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It’s a new dawn How a family reminder fuelled change and success


orking 80 hour weeks for 25 years in highly pressured positions for FTSE 100 companies, work-life balance for Dee Beckett was severely imbalanced for a long time. Change was needed. But often a trigger is needed to create drastic change. She said: “One day, my fouryear-old came into my office to say goodnight whilst I was on a conference call. Having hushed her out twice, she crawled along the floor and left a note with a bracelet.” The note read: “Mummy, made this for you so you don’t forget me.” Broken hearted, it was a wakeup call for change. Starting from scratch, Dee set up Mosaic Business Growth sharing her passion and expertise in business

growth, enabling SMEs to flourish. She’s done so well, she’s up for two Niche Business Awards, against one of her very own clients, Imperial Roofing Supplies, in one category – a win-win for Dee! Making it to the semi-finals in Best New Business and Business Growth, she’s put together advice for surviving in business and thriving post-Covid. Positivity and flexibility Change has been enforced and is here to stay. We must embrace it and be flexible. A positive attitude helps deal with challenges, having a ripple effect on outcomes. Set your direction and know your numbers Planning is tough. Reflect on past

successes and reassess routes to move forward. Knowing your numbers is key. They tell a powerful story of what works, what doesn’t, and where growth opportunities are. Set targets, measure and monitor results. Be customer-centric and focus It’s thought to take 16 touchpoints before someone buys into your brand. Businesses often give up way before and wonder why they’re unsuccessful. With limited resources, focus is key. What is your target market? What are their pain points? Put them at the heart of your business and assess how your business delivers positive outcomes against these. For more advice, contact dee.beckett@mosaicbusinessgrowth. or call on 07388 022473.

Elated insurance brokers make finals For a company that believes in giving back to its local community through charity work with Alex’s Wish and school programmes, perhaps it’s their turn to receive


ndependent brokerage Anthony James was founded after its Managing Director, Steve Boorman, had been involved in several national brokerages which had been through a number of acquisitions and lost its core values for staff, customers and the community along the way. He set up the firm in 2009 to bring corporate expertise to a community and value based independent brokerage. “In starting Anthony James back in 2009, we knew we wanted to revert to good, honest family business values that are very different to large corporate ones, where you are just a number – either as a client or as a member of staff,” explains Steve. “For me it isn’t about making loads of money or chasing a certain lifestyle, it is about becoming the leaders in our Industry and having a business that puts the staff at Its core, securing our independence and foundation for the future!” Now with a 19 strong team, the company is a finalist in

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the Employer of the Year category. How do they feel? “We are elated! We have been working hard to make Anthony James the best Insurance Brokers to work for in the East Midlands and it is fantastic to be recognised in being nominated for this prestigious award. “We also see and read the magazine on a regular basis and wanted to work with a company that is at the heart of the business community.” When asked why they think they were nominated, Steve said: “I’d like to think it is because we genuinely empower all our likeminded staff and give them the opportunity to become whatever they would like to be. There are very few businesses that bring apprentices through to directors and share the success of the business with their staff – and we are very proud of that.” To find out more about the firm, visit or call 01509 274000.