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“One of the things I’m going to take away from this experience is learning to move forward and not live in the past, looking at where I’m going to go and not where I’ve been.” - CARRIEANN, NO BARRIERS WARRIORS PARTICIPANT

WHO WE SERVE No Barriers serves veterans with disabilities from all eras and branches of service, male and female, combat wounded and training injured, with visible or invisible injuries.



If you’re a veteran with a disability or know someone who would benefit from one of our programs, please visit to apply or nominate.

THE NO BARRIERS EXPERIENCE Each No Barriers Warriors expedition is designed to push veterans mentally and

OUR MISSION: To improve the lives of veterans with disabilities through transformative, curriculum-based expeditions in challenging outdoor environments.

physically in some of nature’s most incredible wilderness settings. We create a safe space and encourage them to reflect on their past, recognize where they are in the present and then look with positivity to the future. We do this in a spirit of camaraderie; where veterans come together to encourage and inspire one another. The No Barriers experience serves as both an opportunity for growth and a catalyst for change as the participating veterans stretch their boundaries, innovate through adversity, and step up to serve others. These life changing experiences are offered at no cost to the veterans and include airfare, meals, gear, and an experienced expedition crew. Importantly, each expedition is a 3-phase journey that includes preparation for the expedition, 6+ month post-expedition support and integration into the broader No Barriers community.

THE NO BARRIERS WARRIORS JOURNEY BEFORE the expedition, we introduce participants to the No Barriers Life, set expectations for the experience, and enroll them administratively and logistically. DURING the expedition, we provide participants the opportunity to experience the


of participants would recommend this program to a friend or colleague

No Barriers Life in a safe environment and allow them to transform the way they perceive themselves, their barriers, and their futures. AFTER returning home, dedicated follow up staff stay connected to our alumni to assist them in accomplishing the goals they set in the program.

PROGRAM OFFERINGS 1-DAY Veteran Advance: Focused on indoor or outdoor climbing experiences. No pre-training required. Open to all levels of fitness.

5-DAY Base Camp: “One step from backcountry” experience focused on rafting, “I have been a part of other groups

climbing, and hiking. Some pre-training required. Open to all levels of fitness.

trying to help veterans heal, but I

5 OR 7-DAY Backcountry: Wilderness trekking experience. Fitness pre-training

really believe No Barriers is doing

required. Good physical conditioning necessary.

it right – getting us into nature, reconnecting with each other, experiencing new things – and also just letting us be ourselves.” - RACHEL, NO BARRIERS WARRIORS PARTICIPANT

Warriors to Summits: Multiple event opportunity with an extreme level of difficulty. Serious training and high level of fitness required.

Warriors Track at the No Barriers Summit: NYC: Two-day premiere event that brings together veterans with disabilities and people of all backgrounds and abilities who are transcending barriers to unleash their fullest potential and live a life of purpose.

OUR IMPACT We make an impact on the veterans we serve:


say they realize the value of working and connecting with others (compared to 50% pre-expedition)


If you’re a veteran with a disability or know someone who would benefit from one of our programs, please visit to apply or nominate.


want to make a difference as a leader who serves (compared to 58% pre-expedition)


have an increased desire to reach for their potential and grow as a person (compared to 64% before)


No Barriers Warriors’ cost-free programs are funded through the generosity of individual and corporate donors. To learn more about corporate sponsorship or personal giving opportunities please contact

“This has energized my soul. I have felt lost and alone for many years but

No Barriers at 970-484-3633 ext. 319 or visit NoBarriersUSA .org/give.

through this trip I have found a peace I haven’t felt since before the war.”

Your gift can help change a life today!



Our mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. In addition to working with veterans with disabilities and survivors of the fallen, we provide transformative experiences, tools and inspiration for a diverse group of individuals ranging from schoolage youth to corporate managers.


No Barriers USA 224 Canyon Ave #207, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970-484-3633

No Barriers Warriors 2018 Brochure  
No Barriers Warriors 2018 Brochure