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Best regards,

Andre w Pete rs

 APRIL 2012 (800) 296-2275


Andrew Peters cer Chief Executive Offi tgage Corporation or M First Guarant y


Officer Lender/Retail Loan nt de on sp re or /C oker you may Dear Mortgage Br poration. Some of or C e ag tg or M y us for rant or have been with e to you First Gua e, uc tim od st tr fir in e to th r d fo se I’m plea stomers. ar ing our name Whether you’re he lp you help your cu . he us to ow ng kn ki y ta e ad re e’r al e steps w ll be plea sed by th ction are fa ster, years, I think you’ us on each transa ith w ns io ct ra te a better in w technology and noticed that your y ne ad ith re w al s ve es ha oc pr ay r ou ha se. You m e closing or purc ient. We’ve refined th fic re ef fo e be or e m fil d an ur smoother to touch yo ther than your cu stomer, ra fewer people need ith ng w ri k su or en w , : w st lo be kf wor what you do have time to do We want you to d troubleshooting. requires processing loans an . Today’s market rs ne rt pa r ou r py in today’s ide options fo ng hard to prov the space you occu of ss le rd ga re ns We are also worki VA lender solutio on sense FHA and m y. We’re offering m lit co bi a xi g fle in ek um se im oker or VA max are a mortgage br oducts like 203K u pr yo er ith w th s he id W . vo ce e marketpla and the fastest looking to fill th mpetitive pricing ngs; a flow seller co ri fe ith of w e r ye ch ni bu lk ith w tail loan / bu ing for a mini bulk se line relief; or a re ok ou lo eh er ar w nk or ba a w ls; flo manua lp create ca sh MC offers real the industry to he s opportunities, FG es dl en u yo w lo purcha se times in al at will r a unique home th the country. officer looking fo y for clients across da y er ev e es th g in liver s to be the options. We are de ilosophy continue ph re co ur O s. cu ted by fo changing is our serve to be evalua de be s ’t er on ow w rr at bo th at g th One thin lieve strongly e DU and FICO t we do. We still be ther than a simpl ra e, ns se on m foundation of wha m ing. We co es to mortgage lend underwriting and m l co ua it n an m he w d, e ce ns en se on ients experi customers. Your cl happened to comm r ur ve yo te ha do w as r , de at on th e score. We w homes. You deserv people into good od go t pu to ist ex t numbers. are borrowers, no ices at www.FGMCw rv se d an es lin t uc (capit al ore about our prod w m w n ); ar le nt to de u on yo sp te re We invi (cor w we can help your FGMCcorrespond ow you exactly ho sh n ca e w at (wholesale); www. th market may l) so can improve. The (retai e w. w w s w ay d w an on ); ts ck ke ba ed chance mar ers. We’d like the ays open to your fe w om al st e ar cu e ur W . yo d ow an gr business rtunit y for you at can mean oppo th t bu , ng gi an ch be to prove it to you.



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