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January 28, 2011

Volume 28 Issue 5

Plans underway for new high school, early childhood center

Changes may be on horizon with new buildings Jacqueline Hensley Editor-in-Chief A new high school building may be on its way. Members of Northmont’s Board of Education and the community have been discussing the possibility of a new high school building and an early childhood learning center. Blue 2 Facilities Committee, the committee which is working on the new building plans, has been meeting for several years, as far back as 2002, and is made up of about 30 people from the community. “They’re thinking about the thoughts and needs of the district,” said Principal Mr. George Caras. The major issue concerning the high school is the size. Currently, the high school, not including the auditorium, which will be kept as part of the new buildings plan, totals around 186,000 square feet with a student population of about 2,000. However, the state of Ohio requires 273,600 square feet for 1,700 students. “The state sets up a formula for how much space is needed. Our school is 47 percent

too small. Our gym is a complete joke. It needs to be twice as big,” said Caras. To make space for the new building, the committee is considering relocating outdoor athletics facilities and demolishing the existing high school with the exception of the auditorium. District leaders don’t yet know where sports facilities might be relocated. Classrooms and the gym were both a point of focus at the meeting. The current gym, commonly known as the “big” gym, is about 7,780 square feet, whereas state standards set gym size at 16,000 square feet. Most classrooms in the building are 740 square feet compared to the 900 square feet mandated by state standards. Classrooms at Northmont are 22 percent too small. “All plans are being designed to state specifications. There’s going to be larger rooms with more light through windows. All the tech will be built in to the ceilings, so there would be no more cords hanging each way. Teachers will have space to get between rows and work with students,” said Superintendent Dr. Sarah Zatik. “One great feature would be greater security, new security cameras and having

to go through the office area before getting to the rest of the school. Hallways would have to be much bigger, and even the way the doors open into the hallways is taken into consideration. However, not many details have been planned out, but we have a master concept plan, just as a general concept,” explained Zatik. The committee also addressed the idea of an early childhood center, which would contain pre-school, kindergarten and first grade. O.R. Edgington would no longer be used for educational purposes, but what the elementary would be used for has not been decided. “The first school year to take place in the new building would be 2015, which means the seventh graders now would be in their senior year at that time. We still need a planning year for details, and it takes a couple of years to build. There’s a bond issue vote for the Board of Education in July, and then it would go to voters to support in November. That’s when we’d have the okay to work with the architect,” said Zatik. At this point, state funding would pay for 47 percent of the cost of building. For all changes, the estimated total cost is $85-90

million, only 53 percent of which Northmont would have to pay. Northmont’s share would be paid by money raised from the local bond issue, if voters approve it. “The timing is great with this state bond funding. It states that you have to make sure it (building plans) affects everybody in a specific group in the district. For example, choosing one elementary to rebuild wouldn’t count because it wouldn’t help other students in other elementaries. This gives us the opportunity to build an early childhood center, which would affect all pre-school to first graders, and a new high school, which would affect all ninth to twelfth graders for our school district,” said Zatik. A select group of students will be chosen to speak to Zatik about the high school. They will discuss the new buildings plan and what they like and don’t like about high school and middle school. Both Caras and Zatik said they welcome input from students. “Everybody should feel valued, happy and that they’re getting a good education,” said Zatik. “It might take a year to plan and years to build, but 2015 is going to come around and hopefully, with a new buildings.”

Drama Club to premiere ‘Beauty and the Beast’ musical Madi Rumschik


The Drama Club will perform the widely known musical “Beauty and the Beast.” Mrs. Marjorie Strader, Drama Club adviser, will direct the show. The musical premieres Friday, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Other performances are Saturday, Feb. 12, Friday, Feb. 18, and Saturday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. “Beauty and the Beast” is a story about a beautiful village girl named Belle who lives in a small French town but longs for a more exciting life. She also must fend off the advances of arrogant Gaston who wants to marry her. The Beast is a prince who was placed under a spell because he could not

love. When Maurice, Belle’s father, becomes lost while traveling, he runs into the Beast’s castle where he is taken as a prisoner. Belle goes out to find him and ends up trading her freedom so that her father can be free instead. As Belle spends time in the Beast’s castle, the two begin to become friends. “I watched this movie growing up and getting to perform one of my favorite Disney movies is really cool,” said senior Emily Young, who plays a silly girl in the production. “I’m both excited and nervous. The fame of this play means that more people will come, but with preconceived expectations. We hope to not only meet them but surprise them,” said senior Jasmine Shahbazi, who also plays a silly girl.

