How to implement patient reported outcome measures in third sector organisations

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How to Implement Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Third Sector Organisations EXTERNAL




1. Design

- Co-production approach - Which PROMs & in what wellbeing activites?

CE USER I V R E S S Training front-line workers

Iterate PROMs process based on feedback from testing - development happens both after testing and throughout the process.

Train in stages to avoid information overload

- Not all front-line workers will engage

- Difference between intention and practice

Trial with one or two workers & service users

Orga nisatio ns nee d

a robust

r o f k r



Build training into induction processes & reminder systems and discuss PROMs in team meetings



- Requires organisational culture change



5. Embed - Remembering to use PROMS is a challenge

-Analysis, using & sharing PROMS data


. time ver eo ng

he needs of commissioners? t t e e m o T ? s Funding pressure Subject to e r u s a e m g n T i o s u d e n i commmissioners’ views m e o v n e i s h t r c a a t e o t i m g p n i act or y r t s n t o o i t s a u s i p n p a ort s g r o r e o rvice t c e S 3. Test u d sers r i h T ?T e r a h t ese a h rea W 4. Develop 2. Training so ns Allow time for a period of trialling measures ch a

- Time points, how measures are collected, & processing PROMs data


Learning from other TSOs

Data management systems



Support from researchers


a c i n h c e t h t data manage i w , a ment system to store and analyse PROMS dat

PEOPLE Implementation Lead

Data Management Support

d n a t r o p p u ls

o t g n i d n fu

m e h t d e b m e

o w he t s s o r c a

Support from senior management & trustees

Service Users

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Engagement from front-line workers

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