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Welcome Notes

20 Angel Investors and Franchising

By Jon Ostenson

24 Tax Tips and Traps when Putting Family Members on the Payroll

28 Franchise Companies want Veterans!


48 American Cancer Society 52 Dryer Vent Wizard 56 Lawn Doctor 60 City Wide 64 HOUSTON

Here's why. By Lt. Col David Cooley USAF (Ret)

Ranks 5th Among the Country's Most Entrepreneurial Cities

College Hunks By Dana Hansen

66 DALLAS One of the hottest markets to start a business in the US

36 FLOOR COVERINGS INTERNATIONAL  Delivering an Entire In-home Flooring Experience to Consumers By Rhonda Sanderson

70 Career Woman Finds Purpose with Tutor Doctor


40  Why Are So Many Women Starting

82 How Robert Rodriguez Became the

Franchises? By Faizun Kamal

44 Options for Senior America 8



Grown woman on a mission By Shannon Allen Owner of the 10th Busiest Grease Monkey Franchise

86 1-800 Water Damage 88 Martinizing 90 Franchise FastLane 94 Regis Corporation 96 Supercuts 100 Can You Afford to Buy a Franchise? 104 What is Master Franchising and is it Right for You?

108 Why MBA’s From Top-Tier Schools Should

Consider Franchising by Kevin Baron

112 2020 Franchise Trade Shows 114 TRANSITIONING EXECUTIVE

 ow to Effectively Transition from H Corporate America to Business Ownership By Marilyn Imparato

118 MASTER FRANCHISER OR AREA DEVELOPMENT? Understanding the Difference By Mike Ciccarelli

122 Who Should Consider Franchising?

By Telanda Sidari

126 Why You Should Figure Out Funding First

By Tim Seiber

130 Financially Sound Franchise?

By Nancy Lanard, ESQ

132 Dennis Schooley, Schooley Mitchell 136 Vicarious Liability

By Doug Imholte

140 A CARRIBEAN PARADISE The advantages of organizing your event or conference in the Caribbean with Iberostar 146 Resale Listings 148 SEEKING ROCKSTARS Franchise Companies Looking to Hire


COVER STORY On a grown Mission





What You Should Know About Metal Supermarkets 12 - 15 week start-up after signing Reoccurring revenue model Industry leader with no national competition Proven marketing programs and support

Industrial overhead with average margins exceeding 50% B2B model with a diversified customer base Protected territories and multi-unit options Extensive in-class and in-store training prior to opening

Who Is The Next Successful Metal Supermarkets Franchisee? Willing to be active in sales and business development Not interested in fads - Wants a reliable B2B business Looking to manage a small team of full-time, mature employees Possesses relationship management skills Outgoing personality Typically male, aged 40-60 with NO metal experience necessary

What Makes Metal Supermarkets Different? Brick-and-mortar locations with tangible assess A stable industry. Metal is not a fad or a trend

90 Locations Worldwide

B2B business built on customer relationships * Average sales based on current FDD.

Investment Summary

Fast Growth: $375,000 1st Year and $700,000 2nd Year Avg. Sales

Franchise Fee

$39,500 for ini�al loca�on $25,000 for 2ⁿd loca�on $15,000 for each addi�onal


$40,000 - $70,000



$35,000 - $55,000


Furniture + Fixtures

$40,000 - $70,000

Opening Marke�ng

$20,000 - $25,000

Working Capital

$70,000 - $90,000


$244,500 - $349,500

$70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000























Full Months of Opera�on Average New Store Sales (Stores opened a�er June 2013)




METAL SUPERMARKETS NAMED ONE OF THE TOP FRANCHISES OF 2019 BY ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE’S FRANCHISE 500 RANKING Andrew Arminen, Vice President, Franchising | Barry Kenny, Franchise Development Representative (905) 362-8227 |

(905) 362-8320 ext. 8255 | © 2019 MSKS IP Inc.




FRANCHISING AND THE ECONOMY The birth of any enterprise by its very definition is disruption. Franchising is a huge component of the global economy because it allows entrepreneurs to harness the power of collective effort. The Franchise Journal promises to highlight the many accomplishments of the men and women around the world who chart their own destiny through business ownership. Franchise ownership is a noble endeavor and has brought the world extraordinary advancements in the past. There will be many new disruptions in the coming decade. We are fortunate to live in a time where the flowering of entrepreneurship is within the grasp of so many. Franchising is a force that uplifts the world to a better life one entrepreneur at a time. I invite you to join us on this wonderful journey to dive deep into many systems and the entrepreneurs who have created them. — Nick Neonakis


Veterans make extraordinary franchise owners and the world of franchising has embraced our military veterans with passion and fervor. As the chair of the veterans franchise council it is my pleasure to talk about some of the reasons why veterans are so successful with franchising. — Dave Cooley

NEED INVESTORS? There is a world of money out there looking for great ideas and quality people to invest into. What are some of the key components that investors look for in any business opportunity? A solid return. An experienced management team and a thorough business plan are just a few that you’ll want to consider. — Jon Ostensen

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS ON THE RISE Female entrepreneurs are the fastest growing category of business owners in the US and for good reason. If you are a professional woman looking to make a change, take a good look at what your talents, skill setsand passions are to create the life of your dreams. — Faizun Kamal


CREATING GENERATIONAL WEALTH One of the greatest aspects of business ownership is creating generational wealth transfer and knowledge through families working together. As you are planning your family business, be sure not to overlook some of the crucial tax components of putting family members on the payroll. — Joanie B. Stein, CPA Berkowitz Pollack Brant

If you want to get ahead in franchising, The Franchise Journal has the most concepts and tactics to help you become a business owner.

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Recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Franchises - Inc Magazine • Simple Business Model • Low point of entry and competitive fee schedule • Targeted digital marketing strategy generates an industry-leading ROI


ADD A LITTLE LIGHTNING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE We’ve Empowered Franchise Owners for 25 Years

Since 1994, Window Genie has controlled a needed niche in the $74 billion home cleaning industry. At the same time, we have created a national network of franchise owners who thrive on the ability to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. They enjoy recurring revenue, flexible schedules, and leading a team of techs in their community – without ever lifting a squeegee.

An Entrepreneurial Dream-Come-True MUCH MORE THAN WINDOW CLEANING Five service verticals help your business produce more consistent returns year-round. AN EXECUTIVE OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY Your business, your rules. Leave the window cleaning to the service technicians you employ. THE ABILITY TO CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY An initially home-based business with a family-friendly schedule and high-potential margins. Window Genie is a proud member of the Neighborly family, a valuesguided world leader of franchise brands focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing customers’ homes and businesses.

Electrifying Numbers


windows cleaned

69% close rate*


recurring customer base*


of revenue comes from additional services


of customers bundle services *Refer to Window Genie FDD 2019 for details

THE BUZZ Finding the Right Business Franchise for You p. XX

WORK LIFE Proud Owners Show You the Ropes p. XX

LAUNCH Help Your Business Take Off in New Ways p. XX


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Chantae Arrington DIGITAL DIRECTOR

Abel Beyene

ONLINE EDITOR Mike Ciccarelli

ART DIRECTOR Marty Greenbaum





CONTRIBUTORS Greg Mohr Patrick Elsner Seth Lederman Ron Sacco Marilyn Imparato Mike Ciccarelli Scott Milas Steve Belko Mariel Miller Greg Gasparini Todd Weiss Jonathan Barber Nancy Lanard









JOIN THE FAMILY Ivybrook Academy - A Half Day Progressive Preschool

Ivybrook Academy provides a progressive approach to early childhood education, which values students’ individual voices within our vibrant community and cultivates compassionate citizens who find joy in learning. Ivybrook Academy is a brand like no other, it stands alone in its class. With life changing unit economics and a modest investment. Ivybrook Academy franchisees know that this brand is more than just an opportunity. It's a lifestyle.







Diesel Barbershop is the modern-day version of the vintage corner barbershop and appeals to what today’s customers want in a haircut experience: Awesome barbershop with a real man-cave feel!

Why Should You Become a Diesel B arbershop Fran chisee? ü Allows you to maintain your full-time employment if you want to

ü Local Area Representative helps support

Services offered include haircuts, shaves, beard trims, hot towel, shoulder & scalp massages, waxing and product sales


ü As an owner, you manage the managers & the financials. A CEO role.

ü ü ü ü

Technology Proof & Recession Resistant Extremely high repeat clientele Single and multiple shops are available Corporate helps find sites, manage Letter of Intent, Lease Negotiations and aids in Construction Management

ü Requires approx. 1,250 sq. feet of retail space ü Average Total single shop investment is approximately $350,000 - $400,000

ü Solid income potential (via Item 19 in FDD) ü Strong average ticket per customer

Diesel Fills a Much Needed Niche

ü The haircare industry has an annual revenue of $26 billion ü The barbershop industry has an annual revenue approaching $2 billion ü Barbershops are the fastest growing segment of the haircare industry ü With 81% of current salons failing to implement barbershop-focused marketing, this leaves a wide gap waiting to be filled

*Diesel Barbershop, LLC does not make or endorse, nor does it allow any representative or other individual to make or endorse, any oral, written, visual, or other claim or representation that states or suggests any level or range of actual or potential sales, costs, income, expenses, profits, cash flow, or otherwise with respect to a Diesel Barbershop franchise other than those contained in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Angel Investors and Franchising by Jon Ostenson, FCC Consultant and Franchise Investor Those interested in investing their own capital outside of the public markets, oftentimes in new ventures, are commonly known as 'Angel Investors.' These individuals are continually looking for new opportunities to invest in sound, well-managed companies. Many are focused in sectors such as technology, bio-tech, and real estate. However, there is another, often overlooked, opportunity that aligns well with their desired investment goals and that is franchise businesses. In addition to providing portfolio diversification, the attributes of many franchise organizations align well with the investment criteria of most angel investors. What are the most important criteria for angel investors and how do they align with franchising? THE LIKELIHOOD OF A SOLID RETURN Angel investing involves more risk than other classes of investments so angel investors have the expectation of strong returns rather than just getting their money back when they invest in an enterprise. With Franchising, there exists a stronger forecast of likely returns due to what is called the ‘Item 19’ within a franchise systems ‘FDD’. Most franchise systems that


have been in business over the course of time provide the financial results of their existing franchisees within their Franchise Disclosure Document, thus providing would-be franchisees and investors with a reasonable expectation for their pro formas. A COMPELLING REASON TO INVEST Most angel investors are or have been successful entrepreneurs themselves They often enjoy the opportunity of helping to build and create a thriving enterprise. While each investor has their reasons for investing, many enjoy the opportunity to participate in something they consider to be meaningful work. In Franchising, the support of an entrepreneur (franchisee) that is able to provide for customer needs in their local community can be attractive to investors that carry not only a desire for returns but also have an altruistic perspective in how their investment is used. For instance, consider in-home senior care providers, fitness and wellness gyms, childhood enrichment, and the many environmentally friendly businesses that aid in sustainability through recycling or enhancements via home services.



AN EXPERIENCED AND SOLID MANAGEMENT TEAM A solid, complete management team with leadership ability is a must. Essentially an angel investor is investing in people, so he or she needs to have confidence that the business is in the hands of people who are knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy. When investing in franchisees, not only are investors getting an entrepreneur but also the experience, expertise, and support of the franchisor and his/her home office management team. A THOROUGH BUSINESS PLAN Angel investors want to see a business plan that is both convincing and complete. They want to see things such as financial projections, detailed marketing plans, and specifics about the vision. Franchising receives high marks in regards to these items. There are few other businesses that provide the ‘comparables’ of other franchisees to gauge the future success of a new franchise location. The ability to not only forecast financials based on the franchisor’s FDD, but the visibility into past successes of marketing plans and operational initiatives that comes from a franchise system’s franchisee community is invaluable. AN INVESTABLE BUSINESS STRUCTURE While some angel investors invest by giving loans to businesses, more than half of angel investors are looking

THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE INVOLVED For many angel investors, it is not only about the money; they want to actively participate in building the business. They want to serve as a mentor and potentially even to take an active role in managing the company. This often translates into an angel investor sitting in the role of a Board Director or serving in another capacity. Like many other businesses, franchising certainly allows for this framework as well. While franchising involves following a systematic ‘playbook’ provided by the franchisor, there are still many areas for strategy development. These can include marketing, staffing, and expansion - whether through additional units/ territories or through the acquisition of other brands that allow for cross-selling and/or cross-training synergies.

are willing to put their money to work in a business. While angel investors are patient and willing to make longterm investments, they need to see how they are going to achieve a strong return on their investment in time. Oftentimes this includes a strategic acquisition of the company by another market player or investor or the sale of equity interest by the angel investor back to the majority shareholder. Resales of franchise units/territories to other franchisees or outside buyers is very common. Also, with the significant interest that large private equity firms have taken in franchise systems in recent years, the potential of a PEbacked franchisor’s interest in purchasing franchise locations is also a good possibility. Many are looking at this strategic move in an effort to convert franchise locations into corporate owned locations. In summary, franchising not only support an angel investor’s portfolio diversification, its inherent attributes align well with their overall investment criteria. Franchising, though it has been in play for decades, is surprisingly an often overlooked arena for thoughtful investors. However, given the interest that large PE firms are now exhibiting toward overall franchise systems and the amount of capital currently on the sidelines, expect to see the ‘grassroots’ franchisee investment landscape begin to catch on with more and more angel investors.

AN EXIT STRATEGY Angel investors expect to see an exit strategy before they


for minority equity ownership position. This means that the business has to be structured to allow for investment. Franchising accommodates this need in a relatively simple way. Depending on whether the investor is passive, for example part of a larger fund, or relatively active through direct investment, most structural arrangements can be accommodated through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) accompanied by an Operating Agreement that outlines the plan behind the timing and amount of the respective distributions.




Tax Tips and Traps

when Putting Family Members on the Payroll by Joanie B. Stein CPA


t is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to go into business with family members or to employ close relatives to work in their companies. In fact, putting family members on your payroll can not only help them earn their own money and gain valuable work experience, but it can also provide business owners with some unique taxsaving benefits. Following are some tips to keep in mind when combining work and family.


SPOUSES If you and your spouse carry on a business together and share equally in decision-making, profits and losses, you may be treated for tax purposes as a partnership, even if you do not have a formal partnership agreement. When the business has employees, either of the spouses, as sole proprietors, may report and pay employment taxes. Alternatively, spouses working together may elect tax treatment as a qualified joint venture, for which all


items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit are divided between the spouses based on their respective interests in the business. While each spouse will need to report their share of profits and losses separately on Schedule C tax forms, both will receive credit for social security and Medicare coverage. In contrast, when one spouse operates a trade or business and employs his or her husband or wife, the wages of the employee-spouse are subject to employment

taxes, including income tax withholding and Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA taxes). Unless the business is structured as a corporation or a partnership, the spouse’s wages can also avoid federal unemployment tax (FUTA tax). CHILDREN Wages parents pay to their children for performing services for their businesses are subject to income tax withholding, regardless of the children’s ages. These wages are also subject to Social Security, Medicare and FUTA taxes when the business making the payments is an estate or when it is structured as a corporation or a partnership, unless each partner is a parent of the child. If the child is younger than age 18, wages are not subject to FICA taxes, as long as the business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership between the parents of the children. However, a parent-employer will need to report the child’s compensation on a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. When the child is under age 21, payments from a parentemployer are subject to FICA taxes but mot FUTA tax. PARENTS The wages paid to a parent employed by his or her child in a trade or business are subject to income tax withholding and social security and Medicare taxes but not FUTA tax. However, if you pay a parent for services they perform outside your business, perhaps as caretaker for your children in your home, FICA taxes will not apply.

TREAD CAREFULLY TO ENSURE ALL OF YOU COMPLY WITH ALL TAX REPORTING RESPONSIBILITIES. Despite the tax savings you may reap by hiring family members to work with you, tread carefully to ensure all of you comply with all tax reporting responsibilities. In addition, take the time to consider how a relative you intend to hire will contribute to your business and fit in with your succession plans. As wonderful as it might be to keep the business in the family for future generations, handing the reigns of your business to a relative will require a significant amount of time and training to ensure their success.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joanie is a senior manager with Berkowitz Pollack Brant’s Tax Services practice, where she works with individuals and closely held businesses to implement sound strategies that are intended to preserve wealth and improve tax-efficiency. She can be reached at the CPA firm’s Miami office at (305) 379-7000 or via email at info@ Information contained in this article is subject to change based on further interpretation of tax laws and subsequent guidance issued by the Internal Revenue Service.



Meet NuVinAir

at The Great American Franchise Expo in Houston and Dallas! For FREE Tickets go to:


Franchise Companies want Veterans! Here’s why. by Lt. Col. Dave Cooley USAF (Ret) In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, the International Franchise Association was cited as noting one out of every seven franchise businesses in the US are owned by military veterans. So, 14% or so of all franchises in the US are owned by veterans, yet veterans only make up 7.6% of the US adult population. Why is such a disproportional percent of franchises owned by veterans? Because franchise companies want veterans!