“I think everyone is familiar with the show and everyone is going to have high standards because it is well-known, but I think we can pull it off,” said senior Brett Mutter, who plays the Beast. “The best thing about the musical is that it attracts so many people,” said senior Trevor Coran, who plays Gaston. “I’ve never actually been in a musical quite like this. It’s very new and exciting for me,” said freshman Clarie Kleptz, who is in the ensemble. “My favorite part about this musical is the new people who joined Drama Club and helping them fit in and showing them how we work,” said senior Amanda Cunningham, who plays a silly girl.

Photo by: Elyssa Cokinis Drama Club rehearses for the performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” The musical premieres on Friday, Feb. 11, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.



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New schools proposal will provide benefits for schools, community The Northmont City School District has recently released a proposal to build a new high school and an early childhood learning center, which would be completed in 2015. This proposal has left many students saying, “I don’t care. It will not affect me.” While that may be true, those students are not considering how new school buildings will affect the student body in the future. Although current students will no longer be in high school in 2015, a new high school and early childhood learning center could potentially affect their families. Younger siblings of these students will benefit from having new schools. Also, if these students return to the Northmont area to raise their own families, their children will enjoy the benefits of new buildings. The current high school building already has an array of problems. One problem is a lack of space. The school is 47 percent too small, according to a formula set up by the state. Classrooms are 22 percent too small, according to that same formula. Also, the “big” gym is 8,220 square feet below the standard set by the state. Another issue is outdated

wiring. Building a new high school would eliminate these issues. New buildings have many other advantages. Contructing new buildings would bring in new technology, natural lighting and improved security. Also, better schools cause property values of homes in the area to increase. Building a new high school could help to insure that future students have what they need to succeed in life. With all that comes with a new school, it’s clear that a new school could help the Northmont community. Success is the name of the game at Northmont, a school district with an Cartoon by: Emily Eldridge “Excellent with Distinction” rating. To maintain this rating, a school must make improvements each year. This is only possible if changes are made. Thus, a new high school should be on the list of improvements. The benefits of building new schools are clear. Now it is time to help future students by giving the district what it has needed for a long time: new schools. Encourage parents, neighbors and community members to vote in favor of building these new buildings to make this dream a reality for Northmont.

1.28.11 Bolt’n Board Jobs for Grads students were recognized at the dedication of a Habitat for Humanity house for contributing the most hours of any volunteer organization.

The Academic Challenge Team won The Ohio State University Winter Academic Tournament.

The Northmont Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) will compete in the Mid-Ohio Drill meet on Jan. 29, in Grove City, OH. Good luck!

Interact Club volunteers participated in “Bagging for Tips” at IGA in Brookville, raising money for charity.

Drama Club will present the musical “Beauty and the Beast” on Friday, Feb. 11, Saturday, Feb. 12, Friday, Feb. 18 and Saturday, Feb. 19. All performances will be at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Break a leg!

The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Northmont will take place June 4-5 at the stadium. The event will begin at noon Saturday and end at 6 a.m. Sunday. Anyone interested in forming a team should attend the Kickoff event Thursday, Feb. 3, at 5:30 p.m. at Elements IV Interiors at the Wyse Road exit of Interstate 75 or check out the website at Contact April at for more information.

1.28.11 T-Bolt Tribune


Hit TV show sweeps nation, Tribune Tunes fans call themselves ‘Gleeks’ Hannah Cortes

News Editor

Who knew that one television show about a high school show choir in Lima, Ohio, The New Beginnings, would cause such uproar in the nation? Apparently the executive producer of the hit show “Glee,” Dante Di Loreto, did. “‘Glee’ is a musical comedy that is sweeping the nation. It’s about ambitious students that strive to outshine their singing competition while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High,” said Di Loreto in an interview with the BBC at The show aired its pilot in May 2009, and has been an entertainment whirlwind since. The club’s head director, Will Schuester, acts like the hero of the show, trying to get the community to see how important the arts are. Since no show is complete without a villain, the show brought on Jane Lynch to play Sue Sylvester, a cruel cheerleading coach who will do anything to stop Schuester and The New Beginnings. “I think it’s popular because it has a good story line. It’s about high school issues; it just deals with them in song. The show takes

new songs to attract attention and also adds in old songs and revives them and makes them more modern,” said senior Amanda Cunningham, a member of Northmont’s show choir. Senior Evan Rose, a guitarist for Encore, disagreed. “No school has that much drama at one time. Plus, they ruined Bon Jovi and Queen and that’s just not acceptable,” said Rose. Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music in New York is filled with its own real life cast of “Glee” said In December, 2010, the second season of an acapella competition show called “The Sing Off” aired on NBC. Eleventh Hour, a group of high school students from Kettering Fairmont High School, made it to the second round of the show before being voted off.

