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February 2010


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called peers. When they try to influence how you act, to get you to do something, it's called peer "Come on! ALL of us are cutting math. Who wants to go take that quiz? We're go- pressure. It's something everyone has to deal with ing to take a walk and get lunch instead. even adults. Let's go!" says the coolest kid in your Next issue: class. Do you do what you know is right How to handle peer and go to math class, quiz and all? Or do pressure. you give in and go with them? How do you cope? Send us your view. As you grow older, you'll be faced with some challenging decisions. Some don't have a clear right or wrong answer - like should you play soccer or field hockey? Other decisions involve serious moral questions, like whether to cut class, try cigarettes, or lie to your parents. Making decisions on your own is hard enough, but when other people get involved and try to pressure you one way or another it can be even harder. People who are your classmates, are

Exclusive interview by: Ms. Nichole Gardiner Youth Officer (North Caicos)

Xpress Yourself: Were you able to accomplish any of Ms. Larisa Rivera, our present and your goals and outgoing Youth Ambassador, how? shared her experience, some of Larisa :OH her challenges and accomplishYES! My main project was a ments with us and has a few program called words of wisdom for TCI’s next “The Power of youth ambassador . ME.” It started out as a Self Esteem Rap Session in 2008. There were 11 high Xpress Yourself: Larisa school students present at the one-day When you became Rap Session. The session included various The Youth Ambassador for facilitators speaking on topics such as: the TCI, what were some ‘Who am I?’ ‘Physical ME’ and ‘My role of your goals and vision for to make a difference.’ the youths? Given that it was so well received by the Larisa: When I first heard the participants we decided to develop it into position was open I immediately ap- a program. This 8-week program now plied. That year my developed for primary level students heart was set on making a started in February 2009. 5 students from difference in my community. the Enid Capron Primary School moved My primary goal was that of on from level I of the program on to the addressing the problem of level II which is the Mentor Me compoLow Self Esteem that many young nent. This Mentoring Program, started in persons are faced with here in the 2010, is specifically designed for the stuTCI. I wanted to be able to dents who have taken part in the ‘Power encourage young persons to of ME.’ go out and make a difference wherever they are be it here In 2010 we decided to run the program or abroad. annually, 16 students are currently enrolled in this year’s program. We are pleased to have launched this program in Your pic could be North Caicos as well.. Although there was a lot of hard work and planning for this program to be carriedhere!! out, I am pleased to say that so far it has Tell us why you been able to inspire at least 20 young perconsider yourself an sons in the TCI.

outstanding young person. Email us at

Youth Ambassador 2010 Applications are now being accepted for Youth Ambassador 2010. Email for further details. Here’s your chance to make a difference.

Apart from the ‘Power of ME’ I have also been able to attend various schools, clubs, camps and such gatherings to speak to young people throughout my community. As I mentioned earlier my main goal was to help others but I have achieved even more because I was able to help myself in the process, I have discovered my love and passion to work with young people Xpress Yourself: What was your greatest challenge? And how did you overcome it? Larisa : My greatest challenge was that of balancing school with my work as Youth Ambassador. I attend the TCI Community College completing my associate’s degree in Business Studies. I tried to put my all in my tenure with the Youth Department and every now and then left out my studies. Then I realized that this wasn’t good. So even though I wanted to do much more for the young people I had my personal goals I had to achieve. So with all that I got to do for the TCI, I still manage to get good grades at the TCICC. Xpress Yourself:Where has your role as ambassador for the TCI taken you internationally? Larisa: St Kitts- A Respect & Understanding Consultative Meeting on November 18-21 2008. This consultative meeting provided an opportunity to sensitize policy makers, young people and civil society agencies about the Commonwealth’s agenda on respect and understanding, which is outlined in the Commonwealth publication Civil Paths to Peace. Antigua – CARICOM Secretariat / CARICOM Commission on Youth Development (CCYD)

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TCINYC - Turks & Caicos Islands National Youth Parliament Formed responses to questions, confidence, awareness of current affairs and presentation skills. Each participant was required to prepare a presentation on : ‘What benefits would I like to see the Youth Parliament make to youth development in the Turks & Caicos Is lands’

At the time of application, participants must have been residents of the country and must have been in the education system for at least 2 years before applying. Participants were also assessed on personal appearance, interest and enthusiasm,

Screening sessions were done by Hon Doug Parnell, Mr Deveraux Malcolm, Mr Dudley Been, Mrs Angela Musgrove and Mr Justin Missick.

tional Youth Parliament had to be put on hold. Plans have resumed and training sessions are currently being planned for April – July 2010 with a view to host the first sitting of the National Youth Parliament on August 12th 2010. Youth Parliamentarians are eager to begin preparations for the opening of their house.

Due to unforeseen limitations the plans for the Na-

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Nine dots are arranged in a three by three square. Connect each of the nine dots using 4 straight lines and without lifting your pen from your paper.

