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Nicole Bak 5210737 Body Mapping Assignment

For the first and second prompt that was given to us, I drew myself as an anime character. Anime is a huge part of my life, it has influenced so many different areas of my life for almost 15 years, including my involvement with music. Exploring various areas of anime has lead me to also explore all the music involved within it, from the theme songs to the soundtracks involved with each show. As I continue to explore different animes, I ran into different types of Asian music, from Korean pop to Chinese traditional music that uses a pipa, erhu or bamboo flute. As I continue to explore all of these different types and styles of music, I discover more and more types of genres, subgenres; from deep house, to ambience, chillhop, to powwow-step. Anime has had a profound impact on my taste in music and has introduced me to some amazing music genres that have left me feeling empowered, relaxed, and so in love with music. I cannot imagine a day without music; it is such an integral part of myself. I wake up listening to music, drive to school listening to music, walk to work listening to music, fall asleep listening to music and use every opportunity I possibly can to listen to music. Music enables me to escape from the craziness of life, even if only for a bit, it can lift up my spirits, or help communicate my emotions, whether they’re bad or good. Based on one of the prompts, one of my favorite music moments, I drew the latest concert that I had attended, last month I saw Demi Lovato at the Air Canada Center. But the prompt brought to mind all of the concerts that I have attended to date, which has been at least two dozen, with another 3 planned from now to the end of July. I absolutely love attending concerts, being able to poorly sing along with my favorite singers, singing their songs. Being able to see the artist, whose music has had a profound impact on my life, up close and be able to interact with them in a small way is thrilling, it feels as though I am living and existing within the music itself. I am able to see first-hand the passion that these people have for music, and the ability it give them to express themselves as an individual and communicate to other people their message and themselves. That is something that I am always curious about when it comes to music, what are peoples motivations and passions behind producing it, listening to it and engaging within it. I am always curious as to why some people listen to certain genres of music, why are they singing a

particular song, what are their motivations to engage with this type of music. Through this type of information, I can gather a snapshot of the person’s life, and learn a little bit more about them. Based on a few of the prompts, how I feel being in the classroom teaching music, and the type of music teacher I want to be, I drew a nervous face. I am nervous about teaching my future students music because I do not know anything about the intricacies about music, such as tempo, beat, compositions, etc. While I absolutely love music, I have no idea how to teach it, and that makes me nervous as an educator. I am afraid that with my lack of knowledge, I won’t be able to properly communicate all the information that I need to cover to my students. As well, since I have such a lack of music knowledge, how can I become a fun, interactive and engaging teacher in music? I want to make music enjoyable for my students, not something that they dread learning every time; I want to be able to engage my students in a way that will make them look forward to music class. I am hoping that my love of music will help me learn the knowledge that I need to be able to teach it to my future students. I want my students to be able to feel inspired to express themselves through music; similar to my experiences in elementary school. Another item that I drew on my body map, was my experiences in elementary school, which is depicted through the guitar and person singing. I had a teacher that really loved music, and would always try to incorporate it into different curriculum areas. One of my favorite projects from elementary school, that this teacher introduced was, was a rock band project. My class was tasked with creating our own song; we were encouraged to bring in any instruments if we liked and try to write our own song. I had so much fun writing lyrics, creating a rock band name, logo, and more with my friends for this project. This teacher also encouraged me to join our schools choir, which I was nervous about joining. I loved to sing, but was a painfully shy child, and joining a club was a big deal for me at the time. This teacher helped me overcome this fear and I joined the choir, where I had so much fun singing with my peers. I want to become a teacher like this particular teacher when it comes to music. I want to be able to show my students that music can be incorporated and enjoyed in many different ways, not simply learning specific topics about it. I hope to one day inspire my students the way this teacher had inspired me.

Body Mapping- Music  
Body Mapping- Music