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In an unexplained U-Turn the Balearic Government has announced tough new measures to stop, board and search Ibiza’s Party Boats whilst at sea. Throughout the winter and low season we have been reporting the pressure be-

ing brought to bare on the Government by Environmental groups and private individuals who want the party boat business to be more heavily regulated and severely punished for what they see as the party boat sector flouting

those laws that do currently govern their activity. Until the announcement this week, which made the national midday news on Spanish TV, there seemed to be every indication the operator’s own code of practice would be

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Gondola Getaway New Direct Ibiza to Venice Flights Last Saturday, the airport in Ibiza inaugurated a new direct connexion to Venice, extending the offered number flights to Italy for the summer season. As reported by Aena, the connection will be operated by the AirOne flight company with a frequency of three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the whole season. This is the second route opened in the past week. On Saturday June 7th, a new connection to the German city of Munich was

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given an opportunity to demonstrate to the Government that it is able to put it’s own house in order. The Government seemed to take a complete change of direction but gave no indication as to why. They did say that they will carry out inspections on the firms operating Party Boats around the coasts of the islands. The boats will be inspected by the marine authorities, the employment authorities and the Guardia Civil

launched by Vueling. It also will be operated three times a week, but this time the selected days are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Pricing Flying to Venice on 22nd and returning 29th July for one person, adding a checked bag up to 20kg works out at 162€ return including airport taxes and surcharges. Prices checked 18th June at which time the flights were not available on skyscanner, only direct with AirOne. All we have to say is… taxi!!

when they are at sea and the party is in full swing. Checks will include:• whether the boat’s papers are up to date and legal • that the company is up to date with tax commitments • that the legal passenger capacity is respected • that all workers on board are legal and insured. Complaints about noise affecting neighbours living by the coast will also be investigated and appropriate action taken. There are sixty firms in the Bale-

aric Isles using up to a hundred vessels as Party Boats. Then there are many more promoters of particular parties and music genres. For many young British and Irish workers arriving in Ibiza for the summer season, selling tickets to the boat parties will often be their first work in Ibiza. Police Nab 10 Illegal PRs. Illegal public relation agents and ticket touts were the focus of police action in San Antonio during the week. Ten people were charged with breaking the by laws controlling this activity and, at the same time, a Senegalese man was detained for having in his possession 77 ecstasies. Later on, a Nigerian man was apprehended whilst trying to sell a bag of marijuana to a tourist. No Security Licenses. Nine bars in the West End entertainment area of San Antonio were cited by police for employing doormen without the correct licenses to operate. In the same action, undercover police detained a Senegalese man for allegedly selling cocaine and a young Brit for selling ecstasy. Too Many Customers. Police ordered two bars, in the

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West End of San Antonio, to be evacuated after detecting that it had between 60-70% more clients on the premises than the bar’s legal capacities allowed. The clients left peacefully however the bars could now face hefty fines between 10,000€ and 100,000€. During the same inspections, several bars had their music equipment officially sealed, because the police detected the bars did not have the correct music license. Meanwhile, a bar on the Arenal Promenade was also emptied after police detected 40% over capacity, and another well known bar in the same area had its music equipment sealed. The police discovered that there were fourteen more speakers installed than the license and plans of the bar permitted. It appears that this bar has often been the subject of noise complaints from nearby neighbours.

tracts for people to later be able to claim dole money and to help foreigners legalise their resident permits. 470,000€ was the amount of the fraud detected whilst it is thought that the six organisers behind the scam received up to 3000€ for each person they helped by providing false contracts. Later in the week the police announced that they were still looking for two Moroccan residents from the Santa Eulalia area of the island that were also involved in this fraud and were apparently now on the run from the authorities. As investigations developed, press reports suggested that, in Ibiza alone, millions of Euros could have been swindled from the state by these fraudsters who seemingly had an array of non existent firms set up to fictitiously insure workers using the internet system to present information.

Dole Scam. Concluding an investigation started last autumn into dole and resident’s paper fraud, the authorities detained one hundred and nine people this week and suspended thirty one resident’s permits. A construction company, which never carried out any construction, was supposedly used as a front to provide con-

Car Wrecking Causes Fire. Two men, who were dismantling an abandoned car with a iron cutter to sell it for scrap, caused a fire to start in the area of Es Puig, in San Antonio. The sparks ignited dried shrubbery and the fire spread quickly. The fire services called in a plane and a helicopter to extinguish the blaze by dropping water from the air.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

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Ibiza News Black Tax Nick Gibbs Spanish finances have taken a far greater hammering than most in recent years. This is due in large part to Spain’s much larger decrease in the amount of tax paid during the crisis years. The Hacienda has plans afoot to stimulate the economy and though nothing is 100% as yet, the knowledge is so widespread that it is believed the main principles of the changes listed below will come into place at some point in the not too distant future. We found similar reports on several top Spanish news feeds and other English language sites. All the talk is of there being relief to workers and greater taxation to property owners. Most significant of the changes will be the removal of the ITP property transfer tax. It is a big shock for any British national looking to buy in Spain. In the UK we pay approximately 1% stamp duty on a house purchase, in Spain the amount is a whopping 12%. This move is bound to stimulate movement in the property market but will of course result in a large loss of taxation revenue, which it is believed will be offset by the introduction of a new tax on empty second properties. Although the tax is worded to apply to empty properties, the reality—and everybody is aware this is what it really means—is that in most cases there is a rental income being derived from the second property which is being taken as Black Money and not being declared for taxation. Though the plight of multiproperty owning landlords and the effect on the size of their monthly Caviar orders is not likely to raise concern or objection amongst the population, it does seem to me that it is yet another official accep-

Evictions Suspended. The legal eviction of twelve families, who live in rented accommo-

tance and recognition of the black money culture that permeates every level of the Spanish economy. You will see various reports on these news pages today and every week, of strict fines and penalties being imposed for many infractions, some relatively minor. In this respect Spain seems regulation crazy but all this is at complete odds with the one great lie that the entire economy is false and in that respect corrupt. So deeply ingrained is this culture of black money that it may be difficult to ever effect change. The one time that the situation could have been redressed was missed and can now never return. Though Spain may have a history to look back on the causation of the black money culture, what excuse does Europe have for allowing entry to the EU effectively turning a blind eye to this very Spanish situation. A requirement of entry to the EU being a clean up of it’s act may have been the one thing that would have resulted in the effort required to change Spain’s ways. It does seem that the property market has been moving more recently and the removal of the property purchase tax will certainly help it get up to full speed, however the announcement of its intention in advance is a complete joke. Surely there will now be a collective hesitation among prospective buyers. To put it into figures buying a 300,000€ property in Ibiza will cost you approaching 40.000€ tax. How many people are that desperate to buy that they would not wait a few months to gain that 40.000€? The idea is good in intention but it seems it may have the opposite effect of slowing sales for the coming months.

dation in the El Divino building in the port area of Ibiza Town, was suspended at the last minute

by a judge. It appears that the owners of the building wish to reclaim the use of the property and had resorted to legal eviction when negotiations with the families to get them to move voluntarily apparently failed. However, it appears that these twelve families signed a rental agreement in good faith with a third party, so the judge suspended the eviction until the case can be investigated more fully. Allegedly there are squatters living in the rest of the thirty four apartments in the block. Electric Scooters Complaints. Neighbours and opposition politicians have complained to the Town Hall in San Antonio about the rental of small electric scooters to tourists. They claim that these scooters do not have any municipal license to be rented or be driven on the road, and are being driven a high speed amongst pedestrians, especially on the promenades in the town. Child Abuse. A 54 year old man living in San Joan was detained for alleged sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl this week. Originally from Galicia, the man had a past record of violent crime, illegal possession of fire arms and drug offences. He apparently made friends with the girl’s family, but the mother became suspicious of the relationship he had with her daughter. She checked her daughter’s phone, which supposedly confirmed her fears, and gave the information to the police who then made the detention. Fuzzy Check In. The emergency services were called to the check in section at the airport when a 29 year old Irish woman apparently tried to check in whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Quickly diagnosing the situation, the woman was taken to hospital to be monitored as she slept off the effects and was later discharged.

Apology & Retraction

It has come to our attention that the feature interview, "The Ibizan: Tony Pike… Sex, Drugs and Censored", in our last issue contained a number of false statements about former England footballer, Lee Chapman. We apologise unreservedly for any distress caused to Mr Chapman and his family and have removed those sections of the article from our online publication.

