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Accounting Technology Limited 3rd Floor Europe House Bancroft Road Reigate Surrey RH2 7RP Tel:

01737 222261

Report prepared by:

Richard Sharman, Managing Director

Nicola Macdonald, Business Development Director

Report Date:

30th July 2009

Strictly Private & Confidential _____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 1/28

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Summary of: Key Issues Key Requirements Key Benefits

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Nine Telecom Business Background Nine Telecom Operating Overview

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Software and implementation - cost overview

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Project Planning Accounting Technology Implementation Methodology Why Choose Accounting Technology? Reference Sites

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Access Accounts – General Benefits Product Comparison Access Accounting Awards

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Appendices Appendix 1 Credit Control fact sheet Appendix 2 Detailed Quotation Appendix 3 IT Specification

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 2/28

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Thank you very much for the opportunity and the time you extended to us on 28th July 2009 when we discussed your current business systems at Nine Telecom and the requirements that a new system should deliver. Due to rapid growth of the business and planned expansion of the Nine Group, Accounting Technology has been introduced by Kevin Warmsley of Wilkins Kennedy accountants, to assist with the search for a new accounting system. The objective of this report is to prepare an overview of the matters discussed at our meeting so that we are able to identify with you the key requirements and objectives of the implementation of new business systems. From the information gathered at our meeting we have firstly summarised the key issues that you have with the current system, the requirements from a new system and the benefits that this would bring to Nine Telecom. We then outline what we understand are your business processes that feed into your current business and accounting systems. Further meetings may be required to provide additional detail. Also included is an estimated cost, which is subject to a final Statement of Requirements. Finally, included is some general information on Access Accounting software and Accounting Technology.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 3/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

The following issues and requirements were discussed at the Needs Assessment meeting and can be summarised as follows:


Key Issues •

The number of transactions processed is at a high level creating a major risk of data corruption.

The system runs slowly due to the volume of transactions.

The number of users is reaching the recommended maximum, which contributes to the poor speed of the system and risk of corruption.

The plans for the growth of the business cannot be incorporated into the capacity of the current system.


Key Requirements •

A SQL based accounting system that will deliver speed, capacity and stability to support Nine Telecoms business growth plans.

An accounting system that can be developed in terms of users and functionality to incorporate the future requirements of the business.

Extensive integration capability

Departmental or branch accounting

Excellent reporting

An IT provider that is able to work with and support Nine Telecom and Wilkins Kennedy to deliver the appropriate set up in terms of both infrastructure and configuration of the software as new offices and new companies are introduced to the group.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 4/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Key Benefits •

Investing in a proven SQL based system, such as Access Dimensions, will provide a future proof platform from which the Nine Telecom Group will be able to grow in a controlled, profitable and competitive manner.

Time saved through speeding up current processing will provide the capacity to absorb the increased volume of work as the business grows and could prolong the time when further staff are required thereby keeping overheads lower for a longer period of time.

Nine Telecom will be able to draw on the experience and expertise of Accounting Technology particularly in the areas of: o

Integration with internal or industry specific products. (Many of Accounting Technology’s clients have some form of integration with internal databases or industry specific solutions.)

o Long term relationships. (Accounting Technology has established long term relationships with many of our clients who will be happy to provide references. Please see section 5.3.) o Excellent and award winning customer support.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 5/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Nine Telecom Business Background

Nine Telecom was formed in 2001 and has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s largest telecoms solution providers to the wholesale and direct channels.

Nine Telecom Group

Nine Telecom Limited

Nine Telecom Wholesale

Nine Club

Nine Telecom provides such services as line rental and broadband to businesses and is based at the head office in Edenbridge. Nine Telecom Wholesale, based at Stroud, provides the same services but to Resellers, similar to Nine Telecom, who then sell these services on to the end user. Nine Telecom Wholesale is in the process of being wound down. Nine Club (formerly Club Communications) joined forces with Nine Telecom Wholesale to strengthen the services offered and increase the market share. There are additional companies within the Group such as Nine Mobile that were not discussed during the Needs Assessment.

