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2020, Issue 3 Benefitting our USEF Professional Members


Member Services Directory pages 4 & 5

Professional Incentive Program pages 14 & 15

Scholarships for Education page 13 Free Classifieds page 26

Year End Award Scholarships www.nodarider.org

In this Issue: NODA Calendar, page 4

Member Services Directory Registration—page 4 and 5 CADS Freestyle Clinic, page 7 NODA’s New Dressage Ring! page 7 USDF Region 2 Awards Program, page 8 Western Dressage Clinic Registration, page 10 & 11 Dressage Attire—Traditional, Trendy or Too Far?, page 12 NODA Schooling Show Rider Medal Program, page 16 Member Spotlight—Kayda Strah, page 19 Dressage and More Camp for Adult riders, page 20

JR/Young Rider Clinic, page 22

Greetings from NODA’s President; Niki Sackman Hello NODA members and friends, The Northern Ohio Dressage Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Education Organization

2020/2021 NODA Board Executive Board President Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 President@nodarider.org Vice President 330-357-9981 Rachel Aderhold VP@nodarider.org Treasurer Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911 Treasurer@nodarider.org Secretary Patti Valencic 216-956-0985 Secretary@nodarider.org

Parliamentarian Barb Soukup 440-339-3980 Parliamentarian@nodarider.org

Directors at Large Kathy Kirchner 330-995-6010 Kathy-DAL@nodarider.org Mary Lou Gallagher 216-941-6582 MaryLou-DAL@nodarider.org Dale Lappert 330-527-4683 Dale-DAL@nodarider.org Christine Thompson 440-590-1598 Christine-DAL@nodarider.org Arielle Brodkey 440-454-4709 Arielle-DAL@nodarider.org

Board Meetings Third Monday of the Month Panera Bread, 6130 Kruse Road, Solon

NEXT MEETING 6:15pm March 16, 2020 NODA News 2020, Page 2

The schooling show committee has been hard at work designing some new programs. This month, schooling show Arthur manager, Sally Burton, shares details for the Schooling Show Medals Program on page 16 and the Professional Incentive Program (PIP), which is also valid at NODA’s recognized shows on pages 14 & 15. NODA is also happy to announce participation in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program which is open to GMO members Niki Sackman & Raina participating in non-USEF-licensed/non-USDF-recognized competitions. The competition application is available on the USDF website at www.usdf.org/awards/performance/regional-schooling.asp, and we will have a link in the near future on the NODA website. We hope many of you will participate in these new programs. The NODA Schooling Show Prize List will be published soon. This provides a good opportunity to plan your goals for 2020 and review dates, requirements, and available awards for both schooling shows and recognized shows. The prize list is a valuable resource for our competitors. NODA is busy planning our recognized shows, NODA’s Dressage 2020 and Dressage Encore 2020, June 27 and 28 with Judges Dolly Hannon “S” and Marilyn Payne “S”. We are working on several fundraising and sponsor packages. This year we will be offering raffle tickets for purchase with the top prize a $1,000 scholarship, and the second and third place prizes will be $350 and $150 gift cards to Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply! Not sure about you, but I would love to win one of those prizes. You can be guaranteed I’ll be purchasing multiple tickets. Details forthcoming. We look forward to our membership’s support on these exciting endeavors. NODA has also purchased a second competition ring. This will save NODA money in the long run, as currently we rent a second ring. We were very fortunate, thanks to the generosity of Betsy Rebar Sell , Kristin Stein, and our members who donated our first ring. Would you consider helping us pay for the second ring with a $5 or $10 donation? You can donate at www.nodarider.org by clicking on the donate link on the homepage and you can find more information on page 7 of this newsletter. Some of you may have visited NODA’s new website. The website is mobile friendly and will continue to grow, so be sure to check for updates over the next few months. You are still able to renew your membership online, look for upcoming events on the Events page, and other information. We are thrilled to watch the site expand.

