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Spring is here, and the flowers are blooming. Take a trip to Paradise... visit Florida.

Mission: To connect the Hearts of People & Businesses. Create * Conceive * Connect 2 Editor's Letter News and Celebrations.

3 27 ways to Entertain the family this Spring.

4 Baby Spa Pampered by nature...learn about their spa products.


6 Energy Questions Got Energy? 5 ways to increase your energy.

7 Happy Birthday 8 Restaurant of the Month Grand Opening PoBoys Shrimp Shack.

9 Cheryl Flothe's Corner Oven Fried Fish Recipe.

10 Amazing Nature


Decorah Eagles Webcam.

11 Into Tomorrow

Featured Broadcast Station.

12 Tech Tips Sports via Tech & 9 Amazing Animal apps.

13 Featured Artist Karin Pitman.




Featured Artist - Karin Pitman She enjoys sketching and watercolor 13 painting.

Girl Scout Day

National Athem Day International Day of Awesomeness Jonquil Flower

Oatmeal Cookie Day International Women's Day St Patrick's Day National Ceral Day

Aquamarine Stone

National Artichoke Hearts Day Resource - www.punchbowl.com

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letter from the editor

Wow March is here---spring events, birthdays, basketball games, ballet practice, spring clean up and more. My family is enjoying the many college basketball games, upcoming March Madness Basketball event, and Cheryl was recently raising money for the March of Dimes organization. In this issue, we’re excited to share 27 ways to entertain the family this spring. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we have a delicious fish recipe, you'll enjoy learning about some grand openings from PoBoys Shrimp Shack and Into Tomorrow's Radio Broadcast station, energy questions are answered in the Ask the Nurse section, and more. Keep checking the websites for new company giveaways. Our e most recent heartfelt raffle is an awesome BabySpa Bathful Baby Value Pack from www.BabySpausa.com. It's free to enter and I'm sure someone will be blessed with the prize.

With love, Nicole Flothe

Managing Editor



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Once Upon A Time We first came to Naples to help our son, Erin, recover from back surgery. During that time, we stayed in his home in Golden Gate Estates. Our first apartment was off Whippoorwill lane. My daughter and her family moved to Naples soon after. My husband, Gary, was in real difficulty, physically, at the time, so it was good to be with so much family. The first church we tried in Naples was Restoration, aptly named, as my husband went through so many trials and tribulations with his heart and other health problems. After a year, we switched to New Hope Church---a good name for our church at that point in our lives because Gary’s health began to improve with a number of treatments and surgeries, including one in which we nearly lost him.

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Visit the local Zoo. Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens. Save up and select a Theme Park. Make a sandcastle at the Beach. Watch a SWFL Basketball Game. Get tickets for a NASCAR race. Bake some cookies, or cupcakes. Go on a Shopping Spree.

After we moved to a house in Golden Gate Estates, we found Abundant Life Church and have attended there with our family the last 7 years. The name Abundant Life fit our situation perfectly, since our lives improved with Gary’s good health and we were able to enjoy life more---our son, Hunter, was married in Naples and we took most of the family on a cruise to celebrate! Our family has grown and we now have ten grandchildren! We’ve enjoyed sharing our time with them all over the last years, including a long road trip from Naples to a family reunion in Canada, then on to Alaska! Our church is now being merged with another church as our wonderful pastor, Steve, and his wife, Maureen, are leaving. Our church's new name----Destiny Church! It’s amazing how our life story since we arrived in Naples has been reflected in the names of our churches. With our new church named Destiny, we will live happily ever after! Submitted by Dr. Suzanne Ervin. www.semyart.com

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Take the family out to dinner. Surprise the parents with breakfast in bed. Attend a Festival. Make Milkshakes. Have a picnic in your backyard. Go to a Kids Museum, C'mon. Do some finger painting. Have a spa day. Five Painters and a Potter Event. Have a Giveaway day.