Turnover The current turnover for the group is £25m. This is projected to increase significantly over the next 12 months to approximately £50m through acquisitions and marketing. In two years the projected turnover is £100m.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 6/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Staff There are currently 60 members for staff in the group at the two locations.

Key personnel Michael Palmer – Director James Palmer – Director Trevor Saint – Finance Controller Kevin Warmsley – Accountant, Wilkins Kennedy

Year End 31st July

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 7/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Nine Telecom Operating Overview

Current systems The current accounting system at both Edenbridge and Stroud is Sage Line 50 providing Nominal Ledger and Purchase Ledger functionality. The sales processing is carried out in an industry specific billing platform called Ability (by Oak). This system produces the customers’ invoices created from data downloaded from the service supplier e.g. BT. Integration between the two systems allows the sales information to be imported into Sage. The number of open transactions is currently 200,000, double the recommended volume. Apart from slowing down the system, which is frustrating for those working on it, the danger of data corruption and the possible impact on the business, should there be a significant period of down time, must be removed. Although Sage Line 50 was an appropriate product to satisfy the needs of the business when it was originally implemented, it now no longer meets the current requirements or those of the business over the coming years.

Sales Nine Telecom has over 3000 business customers who are invoiced monthly. Half of these pay by direct debit the remainder pay by BACS, cheque or credit card. The 1500 direct debits are imported from a file from the bureau. These are currently posted electronically but matched manually. It would be expected that the new system could make this process more efficient. Nine Telecom Wholesale & Nine Club have 150 customers who are resellers and this number is growing. Approximately 200 manual invoices are raised each month therefore Sales Order Processing & Invoicing is required. The resellers bring business customers to Nine Telecom receiving a commission on the sale. The commission statement is calculated from within the billing platform. Resellers produce an invoice to Nine Telecom from the commission statement.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 8/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Purchases The purchase invoices from suppliers is relatively low in volume.

Credit Control The majority of credit control is outsourced with just one person carrying out this function in-house. If there are cost savings to be achieved through bringing this in-house because of improved functionality within the new system this would be considered. Note: As well as the basic credit control functionality that comes as standard within Access Dimensions there is also a Credit Control module that provides significant extra functionality including. Please see Appendix 1 for a detailed fact sheet.

Reporting Departments are not currently accounted for however it will be a requirement in the future. As the business grows the accounts will be centrally controlled from Edenbridge ensuring that information relating to divisions or departments can be easily identified and analysed. Note: In Dimensions user keys are applied to identify departments and divisions making analysis and reporting capabilities extremely powerful. It will therefore be possible to produce a P & L report for each division. As the Group makes acquisitions it is also worth noting that: Note: Access comes with five companies. It will therefore be possible to run the accounts of additional entities as long as the financial control is the same and the software is running on the same server. Extensive budgeting is currently carried out and this is envisaged to increase. Note: Via the Access Office Integration module, two way links place Access Accounts on the menus of Microsoft Excel (also Word and Project). Populating an Excel spreadsheet with live accounts data takes an instant and changes to non-auditable data such as budgets can be written back into the accounts.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 9/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Users There are currently nine users of Sage Line 50, six at Edenbridge and three at Stroud. Our quotation includes 10 users. It is cheaper to purchase a block of 10 users rather than a block of 5 and 4 singles. The number of users is likely to increase as acquisitions are made and the business grows. Note: Access Dimensions Lite is limited to 10 users thereafter Full Dimensions is required which can handle an unlimited number of users. Included in our quotation is the cost of upgrade to Full Dimensions and the cost to add extra users thereafter in order for you to budget ahead for new users. IT Sage Line 50 is currently held on two separate servers, one at each site. It is envisaged in the future that a pipe between the two sites will be used. The IT department, consisting of four developers, is based at Stroud. There is also IT support provided at Edenbridge. Nine Telecom would like to take advantage of the experience of their future accounting system provider to advise on the most efficient IT infrastructure that will enable the control of the accounts to be maintained at Edenbridge whilst bringing in other locations as and when they join the group. Note: Accounting Technology has many years of experience helping clients with very similar IT decisions that Nine Telecom are currently facing. It is recommended that Accounting Technology’s IT Development Director, Andy Weatherly, has a conversation and / or meeting with Nine Telecom’s IT representative to help plan the most effective IT infrastructure. Please see Appendix 3 for a detailed hardware and software specification. Time scales The target to ‘go live’ is 2nd January 2010. Baring in mind Christmas disruption, we recommend that the project is commenced four months before this date to ensure that it is planned correctly with enough time for each stage of the project to be implemented to a high standard and to allow plenty of time for internal practise and system testing, data migration and report design. _____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 10/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Other areas discussed included for information only: Stock Stock Control is not a requirement, only services are provided by Nine Telecom.

