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How to decorate a dorm room for Christmas

Nicole Lorber

Research ideas Once upon a time, there was a college s t u d e n t n a m e d K e l l y. K e l l y w a s a f r e s h m a n t h a t d i d n ’ t k n o w m a n y p e o p l e o n h e r f l o o r. She decided to decorate her room and h e r d o o r, s o t h a t p e o p l e w o u l d n o t i c e h e r room when they walked past it. She first researched project ideas and got inspiration from Pinterest.


Game plan Kelly then took notes on all of her ideas that she found on the internet. She also called her friends that attend other colleges to see if they have seen any good ideas throughout their dorms. After writing down all of the ideas, she made sketches of the decorations.


Timeline Time Kelly likes to plan out her days ahead of time. She really wants the people on her floor to see the decorations by the weekend. In order for this to happen, she gets right to work!


Plan budget Kelly got out her calculator and got right to work. She planned out how much she would like to spend on this project. Kelly asked her parents what stores to go to and get the supplies that she needed.


Gather items Kelly was eager to start the project, so she went shopping and gathered all of the items necessary to begin the first part of her project.


Store bought items Since Kelly doesn’t have an infinite amount of time, she decided to purchase some additional items to make the room look very festive. She also purchased plates and napkins to use to get her friends in the Christmas mood.


Pick a playlist Kelly is constantly listening to rap music, so she had to research different stations that played Christmas music. After researching for ten minutes, she found a playlist that she really enjoyed.


Festive Lights Nothing makes a room more festive than some Christmas lights. Kelly made sure to go around the entire room with the lights and use proper tape, so that they wouldn’t fall d o w n t o o e a s i l y.


Fold paper Kelly is very creative and decided to decorate the ceiling with snowflakes. The first step to this tedious process is folding t h e p l a i n , w h i t e p a p e r.


Design the pattern Kelly got to show off her creative side when designing the patterns for the snowflakes. In the beginning, Kelly used online sources t o h e l p h e r d e s i g n . To w a r d s t h e e n d o f t h i s process, Kelly was confident enough to design the patterns by herself.


Unfold the creativity Kelly was eager to unwrap every snowflake to see the different results that were created. Kelly made sure that s h e u n w r a p p e d t h e s n o w f l a k e s s l o w l y, s o t h a t t h e p a p e r d i d n ’ t t e a r.


Hang up the snowflakes Kelly wanted to hang up snowflakes on the entire ceiling, except for the spaces above the beds in the room. Since Kelly’s boyfriend is over six feet tall, she made sure to hang the snowflakes with this in mind.


Measure time Kelly is very particular and wants the decorations on the door to be evenly spaced. She made sure to get out a ruler and write down the dimensions of her d o o r.


Cut out decorations With an idea of what she wanted in mind, Kelly got right to making the decorations. Kelly made sure that there was enough space to make all of her ideas come alive.


Hang up decorations Once Kelly made a couple of the cuto u t d e c o r a t i o n s f o r t h e d o o r, s h e s t a r t e d to hang them up. Kelly wanted to get an idea of what the finshed product would look like.


Examine progress Kelly referred back to the original s k e t c h s h e h a d o f t h e d o o r. K e l l y w a n t e d to make sure everything was looking identical to what her vision was for the door decoration.


Add details This can be one of the longest parts of the door decorating process.�Making adjustments to the decorations and adding in small details can really make a d i f f e r e n c e , � s a i d K e l l y.


Name tags Since Kelly wants to meet some of the p e o p l e o n h e r f l o o r, s h e a d d e d i n n a m e tags to the reindeers. Not only does this show who created this awesome decoration, but it also adds a nice touch t o t h e d o o r.


Wreath time What else can make a room feel more like home than a wreath? Kelly wanted to d e c o r a t e b o t h s i d e s o f t h e d o o r, i n o r d e r to get the full Christmas effect. Kelly made sure not to cover up the peep hole, though!


Candy Canes Candy canes are Kelly’s favorite holiday treat. She wanted to put them throughout the entire room, but then she decided against it. Kelly hung them above the mirror in the middle of the room, so she would see them everytime she looked in t h e m i r r o r.


Old materials Kelly is very eco-friendly and decided to k e e p a l l o f t h e s c r a p s o f p a p e r, j u s t i n case if she makes more decorations in the future. Kelly made sure that nothing went to waste.


Enjoy! Kelly spent many hours decorating her door and room, in order to meet more p e o p l e l i v i n g o n h e r f l o o r. K e l l y w e n t through the entire room and placed little decorations (like the one above) on the walls. Merry Christmas to all!


How to decorate your dorm room for Christmas  
How to decorate your dorm room for Christmas  

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