20. Enter contests online together. 21. Make funny videos. 22. Dance. 23. Create a special party day. 24. NAMI’s (National Alliance on Mental Illness) ANNUAL WALK on March 24th. 25. Visit historical sites in your community. 26. Go House Sightseeing. 27. Take the family on a boat trip.

testing and are supported by scientific and clinical studies. They are all clinically proven to soothe irritated skin, reduce redness, hydrate skin, and serve as natural SPF boosters. At BabySpa®, they believe natural skin protection and nourishment is especially important as babies grow and are exposed to different surroundings. They also believe in pampering our children with happy feel-good aromas and vitamin rich ingredients that provide truly therapeutic spa experiences, ones that we would even love to use on ourselves! BabySpa® is a new skin care collection for babies and young children that is unique and effective in every way—it merges Old World traditions with the latest advancements in baby skin care. Their special formulations bring a therapeutic outlook to baby skin care, bringing together all of the right vitamins, and giving a child’s skin the nourishment and protection it needs, from head to toe. The BabySpa® collection was introduced in response to demands by discerning parents eager for natural, healthy, and specific products for their children. Their product development research included analyses of hundreds of baby skin care white papers, dozens of focus groups with mothers, and consultations with renowned European research labs and expert dermatologists. Their research confirmed the need for a more sensible baby care product collection that addressed the specific skin care needs of babies as they grow and are exposed to different environmental factors. They met with botanical experts to find natural, organic and effective ingredients and partnered with the highest quality Swiss labs and cosmetic manufacturers to help them develop their smooth and silky textures and signature fresh scents. At BabySpa®, they understand the benefits of each ingredient and match the right ingredient to a specific purpose and need. Their exclusive ethnobotanicals have undergone extensive

BabySpa was inspired by therapeutic spa cultures, ancient healing traditions and luxurious body care rituals. Their ecocertified and unique ethnobotanials were traditionally used by ancient Native Americans; their vitamin-rich oils are native to the Indonesian and Pacific Islands as well as the Mediterranean regions; and their patented moisturizers are naturally blended in Switzerland. At BabySpa®, their fundamental philosophy goes beyond just a line of all-natural, eco-friendly products. It is a belief that the special connection between mother and child begins with the power of touch. Their bath milks, body washes, shampoos, lotions, creams, and oils are all naturally blended to wrap babies in silky-smooth goodness turning day-to-day baby care routines into memorable bonding moments while promoting healthy and targeted skin care. Their collection offers a complete ‘a through z’ range, with everything from the essentials; diaper cream, moisturizing body lotion, shampoo and body wash, to the more spa-oriented components, including bubble bath milk, face cream and massage oil.

Enter for Giveaway, win a Bathful Baby Value Pack!



BabySpa® offers the world’s first stepwise approach to baby skin care with a “stages” system that targets the changing skin care needs of infants and toddlers as they grow and experience different environmental elements.

Stage One Products are formulated for the extrasensitive skin in newborns through crawlers when baby skin is particularly vulnerable to the environment. This stage is meant to protect and heal irritations caused by sensitivities and to strengthen a baby’s delicate skin balance.

Stage Two Products are formulated for walkers through preschoolers, providing proper moisture, long lasting hydration and natural protection from UV rays and changing climatic conditions that affect the skin. The uplifting citrus scent in Stage Two products is age appropriate and perfect for those exploring toddlers on the run. When asked about their feelings on Social Media, the folks at BabySpa® said: The digital age has made consumers, especially new moms, savvier. Social media provides the outlet to talk about products, to post testimonials, to run promotions and to educate consumers on new launches and trends. It has become the vehicle parents rely on for recommendations, for do’s and dont’s. Social media has definitely provided BabySpa with an additional channel to share our skin care approach and to further understand the needs of parents. Through our social media efforts, promotions and stories, parents not only get to win free products, samples and coupons, but also learn more about the wonderful benefits of our millenary botanicals and natural ingredients while becoming more aware of the dangerous ingredients many other baby care brands currently carry in their products. We also currently provide helpful tips on infant baby massage, and soon to come will be webinars from dermatologists and pediatricians with healthy skin care tips for babies. We want our social media influence to provide an educational outlet for parents and to help create awareness about our social responsibility of nurturing the future generations of the world.