Project Costing There is currently no project costing carried out. This is likely to be a future requirement however this is most likely to be carried out within the billing platform.

Payroll Payroll is outsourced. This will continue and is therefore not part of this review.

CRM A combination of Salesforce and an industry specific CRM system is used. Both systems function well and are not part of this review.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 11/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Software and Implementation - Costing Overview

We set out below an overview of the software and consultancy services, which we suggest will be needed in order to meet the implementation of new system requirements at Nine Telecom.

Software Products To follow is a summary of estimated costs. A detailed break down can be seen in Appendix 2. Access Dimensions Lite, Single Currency, 10 users Core modules (Nominal Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Cash Book, VAT) Sales Order Processing Office Integration SDK (for integration to billing platform) Credit Control Initial Licence Annual Licence Services

£ 7,552 £ 2,052 £ 9,313 Total £18,917 Annual Technical Support £755 No. of days included in Services 12.5

Note: 1) 2) 3)

4) 5)

20% Business Growth Event discount has been applied to the Initial Licence. The Annual Licence increases after 1/9/09 to £2145. Annual Technical Support has been reduced from 10% to 8% of the Initial Licence (before discount) due to the lack of Stock Control required. An extra day will be added to the above free of charge to be used as a ‘buffer’ day once the 12 ½ days have been completed. 4 x 2 hour complimentary meetings can be arranged throughout the first year of the implementation to be used to assist with the on-going system development as the business grows.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 12/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Upgrade to Full Dimensions, Single Currency, 10 users Initial Licence £5010 Annual Licence £903

Additional users No. of Users 1 5 10 Initial Licence £780 £3900 £6500 Annual Licence £160 £795 £1300

Note: The Annual Licence for Full Dimensions has been quoted as per the rate after 1/9/09.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 13/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

5.0 Project Planning Accounting Technology has recently received the highest endorsement, distinction, for the extremely rigorous Access Consultant Accreditation Programme (ACAP). This is a reflection of the processes that we have in place to ensure that every single one of our clients’ systems are thoroughly researched at the initial stages, then carefully planned and implemented. These stages are as follows: Planning





Needs Analysis

Demo / Pilot

Sales Proposal

Agree & Handover

Project Kick Off

Go Live

Detailed Mapping

Data Configuration

Customer Satisfied?

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 14/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

The project implementation and timetable will be subject to final requirements and report specification. It is estimated however that approximately 12 ½ man days will be required in order to develop the required customisation, project manage, install, design and train on the software solution. Time must also be allowed for testing the software. It is therefore suggested that not less than 3 - 5 months should be allowed to fully develop and implement this project. The following sets out a guide and a number of key areas for careful consideration during the planning of your project: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Complete documentation and place order Final Statement of Requirements agreed Document and process flow agreed Project planning date User rights, system configuration, options Chart of accounts agreed New company built Documentation agreed Reports agreed Training commences Integration planning meeting Integration development Integration testing Stationary layouts – designed & produced Reports – designed & produced Training completed Test day Data migration from previous system

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 15/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Accounting Technology Implementation Methodology

The following methodology has been applied by Accounting Technology over a number of years and has proved to be the most successful and least disruptive approach leading to quick installations, successful system design and comprehensive training. Clients listed in section 5.3 are happy to act as reference. We would like you to contact them to discuss their implementation and their experience of the high standard of service that Accounting Technology delivers.