Personal Apology Nick Gibbs Above you will see our formal apology. I think it fair to say that sometimes these types of written retractions can be viewed with some scepticism. A newspaper publishes incorrect information then gets away with printing a small and often quite insincere apology buried in small print at the bottom of a page. I want to say loud and clear that it was a shameful mistake on my part to print the names of individuals within the Tony Pike interview. Though it does not excuse my actions here is an explanation. I detailed the reasons for the initially drafting the text verbatim in the introduction of the interview last week. I expected the final copy to have areas of blanking towards the end of the article “I was talking to who said we should go to to see the ”. I thought it would be a visually effective way to include the more controversial parts of the interview. I had the final text with 2 hours to go to our print deadline, and way more than 2 hours of work to get finished. I was too quick to accept the explanation, and did not think of the consequences. It should not have been a question of whether or not Tony was OK with the text, it was my responsibility. I feel sure that had I have slept on it I would have realised that leaving the names in was unfair in that I had no knowledge of these people, and unjustifiable in that it served no positive purpose—but had the potential to cause hurt and distress. To put it another way it was exactly the type of tabloid sleaze I loathe—yet here I was printing it. At the time, in the frantic rush to complete the paper for print, what little thought was given was in terms of Tony’s perspective, him being OK with it. It also crossed my mind that we were talking about people thousands of miles away in our small

local paper. If I am brutally honest with myself I cant deny that the weekly desire to print a paper that—how can I put it— pushes things a little further than the last, would have come into my decision making too. There is no justification it was simply wrong. I can’t undo it, but I can learn from it and ensure it does not happen again. In this respect I count myself very fortunate that Lee Chapman has been so reasonable in his response. I hope this text will go some way to demonstrate that my apology is not made in a context of formal obligation but of sincere regret. My friends would be more readily convinced of this being a momentary lapse in judgement in that Lee Chapman played for Ipswich, I remember him scoring in the North Stand goal. He’s one of our own. Seriously— what was I thinking? To Lee Chapman, Lesley, everybody, I am sorry.

Obscenities The Tony Pike interview was bound to polarise opinion. I have received many positive responses but the 3 negative have all been due to offence at the language and terminology in the article. I find this baffling. Had I started the interview with the words “once upon a time” and covered the page with bunny rabbits and fairy princesses I could fully accept the criticism. But emblazoned across the top was a warning not to read it if you were offended by obscenities. One complaint stated ‘I know you warned against reading it if we would be offended but what else was I expected to do?’ How about turn the page? The aim for each edition of the newspaper is to provide content to appeal to the widest possible cross section of the Ibiza community. If the Tony Pike interview was not your cup of tea I hope you found other articles more to your taste.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739


Nicole Torres Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior III was docked in the port of Ibiza, from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th of June, to support the Alianza Mar Blava stop the Oil/Gas Explorations in the Balearic waters. The Cala Millor, with members of the different organizations that support the Alianza Mar Blava and the Eivissa Diu No! movement, including Jaume Estarellas in representation of the Consell Insular, left the port at 1pm to meet Greenpeace at sea and accompany them to our port. Hanging from the Rainbow Warrior’s sails was a huge banner that read No Oil. The Rainbow Warrior is a beautiful sailboat, 58 metres long with five sails held by 54 metre masts, which was built specially for Greenpeace and its specific needs. Built of recycled materials, the boat has an electrical/diesel hybrid engine complemented with solar panels. They had an open doors day Thursday and I had the chance to have a good look around this marvellous piece of machinery and get explanations from its crew (all from different parts of the world

working together to save it). It can hold up to thirty two people, but usually sails with twenty - this turned into a joke when we got to the life boats, which can hold up to twenty people each and they have four, so they will not become a second Titanic. The boat’s crew is titled, most starting as volunteers on the boat (they only take two un-titled volunteers with them on every trip) and then wanting to stay so much that they study for it, as we were told by Caterina, the Italian sailor in charge of the Bridge of the boat. She gave us explanations about how the engines and other important parts of the boats were all monitored from the different screens, how the boat works on two navigation charts - a paper one and an electronic one - and sometimes they are even asked to mark their position according to the stars. One of the things that I found most interesting was the heliport on the boat and the little garage-like-room they have to keep the helicopter in (shame it wasn’t there). During the tour we were told about the first two Rainbow Warriors. The first one was an

Greenpeace crew at work. Credit: L. Guastella

old fishing boat Greenpeace bought in 1978 which was sunk in Mururoa by the French government. The organization tried to re-float this boat, but the only thing they could save was the bell. The French had to pay Greenpeace an indemnification, which paid for Rainbow Warrior II. This second boat, after twenty two years of battling, said goodbye to Greenpeace in 2011 and was given to Friendship (a similar, less know, organization) who have renamed it Rongdhonu. Rainbow Warrior III started being built in 2009 especially for Greenpeace’s needs, and set sail for the first time in 2011. The group also got a lengthy explanation about the repercussions of the oil explorations Cain Energy want to do: Fist of all, they would use Sonic Bombs, which will deafen and kill many marine animals and plants, to find where probable bags of oil or gas are stored. After that, they drill a 90cm hole in the bottom of the sea and leave it open to see if something comes out of it (already contaminating the sea, just in case). If all this shows them they can make some money out of the quantity they estimate can be extracted, a platform is built for “proper” extraction of the product. The estimates made until now show that the probable amount of petrol that could be extracted would not cover Spain’s necessities for six months! The visit ended with a short video of the latest actions Greenpeace has been doing around the world. Greenpeace’s anti oil campaign isn’t only centred in our little part of the world but is also trying to save the Canary Islands and the Artic circle. To sign in favour of the campaigns is free and every little helps,

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you can give your support going in to the Greenpeace website below Though I must say I thought it was very nice for Greenpeace not to be asked to pay anything for docking in the port of Ibiza (Valencia made them pay around 1000€), whoever organized the docking must have been feeling ironic, the Gumball 3000 cars, some of the least eco-friendly cars in the world, were parked right in front of the Rainbow Warrior. While the boat was in our port, Greenpeace campaigned in our waters, literally. Using underwater divers, Greenpeace made a video around the Posidonia underwater prairies close to Ses Salines. For those of you who have never heard of this plant, it is over 100.000 years old, cleans our sea and is the reason the waters surrounding Ibiza and Formentera are so clear, this is the only place in the world it exists and which it one of the major reasons for Ibiza to named World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Greenpeace wants to raise awareness around the world about the existence and importance of the Posidonia deploying protest banners along the grass meadow and displaying the video on-line watch?v=vYSqJSAEjFg

If we don’t stop Cairn Energy from perforating and destroying our sea beds, we will lose this unique plant amongst many other things. Eivissa Diu No!

Unidentified Man Dies Due To Injuries. Not knowing if he had fallen or had been hit, a man in a drunken state was treated by emergency staff in the early hours of the morning near a sports centre in Ibiza Town. He had severe head injuries and was taken by airambulance to a specialist unit in Mallorca, where he later died of his injuries. Investigations into this tragic incident are being reinforced because the man was not carrying any form of identification at the time of the incident. Not knowing if the incidents are related, at the time the police apprehended the deceased man in a nearby street, a strong toxic gas was escaping from the interior of the sports centre. Other officers had to bring breathing gear to help the first officers who arrived at the scene to recuperate from the effects of the gas. A vagrant sleeping near the entrance to the building also needed assistance. Sealing the building until the morning, a later investigation indicated that someone had broken into the storeroom of the sports centre and, for some reason, mixed cleaning liquids producing the toxic vapour.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Flower Power In Cala Llonga. When there’s music playing from the 60’s and 70’s, people dressing up in all sorts of multi-coloured clothes, wearing flowers in their hair, sunglasses and dancing in the streets, then it just has to be a Flower Power Party, and you're invited to the one that's happening in Cala Llonga next Thursday 26th June. Starting at 8pm a decorated float, with DJ Andy Wilson of Sonica Radio (95.2FM) playing live, will start it's "magical mystery tour" outside Restau-

rant Wild Asparagus, then move down to The Bunch of Grapes and Pool Bar Cacatua before passing through the streets of the village, stopping at various locations, sending out "good vibrations" and musical "satisfaction" to all before ending up down by the beach and the Thursday evening market. The bars and restaurants will all be decorated in a Flower Power theme, so it promises to be quite a "fab" night. Why not come and join in, follow the crowd, meet some beautiful people and re-live the days of music, peace and love! Viva Cala LLonga!


Woodstock Sunday Celebrate the Inauguration of the new Ibiza Love Truck with the screening of the Original Woodstock Concert Movie presented by the good people at Lime in the coconut. In true hippy spirit Food and Drinks are free, and there is no entrance fee. Mmmm, where’s the catch? Well as catches go it’s a very good one. It is hoped that people attending will make a donation of whatever they can afford to the Ibiza orphanage. We understand every cent donated goes directly to the orphanage. Brilliant really. You’ll have a good time and feel good about yourself afterwards too. Find the flying pig and his new love truck at Can Pere Mussona, Ibiza`s first certified organic farm, near Santa Eulalia. (km 9.3 exit Sansara) then follow the pig ...). Currently on exhibition at the Punta Arabi Hippy Market is an exhibition of photographs from Ibiza’s original hippy pe-

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Tiramisu; by Seventeen

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t Seventeen Tiramisu

Restaurant Seventeen’s best ever Tiramisu. Ingredients for six people: 500gr of good quality mascarpone cheese 5 eggs 8 table spoons of sugar Savoyard biscuit 3 cups of coffee, made to your taste Ceramic dish 30 X 20cm depth 5cm

We spotted this cake on Sugar Chic’s social media site this week and thought it looked so good we asked them to send us a picture to display for our readers general drooling enjoyment. Sugar Chic’s creations are nothing short of spectacular and clearly not afraid to share their skills, they’re even holding courses to teach you how to make such masterpieces yourself.

Preparation: Divide eggs into two different bowls (one with the white, one with the yolks) Add the sugar to the yolks and mix it strongly. The white of the eggs should be beaten as much as you can (has to be thick). Add the mascarpone to the yolk and sugar, and mix again until it gets uniform. Then mix the whites of the eggs with the yolk sugar and mascarpone, very slowly from bottom to top, until you get a light and smooth creamy mix.