In addition, veterans have experienced preforming in a culture where failure was not an option. They don’t give up. They strive and when necessary, improvise so as to adapt and overcome (that’s a Marine Corps tenant, by the way). What are the core principals veterans have learned? Well, it depends on the branch of the military in which they served as each branch has a few differences, but in general, all

HERE’S WHY: Most people in the United States have never lived and worked under a commonlyheld set of core principals unless they have been members of the military. More, many people have never undergone the amount of training and then faced the responsibility of putting that training into play in as extremely demanding environments as those who have served in the military. More, veterans have proven themselves able to learn and follow established procedures and to train others on those procedures as well. They have also supervised and/or commanded subordinates and in so doing, learned how to lead and motivate teams.



branches of the military share some common principals. These are the core principles for each of the military services (with the exception of the newly-established US Space Force … they will be codifying their core principals soon though, I expect): ARMY: • Loyalty • Duty • Respect • Selfless Service • Honor • Integrity • Personal Courage NAVY AND MARINES: • Honor • Courage • Commitment AIR FORCE: • Integrity First • Service before Self • Excellence in All We Do COAST GUARD: • Honor • Respect • Duty So veterans have assimilated into cultures that focus on personal responsibility, including honor and integrity … values any franchise company

would want every one of their franchisees to have. But veterans are more than just a set of important principals; they are practical and accomplished in performing responsibilities that produce tangible results. In the military, you can’t get results without training … instructing the troops on how and why to perform every function of their jobs. From how to perform duties as a member of an Army or Marine combat unit, to how to navigate a ship, to how to repair a jet engine, military veterans have all undergone extensive training and they have proven themselves able to absorb that training and put their training into play in the real world. Franchises want people who can be trained. Every franchise has procedures and policies that are critical to the success of their brands. They depend on franchisees to perform in consistent manners throughout each franchise location or territory … that’s how franchising achieves and maintains the brand standards that are so important to the success of any franchise. After all, there are three pickles on the Big Mac … not four, not two, not one!

In addition to being able to absorb training and then put that training into practice, veterans, by and large, have also had the responsibility to train others. Virtually every member of the military has faced the responsibility to train others to do the jobs they have … it’s almost unavoidable. As a member of the military becomes experienced in his or her duties, it becomes incumbent upon them to train the new troops. When franchises evaluate prospective new franchise owners, they know that the new franchisees’ abilities to become fully trained in the operation of the franchise are only half of the battle. Franchisees must also be able to play vital roles in the training of their own employees if the franchise company hopes to maintain brand standards and performance throughout their systems. Veterans come to franchising with the experience and ability to train others already established and proven. Clearly, franchise companies want veterans … and there are several options available to veterans to help them become successful franchise owners.

The International Franchise Association sponsors the Veterans Franchise Initiative, “VetFran” for short, and almost 700 franchise VetFran member companies have pledged discounts and other incentives to attract and reward veterans. The Small Business Administration offers special programs for veterans to help them secure business loans. More, The Franchise Consulting Company (FCC) sponsors a Veterans Franchise Council. This council is made up of military veterans and military-experienced franchise consultants ready to assist veterans in finding franchise options that are the best fits for their backgrounds, skills, resources, markets and goals, all at zero cost to the veterans. Learn more about the Veterans Franchise Council of the FCC at www. theveteransfranchisecouncil. com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dave Cooley is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel with over 24 years of service who has been an executive in franchising for the past 20 years, including the past 8 years as a franchise consultant. Contact Dave at dave@ or at 720.259.9475.











24/7 Service



College HUNKS growth creates record breaking year by Dana Hansen, Director of Franchise Development College HUNKS Shared vision is to become an iconic brand recognized for our world-class company culture, client service experience, and franchise owner fulfillment. We are a purpose-driven, values-based, socially-conscious, and techenabled launch pad for leaders and entrepreneurs. The Franchise Development Team at College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving recorded a record year. College HUNKS was recognized as one of the top franchise


opportunities and received over 22 awards. 2019 proved to be the best year in the history of the company in terms of adding new franchisees to the College HUNKS franchise family, adding more new franchisees in 2019 as the company did in 2017 and 2018 combined! Director of Franchise Development, Dana Hansen feels even more excited about 2020. “We have an extremely healthy, successful franchise system and that really helps as




it pertains to potential buyers being able to make phone calls to our franchisees. The growth that we’re seeing year over year from our existing locations and new owners that are shattering previous revenue benchmarks in their first year, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been in franchising for over 15 years. It’s really a testament to the training and support and the fact that we have the number one call center in the entire country taking the calls and booking the jobs for our owners and the huge edge in marketing to get the phones to ring in the first place! We provide two franchise coaches to work with our locations and both do site visits to the locations. The support we provide is heads and shoulders above everyone else in our industry and is the reason we’re in the top 3% of all franchise opportunities in the US.” Despite the record growth in 2020, there are still over 300 franchise territories available in the US and Canada including incredible opportunity in the best areas of Boston, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego among others.


Each year College HUNKS hires an unbiased 3rd party to reach out to every franchisee to gauge how we are doing, to set benchmarks for franchisee satisfaction and to show improvement, year over year and shows where how we compare to other franchisors.



Believe their Franchisor acts with a high level of honesty and integrity.

Respect their Franchisor.



Believe their franchisor cares about their success.

Would recommend this franchise to others.






Training and Support has continued to improve to the point that I believe it is near State of the Art. College HUNKS, LLC continues to invest in their infrastructure and clearly has positioned College HUNKS as a preferred Franchise System. The key is their support and training support for the franchisees within their system." — Steve Roper

Our franchise has grown consistently and significantly every year so far and even more growth has been possible. Our growth has only been limited by operational limitations and not enough employees/trucks. This has been our fault and we're trying to make sure we can reduce these issues in the future. Our financial future continues to look great!" — Cos Losco

The family environment that is built around our core values is one of the greatest strengths for College Hunks." — Cos Losco

Our brand has become top tier since I became a franchise partner. We are very competitive in price, and are best of class in value, customer service, and professionalism." — Bill Martin

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR FRANCHISE, please give us a call at 813-557-9999 or contact Dana Hansen, Director of Franchise Development College H.U.N.K.S. Hauling Junk | Tampa, FL | 813.557.9999 / 813.867.6468 | WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020


Helping Zors Grow. One Zee at a Time.

We are a trusted referral partner to many top brands and earn their trust every day.

e reason for

our growth is simple; we deliver quality prospects who become superb franchisees. Our team of Consultants collectively have hundreds of years of franchise experience on both the Zee and Zor side. Call us to learn how we can help.

Together, our mission is to grow your brand. / 800-321-6072


Delivering an Entire In-home Flooring Experience to Consumers A decade or so ago, not many would have imagined that we’d be buying everything from cars to toasters from our living room couch without first having the chance to see, touch and feel our purchases. Floor Coverings International is North America’s oldest and largest shop-at-home floor covering retailer which lets its customers see, touch and feel its products. But contrary to what one might expect to hear, Company President and CEO, Tom Wood flatly says that the mobile concepts of the past have not been overwhelmingly successful in the flooring industry. That might be the case for some. But by putting a laser focus on consumer buying habits and expressed desires, its operating model, growth ability, marketing and advertising as well as merchandising, Wood has built Floor Coverings International into a company that operates with Amazon-like efficacy. In 2003, FirstService Brands, a Toronto based company specializing in home service franchises, acquired the brand and started to put its expertise in franchising, in-home service and mobile concepts on the system. Tom Wood took the helm of Floor Coverings International


in 2004. By specializing in residential, personalized flooring; selection, design and installation, in-home customer consultation, this company has created a discernable difference from other floor coverings companies. BRINGING FLOORING STRAIGHT TO HOME Wood says, “You would think a mobile concept in flooring would make sense, but our competition is bricks and mortar. Customers don’t initially see the value in a mobile business. They have been trained by time and old habits. They wonder: Do we have enough samples? Can we provide the labor? They


have the idea that since a bricks-and-mortar competitor is bigger, they must be better.” He adds, “Our success is predicated on our ability to execute in the home and to show the consumer that we truly can deliver an entire experience in the home. There is no need to go to the store.” Wood believes that Floor Coverings International can really differentiate by creating a personal experience that can’t be matched outside of the consumers’ home. A few years ago, Floor Coverings International revamped its home experience for consumers from top to bottom. The franchisee is not necessarily the person who

visits the home but rather Design Associates are on staff to adhere to a rigorous experience model that demands perfection. “This allows the customer to learn who we are, what we do and how we do it,” Wood said. Franchisees were provided new training in areas such as coaching and skill development in team leadership and sales-team management. “This allows our franchisees to scale their businesses more quickly and keep their people longer,” Wood said. A high dollar investment was made in a mobile platform that allows Design Associates to demonstrate the Floor Coverings International system, choose from a vast selection of products, provide a quote and secure the sale all while in the customer’s home. “It’s the best in the industry,” Wood said. As a result a once mom-and-pop franchisor that was slow and stodgy has evolved into a fast and explosive machine, with a franchise business model predicated on reaching $1.5 million in annual sales in quick fashion. Wood’s decision was to expand the customer surveys to include those who had received a presentation from a franchisee and didn’t move forward with the work. Existing customers who had gone through the whole process and chosen to work with Floor Coverings International reported very good results. But Wood decided to survey everyone who hadn’t moved forward after an in-home presentation. Initially, the customers who didn’t know the name Floor Coverings International or how it operates differently than other flooring companies, were reluctant to move forward but when the customers clearly understood the entire operation and service, they loved it. At the end of 2013 it became clear to Wood and his team that customers needed a much clearer education process before making a big decision. Floor Coverings International also realized that franchisees themselves should not give the sales and product presentations. As a business based on style, design and decorating

of the home, it only made sense that the Design Associates already on board should be the people interacting the most with the customers. As the number one mobile flooring retailer, the company offers over 3000 flooring products and the fact that customers could see the samples in their own homes, next to their furniture and walls, made this much more of a designer experience. In January of 2014 the decision was made to have the Design Associates deal with customers from the start. It was much more natural and comfortable for customers to deal directly from the get-go with the person that was going to work closely on their home with them. Franchisees stopped doing the initial presentation to the customer and the Design Associates took that role on. It ended up making a lot of difference in a positive direction. Woods says that one of the best things Floor Coverings International does is show the customer the truth. Managing expectations goes a long way and Floor Coverings International videos the process of measuring the rooms, ripping up the floors, and all the unpleasantness of home remodeling. If there are problems, such as mold or other issues, the company also addresses those and fixes problems before the floor is laid. But by seeing the truth in what is going to happen, customers are no longer disturbed by a day or two of mess. They plan for it. Floor Coverings International has tripled in size since Wood became president and expect to double in size within the next three years. With over 150 operating franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada, Floor Coverings International expects to add 50 more franchises through year’s end.





Why Are So Many Women Starting Franchises? by Faizun Kamal, Consultant at The Franchise Consulting Company


limbing the corporate ladder is always hard, but it’s especially tricky for women. Often, they’re considered unambitious compared to male peers, because though they work, they’re still the primary care- takers of their families. Some may have to leave the office at 5pm to pick up children from daycare, others can’t attend 7pm meetings because they don’t have childcare. Many can’t break away from home for overnight work trips because of elder care. And for women who took time off to raise their kids, it becomes challenging to get back in the workforce. For women at


various stages of their lives – as young mothers, parents of teenagers and children of aging parents - all of these realities chop away at a woman’s opportunity for success. That’s why many ambitious women are opting out of Corporate America and choosing to go the franchise route. The very same women who sacrificed years of their personal lives to invest in their professional identities are saying “no”. They have discovered that there is a much more personally and professional satisfying way to create a robust career without having to give up on a family life. Investing in a franchise becomes a very effective, and


ultimately very fulfilling way to brave the workforce—but this time, on their own terms. Owning a franchise is a great option for women who want to work and earn income, but can’t put in the hours that traditional jobs demand. Business ownership gives women the flexibility to grow at their own pace, while working hours that gel with their personal responsibilities. About a year ago, Peggy attended my f ranchise workshop. When I met her, she had been a stay-at-home mom to two preteens for several years. When she and

her husband moved to the United States from Latin America, they had made the decision for her to take care of the children. Her husband traveled constantly for his work and was almost never around, making it even more imperative for her to take on the role of primary caretaker. Before their move to the U.S., Peggy was the Director of Human Resources at one of the top accounting firms in the world. She had led large teams of people, managed strategic initiatives, and led growth for her company. When she began working with me, she had gotten deeply frustrated by the lack of corporate opportunities that fit where she was in her life. She was a mid-career professional, highly qualified and yet could not find a job that paid her what she was worth while allowing her to take care of her personal responsibilities. She had started wondering if franchise business ownership was the best option for her and her family. Over the course of the next couple of months, I worked with her to evaluate various franchise brands. She dug deep and did her due diligence to understand the business models of various brands. Based on her background in human resources and operations, Peggy gravitated towards a franchise that provides staffing services to mid- and large-sized companies. It was a perfect fit with her skills and she knew that she would be able to hit the ground running and get the business to profitability using the franchise’s proven playbook.

Unlike Peggy who wanted to run her business as a fulltime owner-operator, many female franchisees opt for semi- absentee-owned franchises. These franchise business models allow for managers to run the dayto-day operations, while the franchisee spends about 10 to 20 hours per week working on the business versus in the business engaged in doing local marketing, keeping track of key performance indicators, and hiring and firing, among other responsibilities.

BUSINESS OWNERSHIP GIVES WOMEN THE FLEXIBILITY TO GROW AT THEIR OWN PACE, WHILE WORKING HOURS THAT GEL WITH THEIR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES. Franchising offers a range of ownership models in a staggering array of industries from food to fitness, retail to senior care. So if you are a professional woman who is tired of struggling through a corporate career and wants a job that offers lucrative incomes and work-life balance, there may be a franchise out there for you. Ready to find YOUR franchise? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Faizun Kamal is a renowned franchise coach and author of the best-selling book The Right Franchise for You: Escape the 9 to 5, Generate Wealth, & Live Life on Your Terms. Let her guide you through her proven process of researching and buying your future franchise. Don’t wait! Get started on a path to a fulfilling and lucrative career as a franchise owner. Create your life of profit, purpose, and passion!




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Options for Senior America On its 30th Anniversary, Options for Senior America has a compelling story with over 42,000 care providers and 56,000 care recipients. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Options for Senior America (Est. 1989) In its 30 years of service, Options has worked with a multitude of care givers and care recipients. As a result, Options has compiled some historical data that tells a compelling story. Home care refers to medical treatment or assistive care for patients who do not require hospitalization or facility care, but do need additional support to live safely at home. Home care can involve medical treatment by medical professionals, but the largest segment of home care involves assisting individuals with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Such help is carried out by caregivers, or other licensed or unlicensed non-medical personnel. Most of those receiving home care in the U.S. are over 65 years old, with approximately 96 percent requiring assistance with bathing and 88 percent requiring assistance transferring in and out of bed. (Ref Statistics derived from the 56,572 patients that Options fielded in the past 30 years show that 43% of them were in their 80’s, and the rest were spread among the following age groups:

90 and over


7% 19%

80-89 70-79 60-69 under 60


22% 43%


CAREGIVING TASKS On average, non-paid caregivers spend: • 13 days each month on tasks such as shopping, food preparation, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and giving medication • 6 days per month on feeding, dressing, grooming, walking, bathing, and assistance toileting • 13 hours per month researching care services or information on disease, coordinating physician visits or managing financial matters. [Gallup-Healthways. (2011). Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.] These figures differ substantially when it gets to paid care givers. Out of the 56,572 care recipients that entered Options database in the last 30 years, the majority of them required more personal care assistance including help in bathing, dressing, shaving, grooming, and transferring than companionship. 73% of these care recipients needed care anywhere between 2 hours and 12 hours a day, and 27% needed around the clock live-in care. (see Figure 3).

Live-out Live-in

27% 73%

FIGURE 3: Schedule for Care Recipients: Live-out (hourly) and Live-in (daily) The illnesses of these 56,572 care recipients varied from Alzheimer’s (and other related memory issues) to fall risk vulnerabilities, incontinence, heart conditions, Arthritis, Diabetes, confinement to bed and wheelchair. (see Figure 6)

PROJECTIONS FOR THE FUTURE According to the US Census Bureau, the nation's 65-andolder population is projected to reach 83.7 million in the year 2050, almost double in size from the 2012 level of 43.1 million. A large part of this growth is due to the aging of baby boomers (individuals born in the United States between mid-1946 and mid1964), who began turning 65 in 2011 and are now driving growth at the older ages of the population. Options for Senior America has geared itself to accompany this growth in the coming 3 decades by providing services not only in the 11 States where it currently has presence, but to enlarging its network to cover the entire US through its franchise system which has witnessed a lot of traction in the past 10 months.