Have you ever wondered how to design a musical freestyle or what is required? On Saturday, April 25, 2020, NODA will be supporting CADS’ Freestyle Clinic with Emily Gill at Brecksville Stables, which will be an interesting and informative. NODA and CADS are also offering a Western Dressage Clinic with Joann Williams. See page 10 & 11 for a revised registration form and information about Joann. The 2020 clinic and competition season is almost upon us and the NODA board has spent the winter working hard to bring you the best in dressage. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Niki Sackman President Cover Photo: NODA JR/Young Rider competes Mykka, her 16-year-old, 16.3 hand Friesian gelding.

NODA Chairpersons & Committees Communications Correspondence Secretary : Molly Reeves 440-334-3947 Correspondence@nodarider.org Member Services Directory Mosie Welch: 330-618-5838 Directory@nodarider.org


Historical Archives Historian : Fran Cverna 440-834-1774 Historian@nodarider.org

Competitions Recognized Shows Co-Chair Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911 RS-Chair@nodarider.org

Lead Editor, Content/Layout Mosie Welch 330-618-5838 Mosie-Editor@nodarider.org

Co-Chair Rachel Aderhold 330-357-9981

Advertising/Classifieds Editor Jennifer Cooper 216-469-3920 Advertisers@nodarider.org

Manager/Secretary Kevin Bradbury 734-426-2111 Ext 111 Info@horseshowoffice.com

Corral Magazine: Mosie Welch 330-618-5838 Mosie-Editor@nodarider.org

Volunteer Coordinator Karen Shirring 330-220-4705 RS-vol-coord@nodarider.org

Website, Facebook & E-News Webmaster Lesley Matt 440-503-6214 Webmaster@nodarider.org


Education Programs Education Chair: Linda McGall 330-328-9878 Linda-Edu@nodarider.org

Membership & Liaisons Membership Chair Fran Cverna 440-834-1774 Membership@nodarider.org External Relations Barb Soukup 440-339-3980 parliamentarian@nodarider.org Junior & Young Rider Liaison Christa Sandy 216-314-4871 Jr-YR@nodarider.org Member Liaison: Kathy Kirchner 330-995-6010 MemberRep@nodarider.org

Program Coordinator Mosie Welch 330-618-5838 Program@nodarider.org

Blue Ridge Farm Lake Erie College Little Stinker Farm North Crest Equestrian Center

Schooling Shows Chair Sally Burton 440-221-7544 SchoolingShow@nodarider.org Show Secretary Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 SS-Secretary@nodarider.org

Poulin Dressage Rivendel Farm

Volunteer Coordinator Sally Burton 440-221-7544 SS-Volunteers@nodarider.org

Year-End Awards Chair Janeen Langowski-Grava 440-666-6182 Yearend-Awards@nodarider.org

The Visiting Vet Topline Stables

Silent Auction Chair Patty Keim 330-350-2775 SilentAuction@nodarider.org

Year-End Awards Banquet

Professional Liaison Arielle Brodkey Arielle-DAL@nodarider.org 216-496-1299

Banquet Co-Chair Sally Burton 440-221-7544 Banquet@nodarider.org

Western Dressage Liaison Sara Justice WesternDressage@nodarider.org

Banquet Co-Chair Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 SS-Secretary@nodarider.org

NODA News 2020, Page 3

Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply

Sponsors/Advertising Patty Keim 330-350-2775 Sponsors@nodarider.org

Instagram & Twitter Administrator, Janice Lawrenz 440-478-6806 Posts@nodarider.org

NODA’s Newsletter Advertisers

Please Support NODA’s Advertisers with your Business! Please share your copy of NODA News with a friend or at the stable when you are finished reading!

Northern Ohio Dressage Association 2020 Member Services Directory Registration Information Directory will be published in Issue 5, 2020 (May) NODA News and on NODA’s website through April 2021

Deadline to register: April 10, 2020 There are FOUR Service Categories 1. USEF/USDF Professionals Instructors, trainers, judges, TD’s etc. 2. Equestrian Professionals & Services Vets, alternative therapies, farriers, braiders, tack shops, etc. 3. Stable Listings Boarding and training facilities 4. Non-equestrian services Member owned businesses and services Members may be included in more than one service category! Fill in each category you wish to be included in Remind your friends and trainers to complete the form!