Recent visits to Tapas have often come with the bonus of some little delicacy Chef has created as part of their new menu range for 2014. The idea is to seek our opinion—but I’m not sure what help we are being as the response is always ‘gorgeous’. The latest to make the menu is this cheeky little number, Chicken and Tzatiki salad which is, guess what, gorgeous. Tapas have just received a 2014 tripadvisor certificate of excellence, which as far as certificates go is just ‘gorgeous’.

Dip the biscuit lightly in the coffee, not too much, and place it on the bottom of the ceramic dish then cover with one coat of the creamy mixture. Alternate one layer of mixture with one layer of biscuit. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 5 or 6 hours. Ready to serve - after you have decorated it with a little bit of cacao powder or liquid chocolate. Caution: In Italy we say Tiramisu is a natural "Viagra"!

We can’t get enough of our Alma Tadema’s oh-sogorgeous Dolma. I don’t know what their secret ingredient is but it is just fantastic. Way, way ahead of any other Dolma I have tried before. Alma Tadema offer some great Greek menu’s and you get a small sample of Dolma within the mixed starters but our advice is simple – a sample will never be enough - always order a full portion of Dolma.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

A bit of a problem at Villa Mercedes in that they have so much going on their weekly agenda they haven’t left any room for food information in their advert. We couldn’t let it go unchecked and so we will tell you on their behalf that they continue to offer their fantastic 3 course menu with a range of starters, mains and desserts for 19,50€ The menu is available from 1pm to 11.30pm, seven days a week.

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Food & Drink

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Beach Gardens John Hitchin For anyone visiting an island like Ibiza or even for people living there the idea of a beach garden may seem like an impossible dream. Certainly, building a garden by the sea brings problems in that most plants will not tolerate salt water. Even if plants are watered with fresh water salt can be brought into a garden by wind off the sea so careful thought would be needed to construct a garden close to the sea. However there are plants that will survive in this habitat such as Nerium Oleander, Eleangues, Pittisporum Tobia, Yucca Euynomous, Rosa Rugosa and Osteospurnams. It would also be a good idea to use pots or containers to grow plants in which could be moved to a more sheltered spot once the winter approaches. But a garden inland or even in the UK can be themed as a beach garden and this can be done by using gravel and different sands to create a beach look which can be enhanced by using rocks and wood which can be aged to look like drift wood. Selecting garden furniture which would look at home by the sea is another way to create the effect. Painting walls of a garden with pastel colours and even with murals will help the seaside look as would col-

lecting a variety of seashells to place in gravel or sandy parts of the garden. The whole effect is much easier to create in a sunny climate like Ibiza and it may be a bit too much work to carry out in parts of the UK but beach themed gardens have been successfully built in the south of England which has a more temperate climate than the north. One way to enhance the beach ambiance would be to build an pool with a sloping entrance to the water with rock pools around the sides of the slope this of course would be very expensive to do as would installing a wave machine but this type of pool does exist in Ibiza so one can find a company to carry out this type of work. A garden laid of with ponds with fish in can also be used although it would probably be better to fill it with fresh water fish as it would be easier to keep maintained than one with saltwater. Some other plants that do well by the sea are Agapanthus, Lavender and Cistus also known as the rock rose. This is the plant that grows wild in the countryside in Ibiza which has the crimson flower that flowers in the spring. It is possible to create a really good beach garden away fro the sea but as with all projects careful planning and thought will bring the best results.

The Beach

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Cala Salada

Beaches In Ibiza Sophia V In Ibiza, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, as there are apparently well over fifty beaches on the Island! Whether you’re after a laid back beach with a restaurant, a lively beach with a bar and music, or one with stunning views to simply sunbathe and relax, here are what’s on offer. Below are only some of the beaches that have been memorable to me for various reasons, usually due to their uniqueness and beauty. These

beaches can be reached by taxi boats, bus or car, and water sports are regularly enjoyed at all. Cala Tarida (San Jose) is a personal favourite of mine. You will immediately notice the cleanliness of its crystal clear waters. With sunset bars overlooking it and restaurants, it’s the perfect place to spend the day. This beach is extremely popular amongst families. Cala Conta (San Jose) is another busy beach, especially in the height of season, and it’s no surprise why. With its stunning

Cala Bassa

views (islands around the coastline), unique looking restaurant and two beaches to choose from, as well as a third small cove, it’s the perfect place for all. Not only does the outdoor restaurant sell food, but there is also a stall to purchase craft items, jewellery, clothes and accessories: Sunset Ashram. Playa d'en Bossa (Eivissa), the longest beach of the island, is perfect for those that want to fine dine in the beach restaurants, or dance away in one of the many bars. Sunday is the most popular day for the Bora

Pinet Playa , Reggae Beach

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Fiction ...

… 5 Minute Beach Read

Santa Eulalia at Dusk Bora beach party and is extremely popular amongst the tourists. The entrance is also free! Cala d’Hort (San Jose) is a lovely little beach, complete with some boutique shops and restaurants. There is also the stunning view of Es Vedra! Cala Vadella (San Jose) surrounded by grassy hills, restaurants and bars in a quaint resort town is a lovely small, white sandy beach. Cala San Vicente (Sant Joan) is a great place to spend the day, especially with children due to the activities that take place there. In the corner, ‘On The Beach’ bar is a cosy little place to enjoy food or cocktails, inside, or on the roof terrace, and has a Reggae night. Cala Salada (San Antonio) is a chilled out beach, with rocks separating another beach, which also has a restaurant. Cala Bassa (Sant Josep) has stunning clear waters, and as

it’s situated in a dessert area, there are no buildings in sight. There is a nice restaurant on the beach, CBbC (Cala Bassa Beach Club.) Santa Eularia beach is perfect for those also wanting to explore the little town with its many shops, boutiques, markets and restaurant. For those situated in San Antonio / Cala Be Bou not wanting to travel too far, Playa Pinet (Reggae Reggae beach) with its reggae bar, old school Reggae tunes, and barbecues make an enjoyable visit. Port Des Torrent, Caló des Moro and Cala Gracio are also within walking distance. For more information on the best beaches in Ibiza, download this brilliant app: Beaching. It tells you everything you need to know about Ibiza: the beaches, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, activities and more.

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Postcard From Italy A white boat moves across the bay towards Capri, the wide triangle in its wake turning the water from aquamarine to indigo. Stefano is taking a small party of holiday-makers on a circuit of the island. I force myself to concentrate on the painting of Vesuvius I’ve been working on, begun on a day when the volcano was shrouded in mist and looking as mysterious as a silent film star. Soon I will need to phone the travel agents and book my return ticket to London; carrying on with my old life and pretending that my heart isn’t broken. Stefano and I met six months ago in a Kentish apple orchard on a sunny April morning. I was studying art, he was learning English. “You are more beautiful than the apple blossom, Rebecca,” he told me after our first date. I did a painting of him in the orchard, his eyes dark as sloes against the pink and white blossom. His ambition was to start his own travel business, showing people the hidden magic of Sorrento.

He persuaded me to spend the summer with him in Italy. “You be my rabbit,” he said, “I show you everything.” “I think you mean ‘guinea pig’,” I said with a giggle as I snuggled into his arms. Our romance was as hot and sultry as the weather, and at times as stormy as the thunder and lightning that sweeps across the Bay of Naples, but the sunshine always returned just as quickly. I tried to concentrate on the magic of being with him, not daring to hope we had a future together. I ignored emails from college about what course to take in September, feeling jealous if he spent time talking to a pretty girl. Stefano’s best friend Enrico told me that he had a reputation for wanting the fun of a relationship, but not the commitment. “Stefano finds somebody, he loves them, he leaves them,” he said one evening, when a group of us had gathered for pizza and red wine outside a café by the sea. There were a group of English girls on the table next to us. Stefano had spent a lot of time with them talking about his

business, handing out leaflets and flirting with a blonde girl in a low-cut black t-shirt. I noticed how their fingers had brushed when he handed her his business card. I sat, tears stinging my eyes, my pizza unfinished. I’d hoped this time it would be different. Last night over dinner on the terrace, I told him I was going back to England. Lights twinkled on the boats anchored in the Bay of Naples and I imagined him sweeping me into his arms to persuade me to stay. “All things come to an end, Rebecca,” he said. His mobile rang, another tour was booked and the subject was closed. It was obvious he didn’t care. This morning, Vesuvius dominates the Bay. Her crater is clearly visible, with the thousands of houses on her slopes looking like carelessly tossed lumps of chalk. I gaze at the view in front of me, committing it to memory, unable to bear the thought of leaving Italy and Stefano. The sound of a scooter’s whine cuts across the machine gun rattle of a wren. I turn as I hear footsteps crossing the terrace. “Rebecca.”

