to deploy, it uses vanadium redox flow technology to store energy in an aqueous solution that never degrades, even under continuous maximum power and depth of discharge cycling. Their technology is non-flammable, and requires little maintenance and upkeep. These high throughput, unlimited-cycling systems give users the operational freedom to maximize their ROI. With a 25-year lifespan that matches solar and wind assets, the VS3 provides utility-grade energy storage for grid-scale, C&I, and microgrid applications.

Powin's Stack750 Centipede platform combines battery stacks with outdoor-rated modular enclosures to form a pre-assembled outdoor cabinet. Each 750KWh Stack comes pre-integrated into the outdoor cabinet, encased with the necessary HVAC controls and fire suppressions, all within one modular enclosure that can be scaled up to the size required by the client. The Centipede Platform will cut down site installation time by 50%, provide increases in the energy density of their products, and it will enable them to assemble the fully tested product in the factory, and ship it directly to any location in North America from their Celestica manufacturing facility.

Dynapower Company

Clean Energy Associates

CEA is a global technical advisory company that provides comprehensive engineering, supply chain, market intelligence, and quality solutions for the storage and solar industries. They serve financial institutions, project developers, EPCs, IPPs, and power plant owners. CEA's engineers conduct upstream quality assurance in factories in Asia and worldwide. Their technology, research, and engineering teams provide support throughout the product life cycle, from upstream supply chain management and supplier market intelligence, to downstream engineering services at the project site. Their product expertise lies in energy storage systems, battery technologies, PV modules, racking, and inverters.

Headquartered in South Burlington, VT, Dynapower designs and manufactures energy storage inverters, DC-DC converters, and fully integrated battery energy storage systems. Systems are available in building blocks from 125kW to 3MW and can be paralleled to meet the sizing needs of any installation. With advanced features for both grid-tied and microgrid applications, as well as integrated safety and protective features, their systems offer performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness.


Leclanché’s LeBlock is a fully modular and scalable energy storage solution designed for large installations. LeBlock reduces the total cost of ownership, and environmental footprint, through simplified logistics and installation, possible reconfiguration, and easy return for recycling at the end of its life cycle. Each BatteryBlock ships with fully pre-installed and configured battery racks with up to 745kWh of lithiumion batteries, including a temperature management and standard fire protection system. Four interconnected LeBlock blocks form a standard 20-foot ISO container with no packaging waste or need for additional transport containers.

Rosendin Electric

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are fast becoming a key component of existing and future renewable energy strategies implemented by utility, municipal, developer, and commercial clients throughout the U.S. Rosendin supplies technology agnostic BESS solutions for most all frequency control, and regulation, demand response, load shifting, peak shaving, microgrid, and backup power applications.

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Urban Electric Power

Urban Electric Power offers Energy Storage Systems (ESS) utilizing rechargeable alkaline battery technology. The systems are scalable from residential to grid applications. The lithium and lead free alkaline technology prevents any risk of thermal runaway or toxicity. The flexible design can meet specific customer requirements including custom indoor and outdoor installations. From racks to containerized solutions, the UEP ESS can operate in a grid-tied or micro-grid mode and is compatible with solar integration. Urban Electric Power revolutionizes energy storage with safe, affordable rechargeable alkaline battery technology.

Trimark Associates, Inc.

Trimark’s Intelligent Energy Controls helps PV+BESS resource owners capitalize on energy market opportunities, meet strict compliance requirements, and operate with confidence. Trimark’s utility-scale plant controls run on rock-solid hardware, like SEL RTAC. They follow open standards, like Modular Energy System Architecture (MESA) DER to support interoperability between power generation devices, battery storage devices, and control systems. And Trimark’s support team is available 24/7 to ensure peace of mind.


TROES is an advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) provider. TROES specializes in developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering smart, cloud-managed, lithium-iron phosphate powered energy storage systems as a complete turnkey solution. Using proprietary technology, TROES enables mid-size projects with safe, cost-effective, and adaptable plug-and-play battery energy storage products and solutions. Cabinet or container enclosures are available for indoor and outdoor projects. Systems start at 30kWh and are designed in increments of 10kWh, preventing oversizing and overpaying. Renewable sources can be incorporated for additional benefits.

North American Clean Energy 85 ROLLSBATTERY.COM HIGH PERFORMANCE LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE (LIFEPO4) BATTERIES Rolls NEW R-Series 12V & 24V LFP models provide a lightweight drop-in SLA replacement with fast charging/discharging capability, compact case design, exceptional cycle life, and 48V connectivity. LIGHTWEIGHT BATTERIES HEAVYWEIGHT POWER & PERFORMANCE Offering board-certified technical training at NABCEP Continuing Education Conference Phoenix, AZ March 28-31st, 2022

Battery Management Systems

Nuvation Energy

Nuvation Energy’s High-Voltage BMS provides cell- and stack-level control for battery stacks up to 1250VDC. One Stack Switchgear unit manages each stack. Cell Interface modules connect directly to battery cells to measure cell voltages and temperatures and provide cell balancing. The UL 1973 Recognized BMS modules in each stack ensure safe battery operation and significantly reduce the effort of pursuing UL 9540 certification.

Battery Testing, Inspection, Safety

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

Chroma 62000E Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies provide single-channel output of 1.7kW, 3.4kW, and 5kW, as well as three channel of 1.7kW output each configured in a high power density 1U chassis. The 28 models offer fixedand autorange output with current ratings up to 22.5A and voltage ratings up to 1200V. The 62000E series provides constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes so that users may switch the output priority based on testing requirements. Along with its high precision measurement output, its high-speed transient response and low noise satisfies a variety of devices and test applications in both labs and automated test system integration.


Cornell Dubilier Electronics

CDE’s 947D DC-Link capacitors are conditioned at accelerated temperature and voltage before they leave the factory. This process eliminates infant mortal failures and produces thermally and electrically stable DC Link Capacitors.



GEMÜ Valves

Since 1988 GEMÜ Valves Inc. has been manufacturing High Purity valves, measurement, and control systems. Their High Purity products are developed and produced for use in process equipment, ultra-pure water, and chemical manufacturing and distribution systems for electrolyte filling and separation of various media. The High Purity products are produced under strict cleanroom conditions at their manufacturing site in Switzerland.

The Littelfuse SE-601 is a microprocessor-based ground-fault relay for ungrounded dc systems. It provides sensitive ground-fault protection without the problems associated with nuisance tripping. Ground-fault current is sensed using an SE-GRM Series Ground-Reference Module, a resistor network that limits ground-fault current to 25mA. The SE-601 is used on ungrounded dc systems ranging from industrial 24Vdc control circuits to 1000Vdc solar and transportation systems. Benefits include an adjustable trip delay for quick protection or delayed response, ten settings for a wide range of low-level protection, and output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits. Panduit

Sensata Technologies - Gigavac

Sensata Technologies’ GIGAVAC brand HX Series EPIC (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) hermetically sealed High Voltage DC Contactors are small, UL508 approved contactors for 1000V hot switching. Utilizing the EPIC seal means these high voltage contactors exceed sealing requirements of IP67 and IP69. The HX series High Voltage Hermetically Sealed Contactors are particularly suited for inverter systems, battery packs, and combiner boxes in solar or wind power systems.

KG Technologies

KGT supplies the hardware that performs essential functions of an Energy Gateway/ Microgrid Disconnect device. With hybrid energy storage systems, a gateway/ disconnect device becomes necessary to allow the energy system to operate independently from the grid in the event of an outage. KG Technologies’ multi-pole latching relays provide a disconnecting option for these gateway devices that comply with the strict standards that ensure safety and performance.

Panduit solar energy products provide robust end-to-end solutions. Buyers can utilize Plastic or Metal Solar Edge Clips and Edge Clip Cable Tie Mounts that secure the clips. Panduit Edge Clip Cable Tie Mounts can help secure wire and cable bundles with versatile mounting to edges. Key features and benefits are versatile mounting, close fit, an expanded range, and high performance. Meanwhile Panduit Metal Solar Edge Clips improve installation efficiency in the field and offer a robust solution that can withstand the UV environment. These stainless steel clips are highly durable and suitable for harsh environments.

SIBA Fuses

SIBA designs and manufactures advanced circuit protection fuses for a wide range of applications, such as BESS, PV, AC and DC semiconductor applications, Traction, AC and new 1000VDC UL drives, Transformers: dry, under-oil, and overhead, capacitors, filter and harmonic banks, and their line of circuit level SMD and miniature fuses. SIBA’s full line of fuses can be found in large installations from capacitor banks to BESS installations, from the battery level to the substation.

Schaltbau North America

Schaltbau GmbH develops and manufactures electromechanical components. Since 1929, they have been responsible for the safe operation of rail services, and today they protect systems in industrial applications for renewable energy, e-mobility, and automation.

