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What do You Need to Become a Cleaner? While many professions took a bit of a plummet with the UK economic crisis, cleaners were in demand. From offices to living rooms, cleaners continue to tackle mess on a wide variety of fronts. Choosing to become a cleaner means you can often benefit from family-friendly hours and reasonable wages. However, the changing nature of the cleaning industry means that you do need to make sure you have what it takes before entering this profession as an employed or selfemployed person. Focus on Your Personal Attributes Although cleaning is therapeutic and comes with great hours, you do need to make sure your personal attributes are right for this career. Cleaners are expected to have the following:  Good attention to detail: Some clients are likely to be very exacting when it comes to their standards. This means no visible dust, surfaces that are clean when you run your finger along them, and making tough stains disappear.  A strong stomach: This is especially handy if you are working in hospitals or within the hospitality industry. Cleaners encounter a higher amount of bodily fluids than most. This means you cannot be squeamish, and you must have a strong stomach.  Great time keeping: Whether you are working in a domestic or commercial environment, you need great time keeping skills to make sure the people you work for have a clean property when it suits them. Take offices, for example; most cleaners need to tackle them either directly after they close, or just before they open. Getting Some Qualifications Although it is legal to operate as a cleaner without qualifications, it certainly helps to get studying if you are serious about making a living. Cleaning qualifications allow you to familiarise yourself with some of the cleaning techniques that you may not use around your home. For example, not everybody knows how to de-scale a tap, but cleaners usually have to. You also have the chance to learn about correct chemical storage and risk assessments, which is particularly useful if you want to work for yourself. Finally, some qualifications allow you to reach supervisor level, which is handy for those who want to rise in the workplace.

Working for Yourself, or Working for Someone Else? Many people want to become a cleaner because they are enticed by the idea of working for themselves. Although this is an attractive prospect in terms of flexibility, you do need to consider which working environment is better for you by considering the pros and cons of each situation. For example, working for yourself comes with greater pay and more flexibility. However, it also means you are in charge of your own taxes, and you are not guaranteed work. Before choosing either path, make sure you are fully aware of the consequences of your career route.

What do you need to become a cleaner  
What do you need to become a cleaner  

Cleaning qualifications allow you to familiarise yourself with some of the cleaning techniques that you may not use around your home. For ex...