Download/Type-In form on page 5 of this newsletter OR find the form at www.nodarider.org Complete the form and email to Directory@nodarider.org by April 10

OR Postmarked by April 10 and mail to NODA Directory 8195 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 Don’t Miss This Advertising Opportunity! Questions? Contact Mosie Welch at Directory@nodarider.org NODA News 2020, Page 4

NODA News 2020, Page 5

NODA News 2020, Page 6

NODA has invested in a second Premier Dressage Ring! Holy Cow! We are so excited! In 2017 NODA purchased a new Premier Sundance Dressage ring, with all the fixings. This was possible because of the generous support of Betsy Rebar Sell, Kristin Stein and NODA members .

NODA is excited to announce we are purchasing a second Premier ring

The new Premier Dressage Ring will cost $3,970 If you’d like to help NODA with this large expense, go to the NODA website and use the “Donate” button to DONATE any amount you can afford. No amount is too small—all donations are tax deductible and appreciated!

DONATE ONLINE www.nodarider.org DONATE by Mail: Make checks payable to NODA Mail to Dee Liebenthal, 738-3 Claridge Lane, Aurora OH 44202 Thank you for Your Support NODA News 2020, Page 7

The Northern Ohio Dressage Association is a 501 (c ) (3)

USDF Region 2 CATHERINE B. JACOB SCHOOLING SHOW AWARDS INFORMATION Below is a brief overview of the Awards program. This program is NOT affiliated with the USDF Schooling Show program.

PURPOSE FOR REGIONAL AND LOCAL LEVEL To help provide funds for Region 2 sponsored GMO Educational Fund.

To encourage local competition managers to put together a series of schooling dressage competitions that will provide competitions with standard quality of classes and judges. To allow local competitor’s scores to be recognized on a regional level without leaving their home area. To encourage competitors to improve their skills, gain show experience, and confidence to move up to USDF/USEF rated shows. To encourage riders to join a local GMO (Group Member Organization of USDF).

HORSE AND RIDER ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Competitor must be a current member of a local GMO to compete for Region 2 Catherine B. Jacob Schooling Show Year End Awards Program. Competitor is responsible for following the rules and completing the requirements of the schooling shows. Competitor MUST send a completed Region 2 Catherine B. Jacob Schooling Show Registration Form (link below) for each horse/rider combination to the Region 2 Points Person with a check for $25.00 for each level or $45.00 for two adjacent levels, BEFORE their scores are eligible. Scores submitted must be postmarked by NOVEMBER 5. Show year will be from November 1 to October 31 of the following year. Use the Results Submission form (link below) to send in your four highest scores. Complete guidelines and registration form available at www.usdfregion2.org/region-2-awards.html If you have any questions, please contact: Catherine Jacob at cathbjacob5@gmail.com or (513) 335-0009. Region 2 Contacts: Debby Savage USDF Region 2 Director Debby-Savage@msn.com Anna Cluxton USDF Region 2 Webmaster USDFRegion2Webmaster@gmail.com

NODA News 2020, Page 8

NODA News 2020, Page 9

NODA News 2020, Page 10

NODA News 2020, Page 11

Notes From The 2019 USDF National Convention in Savannah, Georgia Dressage Attire — Traditional, Trendy or Too Far? by Arielle Brodkey Every year at the national convention, the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) invites internationally respected experts to present their thoughts and research on a variety of subjects. At the December 2019 meeting in Savannah, Georgia, speakers included world-renowned equine veterinarian Dr. Hilary S. Clayton; Olympic medalist and U.S. Dressage Development Coach Charlotte Bredahl, and World Cup rider/ S-judge and favorite competition commentator Kathy Connelly. This article is the first in a series covering subjects presented by these authorities and others at the convention. In the first installment, three USDF show officials; Gwen Ka'awaloa, Michelle King, and Donna Meyer offered their opinions on show-ring attire.