Solon Manufacturing Co.

Solon Belleville Springs and Washers counteract the effects of differential thermal expansion, embedment relaxation, and vibration by maintaining sufficient load on bolted system connections to reduce bolt load variation. After yield and relaxation of joint components, a Belleville spring maintains a consistent sufficient load on the bolted joint. Solon Belleville Springs and Washers serve the renewable energy industry with applications in mechanical components in wind turbines, high-voltage electrical connections, solar PV racking systems, PEM fuel cells, valves, and flanges.

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Stäubli Electrical Connectors

More than 25 years of experience and experience in connecting complex photovoltaic (PV) systems worldwide enables Stäubli Electrical Connectors to create long-term value. With quality product solutions and services for eBoS (electrical Balance of Systems) applications in PV plants, they make projects reliable and efficient. Individually tailored to their customers’ needs, they provide all the required elements for any sized project. The MC4 family of PV connectors are rated up to 1500V UL, 70A, and are available for 14 through 8 AWG cable configurations. Their product portfolio also includes in-line fuses UL rated up to 1500V, to 30A.



Eaton’s Smart Energy Manager app advances sustainability, cuts energy costs, and optimizes usage. Used with Eaton smart breakers, the Smart Energy Manager app delivers advanced functionality, unlocking essential data and enabling new insights and ability to plan and manage home energy habits. Homeowners can view and monitor power usage, control smart breakers remotely, and make more informed energy decisions. The Smart Energy Manager app is a software interface for Eaton smart breakers, which provide circuit protection, cloud connectivity, remote control, and precise metering.


Techspan is an independently owned distributer of CSA approved electrical and automotive products, providing these products to the Canadian market for the last 30 years. Their Fusetek line includes a wide range of solar fuses and fuse holders, as well as the IMO solar product line. They carry a substantial inventory to provide fast, reliable delivery for their customers.

North American Clean Energy 87

Heila Technologies

Heila Technologies provides an end-to-end decentralized distributed energy resource (DER) management solution, the Heila Edge platform, to simplify the integration, operation, optimization, and scale-up of DERs. The platform is composed of hardware and software elements, leveraging advanced edge-computing technology, and proprietary decentralized control and optimization algorithms to unlock the intelligent, automated coordination and grid integration of all DERs. It is vendor agnostic, with no technology dependencies or lock-ins. Once the platform is integrated into a system, Heila becomes a committed partner, supporting clients during commissioning, deployment, and years of operations.

WAGO Corporation

WAGO has added three new IIot-enabled Generation 2 PFC200 controllers to their 750 series. These include a standard version for factory/energy applications and two XTR versions for work in harsh environments. Each of these PLCs come with two standard RJ45 Ethernet ports and two 100 Mbit/s SFP slots for fiber optic modules. These configurable ports can be used as a switch or with individual IP addresses and support MODBUS TCP/UDP, EtherNet/IP, OPCUA protocols with additional licenses supporting EtherCAT and Sparkplug. The fiber optic ports are beneficial where high electromagnetic interference is a concern or where long distance networking is needed.

Morningstar Corporation

The TriStar MPPT 600V (TS-MPPT-600V) is an innovative charge controller design. By accepting PV array input up to 600Voc, it enables installers to design systems with longer, fewer strings, reducing cabling and hardware which make installation and wiring easy and fast. Morningstar’s digital engineering combined with thermal management make the TS-MPPT-600V with TrakStar technology a charge controller that doesn’t require a cooling fan or fans.

Cooling Systems | Thermal Management Baknor

Roll Bonded Liquid Cold Plate from Baknor is cost effective liquid cooling. Liquid cooling is a high performance solution for demanding applications that require high reliability. A solution to move heat quickly due to its thermal performance, especially from critical areas in a design. Liquid cooling is the next step when air-cooling falls short, often because thermal performance can no longer be economically met, within the desired footprint. Liquid cold plates, often referred to as water blocks, allows for good mechanical integrity, while removing heat generated from power semiconductors or batteries.


Marvair wall-mount air conditioners are versatile problem solvers for a wide range of energy storage applications. Marvair’s energy efficient wall-mount air conditioners meet or exceed the US Department of Energy‘s Btu/h efficiency levels of 11 EER for units less than 65,000 BTUh cooling capacity and 10 EER for units larger than 65,000 BTUh. Electronically commutated indoor fan motors combined with highly efficient scroll compressors result in these high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER’s).

Cryogenic Energy Storage

Stego, Inc.

The CS 060 is a touch-safe heater for use in enclosures including optimization for designs in battery storage. The design of the heater utilizes natural convection which results in a circulating current of warm air. The surface temperatures on the accessible side surfaces of the housing are minimized as a result of the heater design. Their complete range of thermostats and hygrostats can directly be connected to the heater. The CS 060 is also available in a version with a plug-in thermostat requiring no additional wiring (CSF 060). These heaters are suitable for permanent operation.

Highview Power

Highview Power is the designer and developer of the CRYOBattery, a proprietary energy storage system that delivers reliable and cost-effective long-duration energy storage to enable a 100% renewable energy future. The CRYOBattery utilizes ambient air, which is cooled and stored as a liquid and then converted back into pressurized gas that drives turbines to produce zero-emissions electricity. Highview Power's liquid air long-duration energy storage systems can deliver between 50MW/30Mwh to more than 200MW/2000Mwh of energy and has a life span of more than 30 years. The CRYOBattery delivers a low-cost clean energy storage solution for large-scale applications.

Cyber Security

Iron Spear Information Security, Ltd.

Iron Spear provides solutions to meet the needs of their clients from security compliance to program development and operation. Their areas of expertise include Governance, Risk & Compliance, Identity & Access Management, Procurement & 3rd Party, Physical & Personnel Security, Configuration & Change Management, Threat & Vulnerability Management, Logging & Monitoring, and Incident Response. They focus on translating technical issues into real business risk and communicating these to leadership in a manner that is logical and relates to the organization.

Design & Build Integrator

PEKO Precision Products

PEKO Precision Products is a vertically integrated contract manufacturer specializing in bringing new machinery and equipment technologies to market by providing hardware manufacturing support at all stages of the product development cycle, including machinery prototypes, pilot stage builds, and production rate builds. One of their key focuses is on large and complex electro-mechanical equipment and technologies, including those that help advance renewable energy generation and storage. These technologies include fuel cells, renewable energy storage and custom power storage enclosure systems, solar and photovoltaic (PV) equipment, wind energy technology, and power distribution units.

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BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, LLC (USA)

BayWa r.e. is a distributor for inverters, batteries, and other residential storage gear in the United States as well as providing commercial and industrial storage equipment. They partner with companies including Stem, SolarEdge, Enphase, Fronius, SMA, and LONGi to bring Tier-1 products and quality advice. The BayWa r.e. Key Accounts Team can also help plan out C&I project needs for the coming business year, so their customers can stay alerted to supply chain shifts and stay ahead of the game.

Lithium energy storage systems for residential off-grid solar and whole home backup power.

Discover® Advanced Energy System (AES) LiFePO4 lithium batteries offer bankable performance and feature up to 3C peak power along with lightning fast 1C continuous charge and discharge rates. Parallel up to twenty batteries for over 140 kWh of capacity.

Discover HELIOS batteries are rated IP67 for indoor and outdoor installations up to 30 kWh and require only half the space of 24V and 48V groupings of GC-size lead-acid batteries. HELIOS features an integrated heat mat, allowing cold-weather charging to begin from -20°C / -4°F.

North American Clean Energy 89 #4 -13511 Crestwood Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 2E9, Canada + 1.778.776.3288 WITH LYNK PORT CONNECTIVITY LYNK
ADVANCED INTEGRATION – FASTER CHARGING Unlock the full potential of Discover ESS by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charging configurations of hybrid inverter-chargers - Schneider, Victron, Sol-Ark, SMA, Studer. Configure, monitor and troubleshoot Discover ESS systems with LYNK ACCESS software for PC.
works with residential, C&I, and utility battery energy storage system manufacturers
provide a one-stop-shop solution to meet energy independence goals. They offer residential hybrid on/off-grid solar + BESS, C&I outdoor cabinet BESS, and utility-scale container BESS. They also work with solar equipment manufacturers to help customers deliver more solar

M. J. Electric

From interconnection to the grid through completing the testing and start-up activities, M. J. Electric works with customers to meet their battery storage construction needs. They bring enhanced reliability, and cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to solve multiple challenges of the modern grid infrastructure. M. J. Electric provides a broad range of electrical construction needs including utility, industrial, renewable, and EV charging stations.

