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to FUSIC Harish Palli is a man whose hardworking and tenacious attitude towards business has enabled him to adapt and prosper at a time when the pandemic could have seriously dented the success of his businesses


started out as a businessowner whilst working for the multi-national brand Mars,” Harish Palli of Harini’s FUSIC told us. “It was a natural thing for me to start a business of my own and I knew after a short time of doing both that it was time to go it alone and really commit to my ideas.” His ideas, which started with a spice mix and healthy grains, soon developed into a restaurant of his own design which would use the mixes combined with other high quality, healthy ingredients. After realising that there was a demand for music and food all rolled into one entertaining evening, Harish sought out a larger venue to accommodate his growing customer base. “I wanted to have a venue which had a really entertaining atmosphere and the music and food seemed to work so well with guests. The music created

a new atmosphere and people were gathering in larger groups for a real evening out at FUSIC” Then, when the pandemic hit and hospitality suffered the most, Harish had to reconsider how the business was going to survive. He came up with the idea of BBQ Boxes with variations for family groups and couples staying at home. These boxes come with uncooked, fully cut, prepared and marinated meat, vegetables and vegan options for a delicious family activity meal. “I consulted with the whole team and between us all we worked out a takeaway service in and around Leicester which was to become a huge success during lockdown and beyond. “I think it’s taught me to strive to continue to think outside of the box, to keep communicating with my team and also to create a healthy work-life balance spending time with my young family.” Not one to rest on his laurels though, Harish is working on an exciting franchise model business for the latter stages of 2020. “It’s all still a work in progress, lockdown was a great time to be able to work on it – I found it a very productive time thankfully.” Discover the BBQ Boxes and more about FUSIC at harinis.co.uk.

A spark that started at 13 Multi-business owner Tom Bates cites his first boss, a fruit and veg stand owner, as his main source of inspiration for success


t just 13 years old, Tom Bates developed a work ethic which would stay with him. “My boss was a huge influence on me, he worked so hard but had real financial success. I knew from then on that I wanted to be successful and would work hard to get there.” A few years later, stacking shelves at Tesco and a business management degree under his belt, Tom embarked on managing a team at the store whilst spending his days off working at the family-run print firm that he eventually bought out with his mother, realising his dream of being a businessowner. “I wanted to create my own schedule, to work off my own back.” That he did – and his entrepreneurial streak has since spurred him on to start a hair and beauty salon with his wife, a sock company which offers 44 | NICHE

a unique sock subscription service, an aggregates firm started during lockdown, and work alongside the coaches at WiserWays. Phew! “Managing to balance it all isn’t always easy, but small ways of adapting your ways of working can help,” says Tom. “I have a busy family life too, and sometimes I can get a little too into work mode. I just remind myself of this, though, and make sure I switch the laptop off at a reasonable hour.” In order to share his ethos for dreaming of where you want to be and going for it, Tom wants to set up his own Young Entrepreneur organisation. “I want to share the things I have learnt along the way and ultimately, would love the idea that I could help influence a young person in a positive way in their lives so they could be successful at business.”

This year has presented its own unique set of challenges. Tom said: “We were able to survive through adapting our approaches within our teams and the individual businesses. It was a challenging time, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.” With an award nomination at the Women in Business Awards 2020 – in the male businessman category! – Tom is hopeful about the year ahead. “The nomination feels like a great way to close what hasn’t been the easiest year in the business world.” To find out more about Tom’s journey, visit linkedin.com/in/tombates-theprinters.

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Niche Magazine Issue 40  

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