Statement of Requirements Once a client has agreed to purchase an Access Accounts solution and the associated services from Accounting Technology we carry out a Statement of Requirements. This process can take between 2 – 4 days depending on the size of the project. During these days we will look at every aspect of your accounting procedures and every aspect of Access Accounts to ensure, as far as possible, that the design of the software meets your requirements. This approach ensures that both Nine Telecom and Accounting Technology have given the design of the new system serious thought and that every procedure is examined. Following the Statement of Requirements day Accounting Technology will produce an overview recording the procedures that have been discussed. This report will form the basis of the design of Nine Telecom’s Access Accounts solution.

Project Planning To ensure that the implementation is completed smoothly, a project planning meeting is held to agree who does what and when. This will cover the key milestones and dates to ensure that the project is constantly monitored through the implementation process and that ‘go live’ is achieved on time with fully trained staff and reporting requirements.

System Design System Design lies at the heart of a successful implementation with the right structure and flexibility to provide information and reporting in the correct format, with comprehensive analysis of various activities and sections or departments within the business. Analysis by costs centre, perhaps by sales manager, revenue stream etc. may be extremely valuable. To meet this requirement Accounting Technology, if requested, may be engaged to undertake the system design for management approval covering many areas including chart of accounts and coding, supplier, customer, project structure and coding as well as appropriate categorisation within those modules to facilitate the analysis and _____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 16/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

reporting requirements. Subject to specification, Accounting Technology will also prepare commercial documentation and reports specified by Nine Telecom for testing and approval. As part of the Project Planning and System Design, legacy data can also be imported into Access Accounts if available within Microsoft Excel.

Training Training is carried out in groups no larger than four members of staff. Training will be carried out on the Access Accounts software that has been designed for Nine Telecom as per the Statement of Requirements. Training days are sensibly scheduled as we understand that staff also have their jobs to carry out so that Nine Telecom can continue to operate efficiently. Time is also factored in for practising in between sessions. Approximately 3 weeks prior to ‘go live’ day a test day is arranged to ensure that all of the users are happy and familiar with the system. This is an extremely useful day that will help anyone who has missed a previous training day perhaps through holiday or illness to ensure that they are happy with how to use the system.

Support Accounting Technology provides technical support. This is not a call centre. Your calls will be put directly through to a member of staff who will be able to either resolve the query or manage the process. Technical support is available from 9am to 5:30pm. If a problem arises that requires additional investigation Access Accounting, based in Colchester, has a team of 60+ developers and support technicians with whom we are able to refer and involve if necessary.

The Team Accounting Technology is a business solution provider, which means that we do not just supply software. We work in partnership with all of our clients to achieve their system requirements and design. Our most long term clients have been with us for up to fifteen years. In that time together we have developed their accounting systems from simple accounts to extremely sophisticated, integrated solutions as they have grown over the years.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 17/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

The implementation at Nine Telecom would be carried out by the following team: Richard Sharman, Managing Director Richard is a Chartered Accountant but has spent the last fifteen years in the accounting and business software field specialising in system design and implementation. Richard will brief the technical team and hand over the project.

Andrew Weatherly, IT Development Director Andy has seven years experience designing Access Accounts systems. He has achieved some impressive solutions to some very complex requirements. Andy will lead the technical team, conduct the Statement of Requirements and design the right Access Accounts system for Nine Telecom.

Bill Taylor, Project Co-ordinator. Bill has 20 years experience gained with Suzuki managing their 600 dealerships nationwide. Bill will take an active role in the Statement of Requirements and ensure that the project is implemented smoothly and on time.

Lance Brake-Whitley, Senior Trainer Lance has 3 years experience training and supporting Access Accounts clients. Lance will carry out the training accompanied by an assistant and will be a familiar voice if and when support calls are made.

Paul Law, Senior IT Developer Paul will install Nine Telecom’s Access Accounts software and will provide support of a more high level technical nature if required.

