Zwartbles In Lamb Sale 201120

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SPECIAL RULES FOR BUYERS/CUSTOMERS TO COVER COVID-19 COVID-19 REGULATIONS REGULATIONS This information isIMPORTANT correct at the time COVID-19 of printing and isUPDATE subject to changes in Government Guidelines or – PLEASE READ Directives regarding the control of the spread of COVID-19 • Potential purchasers REGISTER & Hetherington Ltd prior the sale and This information is MUST correct at timewith ofHarrison printing and is subject to to changes in again upon entry to the market Tel: 01228 406200 or email: the Government Guidelines or Directives regarding control of the spread of COVID-19 • Please remember that purchaser spaces will be limited, so only ONE person per business will be

• • • •

allowed entry

DROP AND GO – we strongly request vendors readopt this policy

• No children under 16 years old will be able to attend the sales and this must be strictly adhered to as entry will be refused FACE COVERINGS – must be worn at all times in the mart • Pregnant ladies must not attend the sale

BUYERS ONLY – only those intending to do business are permitted in per business

the mart with only ONE representative • 2m social distancing must be observed wherever possible

• Viewing will be regulated by a one-way& system throughout–the mart and is to be permitted fortogether SOCIAL DISTANCING HYIGENE strict social distancing registered Please refer to individual sales for the respective Viewing days and times withbuyers handonly. sanitising should be adhere too

• Face coverings are mandatory for all persons entering the mart. These must be worn without TRACK TRACE – those attending exception while in&the market including the sales rings andmust pens complete Track & Trace

• To facilitate the Test and Trace system, all customers/visitors will be required to sign into the market. This process will include a declaration that they have not been in contact withladies anyone are displaying NO CHILDREN – No under sixteens or pregnant permitted symptoms of COVID-19, nor are displaying symptoms personally

• Hand sanitiser stations will be available throughout the mart; however, it is strongly recommended that CAFÉ –and Take away buyers and staff both consignors buyers have facilities an adequatefor personal supply and to use itONLY regularlyin the mart

on arrival

in the mart

available between 10am – 2pm on sale days

• Please follow instructions from market staff and security staff. A private security firm will be in attendance to assist H&H in ensuring social distancing is observed wherever possible

Strictly no private videoing/broadcasting on Social media, or phones

etcnoinprivate the pens or sale ring on Social media, or phones etc in the pens or ring • Strictly videoing/broadcasting

If you any questions or queries contact ourtomain office – then 01228 • Ifhave you are unable or do not wish to attend please the mart but would like bid on animal(s), the 406200 auctioneers will faithfully execute commission bids for buyers. Please contact them and put your

in writing 48 hoursthe in advance the would sale. Alternatively, to make then a If you instructions are unable to attend mart ofbut like to you bidcan onarrange animal(s), the telephone bid during the sale auctioneers will faithfully execute commission bids for buyers. Please contact Live Streaming Bidding – everyone is encouraged to register this facility. Thisyou can be usedarrange to bid fromto the auctioneers for further instructions orforalternatively can home or remotely from other areas in the market. make a telephone bid during the sale. You can register via the website -

Live Stream Bidding – all interests must register for this facility. This can be usedbetokind bid and fromrespect homeeach or remotely from other areas insafe theatmarket. Please other to ensure everyone keeps all times You can register via the website - INFORMATION streaming/ BIOSECURITY – Intending purchasers are requested to have livestock vehicles cleansed and disinfected.

Vendors will be required and to wash out their livestock vehicles after unloading. Your co-operation understanding is appreciated during this challenging time.

Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated during this challenging time.