Heart Condition


Bed Ridden


Wheelchair Incontinent Memory Issues Fall Risk

14% 17% 26% 27%

0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%



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American Cancer Society We're excited to annouce a new partnership between the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas. For Hand & Stone, the partnership is not just about helping spread the word about the great work the American Cancer Society is doing to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the world in the fight against cancer. It is also about taking the power of our 400+ spas, 1,500 system-wide employees, and nearly 500,000 members to help raise money for this one-of-a-kind organization, while continuing to further educate the public about the powerful benefits of massage as a complementary therapy for individuals recovering from cancer and their caregivers. The American Cancer Society relies on donations to continue funding breakthrough research, providing free lodging for patients and caregivers near their treatment, providing a 24/7/365 live helpline, giving rides to patients to and from treatment, and much, much more. “It’s fair to say that cancer in some way, shape or form, has touched all of our lives. That’s why when we looked to partner with an organization, the American Cancer Society with their mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer was the obvious cause we could all get behind,” said Todd Leff, President and CEO for Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas. According to Kate Steele, Director, Regional Corporate Relations at the America Cancer Society, “We are thrilled that Hand & Stone has selected us as their first ‘national’ charitable partner. Our best partners are those who are aligned with our mission and Hand & Stone – being a health and wellness company – truly understands what we are trying to achieve and wants to help us in any way they can to reach our goals.” Like the American Cancer Society, Hand & Stone has always had a focus on wellness, particularly for those who are fighting cancer. Massage can be an excellent alternative or complementary therapy to alleviate pain and decrease anxiety for some cancer patients.



Many Hand & Stone spas in fact, offer specialty “Oncology Massages”. The partnership was the next obvious step for Hand & Stone. “For the past few years, during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, our individual spas have partneredwith local charities to help build awareness and provide donations to worthy cancer-related charities in their own communities. Franchisee support of these local promotions has been deeply satisfying for us. We agreed that 2019 was the time to take that power of giving to all 400-plus spas to unite for a cause that is so dear to many of us at our corporate office, out in the field and to our members and customers,” added Leff. Starting on September 30th in Boston, Hand & Stone and the ACS will provide exclusive $10 gift cards at many of their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events across the country. These events are three-to five mile walks honoring breast cancer survivors and raising awareness about steps we can take to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. The initial partnership will culminate in an October/November campaign where a $1 contribution will be made by our spas on service enhancements including our Foot Treatment, Hand Treatment, Peppermint Scalp Massage, and NuFace Facial Upgrade with a corporate match for each $1 given. Hand & Stone is thrilled to partner with such an outstanding organization and looks forward to bringing the power of our 400+ spas to work to help the ACS attack cancer from every angle! Stay tuned for more details from your local spa, or for ways you can help now, go to https://

THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA AGED 65 AND OLDER WILL HIT 70 MILLION BY 2020 Now is the best time to start a business in this $300 billion dollar industry.

From personal care to private-duty nursing, ComForCare helps older adults continue to live in their own homes. If a senior is no longer able to live in their own home, CarePatrol guides families to the safest senior living options. Whether due to downsizing or another life event, Blue Moon Estate Sales helps families liquidate personal property.

Visit us at to learn about each of these unique franchise opportunities in the senior care space. WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020


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Dryer Vent Wizard A firefighter who survived a house fire as a child has launched a business to fix a common cause of residential blazes — clogged dryer vents. Damian Bullock, a Bridgeport firefighter, recently opened a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise serving customers in New Haven County. The fire that destroyed Bullock’s home wasn’t related to a dryer. When he was about six years old, Bullock was playing with matches and stomping on them with his new cowboy boots, but a fire ignited. Everyone got out safely, but the family lost all of their belongings, Bullock recalled. The experience had a lasting impact on his life, and he said he grew up wanting to prevent and fight fires. “It’s the reason why I became a firefighter,” Bullock said.

“I BURNED DOWN MY HOUSE, AND I REMEMBER THE FIREFIGHTERS WHO CAME AND MADE ME FEEL LIKE EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY.” He said he wanted to provide others with the same reassurance firefighters gave him as a child. “I’m excited to continue making a difference in my community by now preventing fires in addition to reacting to them,” Bullock said. Dryer Vent Wizard, founded in 2004, is a Michigan-based franchise system with about 95 locally owned and operated franchises around the U.S. and Canada. The company offers a range of services, including dryer-vent repair, replacement, cleaning and maintenance. Bullock, who also lives in Bridgeport, is currently running the business with help from a family member, though he hopes to expand. The mobile business operates from a van. “I hope to build consumer awareness about the importance of dryer-vent repair and cleaning for fire prevention long-term,” Bullock said.



Bullock said he has responded to multiple fires caused by dryer problems, including clogged vents. Through his new business, he hopes not only to prevent fires, but educate people about the risk. “It is extremely important to recognize the danger of dryer fires,” Bullock said. The National Fire Protection Association estimates more than 15,500 fires are sparked in laundry rooms annually, with many dryer-related fires due to clogged dryer vents, which cause overheating. In addition to the fire prevention benefit, cleaning vents makes dryers run more efficiently, resulting in energy savings, according to the company. For more information on the Dryer Vent Wizard franchise contact Jason Kapica. JASON KAPICA. PRESIDENT O: 248-306-3114 C: 734-645-0049 E:

DRYER VENT WIZARD FRANCHISE A HOME SERVICE AND REPAIR FRANCHISE 844-693-7937 Franchises Available ● Marketing Support ● Home-Based Business That Scales ● 15-Year Proven Franchise System ● Dedicated Scheduling Center

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Lawn Doctor By Cristina Merrill, 1851

A turnkey franchise opportunity and the chance to really connect with his employees keep Sallmen loving the lawn care brand.Lawn Doctor is a household name in the lawn care sector and one that touts a robust franchise opportunity that is especially friendly to multi-unit owners. Just ask franchisee Bryan Sallmen. Sallmen first joined Lawn Doctor in 2011. He had spent the previous few years working for a competing lawn care brand and wanted the opportunity to become his own boss. “I watched my dad, who is a business owner, work 80 hours a week for 15 years to build a business to the point where it was profitable and did well,” Sallmen said. “I knew I liked being a business owner but I didn’t want it to take 15 years to get there. Lawn Doctor is turnkey. You have a huge support system. If you don’t have an answer for something, you can get it from your neighboring franchisee.” Today, Sallmen owns and operates three Lawn Doctor franchises. Two are in Michigan, specifically in Kalamazoo and the PortageBattle Creek area, and the third is in South Bend, Indiana. He opened his second territory with the brand in 2017 and his third earlier this year. Sallmen credits Lawn Doctor’s strong franchise



opportunity as a major reason for his continued expansion with the brand. “They’re willing to support you in any way,” Sallmen said. “Lawn Doctor is a tight-knit group. You have access to other franchisees and can tap into their knowledge and experience.” Lawn Doctor was founded in 1967 and has since grown to more than 570 franchise locations across 40 states. Lawn Doctor touts a franchise model that does not require a brick-and-mortar location and provides franchisees with recurring revenue. Earlier this year, the brand landed a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List. Today, the brand’s support system is stronger than ever thanks to the recent launch of Happinest—which will serve as the parent company of Lawn Doctor—its sister company Mosquito Hunters and the newly-acquired residential cleaning service ecomaids. Happinest will ensure that franchisees with all three brands receive the same consistently exceptional support. Sallmen certainly appreciates the support provided by Lawn Doctor team members such as the regional business consultants. “Your regional business consultant is the best employee you don’t have to pay for,” he said. “They can help you with whatever you need.” Of course, there are also the lifestyle and culture

benefits that come with being a franchisee. These include the chance to get involved in one’s community; Sallmen is very involved, sponsoring local sports teams and providing support to churches and senior citizens. He also supports veteran foundations and recovery programs for alcohol and drug addiction. “I like the fact that I can create my own lifestyle,” Sallmen said. “The harder I work and the more time I put in, the better my business will do. I can hire family members. I can go to my son’s basketball games whenever I want. The work still needs to be done but I have flexibility. I never want someone to tell me what to do.” Given his track record of success, Sallmen is open to continuing to expand with the brand. “It depends on the situation,” he said. “It’s all situational. You have to take advantage of opportunities but also work with what you’ve got.” He joked—but was also serious—when he mentioned that his 17-year-old son’s friends will turn 18 soon, which could possibly help with his labor needs. “Then I’ll have a good plethora of young kids who like me and will want to come work with me,” he laughed. When it comes to his management style, Sallmen describes himself as being more of a friend than a boss. Since rainy days, for example, prevent Lawn Doctor workers from taking care of lawns, Sallmen seizes the opportunity to build

his company culture and takes his crew out for a late breakfast or lunch. This gives him a chance to connect with his team and get a feel for any pain points they may be experiencing. “I can get a good read on where my team stands and how they’re doing in life,” Sallmen said. “I can tell when someone is not happy to be there and can find out what it is that’s holding them back. I know everything that’s going on with my employees and what their future aspirations are. When you hire people, you want to build them up and give them opportunities. You want to give them insight into a future potential career.” With a genuine love for the brand and a desire to build up his employees, the future is looking bright for Sallmen and his relationship with Lawn Doctor.

STARTUP COSTS The startup costs for a Lawn Doctor f ranchise range f rom $100,015 to $116,065. The f ranchise fee ranges f rom $88,950 to $102,000. To learn more about f ranchising with Lawn Doctor, visit https://1851f




City Wide When John Duffy and Steve Howerton decided to go into business together they had some specific criteria they were looking for. “I work for a fortune 500 company and when I got laid off during the great recession I decided that I wanted to control my destiny as opposed to relying on someone else. I had some very specific components that I was looking for in a franchise business such as a fragmented industry so that large companies couldn’t come and take our clients, recurring revenue and a proactive sales approach that would lead to a strong top line," Jon Duffy said. After analyzing multiple opportunities they decided that City Wide met these criteria is the best. After analyzing multiple opportunities they decided that City Wide met these criteria is the best. City Wide is the largest management company in the building maintenance industry, facilitating janitorial and more than 20 additional maintenance services for every client. “We do more than just manage maintenance services for commercial facilities – we pride ourselves on being a partner that helps you save time and solve problems” Quote is "in the beginning we were given everything that we needed from the franchise or to get the business off the ground. We went out and worked our butts off and started landing accounts and for the first year or two was all about sales but then it switched over to more operations. We now have an endless supply of prospects and a stable client base," Steven Howerton said. With City Wide, you’re not choosing between two maintenance companies; you’re choosing between the same thing you’ve always had, and an improved way of handling your janitorial and other maintenance services. You’re choosing a company that will become an extension of your management team with the ability to reduce the time and stress associated with managing your janitorial and other maintenance vendors. “We are a management company that does everything building maintenance related for our clients. It really takes the pressure off our clients to have 1 point of contacts for whatever they need,” Katie Derr said. Why continue to hire one maintenance company after another, resulting in the same problems, when you can hire a company that is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time by managing all those services for you? “The thing I love most about this business is It’s honestly almost recession proof because anyone who owns a facility needs to keep the building in shape. This stable demand gives us the ability to spend more time with our family and bring the kids to work. This is a multi-generational type of business,” Duffy said. “Our vision for the future is to keep investing into our team and we feel blessed so it is our turn to bless other people” Howertown said.



IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THIS BUSINESS, reach out to Mark Behrens, A.V.P. Franchise Development City Wide 15455 West 100th Terrace Lenexa, KS 66219 M (214) 674-5480 O (913) 888-5700 x265 F (913) 888-5151



Ranked #87 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list in 2019 & #14 on their list of Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $150,000

Our purpose-driven brand means you’ll grow a business you can be proud of

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British Swim School Franchising, LLC | 2829 Guardian Lane, Suite 100 | VA Beach, VA 23452. This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. The filing of an application for registration of an offering prospectus or the acceptance and filing thereof by the New York Department of Law as required by New York law does not constitute approval of the offering or the sale of such franchise by the New York Department of Law or the Attorney General of New York.






Ranks 5th Among the Country's Most Entrepreneurial Cities The Great American Franchise Expo, the only during the current oil downturn (which started American owned franchise show in existence, in mid-2014), while sectors such as energy, manis going to be in Houston February 22-23 at The ufacturing, and residential real estate were hit Stafford Center. Houston has a lot going for it: An hard, according to Todd, others — particularly active professional sports scene, two international tech and medicine — have proved more resilient. airports, delicious Tex-Mex. The fourth-largest Take TMCx, the business accelerator of the city’s city in the US (2.3 million residents) has also enormous Texas Medical Center, which has long held a reputation as a center for fostered more than 75 health care big business, boasting 20 Fortune startups over the past three years. 500 companies. But in recent So what exactly makes Houston THE FOURTHyears, it’s quietly been buildsuch a hotspot for budding ing one of the most extensive entrepreneurs? Here’s a LARGEST CITY IN startup ecosystems in the primer for would-be hustlers. THE US (2.3 MILLION country, too. RESIDENTS) HAS ALSO The city’s economy (as with IT’S A BUSINESSLONG HELD A REPUTATION much of Texas) is intrinsically FRIENDLY STATE AS A CENTER FOR BIG linked to oil, which means When people talk about it’s faced its share of advereverything being bigger in BUSINESS, BOASTING sity. Houston got hit hard in Texas, well, that also applies to 20 FORTUNE 500 the 1986 oil collapse — though its business opportunities. One COMPANIES. the silver lining is that it escaped factor working in H-Town’s favor? the 2008 recession relatively No state income tax. And when it unscathed (it was the first major city comes to encouraging entrepreneurto regain all its lost jobs, and then some). ship, less bureaucracy counts, according Credit the benefit of experience. “Thankfully, our to Andrew Wyly, author of the book Texas Got It financial system learned valuable lessons during Right. “No state income tax, period. Over and out. the oil crash in the 1980s and resulting glut of speculative building,” says Rob Todd, a former COME TO THE GREAT AMERICAN FRANCHISE Houston City Council member and founder of the EXPO at The Stafford Center February 22-23 and telecom company Amplified Solutions. start your Houston success story. Houstonians’ spirit of perseverance means that





One of the hottest markets to start a business in the US For those wanting to start their own business, thriving economy, Dallas has its small businesses Dallas may be the place to do it and that is why raving about the opportunities they have there,” The Great American Franchise Expo will be at The Jon Lieber, chief economist, said Irving Convention Center February 15-16, 2020. in a statement. A study by and the Ewing Dallas also earned an A+ and ranked sixth for Marion Kauffman Foundation has found that overall small business friendliness. Dallas is the fourth-best city in the country for The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation found starting a small business. Dallas to be the most efficient city across five areas, an online marketof business regulation: starting a business, place for services, surveyed 12,632 dealing with construction permits, small businesses across the U.S. registering property, paying taxes about state and local business and enforcing contracts. environments. Dallas received the highest A STUDY BY Entrepreneurship is part overall score of 89.5 while THUMBTACK.COM of the Dallas spirit — The New York received the lowAND THE EWING MARION Dallas Business Resource est score of 34.7. Dallas KAUFFMAN FOUNDATION And Information Network ranked the highest in pay(B.R.A.I.N) is a partnering taxes, dealing with HAS FOUND THAT DALLAS ship between the City of construction permits and IS THE FOURTH-BEST CITY Dallas Office of Economic registering property. IN THE COUNTRY FOR Development and the With low unemployment, STARTING A SMALL Dallas Public Library. Dallas offers a robust and BUSINESS. The Dallas B.R.A.I.N. provibrant economy to launch motes entrepreneurial literyour business or grow your acy and business development franchise brand. for new and existing businesses in Dallas. It provides entrepreneurs with THE CITY OF DALLAS OFFICE OF free access to quality training, workshops, counselECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IS READY TO ing, networking, promotion, and meeting space. ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! “Creating a business climate that is welcoming Reach out and learn how you can grow in Dallas! to small, dynamic businesses is more important Main Office: 214-670-1685 than ever, and due to its welcoming policies and




Career Woman Finds Purpose with Tutor Doctor June 20, 2019 Think you need to be a teacher to succeed with Tutor Doctor? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, a background in education isn’t required to be a Tutor Doctor franchisee, but there’s a good chance you’ll be tapping into your corporate experience like one franchisee has been! In our latest franchisee feature, hear from Kimberly Selchan in Gilbert, Arizona and how she is applying her corporate experience to her Tutor Doctor franchise every day. Before Tutor Doctor, Kimberly was in the mortgage industry for about 20 years and in her last role, she was a senior vice president over a sales center. While working in Corporate America, she was already dreaming of owning her own business and making a difference, and like a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, she had a “five-year plan” but life as it turned out, took a different turn. KIMBERLY’S FIVE-YEAR PLAN Kimberly’s original plan was to work in the corporate environment for three more years, then she was going to get her own business. But her five-year plan was cut short when she was laid off. Her



career, however, had served her well and she would soon be putting her skills to work in the franchise world. She learned a ton in the corporate environment and was in people leadership for 16 of those 20 years – bringing people in, running the business, working with marketing. As she pondered her next career move, she asked herself, “Why do I really need to wait? It was just fear, really. I wanted a safety net,” says Kimberly. WORKING WITH A FRANCHISE BROKER Two months after Kimberly was laid off, she started working with a f ranchise broker, and she wanted to do something with wellness because it just felt right. According to Kimberly, she ruled out several f ranchise opportunities before Tutor Doctor sent her the sales documents. What drew her to Tutor Doctor? Kimberly thought the Tutor Doctor model was more about the confidence in the students and alleviating strain on families than the grade, and she liked that. “The model of having the consultation in the home, in don’t get that anywhere. No other tutoring service does that. It’s over the phone, but this is more about how do we make a personalized difference? That really resonates with me on the well-being side,” she says. WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST REWARDING? When we asked Kimberly about the most rewarding aspects of her Tutor Doctor franchise so far, she shared a heartwarming story about one of her tutors, who called to tell her about his breakthrough with a student. Her tutor was developing a bond with an autistic student he was tutoring; the boy was high functioning, but had great difficulty with social interaction, she explained. “They started having jokes and conversations between them during their sessions. He knew he was getting through to the boy,” she says. The tutor had been teaching for 42 years, so for the tutor to be so impacted by that one-on-one interaction, Kimberly was very moved by it. Kimberly also shared a story about a mother who called her one day out of the blue. Before Tutor Doctor, her son was failing the first grade, getting 0 out of 10. The mother only scheduled tutoring two days a week because she shares custody with her ex-husband. “She called me almost in tears. Her son came home, and he had 9 out of 10 on his spelling tests.” The boy gave his mother an assignment and it was so



good, the mother thought his teacher did it. “Now, he can’t wait for the tutor to come and he’s so excited about his grades!” says Kimberly. TAPPING INTO HER OWN TALENTS Since becoming a Tutor Doctor franchisee, Kimberly has been discovering her talents. Conversing with people comes naturally to her and she loves sharing her own brand. “I’m building a mini-culture within my community tutor by tutor, family by family, vendor by vendor,” she says. As a part of running her business, Kimberly does lots of events, and she has a tutor who helps her run her booth so she can talk to people.