“Traditional, Trendy or Too Far?” by Gwen Ka'awaloa, Michelle King, and Donna Meyer Is it true that the horse and rider with the most bling win? Not according to these three officials, nor according to judges who sat in on this presentation and commented. Some of them hate bling, and they gave specific examples of their least favorite examples. Riders beware! Some of these can negatively impact your test score!

not telling us to abandon it all together, but they advise judicious choices. While most of their remarks related to recognized shows, the presenters also discussed optimal turn-out for schooling shows and clinics. They emphasized that correct turn-out does not equate with expensive outfits. Correct turn-out needs to be neat with nothing to divert attention from the rider's equitation and the horse's movements. Speaking generally, good grooming of both horse and rider provides fewer distractions from the main elements of the ride. And they cost nothing but time. Some specific remarks related to riders' long, floppy braids and hair streaming out from under the helmet. These can be distracting and even unsafe in some situations. Untucked shirts can also present problems for judges because they bulge out with every stride at the trot and canter. Tucking the shirt in under a belt allows the judge to get a good view of the rider's back in order to assess the rider's position in the collective marks. A rider's back -line and seat might deserve a “7” or “8,” but be marked as a “5” if they are hidden under a billowing, untucked top. Some riders might also do well to wear a vest both for extra support and a tighter, neater appearance.

Top of the list was the helmet with a very glittery front panel. On a sunny day, when this panel catches bright sunlight, it can actually blind the What to wear in the dressage ring? judge to the extent that he or she can Bling or No Bling? not determine if the halt at X is square Judges weigh in to help you decide. or if the transitions are good, bad, or indifferent. Therefore, a score that might have been a “7” or even an “8,” might slip to a “5.” Glittery gloves create their own problems. Officials recommend that riders avoid wearing them unless their hands are absolutely quiet and steady. Bouncing sparkles call attention to jittery hands! This negatively affects a rider's collective marks at the end of the test. Officials do realize that most of us like bling, and they are NODA News 2020, Page 12

Finally, the presenters emphasized the importance of riders' familiarity with the USDF rule book regarding correct attire at recognized shows, such as the exact shades of colors of coats allowed, sleeve and neckwear rules when coats are called, and other requirements.

Gwen Ka'awaloa is a USDF “R” judge, and “r” Western judge, and a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist. Michelle King is a USDF Technical Delegate. Donna Meyer is a USDF “r” judge. Thank you to Arielle Brodkey for sharing her experience at the USDF Convention with us!

