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Farm to Fork Meat Riot Regenerating Life Giving Force #GetOutOfTheGroceryStore

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Farm to Fork Meat Riot

Regenerating Life Giving Force #GetOutOfTheGroceryStore

Niti Bali

Baliwood Media Raleigh, North Carolina

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, medical, or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. The author and publisher specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents in this book. From a declaration of principles jointly adopted by a committee of the American Bar Association and a committee of publishers.

Farm to Fork Meat Riot Regenerating Life Giving Force, First Edition #GetOutOfTheGroceryStore Copyright Š 2019 Niti Bali Editing, book and cover design by Jennifer Dehoff Back cover butterfly artwork by Rohit Bali Library of Congress Control Number: 2019941712 ISBN: 978-1-64570-106-4

CONTENTS I Preface................................................................... i II Acknowledgments................................................ v III Foreword...............................................................ix Chapter 1: Life Is Great.......................................................... 3 Chapter 2: The Assault........................................................... 9 Chapter 3: Human Torture Therapy...................................... 15 Chapter 4: My Awakening.................................................... 23 Chapter 5: My Personal Rebirth And Baby Number 3 Arrives....................................... 33 Chapter 6: Joy And Eye Opening Truths.............................. 41 Chapter 7: I Am Important. I Am Worthy. I Matter And So Do You!............... 49 Chapter 8: Mind Games....................................................... 55 Chapter 9: Food Is A Big Deal.............................................. 63 Chapter 10: Feeling Insecure.................................................. 79 Chapter 11: Shattered............................................................ 87 Chapter 12: Clarity Through Contrast.................................... 95 Chapter 13: The Ultimate Challenge.................................... 103 Chapter 14: Farm To Fork Meat Riot Standards...................113 Chapter 15: Feed Freedom.................................................. 129 Chapter 16: How Our CSA Was Born................................... 135 Chapter 17: You Are Worthy................................................. 149 Chapter 18: What I Know To Be True....................................157 Chapter 19: Army Of Meena’s.............................................. 165

I. Preface ................................. ef .................................

You are about to delve into the subject of lifestyle from a different perspective, perhaps, than you have previously considered. The experiences and opinions shared in this book have to do with aspects of our lifestyles that are far broader and deeper than society’s current norms that go something like: • “Eat, drink and be merry!” • “Work hard and get the best health insurance benefits possible so you can follow doctors orders and then expect them to save you if anything goes wrong.” • “Disease runs in your family.” • “Regenerative farm fresh food is not convenient or affordable.” • “Meat should be avoided or at least the consumption of meat should be limited if not avoided altogether to gain health.” • “Eat this and not that and then party on the weekends!” • “Fat makes you fat and sick so eat more wheat and sugar.” • “Doctors are medical professionals who should be implicitly trusted with all decisions regarding your health and well-being.” • “Only scientists have the critical thinking ability and logic and reasoning skills to accurately dissect and interpret the truth about anything we need to know to live our lives safely.” • “The struggle is real.” • “There is no gain without pain!”


Although this book will certainly guide you to a deeper and more practical understanding of what a regenerative lifestyle looks and feels like, my intention here is to give you a more conscious awareness of the potential depth and breadth of the power each of you has to influence. Each of us can influence our institutions, the corporatocracy and essentially our environment by controlling something as simple as what we nourish ourselves with every day. At the root of the message is a profound concept: Regenerating soil is the basis of food freedom; the result of this practice is health independence – the purpose of this system/cycle is to balance the ecosystem which will stabilize the climate and overall well-being of all life on earth. And so, as you play the words from this book across the life that you have already knowledgeably experienced, the momentum of these examples will be felt as an empowering sense of clarity as you discover concepts whereby you can, more deliberately, create a lifestyle that best serves you. These concepts are being offered here to guide you to allow yourself toward more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t want. Simply put, every lifestyle choice you are living now, or that you would like to incorporate, is within your power. If you were already feeling good when you found this book, then by practicing these concepts, your lifestyle can now, by your deliberate intention, elevate toward that which allows you to feel even better. However, if, in this moment you are feeling less than good – or even if you think your lifestyle is as bad as it can possibly get – you can learn perspectives that can enable your lifestyle to begin to incrementally improve or you may be one of those rare ones who, from something you read here, receive a paradigm shift that propels you from powerlessness, up into a fresh, long term joyous alignment with your natural state of wellbeing. I believe that if I receive one practical idea that I can put into practice from a book, a lecture, or a visit with someone, it is well worth my time and/or money. A single new perspective can redirect my thoughts and