Kimberly is a natural networker who truly enjoys having genuine interactions with people. “All I really do is just meet people and the things coming out of my mouth are coming from my heart,” she says. What skills are vital to success with Tutor Doctor? According to Kimberly, being personable and engaging are essential. She followed those with being able to manage customer expectations and customer service. Since becoming a Tutor Doctor franchisee, Kimberly feels fulfilled and like she has a purpose. “When I wake up and go to sleep, I feel like I made a difference. I’m not just going through the motions to collect a paycheck.”



• Storm Guard provides Roofing, Siding, Windows, Gutters and Painting for Insurance and Non-Insurance Exterior Home and Business Restoration • No Construction Experience preferred or needed for franchisees (Management skills and/or Sales Management are a plus) • Executive Franchise Business Model (Manage managers that implement the business model). Franchisee functions as the CEO. • Average investment is $180,000 for a single territory and $250,000 for three territories (including working capital) • Great income potential via Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document • Very Large revenue business – high average ticket per job • Excellent referral business for new customers • Insurance companies, last year, paid out more than $14 billion for thunderstorm damage alone • Small office needed (1,500 sq. ft.); Flex space (office/small warehouse)

Storm Guard is a Recession Proof Franchise! Storms happen regardless of the economy. Visit us at

*Storm Guard Franchise Systems, LLC does not make or endorse, nor does it allow any representative or other individual to make or endorse, any oral, written, visual, or other claim, or representation that states or suggests any level or range of actual or potential sales, costs, income, expenses, profits, cash flow, or otherwise with respect to a Storm Guard franchise other than those contained in the Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. This is not an offering to sell a franchise. That can only be done by a Franchise Disclosure Document.

Why You Should Become a Donut Experiment Franchisee • Retail Specialty Donut/Coffees • Strong Catering Model • Semi-Absentee - Allows Zee to maintain full-time employment if wanted • Owners Role- Manage the managers & the financials. A CEO type role as the owner. • Excellent Income Possible • Corporate finds sites, manages Letter of Intent, Lease Negotiations and handles Construction Management • Requires 1,200 square ft. retail space • $275K - $300K Total Investment • Excellent income potential (via Item 19) • Single, Multi-Shop & Area Representative (Master) Licenses Available • Great Hours! 7:00 - 1:00 • No Experience necessary • Few Employees • Fun, Simple to Manage Restaurant

Investment Details • Average Single Shop investment is approximately $275K - $300K • Net Worth required is $500,000 • Liquid Capital required is $100,000

Contact us today to find out how you too could own your own The Donut Experiment Franchise!

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“Hit the ground running” by acquiring an established business through our Allegra Resale Program that connects retiring owners with interested entrepreneurs. Available locations in the U.S. and Canada include: • Seattle, WA • New York, NY

Allegra Centers provide graphic design, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services needed by virtually every local business and institution. As an owner, you’ll benefit from the unsurpassed network support provided by Alliance Franchise Brands – a world leader in marketing and visual communications. Among the other advantages of acquiring an Allegra Center:

• Boston, MA • Phoenix, AZ

✓ Proven, 40+ year franchise concept ✓ Excellent profit potential ✓ Monday-Friday, 8:30a-5:00p business hours ✓ Industry-leading programs

• Miami, FL • Stuart, FL • East Greenwich RI • Ontario, Canada • British Columbia, Canada • Where you want to purchase an up and running business!

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THE INDUSTRY/SPACE - CycleBar® is a premium boutique fitness model dedicated to offering a dynamic fitness experience - Boutique fitness has 450% growth year over year since 2010 - CycleBar® is the first & only indoor cycling studio offered as a franchise

BUSINESS MODEL - Listed on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list 2019 - Revenue can be generated online 24 hours a day / 7 days per week - Simple human resources: semi-absentee, front desk help and instructors

THE MARKET/FINANCIAL TRANSLATION - Many different markets (urban or suburuban) offer indoor cycling classes - Financial performance representations show net margins over 50% of gross revenue - 250+ CycleBar® studios open in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and The UAE with more coming each month

V 2






No showers, smaller community room Smaller overall buildout, under 2000 sq ft CycleTheatre improvements with same bike footprint Faster open and ramp-up to profitiability

New POS/CRM for greater retail sales New sales based component for employees New marketing strategy for membership based model Now part of the Xponential Fitness family


SALESINFO@STGBRANDS.COM EBD CB, LLC (“EBD CB”) is a franchise seller/broker representing CycleBar Franchising, LLC (“CycleBar”). This advertisement does not constitute a franchise offering or the solicitation of an offer to buy a CycleBar franchise which may be made only after your receipt of the CycleBar Franchise Disclosure Document, which first must be registered with certain states. CycleBar franchises are offered solely by means of the franchise disclosure document issued by CycleBar Franchising, LLC, 3185 Pullman Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, and at (949) 346-9794. Certain states and foreign countries have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states or foreign countries, CycleBar will not offer you a franchise unless and until it has complied with all applicable legal requirements in your jurisdiction. Please consult with your franchise seller/broker at EBD CB for an updated list of jurisdictions where franchises can be sold. Copyright © 2018 EBD CB, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


ON A MISSION by Shannon Allen, Owner & Creator of Grown, Franchise Marketing Systems

We were in LA for the 2008 NBA Finals (Lakers/Celtics). This was the moment we had all prayed for, and the thing my husband Ray dreamed of and worked for his entire life- the Championships. Everything seemed perfectexcept for one thing- our 17 month old son, Walker was suddenly not himself. He was lethargic, peeing thru his diaper, he taught himself how to say “Juice Mommy” between Monday & Friday because he was excessively thirsty and then, he started vomiting.


I remember Ray saying to me the night before Game 5, “Shan, something’s wrong with Walker.” The next morning, I took Walker to the hospital (and thanks to great advice from the hotel physician), I demanded a blood test. Twenty minutes later the doctor came in to the roomshe was white as a ghost and tears were streaming down her face. “Oh my God”, I said, “You have bad news for me.” She said, “Your blood sugar is supposed to be between 70-120; Walkers is 639. He has Type 1 Diabetes and has entered a phase of Diabetes called keto acidosis which means his blood sugar is poisoning him to death; if he doesn’t get insulin soon, you are going to lose him.”

THIS WAS THE MOMENT THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. It was as if the rug had been pulled out from underneath me and I was hurdling thru space. In an instant I became a warrior for my son- an activist,


an advocate. It changed the course of our lives forever; but, what happened next was the thing I never could’ve prepared myself for.

I was on my way to buy groceries for dinner and Walker, who was in his car seat, was suddenly suffering from an extremely low blood sugar. My plan of the casual schlepp to the grocery store was out the window- I needed real food and I needed it NOW. I frantically scanned the highway in search of what I wanted- a delicious, freshly prepared meal made with organic ingredients and the convenience of a drive thru- for Walker and my other boys who were all in tow. What I quickly discovered was that what I was looking for did not exist and that simple realization left me feeling powerless, defeated and broken.


THIS WAS THE MOMENT THAT GROWN WAS BORN. I called my husband Ray and told him that if no one has big enough balls to reinvent fast food, we had to do it. It took eight years to get our doors open and 18 months to successfully complete our organic certification process... but, we did it...we created the thing we wished existed and it’s growing! I can’t tell you how many people told us “no” or that this was “impossible”, that of fast food could never be better or that if it could, someone a lot smarter than us would’ve already done it. Thankfully, we don’t believe in the words “no” or “impossible” and we recognize that if someone smarter than us was more capable; they would’ve done it alreadybut, they didn’t, we did and

After racing down RT.9, leaving my kids in a running car (not a proud moment), hurriedly grabbing take out from a mom & pop restaurant then dashing quickly home to feed my boys- sure Walker was safe and his blood sugar was at a stable number; I found myself sobbing on my shower floor. I was exhausted. I was depleted and defeated and resigned to the fact that no one was going to fix this for me. I got up, dried off, looked in the mirror and thought, “no one is coming to save you Shannon. And, if this is a problem for you, it’s just a problem period, and you’ve got to solve it. WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020


we continue to grow and evolve because the words we believe in are GRATITUDE, THANK YOU, DEDICATION, TEAMWORK, FAITH, GRIT, FAMILY, TOGETHERNESS, DREAMING and YES! We are so grateful to every single person that helped and supported us, encouraged us and even for the naysayers (you may not know it, but your lack of imagination and disbelief inspired us to push on, go harder and to persevere). We are thankful to our amazing #grownteam that continue to invest in this collective dream to franchise grown all over the country and the world, but most importantly to our grown guests that overwhelmingly and religiously support us with your patronage, loyalty and by championing grown every


single day. Your faith in our mission to change the world one USDA organic certified fast food meal at a time is the thing that sustains us. I never dreamed of being a foodtrepreneur or restaurateur; the truth is, grown was born from pure frustration and desperation.

BUSY PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER. Grown is the future of fast food and we won’t stop until we are accessible and affordable to every family – regardless of mean income or zip code. Walker is 13 years old now and he is the most resilient, brilliant, loving, athletic, happy, joyful, kindhearted & talented


person I know- he makes everything look easy- because life with T1D, frankly, is hard. He has never complained, or asked “why me” and he doesn’t allow it to slow him down or to limit his dreams. November was World Diabetes Month, but every day for Walker is spent living with diabetes. Ten finger pricks, 7-10 insulin injections each day, carb counting, highs and lows- its always there- he never gets a break from this serious medical condition- not on Christmas, or during exams, for his basketball tournaments or even on his birthday. To the world, Ray may be the 2x NBA Champ and Hall of Famer, but, in our house, Walker will always be the real MVP whose daily battle with diabetes gave birth to our grown mission and this extraordinary movement!


It's not made, it's not manufactured, it's grown. To own your own grownTM and join our fast food revolution, please visit Now awarding grownTM franchises!



How Robert Rodriguez Became the Owner of the 10th Busiest Grease Monkey Franchise by Emily Clouse The Laredo, Texas franchisee switched gears from an international career in the foreign service to owning a successful Grease Monkey business alongside his wife, Amy. When Robert and Amy Rodriguez opened their Grease Monkey franchise in Laredo, Texas three years ago, they had never actually been business owners before. The parents of toddler twin girls, they found themselves ready for a fresh adventure that would help them put down roots and focus on spending time together as a family. The one-stop automotive maintenance franchise was a perfect fit. Raised in South Texas, Robert Rodriguez moved back to his birthplace of San Antonio as a young man to attend St. Mary’s University. In the midst of pursuing a degree in business administration, he studied abroad in Austria for a summer—and got hooked on the idea of working overseas. After graduating and working in financial systems for a couple of years at a Dallas consulting company that helped businesses prepare for the infamous Y2K scare, Rodriguez decided to fulfill his desire to travel the world by joining the foreign service as a computer specialist. Rodriguez then lived overseas for a total of 15 years, holding positions such as Consular Officer and U.S. Diplomat. “I got so much out of everywhere I lived,” reminisced Rodriguez. His first two-year assignment was in the north-central African country of Chad. Next, he transferred to Frankfurt, Germany for two years, then moved to Ottawa, Canada. It was there that he met Amy, an

American expatriate from Vermont. The couple married shortly after Robert’s assignment in Canada was up, and he then headed to his next post in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The married couple would be reunited soon enough. Amy landed a job with Homeland Security in Laredo, Texas, and after a couple of years, Robert was able to secure an assignment in Mexico, right across the river from Laredo. He worked this final assignment for three years before officially resigning from the foreign service to focus on creating a stable family life. Rodriguez said that even as a kid, he always had a plan to open up his own automotive repair business in retirement. “I remember helping my grandfather fix tractors at his ranch,” he said, noting that his affinity for tinkering with cars bears similarity to his aptitude for working with computers. “I also worked with my other grandfather, who ran a plumbing company in Austin. I would help maintain the vehicles, change their oil and wash them in the evenings. They paid me, so I got some spending money. I was very mechanically inclined, always taking things apart and putting them back together.” While working abroad, Rodriguez was able to live minimalistically and save up to eventually scratch his entrepreneurial itch. After leaving the foreign service, he began investigating automotive-related options, keeping in mind that he wanted to work for himself and that he wanted a simple business model to contrast with his experience working within the massive administrative structure of government.



It wasn’t long before a Laredo neighbor brought up Grease Monkey. “There are around 60 Grease Monkey locations in Mexico, and they raved and raved about their experience visiting the location in Monterrey,” said Rodriguez. “They said, ‘You should open something like that.’” Rodriguez jumped online and saw that management was making a big push to bring on new franchisees to expand the Grease Monkey brand. After a great meeting with the leadership team, the Rodriguezes traveled to Denver, Colorado for Discovery Day. They decided becoming Grease Monkey franchisees was exactly what they wanted to do. “Laredo was a market that was very much in need of a high-quality car wash and oil change service, and Grease Monkey recognized that as well,” said Rodriguez. “From the start, corporate was very supportive of us, putting us in contact with different companies for financing, and we were able to make it work.” Construction began on the Laredo Grease Monkey store on October 1, 2015, and built out quickly, with the location opening on February 27, 2016. As the owner of the first conveyorized car wash and the second franchise oil change option in Laredo, Rodriguez said there was a lack of local expertise and support networks available to him. That’s where Grease Monkey’s best-in- class franchisee support came in. “Grease Monkey has been great. As we were building, our regional franchise developer told us how to get uniforms, furnishings and everything else. They have those relationships with suppliers and companies to help get you started. Without them, I’d still be trying to figure out how to process credit cards—I’d have a cigar box filled with money,” laughed Rodriguez. “Their expertise is invaluable. I can text or call when something comes up and get an answer immediately.” Servicing around 1,300 cars every month, the Laredo Grease Monkey is now the 10th busiest store in the U.S. “It’s amazing what we can accomplish with our team,” said Rodriguez. “They’re fantastic. My wife and I work hard to respect their time and pay them well. And they pay that back to us. They work hard to represent us and work well with customers.” In fact, Rodriguez’s Grease Monkey has become a local staple in Laredo. “We have a lot of great


— Robert Rodriguez

customers and we know them from around town,” said Rodriguez. “They are friends, family and coworkers of Amy. They’ve been great about supporting us from the beginning.” Family life in Texas is also suiting Rodriguez well. The twins, Arya and Metztli, are now the 6-year- old sisters to a baby brother, Jacob. Rodriguez feels grateful to have the flexibility to spend time with his family without having to stick to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. “I can take them to the doctor, or I can go with them on a school field trip,” he said. “It’s really nice to be able to do that.” Though working with automobiles was originally Rodriguez’s long-term retirement plan, he’s glad to be realizing that dream now. “I love the fact that someone can bring their car here, and we can change the tires and put on a new belt, but we can also wash it and change the oil, polish their vehicle, pretty much anything the customer wants. They can come back to a brand new car,” said Rodriguez. “I enjoy getting into the pit, changing oil, checking fluids and performing inspections. I don’t see it as a job, I see it as something I enjoy doing. I love coming in every day.” WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020


Start a Business. Change Lives. Owning an AtWork franchise isn’t just about building a business; it’s about changing the lives of job seekers and building community by connecting growing businesses to talented employees.