Find my twin

Valentine’s Day Word Search

Miranda Lindsey

News Editor

Rap Artists 1.) Dem OH1O Playaz: “Good Girl” 2.) Lil E: “Unstoppable” 3.) Lux, Dub, Deuce & Machete: “I Bop, I Roll” 4.) Yung Guap: “Shake Dat” 5.) Cardiac: “Gutta Gutta” 6.) Dex: “Cran My Car” 7.) DeMarco: “Super Soaker” 8.) Daze Lo: “Too Much Ice” 9.) Guap Gang: “Pants Shirt”


The 365 Days of the month represent kazoos, corn chips, Nutella Jacqueline Hensley Editor-in-Chief Here is a collection of crazy holidays for each day of the month up until the next issue. They come from various sources. January 28- National Kazoo Day 29- National Corn Chip Day 30- Inane Answering Message Day 31- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day February 1- Hula in the Coola’ Day 2- Groundhog Job Shadow Day 3- The Day The Music Died 4- Create A Vacuum Day 5- World Nutella Day 6- Dump Your Significant Jerk Day 7- Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day 8- Laugh and Get Rich Day 9- National Stop Bullying Day 10- Umbrella Day 11- Pro Sports Wives Day 12- Darwin Day 13- Madly In Love With Me Day 14- Quirky Alone Day 15- National Gum Drop Day 16- Do A Grouch A Favor Day 17- Champion Crab Races Day 18- Pluto Day 19- Chocolate Mint Day 20- Hoodie Hoo Day 21- International Mother Language Day 22- Be Humble Day 23- Inconvenience Yourself Day 24- National Chili Day






to the athletic trainers for a great job ! -Kendricks family

2100 East Dorothy Lane Kettering, OH. 45420


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Blogging offers place to share thoughts, pictures Lyndsay Boyd Assistant Editor-in-Chief With all the social networking sites people are interested in these days, it’s a mystery why blogging isn’t at the top of people’s lists. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all allow you to keep up on your friends’ lives and broadcast your own life for all your friends and family to see. A blog, essentially an online journal or scrapbook, allows you to share your thoughts, opinions, photos and memories. You can write about many subjects, such as fashion, politics, personal interests, life or basically anything on your mind. If you want to create a blog, first start with your setup. makes your whole blog page for you. After making a blogger account, you go through the process of customizing everything to make your page pop with personality. You will also get your own web address. For example, you could use your full name such as Billyjoe., or you could use the title of your blog. Customizing your page is one of the most fun parts of the experience. On you can choose your layout, color themes and backgrounds. You can also have your own picture and load it as your background. On the settings screen, go to design/template designer/backgrounds to find all of the options. Also, by playing with your header, you can make a permanent heading that shows up on your blog. You can make a header in Photoshop and upload it, or you can use a picture you already have or make one at or Picnik and Photobucket provide many ways to personalize pictures and make collages. Picnik has templates you can use to put multiple pictures in one image. These collages can make good headers for the blog. My favorite picture editing site is Photobucket because it offers more effects than Picnik. However, if you buy a subscription to Picnik, you will have access to many cool and professional advanced effects that would be worth using if you are really serious about photo editing. Photobucket allows you to add effects to your pictures, such as night vision, which makes the picture green and black like night vision glasses, or pop art, which makes makes multicolor squares of your picture. Another effect, color rotate, rotates the colors in your picture, and color splash allows you to mix colors. You can also choose black and