Next Hydrogen

Next Hydrogen’s water electrolyser is designed to integrate intermittent renewable electric power sources and clean hydrogen production on an infrastructure scale. Next Hydrogen’s patented cell architecture, which enables modules up to 500 Nm3/h, gives operational flexibility, while delivering the lifecycle economics of alkaline systems. Since it can run at a high current density, its has a large operating range, and because gas-liquid separators and gas coolers are built inside the module, multi-MW hydrogen generation plants can be pre-assembled in shipping containers, reducing the cost of plant construction. Packaged hydrogen generators are offered with 100, 300, and 500 NM3/h output capacities.

Electronics Contract


Maysteel Industries, LLC

Maysteel designs and fabricates custom sheet metal enclosures to support renewable energy technology, including energy and battery storage, fuel cells, and electric vehicle (EV) charging. From meeting NEMA standards and UL requirements to improving product scalability, they ensure their product can withstand environmental stressors and protect internal technology.

Energy Storage Systems

Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion HI energy system is built on the company’s lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) technology, pairing non-toxic, high-performance batteries with embedded intelligence and sleek design. This maintenancefree system is backed by a 15-year performance warranty; engineered with integrated racking for flexible cabinet sizing (8, 12, or 16kWh), and stackable enclosures that can adapt to meet customers needs, and easily grow with them in the future. From removable doors to no-drill conduit knockouts, Blue Ion HI is designed to streamline installation and is equipped with Blue Planet Energy’s Nāmaka communications platform, providing real-time system insights accessible anywhere via web browser.


SigmaTron International

Nel Hydrogen

Nel Hydrogen manufacturers Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysers, producing from 0.27 Nm3 to 19,400 Nm3 of H2 per hour. Units can be grouped together into electrolyser plants for even larger production rates. Electrolysers are used to store excess electricity from renewable resources in the H2 bond. The H2 can then be sold to industry (converting curtailed power to cash), or burned in a turbine or run through a fuel cell to put the stored energy onto the grid during periods of low generation or peak demand. Due to their fast response times the PEM electrolysers are also used by renewable energy plants to balance the power the plant puts onto the grid.

SigmaTron International is a global provider of electronics contract manufacturing services to companies wishing to outsource their electronics manufacturing requirements. This full service support can include engineering support, PCBA manufacturing, systemslevel manufacturing, fulfillment to end customers, and repair depot support for installed products. The company has experience in power management and control products, and can assist with design for manufacturability and test development. Manufacturing facilities are located in Illinois, California, Mexico, China, and Vietnam.

Enclosures Hardcraft

Hardcraft offers battery enclosures for every need and environment and for every energy storage application. Designed and manufactured entirely in-house in the USA, their comprehensive solutions include numerous proprietary details to improve installation and function. Hardcraft also offers custom designed enclosures at no additional charge.


Trachte provides engineering and manufacturing of control houses and E-houses for the substation and renewable markets. Utility providers, OEMs, and EPC firms choose to partner with Trachte for their project execution, problemsolving abilities, and product performance and quality. Trachte pre-assembled, modular steel buildings and integrated packages provide protection, energy efficiency, quality, and convenience for highly technical customers and applications.

Energy Storage Metering

Continental Control Systems

Continental Control Systems is now offering fully assembled

WattNode Energy Meters in UL 508A NEMA metal and poly enclosures. Enclosures are available with a three-phase circuit breaker, a fuse block, or without circuit protection. Any model of the WattNode; the revenue-grade meter or standard accuracy meter comes preinstalled when ordered with the enclosure. Designed for indoor and outdoor installations, the enclosure complies to UL 508A Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13. Fully assembled meter enclosures can be ordered through their e-commerce site. BMZ USA, Inc.

A modular, lithium-ion based Energy Storage System, the ESS 7.0, ESS 9.0, and ESS X batteries can store a surplus of collected solar energy for later use and be used for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Energy can either be directed into the storage system or be fed into the public grid via an inverter. The ESS batteries have a usable capacity range from 5.4kWh to 8.05kWh and up to 12 ESS can be connected in parallel. This means meeting the energy storage needs of small residential locations to larger commercial systems is no issue. The ESS are compatible with 48V systems which avoids hassles seen with high voltage. Simple to set up and use, BMZ ESS batteries make energy storage easy.

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Crown Battery

Crown Renewable Batteries are an innovative array of responsible battery energy storage products, including their popular 2CRP1200 model which has capacity up to 55.9kWh (48VDC) for best available performance and ROI, is flexible and easy to handle, configure, deployable for new or existing systems and resilient in extreme operating temperatures, and earthfriendly being 99% recyclable. Crown can supply grid-connected with back-up power, off-grid, or custom storage applications.

Mango Power

Mango Power Union is a large-capacity (6.9kWh), high power output battery (4000Wac and 350Wdc) modular power station with a heavyduty home base and a smaller, detachable unit at the top. With its 19 ports, it can safely be removed anytime through patented mLink technology and taken on road trips. Up to 10 of them can be stacked together into a micro-grid, providing up to 69kWh. Its in-built PV inverter makes it easy to charge by solar panels, power grid, or others. Mango charges to 80% in just 1.5 hours and 100% in 2.5 hours.

Atlas ESS

Atlas Energy Storage Systems are inexpensive, high performing lithium-ion based systems. All Atlas ESS products have approvals from nationally recognized test labs. Atlas products comply with the new provisions for energy storage systems in the 2017 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC). Professionals and DIYers alike can assemble NEC compliant Energy Storage Systems using Atlas components. Cabinets, BMS, and controls are available separately or in pre-assembled systems.

MK Battery

The Deka Unigy II 2-volt battery from MK Battery is available as either a single cell or system design, and features a wide range of capacities to fit the varied requirements of renewable energy applications. Exclusive IPF Technology optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability. Advanced AGM technology eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, and spills. Microcat Catalyst lowers float current, decreases internal temperatures, and the risk of dry-out, to ensure long battery life.

e-On Batteries, Inc.

e-On Batteries, a Fort Worth, TX area supplier with national scope, is a developer of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) based energy storage systems with a focus on product safety. The company’s UL 1973 listed and CEC approved and listed modules are engineered as scalable building blocks to enable larger systems, and its 19" rack-mounted modular systems are easily configured from 12.8kWh residential systems to 4.8MWh container-based systems and more. With over 20 million deployed calls and zero catastrophic failures, combined with cell-level BMS monitoring and control systems, expert engineering liaison and certified installers, e-On Batteries provides full value to their customers.

SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi Power’s full line of energy storage systems are now Certified to UL 9540 Standards and UL 9540A Fire Safety Testing at the Cell, Battery, and integrated Unit level. The AccESS, BOSS.6, and BOSS.12 integrated energy storage solutions scale from 15.2kWh to 136kWh with single, split, and three-phase configurations to create resilient and safe energy storage solutions for residential and commercial applications, both on- and off-grid, AC or DC coupled. SimpliPhi’s UL 9450A Test Results and Certifications demonstrate the fundamental safety of its cobalt-free lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) chemistry and manufacturing processes, delivering energy storage solutions that streamline codes, compliance, and permitting for both installers and their customers.

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Energy Storage SystemsCommercial

Day Ahead Instrumentation

LV protection from DAI provides standard trip-only that works with any shunt trip device. Trip/Close, Return to Service model, available for use with motorized breakers. Utility compliant. Test switch ready. Integrated 8-hour DC UPS. Powered by SEL: 751 standard; all relay models available. UL 508A. Day Ahead Instrumentation provides turnkey multifunction relays and RTUs for interconnection requirements for utility scale and C&I applications. Assemblies configurable for DTT, MPLS or SCADA interface with wired, fiber, or wireless coms.

Fortress Power

The new eSpire 233 is a fully integrated, pre-configured energy storage solution that uses Tier 1 Automotive LFP battery chemistry to deliver 233kWh of battery capacity. The integrated multi-level BMS continuously monitors performance, allowing for system optimization and balancing. Advanced liquid cooling helps extend battery life and ensures optimum performance even tough climates. The slick compact design offers the flexibility to fit into indoor as well as outdoor spaces, thanks to the outdoor-rated enclosure. With UL9540(pending) and UL9540A certifications, and built-in fire suppression, the eSpire 233 offers safe operation and peace of mind.


INTILION’s safe and integrated scalebloc is a commercial battery storage system based on lithium-ion technology with medium storage capacities from 73kWh to 500kWh, as an all in-one and ready to install solution. Every battery module has a mechanical fire protection housing ensuring a high safety standard. The system is also equipped with protection against surge voltage as well as ingress of water and dust. The integrated energy management system allows all electrical consumers to be metered and individually controlled through its cloud connection. There are many possible applications in the area of peak-shaving, support of e-charging points, and as an additive emergency power solution in the off-grid sector increasing reliability and energy resiliency.