Interested in learning more about the AtWork opportunity? Visit or call 888-553-1745 today!


1-800 Water Damage Our 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise locations offer residential and commercial customers topquality property restoration services around the clock, 24/7. As a leader in property restoration and carpet cleaning, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE stands out thanks to our people. Our water damage recovery teams are the most dedicated and hardworking franchisees in the industry, and with unmatched corporate support and commitment, our franchise opportunities are unparalleled. Owned by BELFOR Holdings, Inc. a $2 billion entity which operates a number of companies around the world. One of the reasons people choose 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is not only is it a service that is recession resistant but it is also backed by the power of a global brand. Amazingly, Sheldon Yellen, CEO of BELFOR Holdings writes a birthday card to every one of his 7700+ team memers. This is a company that is more like a family than anything else and it is for that reason that when family’s are in need after a disaster, the services provided by 1-800 WATER DAMAGE really shine. When you choose to partner with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, you’ll receive the training and resources to clean up after water, fire, and smoke damage. In addition to providing services to improve your community and help customers get back to normal after a disaster, you’ll have a business that’s virtually recession-proof. OUR PROFESSIONALS PROVIDE CUSTOMERS WITH SERVICES INCLUDING: • Water damage restoration • Mold remediation • Sewage cleanup • Smoke and fire cleanup • Carpet and upholstery cleaning At 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, we’ll supply you and your team with the training and certification necessary to quickly and safely restore commercial and residential properties. As an owner, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing



you have the corporate support and backing of BELFOR Franchise Group, the largest restoration company in the world. • 1-800 WATER DAMAGE was ranked twice in Entrepreneurs magazine's Franchise 500 2019 list of Top Franchises to invest in. • Listed as one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "Best Franchise for any Budget & Top Franchise For Veterans" When asked what is one of the important parts of the culture of this company, Belfor CEO Sheldon Yellen said “Another important aspect of our culture is the focus on being NICE. Being nice doesn’t cost anything and it takes more energy to be negative than to be kind. You never know what someone else is going through when you meet them and what impact just being nice to them could have on their day. I make sure to practice this in my own life and I ask our people to do the same. I never ask our team members to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. That’s why I choose to lead by example. Even as CEO, I know I need to earn my own job every day. I set the bar high for myself, but I also hold everyone else to this same bar. It’s this focus on being nice, genuine and respectful that really defines our culture. And I know it is the differentiating factor that has made BELFOR a worldwide leading company and not just another competitor in a very crowded industry. Without our culture and without our people, we would not be the company we are today. I am thankful every day that I get to work with such amazing people and I credit a large part of my success to the lessons they have taught me along the way. I stand on the shoulders of Giants!” If you are interested in learning more about a company that is recession resistant and values every one of its team members, reach out to 1-800-Water Damage to learn more about this amazing franchise. Steve Olson | Franchise Development Phone: (734) 929 1035 Email:


Martinizing Martinizing is a brand of The Huntington Company. Based in Berkley, Michigan, we are a multi-concept franchisor focused on providing the absolute best textile restoration and retail drycleaning and laundry services in America and beyond. We are operators, first and foremost, giving us the experience, core competencies and leadership capabilities that attract new franchise owners and enable us to provide world-class support to help them grow and succeed in their local market. CEO BACKGROUND I started in the dry cleaning business in 1992 with my business partner Jeffrey Snyder. We were doing commercial real estate prior to this and looked at multiple businesses. We focused on dry cleaning because of the many opportunities in this space. Those opportunities are just as robust today as the day we started. We ended up buying a family owned business called Huntington Dry Cleaners that had been in business since 1950 - owned by the same family. This was a 6 employee operation doing about $265,000 in sales. Of the 6 original employees 2 of them are still with the company, I’m really proud of them and our entire team as it has grown exponentially over the years. OUR BUSINESS We grew the business and diversified into the fire restoration insurance space and then the home and commercial pick up and delivery business. In 2001 we decided to franchise the business. We now own 9 brands CRDN, 1-800 Dry; bizziebox, Pressed4Time, Huntington Cleaners, Wesch Cleaners, Huntington Window Fashions, Dry Cleaning Station and Martinizing Dry Cleaning. Martinizing was founded in 1949 and has grown to be the largest dry cleaning franchise in the US. We acquired them in 2014. Many people grew up with the Martinizing brand, it really is iconic. I love when I tell people about Martinizing and they share stories of the location that was in their home town. Our mission is to be stewards of our



brands and help our franchisees be successful. We don’t make anything so the customer experience is critical. We focus on the customer and convenience. On the restoration side it’s usually a once in a lifetime experience so the service has to be multi-dimensional. The easiest part of that business is the actual dry cleaning. Everything else rests on the systems and processes that our people follow every day. We take the training of our team to be the most important thing we do as a company. That is what our clients are really buying - the service. On the Martinizing side, we are always striving to make the client happy. We have invested significant resources into our back end processes that allow our franchisees to streamline, bar code and flawlessly process thousands of items on a daily basis. The key is having the volume that can scale. Dry Cleaning historically was one of two industries that require you go to a facility 2 times to get a service once. Video rental was the other. We all know what happened to that industry? Red Box and then NetFlix came along and changed it. We are doing the same with dry cleaning through the implementation of our pick up and delivery boxes. Our franchisees have placed thousands of boxes around the country that are supported by their businesses that allow our clients the convenience, quality and price they are looking for. Bottom line, we make dry cleaning easy for clients to do and that makes for a robust business for our franchisees. OUR FUTURE Our vision for the future is to continue to invest into our franchisees, the operations, marketing and support of our systems to be the dominant player in our space. If you are reading this and thinking about franchise ownership, we would love to talk with you about what makes Martinizing a very special place to grow with us. CONTACT JOSH TILTER AT:


Franchise FastLane Ryan Zink, CEO of Franchise FastLane*, and company president Carey Gille have a vision to help franchisors looking to grow their brand. The proof is in the results they have generated as they have disrupted the franchise sales organization space over the past few years with a focus on working with quality brands, quality franchisees and giving more than their clients expect. Franchise Development is a long process that will more often than not result in a candidate not signing the franchise agreement. This process is long and tedious. If you are not fully focused on the franchise development process you will have lackluster results. When companies outsource their franchise development to Franchise FastLane you can be sure every single candidate is a top priority as they experience a clearly defined and proven process. Most importantly, you can focus on what you do best… running your business. “First and foremost, it’s key to know: You drive your business, but we drive your growth,” Gille said. “In order to have explosive growth, you need leads, but you can’t focus on leads if you’re successfully driving your business. You need to do a good job supporting your current franchisees— that needs to be your world. We’re in the business of securing qualified leads; that’s our world.” “We built this company after the successful exit of another,” said Zink, who founded Franchise FastLane* after the successful creation, franchising and sale of his first company, Complete Nutrition. “That history is important because we started not with immediate profits in mind, but with the goal of building infrastructure that could truly support our partner brands. A lot of competitors have a shoestring budget that they have to squeeze at the beginning. We had the expertise and the funding to do it the right way.” What are the key benefits of working with Franchise FastLane?



1. GROW FAST AND AVOID THE SLOW DEATH We have all heard if you aren’t growing you’re dying. The same holds true in franchising if you grow too slow. Slow growth still requires all the same systems to support franchisees, but doesn’t provide the capital needed to hire people and invest in those systems. To grow your franchise into a sustainable brand, you must grow quickly to build your team and resources. 2. SAVE MONEY The learning curve is expensive for emerging franchisors – recruit, hire, build relationships, create a growth strategy, generate leads, establish criteria, create territories, and more. Franchisors must move fast or risk sizzling out. We’ll handle all of this for you in addition to leveraging our experience and relationships to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls while maximizing momentum to accelerate your growth. 3. FIND THE RIGHT FRANCHISEES Franchisees are coveted by thousands of franchise brands. We know how to leverage consultant relationships and create the right FDD and marketing materials to get you noticed. Then we guide prospects through the right process to deliver explosive growth. It’s what we do. 4. EXPERIENCE AND FOCUS We have founded franchise concepts, been the franchisor and the franchisee and created relationships in this space for over 40 years. Consultant networks represent hundreds of brands but we only represent a select few. Our mission will be to grow your brand. We will be as invested in your success as you are. 5. ACQUIRE FUTURE VALUE Private equity is investing more dollars than ever before into franchising. Each new store you open is worth a multiple of earnings, and each missed store is lost value. If you are a franchisor interested in growing your brand, reach out to Franchise FastLane for an in-depth consultation.

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at The Great American Franchise Expo in Houston and Dallas! For FREE Tickets go to:




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Regis Corporation If you have hair, chances are you have come across one of Regis Corporation’s iconic brands. If you have heard of Supercuts, Regis Salons, Master Cuts, Smart Style and What began as one hair salon over 90 years ago has grown into a multibillion-dollar corporation committed to making people look and feel beautiful. In 1922, Paul and Florence Kunin opened Kunin Beauty Salon, which quickly expanded into a chain of value-priced salons located in department stores. Today, Regis Corporation (NYSE:RGS) is a leader in beauty salons and cosmetology education. The company owns, franchises, or holds ownership interests in approximately 8,000 locations. Regis' corporate and franchised locations operate under concepts such as Supercuts, SmartStyle, MasterCuts, Regis Salons, Sassoon Salon, Cost Cutters, and First Choice Haircutters. We sat down with Kurt Landwehr, SVP of Franchise Development to learn more about their iconic brands. Kurt, why do people look at your brands and what advice do you have for an aspiring franchisee? Separate what the business does from the widget. Everyone is trying to achieve a result. Write down the characteristics of what you are looking to achieve and reverse engineer your desired outcome to the business that most fits. Typically, when people are looking at our businesses, it’s because they are looking for something that is: • Recesision resistant • Has Built in demand • Are Manager run units • Are scaleable • Allow them to keep their day job Most people don’t fall out of bed thinking “gee I should get in the hair cutting business” but when they really start analyzing the fact that hair care is a 65 Billion dollar a year industry they see the room for opportunity. Regis Corporation is one of the largest



franchised haircare companies in the beauty industry. In North America, we franchise successful KURT LANDWEHR concepts including Supercuts, Cost Cutters, and Roosters. We provide our franchisees with a comprehensive system of business training, stylist education, site approval, lease negotiation, professional marketing, promotion and advertising programs, and additional types of support designed to help you build a successful business. REPEAT, LOYAL SALON TRAFFIC Regis Corporation has a 90 year history of generating repeat, loyal salon traffic. That’s because we know the salon business better than anyone. We stand above the rest because we have: • The greatest number of nationally recognized salon brands in the world. • Strong brand marketing. • The most sought-after, salon-exclusive products. • The most sophisticated product merchandising systems in the industry. • The best stylist education program in the business. • Unparalleled operational expertise. A PARTNERSHIP THAT DELIVERS SUCCESS “Regis Corporation is a partner that delivers a significant, stable and desirable business for any retail center. The repetitive nature of our business ensures our staying power. Our growth is driven by our ability to provide current yet affordable haircuts, styling, coloring and waxing services to our clients each year. Nobody knows the salon business better than Regis.” Thanks for your time Kurt! FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Regis brands and what opportunities there might be in your market, go to



© 2020 Supercuts Inc. Printed in the USA.



Franchisee Focus Gary Robins of Kennett Square, PA is a serial entrepreneur who is the owner of dozens of Supercuts throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware valley. In 1998 he made the decision to embark upon a new direction and started purchasing Supercuts franchises. Over the years he has grown into one of the largest franchisees of that system. Prior to Supercuts he was in the video rental business but saw where that was headed and started to investigate multiple other opportunities. “I began looking for new opportunities outside of the video space. At the time, I did not know which business I was going to start so I explored 20 different business opportunities. At the beginning, if you would have asked me to rank them in order of interest, I would have ranked hair salons as number 21 out of 20. However, I kept doing my due diligence and when I began sorting through the opportunities, hair salons won out.



Gary started doing his due diligence by calling many Supercuts franchisees and what really stood out was how open they were to sharing how they had built their businesses. Another thing that was appealing to him was that the people he talked with were all business people who were working on the business rather than in it. “One of my criteria was whatever business I was going into, I did not want it to be susceptible to technology and I needed confidence in the long term viability of the business” Hair is a fact of life and haircuts are something that is not going to be outsourced or fulfilled online anytime soon. The beauty of Supercuts is that it provides a quality service at a reasonable price that is within the reach of many consumers. That gives it a robust foundation to scale from. Of course Gary isn’t cutting hair. His main job is to work on the business and when asked about what is most satisfying about running the


“ONE OF MY CRITERIA WAS WHATEVER BUSINESS I WAS GOING INTO, I DID NOT WANT IT TO BE SUSCEPTIBLE TO TECHNOLOGY AND I NEEDED CONFIDENCE IN THE LONG TERM VIABILITY OF THE BUSINESS” Supercuts he said “I’m passionate about making our team members successful and ensuring that they have a bigger future in front of them. That’s what keeps the enterprise growing is that the growth is shared by all.” The only way that you can really scale the business is by working with a partner who has the depth and breadth of knowledge to help you every step along the way. Supercuts has a huge tool box that they can draw from to help their franchisees grow. "Supercuts does a lot of the ” heavy lifting:," with efficient and appealing salon designs and guest driving marketing. Allowing me to focus on the growth of the business Robins says. Even though Supercuts has a massive footprint all across the country, Gary is responsible for running his business. It’s his bottom line that he’s responsible for while the parent company gives

him the tools that allow him to be laser focused on customer service and running his enterprise. When people think about the future and wonder what Trans will remain it is obvious that hair care is here to stay. In fact Gary opened dozens of his locations since the last financial crisis. He is truly working ON the business and not IN the business. "Almost everything you see in here is from Supercuts. The wallpaper is a decision made by Supercuts; the sign holders there are a decision made by Supercuts; the signs in there are a decision made by Supercuts; the benches, the flooring, the floor mat, the lettering on the door, the reception desk, the lighting, the stations that the stylists are using," Robins says. Congratulations on your success Gary! You are a true American entrepreneur! TO LEARN MORE GO TO WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020





Can You Afford to Buy a Franchise? by Janice Charles, 40 yr. Franchise Expert - Broomf ield, CO. Over the past several decades, many the question of how much it costs to buy a franchise. That’s a great question. The answer is about as varied as the same question as buying a house. Do you want a loft, apartment, townhome, cabin, house, mansion, pool, etc.? The next thought is “I couldn’t afford THAT”. Really? Let’s take a closer look at different options to consider so you can make your dream become a reality. This process starts with researching the options available to finance and fund a business. The question then becomes which is the best for you?

100 JANUARY 2020

Let’s say you have $75,000 in liquid cash and $400k in Net Worth. Assuming you don’t have bankruptcies, you most likely have the money to purchase a franchise. If you don’t have liquid cash or assets or don’t know what liquid cash or the word asset means, buying a franchise is not for you quite yet. But wait, you found a website that shows franchises available for $25k or less in your area. That sounds like a great deal, right? Have you heard of the phrase “You get what you pay for”? While $25k is nothing to shake a stick at, it most likely won’t buy the


type of f ranchise that most individuals look to buy. Where, then, does one start to determine if they can afford a franchise? Work with a Franchise Expert to help you head down the right path. There are over 3,000 franchise opportunities available and almost all of them are “a GREAT franchise for you”. Find someone that knows franchising and has been a Franchisee and Franchisor. Do your homework. Remember the $25k option above? Your Franchise Expert will be able to help you determine what funding source is the best for you and your new

business. The ultimate goal is for you to educate yourself on the options, then work with your Franchise Expert to seek the best options within those opportunities. Let’s review the most popular financing options many consider when purchasing a franchise. Keep in mind, some use one financing option, while some use multiple options. 1. Cash really is king. If you can afford to pay in cash and have 6-12 months of working capital, then use it. Working Capital is KEY. The main reason businesses fail is due to the lack of working capital. 2. SBA Loan – the Small Business Administration is a cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital and contracting expertise as the nation’s only go-to resource and voice for small businesses1. Using an SBA Loan is a great option for those who are able to put 25-30% down for a business. 3. 401K Rollover Loans allow you to use your retirement funds free of taxes and penalties to fund your business. Many see this option as a way to “borrow against yourself” to fund a business. 4. Portfolio Loans provide you the option of leveraging your investments and securities instead of liquidating cash or retirement funds to fund your business. 5. Unsecured Loans are typically for those seeking a lower amount of cash in a quick timeframe with little to no collateral required. These are typically in the

form of multiple credit cards. If you are able to pay these off in the requested timeframe, they can be a viable option to fund a business.