Ai Carai Festival This Saturday 21st of June the little town of Sant Carles will be the host to over a hundred and fifty artists from Ibiza. The music will start at 3pm Saturday afternoon and the party will last until dawn, if you can keep up. The festival features nine stages spread throughout the town on which the different bands will be playing. There are also to be theatre performances, artisan’s samples and many free activities for the whole family. In last year’s first edition of the festival, thousands of people flocked to the town to dance and enjoy a great day outdoors, so this year’s is expected to be bigger. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Ibiza’s artists and to get to know Sant Carles.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

La Noche de San Juan

The Night of San Juan Claire B, Nicole Torres June 24th is the Patron Saint’s day of John the Baptist or San Juan. It is widely celebrated all over the world and on mainland Spain, and Ibiza is no exception. Being the patron saint of the town of San Juan, the fiesta and celebrations there are taken very seriously, but there are also celebrations in other parts of the island. The night of San Juan (La Noche de San Juan) is usually celebrated with music starting in the evening of the 23rd with bonfires and/or fireworks at midnight to see in the 24th. As it occurs just a few days after the Summer Solstice (the longest day on June 21st), it is also used as a celebration of the start of the summer. Traditionally, and this still happens in some places, people jump over the bonfires, or run over hot coals, as a way of purifying the body and soul. Traditionally, you should throw into the fire something old that represents something you no longer want in your life or a piece of paper where you are meant to write those things you want to change. It is also customary in Ibiza to eat San Juan macaroni, made with curly noodles cooked in milk, sugar, cinnamon and lemon rind. Other typical cuisine of Ibiza, as orelletes, wine or traditional spirits are also eaten in family homes. At the time of going to press,

details of many of the fiestas on the island had not been released so look out for details (posters, etc.) locally, most of the beaches on the island will have bonfires, but we are certain on some, basing ourselves on what happened last year. Figueretes In previous years Figueretes has put on a great show for San Juan on the seafront/ beach. A DJ plays music from about 10pm, fireworks at midnight (some of them launched from the Isla de las Ratas across the water from the beach), followed by the lighting of a bonfire on the beach afterwards. Think of November 5th in the UK, except that you can watch the fireworks whilst you’re paddling in the sea and can get close to the bonfire, but you won’t need to keep warm from it! Talamanca Talamanca has also had celebrations on the beach in recent years, with buses put on from Ibiza Town to shuttle people there and back. There’s also usually a party outside the Hotel Ses Figueres further along the beach. Look out locally for posters to find out what’s happening.

San Juan The town of San Juan started its fiestas a couple of weekends ago because they are celebrating their patron saint. On the night in question, the town will be having Nit de Foc – Nit de Rock (Fire Night – Rock Night) concert. At 9.30pm, the night will open with Indian folk music and Bhangra with Raga & Tala and Jhon Michel, with the Bollywood Ibiza dancers. At 10.30pm, Peter Colours will be on stage until midnight, when the traditional lighting of els nou foguerons (the nine bonfires) takes place. After that the concerts will go on with D Brois, Ho Femme Fatale, Arma Sonora, and closing the concerts, Methead will be on at 3.30am. The town will have fireworks at midnight on Tuesday, their official patron saint day.

Jesus The town of Jesus has organized a San Juan Macaroon competition starting at 8pm and a Sardinada, so if you fell like having grilled sardines for dinner this is the place to be. After eating there will be traditional ball pagès and an orchestra until midnight, when the bonfires will be lit. Puig d’en Valls This little town just outside Ibiza will be having bonfires and live music by the Soumess on the Nit de Sant Joan, as part of their program of patron fiestas.

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San José The neighbours in San José have organized their own little fiesta. They will have some live music, a sangria and sandwich bar, and at midnight bonfires will be lit. There are also bonfires at Es Cubells. Beach That we know or have heard, there are no other things officially organized around the island, but my experience tells me most the beaches on the island will have people lighting bonfires and celebrating the night of San Juan – personally, I have already started organizing my friends to walk down to Cala Lleña to celebrate, so there might be a little party there too!

San Antonio San Antonio will be celebrating the night of San Juan at s'Era d'en Manyà. There will be popular games, artisans, competitions, and San Juan macaroons tasting, live concert by the group Rels. The night will finish with the traditional purification listening to rock, jazz and heavy music around a big bonfire.

San Juan Fireworks. Credit: Claire B

San Juan Bonfire. Credit: Claire B

Seems I can’t deny, some days just don’t feel right, seems I feel much better,

At night

Chic Competition Win A Pair Of Tickets & 2 Sun Lounger Beds at the Soul Heaven Pool Party on a Saturday of your choice @ Ocean Beach

Soul Heaven are enjoying a second Ibiza summer season of weekly pool parties in the beautiful surroundings of the Ocean Beach club. Relaxing on beach beds, cooling off in the pool or enjoying cocktails as you listen to soulful tunes on a perfect Balearic afternoon, Soul Heaven is what Saturday afternoons and evenings in Ibiza were made for. Is day time the new night time? For your chance to win entry & beds answer the following ‘really hard’ question. Where are the Soul Heaven Pool Parties being held in Ibiza? Answer: a) Ocean Park b) Ocean Beach c) Ocean Drive. Send your entry to Make the subject of your email Soul Heaven Comp and give us your answer, name and telephone number. Closing date 28th June 2014.

Hard Rock Hotel Claire B Finally, the night that many locals had been waiting for over the last few months had arrived: the newly-opened Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa put on its opening gig! And with Chic, featuring Nile Rodgers booked to play, it was clearly going to be one big party. It was the third time that Chic had played in Ibiza in as many years, and I had been at the other two shows, so I knew what to expect, and that their slick, funky show would have us dancing and singing along. I arrived just in time to miss the traditional Hard Rock opening ceremony of ‘guitar smashing’, which sadly happened whilst I was finding my way in. The venue has been thoughtfully designed for putting on live shows. The stage is large and high and is surrounded by low-rise buildings at the back and sides, there are no obstructions, multiple bars and the VIP area is not massive and is tucked away at the side. I also missed most of Masters At Work (a.k.a. ‘Little’ Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez), because I watching Spain's World Cup game in the sports bar in the hotel, but from what I read on (Continued on page 12)

Twitter and postings from friends on Facebook, they went down a storm. Nile Rodgers was hanging out onstage talking to and taking photos of the audience as he so often does before a show. Finally at 11.30pm, the lights dimmed, and the band and Nile walked onto the stage. Jamming away, Nile did the introductions, advising us that they’d be playing Chic songs and songs that he’d written for other artists, and requesting that we sing along with them. Then singers Kimberly and Folami made their entrance, turning their backs on us and holding us in suspense for what seemed like an eternity, before they launched into ‘Everybody Dance’ accompanied by occasional pyrotechnics firing out from the front of the stage. Followed by ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’, we all obligingly followed Nile’s instructions and spent the next two hours dancing and singing along to the songs that we all know and love so much, whilst intently watching everything taking place on the stage in front of us. With ‘I Want Your Love’, the deal was sealed and they had us in the palms of their hands. Chic are all about funky disco rhythms accompanied with coordinated dance moves and stage outfits. Reinjecting a bit of disco glamour into Ibiza, tonight Nile and the girls were coordinated in gold, whilst the all-male musicians in the background (bassist, two keyboard players, drummer, tenor sax and trumpet) wore black trousers, white shirts and black ties. It may be nostalgia, but for me this harks back to the hazy days of the 60s and 70s and the Motown groups, when being coordinated onstage was de rigueur. They looked great and it’s all part of the team Chic show. Next came a series of songs that Nile had written for other artists over the years, including a medley of tunes from Diana Ross and Sister Sledge, followed by Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’, Sister Sledge’s ‘Lost in Music’, Duran Duran’s Notorious, and a great disco-fuelled, rocky version of ‘Original Sin’ by INXS. Sister Sledge’s ‘I'm Thinking of You’ was dedicated by Nile as a tribute to Bernard Edwards,

his late song-writing and Chic partner. Sheila and B. Devotion’s ‘Spacer’ ended this section of the show. Taking it in turns to sing the lead vocals, singers Kimberly and Folami were sexy and mesmerising, captivating us with their simple but stylish coordinated dance moves. We had been promised some surprises in Nile’s promo video for the Hard Rock Hotel, and the best surprise of the night for me came up next, when they played ‘Get Lucky’, a song they’ve just introduced into the show. It was a funked-up version, and we sung and danced along harder – we got lucky! Continuing with another couple of Chic songs, we were treated to ‘Chic Cheer’ and ‘My Forbidden Lover’. Periodically bassist Jerry Barnes would come to the front of the stage for a funky guitar duel with Nile. Nile himself, having got used to being on the centre of the stage these days, paces around mid song, going to each end of the stage to give the fans a closer look. It’s pure showmanship. Next up was David Bowie’s ‘Lets Dance’, which saw drummer Ralph Rolle taking the lead vocals and lapsing into a bit of rapping. I’ve seen him do this before - it’s a fantastic version and always goes down a storm with the audience, and tonight was no exception. During ‘Le Freak’, Nile introduced the band members and each of them had their few seconds of solo glory. They ended the set with ‘Good Times’, which morphed into segments of The Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ which sampled bits from Good Times back in 1979. The band was joined by the original singers from The Chic Organization, Norma Jean Wright and Alfa Anderson, along with Kathy Sledge from Sister Sledge, before the traditional stage invasion from those watching backstage (unfortunately members of the audience couldn’t get access to the stage). The audience was showered with silver metallic confetti and then silver streamers as the final bars rang out through the speakers. Good times indeed! And it wasn’t just us

Figueretas ... If you like your clubs small and intimate, then there are two new ventures in the Figueretas area that might be up your street.

