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#depressionhurts is a social enterprise We provide a resource site & support for mental health, particularly those affected by depression, suicide or bullying. Help and Hope for YOU or for a loved one

#depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker #depressionhurts was co-founded late November 2011, on twitter by @lavenderlens & @talentCoop. Since then we’ve seen real change in the ‘noise’ surrounding mental health; it’s profile positively raised as many organisations followed us to find social media a place for voices to be heard and credible support given for those with depression and other mental illness. The collective effort is targeted at beating stigma, suicide - raising the profile of mental illnesses every bit as debilitating as the worst of physical illness. Giving help & hope to people, who often live inwardly stressed and in great mental pain. There is still much to do! For many people, the very times in which we live increase vulnerability, leaving them feeling they've fallen behind. These people are our parents, partners, children, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues - all ages, all genders, all shades, from all religions & backgrounds. Every One of them .... linked to One of us. The 1 in 4, trying to cope on the surface, whilst internally stressed and struggling to function: materially—financially—socially—within work (or not) - in their personal lives—public lives and especially in the most important relationship of all, the prime relationship we each have with ourselves, our mind and internal dialogue. #depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker Is about YOU helping those people. The 1 in 4 of the with depression, suicidal thoughts, bullied or suffering mental dis-ease. With your help, we’re determined to acknowledge, support and help them to: FEEL valued FEEL they belong FEEL loved FEEL they don't need to pretend FEEL well FEEL in step with the rest of us FEEL hope #depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker Our 2014 video, can be accessed here—it’s soundtrack by our fabulous twitter band, is Springsteen’s classic, ‘If I should fall behind, wait for me'. It’s title line says everything about how we need to treat ourselves & others affected by mental dis-ease: love, patience, care, support so if they should fall behind, they know they’re not alone. We need all of you to show that love, patience, care, kindness and support to the people who know who need that hope, to help them recover and live well.

#depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker Making your pledge We’re asking YOU to become an informal advocate by pledging to support your One! Your family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, so no One feels they've fallen behind. You don't need a Masters degree, nor fame & fortune, doesn't matter what house you live in, the car you drive, whether you shop at Penney’s or Brown Thomas, Primark or Harvey Nicks, if you're thin or fat, film star good looking or less, young or not so. It's about You making a commitment, in the hustle & bustle of 2014, pledging to do kindness for your One. Reconnecting and restoring, One person at a time, each of us helping the One we care about. One day at a time, ditching the bitching, giving kindness, care, time & hope and maybe being the One reason, your One feels they can get up, face and get through their day .... and the next One. It’s so easy, YOU already know how but here's a few ideas anyway ...... * Choose to see the good in your One no matter how they come across * Instead of a hurried hello, ask how they're feeling and LISTEN to the answer * Pay a compliment, help your One see the great qualities they have * Show you care - give a little time, even if just for a tea or coffee * Show kindness—do/make something for them, or just talk a while * Ask to hear their story and listen without judgement * Be the friend who's can lift them, when things seem down * Invite them to go for a walk, on the beach or just a walk * Give them a smile - give them a hug—hold their hand * Cook them a meal or suggest eating out with them * Be someone's reason to smile * Accept them & help them accept themselves * If you can, do a practical good deed for them - just do it! * If they need help - help them find it! * Tell them why you value & love them * Tell them why they are important to you * Hear their fears & help them feel hope * Celebrate even their tiny successes * Be gentle with them and help them 'go gently' * Share your umbrella !

Here’s some tools to help * Pinterest: * Tumbl: * Facebook: * FREE App: * Educate: * What to say:

* Information:

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#depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker Making your pledge is easy, you just need to want to make a positive difference to someone’s life and give them hope!

Please visit: or

To add your name and your pledge e. g. I’m going to visit my One, every week or I’m going to talk to my One about getting help or I’m going to take my One for coffee & cakes or whatever is right for you and your One! It’s as simple as that! You don’t need to name your special One, that’s completely private to you, just keep your pledge We hope that you will continue your pledge through 2014 to really make a difference to your One

#depressionhurts Thank you to all our supporters and Thank YOU for caring enough to want to get rid of stigma and support those with Mental illness


#depressionhurts Thank you to all our supporters

#depressionhurts 2014 One4One Pledgemaker To make your One4One pledge Please visit:

# d e p r e s s io n h u r t s

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