thereby my life, because beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. To change our lives, we must change our beliefs. In this book I am focusing on a broader perspective to reveal a wide array of flawed premises, which most of us live by, relative to our varied lifestyles. As you come upon those false premise segments (“false,” relative to the natural laws of the universe), superimpose these new perspectives over your life experience (known only by you). If you see room for improvement in your lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to shift your lifestyle from as good as it is, right now, to whatever you perceive as a better-feeling life experience. This book is a seed planted with good ideas that are available for you to transplant into your own life experiences. It also recognizes a string of flawed premises, any of which – if it has been ruling your current lifestyle – you can now decide to replace with a premise that best serves you. There is great love and appreciation here for you.




The Assault ................................. ef .................................


y 2007, the children were now preschool age and I had the opportunity to teach in the YMCA preschool. I had not taught since my developmental psychology days in college. It was going

to be fun and the children would be able to go to school with me, so it was perfect. The Friday before Labor Day I had a doctor’s appointment and I found out I was pregnant with baby number three. This was incredible news although a bit stressful because now I’d have to find a way to tell my new boss that I was pregnant, and I was just starting our training weekend. It was the most stressful and joyous news for me at the time. Over Labor Day weekend I was required to spend two nights in training with all the new and established preschool teachers. While I was away, our daughter Meenakshi developed a fever. We thought that Meenakshi just had a cold. Rohit called me and said, “Meena is having trouble breathing through her nose and so she can’t sleep.” When I came home after the training was over, I walked in the house and Meena’s head was swollen. I asked Rohit if he realized that her head was swollen? He had not noticed that as much after caring for her all night on his own. We called the pediatric office and they told us to bring her in first thing in the morning. It was Labor Day Monday and my husband and I were arguing over who was going to take off work the next day to take her to the doctor. Neither of us had the day off even though it was Labor Day. I was starting a new job and it was “meet the teacher day” at the preschool. I told him that I could not miss the first day.


Farm To Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force

My short meet and greet workday ended at noon. I had an urgent message from Rohit to call him as soon as my work day ended. I called him, and he told me that he was at Wake Med Emergency Room with Meena and that I needed to come right away. I had no idea what I was walking into. We had not planned for this, so I stopped and pick up lunch on the way. I hurried through a fast food drive thru and got food for all four of us. I walked into the hospital and they led me to the room occupied by Rohit and Meenakshi. Rohit took the food out of my hands, hugged our son Kavi and asked him to sit with his sister. Then Rohit took me over to the other side of the room. He held me tightly and said, “Meena has a tumor in her head”. Rohit was falling apart before my eyes. I had never seen him like this. I could not process the words coming out of his mouth. He must not know what he is saying. I had to find a doctor. I walked out of the room searching for someone in charge. The doctors came. They showed me her CAT scans and explained to me that she was being suffocated from the inside out by a solid mass tumor. The tumor was the size of a baseball that was placed directly behind her eyes and nose, under the frontal lobe of her brain. Basically her ENTIRE HEAD under the frontal lobe of her brain was filled with a solid mass tumor. I was blown away. I was not convinced these were her scans. It was impossible to wrap my mind around this. Rohit and I were in massive shock. Meenakshi was diagnosed with Esthesioneuroblastoma. Esthesioneuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that begins in the upper portion of the nasal cavity. The area where esthesioneuroblastoma begins is separated from the brain by a bone that contains tiny holes that allow the nerves that control smell (olfactory nerves) to pass through. Esthesioneuroblastoma is also called olfactory neuroblastoma. This diagnosis is generally found in men with an average mean age of 58. The few children that were ever diagnosed with this before all died within 24 hours of presenting. Although we knew none of this at the time, the doctors did. So we waited to be transferred to a Children’s Hospital. There were no beds available at UNC so they tried to get us into Duke Children’s