NODA News 2020, Page 13

NODA News 2020, Page 14

NODA News 2020, Page 15

NODA News 2020, Page 16

2020 NODA Schooling Show Series News with Sally Burton, Schooling Show Manager NODA is very excited to announce our NODA Schooling Schooling Show - Rider Medal Program Show 2020 season! There is so much going on for In 2020 NODA is introducing the NODA Schooling Show professionals and amateurs alike! We look forward to the Rider Medal Program where riders of all levels can earn opportunity to bring you more of the same professional, their schooling show bronze, silver, and gold medals. well run shows and add some new judges to our venues! Riders will receive a lovely high quality medal which will be NODA will hold five shows at Chagrin Valley Farms where awarded at NODA’s annual Awards Banquet and stalls are readily available and the footing is great. Rocky Celebration! Details are on page 16 of this newsletter and on NODA’s website. River Stables will continue to host our August show and Fair Winds will welcome our return in September. Please remember that both of those locations have limited stalls Professional Incentive Program or PIP so plan to trailer tie your horse if necessary. We are NODA is also recognizing our member professionals in a thrilled that all three venues are happy to host our shows and work with us to offer quality shows. Our registration more concrete manner in 2020 as we unveil the Professional Incentive Program (PIP) which is outlined on will continue to be on the Horse Show Office portal and pages 14 and 15 of this newsletter. Professionals will earn mail in registrations will be accepted. We do encourage points for every single NODA member client you school you to register on line or mail your entry in the day it and that rides in classes at a NODA sponsored show opens so that you are not wait listed for a show. (schooling OR recognized) or every member client horse We are pleased to have new judges added to our season; you ride in a class at a NODA sponsored show. Points may “r” judge Ryan Bell will join us for the May show from be used like cash for clinics, shows, membership, or Florida, “R” judge Kristen Boyd joins us for the July show advertising. Professionals are urged to check out PIP and from Ontario, Canada, Fatima Kranz, an “R” judge from earn their PIP rewards! See pages 14 and 15 of this Chicago, Illinois will join returning “R” judge Nicky Vogel newsletter. from Virginia for our Championship weekend. New judges who hold L certificates include Janell Scherbarth Other Opportunities and Shari Wolke both from Michigan. Returning judges Our Ride-a-Test Clinic has moved to June 20- the day from past years include Robin Birk “r” working on her “R”, before our June 21 show at Chagrin Valley Farms. The Cheryl Connell-Marsh “R”, Clara Etzel L with distinction, Ride-a-test is scheduled for 20 minutes each ride and is a Jen Roth “r”, Amy Rothe-Hietter L with distinction and chance to ride a test for a judge, receive a score, get Alison Schmidbauer L with distinction. Our goal is to offer immediate feedback, then either ride the test again or quality judges for our competitors at an affordable price. work one-on-one with the judge to make corrections. Returning again this year are clinicians Danielle Menteer and Barb Soukup. Sign up for the ride a test is done via snail mail so look for an application/details in April to sign up for this educational opportunity!

Find out more about NODA Bucks on page 24

Stay tuned for more information about the schooling show season and look for Sign Up Genius to go “live” for all your volunteer opportunities—earn your NODA Bucks early! NODA News 2020, Page 17

Adult Dressage and More Camp returns to Stone Gate this year and will be held July 30-August 2. More fun, learning and adventures are already in the plans. IF you want to dedicate an entire weekend to hanging out with horses, riding, eating, playing and trying new things then plan to join us! Details on page 20 and 21 of this newsletter and www.nodarider.org.

Join us for a Summer of FUN!

NODA News 2020, Page 18

JR/YOUNG RIDER Member Spotlight Kayda Strah Kayda Strah is a 12-year-old JR/Young Rider and NODA member who rides and trains at Dream On Farm in Columbia Station, Ohio. Kayda rides and shows Mykka, a 16-year-old, 16.3 hand Friesian gelding, with coaching and lessons from her instructor/trainer, Loreen Cobb since 2016.

Kayda competes on Mykka, one of her Friesian geldings.

Kayda has been riding since she was six and has dabbled in both Western and Hunters before settling on Dressage at age 10. She also rides Tyson, a 5-year-old, 16 hand, Friesian gelding. Kayda studies Parelli Natural Horsemanship and loves to try out new challenges such as trail courses. Kayda is planning to compete at training level and equitation in traditional dressage classes in 2020 with a goal of improving her personal scores. She is also hoping to compete at the same level in the 2020 International Friesian Horse Show. Below left: Kayda leads Mykka. She volunteers at shows and is actively engaged in the care and health of her horses. She loves all animals and horses and is considering a career as a Member Spotlight Submissions Please Include Vet or an ER nurse. Your name and interests Horse’s name, age, height, sex, and breeding, and fun facts Show or riding goals and levels Where do you board? Who do you train with? Photos in jpg format of fun times with your horse & photo credit Email to mosie-editor@nodarider.org NODA News edits submissions based on space Helmets required in all mounted photos

NODA News 2020, Page 19

NODA News 2020, Page 20

NODA News 2020, Page 21

Jr/YR Clinic Featuring George Williams HOSTED BY JKF DRESSAGE, GALENA, OH on APRIL 11-12, 2020 Jr/YR CLINIC RIDERS: Riders must submit an online application to be considered for this clinic. This clinic features two days of riding lessons and theory sessions. Riders between 14-21 years of age will be given priority. Riders ages 12-14 competing in FEI Pony or FEI Children classes may also apply.

