Hammer & Dolly July 2022

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COVER STORY Where Does Your Data Go, and Who Can Access It?

Cars know more about their drivers than vehicle owners know about their cars these days. Many benefits come from the ever-increasing technology turning our transportation into supercomputers on wheels, such as improvements in safety and convenience factors, but those same systems that improve the driving experience also pose potential privacy hazards by collecting – and potentially sharing – vehicle data. What a scary thought! Data sharing concerns grow even more frightening for


July 2022

collision repair shop owners who often find that their data has been accessed without their knowledge or consent. Data pumps constantly monitor the estimate management standard (EMS) export routine, so once the data file is exported, those data pumps create and transmit copies of that exported data. Even once a shop stops using a specific resource, the data pump will continue to send information to that provider indefinitely until it is uninstalled…often without the shop realizing what’s happening. “We understand nothing about what’s being collected