NEO Virtus Engineering

Since 2001 NEO Virtus Engineering has provided electrical and solar engineering services to the PV industry. They provide power engineering DC to medium voltage. SEL experts providing protection, control, and communications design and programming for protective relays/RTUs. NEO delivers solar engineering, optimization, performance verification, and capacity testing for EPCs, developers, and financiers. NEO provides field measurements to WMO Spectrally Flat Class A standards; they are Campbell Scientific specialists. They provide stamped electrical designs throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, and California.

Peak Power

JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc.

JinkoSolar’s EAGLE CS is a fully integrated, scalable, turnkey AC-coupled energy storage system for C&I and utility. The EAGLE CS utilizes Li-Ion LFP battery technology that comes with a BMS, liquid or air cooling, fire suppression, and available off-gas detection. With sizes ranging from 373kWh modular racks to 2700kWh in a 20ft container, the BESS is paired with PCS’s all backed by JinkoSolar as a single point of contact for contracting, delivery, and service.

Peak Synergy is an energy storage management software. The platform uses inputs from electricity markets to maximize value for asset owners. This approach cuts energy costs and creates new revenue streams by helping balance supply and demand on the electricity grid. Building owners see immediate energy savings, long term revenue opportunities, and reduced GHG emissions. Solar + storage developers add value to any solar site, tap into regional incentives and tax credits, and increase ROI. Utilities can defer or cut grid upgrades, increase grid resiliency and flexibility, and boost renewable resource adoption.


LS Energy Solutions

The AiON Energy Storage System (ESS) from LS Energy Solutions is an all-in-one solution aimed at commercial and industrial users. The flexible, modular AC energy storage solution is available in two models, the AiON-ESS Power Series for 1-hour applications and the AiON-ESS Energy Series for 2- to 4-hour duration. The all-in-one nature of the AiON-ESS reduces onsite installation and maintenance, while the safe-by-design, scalable format enables configurations for applications up to multi-hundred MW projects. Each AiON-ESS includes the company’s fourth-generation String Inverter System (SIS) and latest Energy Management System (EMS) software to maximize the benefits of energy storage

SIBA FUSES provides energy storage protection. SIBA fuses have been specifically designed and tested for the stringent requirements of (ESS) Energy Storage applications and have been utilized by large OEM’s globally. On the AC side of the inverter SIBA is capable of meeting voltage applications up to 40.5kV for bus protection, capacitor filters, PT transformers step-up transformers (SSK fuses specific for wind, solar, and energy storage applications), and switchgear with medium/ high voltage fuses.

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Sinexcel, Inc.

The modular SINEXCEL PDS-750K series DCDC Converter can support 500-1500Vdc for both battery and PV strings and could be used for flexible scenarios in most applications for both front-of-meter and behind-the-meter markets. The IP54 cabinet supports up to 8 modules, and can be used with both existing PV plants and new installations to optimize the energy generation and usage. The IP65/NEMA3S rated 100kW DC module could be used alone or in parallel with an independent outdoor battery cabinet.

Energy Storage Systems - GridConnected

TMEIC Corporation

TMEIC offers the Solar Ware Ninja, a photovoltaic inverter and energy storage system. The advanced PV inverter is modular and stackable for multiple PCS power blocks. The system is configurable into multiple solutions, including PV only, stand-alone energy storage, or as a PV+ESS independent solution. Application flexibility is built-in, with multiple ratings allowing customization for small, 2MW projects up to large-scale projects.

Energy Storage Systems - Off-Grid

AIMS Power

AIMS Power offers everything needed for an offgrid and backup power system. They have a large selection of DC to AC power inverters, solar, racks, generators, batteries, solar charge controllers, wire, and other accessories for a complete power system. AIMS Power has been in business for over 20 years providing energy independence to thousands each year. They can design custom systems for back up or off-grid applications in homes, businesses, or smaller operations.

Primo Energy, Inc.

The Primo Spark utilizes abundant renewable energy, wind, and solar to provide energy to those in greatest need. The hybrid power station is capable of interfacing with a portable wind turbine and foldable solar panels. Integrated energy storage systems will ensure power is available even when the renewable energy sources diminish. Electric outlets on the unit can supply power for electric appliance operation, device charging, and more. A whisper quiet and portable hybrid wind and solar power unit with speeds as low as 5mph to provide power for off grid locations, campgrounds, and events, with zero fuel required.

Sargent & Lundy

For more than 130 years, Sargent & Lundy has provided broad-scope services on battery energy storage projects, including engineering, consulting, construction support, and EPC services. Their experience spans the spectrum of markets, applications, interconnection requirements, and technology types. Clients include utilities, developers, financial institutions/ lenders, constructors, and manufacturers.

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Energy Storage Systems - PV Hot Water

Energy Storage Systems - Residential

FNS Power Technology, Inc.


The SunHopper-D from GreenPWR is modernizing solar hot water systems. Coming in late summer of 2022, the SunHopper inverter includes a learning algorithm which monitors usage, weather conditions, electricity rates, and installation parameters to minimize energy cost to the homeowner while providing a reliable hot water source using backup electricity or fossil fuels. The SunHopper uses a dedicated PV array and wires to off-theshelf electric immersion storage water heaters to make installation as simple as possible and reduces energy consumption by as much at 80%. The SunHopper also supports off-grid installations to provide a simple renewable water heating system.

Electriq Power

The PowerPod 2 pairs a home battery and inverter with smart software to save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts. The high-performance, cobalt-free model of Electriq Power’s PowerPod system builds upon existing LFP battery technology. Intelligent energy storage software enables the PowerPod 2 to cycle through several operating modes. The system can prioritize keeping batteries charged and ready for grid interruption using only solar power; power local loads with solar and/or stored power first; or use the power supplied from the batteries to match the load for as long as possible during peak usage.

FNS Power provides LFP battery modules, inverters, banks, and all-in-one products for residential ESS Integrators.

FIMER Renewable Energy Solutions

FIMER's Universal 10|4 is a comprehensive integrated storage solution, made in the United States via Humless and approved by SGIP. With integrated charge controllers, display, 4kw hybrid inverter, and 10kwh LFP batteries, this unit is ready for on and off-grid needs. It is an easy plug-and-play storage solution for new and existing PV systems coupling with DC solar, AC retrofits, generators, and FIMER's UNO DM-PLUS grid-tied inverters.

Generac Power Systems, Inc.

The Generac PWRgenerator, designed and manufactured in the USA, recharges the PWRcell Battery to keep homes powered for the long term when the grid is down. It connects directly to the PWRcell inverter, creating a residential nano-grid allowing a home to be fully energy independent. During the day, solar panels provide power to the home and the excess can charge the battery. During the night, the battery discharges and if it reaches 30% state of charge, PWRgenerator will turn on and fully charge the battery in about 1 hour. Additionally, PWRgenerator is designed to be extremely quiet and fuel efficient, running on either natural gas or LP.

JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc.

JinkoSolar’s EAGLE RS is a 7.6 k/26.2kWh DC-coupled residential battery energy storage system that is UL9540 certified as an all-in-one solution. The EAGLE RS utilizes Li-Ion LFP battery technology with a robust battery management system for safe operation with a standard 10-year warranty. An integrated automatic transfer switch and included autotransformer enables seamless operation during power outage events when paired with solar. Their U.S. based monitoring app is included for both installers and end-users to track system production.

Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America

Panasonic’s new outdoor-rated EverVolt 2.0 battery storage system collects and stores surplus power solar panels produce during the day for use when homeowners need it most. Sporting a small, sleek, modular design, EverVolt 2.0 helps homeowners stay prepared and protected from power failures and peak energy rates with their own private energy reservoir. All with zero emissions. The weatherproof EverVolt 2.0 integrates seamlessly with Panasonic solar panels to create the Total Home Solar Energy System. It can be AC- and DC-coupled to work with both new and existing solar panel systems. Comes with a complete 10-year Panasonic warranty.

94 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// eSpire 233 COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL BATTERY STORAGE SCAN ME TO LEARN MORE (877) 497-6937 Safe Technology & Multi-level Protection Best-in-class Tier 1 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry and has an integrated, multi-level Battery Management System (BMS). Compact Design for Flexible Install Can be flexibly fit into indoor and outdoor space. Advanced Liquid Cooling: Extended Battery Lifespan The unique liquid cooling system optimizes the battery thermal performance by 3 times Turnkey System for Fast Install Includes inverter, battery trays, racks, BMS, local Controller, HVAC, fire suppression, isolation transformer & outdoor rated enclosure. Easy & Flexible to scale (Easy scalability) Scalable up to 3.50 MWH (15 units in parallel). Excellent Local Support Our US based technical support team can help you from project design to completion.