AUDITORS: Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to facilitate planning. Walk-in auditors should plan to bring a chair, if possible. If you pre-registered to audit, your name will be on the registration list provided to the organizer and a pre-printed name tag will be available for you at the clinic which will serve as your ticket. CONTACT INFORMATION:

Julie Franzen , 2220 Miller Paul Rd, Galena OH 43021 (312) 307-6751 JulieFranzen@gmail.com www.jJKFDressage.com More details can be found on the official press release HERE

From the Archives with Historian Fran Cverna

News for NOW—What are NODA Bucks? One NODA Buck= ONE Volunteer Hour = $1.00 EXCEPTION: NODA bucks used for NODA education events have Variable Value! When you volunteer your time to NODA, you are given one NODA Buck for every hour you volunteer.

NODA Bucks Never Expire! Use them like Cash! Use them when entering or registering for any NODA Sponsored Schooling Show, Education Event, or renewing your annual NODA Membership Dues! Four (4) NODA Bucks earned in the current competition year are REQUIRED when applying for NODA Year-End Awards. To apply for NODA Year End Awards, you must attach four (4) NODA bucks earned in that competition year to your Competition Report Form(s). Only 4 NODA bucks required, no matter how many awards you apply for. See AWARDS for complete details. You don't want to miss out on these awards, trophies and scholarships!

From the Archives—JULY 1991 NODA BOARD MEETING MINUTES NODA BUCKS: Beginning with the schooling show on July 14 at Liberty Bell, volunteers will receive four NODA Bucks for every half day worked. The bucks can be used for any NODA function in 1991.

NODA Bucks redeemed for membership the past four years 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: NODA News 2020, Page 22

188 NODA bucks = $188 366 NODA bucks = $366 205 NODA bucks = $205 461 NODA bucks = $461

Membership News by Fran Cverna, Membership Chair

NODA’s 2020 Membership Year runs from 12/1/2019– 11/30/2020

Thank you to everyone who has renewed for 2020! As of 2/17/2020, we have 190 members 124 Adult Amateurs 24 Youth 42 Professionals

Welcome New Members Kate Coleman-Morrison, Helaine Crawford, Mary Crowley, Leslie Hoffman, Carolyn Lopiccola, Jill McNIcol, Barbara Meholick, Hannah Powalie, Allison Ray, Tracy Tabar, Lisa Van Nieuwal, Jennifer Wayner, Sandra Young If you have a trainer, student, or riding friend who has not yet joined NODA this year, I hope you are having this conversation: YOU: Did you see the all the new information in the March NODA Newsletter? NON-MEMBER: No! What did I miss? I didn’t get the Newsletter. YOU: March was packed full of information! It’s easy to join – you should join today

Join online at www.nodrider.org Use the Membership Form on Page 24 of this newsletter

NODA News 2020, Page 23

NODA News 2020, Page 24

NODA News 2020, Page 25

Classifieds & Member Stable Listings Classified Ads Info NODA Member BENEFIT One free ad at a time for 2 issues

60 words or less FREE 60- 80 words $10.00 Photo $10.0/two Issues Non-member Ads/2 issues 60 words or less $10.00 60—80 words add $5.00 PHOTO w/ad $20.00: Submit ad and payment by 15th of the month. Stable Listings Free for Members Only: include contact info, city and three lines. subject to editing. Website posting included. Classifieds Editor Jennifer Cooper

216-469-3920 Check payable to NODA: Jennifer Cooper 6395 Paine Road Painesville, OH 44077

APPAREL, TACK & EQUIPMENT Saddle for sale: 2016 Custom Icon Flight 17.5 black dressage. Anatomically correct wood tree designed to fit wide range of horses with average to high withers. Deep seat supports rider's back. Buffalo leather. Mono flap design. Long external knee rolls. In very good condition. original owner. $3000 Barbara 440-669-7052 (I-4)


Indoor & 1 outdoor ring, pastures, boarding, lessons, excellent care, friendly. Co-op boarding now available

Meadow Creek Ranch Mantua, OH Kate Poulin, 386-624-3968 katepoulin@yahoo.com Heated barn/indoor. Ship in lessons welcome. Positive & Professional training atmosphere.