OTHER OPTIONS TO CONSIDER: 1. Venture Capital from Investors - if you know of a Venture Capital firm that invests in small businesses, reach out to them. Most likely, they will offer financing in exchange for some kind of ownership share and an active role in your company. 2. Crowd Funding – differ from Venture Capital Investors in that Crowd Funders expect some kind of “gift” as a thank you for their contribution. Perhaps you provide them with perks or discounts for your company. Prior to seeking this option, be sure to clearly understand any and all legal and financial requirements. 3. Traditional Small Business Loan – go to your local bank to obtain a Small Business Loan can be a good option to ensure you keep full control of your company. Obtaining a Small Business Loan can require a fairly substantial amount of collateral and assets. One must weigh the benefits and interest rates of this option. There are many ways to fund a franchise. You need to determine what is the best option for you. SOURCES: 1 SBA.GOV


Janice Charles is a 40yr. Franchising Veteran. She was raised in the McDonald’s system with her family where she learned all aspects of the business. Her Dad, Bob Charles, invented the Happy Meal with Dale Pond and pioneered the world’s first double booth Drive-Thru in Boulder, CO. Janice has been a franchisee, worked for multiple franchisors and numerous Advertising Agencies including some of the world’s best-known brands. They include: McDonald’s, Coors, Taco Bell, Coke, Walmart, Nestle, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys, Baskin-Robbins, TCBY & Mrs. Fields. Janice also owned Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company in which she took a small regional brand to national distribution prior to selling the company. A native of Boulder, CO, Janice now lives in Broomfield, CO with her two dogs and son. Janice is available for Franchise Consulting and can be reached directly at: or 303-319-5186.










THE FRANCHISE CONSULTING COMPANY WILL DONATE To any entrepreneur who starts a franchise from the show. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY


What is Master Franchising and is it Right for You? by Ed Horowitz Throughout my career I have been a franchisee, a franchise consultant and a Master Franchisee. I have over 20 years of experience to support evaluations of all types of franchise opportunities – franchises in all types of industries, multiple franchise opportunities (or Area Development) as well as Master Franchise opportunities. A Master Franchise is a type of franchise contract, typically found in international franchises, whereby a geographical territory is awarded to the Master (i.e. an entire country, a region, State, or a portion of a State) to award, train, and support franchisees in their territory. In a sense, they are the middle layer between the franchisor and the franchisee and may be involved in translating documents and advertising into the local language (s) of the Master territory. The Master typically is involved in granting franchises to others and gain a portion of franchise fees and royalties paid to the franchisor. Their main role is to find, qualify, and support franchisees. HOW DOES A MASTER DIFFER FROM AN AREA DEVELOPER? FROM A FRANCHISEE? In a typical franchise system, franchises are awarded on an individual or group basis. Franchisees follow the franchise system, are supported by the organization, and typically pay on-going royalties to the franchisor. An area development (AD) agreement is typically awarded to those interested in multiple territories or outlets of the franchise. But an AD is typically more of a multi-territory franchisee and focuses on multiples of their own business rather than supporting franchisees or being involved in the advertising, qualification, and support of other franchisees. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO BEING A MASTER? The skills to be successful as a Master are in sales, relation-building, training, management,



marketing, and operations. For the franchisor, a Master partner allows a faster market penetration, as the Master is focused on development, as the Master is motivated to sell as many unit franchises as possible to qualified candidates. The Franchisor does not need to add new infrastructure, as nearly everything is outsourced to the Master. The Franchisor can keep their corporate staff to a minimum in sales, site selection, and ongoing support as the Master handles those required roles. The Master is typically involved in training and support of franchisees, so they are motivated to find the most qualified candidates. Industry knowledge is not typically required. For the Franchisee, the level of support, brand development, and sharing of best practices can be better accomplished with the Master’s local involvement in the franchise system. WHAT ARE THE RIGHT SKILLS OR BACKGROUND TO BEING A MASTER? Since the Master is in charge of finding qualified candidates for the franchise, the skill sets are franchise development - sales, sales management, marketing, training and operations. A Master is not a semi-active role – this is a roll up your sleeves and work directly with potential and actual “customers” – your franchisees. The investment to become a Master is likely higher than opening the franchise, as some franchisors require the Master to operate one franchise while conducting franchise development activities. MY EXPERIENCE IN MASTER FRANCHISING In my own experience, being the owner of a small business where I wore multiple hats was an ideal background when I was invited to become a Master in a retail franchise concept in 2004. With my business partner,


we acquired development rights in multiple states as a new concept arrived in the U.S. from Australia. Initially, the focus was in finding qualified franchisees, through advertising and working with franchise consultants. My experience in sales and sales management helped us gain franchises right out of the gate, although operating in a registration state required awaiting approval to award franchises until we received the State’s approval. I hired an Operations Manager to help open our stores and provide initial training to new franchisees in their stores. Over time, the store openings were an activity I could operate myself with training outsourced to existing store owners. Fifteen years later, I still enjoy the role as a Master, working with my franchisees to share best practices, implement new sales ideas, and focus on improving profitability of their businesses.

Master Franchising can be a method for a franchisor to take a faster path to expanding their franchise both internationally as well as regionally, it can benefit franchisees with more local support than provided by a far-away franchisor, and the Master benefits as the middleman to build an “empire” and potentially gain income quicker than opening multiple franchises. ABOUT THE AUTHOR With more than 32 years in sales, marketing and business ownership, and over 18 years in franchising, Ed Horowitz provides coaching, mentoring, support and guidance to those interested in pursuing success through franchising. Prior to joining The Franchise Consulting Company as a franchise consultant, Mr. Horowitz’s responsibilities have included successful experience in high-tech and retail operations, marketing, and sales management, owning and growing a small business, and awarding and supporting franchisees as a Master Franchisee. WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020




Your Home Thoughtfully Clean The Green Clean Customers Need At ecomaids, we help franchisees tap into the vast supply of consumers who want eco-friendly solutions for their home cleaning needs. Our safe, natural cleaning products, and our thorough 64-point checklist, help us shine brighter than anyone else in the industry.

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Why MBA’s From Top-Tier Schools Should Consider Franchising by Kevin Baron When I arrived at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill to begin my MBA, I was immediately immersed in the recruiting efforts of many internationally renowned organizations. It was 1998, the economy was growing at a rapid rate and businesses were eager to attract talent. The professors and the job placement staff were working furiously to prepare us for the networking, interviews, and job offers coming our way. However, one word I do not remember hearing during my two years of graduate school is “franchising.” I may have heard it in passing, but it certainly wasn’t an area of focus for opportunities upon graduation, or as an investment later in my career.


Consulting Corporate Finance Brand Marketing Investment Banking • Entrepreneurship 108

While those all can be noble professions, entrepreneurship is the only tract that explores business ownership. The discussions within entrepreneurship were typically focused on creating the next Amazon or Tesla, not opening a small to mid-sized business. Not to burst your bubble, but there were a lot of people who thought they were the next Jeff Bezos. Upon reflection, I think there are some misconceptions that franchising is an incredibly rigid approach to business that does not allow intelligent businesspeople to fully utilize their skills. Franchising is somehow a “cop-out,” and to be a real entrepreneur, you need to start an independent business. Realistically, there are a vast number of franchise brands, industries, and ownership-models that create opportunities that range from fairly-tactical to incredibly strategic. For example, Jonathan Koplow received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He spent several years at some of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world before deciding to start his own business. “Coming out of consulting, I quickly realized that going the franchise route would allow


me to focus on utilizing my skill set to assess the soundness of the concept, the potential demand in the market and the strength of the management team behind the brand, ” Koplow said. Some of the following variables can help guide you toward a franchise that fits your unique situation. THE SIZE OF THE FRANCHISOR The number of territories and franchisees in a system often impacts the role of the franchisees. While all good franchisors listen to feedback from their franchisees, your voice will be much louder in a smaller organization. If you don’t think you can stomach being one of 1,000 voices weighing in on next year’s strategic initiatives, then joining a smaller franchise system may be a good approach. Surprisingly, franchisees do have input into major decisions for the brand, but the larger percentage of franchise ownership you represent, the louder your voice will be heard. However, joining a smaller system can be viewed as more risky than a larger system, but it is likely still less risky than starting an independent

business. On the other hand, if you are more riskaverse and/or operations focused, a larger more mature brand will likely allow you and your team to focus on execution. THE OWNERSHIP-MODEL When most people think of franchising, they think about owning a single unit (one territory or location) or multiple units. While this is a common approach, there are other ownership-models to consider. Depending on the amount of control you want and risk and investment you want to take, two additional models to consider are Area Developers and Master Licensees. Area Development agreements are used by franchisees to secure the rights to open multiple locations of a franchise in a specified geographic area. This is often used in rapidly growing franchise systems. This can involve upfront payments with reduced franchisee fees and royalties in return. Another approach is Master license agreements. They allow the franchisee to open locations and also allow the franchisee to sell units and Area Developer agreements. The Master Licensee typically shares in franchise fees and royalties collected. With this approach, you are basically acting as a franchisor for a designated area.


FRANCHISING AS AN INVESTMENT Franchising can also be a passive or semi-passive investment. Often, I work with investors that have had tremendous success in their careers and are simply seeking an alternative investment. What many of them don’t realize, is that some franchisors cater to franchisees who do not want to work day-to-day in the business. The franchisees can often involve little to no ownership involvement. This allows the franchisees to keep their current full-time roles, while becoming business owners. In summary, there are many different approaches to franchising and many different types of f ranchise opportunities. There may be an approach that allows you to enter a new industry, leverage the skills you’ve developed, focus on the aspects of the business you enjoy, all with a comfortable level of risk tolerance. I think it’s worth investigating. “As someone who hasn’t operated a business before, the support system is invaluable and serves as a rapid accelerator,” Koplow agrees. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Baron is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s MBA. After spending several years in corporate-America and in franchise ownership/operation, he is currently a franchise consultant with The Franchise Consulting Company. WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020


2020 Franchise Trade Shows


FEBRUARY 8-11, 2020



IFA2020 Convention Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando, FL

The Franchise Expo Pennsylvania Convention Center. Philadelphia, PA

The Franchise Expo Alameda County Fair Grounds Pleasanton, CA


APRIL 18-19


The Great American Franchise Expo Irving Convention Center Dallas, TX

The Great American Franchise Expo Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

The Great American Franchise Expo Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX


APRIL 25-26


The Franchise Expo Meadowlands Expo Center Secaucus, NJ

The Franchise Expo Greater Tacoma Convention Center Tacoma, WA

Franchise Expo Houston George R Brown Convention Center Houston, TX


MAY 16-17


Franchise Expo South Miami Beach Convention Center South Beach Miami, FL

The Great American Franchise Expo Cobb Galleria Atlanta, GA

The Great American Franchise Expo Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, FL


MAY 16-17


The Great American Franchise Expo Stafford Center Houston, TX

The Franchise Expo Dulles Expo Center Washington, DC

The Franchise Expo Tampa Convention Center Tampa FL


MAY 28-30


The Franchise Expo Austin Convention Center Austin, TX

International Franchise Expo The Javits Center NY, NY

The Franchise Expo Royal Plaza Trade Center Marlborough, MA

MARCH 14-15

JUNE 6-7


The Great American Franchise Expo Tampa Convention Center Tampa, FL

The Franchise Expo Hyatt Regency Hotel Orlando, FL

The Great American Franchise Expo Dulles Expo Center Washington, DC

MARCH 20-21



Franchise Expo Nashville Music City Center Nashville, TN

The Great American Franchise Expo Rebuild Puerto Rico Wyndham Convention Center Rio Grande, PR

The Franchise Expo Dallas Market Hall Dallas, TX

MARCH 28-29



The Franchise Expo Donald E. Stephens Center Rosemont, IL

Franchise Expo West Phoenix Convention Center Phoenix, AZ

The Franchise Expo Cobb Galleria Atlanta, GA


There are alot of choices!

TRANSITIONING EXECUTIVES How to Effectively Transition from Corporate America to Business Ownership by Marilyn Imparato, Senior Consultant - The Franchise Consulting Company


hange is an inevitable fact of life. It is also fraught with resistance. Whether it’s a diet, fitness regime or career change, the initial reaction from 80% of people is resistance. So how do the successful 20% move past the inevitability of change? Particularly when it comes to a career life decision to change from Corporate American Executive Leadership to Business Ownership? For the last decade I have personally spoken with over a thousand Senior-Level Executives and assisted approximately a hundred


Executives into business ownership and the key characteristic I see in those successful transitions always starts with the ability to overcome their fear, anxiety and insecurities with regards to change. There is not a single Executive that I have ever worked with that did not recognize that the transition would take effort, change and intestinal fortitude to forge ahead. It is precisely how I made that transition as a former C-Level Executive in Technology over 15 years ago. Interestingly, the Top Successful Executives that transitioned to Business Ownership actually embraced and welcomed the


change by securing a new and exciting business venture that they could be passionate about and/or utilize their experiential skills, hobbies or interests that superseded and conquered their fear of the transition. Like most changes in life that are positive, impactful and eventually stabilized, the embracement of change with a positive resolve is critical. Ironically, if you have been an Executive, to achieve the accolades and pinnacles in your corporate career you had to bite your tongue until it bled and had the discipline

to keep a positive resolve, it is almost a prerequisite to climbing the Corporate Ladder by design… Facilitator, Author, and Effective Leadership Teacher Dr. Rod Napier, Ph.D. introduced a business leadership 20-60-20 rule that illustrates 20% of people in an organization will embrace change, 60% over time will successfully make the change and the last 20% will never make the change. This rule also applies to what I have experienced to be true to making the transition from Corporate America Executive Leadership to successful Business Ownership. Eighty percent of all the Executives I have spoken to have the potential to be successful future Business Owners, only 20% would be incapable of making that change. As you probably would expect, those that would not make the change, would not do what it takes or have what it takes to do so because in their mindset, they have already decided a negative resolve.

This is so eloquently stated by American Automobile Manufacturer and Business Owner Henry Ford when he stated, “Whether You think You Can or You Can’t, either way You are Right.” If you are an Executive with experiential business skill sets, passion, drive, intestinal fortitude, a positive resolve and have had the desire to own your own business on a fulltime, part-time, or investment basis, I would love to work with you! You are already a Winner and a Proven Success that just needs the right model that matches your ideals to springboard your future success. Call me and let’s get started today!!! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Marilyn R Imparato, Senior Consultant with The Franchise Consulting Company is a former C-Level Executive in the Technology Industry and MBA Graduate that has been an Executive in the Franchising Industry for over 15 years. Marilyn is passionate and dedicated to assisting potential Franchise Owners navigate through the entire process from beginning to completion. Email her at Marilyn@



WHO ARE WE? • Nextaff helps companies Identify, Evaluate and Acquire quality talent using our proprietary X-FACTOR system. • Our X-FACTOR is designed to outperform a typical HR department or staffing competitor by up to 100%. • We offer temporary staffing in most verticals including Commercial, Technology & Healthcare. WHY NEXTAFF? • Nextaff is the #1 value in the staffing franchise sector. • Our territory size is very generous. • Our proven marketing program is incredibly efficient and effective. WHO DO WE WANT? • Owner- operator with B2B sales background. • Strong communication skills with the ability to build relationships. • Understands and is passionate about the value of outsourcing. WHAT DRIVES OUR GROWTH? • The $160 billion staffing industry is still projected for strong growth • Low investment, high sales to investment ROI • Average office revenue: $2,600,000 Average office gross profit: $536,000 FRANCHISE FEE: $40,000 INVESTMENT RANGE: $98,800 - $148,800 ROYALTY: 8% (discounts available down to 5%) Cary Daniel | 913-562-5614 |


Master Franchiser or Area Development?

Understanding the Difference by Mike Ciccarelli, Consultant at The Franchise Consulting Company

When working with investors that are looking to grow their business beyond a single territory or unit, I am often asked what are the best options to grow a franchise model? Two primary options to consider are a Master Franchise or a Multi-Unit/ Area Developer opportunity. Of course, the best option depends on the type of


business model, industry and the development phase of the franchisor. Specifically, is a territory available that will enable a franchisee to scale, or is a Master Franchise opportunity offered. Equally important is the “fit” factor. Not everyone is suited to be a Master Franchisee or Area Developer. Both options require a different approach and skill sets to the business.


Let’s start with Master Franchises, sometimes also referred to as Area Representatives or Subfranchisors. Master Franchises are agreements in which you purchase the rights for a territory to partner with the franchisor to develop. In essence, you are a "subfranchisor" and a business coach to the franchisees in your territory. You work with

MASTER FRANCHISES ARE AGREEMENTS IN WHICH YOU PURCHASE THE RIGHTS FOR A TERRITORY TO PARTNER WITH THE FRANCHISOR TO DEVELOP. the franchisor to help procure and qualify franchisee candidates to meet the strategic development goals of the franchisor and have three primary revenue streams. The first revenue stream is derived in the early stages of launching your business by sharing in the initial Franchise Fees. Each time a franchise is awarded in your territory the franchisor shares a portion of the franchise fee with you. The second revenue stream is Royalty fees. You receive a portion of the royalties from each franchisee operating within your territory for the life of the franchise agreement (10 years or longer). The "Master" advantage is that you have a recurring revenue stream without being responsible for the day to day operations of the franchises operating within your territory. If you decide to own and operate a franchise, you pay a lower royalty fee on the locations you operate which is your third revenue stream. Territory fees for a Master Franchise can vary based on a few factors which include population and the number of units or territories defined for the area. Franchisor’s choose this method to grow their businesses because it enables them to have a "local" liaison who understands the local market. So, what does it take to become a Master Franchisee? You need to be well capitalized and feel comfortable being a business coach. Most franchisors will require the “Master” to own and operate a “flagship” business in their territory to gain first-hand knowledge of opening a location and being a successful operator. Individuals that have a strong business and development acumen and considers themselves to be an "empire builder" when it comes to scaling a business could be a fit for this role. The next option is the Multi-Unit or Area Development approach to scaling. This is more common and is available for franchises that haven’t reached a certain maturity level of growth. The biggest difference between a Master and an Area Developer is the Area Developer owns and operates the units or multiple territories within a defined area.