The Assault

Hospital. They wanted Duke to be able to run tests on Meenakshi upon arrival so they declared that she must remain NPO. Nothing by mouth is a medical instruction meaning to withhold food and fluids. It is also known as nil per os (npo or NPO), a Latin phrase whose English translation is most literally, “nothing through the mouth”. Can you imagine keeping your TWO-YEAR-OLD on a fasting protocol for an infinite amount of time so the doctors can run some tests on her some time in the future? Let me tell you, this was nothing short of human torture, but worse because the one being tortured was just a baby. Since Meenakshi was not allowed to eat, Kavi refused to eat. He was only 3. Of course if my children cannot eat, I thought, how can I eat!? Meanwhile, let us not forget I am pregnant and no one knows yet. We started making calls to the entire family. I called my mother in Charlotte and my sister who lived nearby and my Uncle Aklmal who lived in Durham just around the corner from Duke. We called Rohit’s parents in New Jersey and informed them that we are in crisis. I left the emergency room to go home and pack our clothes. My sister comes and gets Kavi. I have no idea what I am packing in these bags. I am supposed to be packing clothes and toiletries for me, Rohit, and Meenakshi. My head is spinning. I have so much adrenaline I can’t come down. I return to the hospital and now Rohit and I can give Meenakshi our full undivided attention. She was AMAZING. She hadn’t eaten the entire day and they will not let her even drink water! This is torture I felt even an adult would not be able to manage, but they are doing this to my 2-yearold! This does not look anything like helping, healing, or a solution for a head full of tumor. The stress of this first day was so intense I couldn’t imagine how this would generate healing in anyway for anyone. The entire day passes. At midnight, we did an emergency room to emergency room transfer from Wake Med to Duke Children’s Hospital. Once we arrived at Duke’s emergency room, we were made to wait again for several hours! My mother drove from Charlotte in the middle of the night and joined us in the Duke PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) lobby. Uncle Aklmal and Aunt Eileen arrived and Rohit’s parents caught the first flight they could and met us at Duke as well. Our heads are spinning. My


Farm To Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force

mom reminds me that we need to tape record all the conversations with the physicians so we can go over the tapes and research, understand, and confer with the medical professionals within our own network. Without our family present I am not sure how we would have managed. Meanwhile, Meenakshi has not eaten or drank all day! Her head is visibly swelling and her head hurts. By the time we settle her in a bed in PICU, they inform us they will not run tests until the morning. At least she is finally allowed to drink water! Meenakshi is so worn out, she sleeps from exhaustion. Since we come from a family of doctors, we were running our own version of a tumor board for Meenakshi’s care. Every time we met with the physicians, we had a family meeting, often with family physicians via telephone. There were no decisions made without a full council meeting within the family. First, we had to let everyone know I was pregnant. Duke was made aware immediately because much of Meena’s testing included scans, MRI’s or x-rays. None of which I would be able to be a part of since I was pregnant. I kept thinking, my two-year-old also shouldn’t be exposed to toxic radiation testing either, but I didn’t know what the alternative solution would be. Both hospitals’ methods for keeping our child NPO was to offer her lollipops all day long. Meenakshi sucked on Dumb Dumb lollipops the entire day! In retrospect, I kick myself thinking about the human torture we put our precious angel through under the guidance of health professionals we believe had the answers. SUGAR FEEDS CANCER. This is how they received her in the hospital knowing her head was full of tumor. I did not know any of this of course at that time. We ignorantly believed that these people were going to save our baby girl. In PICU they would run a biopsy to determine what kind of tumor they were dealing with. After 2 days we were given a private room. By the third day they were still running tests and they had now managed to keep Meenakshi NPO for the entire 3-4 days! I finally lost it. I told them, “My daughter is not your pin cushion! You will feed her properly and you will schedule her testing first thing in the morning every day that she requires


The Assault

testing!� I declared that she would not miss another meal. I insisted that she would be fed by 8 a.m. every day and if they didn’t get her testing scheduled and completed by that time- they were not going to test her that day. I was accused of interfering with her care. I accused them of human torture. I refused to back down until they gave in and put her on a morning testing schedule. I had enough of their medical nonsensical testing schedule that no human being should ever have to adhere to. This was my daughter’s life!




