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Hack you:

The body as the next interface frontier

Andy Goodman Marco Righetto

A brief and inaccurate history of the manmachine interface

Jacquard loom 1801

Colossus valve computer 1943

FORTRAN punch card 1953

Rand Tablet 1961

Fairlight CMI lightpen 1979

MS-DOS 1980

Xerox PARC "mice" 1981

Macintosh GUI 1984

iPhone touchscreen 2007

Kinect 2009

Siri 2011

Sensors: A language of gestures / A Predictive World

Facial recognition in Japanese vending machines

McDonalds car database

Where next?

Embedded tech in our bodies

Expressions and micro-gestures A new interaction language will be required

Select Move Forward Back Undo Yes No

Public vs Outward vs

Private Inward

Grab Slide palm Pull closer Push away Facepalm Nod Shake

Stare at object Slide tongue sideways Tongue touches front tooth Tongue touches back tooth Purse lips Smile Frown

Programmable matter

“Nano synbionts” Synthetic symbiotic organisms

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Hack you: The body as the next interface frontier  

A design speculation of a future where evolved technology is embedded inside our digestive tracts, sense organs, blood vessels and even our...

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