Colin Tuck, Trainer and Support Colin has been an Access Accounts user for over 5 years and has therefore acquired an in-depth knowledge of the software. He will also provide training and telephone support.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 18/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Why Choose Accounting Technology Limited

Over 15 years of Business Software Experience Accounting Technology has been established in the field of business and accounting software solutions for new, developing and larger organisations for over 15 years and has as a result evolved considerable experience in installation, training and implementation of accounting and business software solutions. During this period the company has been instrumental in providing software solutions to over 600 organisations from start up to large companies with turnover in excess of ÂŁ50 million. An Extensive Range of Clients and Businesses Among our clients are those from many different business sectors including retail, manufacturing, nursing agencies, property development, distribution, medical, music, charities and many others. We have clients operating solely in the UK and others using multi currency systems with branches or subsidiaries throughout Europe, in Australia and Hong Kong. Strong Financial Background The proprietors of Accounting Technology, prior to its formation, spent some 20 years as practising chartered accountants, and are therefore able to bring to our clients a wealth of experience, expertise and understanding of operational procedures and systems as well as commercial, business, and financial matters. Dedicated Staff We have dedicated staff fully accredited as technical, training, and support consultants. Our staff are fully trained and accredited through Access Accounting courses and have an extensive experience in a broad range of IT software and systems. Our technical support desk is open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm and remote support facilities are available. We are keen to work with you and to embrace the latest developments in IT and new software technology. Conveniently Located Being established in Reigate we are close to the M25 and Gatwick Airport and are able to easily service our clients throughout the South of England. Using remote communication we are able to provide remote technical support through direct links to your server which minimises the cost of call out charges. In this context we have been able to provide a high level of support for clients throughout Europe and as far away as Australia.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 19/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Key Companion Products and Integrated Solutions Not only can we provide an excellent accounting software solution through the power and versatility of Access Accounting but being a SQL based product we are able also to provide a range of Key Companion products which integrate fully with Access Accounts. These solutions cover a range of Key Commercial requirements covering Microsoft Office Products, Contact Management (CRM) Customer Service, ecommerce solutions, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Works Order Processing, Payroll, Fixed Assets Management, Quick Address systems, and other vital solutions in order to give you a total integrated business solution. Accounting Technology has developed ‘BigBay’, a suite of web based modules and plug-ins that fully integrates with Access Accounts. BigBay modules significantly improve the flexibility of working from home or in the office. These modules include timesheets, expenses, purchase requests, web reports and deferred income. Accounting Technology is also a Specialist Centre for ProspectSoft CRM. Contact Relationship Management is the ultimate tool for attracting, developing and most importantly retaining customers. ProspectSoft is a modular solution, which means that companies only implement the modules that are required for their business giving system and pricing flexibility. Integration with accounting software gives breadth and depth of customer information so that all relevant staff across all departments are knowledgeable and informed. This one central view has helped companies using ProspectSoft CRM to improve their customer intelligence & communication, efficiently execute and analyse marketing campaigns, run more effective sales teams, provide speedier problem resolution through the support desk and ultimately increase their profitability and business growth.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 20/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Accounting Technology Limited - Schedule of Client Reference Sites

General Comment: Most of these organisations have been clients for several years GlobalSign Limited Contact: Paul Tourret, Managing Director Telephone: 01622 766766 Location: Maidstone, Kent Web: Email:

GlobalSign is a highly credible and well established Certification Authority and SSL Provider securing identities, web sites and transactions for more than 10 years. Having spent two years developing a bespoke front end ordering system the key requirement was to implement accounting software that would integrate with this in-house system. Obtaining financial information quickly and accurately was a priority. Accounting Technology implemented an Access Accounting solution in 2008. The SQL platform meant that integration with GlobalSign’s ordering system delivered the key requirements as well as removing many duplicated tasks’ delivering significant time savings. Extensive drilldown facilities within modules provide instant answers to enquiries whilst customised reports using Crystal Reports delivers the specific financial information required by GlobalSign. Paul Tourret, Managing Director of GlobalSign Ltd commented, “Accounting Technology listened to our requirements from the outset and quickly gained an understanding of our business, the intricacies or our sales process and a thorough appreciation of the required level of information to be shared across our global group of companies. Their expertise in Crystal Reports has meant that we are able to very quickly and easily get to the information we require which is contributing to our ability to continually develop and grow the business”.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 21/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Cytyc UK Contact Phone No Location Web Email

