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Located in Cwmbran, South Wales, Rafiki Protection Ltd is a fully integrated R & D, manufacturing and training centre. Producing unique products to meet the demands of the Fire Protection market for over 10 years, Rafiki development has been focussed around the “Multipoint” multi-criteria detector which was first launched in 1994.

Programme of continual product developments…

Multipoint technology is at the core of all Rafiki systems. This multi-criteria detector is available to integrate as part of an intelligent conventional 2-wire system, and also intelligent addressable systems. Due to the advanced micro processor control the Multipoint detector uses, along with optical smoke and high specification thermistor sensors, it gives a highly accurate fire decision. Rafiki systems have focussed development on finding solutions to the problem of “nuisance alarms” – where the detector recognises a source of a fire like phenomenon but it isn’t a “true” fire situation. The Twinflex 2-wire system, the Sita 200 plus and Duonet addressable systems use pre-alarm features to allow for ‘nuisance alarm filtration’ which Rafiki term as “Checkpoint” technology. The information in this catalogue offers a broad description of the Duonet multiloop addressable system, however, Rafiki also successfully manufacture a wide range of products offering many types of systems for different applications including: •

Twinflex intelligent conventional 2 wire system

Twinflex Plus intelligent conventional 2 wire system with “Checkpoint” Technology (specifically designed for multiple occupancy dwellings)

Sita 200 Intelligent Analogue Addressable system

Please contact us, or visit our website for further information on these systems Although Rafiki are the market leaders for 2 wire systems with the Twinflex and Twinflex Plus ranges, it was the introduction of Sita 200 plus Intelligent Addressable system that allowed Rafiki to enter the analogue systems market. With the Sita system a high technology approach was adopted, with a microprocessor in each device, implementing a large degree of distributed intelligence. The system supports 200 Multipoint combined detector/sounders on a single loop, and has become many installers “first choice”. Demand to extend the sita technology to a larger, multi-loop system that could be fully networked has resulted in development of the “Duonet” system. has been designed and developed on the same innovative path as Sita, using the full range of existing Sita devices. The Duonet offers a 2 loop panel and is capable of supporting up to 100,000 on one system.

Sita Technology… and more •



35,000 devices

Specification Overview •

2 Loop panel (Supplied as 1 loop, which is expanded using plug-in loop cards if required)

Network up to 32 panels

Loop length 2km fully loaded

Loop capacity 200 devices with built –in sounder and I/O

Over 100 finishes available for panel enclosure

Proven Sita protocol devices full range available

Compatible with existing Sita installations if required

Printer available

Advanced commissioning software

128 available zones per panel

Up to 1 km length between networked panels

Intelligent Fire Technology

The key to Rafiki’s success has been a continued programme of innovation which has resulted in market leading designs. When developing our multi-loop product range innovation limits were pushed further still with the objective of producing more than a “functional” panel. Today’s prestige construction projects demand cutting edge aesthetic design, with interiors that the designer, installer and end client are proud of. To meet this objective we commissioned a specialist design consultancy to come up with a new and unique design with universal appeal. Our brief to them was ”…we do not want this to look like a standard Fire Alarm control panel – it must be significantly different, timeless, and not instantly recognisable for what it is. It must be able to stand up on its own merits, and should push back the boundaries of current Fire Alarm control panel design. Ultimately we want a panel that can be mounted on a wall alongside a leading top end Hi-Fi or flat screen TV and not look out of place……”. We believe that in Duonet, the designers met their brief, and have delivered something that takes Fire Alarm control panel aesthetics to a new level.

Duonet control panel The Duonet system incorporates a high level of technology, integrated with a ‘back to basics’ review of the features we take for granted. The control panel will support 1–2 plug on loop cards, network card available. The addressable loop utilises the existing technology of the Sita 200 plus devices, with the addition of many additional functions.

Technical Specification

Soft Addressing Technology has been enhanced, with the addition of “Safe Initialisation”. This allows the engineer to automatically compare the programmed data with the existing loop configuration, which will then prompt to “add/delete/change” any devices which are inconsistent. In this way, addresses may be added into the system as required, even “out” of sequence. Therefore, the widely acknowledged “best” features of soft addressing have been integrated with the later flexibility of hard addressing.


Sita 200 plus devices


Mild Steel

Operating Temperature:

5°C to 33°C

Voltage Range:

16 to 48 V DC

Mains Voltage:

230V AC +10% -15%

Panel Inputs/Outputs:

2 x programmable relay, SPCO 2 x monitored sounder/relay circuit 2 x monitored input (latching/nonlatching) 2 x network port 1 x PSU bus 1-2 x addressable loop card 1 x USB port for site config upgrade 1 x serial port for panel software upgrade

Loop Voltage: Current Consumption:

40v DC Max Loop Current: 500mA Quiescent: 98mA Alarm: 250mA

A full set of programmable inputs and outputs are available at the panel, combining with the improved zonal and point ‘Cause & Effect’ setup to provide one of the most powerful, configurable and user friendly systems on the market today.

Intelligent Fire Technology

Battery Requirements:

2 x 12v 7Ah per PSU for 24hr standby

Loop length:

2Km 2core 1.5mm (with screen/earth)

Part Code:

510 0001

User interface and system controls Rafiki have developed Duonet to provide an intuitive and trouble free control panel which will prove simple to operate for all levels of user. Traditionally, addressable fire alarm systems have been difficult to operate by the end user. Rafiki have overcome this by allowing the high technological advantages of the system to be controlled in a simple manner. We have kept panel functions simple and user friendly, in the style of a more basic conventional panel. Essential fire controls are traditionally controlled with the use of a key switch and clearly marked keys.

Zonal indication is provided to allow general location of the source of a fire, in a similar manner to a conventional system.

This is all in addition to the extra functionality required from a state of the art, modern intelligent system

Intelligent Fire Technology

In order to give clear and intuitive access to more advanced and engineering functions, an approach has been taken similar to that used in mobile phone technology, as its use is wide spread and well accepted. A simple set of navigation keys provide advanced user control for facilities such as clock setting, through to engineering level system interrogation and setup. A large display has been chosen to allow all relevant information to be displayed, including context sensitive prompting at every level. A tightly controlled display layout provides for predictable and intuitive operation, even to a new operator. For system commissioning, Duonet OSP provides full PC control and programming facilities, including the generation of text reports and additional system diagnostics.

Duonet network Up to 32 Duonet Network Protocol compatible units may be connected into a single network.


1-2 loop control panel with integral PSU and interchangeable architectural cover panels


Simplified control panel with integral PSU.


On-board unit, for network or local panel printing functions.


The Twinflex V4 2-wire control panel is compatible with the Duonet Network Protocol, 2-8 zones.

The Duonet network treats each node (panel etc) as an equal with no masters, in a true ‘Peer to Peer network’. Each control panel takes the responsibility to pass on any incoming events to those connected to it, and they in turn transmit onwards.

CONTROL PANEL Fault tolerant ring

Initial releases will allow for a simple network fire and fault functionality and some programmability of the desired response.


Max 1km distance between panels

4 way connection


Intelligent Fire Technology

Intelligent Fire Technology

Intelligent Fire Technology

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Note All specifications are available in electronic format on request to Rafiki. Disclaimer Rafiki’s policy is one of continuous improvement, and the right to change specification at any time without notice is reserved. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the contents of this document are correct at the time of publication, Rafiki shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of such contents. Š Rafiki Protection Limited 2009


INTELLIGENT FIRE TECHNOLOGY Located in Cwmbran, South Wales, Rafiki Protection Ltd is a fully integrated R & D, manufacturing and traini...