Human Torture Therapy ................................. ef .................................


or the next 5 months we lived in a place where no healing happened, only human torture therapy. I am not capable of hating anyone or physically imposing torture on any other living organism.

I even taught my children not to hit trees with sticks because those trees are alive and are offering us shade, protection, beauty and oxygen! So it especially sickens me that I allowed this torture therapy to go on as long as I did. I take full responsibility for all the heinous torturous actions made against my precious baby girl. I permitted it due to my absolute ignorance until this experience broke me out of the deep coma I existed in. My world had flipped. What I thought was UP was DOWN and DOWN was now UP. I often look back on our decisions and think, I was completely brainwashed by a much higher social engineering power into a very convoluted way of thinking. We became trapped in a way of thinking that removed all practical common sense and removed logic completely from our mindset. Seriously folks, how is it ever a good idea to put a manmade plastic tube into the heart of a child and then pour gasoline into it in an effort to save their life from illness? If you are unaware of how chemotherapy works‌this is it. I foresee one day in the not too distant future that people will look back at this time in medicine the same way we are horrified at the folks


Farm To Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force

who drilled holes into people’s skulls to let the demons out! When I think about the madness I consented to, you cannot imagine the guilt I carry. Who allows such heinous treatment of any living creature, never mind your own child? It seems unforgiveable. It is just too much when I look back on it. Sorry in advance if I offend anyone, but frankly you need to hear the cold, dark truth and I need to talk about it if I am ever going to be able to let it go. Welcome to my nightmares. I sat in that hospital for 5 very long months. Every family there I got to know lost their child. Well, if I am being honest, there were 1 or 2 children who were still alive when we left and so I didn’t receive word of their deaths. Unfortunately, I am included in several exclusive Facebook groups just for the parents of children who died of cancer. The membership continues to grow by the tens and hundreds every year. By the way – this group is local to my area in NC so who knows how many more of these groups exist. That is an insanely high number of children lost to a disease caused by poor lifestyle choices and then accelerated by human torture therapy.

I have been asked by several people to admit that I know that

people have been cured by chemotherapy.

I would like to say once and for all that I know absolutely no such person. Just because a person is alive and not dead – they are not cured. They are temporarily on hiatus from the human torture therapy, called chemotherapy or radiation or some convoluted surgery, which will resume again within 10-20 years, if not sooner - unless they die before that happens. I witnessed first hand the death of many children. The HemOnc floor we were on had 40 rooms. There was one child in each room. There are four floors in the building. Those rooms were turned over at least 3 times during our five month stay. None of those children are alive. What happens if we are honest and dive into the massive side effects chemotherapy patients are coping with as a result of this torture therapy? Why don’t we begin by admitting that these people are never whole again? Emotionally, mentally, physically – they have been violated in the highest ways. They do not even know how to articulate their own