For example, a franchisor will map out how many locations can be opened in a defined area and will award those locations to a single owner. Typically, the franchisor and the franchisee will come up with an agreement to build these locations over a period of time that aligns with both parties’ goals. In this model, franchise fees or royalties are not shared. Your revenue is directly derived from the units or territories you own. One of the advantages of developing multiunits or territories is that typically the franchisor offers a reduced franchise fee for additional locations. Having a strong business management and financial acumen is an important skill-set. Think of it as you being the CEO of a company, you have to be able to multi-task, build and manage a team and drive Key Performing Indicators to ensure your businesses success. If you can successfully execute and leverage the franchisor’s system, processes and resources, Area Development is a good option for you. When it comes to what is the best way to grow your business, it ultimately comes down to what is being offered by the franchisor, does it make financial sense, what model best aligns with your business goals and is it a “fit” for you when it comes to the skills necessary to be successful. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Ciccarelli is a 28 year franchise veteran, franchise executive and entrepreneur. Recognized as a Top 10 Franchise Coach with The Franchise Consulting Company, Michael helps his investors transition from employee to entrepreneur or diversify their current business portfolios. Contact him at (678) 641-6473 or email michael@



Join the premier managed IT services franchise, TeamLogic IT IN-DEMAND BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY


TeamLogic IT provides businesses with technology support and services that range from simple computer systems support to managed IT services and project outsourcing. As an owner of your own TeamLogic IT business, you’ll help small- and medium-sized companies with a broad range of IT services. Your clients will come to rely on you to keep their technology current and their businesses running efficiently. You’ll help them with proactive, preventative and responsive IT services. Our monthly recurring revenue model is a win-win for you and your clients. And, the camaraderie, peer support and drive among our network of franchisees are like none other in the industry.

• The Channel Company® MSP 500 ELITE 150 • Channel Futures™ MSP 501 #37 • Entrepreneur ® Magazine Top 500 Franchise • Forbes Best Franchise to Buy • Franchise Business Review™ Top Franchise • Franchise Times® Top 200 Franchise • Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchise • Inc. 5000

FRANCHISE OWNER PROFILE The ideal candidate for a TeamLogic IT business is a person who wishes to work in a business environment, understands technology, has an aptitude for sales and/or building relationships, and enjoys working with other business professionals while building a team to deliver outstanding service and support. Many of our franchise owners were previously IT directors for small companies, executives in corporate America, engineers or technology consultants.



TeamLogic IT 949.683.3314 26722 Plaza, Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Who Should Consider Franchising? by Telanda Sidari, Consultant at The Franchise Consuting Company

Franchising is not for everyone. What types of future franchisees are the concepts looking for?

the business successfully, however, if you do not If you’re looking to build enjoy the ride then find something that brings a business rooted in your a “proud to own” feeling. The difference is that passion and enjoyment you do not necessarily need experience in the of a certain skill or hobby, industry you would like to own. Franchisors that you would like to build provide all the training and support systems from the ground up, then needed to be successful. franchising would not be a Another factor would be your interest level path for you to explore. Yet there are a few that in owning a business. Why do you want to own should consider looking into the right options a business? What do you see it providing for that fit their needs. Are you one of them? you? How would describe this vision? If you Having a fundamental understanding of have considered this route, then franchising business, operations and managing people are can provide some beneficial elements of skills at the top of the list. If you enjoy building business ownership: upon the blocks already established, less hassle • Established business model and potentially more success, than franchising • Proven concept is a more ideal route to travel as the groundwork • Systems, processes and procedures (oh my!) has already been laid. It is parallel starting 10 • Initial & ongoing franchisor support miles into the marathon. • Scalable Do not worry if you have no experience • Semi-Absentee in a particular industry: cutting hair, painting a house or teaching a WHAT WOULD A BUSINESS fitness class. Most franchisors MOST PROVIDE FOR YOU? are looking for business FRANCHISORS It could be a way out of job owners, someone to work on ARE LOOKING you want to leave, leading you the business not in it. Or further into a lifestyle you want someone to manage the FOR BUSINESS to live. It could allow you to manager or GM who will OWNERS, SOMEONE have extra income into the then handle the day-tohousehold. It could allow you day. Being able to manage TO WORK ON to have flexible hours for your & operate the business THE BUSINESS family. It could be a synergistic effectively is key, regardless of NOT IN IT. business to one you already own the widgit or service. or possibly going a completely Now if you have zero interest different direction and looking at in exercise, fitness, and health & an industry that is nothing like what you wellness then stay clear of fitness and/or currently own! Why not balance out the massage concepts. You may very well operate



IF YOU DO NOT ENJOY THE RIDE THEN FIND SOMETHING THAT BRINGS A "PROUD TO OWN" FEELING. seasonality of your current industry by adding a different one, giving less highs & lows during the year. If you find this interest & curiosity budding in you for business ownership, then financing is another piece to consider. Understanding what your options would be helps to further narrow down the right options for you. First off, all franchisors have a required net worth and liquid capital that potential franchisees need to have to be considered and begin an investigation with the brand. From there you would need to understand how you would fund the business, as there are options to consider and find out which is the best route for you: • SBA Loan • SBA Loan Express • 401K Rollover • Unsecured credit They will also want to know how you will support yourself during the first year of the business. Are you keeping your current job? Is your spouse working providing the foundational income into the household? Do you have money saved up?

WHAT QUESTIONS ARE YOU ASKING YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE? Learning about different industries, your goals and needs, varying f ranchisor requirements, options within the business model and if it is even available in your area, help to narrow down which concepts would be the best fit for you. Many are finding themselves in varying career positions that they would like to begin learning more about what franchising could offer them. WHAT COULD IT OFFER YOU? As a Consultant with The Franchise Consulting Company, Telanda has been involved in franchising and business ownership for over 10 years. From Fortune 100 companies to multiple franchise concepts. She now helps others find the right business for their dream of owning a business. CONTACT TELANDA SIDARI AT: WWW.FRANCHISEJOURNAL.COM | JANUARY 2020



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Why You Should Figure Out Funding First by Tim Seiber, CFE, FranFund Director of Franchisor Relations


hen it comes to exploring franchise ownership, there are lots of things you have to consider. Which brand is the best fit? What is the local market potential? Is real estate available? Will you be involved in the day-to-day operations or will someone else manage the business? But, one of the most important things you should think about early in the process is how you are going to pay for the business. If you have a clear picture up front of your funding options and overall funding strategy, you will be able to take a holistic approach and be much more confident throughout the rest of the franchise purchase process. It may even influence which brand you select, whether or not you start with one unit or multiple units, and how quickly you can get your doors open.

start-ups - include unsecured loans, securities-backed loans, equipment leasing, and refinancing programs.

401(k) /IRA Utilizing a rollover program such as FranFund’s FranPlan®, allows you to access your qualified retirement savings tax-deferred and penalty-free to invest in your business. This is an excellent option for those looking for a funding solution that doesn’t create any debt. The IRS does, however, have strict guidelines regarding the execution and maintenance of the plan. Most reputable funding companies offer the IRS-mandated ThirdParty Administration (TPA) service to ensure your plan maintains the IRS compliance requirements.

COMMON FRANCHISE FUNDING OPTIONS Two of the most common ways to start or grow a franchise business are with qualified retirement savings, which the IRS refers to as “Rollover of Business Startups (ROBS)” and Small Business Administration (SBA) backed loans. Franchisees also often use a combination of these as a complete funding strategy. Other non-traditional solutions more often for expansions than



SBA LOANS The Small Business Administration works with lenders to offer business loans for startup, acquisition, expansion and working capital with values available up to five million dollars. The SBA provides a guarantee to banks and lenders for the money they lend to small business owners, promising to pay a portion of the loan back if the business owner defaults on the loan. Business owners who may not qualify for traditional loans, often qualify for SBA loans because they alleviate the risk associated with lending money. Your funding partner’s role is to prepare a loan package and then shop the loan to their lending network to get you the best deal.

BUSINESS OWNERS WHO MAY NOT QUALIFY FOR TRADITIONAL LOANS, OFTEN QUALIFY FOR SBA LOANS BECAUSE THEY ALLEVIATE THE RISK ASSOCIATED WITH LENDING MONEY. HOW TO KNOW WHICH OPTIONS YOU QUALIFY FOR You may have come across interactive funding or preapproval tools that allow you to input key information about your assets, credit score, investments, available cash, etc., and then they calculate a funding amount for which you qualify. These are great to get a general idea of the options available to you and may quickly eliminate any possibilities that won’t work for you. For example, if you don’t have a retirement plan, you will not be able to use your retirement savings to help fund your business. But these tools also point to a person to contact for more information because the only way for you to get an accurate assessment and pre-qualification is to speak to a funding consultant. There are way too many variables that need to be examined to rely on these tools to give you a definitive funding solution. You should also keep in mind that some of these variables are specific to franchising. For example, certain lenders have a different approach to approving loans for franchises than they do for other types of businesses. That’s why it is advantageous to work with a funding partner like FranFund who uses a franchise-specific pre-qualification, has expertise in the franchise industry, and has relationships with lenders who are comfortable working with the franchise model. If you are considering franchise ownership, you will save time and a lot of headaches by addressing the funding piece of the equation on the front end with an experienced franchise funding partner.




J F Franchise Journal


Financially Sound Franchise? by Nancy Lanard, Esq. Founder Lanard & Associates

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO REVIEW THE FRANCHISOR’S AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS? If the franchisor is financially weak, the franchisor may go into bankruptcy. A franchisor’s bankruptcy leaves the franchisee in a very difficult, and often unclear, position. A franchisor should have sufficient financial strength to meet all of the obligations owed to the franchisee. In my opinion, a franchisor, even a start-up franchisor, should have more funds available in its bank account than the high end of the Item 7 disclosure. Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a chart that shows (in a range) what it is likely to cost the franchisee to open the business and operate it initially. A franchisor should have at least the funding in its own bank account that meets the high-end of the range stated in Item 7. How can a franchisor possible meet its obligations to the franchisee (training, real estate assistance, grand opening assistance, etc.) if it is not sufficiently funded? I was contacted recently by a prospective franchisee of a relatively new system in which the franchisor had less than $100,000 in assets. The franchisor’s financials indicated that it was quite weak.


However, the investment by the prospective franchisee would have been greater than the value of the franchisor’s financials. In all the states in which the franchise was registered (except New York State), the state required that the franchise fee be deferred until after all of the franchisor’s initial obligations to the franchisees of that state were met. In other words, the franchisor was required to forego taking the franchise fee until after the franchisor trained the franchisee, helped secure the required software, etc. The prospective franchisee decided to retain an accountant to evaluate the financials to determine if he wants to move forward. That is a smart move on his part so he can make a more informed decision before he moves forward. In my opinion, the review of the franchisor’s audited financial statements can be a critical piece of information in making an informed decision before you move forward with a franchise opportunity. In addition to speaking with existing franchisees and reading the 23 Items of disclosure in the FDD, evaluating the financials of the franchisor should be an important part of the process (see a prior blog post on this topic: Four Steps To Validate


A Franchise). Years ago I was in-house counsel to Nutri/ System, Inc. At that time Nutri/ System was the number 1 weight loss company in the U.S., had been in business over 20 years and had over 1300 franchised locations (and 500 corporate). When they went into bankruptcy, it did not take long for the franchised locations to close. It is very difficult for a franchisee to survive the bankruptcy of its franchisor. All the economies of scale that make a franchise feasible for the franchisee to succeed are lost when the franchisor is no longer available. Why is it important to review the franchisor’s audited financial statements? Because the franchisor should be strong enough to support the franchisees that are in the system and the growth that a franchisor anticipates. A weak franchisor means that it may not be able to provide the support anticipated or promised and, even worse, may go into bankruptcy, leaving the franchisees in a very difficult position to survive without the support of the franchisor. To speak with one of our attorneys, please contact Nancy Lanard, nlanard@lanardandassociates. com or 215-392-0030 x101. ©2019 Lanard and Associates, P.C.

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FRANCHISE FUNDING PROVIDER FranFund offers flexible, all-in-one funding plans for franchisees without having to jump through hoops.


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BUSINESS OWNERS HAVE PLENTY TO WORRY ABOUT. THERE'S PAYROLL AND healthcare, hiring and retaining employees, taxes, the economy, keeping ahead of competition, technology breakdowns, and more. So when it comes to paying bills for services like courier and telecom, business owners don't always have the time to examine invoices or the market with a care足ful eye. In fact, companies are shelling out a lot more for services than they should. "On average, companies pay 35 percent more than they need to for operational services such as courier, mer足chant services, and telecom," says Dennis Schooley, founder of Schooley Mitchell. Schooley knows how to dig deep when it comes to expenses. He recognized a need for a spe足cialized service for business owners who don't have the time to inspect all vendor invoices and compare the best offerings for the best deal. He launched Schooley Mitchell, which acts as a go-be足tween for businesses and vendors, helping



companies get reduced rates on operational services such as courier, merchant services, and telecom. Working on a contingency basis, the client only pays a portion of the savings realized through Schooley Mitchell's advice. "We get paid by sharing in the savings. It's a risk-free service for our clients," says Schooley. "We have very successful franchise partners," says Schooley. "If you're motivated and willing to go out and talk to people, you will do well." The company provides all the training and specialized tools needed to run the business. "This is a very rewarding opportunity. We help people save money. Every business needs our service and we have saved companies millions in some cases," says Schooley. "The sky's the limit for franchisees." FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit

9 10



want to Stay Home. Our mission is to help them do just that.

Leading In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity • • • • •

Average Annual Gross Revenues *$1,112,104 Low initial investment range Positioned for growth with territories open across the US Strong income potential Extremely experienced corporate support staff and state of the art training for staff and caregivers

Harness the growing need for quality in-home care by becoming a Senior Helpers franchise owner today.

*Discounted franchise opportunities for military and first responders | 1.877.376.7120

*See Item 19 of our April 2019 FDD for further details (*2018 gross revenue for franchised businesses that have been operating 60 months or more. As of December 31, 2018 there were 204 franchised businesses that had been operating 60 months or more. Of these 204 franchised business, 77 (38%) of them had greater than average annual gross revenues of $1,112,104. The gross revenue figure does not include any deduction of costs or expenses incurred by the franchised businesses.) Some outlets have earned this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you’ll earn as much. This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. Currently, SH Franchising, LLC is not registered in the states of RI, ND and SD . We cannot offer a franchise in RI, ND and SD until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements. SH Franchising, LLC is the franchisor and is currently headquartered at 901 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 700, Towson, MD 21204. Residents of NY: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first the with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. Minnesota State Registration Number: F-7348.


Become a Town Square Franchise Owner Today! • First franchised adult day center concept of its kind in the US • Strategic alliance with industry experts, Senior Helpers and George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, Inc. • Unique, experiential programming for seniors • State of the art training for staff and caregivers • Unlimited earning potential • Territories open across the US • Two ownership models available • World class support throughout the entire process • Discounted franchise opportunities for military and first responders

855.454.3056 | | This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. Currently, SH Town Square Franchising, Inc. is not registered in the following states: CA, MD, MN, NY and WA. We cannot offer a franchise in these states until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements. SH Town Square Franchising, Inc. is the franchisor and is currently headquartered at 901 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 700, Towson, MD 21204. All rights reserved. SH Town Square locations are independently owned and operated. ©2019 SH Town Square Franchising, Inc.

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to Reduce Franchisor's Vicarious Liability

Doug Imholte, Franchise Programs Practice Leader for Marsh & McLennan Agency


growing trend in franchising is the increase in vicarious liability claims arising against the Franchisor for alleged negligent acts that occur at a Franchisee’s location. There are multiple risks inherent to Franchisors, and the Franchise brand, as a result of the franchise model, and as Franchisors, it’s important to recognize that risk exists and put a plan in place to help reduce your vicarious liability. Let’s look at how structuring and implementing a system wide franchise insurance program can help protect your system.


Mitigate Risk: Identify those exposures that are unique to your model and put a plan in place to manage and mitigate those. For example, does your system work with kids, is there delivery involved, how about selling products, food preparation or hiring lots of employees. Do you handle personal data from your clients, go into customer’s homes or provide personal services such as hair removal, massage or facials. All are different risks and can expose your brand, and potentially you as the Franchisor, to these risks if not insured properly. Insurance is not a “one size fits all” commodity and you are exposing your brand to risk if you don’t address your key franchisee exposures.