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The only newsletter for Young people by Young people. “Xpress Yourself”

The invitation to become members of the first National Youth Parliament was extended to persons between the ages 11 – 25 years in 2008. Screenings were held on each of the major islands during the months of June and July 2008. Over 61 applications were received.

Editorial — Follow Your Dreams!!

Nichole Gardiner ( Youth Officer) Hamilton Write Mabie once said “ The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantage; the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a young man ceases to dream or to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his condition in the face

and resolves to change them, he lays the cornerstone of a solid and honorable success.” Many years ago in this beautiful country of ours, our grandparents and parents did not have the opportunities we have today to gain a higher education . They were not fortunate enough to succeed in obtaining quality jobs to enjoy a better quality of life. As young Turks & Caicos Islanders we have the opportunities that many other young people in other countries seek in higher learning, good jobs and eventually a good career; yet we take it for granted.

I implore you to take advantage of them. Dream high and strive to accomplish that dream. However, these dreams can only be achieved if you are dedicated, consistent, hard working, one who embraces a challenge and most of all have a vision to succeed. A nation that strives and seeks excellence must first unite. We cannot turn back now when there is so much to be done and it will only be done by joining hands and hearts together as a team. Where there must be an awareness of unity, you must have the ability to act together toward a common goal and be able to

accomplish the objectives that cannot be achieved effectively by one individual. As youths and the future leaders of this great nation I would leave this thought with you: Remember in your role as a leader in your church, youth organization, school club or community club, you should be close enough to hear what your followers are saying, yet you should be far enough to lead them. In leading. display transparency, accountability, participation and partnership.

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Power of Me—North Caicos Ms Tamara Forbes of the Charles Hubert James primary and Mrs. Lewis of the Doris Robinson Primary facilitated the first two sessions for us and did a great job in setting the tone for the remaining weeks.

The Department of Youth Affairs began its quest of targeting the youths at the primary level in an effort to develop young persons who seem to have a hard time accepting themselves for who they really are. This is being done by hosting an eight week program throughout the Islands.

Mrs. Lewis stressed the need for considering yourself significant and she did this by letting the students know that they are of great value and importance. She also told them that they can only know this by feeding their minds with positive thoughts and act as if they believe they have value by the way they speak, dress, walk and most of all by having confidence in themselves.

The program was first run in Providenciales and was well accepted by the individuals who were targeted. On February 10, 2010 the program was extended to the youths of North Caicos and will run through the 7th of April . 2010. The participants who were selected from our various primary schools on North and Middle Caicos welcomed the program with

open arms. Facilitators across the Islands have been very kind in joining in this venture with us, by giving of their time after a long day at school.

What’s your view! Fashion: Who’s hot on the local scene? Who’s got the hottest gear?

Church: Why do you think our young people are reluctant in going to church ?

Friendship: How much do you value your friendship.

What is one of the greatest challenge for young people? “Xpress Yourself”

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Veranda Resort Gives Back The Veranda Resort has given back to the country and thus the community of North Caicos by adopting both the Charles Hubert James Primary and the Adelaide Oemler Primary School in North Caicos. At the Resorts’ opening event in February of this year students from both schools were invited to celebrate with the resort and its management team. During the evenings’ celebrations students welcomed the guest of honor and a cultural performance (of the Ole Conch & Uncle Lue) was done by the students of the Charles Hubert James Primary School.

Middle Caicos Prayer Breakfast Mrs. Shanique Been, Youth Officer for Middle Caicos hosted a prayer breakfast on 13th February 2010, under the theme “Love” at the community centre in Conch Bar. Mr. Lemelko Missick, the guest speaker at this event, shared some interesting information about the benefits of loving Jesus Christ and loving ourselves. A senior citizen of the community, Mrs. Annie Taylor stopped by to show her support by sharing with the children the importance of Love, Obedience Vision and Education.

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Camp Hype 2009 Providenciales -

A look back! “Young people are the heart which pumps new life into the veins of our community and society at large they should be recognized as the leaders of tomorrow ”.

Participant being presented with his achievement certificate.

‘This year’s Camp HYPE was one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences ever.’ That’s according to one of the participants. The Camp was held at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre. There were 17 young persons that benefited from this experience.

Participants having fun with a game of twister.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Day 3: Manuecheka Desvales, member of the Community Fellowship church had a bible study section with the participants. After break the partici-

Day 4 Havana Handfield spoke to the girls and Justin Missick spoke to the boys. On topics that are effecting their every day life. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Day 5 Educational games and preparation for the closing ceremony.

Camp Highlights: Day 1 Registration followed by a poster designing competition. Each team had to try to gain as much stickers as possible. At the end of the day the winning poster received stickers. Day 2 Mr David Bowen, Director of Culture with the participants on the culture and heritage of the TCI.

pants had a chance to play various board games.