Studio 24

Studio 24 has just set up home in what was the old Somni Club in Figueretas and is combining DJs playing funk, soul and disco music with live performances from musicians. Open from 11pm, there is a different musical focus each night of the week: Monday: World Heroes Tuesday: Dirtee Disco Wednesday: Mikomixamillion

Superfunk Thursday: Chicks with Decks Revolution Friday: One Night with Loop Alley Saturday: AfroSoul Sunday: We Be Jammin, a live music jam Entrance is 15€ which includes a free drink or look out for flyers locally to get entrance for 10€. Ibiza residents and workers can apply for free membership which gives entrance for 5€. Open from 11pm—6am. Located on the Paseo Figueretas, below the Hotel Ibiza Playa. The venue was formerly known as Somni club, now called Toeters. More info on Facebook: Studio24Ibiza

Phat Bottom

Phat Bottom is putting on free parties in the Experience Bar at the Es Vive Hotel on Thursday nights from midnight. Resident DJs Dimitry Soul, MASSIFF and Campo will be joined by special guests each week. Expect funky house music that you can dance to. Guests booked so far are: Thursday June 19th, Donald Leary : Thursday June 26th, TBC Thursday July 3th, Kreature and Matt Fear :Thursday July 10th, Souldynamic (Italy) Hotel Es Vive is on Carrer de Carles Roman Ferrer, 8, just outside Figueretas. More info at:


that enjoyed it. It’s obvious when you watch Chic live, that everybody is having the time of his or her life onstage. The band is the sum of its parts, but individually each of them is professional, have their part to play and play it to the full. They’re a team and they all clearly love playing with Chic. I enjoyed Chic’s performance enormously, but the overall experience was marred by the inflated drink prices. Inside the venue a bottle of beer was 12 euros, whereas elsewhere in the hotel (in the sports bar where I watched the football) they were charging 5 euros for a caña. Considering that people have already paid for entrance to the venue, this price difference seems unjustified. When I go to a gig, having a few beers is all part and parcel of the experience. Last Friday the venue opened at 6pm and the party went on until 2.30am, and once in, you were not allowed to leave. This is a long time to be effectively locked into a place with expensive drinks. I’m sure the tourists will pay the prices, as they do elsewhere, but for many residents on the island the cost will be prohibitive, and going to a gig there will become a treat, reserved for an act that you really want to see, rather than a weekly occurrence. With no concessions on ticket prices for residents (as offered by Ibiza Rocks for example), going to the Hard Rock Hotel to see live music will be an expensive night out, which is a shame, as I and lots of people on the island were excited about having another venue for live music. It is a great venue and I will return, but only for someone I really want to see. Video clips: Get Lucky: Le Freak: Good Times (the finale):

THE 1975 : SWIM Ibiza Rocks Claire B This week it was the turn of The 1975 and Swim Deep to take to the stage - two bands that were new to me, always an exciting prospect. Ibiza Rocks tends to book bands for the support slot who are up-and-coming and making waves in the UK, many of whom go on to greater things – some coming back to headline Ibiza Rocks in later years. Swim Deep took to the stage about 9.20 on what was an unseasonably hot, but breezy June evening. The four-piece indie-pop band from Birmingham, accompanied by a keyboard player for their live shows, played their rhythmic, danceable tunes to an appreciative crowd. Playing songs from their debut album released in 2013 and the singles taken from it, they also played a cover of Carly Simon’s ‘Why (does your love hurt so much)’, which went down especially well. They ended their set with recent single ‘The Sea’, to much clapping and whistling from the crowd. A great live performance from a band that I hope will go far. Billed by Ibiza Rocks as “the biggest British breakthrough band of the year”, the 1975 made a dramatic entrance to the stage: the stage went dark, the intro music sounded out, followed by white flashing lights and strobes and the appearance of the band. A four-piece band from Manchester, their jangly indie-pop resonated throughout the venue, and frontman Matt Healy swigged from a bottle and puffed away on fags (bands must love playing open air gigs where they can smoke freely) when he wasn’t pacing around the stage or playing guitar. The white flashing lights continued to provide additional drama throughout the gig. The crowd loved them and a sea of phones held in the air constantly captured the event. Their music wasn’t really for me, but you couldn’t fault their energetic performance. Video of Swim Deep: Video of The 1975 taking to the stage:

Gatecrasher GC have finalised their weekly line up. Monday - Crasher Tuesday - Crèche Wednesday - Bedlam Thursday - Speakerbox Friday – El Carnaval

Disco Bus

2014 heralds the 21st year of Ibiza’s Disco Bus. Below is not an awful google translate, it is in fact Disco Bus’ official English translation. We could have tidied it up, but there are football matches on, and we figure you can work it out. If you have never used the Disco Bus it is worth it even if you don’t need it. Nutter central—take your camera. In their own words “DiscoBus is the most safety, funny and cheaper transport you never find”. Bless them. Top Tip—don’t assume you’ll get a place on the last bus, especially from Amnesia and Privilege—there is no queue, it’s just a bun fight for whatever seats are left. Get stuck in, or hang back, be cool, and chat to the locals. They’ll always know the best place to go next. In 1993 we began to move you across the ibiza nights: a cheaper price for connect touristic zones with all the entertainment’s sites and discos of the island. Discobus is a regular bus night service that taking you to the party to the best discotheques of the world: Pacha, El Divino, Privilege, Amnesia, Space, Es Paradis And Eden. Remember that Discobus takes you in front the majority of hotels and apartments where you’re staying, and before go dancing, Discobus will drive you to supper or to the different atmospheres that you will find at the thousands of bars that in Ibiza island exist. With a time regularity that we try to improve each season, Discobus is the most safety, funny and cheaper night transport you never will find in Ibiza. Cheer up, get ready, whatever your age is, and get the Discobus guide for this season and enjoy our Ibiza night. The main DiscoBus terminus stops are:Ibiza Port (in front of MacDonalds San Antonio Bus Station Playa Den Bossa Space/Tantra

Saturday - Kisstory Sun - Gatecrasher presents It’s all good but we particularly like the sound of Thursday’s Speakerbox by BBC R1xtra DJ Mistajam.

Press for their eclectic line up includes such delicious words as Grime, Jungle D&B, Rap and Crack House—we don’t even know what that is but it sounds great. If it’s Bass,


Cream opening 12-06-14


The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

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Community Letter From Juan

View From The Pew

Juan Here is a little test for all your American friends and quizzers out there. Of all the USA Presidents which one has two Presidential Libraries in the USA? To make it easier for them I will list the Presidents that have Libraries: Hebert Hoover, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan, George Bush, William Clinton or George W Bush Jnr. I know they might be tempted to say G.W. Bush Jnr. but they would be wrong, it is the other less than glamorous one Gerald Ford! I bet you are really glad I brought up the subject. Well at least it makes a change from the World Cup! I feel sorry for any member of a family that does not like sport especially if they live in the UK. There is a Test match, tennis at Queens, followed shortly by Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the USA and British Opens and of course not forgetting the Soccer World Cup and no sooner will that be over before the Rugby World Cup and the Golf Ryder Cup will be on!! I could suggest you could chill out on the beach or on the sun terrace at your home but you will either have to love the sound of the heavy bass beat of continual music or buy a set of ear defenders. Now there’s an opportunity for some enterprising lookie lookie man why don’t some of them go round selling trendy, colourful ear defenders instead of the same old, same old sunglasses? Finally I will put in two of my annual pleas now that the hot weather has really started to kick in.. The first is to use less water by turning the water off in the shower when you are soaping yourself and turn it back on to rinse. The second is the danger of forest fires is once again upon us and so don’t use open air charcoal barbecues not only is it against the law the fire risk is enormous and please don’t throw anything out of your car window that could cause a fire to start. Enjoy the summer, until next week, yours Juan.

Bob the ex-Vicar How are the mighty fallen? In one weekend the Spanish football team, the present world champions, and the English team, the country in which football originated, have both crashed to defeats in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Who would have guessed that Spain would be so humiliated? Who would have thought that the country which invented football has slipped to No. 10 in the world rankings? How are the mighty fallen!? But where does that saying “How are the mighty fallen?” come from? It comes from a book written nearly 3,000 years ago from which another 120 or more well-known sayings in the English language come. The English language of course was not written 3,000 years ago, but the original source of those sayings was in part first written nearly 3 millennia ago. It is of course the Bible. Many people today discard it as an irrelevance at best or a fabrication at worst. But for some reason our English language has absorbed many sayings from it over the centuries. “How are the mighty fallen? W2as the phrase used by King David when he heard of the death at the hands of the Philistine army of his best friend Jonathan, and Jonathan’s father King Saul. Those same Philistines who were led at one time by the enormous Goliath, who also gave rise to the question “Do you have any Goliath’s in your life to defeat? A broken heart, a cross to bear, a thorn in the flesh, a good Samaritan, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a baptism of fire (which both Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge went through in their first World Cup match) are all sayings coming from the Good Book. Eat, drink and be merry, for everything there is a season, don’t let the sun go down on your wrath, the love of money is the root of all evil… etc, etc! They all come from the Good Book. Phil Neville, in my newspaper today was “the scapegoat” for England’s loss. Someone or something had to take the blame for England’s defeat. Unusually, however, the England team played pretty well and so on Twitter, all the ire of the Eng-

land supporters was heaped on poor Phil Neville because of his apparently lousy performance as the BBC’s new expert pundit. “Scapegoat” comes from the Old Testament in the Good Book and was also applied to Jesus, who had all the sins and failures of human beings heaped on him. I’m going back to my Bible to see what other things I can find there that have given rise to popular sayings. Perhaps it is not quite such a dusty old relic as some people would like to make it out to be! And perhaps Daniel Sturridge will be doing that too, as he was seen to say after scoring his goal “I love you Jesus, I praise you for everything!” God bless, Bob the ex-Vicar. Services: Sunday June 22nd – 11:00am. Holy Communion in Capilla de Lourdes, Santa Eulalia. 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar. Sunday June 29th – 11:30am Informal Family Service, Chaplain’s House, Can Bagot in San Agustín followed by a Bring and Share Lunch. 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

