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ONL Births, Marriages & Engagements

ENGAGEMENTS Keren Bagon (2003) announced her engagement to Itay Tokatly in December 2012, in Israel. Lauren Gaventa (2003) became engaged to David Hirschfield in July 2012. Olivia Godfrey (2003) became engaged to Zeb Wayne on 2nd October 2012, in Los Angeles. Sophie Rogers (2003) announced her engagement to David Eden in January 2013. Dharmi Shah (2000) announced her engagement to Nirav Morjaria on 27th January 2013 in London.

MARRIAGES Joelle Rashti (2003) married Jonathan Rich in July 2011.

Friends and NLCS Lucy Wray

Anisha Shah (2002) married Siva Palan in a registry office ceremony on 21st June 2012, and their Indian wedding ceremony took place on 24th June 2012. Charlotte Olins (2004) married Stuart Singer in June 2012. Lucy Tobin (2004) married Howard Lesser in August 2012. Sam Goldman (2003) married Nigel

Lucy Wray (1999) married Tom Mercey

Hikmet on 29th August 2012, in Israel.

on 7th July 2012.

BIRTHS Hannah Boyden (née Margolis, 1995) had a baby boy, Josh, a little brother for Jacob, Abi and Tali. B a by E nzo

Stephanie Holding-Shah (née Holding, 2002) had a baby boy, Enzo Rafael Shah, on 13th June 2012, weighing 6lb 13oz. Deborah Jones (née Peters, 1995) had a baby boy, Sammy Alexander Jones, on 4th September 2012. Fizzah Nurmohamed (née Kazmi, 2003) had a baby girl, Ava Fatima, on 23rd September 2012.

Nurmoham Ava Fatima


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