white effects. Those are just some of the 24 effects available. You can also add text, glitter text, stickers and glitter stickers. You can distort the images, remove blemishes and wrinkles and crop images. After you finish editing your pictures you can save them and they save to your own gallery of pictures. After clicking on the picture, you can right click and save the image, post it to Facebook, e-mail it and more. Picnik offers about the same effects as Photobucket but has better collage options, and you can also pay a subscription fee and make cards and put your pictures on various items. An interesting and different feature of Picnik, though, is that it offers, in the editing, effects specific to a holiday or season. For example, during the winter holidays, Picnik allowed you to put antlers or a red nose on people. For New Year’s the site offered fireworks and party themes. Picnik offers similar effects to those of Photobucket, but it also lets you choose from effects such as cinemascope, which makes the picture look like a widescreen movie, 1960’s, which makes the picture look old, and boost, which boosts the color quality of your picture. Unlike Photobucket, not everything on Picnik is free. Some effects are “premium” and require a subscription. But, overall, these two photo-editing sites are the best to use. Now you have your blog set up with its own unique style, and your photos are looking like those of a pro. All that is left is to start typing. My advice for posting to your blog is to download Windows Live. That way you can have Windows Live Writer which lets you log into your blog and post straight from that program as if it were a word document. Posting from Windows Live Writer is better because, unlike the blogger website, you can change to many different font styles and colors along with being able to tilt pictures, boost the color, add borders, such as photo paper, and add text onto the picture. Once you’re done typing what you have to say and adding your edited pictures, you’re ready to hit the post button. Blogging is like an online scrapbook of your life that you can have your friends and family follow. You can also post a link to your Facebook wall. Whatever you choose to write about, have fun with it and make it you.


Tattoos, piercings become latest trend Mia DiSalvo

Reporter From septums, forearms, cartilages and shoulder blades to tongues and lips, tattoos and piercings have become the new fascination among teens. “Artistically expressing yourself on your body,” was how senior Donovan Spears described the trend. The tattoo on his forearm reads “Dreamer.” “I was 17 when I got my first tattoo,” Spears said. Junior Derek Watson got his first tattoo when he was 13 and is still adding to his collection of four. Along with inch-wide gauges in his ears, he has a tattoo on the side of his head. “Later on in life it will probably affect me when it comes to getting jobs and people judging,” said Watson. According to law, to get a tattoo or

piercing teens must be 18 years old or have an adult’s consent. However, some tattoo and piercing shops do not enforce the age requirement or require an adult’s consent. These are called underground shops. Cermamics teacher Mr. Robin Dakin, who has six tattoos himself, advised students not to get tattoos done underground. “Get them done in a clean, reputable shop, because they are something you will have forever,” said Dakin. “Just think about what you’re getting done. It costs more to remove it later on,” Dakin said. Library aide Mrs. Tina Toles said she disagrees with getting tattoos. “I come from an era that downplayed marking your body. It is a holy temple, especially for women,” she said. People shouldn’t get a tattoo “because of risk of infection, the pain, it may eliminate possible job opportunity, and because of the cost,” said Toles.

Procrastination lowers students’ grades, creates more dissatisfied teachers Jon Lord Reporter If you walk through the halls in the morning, especially places like the commons or the cafeteria, you may see students doing homework, copying someone else’s homework or studying for that one test they “forgot” to study for. Procrastinating, or putting something off until the last minute, is something most students are guilty of doing, and sometimes it can have a negative effect on grades. This seems to be the attitude of many students, and some say it comes back to haunt them.  Students often put off class projects. “I’m usually pretty good about my other work, but I always procrastinate on projects,” said sophomore Alia Eckhardt. Students say a mix of far away due dates, current homework and extracurricular activities seems to make them put off a project until a day or two before the due date. This can be the downfall of many procrastinators due to the large point values of long-term projects. An even bigger problem seems to be putting off homework. Teachers have also noticed this. “I put off  everything, especially homework. It comes back to bite me because it’s just sloppy work,” said sophomore Aryn Sprual. “They wait till the last minute and that’s what gets them,” said Mr. Aaron Brumbaugh, math teacher. “Sure I procrastinated when I

was younger on book reports and projects, but I outgrew it in college when I realized you couldn’t do well if you procrastinated,” said Brumbaugh. Here are some very simple things students can do to keep those grades up. 1. Set reminders on cell phones so you know that the assignment needs to be done. 2. Prioritize. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” will still exist after homework is done. 3. Avoid distractions like TV, your cell phone or the computer, and set aside time to work with no distractions. The biggest piece of advice teachers gave is to avoid being lazy. Teachers said that if students follow these guidelines, they will earn better grades and create happier teachers.



Dayton Eye Care, Inc.