Write Proper Insurance Requirements: Most of the FDD’s I read do not list proper insurance requirements for that system. Too often it simply says that the Franchisee needs to get insurance that is acceptable to the Franchisor. In today’s world the Franchisor needs to provide better clarity as to what insurance is required by the Franchisees. Proper, detailed and tailored language needs to be in the FDD and Operations Manual with respect to what coverages need to be in place. Not doing so exposes your Franchisees and you as the Franchisor to undue risk.




Track & Manage Compliance to these Requirements: Having well defined insurance requirements is not enough; you need to track the Franchisees to maintain compliance to these standards. The best way to do this is collect their Certificates of Insurance to make sure coverages and limits are in place and the Franchisor is listed as Additional Insured.


Manage the Insurance Program Centrally: There is real value to the Franchisor and Franchisees to having a Franchise industry focused insurance Broker managing the insurance program. Some of these benefits include: one place for all the certificates, consistency of coverages and communication, leveraging this program with one carrier and gathering claim trends and identifying solutions to reduce future risks and claims.



Communication to the Franchisees: Proactive communication to the Franchisees is vital and helps maintain a healthy and happy system. The same is true for a tailored insurance program for your system. It is important that Franchisees understand the strategic benefit to them and to the brand of a well-designed and tailored insurance program. Incidents, claims and lawsuits that affect your system impact everyone and can result in loss of business, time taken away from other valuable activities, to Franchisees that go out of business as a result. In today’s evolving franchise environment, a well thought out, designed and implemented franchise insurance program is more important than ever. It can make a difference for you and your Franchisees.

Doug Imholte is the Franchise Programs Practice Leader for Marsh & McLennan Agency a global professional services firm. Doug is a member of the International Franchise Association, and has served on the boards of the Saint John's University National Alumni Association, the Lakes Street Council. He volunteers with the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society and coaches his daughter's basketball team. He enjoys spending time with his kids, golf, travel, and has completed three marathons. Marsh & McLennan Agency 7225 Northland Drive North • Suite 300 • Minneapolis, MN 55428 Direct 763-746-8221 • Cell 612-396-9157 • Fax 763-746-8321 • Main 763-746-8000 •



We are experts in the Franchise Industry. Marsh & McLennan Agency provides tailored insurance solutions to help you: • • • •

Meet FDD Insurance requirements Mitigate risks Reduce costs Specialize in Franchisor’s E & O

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Be a hero. Not a maid.

A Home Cleaning Franchise Opportunity


$5K franchise fee for the first five people to join our Charter League of Franchisees in 2019

Experience backed by Buzz Franchise Brands, one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies* Proven year-round business model with recurring revenue stream Dedicated business coaching for your success

World-class marketing & fun branding Full training & support no experience needed Proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit providing free housecleaning services to cancer patients



*Inc. Magazine, 2017 & 2018 Buzz Franchise Brands, LLC | 2829 Guardian Lane, Suite 100 | VA Beach, VA 23452. This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. The filing of an application for registration of an offering prospectus or the acceptance and filing thereof by the New York Department of Law as required by New York law does not constitute approval of the offering or the sale of such franchise by the New York Department of Law or the Attorney General of New York.



A Carribean Paradise

The advantages of organizing your event or conference in the Caribbean with Iberostar


eetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) have turned their attention to the Caribbean. Organizing a professional engagement in paradise is all the more alluring when combined with modern amenities, team building activities and “bleisure” plans. It’s a unique opportunity to discover new horizons, draw inspiration from the tropical climate and close deals against


the backdrop of one of Cuba or Jamaica’s idyllic sunsets. Jamaica's Iberostar Hotels & Resorts allow visitors to enjoy the unforgettable experiences the island has to offer. The excellent locations of the Iberostar hotels in Jamaica provide a unique opportunity to tour the island and to stop and admire all its treasures. We have (1) Adult Resort and (2) Family resorts and our rooms are 100% all-suites. You’ll find out why when you stay at the Iberostar Jamaica


JAMAICA'S IBEROSTAR HOTELS & RESORTS ALLOW VISITORS TO ENJOY THE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES THE ISLAND HAS TO OFFER. Resorts where each of our three 5-star, All Inclusive hotels give you the experience in Jamaica’s natural paradise right on the beachfront featuring 1 Adult Resort and 2 Family resort. While you’re getting your scuba diving certification, the little ones will have a blast playing at the Aquafun, floating in the lazy river, or enjoying the awesome Star Camp activities. Treat yourself to a

hydrotherapy circuit at one of the best spas in the Caribbean. And, last but not least, our guests can enjoy our 15+ restaurants, casinos, golf, spa, disco and much more. If you would like to schedule a planning call to learn about Iberostar’s conference facilities please call Marlo Sims at 301640-0153 or email - marlo.sims@



SmartStyle is an affordable, quality, full service hair salon conveniently located in Walmart. Walk in for a haircut or color service and fit a little "me time" into your day.

FETCH ME A RESALE! There are resale franchise opportunities available from quality franchise companies across the USA. Reach out today to get a free consultation about what options are in your market. Tell us what your criteria are and we will connect you with a team of experts who will scour YOUR market for you and come back with the insight you need to find what YOU are looking for! All at no cost to you! Here are few of the categories that we are constantly evaluating:

• • • • • •

Restaurant and Food Beauty and Fitness Home Based Businesses Automotive Franchises Business Opportunities Business Services

• • • • •

Child Related Cleaning and Maintenance Computer and Internet Education Home Based

• • • • •

Home Services Retail Franchises Sports and Recreation Travel and Lodging Veteran's Franchises



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SEEKING ROCKSTARS Franchise Companies Looking to Hire

NATIONAL FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Position Code: JA184 Location: Charlotte, NC The Franchise Development Manager is responsible for providing support and coordinating all franchise recruiting efforts for the Development team. Responsibilities include supporting new franchise recruitment efforts, franchise lead generation, new franchise qualification, franchise sales marketing, and management of well known franchise system Qualifications: • 3-7 years experience with multiunit franchise organizations in sales, service and development. • Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing preferred. • Strong organizational, project management and communication skills. • Prior sales and customer service experience preferred. • Knowledge of franchise sales processes, regulatory requirements and understanding of collision repair industry is preferred. • Prior experience working with franchise owners or as a franchisee. • Personal sales and sales training experience. Comp Package: Base + Commission + Profit Share REGIONAL FRANCHISE MANAGER Position Code: JA185


Location: Southeast USA Job Description • Act as a single point of contact for franchise development related activity for territory covered, while delivering effective and streamlined communication to franchise system on development pipeline. • Manage/facilitate all phases of franchise development process and support for territory covered: market planning, site selection & approval, real estate contracts, permitting, construction, and turnover/grand opening on projects from inception. • Responsible for attaining planned franchise development action approvals and timely new store openings for territory covered, including accurate forecasting and risk assessment. Includes utilizing project management processes to develop and maintain a pipeline of projects, track progress against milestones and effectively communicate progress reporting and results. • Support Development Team as needed in planning, business review, and ad hoc projects. • Moderate to heavy (30-50%) travel depending on pipeline priorities. Minimum Requirements • Education/Certifications – BA/BS in real estate, finance, business or related field required. Masters in Real Estate or MBA preferred. • Experience • Years of Experience – Minimum of 4-5 years of market planning,


real estate, development related experience with demonstrated organizational impact and increasing responsibility in related areas. Experience in franchise, multi-unit restaurant/retail industry preferred. • Demonstrated proficiency in broad development technical areas including site selection, trade area analysis, real estate contract negotiating, construction management, facilities management, architecture. • Must have strong internal motivation, intellectual curiosity, logical thinking, and a desire to have a large commercial impact on the organization. Being a Customer Maniac is a must. • Must have proven track record driving results via creative thinking and problem solving. Comp Package: Base + Commission + Profit Share FRANCHISE MKTG SPECIALIST Position Code: JA186 Location: Houston, TX The franchise marketing specialist serves as a liaison between the Home Office marketing team, franchisee, franchise staff, and collaborative consulting team in order to maximize local marketing efforts and franchise marketing dollars. Ongoing and positive communication with the franchise system and other Home Office departments is critical to this role. Key Job Responsibilities: • As part of a multi-department

consulting team, promote and assist in planning and executing local franchise marketing solutions supporting playbook and tactics including PPC, local direct mail, awareness advertising (TV, radio, digital display or billboard), social media, grassroots marketing and other local marketing and advertising tactics • Work with multi-department consulting team to identify and assist franchises in need of additional marketing support • Coordinate franchise co-op activities including meetings, research and budgets • Promote best practices on marketing spends and staffing to support location growth objectives • Interact with marketing team members to gain basic knowledge of each subject matter expert’s area of expertise; proactively develop job aids and other internal support materials to achieve knowledge level sufficient to assist with most franchise questions and inquiries (some requests will still require elevation to SME) • Serve as first point of contact for franchise contact into the Home Office marketing department • Connect franchise staff with marketing team subject matter experts and/or other consulting team members, as applicable; develop internal communications as appropriate Comp Package: Base + Commission + Profit Share HOME HEALTH AIDE Location: Every Market Position Code: JA187 Nationally known Home Care Franchise system is a licensed CHAP and Medicare accredited home care and home health agency serving clients and patients throughout the USA.

We provide compassionate and skilled nursing and non-medical home care to those most in need in our communities. We offer all of our nurses and caregivers the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their clients/patients every day. We are currently seeking caregivers nationally. Duties include assistance with bathing, dressing, transfers, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders and shopping. Our caregivers are a light in the lives of their clients and have the opportunity to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their clients. The caregiver will be required to stay with the client in their home/ facility 2hours - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our independently owned and operated franchises have significant demand and are looking for compassionate individuals for a variety of positions for in-home care and supplemental staffing care. DIR OF FRANCHISE SALES Position Code: JA188 Location: Flexible - can work remotely Job Summary: Nationally known property services franchisor is actively seeking a Director of Franchise sales. This role is responsible for the sales growth, developing/achieving departmental goal targets, strategic leadership of the franchise sales team, customer relations, developing and executing sales promotions and strategies for the franchise ownership opportunity to qualified candidates. Key Job Responsibilities: Develops and executes strategic plan to achieve departmental sales targets.

• Manages the entire sales process Including but not limited to FDD receipt management, work with MCP, HubSpot, and management of training reports. • Understands franchise and travel industry specific trends. Strategic management of the entire franchise sales team. • Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners. • Participates in annual FDD and state renewal process. • Maintains sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed expansion. • Ensures customer satisfaction with responsive account management. • Assists in trade show events including but not limited to determining involvement, ordering of supplies, furniture, electric, and other services as needed. • Establishes and maintains strong relationships through proactive account management and regular face-to-face meetings at all levels within the company. • Assist the sales team in the sales process as needed. • Collaborate with all departments, specifically Franchise Marketing, Corporate Communications,Compliance, Legal, and Technology to streamline processes and procedures.



Have a full understanding of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD Knowledge and Job Requirements: • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience • 2-4 years of sales/marketing experience • 2-4 years of franchise experience • Strong communication and negotiation skills • Stellar organizational skills Comp Package: Base + Commission + Profit Share VP OF SALES AND MARKETING Position Code: JA189 As a Vice President of Sales and Marketing (VPoS) you will be responsible for building a world class business-to-business (B2B) sales organization via a high degree of sales and marketing strategies, plans, recruiting efforts, compensation plans, training programs, and any other functions that benefit the The Company Franchisee sales efforts. The VPoS will ensure that sales objectives of the company are aligned and executed in a strategic and consistent manner. The VPoS will build and leverage relationships with The Company employees, Franchises, National Account clients to drive growth at a local level in accordance with the company’s vision and values. The VPoS will provide guidance and insight in lead generating activities, the connection between sales and marketing. You will play an integral role in the overall growth of the The


Company Franchise through your work with the franchise locations. The Company has a very exciting goal of becoming $1B franchise system, and ultimately breaking into the Top 100 franchise brands worldwide. To do so, we need to assist with our franchise owners with their sales management and hiring strategies. Our mission at The Company is to provide world-class building maintenance solutions that save time and solve problems. That mission holds true for our stakeholders, which includes our clients, employees, service providers, and investors. We live this mission through effective leadership and our desire to SERVE others. The Company offers its employees a competitive compensation; medical, dental, and vision benefits; 401k with match; 15 days of PTO; and paid holidays. Knowledge and Job Requirements: • BA/BS degree in business, marketing or equivalent experience. • Verifiable experience as a sales leader, proven record of accomplishment in sales management, marketing driven campaigns, and management in a transactional business-tobusiness environment. • 10+ years’ experience in a leadership position in a B2B sales environment required. • Highly analytical business acumen with and ROI-focused approach to marketing investment. • Franchise experience highly desirable. • Solid communication skills and the ability to influence and work well with people required. • Ability to build and scale in a progressive organization with focus on details and execution.


Comp Package: Base + Commission + Profit Share FRANCHISE SALES DIRECTOR Position Code: JA190 Location: Flexible - can work remotely Reporting to Chief Development Officer, the Senior Director of Franchise Sales plays an important strategic role in the success and growth of our brand. The role will be responsible for creating and leading the implementation of development strategies, goals, and tactics that result in the growth of existing franchise markets and entry into new and underdeveloped markets. The role will have a large impact on company revenue, profitability and be a driver in our brand development. • Initial lead contact, management and follow-up using our CRM system and established processes • Diligently respond to and followup with all franchise inquiries via phone, face-to-face meetings and email communication • Daily phone calls with prospective franchisees • Daily sourcing of prospective buyers • Sell new Franchise Agreements to qualified new franchisees • Speak passionately and knowledgeably about the brand and business, following the sales process with prospective franchisees thoroughly • Sustain ongoing professional conversations and relationships throughout entire sales process • Coordinate and guide candidates through the screening process; interviews, financial approvals, background checks, discovery days • Coordinate timely execution and authorization documents both to and from candidates such as applications, amendments,

background and reference checks, and candidate profile • Execute monthly sales objectives with regular tracking and progress reports Technical or Administrative Knowledge: • We will train the right person Demonstrated negotiation and influencing skills • Proven ability to comprehend, analyze, and negotiate contracts • Exceptional verbal, written communication and presentation skills • Ability and willingness to travel extensively as required • Must maintain a high attention to detail • Effective communication skills including group presentations • Extroverted personality with a passion for Ideal Image's purpose • Combines a confident, selfstarting, high performance orientation with a track record that reflects a proactive attitude • Strong Project management skills including organizing, multitasking and budget reconciliation Comp Package: • Competitive compensation • Comprehensive training • Paid Travel • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance coverage • Short- and Long-term disability insurance • Great vacation / PTO program • 01(k) plan with company match VP OF FRANCHISE SALES Position Code: JA191 Position Overview: Responsibilities include maintaining relationships with business accounts and sourcing new business opportunities within assigned market segments. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, organized, enjoys interacting with clientsand

approaches the position from a perspective of evolving business and aggressively increasing visibility of a well known franchise system. This position is designated for a seasoned franchise sales professional who has consistently demonstrated strong revenue production. Working directly with the CEO, you will enjoy a significant compensation package and freedom to help build our company. DIR OF FRANCHISE SALES Position Code: JA192 Location: Cincinnati, OH We are expanding to meet the demands of the growing industry and are seeking self-motivated, goal-driven, sales professionals to join our team!This is not a cold-calling sales role, you would be an essential member of our high-level development team. Responsible for building and managing relationships and franchise system growth. Working directly with Leadership and our talented lead generation team, qualified leads are provided to you.If you want to be part of a growing team where you can make an impact; Apply Today! Job Functions: Managing the sales process from the initial inquiry to awarding a franchiseBuilding relationships with prospective owners, providing consultation on the franchise brand, aspects of ownership, etc. and continually engaging and supporting throughout the sales process. Perform basic account maintenance and assist in the sales process as needed or directedMeet personal conversion goals and, assist in attaining brand goals for franchise sales overall Warm leads provided, NO COLD CALLING Execute sales process

adhering to Federal regulations, policies, and proceduresCollaborate with a nation-wide lead generation marketing team who provides qualified leads and marketing support. Job Requirements 2 years of successful sales experience and/ or working closely with small business owners (preferred) Franchise sales and/or previous business ownership is a plus! Must have a high level of professionalism with excellent verbal & written communication skills as well as public speaking Strong organizational skills Ability to manage multiple client needsPassionate about helping others start their own businessBachelor's degree Preferred Location: Cincinnati, OH (required) Benefits: • Competitive Guaranteed Base salary PLUS commission AND performance-based attainable bonuses • Supported with leading technology • Paid vacation/holidays/personal days • Medical, dental, disability & voluntary life insurance options • Wellness Incentives, On-site Wellness Coaching, Free Gym Membership • Company-paid life insurance • A 401(k) plan with a company match Reach out to jobs@ All of these positions are with Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other status protected by federal, state or local laws.





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