Tell Us Volunteer Havana Handfield presenting a participant with his achievement certificate.

Volunteer to be a facilitator for this year’s camp.

What activity would you like to see added to this year’s camp?

Thank you

Xpress Yourself newsletter is the first of its kind to be produced for young people by

young people. We the management team would like to thank the general public our Listen out for details of photographers and contributing writers for supporting us in this venture. Our this year’s CAMP HYPE. newsletter focuses on those issues which are of interest and affect young people.

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Sports February 2010 The Raymond Gardiner High school held its yearly inter house school sports on the school grounds. The days were very challenging and were enjoyed by all. Gardiner’s and Duncanson teams were up for the challenge of dethroning Seymour as the reigning champs. As the days went by athletes and other team members became anxious for the final events. Even with Gardiner’s and Duncanson houses putting out their very best, they however, came up short when it mattered most. Seymour House once again captured and remained the champions of the Raymond Gardiner Inter-house sports. It was done through hard work and dedication as there was great competition in this year’s events.

RUN WITH THY MIGHT!!! Raymond Gardiner Inter-House Sports

Adelaide Oemler Primary Sports In February 2010, the Adelaide Oemler Primary held their annual inter house school sports. Many spectators came on time to watch the cheerleading competition. Oemlers’ house (Green) champions of last year’s cheerleading recaptured the trophy once again emerging as this year’s winner. Other houses Handfields’ (Blue) and Gardiners’) Red) all performed well and enjoyed the two day event. Also participating were the little ones from Aunty Maude’s preschool. Become a fan of the Department of Youth Affairs on Facebook. Share your view.

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Short Stories & Hobbies One Monday morning I went to school early because I had to copy my notes. I went inside my class. No one was there. I was thirsty and decided to open my coke soda and forgot that I shook it up. I went to the desk to put down my homework book and I opened my soda. It spilled out on the teachers’ desk. All the bags books and other things got wet. I took my bag and ran out of the class and went behind the school. Then I saw one of my classmates ride pull up. I acted like I was just walking in the school gate, we walked into the class together. I acted like I was in shock. A few minutes later Mrs. Jagroop entered the classroom. When she entered the class we said, “Mrs. Jagroop look someone spilled something on your table.” After devotions teacher tried to investigate but did not succeed. She punished the whole class. Then she dismissed us. I went home feeling so guilty. I thought about how I betrayed my friends. I felt so guilty I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned but still couldn’t sleep. After a while I finally fell asleep.


The next morning when I came to school, I told the teacher about the accident and that I did it. She sure thanked me for being honest. I apologized to me classmates. They were mad at me but they were also happy that they weren’t being punished anymore then they accepted my apology.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My teacher punished me and after all I felt better that I apologized and told the truth. Ebeni Ingham Eliza Simons Primary Grade 6J

LENESSA SUTTON FORM 3B HJR High My leisure activities include listening to music, dancing and chatting online. I am determined to achieve my dream in becoming a Certified Public Accountant. My Philosophy in Life is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

FORM 3C HJR High The heights by great men reached and kept, were not obtained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night. I enjoy playing Basketball and going Fishing. Building and Design Technology is my area of interest. Dedication and Determination are the two words that motivate me.

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Rhythm & PoetRy CoRneR How the Spider Monkey Outsmarted the Lion It was a hot day, so I decided to go for a swim with the other monkeys. Suddenly I saw a fat lion coming towards the lagoon, so I hid in the bushes. When I looked I saw the lion slowly going in my lagoon. I shouted to the lion if you come out of the lagoon I will let you eat me tomorrow . He said ok. That night I made a plan for Perry that ugly mean lion. I dug a hole in the ground and put some leaves over it so the he could not see it. The next day he came looking weak and hungry and said, Its dinner time.

Michael and the Little Boy Michael was in a rush to get home running down the side walk he accidentally pushed Chris. Chris fell down and started to cry. Michael yelled “I am sorry” and started to run home. Chris’ big brother Jake came along and called Michael back but Michael did not hear him. He ran all the way down the road On his way he heard something in the bush. He immediately became frightened and ran faster down the road.

He reached home at midnight. When he stepped in the house he saw Chris and his big brother Jake. His mother I said yes, yes it is. Come and get it. He ran tocalled him and asked him why he pushed Jake down. He wards me and fell in the hole with a loud noise. I told his mother the entire story. After he finished, he laughed “ Ha, ha-ha that’s what you get for going in apologized and went upstairs to his room. He went sleep my lagoon.” the whole night. So he roared “please let me out” “I will not harm you. I will not do anything alright.” I buried the fat lion Samuel Chisolm (C.H.J. Primary) alive and that was the last I heard of lion Perry.

Makeva Lewis (C.H.J.Primary) Please feel free to contact us: “Xpress Yourself” P.O.Box 1114 Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands

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