One Lucky Reader will win this Bathful Baby Value Pack! Go to our Blog to Enter.

Hundreds of independent pharmacies, birthing centers and boutique shops around the nation carry BabySpa® products. In the next 3-6 months they will be available in Walgreens, Ulta, and diapers.com, among others, and they expect to be available in Whole Foods by the beginning of 2013. BabySpa® has The National Parenting Center 2012 Seal of Approval. Reviews from their Panel of Judges said: “Combining shampoo, body wash and moisturizer is a dream come true for parents, especially those with children who have dry skin.” The line’s Soothing Face Cream was also highly praised as parents reported it healed their children’s chapped skin very quickly especially during cold conditions. Other winning attributes were the collection’s unique scents, described as ‘subtle and not overpowering.” To find more about BabySpa® : Their website: www.babyspausa.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/BabySpaUSA , and Twitter: @BabySpaUSA . Note: This is an excerpt from a Q & A review about the Baby Spa Company. If you'd like to see the full article please visit our blog online.

The top three preventable diseases on his list were: Obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes---diseases we’ve heard a lot about lately. Chris listed five important food changes we can easily implement to head off these diseases:

Energy Questions Answered...

Increase Your Veggie Intake: Most people don’t eat enough vegetables, often because they don’t like the taste; but veggies are full of healthy nutrients as well as fiber. Experiment with different recipes using all colors of vegetables and you may discover your family likes them more than they thought! Hint: Oven roasting can sweeten the taste of veggies!


ot Energy?

Here is a list of the top 5 Energy Boosters: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Eat More Omega-3s: Omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce blood pressure, improve your mood, and reduce inflammation. Good sources are fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. If these aren’t available, most kinds of fish will at least help. Walnut and flax are also good sources of Omega-3s. Hint: Sprinkle ground flax on cereal or add to baked goods and add fish to soups and salads.

Increase your Magnesium Intake Go for a Walk Take a quick rest in the afternoon. Eat Breakfast and don't skip meals. Deal with your issues.

Nicole Flothe RN and Dr Lucienne Valcourt MD www.amazonpediatrics.com Taking Care of Kids is Our Priority! 239-963-9855

Lifestyle Changes Help Prevent Disease! Chris Hemmen, a Sports Trainer with Prairie Life Fitness Center in Overland Park, Kansas, wrote an article in the Kansas City Sports Medicine Examiner entitled, Top 10 Preventable Diseases. He said escalating health costs could go down substantially with prevention. When we wait for disease to occur, the expense is much greater in terms of your health and your wallet. He suggested lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise could make a big difference in people’s lives.


Get More Fiber: Increasing fiber can help prevent type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. It also helps you lose weight. We should be consuming 21 to 38 grams of fiber each day, much more than the 14 grams or less that most people consume. Eating whole grains is the easiest way to increase your fiber intake. Hint: Quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, bulgur, and polenta are all quick-cooking; but breads with at least 2 grams of fiber per slice, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta are easy to implement. Eat Less Meat: Less meat consumption helps your heart, so try replacing meat with a soy product or other high protein foods such as eggs, cheese, beans, and nuts. Hint: Flavors and seasonings can be added to make your meatless dishes delicious! Decrease Your Sugar Intake: Too much sugar increases weight and contributes to developing type 2 diabetes. Many people eat 355 calories of sugar (22 teaspoons) per day! We should aim for much less than that. Make low-sugar treats such as recipes using fruit, low sugar puddings, and gelatin to satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, cut out sweetened sodas and substitute with water, milk, juice, and other low sugar drinks. Hint: Keep in mind that we should drink fruit juices as part of a meal plan, not as a beverage to be consumed instead of water. Exercise recommendations from Live Strong are: (1) 30 minutes, 5 days a week, of moderate aerobic exercise such as walking, biking, or swimming; (2) two days of weights or resistance strength training focusing on different parts of your body; and (3) 10-12 minutes a day of stretching. Following these diet and exercise guidelines should get you on your way to a healthier life!