Free Classifieds are a

NODA MEMBER BENEFIT! Sell tack Fill stalls Advertise training openings Offer horses for sale All ads in print and on the Website for 2 months Classifieds@nodarider.org

STABLING None at this time. NODA News 2020, Page 26

Bridlewood Dressage Farm Medina, OH Cheryl Slawter, 330-239-1997

Lake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord OH Debbie Savage, 440-375-8011 USDF Gold Medalist, 2010 FEATHERLITE GN TRAILER USEF S Dressage Judge 2 horse, straight load, ramp dsavage@lec.edu Warmblood size. Mid tack & Dressage training through separate weekender LQ w/ Grand Prix. Schoolmasters electric. Great condition! Mini- available, accepting mal use. Asking $18,000. Call students. USEF /USDF or text 814-450-4496. (I-1) Dressage Shows

Email ads to: Classifieds@nodarider.org

FEI Pony wants to bring another child through the levels! Easy care, loves to show, no issues, never needs tuning. Brought current rider from beginner to Festival of Champions in 3 years with many Pony Cup championships. 2004 mare 13.3. Call Jayne Ayers for info 414-313-4146 or jayne@dressagehorse.com


Mithra Training Stable Jefferson, OH Wendy Gruskiewicz 440-213-0509 www.mithrastable.com Specializing in Arabian Sport Horses, dressage training, sales & lessons North Crest Equestrian Center Avon Lake, OH Julie Taylor, (440) 933-4654 www.northcrestequestrian.com

Dressage training & lessons, with lesson horses available, summer horse camps, birthday parties

MEMBER STABLE LISTINGS Orchardview Stable Medina, OH, (330) 635-0161 Small private co-op barn. Indoor/outdoor arenas. Located across from MetroPark trails. Wash rack, pastures

Pleasant Valley Farm Willoughby Hills, OH Kris Lanphear, 440-942-9034 Board, daily grass T/O, trails, lessons, care of special need horses. Natural training to enhance dressage

Princeton Ridge Farms, Ltd. Huntsburg, OH 440-463-2428 www.princetonridge.net Quality horse care, boarding, lessons, and sport horse sales in Geauga County. Indoor/ outdoor arena, schooling jumps, trails Rhythmic Ridge Ranch Lorain County Debi Smith, 440-315-2660 Full care, indoor and lighted outdoor arenas, matted stalls and heated water buckets

Rivendel Farm Garrettsville, OH Bonnie Gray, Dale Lappert, R Dressage Judge (440) 813-4009 www.rivendeldressage.com Board, dressage/eventing. Indoor/outdoor, miles of trails with cross country fences

Member Stable Listings Rocky River Stables/Valley Riding , INC Cleveland. OH (216) 267-2525 www.valleyriding.org Margaret McElhany Boarding, lessons, pony /horse camps, therapeutic riding, indoor & outdoor arena, trails

Shadow Facs Farm Waterford, PA Debbie McCaughtry 814-796-6161 www.shadowfacsfarm.com Dressage and combined training, instruction, sales

Rosewood Stables, Columbia Station, OH Jill Voigt 440-236-8276 rosewood.stables@yahoo.com Small barn w/indoor arena,/outdoor riding, heated tack room, daily T/O, hay /grain, 3x/day, Full or self clean

Shade Tree Farm Bath, OH Betsy Rebar-Sell 330-351-1124 brsell@aol.com Full care, indoor & outdoor arenas, trails, turnout, lessons, and training