Q CELLS’ Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G1 energy storage solution offers scalable storage capacity from 4.5kWh up to 18.9kWh and comes in a modular design for easy and fast installation. The system is offered in both DC-coupled and AC-coupled configurations and can connect up to three batteries in series using only one inverter and battery management system (BMS). The system includes an integrated backup power function for 100% of the rated inverter output to support critical loads in the event of a power failure, and offers remote monitoring using the Q.HOME+ web portal or Q.HOME+ ESS mobile app.

Mangan, Inc.

POWER Engineers

Westwood Professional Services

SolaX Power Co., Ltd.

SolaX A1-ESS G2 is a complete and smart home storage system. When outage or extreme weather comes, A1-ESS G2 is able to power all the home appliances easily and efficiently.

A1-ESS G2 classifies home loads to prioritize essential loads to meet customers’ needs. Moreover, customers can control the home appliances remotely, in order to heat the water before getting home, or to turn off the AC when out of the house.

Engineering Consultant

Mangan, Inc.’s Renewable Energy group is a consultant in renewable electrical distribution design and engineering. They have expertise in power system analysis, protection, and development of construction packages. Their team of substation automation engineers can implement power system monitoring and notification solutions to provide real time data and automate any design. Their ability to execute a project from the proposal stage through construction and commissioning along with their involvement in photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems makes them a single source for distribution, generation, and interconnection solutions for any level of system complexity.

POWER Engineers has been supporting energy storage developers and utilities for nearly 30 years. Throughout all stages of their projects, POWER brings utility-scale energy storage clients the engineering knowledge necessary for a successful outcome. From use case analysis and site selection to interconnection studies, detailed design and owner's engineering, POWER provides the services essential to efficient and economical energy storage deployments.

Westwood is qualified to assist with energy storage facilities whether deployed as a standalone resource, paired with renewables, or part of a microgrid. Their multi-disciplined team leverages Westwood’s 25 years in renewables and 50 years in commercial land development to deliver solutions from small-scale storage to commercial buildings. Their resume includes both DC- and AC-coupled projects as well as containerized and building-based systems.

EPC Services

T&M Associates

T&M Associates provides full services for energy clients, including environmental, engineering, and construction related services to develop efficient, cost-effective solutions. Their team has extensive experience with design/bid/build and engineer/procure/construct (EPC) delivery methods for public and private sector projects, including Energy Storage, PV, Microgrids, EV Charging, and integrating energy systems into power grids. Services include Preliminary Assessment, Financial Analysis, Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Environmental Resource Studies and Impact Assessment, Land Use Planning, Permitting, Project and Construction Support, and Financial Incentive Assistance.

Advanced Solar Products

Advanced Solar Products, Inc. (ASP) is a solar energy and related sustainable technologies company. ASP provides turnkey service, including evaluation, development, design, permitting, procurement, installation, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. They take a creative approach to designing competitively priced, high-performing, and attractive photovoltaic systems.

Electric Power Engineers, Inc.

Electric Power Engineers has extensive experience supporting developers and utilities with battery energy storage system integration and interconnection. EPE can help with assessment, analysis, studies, regulatory compliance, and overall project management of large-scale utility projects or small-scale systems supporting residential or commercial facilities with backup power.

North American Clean Energy 95 Solar | Energy Storage | Energy Saving Renewables | Smart Buildings In Person - In Miami - 4th Edition (305) 412-0000 - - EXPO: August 24 & 25 EDUCATION: August 23 - 25 Miami Airport Convention Center THE ONLY SHOW TARGETING UNITED STATES, LATIN AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN...

Black & McDonald

Black & McDonald is an integrated, multi-trade service provider that safely delivers high quality construction, facilities management, and technical solutions to government, institutional, and industry clients. Black & McDonald is an EPC and O&M service provider with in-house engineering, multi-trade craft labor, testing and commissioning, and operations and maintenance support on utility scale energy storage projects. The firm is also well positioned to leverage its expertise in the energy storage sector to provide turnkey energy storage capabilities to both private developers and regulated electric utilities.

MBA Energy & Industrial, LLC

MBA Energy & Industrial is an industrial general contractor who specializes in constructing new buildings for energy related projects. MBA has built over 70 buildings for the renewable industry over the last 5 years. Most of MBA’s buildings are design/build in nature, but they are capable of build-to-print projects as well.

MBA’s current resume stretches across 22 different states and includes O&M buildings, warehouses, large enclosures, battery storage, terminals, substation buildings, large offices, and many other types of facilities. The in-house team of architects and engineers help clients through the design process and offer a variety of options when it comes to MBA projects. The company also offers free conceptual designs, budgetary pricing, and consultation on building planning

Tropenas Company

Offering engineering services for utilityscale solar and storage, Tropenas Company provides turnkey electrical and civil permit packages. With 4+GW of interconnection applications and designs, their multi-state local engineers will lead any portion of a solar project. Designed blending contractor field experience with value engineering, Tropenas’ designs incorporate and clearly communicate lean solutions, enabling fast installation and long durability, improving profitability. Example offerings: stamped electrical and civil permit drawings, independent engineering, medium voltage, and substation design.

EV Charging Blink Charging Co.

Paired Power

SEVO SunStation EV chargers will charge an electrical vehicle from 100% on-site solar energy, a critical resource for commercial EV fleets and workplace EV charging. SEVO SunStation EV chargers are designed to integrate with any solar system and energy storage systems, and SEVO SunStation EV charger offers charging rates up to 17kW and is compatible with all battery electric vehicle models, such as Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla. kWh pricing is available to allow commercial customers earn revenue on EV chargers. SEVO SunStation EV chargers are an add-on and revenue generator to any commercial solar, energy storage, and microgrid project.

Blattner Company

Blattner Company, a renewable energy provider, is the parent company of Blattner Energy and D.H. Blattner & Sons that delivers expertise and collaborative renewable energy solutions for developers and utilities throughout North America. The Blattner Family of Companies provides complete engineering, procurement, project management, and construction services for wind, solar, and energy storage solutions.

Powering forward, Blattner builds certainty through relationships, proven project management, and self-performance of major work activities, ensuring safety, quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mott MacDonald

Grid-connected battery storage projects are becoming commercially viable for many applications: reducing system and peak demand, providing standby power, improving frequency response, and more. Mott MacDonald has the full range of skills required to plan, engineer, implement, and manage commercially successful battery storage projects across a wide range of applications.

With the launch of 7 next-generation electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, Blink Charging is a complete, end-to-end global EV charging provider. Featuring both AC and DC advanced technology and paired with a comprehensive new suite of software applications, Blink provides EV charging solutions across all industries. From the MQ 200, a scalable product for fleets to the DC Fast Wall 50kW, a compact, high-performance charger for any high-traffic location. Offering flexible solutions, Blink’s business models help businesses achieve their goals with ease, whether locations want to own, partner with, or host their charging infrastructure.


The PowerCharge Pro-Lightning Commercial Charging Station is easy to install, and is reliable and durable. With the aluminum and stainless steel housing, the Pro-Lightning will not rust. The Pro-Lightning comes fully assembled, pre-commissioned, and tested. Simply bolt it down, connect the power feeds, and turn on the power. Available in multiple configurations and power levels, a model is available for most commercial applications.

Fire Suppression

Signal Energy

Signal Energy is a design/build general contractor providing EPC services to the solar and energy storage markets. Their experienced engineering and project teams can build standalone energy storage projects or integrate energy storage into the design and construction of renewable power projects.

Fluke Corporation

The Fluke FEV100 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Test Adapter tests the safety and performance of level 1 or level 2 electric vehicle AC charging stations (EVSEs) with type 1 connectors. The Fluke FEV100 simulates the presence of an EV, allowing technicians to test the charging station in combination with appropriate test instruments, such as digital multimeters and ScopeMeters. Compliant with the SAE J1772 standards for North American charging stations, the FEV100 allows a technician to verify that after installation, a charger can communicate and deliver power to vehicles.

Stat-X Fire Suppression

Stat-X aerosol fire suppression is a versatile and cost-effective solution for renewable energy fire protection. Each sealed, stainless steel generator contains a solid, stable, and specially formulated fire suppression compound. When a fire occurs, the Stat-X generator activates, producing and releasing an advanced aerosol fire suppression agent. Agent fills the protected enclosed space and chemically interrupts the combustion process. Fire is suppressed, and the micron-sized agent particles remain suspended to help prevent possible re-flash.

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The Ampner ACE 300 is a family of efficient, compact size, and easy-to-install string inverters for energy storages and PV power plants with maximum voltage of 1500V. With rated power of up to 333kW, the Ampner inverters are suitable for all common battery energy storage applications. The ACE 300 ES is designed for extreme environmental conditions, from coastal regions up to 13000ft, rated for -40°F to 140°F and IP65/NEMA 4. The rated power provides flexibility for system design and redundancy against DC shortcircuits, with distributed battery racks. The inverters are certified according to UL/CSA standards and designed for high reliability and long lifetime.