Submitted by: Cheryl Flothe



arch Birthdays

Important ingredients for a perfect birthday...Cake, Ice cream, candles, family, and singing the Happy Birthday song!

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Nathan Flothe Ed Aristizabal Jessica Moore Alena Kirby Dylan Goldfarb Tina Ervin Beth Gatrell Dave Graveline Maria Jaramillo Sona VanderHoop Karin Pitman Chase Bosshart

Happy Birthday!!

March 8


March 5 Nathan Flothe


* Restaurant of the Month

To all those seafood lovers, welcome to PoBoys Shrimp Shack. You are gonna flip for our unreal food, and all you can eat specials. Have a blast while you enjoy your tasty meal!


Cheryl 's

Recipe Corner

Crispy Oven Fried Fish Ingredients: 5 RITZ Reduced Fat Crackers, finely crushed (about 1/4 cup) ¼ cup panko bread crumbs 2 Tbsp. KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese ½ tsp. garlic powder 1/8 tsp. ground red pepper (cayenne) 1 egg 1 Tbsp. ATHENOS Greek Strained Nonfat Yogurt 2 tsp. GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard 1 Tbsp. flour 2 tilapia fillets (1/2 lb.)

Visit us online and enjoy our Recipes!

Preparations: HEAT oven to 425ºF. MIX first 5 ingredients in pie plate. Beat egg, yogurt and mustard with fork in separate pie plate until well blended. Place flour on plate. DIP fish in flour, then in egg mixture and crumb mixture, turning to evenly coat both sides of each fillet. Place on foil-covered baking sheet. BAKE 15 min. or until fish flakes easily with fork. Kraft Kitchens Tips: Substitute - Prepare using catfish, halibut, or any other kind of white fish fillets. Also you may substitute other brands according to preference for yogurt, parmesan cheese, mustard and crackers. (Recipe from Kraft Foods Online)

Where Did “The Luck of the Irish” Come From? How often have we heard the term, The Luck of the Irish, and wondered what it meant? Looking into Ireland’s past we see English oppression, differences over religious freedoms, and the Great Potato Famine. A huge number of Irish immigrated to the U.S., only to be looked down upon by those who had been here for at least a generation! So where did stories of this famous Irish luck originate? The Irish are known for their folklore about lucky four-leaf clovers, Leprechauns’ pots of gold, and kissing the Blarney Stone. These stories show the will of the Irish people to have a sense of hope, despite their difficulties. All of these stories had to do with luck, but probably did not lead to the term, The Luck of the Irish. After searching for the origins of this famous saying, I turned to Wikipedia. I was lucky to discover that the term originated during the gold and silver rushes of the 1800’s during which many of the most successful miners were Irish Americans! The Luck of the Irish attributable to those Irish American miners who became rich from their discoveries was actually a derisive term meaning those men could only achieved their success with “luck” rather than brains! It took a while for the Irish to become accepted, but their hard work paid off and they’ve been part of our melting pot society for many years. Just a few of the famous Irish Americans were: Davy Crockett, Buffalo Bill Cody, John F. Kennedy,and Sandra Day O’Connor. Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day parades and traditions as if we were ALL Irish on March 17th! - Submitted by Cheryl Flothe


Amazing Nature Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle. Ken Blanchard Decorah Eagles Webcam In 2011, my husband saw an article in the Naples Daily News about a webcam near an eagle’s nest 80 feet above a stream and fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. Fascinated, we tuned in to U-stream, began watching the pair of nesting eagles that came and went in the nest, and were hooked! We saw the mom eagle lay three eggs over a period of a week or so, then watched as both parents took turns incubating and turning the eggs. To our amazement, a few weeks later we saw the eggs hatch, one-by-one! The little bundles of fluff, carefully tended by the adults, turned into adult size over the next months and we were privileged to watch the parents feed and care for the chicks as they grew. When the young eagles fledged the nest in July, it was hard to watch them fly away for the last time, but we knew they were off to a good start on their own lives.