Chapter Black Door Ibiza

Black Door Ibiza Claire B A new mixed-use space opened its doors on June 10th in Ibiza Town. Black Door Ibiza houses an exhibition/gallery space, a cozy lounge bar and a room where films can be screened. The initial exhibition features local artist Chapter (a.k.a. Scott Gray), pictured here next to some of his work . The exhibition will run for about three weeks and can be seen when there’s an event on or by private invitation. On the opening night we were treated to a welcome glass of cava, followed by the screening of the film American Hustle on the big screen, which had us all chuckling as we sat in our sumptuous armchairs whilst

sipping a drink. It was a great film, full of twists and clever comedy moments. I really enjoyed it and it made me realised how much I had missed going to see films since I left England. The only thing missing was not hearing the theme tune to the ‘Pearl and Dean’ ads! On Thursday July 3rd the film The Grand Budapest Hotel will be shown, and the venue will continue to host a regular cinema club night and a programme of exhibitions. It’s a welcome addition to the Ibiza cultural scene and somewhere I’m going to be frequenting often. Membership is required, and gives advance notice to events and ticket purchase. The space is also available for hire. More details at:

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Happy 70th Birthday my Mum,

Christine Gibbs, who arrives in Ibiza 4 days after her birthday for a holiday and no doubt a considerable amount of babysitting. Can’t believe it has been 10yrs since you nearly burnt the house down with the candles on the cake for your 60th Lots of love from the Ibiza bitof the Gibbs’, Nick, Rhian, Jensen, Carla and Blue. xxx

Happy Fathers Day John, aka the godfather, from your loving wife Denise, Kristal and Josh. You’re the best dad in the world. xxx

We like receiving good news stories and this week we had a lovely picture from Kelly Jordison of her son Oscar-Noha reading last week’s issue of the Ibiza Sun. Many of you may remember Oscar-Noha from an earlier issue when we requested assistance in fundraising for his care and for TOF awareness. The Ibiza community showed great spirit at the time, arranging several events in support of OscarNoha and now we are pleased to report (and as you can clearly see) Oscar-Noha is doing incredibly well and will be starting school in September. Good luck Oscar-Noha!

Congratulations to Joanne and Darren of JD’s who are expecting their second baby and brother/sister to Maxi on the 16th November.

Free Youth Workshop


Claire B A free photography workshop for youths aged 14 to 18 ‘Develop your creativity’ is being held in Sant Jordi from June 23rd to June 27th. Hours: 10am to 12.15pm. Age: 14 to 18 Location: Library Vicent Serra Orvay (Sant Jordi) Requirements: compact digital camera or a camera phone Delivered by Isa Sanz. Amongst her qualifications, she has a Diploma in Photography and

Media Arts from The University for Creative Arts in England, so should speak good English. The course is free but there’s a maximum of 10 places, so join a t b i b l i o s a n t or call 971308680. Full details at: Sf3heC

Kids at Pikes Kids In Ibiza is now offering children’s entertainment at Ibiza Rocks House – Pikes Hotel every Sunday from 3 pm: creative activities, games, face painting, toys… Let the little ones play and have fun while parents can enjoy a yummy roast or chill out next to the pool. Book your table +34 971 342 222

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

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TAROTscope 19th-26th June 14. ARIES – Three of Swords Outside influences are having too much influence in an important friendship or relationship! Be on guard as a busybody or frenemy causes trouble between you and someone you care about. Try not to let jealousy or vindictiveness pull you down to others level. If however, an important relationship is not enhancing your life, think about why you're in it. TAURUS —The Chariot You're on the move this week so there's not much chance of pinning you down to specifics. You’ll create more business opportunities by putting in an appearance at various events, even if you're bone tired! Success often features with this card, promising rewards for the effort you've put your heart and soul into; whether it’s a person or a project. GEMINI – Three of Cups It’s a successful week as everything you touch turns to gold. Romantically you'll know how to attract who or what you want. Hoping for quiet week where you could go about your business in relative peace? Family and associates have other ideas for your time! Health wise; time to implement that new fitness and nutrition plan you were thinking of. CANCER – The Lovers It’s decision time as a new direction is slowly opening up before you. It involves making some drastic but necessary changes to your life. Are you bold enough to seize this opportunity? For some of you, an important new love interest is imminent; one that feels serious from the start; you're on the same page about life's important stuff. LEO – Three of Disks A sudden and unexpected business opportunity comes your way, which involves other partners as well. It will be a great idea, just so long as all remains equal. Market yourself well and you'll be on the road to success. It’s time to think outside the box career wise, changes are coming, make sure you do your bit to embrace them. VIRGO – Ace of Swords Try to be understanding of others, especially if they are under pressure at the moment. They need your support, not sharp words. Frustrating situations won't last long this week and you triumph eventually by getting others to see reason. Romantically, some Virgo's will experience a lightening attraction; you could literally get knocked off your feet by the intensity of feeling. LIBRA – Seven of Wands You'd like straight answers from an important someone, but getting them will be difficult this week. Be skilful in your choice of words; you may have go around the houses to get the answer you seek even though you'd much rather take the direct approach. You hear words of love from an admirer; are they from who you want though? SCORPIO – Eight of Disks You’ll have a positive impact on others, especially at work, which will be recognised by those who can help you climb up the 'corporate' ladder. An opportunity to increase income means you'll be working around the clock; however job satisfaction makes you fun to be around. This in turn brings you to someone's attention romantically; you'll be intrigued and definitely interested! SAGITTARIUS – The Hierophant If you’ve unforeseen obstacles to important plans, don't give up on them yet. The tide turns in your favour as you receive help from an unexpected source. It's time to let go of the past; look inward for solutions to old attitudes. Ditch old routines and embrace the new. It's good to have a personal shake up now and again! CAPRICORN – Prince of Cups Changes are on the way and for some a fresh start, especially romantically! You can now decide what it is you want from life; don't be pressured by others to fall into line with their plans. Travel arrangements are also highlighted, mostly short trips; where you could meet someone a bit special. Special enough...wait! Read the first two sentences again. AQUARIUS – Prince of Disks Property matters occupy most of your week; take a look at what's worth investing in. Follow hunches as they will be spot on; especially if it does require financial investment. You'll have to speculate to accumulate, but it’s worth it in the long run. If you're in love, staying at home brings you closer; it’s where the best times happen! PISCES – Eight of Swords If you're feeling hemmed in or desire to make changes in career or home; this isn't the week to find your freedom. Stop struggling; relax and the bonds that are binding you close will loosen, even if it's only psychologically. Close associates need to

Catherine Javel at her Posidonia exhibition Posidonia, an Art exhibition Claire B French artist Catherine Javel currently has an exhibition in Ibiza entitled ‘Posidonia’. Catherine has a high school diploma in Fine Arts from France, but spent thirty years living in Ibiza. She returned to France to educate her children, but began to miss the sea and her favourite place Salinas, so started to use these as subjects in her work. The inspiration of the beach and Salinas are reflected in these works, characterised by the great variety of techniques and textures that evoke these landscapes. Many of the works feature dried posidonia (sea grass), sand, salt and found objects from the beach on Japanese paper, using blue resin to evoke the colour and transparency of the sea in Ibiza. The exhibition sends a message of complaint against the potential pollution of the Mediterranean, and particularly against oil exploration. Catherine said in a recent article in the Diario, that this work is a complaint against oil

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Steve & Sarah Altman on the occasion of their marriage Saturday 14th June. “A big thank you to everyone at Pikes and all our family and friends from UK, Dubai, Portugal and Ibiza that joined us for the best day of our lives! “ prospecting, pointing out that Ibiza is a World Heritage Site for the posidonia, which is the oldest and largest living thing in the world, and that she wanted to make a tribute to the sea grass and warn about its potential destruction. The exhibition is on until July 4 in the Sala de Cultura Sa Nostra-Consell d’Ibiza, C/ Aragón, 17. Usually open Monday to Friday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm.