Human Torture Therapy

suffering nor do they have the capacity to share that with you. I had to watch my tiny baby have her heart filled with as much of this gasoline (chemotherapy drug) which was equal to half (12 oz.) of her body’s blood volume at that time. Do you understand what I am saying? An average adult body with a weight of 150 to 180 pounds will contain approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters (1.2 to 1.5 gallons) of blood. An average child with a body weight of 80 pounds will have approximately half the amount of blood as an adult. Did you know that an average 2-year-old weighs 26.2 pounds? Meenakshi’s weight teetered back and forth between 18-20 pounds when she was diagnosed at the age of 2. According to the Medscape blood volume calculator, she had 720mL of blood volume, or approximately 24 fluid oz. of blood circulating in her body. In plain terms, this converts to roughly a little over a pint and a half of blood. One pint is 16 fluid ounces. Find a measuring cup and measure out 24 oz. and see what that looks like. Meenakshi’s sacred blood stream was washed out by 50 percent! According to the University of British Columbia – Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC Research Ethics Board Pediatric Blood Volume Draw Guidance, a child of Meena’s age and weight should not have more than 18ml of blood drawn per draw and not to exceed 36ml over a 30-day period. Meenakshi had a blood draw weekly to run basic CBC without differential. A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. This included checking her hematocrit (the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood), and to check her white blood cell counts along with her platelet and hemoglobin levels. First of all, her weekly blood draw was going to bring her counts down and they were flooding her blood stream with chemotherapy drugs. What was happening here? In hindsight, do you understand how this was getting us no where? An average adult over 99 lbs. can donate 11.8 ounces or 1 unit of blood safely once every 3 months. Your body requires 24 hours to recover that blood volume and needs up to 2 weeks for hemoglobin levels to


Farm To Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force

return to normal. Plasma is replaced within about 24 hours, but red cells need about four to six weeks for complete replacement. Friends, this is why you can only donate blood every 3 months. This is basic information. You do not need to be a college graduate to understand that removing too much blood is not a good idea. Yet medically trained physicians will have you believe that they are smarter than you are and have an understanding beyond our comprehension that somehow it is medically necessary. Friends, you are smarter than you know! Your instincts to run (and not walk) away from this treatment is 100% correct and no level of academia should convince you otherwise. If it looks like a duck, it is a duck. If it looks like half of your blood, it is. I believe that chemotherapy is human torture therapy and not a cure for anything. This is what arrogant institutions do to other human beings in an effort to enlist them into their drug dependent organizations. Folks, I am saying that this is the action of medically licensed professional drug dealers employed by and protected by the institutions we created to protect and serve us. Let us dive deeper: Can you imagine drinking gasoline? The burning down your throat, the destruction of the lining of your mouth, the destruction of the tongue’s surface, layer by layer, then down the throat, to the esophagus, into the stomach. Never mind the taste. Have you ever had an IV? If you’ve had an IV then you know that whatever they inject into that line can be tasted and smelled. It is felt flowing throughout the body in an instant. I can tell you from my own experience of having a simple saline IV for rehydration with basic essential minerals. You can literally feel it flow through your veins. When Meenakshi was going through human torture therapy, I would sit there and imagine how it must feel to her as it flowed out of the pouch on her IV stand and into her heart! I imagined the nasty taste, the burning feeling through her veins, the burns it was creating in her system internally as it violated all her sacred and vital internal life supporting structures. I knew it was damaging her because her bladder and the areas around her vital structures to remove waste were all damaged by severe internal burns by the toxic chemicals used during her legalized



Farm To Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force

About the Author Niti Bali is the Founder and CEO of Farm to Fork Meat Riot, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for reestablishing




family farm food system. Her strategically designed CSA program educates eaters to harness the power of life giving force through regenerative foods. Niti’s Farm to Fork Meat Riot CSA simultaneously supports regenerative livestock production based on consumption that results in a zero-waste system. This balanced program allows farmers, ranchers and artisans to operate with less risk and earn fair wages while growing their operations organically to fit the natural demand for this higher quality food. Niti’s passion for sharing regenerative food began after her 2-yearold daughter was diagnosed with Esthesioneuroblastoma in 2007. Meenakshi underwent 5 rounds of toxic chemotherapy that did not stop the cancer. As a mother fighting for her child’s life, Niti embarked on a holistic mission to source the cleanest, most regenerative foods from local farms. Although Niti cured Meenakshi’s cancer with real nutrient dense food, the damage to her vital structures from the chemo was too great and Meenakshi died September 13, 2009. Since then, Niti has made it her mission to protect her family and others from the corporate food system. Niti is developing regenerative farmers and regenerative consumers while producing educational media in the way of her podcast and interview show. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and 2 surviving children and continues to challenge us one bite at a time.


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