The Decorah Eagles nesting camera is managed by the Raptor Resource Project which specializes in the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls. The nesting pair has been together since 2007 and has raised and fledged 11 eaglets, so far. Tune in to their website and watch the fun as the eggs begin to hatch near the end of this month! Submitted by Cheryl Flothe

Featured Radio Broadcast Station

"Into Tomorrow" welcomed the new year with a new home at Shula's Hotel & Golf Club in Miami Lakes, FL. They held their Grand Opening Celebration on Dave's Birthday – March 5th, 2012. Dave is pictured above during their ribbon cutting with the Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi and Town Council Members. Visit their Facebook Fan Page to see more pictures from their Grand Opening Party.


9 Amazing Animal Apps

Into Tomorrow's Tech Tip of the Week Sports via Tech ‌

Everyone loves watching their favorite sports on TV but when you can't be comfortably placed on your couch what's the next best thing? Use your Tech! If you have Internet access you can visit sites like Yahoo! and Universal Sports to find out the latest news and information on your favorite teams and athletes. There are also links to blogs, videos, photos and individual sports teams. You can watch live events with mobile apps like CBS Sports and ESPN which also give you live updates, scores, fantasy reports and more. You can follow your favorite sports teams, news and athletes on Facebook including Sports Center and Fox Sports who post live updates during events along with pictures and video. Kids even have a few online sites like Sports illustrated that give news, updates and more on a kid level. Many different sports franchises are getting involved in the tech world through Twitter just like the NFL, sending out updates throughout the day including breaking news. Fans are enjoying the opportunity to not only follow their favorites, but they actually get the chance to interact with some like Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Marshall. The NBA tweets updates to fans and has players like Lebron James who show fan appreciation by using their pictures to decorate their pages. Nascar fan favorites like Jeff Gordon, Michael Waltrip, and Mark Martin are giving fans unique opportunities to ask questions and then tweet back answers as well as bringing new fans to their sport through the Twitter interaction. And drivers like Brad Keselowski are using tech to bring fans closer than ever to the action by making history with his tweet from inside his race car. Be sure to check out your favorite teams and athletes on the web for some great updates and information. And while you're out there, please be sure to cruise by and visit us ‌"Into Tomorrow" for all your tech updates! Be sure to tell your friends too. Beth Gatrell www.intotomorrow.com


I once read a book about how animals could inspire us to do more. If we were more like the Eagle we could soar above our problems. The turtle is slow but yet with determination and drive they cross the finish line. Here are nine apps to enjoy, some are games, and others are informational.

Amazing Animal Apps! 1






7 9


9 Amazing Animal Apps 1. Where's My Water 2. Tiny Zoo Friends 3. Touch Pets Cats 4. Twitter 5. Little Fox Music Box

6. 7. 8. 9.

Piggy Alarm Zoo Sounds Animal Fun MyNature Animal Tracks

To view more information about iPhone apps visit www.jenstarmedia.com

March Quote -

Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will. Thomas Carlyle

Featured Artist “While I believe realistic watercolor painting has its place, I primarily enjoy painting realistic subjects in non-realistic colors or playing with patterns, color, and forms."

- Karin

An architect by profession, she's also an artist and musician. She enjoys sketching and watercolor painting, singing and playing a little piano and guitar. Besides her career, she's involved in several art groups, musical endeavors, Toastmasters, Church and community groups, and a few MeetUp groups. Website: http://www.thekarin.net Email: karin@thekarin.net



Hop on down & enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Visit Busch Gardens!

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Camp Ave Maria AveMariaDance.com



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