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Live in Abundance , NOW! Abundance - “Either get busy living or get busy dying.” – Andy Dufresne from the movie, “The Shawshank Redemption.” Let’s spend a moment today dissecting this one little quote so that you can truly understand its magnitude and how it can literally alter the course of your life forever! There are hundreds of quotes to choose from that share the philosophy of this concept as well, but for some reason this one just stuck with us. Most people respond to opportunities that show up in their life with “I can’t. I’m busy.” The first question we should ask when we find ourselves responding this way is, “What am I busy doing?” It is true that life often presents many activities at once but there is a difference between activity and productivity. This has never been clearer to us in our own lives as it is today. We have been “busy” in our lives and careers in the past but recently we have experienced what it means to be consistently “productive” …and take our word for it, being “productive” feels great. Most people give these terms, “busy” and “productive,” a similar meaning – to them, it translates as, “getting things done.” However, there is a difference and it’s found in what we are getting done. Being “productive” means getting things done that NEEDto be done in order to move forward. Being “busy” is simply getting things done with no regard to priority or importance. In life, everything expands or shrinks, grows or dies, progresses or moves backwards. This is a simple truth that tells us that living requires expansion, growth, and progress. Anything else is dying. Within that seemingly minor difference between “busy” and “productive” lays the basis of how we understand the quote that Andy Dufresne’s character shared. Either you are doing things that are moving you forward in life or you’re not …either you are busy living or busy dying! The real trick is being able to differentiate between the actions that are keeping you “busy” and those that are making you “productive.” We often keep ourselves busy with relatively unimportant work so we don’t have to get dirty with the monumental tasks that would make the biggest difference. We justify this decision with statements like “These things have to be done too”, or “I will just get this stuff out of the way first.” Many times it is the things we don’t do that have the biggest impact on our lives. Not getting those productive tasks completed first, delays the achievement of our most important goals. Looking back, haven’t you found this to be true in your life? We sure have.

Whether you decide to take action or not; whether you decide to take “productive” or “busy” action is a decision that requires conscious thought. This is good news though. If it comes down to a choice or

decision that requires conscious thought, we choose to make a different decision. Conscious changes are the simplest changesto make. There are at least 3 things in everyone’s life that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, would have a direct impact on moving their lives forward but they haven’t done them yet. What are they for you? Is it a book you haven’t written? An invention you haven’t created? A relationship you haven’t ended? Whatever yours are, we know you have thought about it …probably over and over again. However, you chose inaction over action. Likely you said you were too busy, that it wasn’t the right time, or you found other excuses to not move forward. But, all that is in the past now so don’t dwell on your inaction. Look at your list. There is only one question to ask now - to do or not to do, that is the question. If you decide to do, then all the excuses, all the busy, unproductive stuff falls to the side. When we make a commitment, nothing stands in the way of following through on that action. You are empowered, you are productive but best of all, you are moving forward with LIFE! You are now busy living as the quote we opened with suggests. Anything short of spending time being productive in your life is time being spent giving your time away. You never get it back, you never get yesterday again. YOU NEVERGETTODAYAGAIN! Inaction or working on non-productive activities is being “busy dying.” It’s nothing more than a choice but the catch is you can’t do both. The only time to LIVE is right NOW ! There is only one time that exists and that is NOW! This very instant you have a choice to “be productive” and live or to “be busy” and lose this time in your life forever. Were you aware that it’s a choice? It is! It is yours and yours alone to make, but rest assured you can choose whatever it is you want. As our friend Mary Morrissey always says, “It is your life, make it a great one.” For more information pleasevisit to

Live in Abundance, NOW  

Let’s spend a moment today dissecting this one little quote so that you can truly understand its magnitude and how it can literally alter th...

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