Lyn Tuff – Finance Director 01293 522 080 Crawley, West Sussex

Cytyc is based in Crawley and is engaged as major suppliers of pregnancy testing kits and machines. The company is controlled by a US holding company which also has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong. All these companies utilise Access Accounting software and are linked to a central server in the UK office using Citrix technology. Prestige Nursing Contact: Diane Jared – Finance Director Telephone: 0208 254 7508 Location: Wallington, Surrey Web: Email: Prestige is one of the UK’s largest nursing and home care organisations, engaging some 4000 nurses, operating under approximately 80 branches throughout the UK. The nursing management and control of complex time sheet recording is handled within industry specific software (E-Sentinel) which also produces customer invoices. E-Sentinel links with Dimensions to transfer invoices to customer ledgers. Approximately 5000 invoices/credit notes are imported into Access Dimensions on a monthly basis.

Icepak UK and Icepak PTY -Australia Contact: Tom Ward – Finance Director Telephone: 01268 583 777 / 0061 29894 5683 Location: Basildon & Sydney Australia Web: Email:

Icepak are engaged in the shipping and distribution of fish throughout the world. We have installed Access Accounting Multi Currency software in the UK and also in Australia. This client may serve to illustrate the high level of technical support that we have given even to a client as far away as Australia.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 22/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

MSF/ Scottfire Contact: Lorraine Hemmingway – Head of Finance Telephone: 01293 543 838 Location: Crawley, West Sussex Web: Email: MSF are the largest providers of fire appliance systems in the south east of England with approximately 12 thousand customers. The company has a requirement for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual invoicing and the necessity to produce inspection certificates. Their certificate maintenance system is held in Microsoft Access which links with Dimensions accounting software.

G Burley, Grounds Maintenance Services Contact: Janet Hedges – Accountant Telephone: 01306 711799 Location: Dorking, Surrey Email:

Recognising the growing need in the post-war years for reliable and environmentally sensitive grounds maintenance services in the south-east of England, George Burley founded G Burley & Sons in 1951. Since then, Burleys have expanded into a company of some 150 people, with their green livery recognised throughout the Home Counties as signifying quality work on a wide range of grounds maintenance contracts, in both the public and private sector. As is typical of many of Accounting Technology’s clients G Burley had simply outgrown their current accounting system. Eradicating duplication was a key requirement for them. Access Accounting’s Dimensions Lite solution will now allow the entry of timesheets to update Payroll and Project Costing simultaneously, saving G Burley time thus providing rapid management reporting along with control of costs and profitability.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 23/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

NetSolCQ, Leasing software solutions Contact: Adrian Morris Telephone: 01403 282300 Location: Horsham Web: Email: NetSolCQ is a leading provider of leasing, asset finance accounting and administration software solutions. With an enviable track record of 20 years experience in the leasing software business, the company has delivered worldclass software solutions to over 50 leasing and asset finance companies across the UK, Europe and Asia. . The integration of timesheets and project costing within their Access Accounting system has meant that NetSolCQ is able to analyse their customers and track the profitability of projects. Access Accounting multi-currency systems with multiple sort keys provides extensive analysis for management reporting as well as US GAAP reporting requirements.

Plummer Parsons Contact: Nick Brown Telephone: 01323 431200 Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex Web: Email: Plummer Parsons are chartered accountants with branches in Eastbourne, Brighton and Hailsham. As well as preparing accounts, delivering financial reports and optimising their clients’ tax positions they also offer a wide range of specialist advisory services from business profit improvement and advanced tax planning to personal financial management and wealth-building. They run the practice accounts on a 5 user Dimensions Lite system.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 24/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


