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Where are you originally from? Solihull, a small town near Birmingham in the UK. Connection with Ibiza I’ve been coming here since I was 18, which was in 1990. I’ve been every year since and started DJing here in 1995 when I was 21. I have played every club on the island and held a residency at Space for a massive 12 years. Now when I look back it feels like I’ve done many things in Ibiza and throughout my whole career. However my connection with this island goes way further than the clubs I’ve played at or the amount of years I’ve been visiting, my connection is with the spirit of this island and the amazing energy it radiates. I’ve lived here on and off over the years but now it’s my full time home, where I’ll raise my children and see out the rest of my years. Do you remember the first time you played on the island? Yes, it was back in 1995 when I was asked to play at Cafe Mambo, which at that time was THE place to be for sunset and evening shenanigans. It was a great experience and one I’ll never forget. In 2006 you created your own label VIVa Music. What kind of music do you produce? I like to think our label puts out quality dance floor NON-commercial house and techno. Some stuff is deeper than others and some stuff is more banging than others but we just put out music we love. All very much groove based house and techno, which is what you’ll find I play and programme as a DJ. Next releases on VIVa Music? Were coming up to our 100th release now on VIVa MUSiC. So we’ve decided to do an EP called Familia that will see one track from each of our artists including myself, Livio & Roby, Darius Syrossian, Anek, LEON, Detlef, Julian Perez, fASTER, and David Pher. This will be finished sometime soon with an end of year release. You’ve played at Space Ibiza for 8 years and this year you’re back at Sankeys with your VIVa Warriors party. Tell us about this night, what is the concept? Actually, I’ve been playing Space for 12 years with 10 of those being resident playing on the terrace every week. I wanted to do our own thing for many reasons and I wanted to go to a more underground club where myself and the artists we book can have more freedom to play exactly what they want to play. It’s all about the party again. Ibiza has been getting more

and more commercial over the last few years especially now with the explosion of the commercial scene, which I’m not against, it’s just not my taste and not something I support. I believe there needs to be integrity and artistic impression otherwise this whole scene will just die and be all about money. I am in this for music and that is my career path to be free to play the music I feel without expectations or driven by money. Going to a 2000 capacity underground club was the perfect time and decision for me. Your highest goal as a DJ and producer My goal as a producer is one day to be involved in film where the art of making music can be truly expressed. I would like to eventually write the album that has been in my mind for many years. As a DJ I want to play my music to people who appreciate the music I play and feel the energy and time I put into what I do. Obviously I want to be successful, so I can always put back into the scene. My success over the years has allowed me to employ more people in the VIVa office and to support more newcomers, develop new ideas and push new things. Artist development is my way of giving back. Your favourite club in the world My favourite gig has to be MOONPARK in Argentina. It’s not a club it’s a set up arena for 8000 people but with the feeling of an intimate gig because for whatever reason the Argentineans know how to party BIG TIME! The arena has a feeling of intimacy with a low ceiling so has to be my favourite gig of all time. As well Timewarp is a seriously incredible festival, not a club I know; but this has to be mentioned because it really is another level. There are SOO many amazing gigs and clubs out there…far too many to mention. An artist you would like to work with and why Scott Walker is one artist that I hugely respect. He is a creative genius with an exceptional mind. He does things very differently and very out of the ordinary; something that really impresses me. Another would have to be Bjork for some of the same reasons as above. Your future plans To very much focus my touring now on our VIVa Warriors brand. Support our network of artists. Complete my album, collaborate with interesting artists and live happily ever after with my wife and my child who is on the way. COVER • IBIZA • 23

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