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How Do You Change The World And Make It A Better Place? One million people search Google any given month asking “How do I change the world, How do we change the world or How do you change the world?” Change agents are what you’d call them. You’re obviously one of them otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in reading this article. People on a mission to discover how they can make changes in the world, have the desire to help be part of the change making them agents of change. The sad fact of it is that most missions for change make either slow to no progress or fail. Good hearted people, with great ideas that could make a big difference in our world, more often than not get stopped in their tracks, or they never get their great mission off the ground because of unsurmountable odds and relentless obstacles. In this article I discuss How Can We Change The World. It may seem such an enormous task, but here are five simple things we can all do that would make a big difference. 1. Be the Change You Want To See In The World I was Gandhi, an agent of change, who said "be the change you want to see in the world". This statement points to the understanding that the outside world we see is a reflection of our inner state. If we want to see change in the world outside of ourselves, we need to begin to make the changes we want to see within ourselves. It's similar to Michael Jackson's lyric "I'm starting with the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his ways....... If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change." Simple enough right? hmmm maybe not, but still something for us to strive for. How can we eliminate war, greed and wasteful ways in our world if we ourselves have not dealt with our own anger, attack thoughts and behaviours, or our own need for more and more stuff only to leave a pile of waste in the rubbish bin that needs to be dumped in some third world nation out of our sight? It is true, lasting and meaningful world changes begins with us. But that is not the whole answer. It’s too slow. It would be part of what I call a “Circle The Wagon Strategy”. Here’s another idea: 2. Create A new System That Makes This One Obsolete Buckminster Fuller said "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete". This is the area that many professional change agents and social entrepreneurs are working in with grand missions to bring about an evolutionary shift. Just as monarchies became obsolete as a ruling governance when governments were formed and matured, I believe we're seeing a similar change in governance in our life time right now. It make take a decade or longer but it is inevitable that governance will become more efficient and more democratic.

Just as the system of exchange and economic structures of the Natural and Agriculture Ages became obsolete with the evolution of the Industrial Age and its new economic system, I believe we are going to see another such shift over the coming decade. So the times they are a changing any way. How can we assist that change? How can we change the world doing our part? We'll question is answered in my next point.

3. Answer The Question "Why Am I Here?" Everything in nature has a purpose and human beings are no different. We all have a mission to fulfil that when we step up to the personal mission we will have effected change in the world in small or large ways. Finding out why you are here and what you are here to do, in other words what your purpose and personal mission then living it, I maintain is the fastest way to shift the current egoic system of lack and controlled supply to a new system that adequately represents our inherent spirituality. At the Soul level, we are each born with a unique gift to give to the world. Fundamentally we are all born to make a difference. When we follow that life path, rather than the path the world, our parents or anyone else dictates to us, being in harmony with The Laws of Nature everything will find its perfect balance. We would begin to find that many of the ills of the word we face today would naturally fall away because the consciousness from where they came would no longer exist. Our actions become heart (love) and soul (wisdom) driven - Purpose + Love + Wisdom = A Better World. 4. Visualize The Change You Want To See In The World Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor says “Millions of people globally have used the so called Law of Attraction to attract a better car, bigger house, hot babe, smoking dude... Why not use all Laws of Nature to create a better world?” It’s what I did to achieve in six months what a billion dollar industry failed to accomplish in seven years. Since the release of the popular movie "The Secret" with Dr. John Demartini, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith to name a few, The Law Of Attraction has gained a lot of attention. People around the world are now using The Law Of Attraction to manifest their dream life, a better car, more wealth, their soulmate etc.... Why not use it to visualize the change we want to see in the world? In fact why not… 5. Create Winning Mission Strategies Using ALL Of The Undefeatable Laws Of Nature For those of you unfamiliar with The Law Of Attraction it is one of the Laws of Nature or Universal Laws that governs our physical reality. These laws, unlike the laws of man, cannot be changed because we didn't make them. They are generalized principles in physics that make the physical world tick - to oversimplify it. The Law Of Attraction simply put is "we attract into our lives the very thing we predominantly think and visualize at the precise moment we are a vibrational match to that vision". © Copyright Nicola Grace - all rights reserved. -

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The Law of Attraction is really an umbrella idea for a number of Laws of Nature that form the mathematical equation for manifesting and creating what ever you desire – and in this instance we’re talking about how do you change the world presumably for the better. It is The Law of Growth that states every idea and everything that comes into creation seeks to grow therefore attracting like to itself. It is the Law of Gravity or what I like to call The Law of Mass Attraction as well as The Law of Periodicity and Creation that bring into your reality that which you think and visualize. The Law of Attraction, if it actually exists as a Law unto itself, and that is debateable, is one small part of the equation. There are many Laws Of Nature we can use to create winning mission strategies that would help create a better world. Better off working in harmony with the stuff that makes our world go round, rather than struggling against! There are millions of change agents around the world, working diligently to make this planet a better place and they struggle to get their message heard. In the mean time we all long for that message to be heard AND implemented so we can see that change in our lifetime and leave a great legacy for our kids. Despite years, decades and even centuries of hard work many missions for positive change fail. Yet I managed to achieve in just six months a mission a change agent billion dollar industry had failed to achieve in seven years of hard work and intelligent solutions. Why? I'm Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor and I want to help you get cracking with your bright and bold ideas for positive change we all want to see in the world. IT'S TIME... don't you think? It all starts with finding what you've come to this world to give and how you can make a difference. This was part of how I achieved in six months something that was not accomplished without my strategy in seven years of hard work. I teach my "Strategy With Spirit" as part of my Ten Step Master Plan To Achieve Your Mission 10 week online bootcamp. Here's something right out of that bootcamp you can start with right away - it's my Creating A Winning Mission Strategy free webinar. You can get instant access simply by visiting the link below or scanning the QR code to your left. Tags: How do you change the world, change the world, how do, how do I change the world, how do we change the world, be the change in the world, be the change you want to see in the world, change this world, ideas to change the world, change the world with the laws of nature, ways to change the world, you can change the world

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About the Author Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor Recently honored with an award for implementing a strategy that saved a billion dollar industry from ruin, and make history, Nicola Grace "The Mission Mentor," teaches difference makers and change agents how to create winning mission strategies using The Undefeatable Laws of Nature, to achieve big results without getting stuck in relentless obstacles. Author of The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents, Nicola Grace is an educator, public speaker and visionary with twenty years experience speaking to audiences globally. Her expert insights appear in the ground-breaking book: Ready Aim Captivate - Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future, along with other world leading visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. She has joins a select group of the world’s leading experts to co-write “More.Better.: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results” for Celebrity Press™ - a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world including industry giants Michael Gerber, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Mari Smith, Mike Koenigs and Arielle Ford. For over twenty years, Nicola has captivated her audiences as an inspirational speaker, visionary, educator and transformation leader. She made history with her “Ten Step Master Plan” to achieve her mission in 2006. She has defeated two different types of cancers with short expiry dates and gone on to teach her Master Plan to individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs all to successful results. She is the undisputed expert on how to achieve your mission, even when you face insurmountable odds. While many speakers in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational. Nicola is also an active humanitarian with a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity that she would like to share with you. To learn more about Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor PLUS how you can receive free video training on her “Ten Step Master Plan” to discover her formula to achieve your vision in super speedy time using The Undefeatable Laws of Nature visit:

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How Do You Change The World And Make It A Better Place?  

The sad fact of it is that most missions for change make either slow to no progress or fail. Good hearted people, with great ideas that coul...