Co., Ltd.

Designed for flexibility and performance, Solis’ hybrid storage inverter RHI-1P(5-10)K-HVES-5G brings efficiency to solar-plus-storage systems, combines 98.4% efficiency with a wide product range (5 to 10kW), and dynamic MPPT (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs) to generate high yield and strong ROI for residential customers. Customers can maximize their self-consumption with flexible operating modes such as time-of-use and off-grid backup, enabling smart time shifting to leverage TOU schedules and optimize energy use. RHI-1P(5-10)K-HVES-5G is a good choice for on/ off-grid integrated storage solutions, providing the option to select the electricity consumption mode in real time according to the market price. It can be operated out of the power grid, and international brand components provide high efficiency less than 10ms from the grid.


COTEK offers five series of pure, sine-wave inverter and inverter chargers for off-grid and backup applications designed to meet the needs of the solar industry. COTEK inverter models range from 200W-4000W with a DC input of 12V, 24V, or 48V. The new SC and SL series of bi-directional inverter chargers come equipped with 5 operating modes and features such as power sharing and current limiting. COTEK also offers standalone inverter and battery charger options through the SP, SD and CX series.


Ingeteam’s Full Skid Power Station is a UL 9540 and UL 1741 SA compliant medium voltage turnkey solution which integrates all the devices required for a system of up to 7.6MVA into a single skid platform. Available with INGECON SUN PV inverters or INGECON SUN STORAGE battery inverters, this compact, customizable station is reliable, easy to transport and install, and offers a flexible design which can fit up to two inverters on one skid.

Combining Ingeteam’s expertise in the power conversion field (+75GW supplied worldwide) with plant control technology, and monitoring solutions, its highly efficient electronic conversion, and protection devices allow for efficiency values of up to 98.9%.

Rhombus Energy Solutions

Rhombus Energy Solutions is a developer of smart AC-DC inverters for commercial and industrial applications. Their inverters are available in power output ranges from 30kW to 500kW, and provide 480Vac three-phase balanced outputs. Their integrated smart controller has full data logging and reporting capabilities, and can run customer and/or third party applications as part of a comprehensive energy management system (EMS). Some of their products provide multi-channel outputs, enabling them to be utilized in solutions that are required to drive isolated AC networks.

Samlex America

EVO-4248 Split Phase (SP) Inverter/Charger is an all-in-one inverter, transfer switch, and battery charger. Output 120/240Vac Split Phase or Single Phase 120Vac. Battery connection at 48Vdc and 100A battery charger. 1 AC input for generator or grid. Allows users to power 120Vac appliances like tools, laptops, or a fridge, plus 240Vac appliances like water heaters and stoves. Suitable for off-grid cabin, work sites, remote locations, or emergency back-up power systems. Remote control available and sold separately.

North American Clean Energy 97 Delivering Next Level Reliability. Whether you need startup services, ongoing maintenance, or emergency response you need a partner you can rely on. Trust the Electrical Reliability Services (ERS) team of NETA-certified technicians to deliver technical knowledge, experience, and a proactive ‘go the extra mile’ approach to ensuring your electrical system’s health and performance. To learn more visit or call 877-468-6384 ERS Electrical Power System Life-Cycle Services: Building Commissioning | Acceptance Testing and Maintenance | Electrical Engineering DC Power Testing and Maintenance | Protection and Controls | Transformer Services | Compliance

SMA America

The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station offers high power density in a plug & play design, which is suitable for global use. The MVPS relies on robust, technically advanced, and internationally certified hardware for power conversion in any climate. It is a suitable choice for next generation PV power plants operating at 1500Vdc. The MVPS also offers storage integration with both AC and DC coupled options. Delivered pre-configured within a 20' HC shipping container that easily converts into an installation-ready platform, the system is simple to transport and quick to assemble and commission. The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station combines high plant safety with maximum energy yield and minimized logistical and operating risk for large scale PV power plant projects.

Legal Services

Manufacturing Equipment

Kurdex Corporation

Kurdex is a supplier of large area vacuum deposition and etch equipment for R&D, pilot, and high volume manufacturing (HVM). Products include sputtering, evaporation, PECVD, spatial ALD, ARC-CVD, and plasma etch tools. Standard and custom systems configured for in-line, cluster, and R2R with full automation.

Substrate sizes up to 2300mm, rigid or flex, wafers, glass sheets, or roll of flexible materials. They also offer an applications lab for contract coating services, DOE, and technology development.



HOMER modeling software optimizes the value of energy storage-plus-solar microgrids whether the system is standalone, grid-connected, behind- or in front-of-the-meter. Products include HOMER Pro for determining an effective and affordable solution for standalone microgrids; HOMER Grid for designing behind-the-meter, grid-connected systems that save on electricity bills, reduce peak loads, and lower carbon footprints; and HOMER Front to maximize project IRR in utility-scale hybrid systems.

Project Developer


McCauley Lyman LLC

McCauley Lyman is a transactional law firm dedicated to helping businesses grow and thrive in the renewable energy arena. They help their clients negotiate contracts, obtain permits, acquire real estate, arrange financings, and purchase and sell energy-related businesses and their assets. By leveraging their network of resources and decades of experience in the industry, they are able to provide representation while maintaining a close eye on costs. They give practical advice, have good judgment, and play well with others. McCauley Lyman is in an alliance with Barclay Damon, LLP, a National Law Journal Top 250 Firm, which provides their clients with access to Barclay Damon’s 33 practice areas.


New Sun Road

Stellar Microgrid OS was designed by microgrid operators for renewable energy fleet managers. Stellar uses IoT technology and a cloud-based software architecture for remote power systems monitoring and control. By collecting and normalizing data across multiple sites down to the component level, Stellar provides insights to leverage best practices, aggregates loads, and uses AI to optimize system performance. Integrated modules such as automated alerts, incident ticketing, and reporting reduce service costs and streamline operations. Technology agnostic, Stellar controlled hybrid power systems offer remote power resilience, internet connective, and maximized renewable energy usage.

TerraPro Solutions

TerraPro Solutions is a consultancy of renewable development experts with project experience across the United States. From site feasibility, land acquisition, and due diligence for investment and financing, through construction, compliance, and post-construction operations, TerraPro Solutions works with each client to ensure they make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the technical, environmental, and financial implications of all types of renewable energy technology.

Renewable Energy Systems Integrators

Tech Products, Inc.

Tech Products, Inc. is a global source for quality identification products for the renewable energy industry including, cable tags, tower (aerial) markers, and signs. Their products range from adhesive transformer labels to long-lasting substation signs following all of the latest ANSI, OSHA, and NESC standards.

Software Supplier


New Dawn Energy Solutions

Stronghold Engineering, Inc.

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. (SEI) is a design and construction firm specializing in projects including ground up facilities, technically challenging repair and renovations for historical and non-historical facilities, and seismic upgrades, as well as large civil, infrastructure, and electrical projects exceeding $2 billion in construction cost. They provide O&M to solar arrays that the company installed. They actively monitor their sites to know when they need clean or repair to perform at the highest output.

Sustainable Power Systems, Inc.

SPS’s Universal Microgrid Controller (UMC) reduces the cost and complexity of microgrid deployment, meets the needs of diverse applications, grid-tied or off-grid, and eliminates the need for project developers to do controls integration and custom programming. The UMC incorporates real time optimization, including load and renewable forecasting, to ensure a low cost of energy. Simulation Mode controls a virtual version of each component, allowing for system validation prior to deployment.

New Dawn Energy Solutions is an energy technology company that provides solar, storage, EV charging, and energy efficiency optimization solutions to residential, industrial, and institutional customers. They engage in all aspects of energy systems infrastructure, including assessment, design, development, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Their energy solutions range from off-grid urban homes to turnkey micro-grids that are sited on urban rooftops to the remote regions. They are vendor-neutral and take a holistic approach in formulating energy solutions that are best suited for their customers’ needs. Their energy solutions include grid-tied, hybrid, off-grid, solar water pumping, and microgrid. Their service solutions include renewable energy system design and integration, project management, energy audits and site assessments, and plant commissioning.

Acelerex supports in the identification and valuation of investment opportunities and projects. They provide advanced EMS and Data & Analytics solutions to developers of storage and renewables. Their software delivers granular market analysis for identifying prime locations for investments. They have built detailed nodal models for renewables and energy storage projects in competitive U.S. markets. Models cover over 20,000 nodes across all competitive markets in the U.S. for valuing renewablesand-storage projects. Acelerex also provides advanced Market Intelligence Reports for storage and renewables investments.

98 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///


Cachelan is a solar monitoring solutions company that provides SCADA and DAS systems to help with O&M and Asset Management of solar and storage portfolios via their SolarVu platform. Manage portfolios of residential, commercial/ industrial, and utility sized projects in one place. Receive high fidelity alerts of equipment issues and connect weather sensors, meters, site cameras. Easily compare inverter and string level performance. Cachelan interfaces with all major inverter and equipment manufacturers, and design to minimize their customer’s cost.