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Posidonia exhibition painting

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Brazil 2014 – World Cup Report Jeremy Parmenter Results to date (18/6/14) • Group A Brazil 3 Croatia 1 - the hosts get off to a great start with a little help from their Japanese ref! 2 for Neymar but should have had a red! Felt sorry for the Croats as they deserved more. Mexico 1 Cameroon 0 – as expected but Eto'o injured and a Peralta winner. Brazil 0 Mexico 0 – magnificent match with Brazil's stars v. the superb Ochoa, Mexico's goalie. • Group B Spain 1 Holland 5 – ¡Madre mia! ¿que pasa? Biggest shock so far, but Robben (2) and Robin (2) – superb! However, Ramos and Co can still win it like 2010! Chile 3 Australia 1 – as predicted, the Aussies making up the numbers with Chile as WC dark horses! • Group C Colombia 3 Greece 0 – group co-favourites start with a bang , but looking bad for Greeks! Ivory Coast 2 Japan 1 – from 1 down, Drogba on as sub, to winners in 2 minutes – magic! • Group D Uruguay 1 Costa Rica 3 – I warned you, the Ricans are no pushover but still a shock; red card for Maxi gotta be good for England! England 1 Italy 2 - great goal for Sturridge, Sterling superb, but what's Roy doing, playing the Roo out of position. Me thinks he should play in the middle behind Sturridge, with Sterling and the Ox either side. Must beat Uruguay on Thursday! • Group E Switzerland 2 Ecuador 1 – 1 down and the Swiss roar back, turning defence in to attack in 25 seconds for the killer goal! France 3 Honduras 0 - a Benzema double in a stroll in the park, even sans Ribery, enjoying himself here in IBZ! • Group F Argentina 2 Bosnia 1 – not easy for my favourites but a bit of Messi magic and 'tis all over! Iran 0 Nigeria 0 - the first draw and scoreless to boot! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! • Group G Germany 4 Portugal 0 – Mueller with the first hattrick of the WC 2014, and yet another red card (Pepe for sheer stupidity) so Europe's perennial hopes on the march, yet again! Ghana 1 USA 2 - Klinsmann gets his campaign off to a winning start with an 86th minute winner. • Group H Belgium 2 Algeria 1 - Man U's Fellaini changes the game as a super-sub as Europe's dark horses start with a win. Russia 1 South Korea 1 – Capello's team scrape a draw with the unfancied South Koreans. Jezza's Comments: I asked for lots of goals and 49 were scored in the first set of Group matches, a World Cup record and an average of 3 per match. Excellent! Only negative note, what are the BBC doing employing Phil Neville as their match co-commentator? Boring and monotonous are just two of the negative comments, not only from me, but 400 other fans on Twitter! Get a life mate or geroff! To come: Spain (v. Chile) and England (v. Uruguay) must win to keep their hopes alive as must Cameroon and Croatia or one of them goes home!

Spain Out Spain have been left wanton this evening after being knocked out of the World Cup after only 2 games. Whilst many saw their first performance as a real shocker, it was hoped they would bounce back and show us they are still a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Twitter and social media will go wild with comments such as “It seems everything was wrong for Spain. The team was a bad, unimaginative team with an ageing squad and a brand of outdated football. They only had a plan A and everyone cracked it first try. Vicente Del Bosque was naïve.” “…an ageing squad with a little bit of complacency and a lack of desire.” But you have to take your hat off to the Chile side who were superior in their tempo, movement and

fight to win the game. "There is talk of an end of an era for Spain, but there will be a big night of partying ahead for these Chile fans."

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Game 1—England 1 Italy 2

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

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Ibiza Music Video Festival Claire B Submissions are now open for the second Ibiza Music Video Festival (IMVF). Upload your video to the website before September 9th to be in with a chance of winning one of the ten categories. Anyone can submit a music video that has been made in the past year. These will then be judged in time for the festival’s opening and all winners will be rewarded at an award’s ceremony during the festival. The two day festival will be held at the Hotel Garbi in Playa D’en Bossa, October 10th-11th. The festival aims to ‘develop talent, exchange knowledge and reward creativity’, by creating a hub of talent for employers to source, and through its ‘campus style’ structure, encompass educational workshops, competition, entertainment and networking. During the festival there will be: a three part Academy, with guest speakers, focusing on preproduction, production and postproduction a Q&A session interac-

Festival of Dance and Opera Claire B The third annual festival of dance and opera ‘Eivissa en Do Major’ (‘Eivissa in C Major’), will see a series of performances held in various locations of Dalt Vila on June 27th and 29th and July 3rd, 5th and 7th. The estimated budget for the festival is €45,000 and it is a collaboration between the Institut d'Estudis Balearics and the Consell d'Eivissa. Programme: Friday June 27th. The festival

tive workshops/stations showing hands-on techniques such as prosthetic makeup, editing software, digital hub, business monetising strategy and a ‘career surgery’; award ceremony; a thirty six hour content creation competition. Launched in October 2013 by music and film Producer Rupert Bryan and his collaborative partner Elizabeth Fear, this is now a global online and interactive music video festival, competition and awards’ ceremony, celebrating all aspects of music video production. In its first year, IMVF received one hundred and sixteen submissions from twenty eight countries and had 300 attendees. See the website for full details of submitting a video and for info and tickets to the festival: Website:

Facebook: IBIZA Music Video Festival

opens with the Miguel Barranco dance company. This professional dance company was created in 1998 and since its inception Miguel has devoted his efforts to bringing feeling, passion and the soul of dance music in its widest diversity into their shows. Miguel Barranco presents the show ‘Feel’, which involves six dancers who will perform a varied and popular program. Sunday June 29th. Orquesta Simfónica Ciutat d'Eivissa (Ibiza Symphony Orchestra), under the

guest direction of Xavier Pagès i Corella. Xavier has an extensive resume as both a performer and director and will offer a repertoire of Webber, Haydn, and Grieg, as well as some of his own work. Thursday July 3rd. The renowned pianist Alain Planes will perform a concert as a tribute to the artist Miró in the Claustro del Ayuntamiento. He will perform works by Debussy, Mompou and Bartok. Saturday July 5th. In the Mercat Vell, the Orquesta Simfónica

Ciutat d'Eivissa (Ibiza Symphony Orchestra) directed by Adolfo Villalonga, will play a popular programme of movie themes, such as from The Mask of Zorro, Prestige, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Girl From Ipanema. Sunday July 6th. The festival closes with a song recital, with a selection of music and movie themes entitled ‘Lights of Hollywood and Broadway’, and featuring a selection of the best works of American music of the second half of the twentieth cen-

tury. The concert will be performed by sopranos Irantzu Bartolomé and Nuria Orbea and pianist Mentxu Pierrugues. All the performances will be held in the Claustro del Ayuntamiento in Dalt Vila, except for the Symphony Orchestra concerts, which will take place in the Mercat Vell. Ticket prices are 8€ in advance and 10€ on the door. Advance tickets can be bought from the Espai Cultural Can Ventosa.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Sport Jezza´s Sports Report Jeremy Parmenter Here we go with another helping of Jezza's Sports Snaps to go with our World Cup Report! Cricket: OMG, compulsive TV viewing in the 1st Test at Lords, as England needed the last Sri Lankan wicket with 5 balls left but all to no avail as the SL last man blocked out to save the match. With great innings' from Root, with a double century, Ballance with his first England ton, Sangakkara and Mathews for SL with their first tons at Lords, the former on probably his last appearance and the latter with his first as skipper, all made superb contributions to a fascinating match. Rugby Union: More incredible TV in the 2nd Test between England and the All Blacks, with the Red Rose on top in the first half, NZ coming back and appearing to be running away with the match and the Series at 28-13, only for England to hit back with 2 late goals to eventually lose by only 1 point. Only pride now to play for in the 3rd and final Test on

Page 21 Ibiza C.C. vs Hearsall C.C.

Saturday but 2-1 is better than 3-0! Elsewhere Ireland stuffed Argentina in S. America, and Wales lost 38-16 to South Africa in Durban and finally, how boring was this scoreline? Half time Australia 0 France 0 and Full time:Australia 6 (2 penalties) France 0. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Tennis: Yet another early loss for Andy Murray, this time at one of his favourite tournaments, Queens, as he bowed out in the 3rd round, but then, so too did Rafa, so can't be all bad! At least he's smiling again so must have summat to do with his new coach, French madamoiselle Mauresmo.Let's hope he gets his act together by Monday as he starts the defence of his Wimbledon crown, especially as the Fed is looking good after winning yet another ATP Final, in Halle. Oh, and lest I forget, apologies to the Gorgeous Grunter Maria Sharapova, who I forgot to mention last week, won, as I predicted at the start, the French Open. Golf: All hail German Martin Kaymer, who won the US Open at Pine-

hurst with an 8 under overall score, having led from day one. To give you some idea of his scoring prowess, only two other players finished under par and he was 7 clear of them! Also congrats to Sheffield's Matt Fitzpatrick, playing as an amateur, who became the first man since 1930 to win the Silver medal for best amateur at both the Open and US Open. Hockey: Big blow for our Men as they failed in their bid to win their first World Cup medal since '86 as they were beaten 2-1 by Argentina in the bronze play-off match, whilst favourites Australia absolutely thrashed Holland 6-1 in the Final. Finally, it's that time of the year again when I start my “Spot the Sports Star in Ibiza” and already, two big boys in the bag! Novak Djokovic, complete with huge bodyguards, seen at Pacha last week and French and Bayern Munich footie star Franck Ribery, unfortunately not at the WC due to injury. 'Tis all for now and hope you're filling in your WC wallchart which, I sincerely hope, is not in the wc! Seeya!

