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The intimate subject of the pleasure industry In a career that has taken him from fire breather to toy maker – of the adult kind – small businessowner Adam Breedon has taken on battles of a different variety in business


hings that 99.9% of the world take for granted, we have to fight for,” Says Adam Breedon, who coowns sex toy manufacturer Godemiche with partner Monika Makarewicz. “For example, as a VAT registered, limited company with employees and no debt, banks still refuse to open up a business account because, I quote: ‘the nature of your business’ and ‘the sector you operate in is prohibited’. “Social media can also be a tricky minefield. We have been banned on Instagram for the past two years, meaning we don’t come up in any search, unless you type our full name which is @Godemiche.silicone. Although that’s frustrating, it’s also a driver.”

The company was formed in 2015 after Adam and Monika ran a web shop called ThatPosition selling other people’s products while also making his own. He’s previously worked as a fire breather, tree surgeon, bingo caller, make-up artist, and more before becoming a bona fide “dildo-maker”. He now has two children aged five and six. On how he juggles work and family life, he says: “We explain to them the best we can that sometimes work needs us for longer. Likewise, we actively do nice things to spend more time with them. It’s very much a seesaw we have to keep balancing and not taking either for granted.” Whilst dealing with the ups and

Adam Breedon and Monika Makarewicz celebrating another year of Godemiche

downs of running a small business and family, Adam must also tackle the opinions of others and grapple with gaining mainstream acceptance. “Constructive, negative criticism is welcomed all day long,” he explains. “We are not blind to the fact that people will hate everything we do. Hell, people might even hate us personally, and we’re fine with that. We will discuss anything with anyone who has a difference of opinion and we will listen, argue where we feel it’s appropriate, but also change where we feel it’s appropriate.” Learn more about how Godemiche is trying to turn the industry from taboo to a topic of discussion at

Positivity... even on a Monday Even through the digital distancing of a Zoom conversation, a meeting with Brendan Green of M&B Design and Print leaves you in an upbeat mood WORDS BY EMILY MILLER


he working week has only just dawned, but Brendan Green’s positive mindset is infectious. His people skills reflect someone who has not only worked hard and with good people for years, but one who has also faced challenges and overcome them to emerge stronger than ever before. The family business was handed down from his father – “a hero of mine, he was extremely hard working, as was my mother, who always made time for family too” – And although printing might have been in his blood, it wasn’t always in his heart. A keen actor and singer, Brendan side shifted those dreams to the weekends to take the reins of the business and now is very happy in his role as Director at M&B

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Design and Print. “There’s been plenty to get my teeth into over the years and we have diversified with technology and design services, adapting with the times and climates. I really enjoy the people aspect of what I do,” he says. With the passing of both his mother from cancer and his father of a different condition on the same day in 2016, Brendan’s approach to the business evolved. “Ultimately, I want to make them proud with the way I do things, that’s both for the business and in my personal life. The support I received at the time from both the BNI business community and my amazing partner Danni really got me through and still does.”

The global pandemic has also had an effect on Brendan, “For me, being forced to strip back the working day, to carve out elements of it to focus my attention on, and also to find time to spend quality time with my partner, has really taught me that business doesn’t need to be 24/7 in order to thrive. Supporting one another with a positive mindset has never been more vital.” Take a look at how M&B Design and Print can support your business needs at or call 01509 233 342.