ENACT Systems, Inc.

ENACT offers a two-sided software platform for solar and energy storage projects.

ENACT ENVISION is used by developers and installers to remotely design complete solar and storage solutions, as well as finalize contracts and track execution. ENACT ENGAGE is used by end-customers to track financial savings, energy usage, and predict their future outcomes. The platform is used in 23 countries by thousands of users, with over $1.5B of projects annually.

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase is a software platform that provides a cohesive suite of project modeling, storage control, and asset monitoring products that enable solar and storage developers to deploy projects efficiently. ETB Developer is a platform for utility rate and financial analysis of solar + storage projects. Acumen EMS controls software and utilizes AI and machine learning to forecast and discharge energy storage systems operating in the field. ETB Monitor is a robust monitoring software providing real-time insights into the operational performance and savings of the systems. The product suite allows developers to model, control, and monitor renewable assets seamlessly.

North American Clean Energy 99


Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI) is a cloud-based data analytics platform for batteries that delivers the next generation of monetizable predictive services to manufacturers, integrators, and operators. For each serialized battery under management, PLI collects and connects all the data across its entire lifecycle, building a data value chain that feeds AI algorithms to drive cost savings, performance optimizations, and faster R&D cycles. A modular design allows users to grow the analytics services by subscribing to just the modules needed, including a machine learning manager, enhanced warranty management, and dynamic residual value calculation for leasing.

Solar EBOS

Thermal Energy Storage


Voltage, LLC

Voltage, LLC is a nationwide provider of utility-scale solar EBOS solution. They supply innovative services and quality products and expert assistance from pre-construction engineering design through to delivered-as-needed operations. They design and manufacture every fully customized order. The Voltage Reel PnP process is a result of these precision designs enabling efficient installations every time. The Voltage LYNX trunk bus system is their all-in-one harness solution.

Testing | Certification

Stem, Inc.

Stem’s Athena software helps lower energy costs and solve renewable intermittency across the world’s largest network of distributed energy storage systems. With 1.4+GWh under management across 950+ systems operating or contracted, Athena seamlessly integrates and leverages data engineering, forecasting, and optimization to maximize ROI and performance for every system. By sitting in between distributed energy resources, the utility, and grid controls, Athena makes it easy for solar developers, EPCs, installers, and C&I customers to transform renewable projects with clean energy intelligence.


Kinectrics’ new GRIDSIM Power Laboratory is an independent facility in Toronto, Canada aimed at testing smart grid systems, renewable generation equipment, and medium voltage power systems over a wide range of voltages and frequencies and at power levels up to 12MVA. They perform the evaluation, testing, certification, and standards solutions energy storage products require in support of safe renewable power integration with the grid. The lab will be able to perform testing to UL 1741 and associated source requirement documents, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and IEC 62109. Their laboratory gives energy storage products a simple, fast, and efficient path to new markets with full type-test certifications across industries, made possible with large-scale grid simulation capabilities.

Chromalox DirectConnect Medium Voltage systems provide heat for thermal energy storage systems. Whether heating air for dense media storage, or direct heating of molten salts and metals, Chromalox DirectConnect systems are a solution with improved operational efficiency, reduced infrastructure, and simplified maintenance. Powered by grid or renewable energy, DirectConnect systems are rated up to 7.2kV and in loads of 1MW and larger with 3rd party and NRTL certifications on the system. Fully scalable to meet users’ process needs, Chromalox advanced thermal technologies are designed for challenging applications.

Wildlife Deterrents

NH Research

The 9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator is a solution for testing and verification of high-power grid-tied applications in compliance with regulatory testing standards, worldwide. The 9510 has a built-in power amplifier mode for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) applications providing further testing and simulation capability suitable for research labs. Select power levels ranging from 50kW, 75kW, or 100kW modules. Modular and scalable power is available in 100kW modules up to 1.2MW. With this wide range of power, frequency, and phase configuration options, the 9510 provides the ultimate flexibility to test the broadest selection of grid-tied products.

Bird Control Group

The AVIX Autonomic is an effective way of bird proofing solar panels and other outdoor installations. This automated laser system repels pigeons as well as many other pest bird species 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the laser technology is applied with repetition, birds consider the area as uninhabitable and avoid the place.

TransGard, LLC

TransGard Laser Bird Defense acts as a visual combatant to most bird species to prevent avian damage to equipment alongside power generation loss protection.

100 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// ATL AS Energy Solutions LLC Affordable Renewable Energy Storage Copyright ATLAS Energy Solutions LLC 2022 ATL AS Energy Solutions 10K Lithium Iron Batter y 48 Volt Power wall Daisy Chain Up to 15 Power walls

Powering the clean energy transition



April 25th -18th , 2022 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA


Every two years key conversations occur among energy professionals at IEEE PES T&D that drive the future design and development of a reliable, resilient grid. Through unmatched technical education backed by IEEE’s esteemed standards, and a wide display of nextgeneration energy solutions, attendees will be equipped to help chart the energy grid of tomorrow. Join the community in New Orleans to discover how new approaches to modernizing and managing the grid will ensure reliability, affordability, and safety for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.

Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.

Single source supplier of wire, cable, and accessories solutions

American Wire Group (AWG) supplies high-quality wire, cables, and accessories including overhead bare aluminum T&D cables, 15-35 kV primary URD cables, multiplex overhead aluminum service drop cables, 15-35 kV power cables, underground secondary URD, weatherproof covered line wire, power and control cables, bare copper, and more. They support projects through their full lifecycle, from initial concept and development through global sourcing, production, delivery, and ongoing maintenance and service.

American Wire Group (AWG) Booth 5944

Electrical engineering and testing

Electrical Reliability Services, Inc. (ERS) is an electrical engineering and testing company providing comprehensive testing, maintenance, and engineering services to a variety of industries including utilities, data centers, renewable energy, commercial and industrial. ERS’s services are designed to support their customers wherever they are on their project timeline. Their services include building, commissioning, acceptance testing and maintenance, electrical engineering, DC power testing and maintenance, protection and controls, transformer services, and compliance programs.

Electrical Reliability Services, Inc. (ERS) Booth 8912

Breakers to switch and ground collection circuits

EMA Electromechanics is the designer and manufacturer of the Grounding Breaker, designed to switch and ground wind or solar collection circuits. It provides safety, TOV mitigation, and cost savings on CAPEX and OPEX. It increases grid reliability, helping to differentiate internal and external faults to the power plants, ensuring engineers the ability to set generators to trip if the fault is inside the plant or ride through (PRC-024) if the fault is outside.

EMA also offers Power Distribution Centers (PDC), 38V vacuum grounding breakers, switchgear, and conventional circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor applications.

EMA Electromechanics, Inc. Booth 5129

Certified fuses for motor and wind applications

SIBA introduces new DIN fuses for motor and wind applications. R-Rated fuses are available in 7.2kV up to 12R, with Temperature Limiter Sensor Unit in standard DIN 442mm style. They’re tested and certified by an independent international lab to ANSI/IEEE C37.41 standards, plus 6% rated voltage (7.62) and are tested at I1=80kAIR RMS symmetrical, compared to the standard 50kAIR. SIBA’s SSK fuses in the switch-fuse combination can replace expensive circuit breakers and can be used on transformers rated up to 3,150KVA. Their SSK-type fuse maintains the minimum breaking current at lower power dissipation than the existing products and is specially designed for wind energy applications.

SIBA FUSES Booth 5793

Bushing condition assessment

TRANSMAX2000 is insurance against GSU and auto-transformer failure caused by bushing problems. Four decades of transformer saves and product refinement form the basis of TRANSMAX2000. Exclusive powerful test algorithms give high confidence in bushing condition assessment. Powerful PRPD analysis techniques are applied to measured partial discharge emissions, giving further condition insight, all of which can be easily visualized by popular energy monitoring and control platforms. All ZTZ systems are hand-built in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.

ZTZ Services International Booth 5230

High resolution pipeline inspection

Onstream Pipeline Inspection by MISTRAS is an inline inspection (ILI) provider that helps ensure pipelines operate safely, effectively, and in compliance. Onstream provides highquality ILI services and technological capabilities, including the ultrahigh resolution TriStream MFL, to detect defects and give customers a complete picture of pipeline integrity.

MISTRAS Booth 9113

Two-part urethane foam sealant

Safeguard enclosures and equipment from damage with Polywater InstaGrout Sealant, a two-part urethane foam that seals out padmounted equipment openings to prevent outages and service disruptions. Safe and effective to use. InstaGrout will not collapse during change-outs and adheres to various pad-mounted materials.

