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Hofstra Announces

Bathrooms Formerly Open to Anyone Now


Gender Inclusive

ats off to Hofstra University once again for establishing an environment just suitable enough to get those litigious ass pancakes off their case! As I’m sure you all know, diversity is an issue. A serious issue. One that you should change the tone of your voice for. In an effort to become a truly all-inclusive campus, Hofstra has proudly unveiled bathrooms available for any and all genders and sexualities on the fourteenth floors of Estabrook, Constitution, Enterprise, and Vander Poel Halls. Now we all know the real-estate industry here at Hofstra has really been booming ever since the eviction of those job-stealing leeches over in Estabrook [Note to Ed. comic book yellow box saying “see issue 160 true believers”]. What we can expect from these events is for Hofstra to step it up and create an environment that says, “Gay? Fine by Hofstra!” “The truth is, you can be as gay as you want in these bathrooms,” says university spokesperson for diversity, Gerald. “You can waltz right in there with two guys, two girls, one guy and one girl, three girls and one guy, two guys and three girls, four girls and one guy, two girls and one guy, an F. Scott Fitzgerald mannequin and three guys, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the possibilities are truly endless. I mean hey, it’s legal now! #Lovewins.” “These bathrooms are clearly marked for use of any and every gender by not being marked at all. This dates back to when the towers were built in 1967 when they were built—when issues of this sort were surely, certainly on the universities mind. Talk about being ahead of the curve! The intentional ambiguity of the bathrooms makes it basically sort of just okay enough that should anyone of any gender use them, we can just shrug when someone else complains that their religious freedom is being trampled on,” says pesky schemer Ralph Aynolbeid. “Now leave us alone, already.” However, other buildings such as Bill of Rights and Alliance Halls still remain stubborn and are willing to go to such extremes as purposely eliminating a fourteenth floor altogether so that there is no room for multi-gender bathrooms. It’s a shame that these buildings are still behind in the pursuit of PC but maybe one day those grouchy old concrete beasts will accept the changing of times, as predicted by Bob Dylan in the 2009 hit film,

By AJ Leal

Watchmen. Either way, four entire buildings is plenty enough progress for one billing cycle. Classic, liberal New York can finally stop badgering the good people of Hofstra. Now, a common question and concern upon reading this article may be. “All genders? I thought there were only two!” Contrary to popular belief, there are actually more than two genders available for human use and everyone with any gender can use the specially designed all-inclusive fourteenth floor bathrooms at Hofstra University. I mean like, no one is going to stop you. Seriously. Male? Yes! Female? Yeah. Gender fluid? Yep. Intersex. Demi-Boy? I don’t see why not! Demi-girl? Are you even listening? Demi-God? I mean, the bathrooms in Valhalla are surely nicer, but what the hell? Poor? No. Try Popeyes. Still, some people were unsatisfied and unconvinced as they begged the question that sure, all genders are accepted, but what about all sexualities? Were people of the bisexual persuasion allowed to use these so-called all-inclusive bathrooms? The only answer they received was “Yeah, gay people can use the bathrooms too. We said that already.” For Nonsense Humor, this is Charles Bukkake. News at 11.


The "PC" Issue  

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The "PC" Issue  

Is Nonsense too "PC"? Find out!