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“I spent several months researching different companies and had all but given up when a friend, Jonny Fowler, asked me to take a look at ACHL This company doesn’t just feel like home, it IS home. Every time I need help I get it, and more! And with an incredible branch opportunity it all sums up into 3 words: Product, Service, and HOME!”

“It is absolutely impressive the spirit of teamwork and customer service driven culture that everyone in the company has demonstrated to me… thus being transferred on to the customer!

“I chose ACHL because of the people and service I get from everyone. Also the selection of products I have access to. I am Finally back with a great team of people.”

“I really like this organization. My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!”

Steven J. Scarfo

Jim Patterson

14 years in business Cliffside Park, New Jersey

15 years in business Morristown, New Jersey

9 years in business Houston, Texas

“An employee of a previous lender recommended ACHL to me. After talking to everyone at ACHL I knew it was the right fit. They did everything possible to answer my questions and make sure that I could open and run our branch our way.” -

“After weighing my options I decided to go with America’s Choice Home Loans. The branch compensations is one of the best in the industry. They are committed to providing extraordinary customer service. ACHL will help me grow my branch into a mortgage powerhouse by equipping me with their proven tools and systems.”

“I joined America’s Choice Home loans because I felt like I was joining a family. They just jumped through hoops to get me on board and opened. They give me the tools needed to help me run and grow my business.”

“You know the old saying ‘Your company is only as good as your employees’ Jonny and his team have proven that statement to be true! I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jonny and his team for over 10 years. Once I had the opportunity to move and work with him and his team again I took it! It’s the right move!

Dante Miller

Simon Nwoke

Renee Ralls

David Velasquez

13 years in business Corpus Christi, Texas

17 years in business Macon, Georgia

33 years in business Salem, Oregon

15 years in business Virginia Beach, Virginia


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Janet Pagan

22 years in business Saco, Maine

Norman DuBois