American Polywater Corporation Booth 7921

Reliable and resilient power transformers

The North American power transmission grid requires reliable transformers to maintain its stability. Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corp designs and builds power transformers that are reliable and resilient enough to achieve a design life of 60 years and are currently used in transforming 25% of the power transmitted on the national grid.

Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corp. Booth 7439

102 2022 MARCH• APRIL ///

Control and E-houses

Trachte provides engineering and manufacturing of control houses and E-houses for the substation and renewable markets. Trachte preassembled, modular steel buildings and integrated packages provide EMP protection, energy efficiency, quality, and convenience for highly technical customers and applications.

Trachte Booth 4457

Weather hazard monitoring and alerting

Online condition-based monitoring

Reconditioned and new transformers

Specialized high voltage power solutions

Applied High Voltage (AHV) provides comprehensive power solutions through working with owners, developers, and EPC's on their high voltage needs. They design and build high voltage substations, switchyards, collector systems, and transmission lines.

Applied High Voltage Booth 3549

Indji Systems offers a solution that gives advanced warning of hazardous weather and wildfires disrupting utility operations. Their three-step approach provides tools to help users plan for upcoming weather hazards, respond to current conditions threatening grid assets, and Investigate damage quickly allowing operators to have confidence about lightning caused damage or fires. Asset specific forecasts, advanced forecast radar, and forecast lightning provide storm forecasts in advance for crew scheduling, construction, and maintenance planning. Users can see a live view of all current wildfire and weather threats specific to the utilities’ own lines with the Asset Threat Window and receive alerts when natural hazards exceed the user defined threat thresholds. The Lightning Fault Analyst can be used for early lightning fault correlation and outage location response.

Indji Systems Booth 7623

Dynamic Ratings provides online condition-based monitoring products and services to reduce the risk of asset failure by increasing situational awareness. Monitors evaluate assets such as switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, batteries, and more. Monitors provide users with data to make educated decisions about their assets. Data can be easily accessed through the visual dashboard. Dynamic Ratings’ LIFESTREAM Support Services provide support throughout the life cycle of an asset.

Dynamic Ratings Booth 7833

Maddox produces and stocks high quality fully reconditioned and new transformers. They stock popular voltages and units commonly used in renewable applications including wye-wye dry type units for rooftop inverters, grounding transformers, and solar duty padmounts with electrostatic shields for large solar fields. Maddox has what renewables companies need to get their solar and wind projects done on time.

Maddox Transformer Booth 7729

Global steel supplier

Metalogalva is specialized in the design and manufacture of steel structures including lighting columns, lighting masts, telecommunication structures, transmission structures, rail structures, and solar support structures. Metalogalva offers a complete solution process including raw material procurement, design, manufacture, and galvanizing, as well as with the possibility of painting. Metalogalva has the capacity to perform prototype testing and assembling.

Metalogalva Booth 4210

Global power system engineering and consulting

Electric Power Engineers is a global power system engineering and consulting firm. EPE’s capabilities and services cover the full spectrum of transmission, distribution, generation, and technology needs from key client groups. EPE’s expertise and skillsets span Utility Engineering, Grid and Resource Integration, Reliability and Compliance, and Software and Grid Analytics. They tailor their services to ensure each project’s success.


Power Engineers (EPE) Booth 7115

North American Clean Energy 103 ® and manufacturer of model VDH/GSMI combined 34.5 kV vacuum circuit breaker and high speed, mechanically interlocked grounding switch (aka “grounding breaker ”), EMA Electromechanics is the designer a unique and patented system specifically designed for switching and grounding of and feeder circuits. wind solar +1 325 235-8000 16 Industrial Dr, Sweetwater, TX 79556 www VDH/GSMI® 34 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker and High Speed Grounding Switch for Wind Power Substations

Responding to the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders are looking at all options to help build companies (and cultures), maximize efficiencies, and determine the best path forward for teams that have experienced the benefits (and sometimes the difficulties) of lockdown-driven “work from home” policies.

The result? Companies that have permanently embraced remote work.

Many of these companies will continue to maintain an office where employees are welcome to work, if they choose. Some label this a hybrid system, but there’s a risk that this approach can inadvertently create “classes” of employees with those who work remotely becoming less “seen”—and therefore less valued—than those at the office. To avoid this inequity, one solution is to view every employee as a remote worker all the time.

Especially for software companies, a remote-first policy can be seen as analogous to mobile-first web applications: the app is developed to work perfectly on mobile devices but also possesses the ability to gracefully fall back to working well on desktop devices. In much the same way, companies are creating a platform that trusts their employees to make the best decisions on where to work.

A lot can be learned from initial adopters. Following are some experiences and best practices of those who jumped in early.

Making Remote-First Work Sustainable: The Leaders

Pandemic lockdowns made clear the immediate productivity benefits of remote work. As lockdowns began, it became important to look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of remote, especially measuring the savings and a robust hiring pool with the isolation and potential for a lack of boundaries that come with working remotely. Getting a scope of the complexity of the issue is a great first step to establishing your own policies.

Remote work can provide unique insights into working with others by meeting your teammates on their terms, in their environments. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by establishing ground rules that emphasize flexibility (hours and locations), recorded knowledge, universal and easy access to documentation, asynchronous communications, and results. Among many valuable lessons learned is that through remote work you can learn more about your team faster than you ever might in a quick conference room discussion.

How teams socialize and work together are often vastly different. A successful transition requires a company to view asynchronous work not as a pandemic-driven fad but as the future—and a competitive advantage in the market. One challenge is balancing team camaraderie with an organizational culture that can satisfy and develop key performance indicators (KPIs).

Ultimately, remote-first work helps create a more sustainable future. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced when commutes are eliminated, and carbon footprints are smaller in a home-office setting versus commercial and industrial spaces that must use more energy to maintain constant lighting and climate control. Also, less paper and plastic are consumed.

Strong Relationships and Asynchronous Work

The key to implementing a successful transition to asynchronous work is communication. Prepare everyone by conducting a survey of your team to find out what they need to move forward; this will help make the shift to remote-first work a largely positive experience. Overall, employees tend to report a better work-life balance and improved communication compared to when everyone commuted to the office every day. As with any bold initiative, there will be growing pains; consider establishing a group of volunteers who will work to help resolve emerging issues and develop recommendations for the path forward.

Relationships will benefit from minimizing meetings and maximizing connections through more intentional strategies. Examples include a weekly (and random) pairing with a fellow employee just to chat and get to know each other, and non-work-focused Slack channels.

Scheduled meetings will often be asynchronous. To empower team members, look for a clear agenda, expected action items, and enough advance time so participants can respond across time zones and their life responsibilities. And to reduce distractions, aim for a clear expression of deadlines. Some things need to be resolved immediately, but the “urgent” label is used too often. To ensure teams focus on the correct priorities, use detailed documentation of all processes; include a verification process by which the original author is periodically prompted to “verify” that documentation is up-to-date so all users benefit from the latest information.

Embracing and Optimizing Remote-First Work

Be realistic. You will not solve all the remote-first challenges; it’s an iterative process. For a variety of reasons, some candidates can’t relocate, while current team members who must move (e.g., a spouse/ partner starting graduate school in another location) don’t have to leave the company. To make a successful transition to remote work, company leadership must be fully on board and leading the charge.

William (Bill) Burke, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Peaker, which offers an adaptable, self-service energy management platform designed to turn any utility into one that is modern, customercentric, and decentralized.

Virtual Peaker ///

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Making Remote-First Work Sustainable, Profitable, and Fun
Making Remote-First Work Sustainable, Profitable, and Fun
Should all employees return to the office? What about a hybrid approach, with some working from home some of the time and others back in the office? Or, is there a better solution? Should all employees return to the office? What about a hybrid approach, with some working from home some of the time and others back in the office? Or, is there a better solution? 2022 MARCH• APRIL /// 104

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Sustainably and reliably energizing the renewable energy needs of North America • Leading power transformer supplier for Renewable projects in North America • #1 US-owned power transformer company in North America • Largest manufacturing capacity in the US • Shortest lead times in the industry • Widest product range • Four locations • One source. One commitment ONE-STOP-SHOP RISK MITIGATION TECHNICAL EXPERTISE MADE IN USA PROUDL Y SOLAR WIND th A NNIVERS A R Y 1971–2021 220 Glade View Drive, Roanoke, VA 24012 (540) 682-5130 or (540) 682-5222 BESS Shell 525 kV 1400 MVA 500 MVA 30 MVA 525 kV 115 kV 230 kV 69 kV 100 MVA 12 MVA 30 MVA 5 MVA 15 MVA 0.5 MVA 138 kV 34.5 kV 115 kV 4.1 kV Chihuahua MX Roanoke VA Pocatello ID Rincon GA
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