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[Insert name] MP 26 October 2012


Government needs to get a grip on energy bills – and stop people getting ripped off Labour’s campaign to help families struggling with soaring energy bills is gathering momentum. We have launched our SwitchTogether campaign to help families get a better deal. If you’re interested in signing up and seeing if you can get a better deal through collective switching, visit . We’re also upping the pressure on this shambolic Government to sort the energy market out – particularly the energy giants who are ripping people off. Labour called a debate in the Commons this week to demand real help for people who are paying more because the Government has failed to stand up to these companies. As we’ve come to expect, this Government has the wrong priorities and is standing up for the wrong people. There are massive energy challenges facing this country and we need to think seriously about how we’re going to ensure there is enough affordable energy to go round. Unlike this Government, Labour is prepared to stand up to powerful vested interests in the energy industry. Our plans would provide real help now, as well as reform the way our energy market works for the long-term. We would require energy companies to put all over-75s on their cheapest tariff, which could save as many as four million pensioners as much as £200 a year from their annual energy bills. We would force the energy generating companies to pool the power they produce and make it available to any energy retailer, in an attempt to open the market and to put downward pressure on prices. And we would abolish Ofgem, the energy market regulator which is failing to keep the prices in check, and create a tough new energy watchdog with a statutory duty to monitor wholesale and retail energy prices, and the power to force energy suppliers to pass on price cuts when the cost of wholesale energy falls. CAMERON’S PROMISES ON THE NHS COUNT FOR NOTHING Nursing numbers decline in [constituency] Before the General Election, David Cameron said he could be trusted with our NHS and that he would protect it. He promised no more top-down reorganisations of the health service and promised not to close local NHS services. But we now know this was not true. The promises David Cameron made to get elected are being broken one after another. Statistics released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre this week show that the number of nurses employed by the NHS has fallen by 6,191 since Cameron became Prime Minister. In [REGION] alone, over [NUMBER] frontline nurses have already been cut since May 2010. Patients are paying the price as more people wait longer in A&E and the number of patients left waiting on trolleys in hospital corridors is up by a third. What greater sign could there be of a Government that has got its priorities wrong - giving tax breaks to millionaires and P45s to nurses? David Cameron needs to stand up for the right people. Patients and staff deserve to be put first. He must stop this assault on the NHS frontline.

POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER ELECTIONS ON 15 th NOVEMBER The Tory-led Government’s 20 per cent cuts to policing mean at least 15,000 officers will be lost by 2015 and despite promises that their cuts would not impact on the frontline there are already 6,800 fewer frontline officers. David Cameron showed what the Tories really think of our police when he tried desperately to defend a Cabinet Minister who swore at police officers and called them ‘plebs’. The Tories are putting the safety of our communities at risk. They are making it harder for police to use DNA evidence to prevent and solve crime. They are weakening action against anti-social behaviour and making it more difficult for communities to install the CCTV which helps keep them safe. David Cameron’s Tories cannot be the answer to the challenge of keeping all our communities safe. Labour will protect communities and fight crime. Labour Police and Crime Commissioners pledge to: • • • • •

Stand up for communities against the Tories’ 20 per cent cuts to policing and the loss of at least 15,000 police officers Keep police on the beat and out of their cars with neighbourhood policing, not leaving it only to PCSOs Not hand over patrolling our streets to private companies; we want police officers and PCSOs doing the job Back a strong and swift response to anti-social behaviour. Victims should get a response within 24 hours and we will work to deliver this Be tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime. We will work in partnership with police, local people and councils to tackle and prevent crime. And we will protect the police from political interference by respecting the independence of the Chief Constable

ONE OFF BOOST FROM THE OLYMPICS IS WELCOME BUT WE NEED SUSTAINED JOBS AND GROWTH It's good news that, with the help of the Olympics, Britain is finally out of the longest double-dip recession since the Second World War. Here in [CONSTITUENCY] we desperately need an injection of confidence and some good news on the economy. A one-off boost from the Olympics is welcome, but it is no substitute for a plan to secure and sustain the strong recovery we to create jobs, get the deficit down and make people better off. This is no time for complacency and wishful thinking. This week’s figures show that underlying growth remains weak and that our economy is only just back to the same size as a year ago - twelve months of damaging flatlining which has seen borrowing rise in the first half of this year. The truth is George Osborne is way behind when it comes to delivering on the promises he made on jobs and growth and getting the deficit down. The question for the coming months is whether and how we can catch up all the ground we have lost in the last two years. We’ve been falling behind as other countries move ahead. With living standards falling, more tax rises on the way, small business lending down and the eurozone still in crisis, it would be very unwise of David Cameron and George Osborne to just sit back, cross their fingers and hope for the best. Action is needed now to secure and strengthen growth in our economy. Britain needs a plan to secure and sustain a strong economic recovery, including using funds from the 4G mobile spectrum auction to build 100,000 affordable homes, a temporary VAT cut and a bank bonus tax to fund jobs for young people out of work. People on low and middle incomes need action to ease the squeeze on their living standards rather than a tax cut for millionaires. We need longterm changes to make our economy stronger, including a long-term plan to rebuild our infrastructure and radical reform of the banks. These are the changes that will deliver the One Nation economy that Britain deserves.

News from Westminster 26 October, 2012  

Government needs to get a grip on energy bills – and stop people getting ripped off