Topline Stables at Walden Aurora, OH Janeen Langowski Grava 330-995-0039 or 440-666-6182 www.topline-stables.com Boarding, lessons, clinics, sales, training, full care, indoor/outdoor, grass pastures Woods Edge Stable Burton, OH Anne Houin 216-598-0821 Houin3@yahoo.com Boarding, lessons, clinics, indoor/outdoor arenas. grass pastures, trails

NODA Board Meetings, Third Monday of the Month — All Members Welcome to Attend NEXT BOARD MEETING: March 16, 2020 at 6:15pm Location: Panera Bread, 6130 Kruse Road, Solon OH NODA welcomes member comments, concerns, ideas, and questions regarding NODA activities, shows, and policies. Please contact your member representative at Memberrep@nodarider.org

Calendar of Events *Schooling Show Scores ELIGIBLE for 2020 NODA Year-End Awards March 13-14 LEC Winter Series Dressage Show www.LEC.edu/equine-events USEF/USDF Recognized LEC Equestrian Center, Concord OH * March 14 CADS Schooling Show Brecksville Stables www.cadsdressage.org * March 29 CVF Dressage Schooling Show, www.chagrinvalleyfarms.com Chagrin Valley Farms April 2 - 5 Equine Affaire in Ohio Dressage Clinicians Thurs and Fri: Jeremy Steinberg Sat and Sun: Liz Austin www.EquineAffaire.com Ohio Expo Center, Columbus OH

April 25 Freestyle Clinic with Emily Gill, Brecksville Stables www.cadsdressage.org

* June 21 NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org

* May 17 NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org

NODA USEF/USDF Recognized Shows Jun 27-28 Dressage 2020 & Dressage 2020 Encore Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls www.nodarider.org

* May 23 CADS Summer Schooling Show Brecksville, Stables www.cadsdressage.org May 25 CADS Memorial Day Trail Ride and Covered-Dish Picnic Brecksville, Stables www.cadsdressage.org * May 30 DOF Schooling Show www.dreamonfarms.com LaGrange, OH

* April 4 CADS Schooling Show Brecksville Stables www.cadsdressage.org

Jun 13-14 LEC Dressage Derby of Ohio USEF/USDF Recognized www.LEC.edu/equine-events LEC Equestrian Center, Concord OH

April 4-5 LEC Dressage Prix de Villes USEF/USDF Recognized www.LEC.edu/equine-events Concord, OH

June 20, Ride-A-Test Clinic with Danielle Menteer and Barb Soukup Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org

* Apr 19 CVF Dressage Show, Series Championship Chagrin Valley Farms www.chagrinvalleyfarms.com

* June 20 CADS Summer Schooling Show Brecksville, Stables www.cadsdressage.org

NODA News 2020, Page 27

Full calendar at www.nodarider.org

*July 12th DOF Schooling Show www.dreamoonfarms.com LaGrange, OH *July 19 NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org July 30 – Aug 2 NODA's Dressage Camp & More for Adult Riders Stone Gate Farm, Hanoverton, OH www.nodarider.org *Aug 9 NODA Schooling Show Rocky River Stables www.nodarider.org *Sept 13 NODA Schooling Show Fair Winds Stables www.nodarider.org *Oct 3 NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org *Oct 4 NODA Schooling Show Series Championship Chagrin Valley Farms www.nodarider.org

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NODA Newsletter and Website Advertising Rates New Advertising Rates Effective January 1, 2020 Payment Deadline: 10th of the month to reserve space in NODA News for the next issue. Ads will be run print and digitally for the same amount of time. E-mail print ready ads in JPEG or .TIF format Select high quality or commercial printing, 300 dpi or higher when saving the file. Send to Jennifer at Advertisers@nodarider.org

Advertising Rates Width x Height One ISSUE Full Page 7.5” X 10” $100.00 Half Page 7.5” X 5” $55.00 Quarter Page 3.75” X 5” $26.00 Business Card 3.75” X 2” $20.00

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