General Benefits - from selected modules in Access software

1) A copy of the software is available to your auditors, Wilkins Kennedy, free of charge. 2) Extensive Purchase Order processing facilities are available with rapid selection of items from product lists, recurring orders and electronic submission of documentation. Serial number, batch number and rapid transaction tracking is available as well as matching part deliveries and back to back ordering. 3) Control of Purchasing procedures, approval of expenditure and cash payments 4) Extensive Integration with Microsoft Office – Word and Excel. This is available with the Office Integration Module using Excel Addins for fast 2 way data management allowing all non transactional information in the system (budget figures, customer sort keys, address details etc)to be modified through Excel. 5) Links to External documents such as contracts, customer or employee supplementary details, spread sheets etc can be linked / appended to customer, supplier, nominal or costing records. 6) Expandable number of users . 7) Fast submission of statements and invoices leading to improved cash flow. 8) Customisable labels and titles on record and data entry cards. 9) Segregation of duties and user access providing extensive security but provision of information to those who need it. 10) Smart tag technology - (Read only Access to data directly from Microsoft Word and Excel). 11) Nominal ledger drill down to transaction detail. 12) View double entry and cash allocations – tracking transactions in your system. 13) Links to auditors statutory accounts software. 14) Remote communication with Citrix and Microsoft VPN technology 15) Customised layouts for all your invoices, order processing, statements etc.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 25/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Product Comparison

Set out below are a number of important matters and advantages incorporated in the standard modules and functionality of Access Accounting not found in many competitive products. The modules and functionality will be dependent on the software version selected. 1)

Access Dimensions provides extensive integration with applications and has had considerable experience in this field.



Access Dimensions is a true SQL Server application where as some alternative competitor products use Pervasive SQL or MY SQL. Access products therefore avoid conflicts with other true SQL products.


SQL Express comes free with Dimensions products where as some competitor products require the purchase of full Microsoft SQL software.


Access Accounting has operated in the SQL server environment for approximately 15 years with approximately 6000 clients whereas most competitor products have under 1000 users and have only operated in the SQL server environment for a few years


Access Dimensions incorporates the Office Integration Module facilitating extensive two-way links and data migration with Microsoft Office products


Comprehensive and customisable reporting with Access Crystal Report Designer


Capacity for expansion to 200 users through simple unlock keys


Customisable forms in MS Office for import into the accounts


Extensive security rights


Budget imports and revisions




Extensive analysis through record card user keys


True recurring and reversing journals

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 26/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________

Product Comparison continued: 14)

Nominal summary drill down


True period end close per ledger


13 month accounting periods


View double entry


VAT period close


Integration with CRM


Smart Tag technology


Cash receipts and payments for both customers and suppliers


Recurring invoices


Credit control facility


Alpha numeric nominal codes


In several competitor products all transactions go into batch and are therefore not included in reports until update


True comprehensive multi-currency trading with automatic profit and loss on exchange rate movement


Extensive searching and drill down facilities


Minimal queuing time on support


Attaching external documents


Bigger fields for data entry




User definable field labels

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 27/28

Nine Telecom Group_____________________________________________________________


Access Accounts Awards

Access Accounting Recognised at Two Major Industry Awards On 13 November 2008, Access Accounting won the Accountancy Age Award for the best ‘Mid-tier Software Package’. This comes just days after winning the SIFT Media Software Satisfaction Award, for the second year running, in the category of best ‘Mid-Range Software.’ John Beech, managing director of Access Accounting, commented: “We are really excited to be awarded two respected accolades in such a short space of time. Our products are constantly evolving and the awards are testament to our ongoing development and commitment to delivering innovative solutions. “We focus on delivering real competitive advantage to our customers and these awards, which are very customer focused, are testament to our success.” The SIFT Media award, which is based on customer votes, saw Access Accounting receive almost 26% of the vote and the highest customer satisfaction rating. The Accountancy Age award is based on real customer testimonials, highlighting how our customers have been able to show the measurable benefits of the Access Dimensions solution. The company’s proven track record has resulted in a 95 percent customer retention rate across its product range with over 750 customers willing to positively recommend Access. Access Dimensions has led the industry by providing solutions that address business challenges such as VAT, legislation, fraud and carbon accounting. Access Accounting has also recently received highly commended for Best New Product in the Green Business Awards. The innovative Accounting for Carbon Emissions tool is part of Access Dimensions, the first ever accounting system to allow businesses to automatically calculate their carbon footprint as part of normal daily activity.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Accounting Technology Limited 28/28

Nine Telecom  

Needs Assessment report

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