Robin Parmenter 14th June, 25 overs per side It was decided between skippers Jeremy "Silver Jez" Parmenter and Lee "Knobhead" Connor that Ibiza would bat first, and the hosts lost no time in scoring rapidly with openers Neill "Speedy" Tobitt (51 retired) and Martin "Scoops" Cooper (55 retired ) hitting boundaries regularly and scoring runs at over 10 per over. Sam "Smiley" Gooda (30) and Jolyon "Jonty" Swinburne (53 retired) continued to pile on the runs and even Jeremy Parmenter (32 not out) got to bat alongside newcomer John Eastmond (20 not out). This allowed Ibiza to finish on a daunting 274 for 3 off 25 overs, a run rate of 11 per over. The Hearsall slow bowlers were not used to the slow astroturf pitch and struggled to stem the runs, with skipper Lee Connor, his Dad Terry Connor and Brent Harkin all obtaining a wicket each. It was then Hearsall's turn to bat and they needed to score rapidly from the start, but never managed to get going, with the Ibiza bowlers' experience on the slow wicket helping them to prevent enough boundaries being scored. Only Lee Connor managed to hit some lusty blows in a gutsy

innings of 43, and was supported in a partnership of 60 runs with Mick French (15). However, once they were both out, Hearsall fell to 97 all out in the 20th over, Ibiza winning a friendly but one sided contest. Ibiza bowlers Graham "Bose" Boe (3/11) and Robin "Robiño" Parmenter (2/8) had the most success, with Paul "Peacock" Partridge and John Eastmond contributing a wicket each. This is the fourth consecutive year since 2011 that Hearsall skipper Lee Connor has organised the mid- summer tour to Ibiza, accompanied by his dad Terry and cousin Dominic, and it is always a pleasure to see them here. Many thanks to them once more and we look forward to welcoming them back again, perhaps with all their players available, since several had sampled too much of San Antonio's night-time attractions the night before and suffered accordingly!

Gumball 3000 Bugatti Veyron and McLaren P1 look relatively domestic in comparison. The crowds were treated too much revving of engines and burnouts as the cars arrived in the port. Meanwhile at the other end of the street Tony Hawks, the world renowned skateboarding star, arrived on his skateboard to a huge cheer from the crowd. He suddenly appeared from the crowd, skateboarding down Gumball 3000 in the Port of Ibiza. Credit: Tom Berry the street and started to put on a display of his skills and tricks on a temporarily erected half-pipe. It was Gumball 3000 not going to be your usual night in Ibiza . . . Tom Berry Having crossed two continents, the 3000 miles had On the evening of Wednesday the 6th June Ibiza obviously taken its toll a little, as out of the 120 race hosted the finish line to the Gumball 3000 in the port entrants only around 25 actually made it to the finish of Ibiza Town. Alongside the ferry terminal an inflat- in Ibiza. Sadly, The Hoff, in his Knight-rider Kitt Car able Gumball finish line was erected and an area was being one of those lost in action, somewhere around closed off for the race finishers to park their cars for London we are informed. Despite this those that did public view. Having started in Miami and covered 3000 make it continued to put on a great show, the port miles a large crowd had assembled in eager anticipa- was completely full of people and live music echoed tion of the night ahead and the chance to see this out as the sun went down. unique event. The Gumballers then headed off to Pacha for an eveUnfortunately, due to a bit of the normal bureaucracy, ning of more celebrations, entertained by Steve Aoki, the Gumballers were a little late in arriving but when followed the next day by more revelling at Destino for they did the atmosphere and noise soon made up for a pool party. The Gumball awards ceremony acknowlit. Having arrived off the ferry in San Antonio and edged locally well known DJ Deadmau5, who had pardriven to Ibiza Town, seeing Ibiza's streets full of Fer- ticipated in the Gumball in his 'Purrari', he was raris and Lamborghini’s was quite a sight. The star car awarded the spirit of Gumball award. was undoubtedly the Rebellion R2k making both the As always in Ibiza, the event did not go without a little

surprise. We have all been looking forward to the visiting of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior but had not expected to see it at the Gumball 3000, placed alongside the finish line with a huge anti oil protest banner. At the moment we are not sure if this was intentionally a protest against the Gumball specifically or just a bizarre coincidence. Either way, everyone happily partied on into the night regardless.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

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Classifieds & Local Services Pet Chauffeur

Accompany your pets to their new home with experienced animal-carer/driver. Fully licensed service. Denise 952197187/696233848

Apartment For Sale Two bedroom duplex-apartment with garage beneath for sale. Cala Llonga, Pueblo Asparagus, 195000€ ono. Viewing can be arranged. Mobile 07776141078

Caravan for sale Swift Rapid 450/5xl 6m 40 long, sleeps 5, cassette toilet, shower, hot water, 3 way fridge, cooker, oven, 12v 220 electric, very large awning with decking, 2500€ Paul 674939345

Removals Ibiza-UK from 30€ per sq metre, UK-Ibiza from 50€ psq. Regular monthly trips. No load to big or too small. Save money with DIY. Phone Paul on 674939345 or 0044 (0) 7584002658 (no texts please)

Reg the Van returning to Ibiza from the UK the first week in July and have space available adding "see details on my main box advert

July—August Holliday let. Modern, bright, one bedroom apartment, sleeps 2. Great sea view, quiet country location, overlooks San Antonio Bay. Own entrance, parking. Minimum/ Maximum Stay 60 days. Only 250€ per week. Call 606255408. Not for noisy people!

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 19th June 2014, Issue 739

Ibiza Market Guide


Market (s= summer only, a = all year) Mo

Firemen112 Local Police092 Guardia Civil (Police)091 Ib-Salud061 British Consulate902109356

Las Dalias

Police Police Commissioner971398831 Guardia Civil Eivissa971301100 Guardia Civil San Antonio971340502 Guardia Civil Sta. Eularia971330227 Guardia Civil San Joan971333005 Local Police Sta. Eulalia971330841 Local Police San Jose971800261 Local Police San Antonio971340830


Small Hippy Market at Playa d'en Bossa


Artisan Market at San Juan


San Juan Sunday Market


Once upon a time Fashion Market, Salinas


Gorila Market








Ibiza Port Market








San Antonio Port Market







Paseo Maritimo Figueretas







Passeig de S'Alamera Santa Eulalia






call 902 102 112 to report crime to the Policia Nacional in English. For Details Of Pharmacies In Your Area Including Out Of Hours Visit

Transmediterranea902454645 Balearia902160180 Inserco971322110 Mediterranea Pitiusa971322443

€:£ 0.8259

0.820 0.815 0.810 0.805 0.800 0.795 0.790

Formentera Town Hall971322034 Medical Centre971322369 Guardia Civil971322022 Tourist Office971322057 Municipal Police971322201 Taxis971322016

Bes Media Holdings 1999 S.L. CIF B-57852295 Deposito Legal No DL 1-303-1999

18 Jun

16 Jun

14 Jun

12 Jun

02 Jun

31 May

29 May

27 May

0.785 25 May

Taxi Stop San Juan971333333 Taxi Stop Santa Eulalia971333333 Taxi Stop San Antonio971340074 Airport Taxi Stop971800080 Radio Taxi Ibiza971398483 Radio Taxi San Antonio971343764 Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia/San Juan971333333

£:€ 1.2106

Euro to GBP Past Month

23 May


Wednesday 32o

Exchange Rate Wednesday 18th June 2014


Consell Insular971195900 Ibiza Town Hall971397500 San Antonio Town Hall971340111 Santa Eulalia Town Hall971332800 San Jose Town Hall971800125 San Juan Town Hall971333003



Iberia/Air Nostrum902400500 Air Europa902401501 Air Berlin901116402 Ryanair+44 8712460011 Easyjet11899 British Airways902111333 Norwegian Airways902484080

Town Halls


Natural is

21 May

Tuesday 31o


Cala Leña 2nd Hand Market


Locum Chaplain971343383 Vehicle Checkup (ITV)971195906 Ibiza Lighting (breakdowns)971191687 Gesa (breakdowns)971226262 Aqualia (breakdowns)902136013 Aqualia (customer care)902186018 Aqualia (readings)902266026 Endesa (customer care)902530053 Endesa (customer care Tur)902508850 Endesa (electrical breakdowns)902534902


San Miquel Hippy Market


Monday 31o


San Jordi Flea Market


Sunday 30



Artisan Market at San Miguel

Airport (information)971809000 o



10 Jun



s s


Saturday 33o


Cala Llonga Market

Ibiza Sun

Alcoholics Anonymous616088883 Narcotics Anonymous902114147 Diocesan Caritas971311762 Homeless Shelter971190966 Doctor and Nurse (ATS) Home Visit971399977 Ambulances971399977 Teatro España (English Cinema)971332519 Ambulances971393232 Ambulances971342525 Red Cross971390303 Rosario Clinic971301916 Red Cross971390303 Del Mar Red Cross Clinic971191212 Can Misses Hospital971397000


Hippy Market - Punta Arabi, Es Canar

Ibiza Sun Office971348271 Ibiza Sun Mobile638923119

Friday 31o


08 Jun



06 Jun



04 Jun

Weather Outlook

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Edificio Playa Bella, Local 1, c/ Jaen, 2, Cala De Bou, 07829, Ibiza Tel 971 348 271 Mob 638 923 119 Editor: Nicholas Gibbs Deadline: Tuesday 4pm Print: Diario de Ibiza


Hot on the heels of Gumball the next influx of Europe crossing super cars arrive when the Modball rally hits our shores this coming week. Initially arriving at San Antonio, the cars will be on display at Space before then coming back to the finish line of the entire European race in San Antonio harbour on Thursday 26th June. After the race there is a Modball party at Ocean Beach.

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All aboard the Disco Bus, Chic at Hard Rock, Cala Llonga's Flower Power, Noche de San Juan, Cream Opening at Amnesia, World Cup, Greenpeace...