Robert L. Peets, D.O. Board Certified Opthalmologist 8216 North Main St., Dayton, Ohio 45415 (937) 898-2300 (888) DR PEETS FAX (937) 898-2348


Feature 5 T-Bolt Tribune World to end in 2012? Scientists say ‘no’

Miranda Lindsey

News Editor

The Maya Calendar says that the world will end abruptly in 2012, but it doesn’t state how. Will it really happen? The Maya Calendar is the longest cycling calendar, which re-started about 5,125 years ago, and is set to end again in 2012, supposedly with big consequences, according to Professor Steven Houston said, in an ABC interview, the Mayans saw their Maya Calendar to an end in 2012, but also starting anew without disastrous consequences. “We’re going to be here in 2013,” said senior Jade Pullen. “It’s just like Y2K in 1999 when everyone thought the world was going to end then, but we are still here.” What should people expect if the world does end? Possible events include the sun rising from the west, shattering earthquakes, massive tidal waves and simultaneous volcanic eruptions. Nuclear reactors will melt, buildings will crumble and a cloud of volcanic dust will block out the sun for 40 years, according to Many myths are circulating about what

is to happen in 2012, according to natgeo. com, the “National Geographic” magazines webisite. Myth #1: The Maya Calendar says the world will end in 2012. During the 2012 winter solstice, time runs out on the Maya Calendar, which began on Aug. 11, 3114 B.C., and will end on Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayans wrote the date that they would be sure would precede their civilization by thousands of years known as “Day Zero” or, for the world to end. In December, 2012, the lengthy era and confusing calendar will roll over and begin another cycle. Myth #2: Continents will break away and destroy civilization. In most doomsday prophecies, the earth will become a wasteland as it undergoes a “pole shift.” The planet’s mantel, or insides, will suddenly shift, spinning , but the crust, like an orange peel around the fruit, will prevent the planet from coming apart.

Scientists disagree with this myth, but they suspect that a slight shift will occur. Myth #3: Galactic alignment spells doom. Sky watchers believe 2012 will end with a galactic alignment, when the planets line up, which will happen for the first time in 26,000 years. A line up could somehow expose the earth to powerful unknown galactic forces, which could enhance the world’s doom.NASA predicts there won’t be a galactic alignment in 2012. Some kind of alignment occurs every winter solstice when the sun is in the sky near the center of the Milky Way. But no Mayan text or artwork makes reference to anything likely to happen. Myth #4: Planet X is on a collision course with earth. A direct hit from Planet X, or Nibiru, would obliterate the earth. Even a near miss could engulf the earth with deadly asteroid impacts hurled toward earth by Planet X’s gravitational wake. Myth #5: Solar flares will wreak havoc on Earth.

In most depictions, the sun is the enemy with lethal eruptions said to heat up Earth. Big solar flares can damage communications and other systems people use every day, such as computers and cell phones. NASA predicts that a drastic increase in the number of sunspots and solar flares in 2012 is not enough to be concerned about for the short-run. The sun will not set free storms strong enough to fry the planet. A graphic, undated, end-of-the-world scenario is described on the final page of the circa-1100 text known as the “Dresden Codex.” During the infiltration of the Americas, Spaniards destroyed many of the books on purpose. Only four have survived, known as the Dresden, Madrid, Paris and Grolier codices, named after the city they reside in today. The Dresden Codex is an ancient Mayan text known for precise recordings of lunar and solar eclipses and says that the world will be destroyed by a flood. It was also recognized for hieroglyphics and icons that predict the destruction of the world, according to


T-Bolt Tribune



Underclassmen battle upperclassmen Briana Heitkamp

Photography Editor

Underclassmen versus upperclassmen. Who’s the “better” class? This is the endless question that students have been arguing about since school has been around.


One hundred thirty students participated in an anonymous, random survey that was conducted mostly during first period. The survey was designed to get student opinions about this argument fought between peers every day. Thirty-one freshmen, 32 sophomores, 30 juniors and 37 seniors participated in the poll. The survey included questions such as, “What do you consider an underclassman and upperclassman?” “Which class is the most annoying and why?” “Which class is the best and why?” “Which class crowds up the hallway the most?” “What do freshmen do that seems to give them a bad name?”

all of us are. Actually, the other classes are just as bad, if not worse. It’s not fair that we get picked on because of a stereotype. And it’s almost like we can’t defend ourselves because we’re against upperclassmen, sophomores especially.” As for the best class, results were varied. But the seniors had the most votes with 52 people saying seniors are the best class. Ten out of the 31 freshmen said the freshman class is the best class. One said the freshmen are best because “we bring in a new vibe and spirit into Northmont.” A senior said that juniors are the best class. “Juniors act more mature and they aren’t as cocky as the other classes.” Some students said that none of the classes is the best. A sophomore said, “We’re all here to learn, so no one is the best yet.” Almost all of the upperclassmen in the survey, as well as those who were interviewed, described actions that they think give freshmen a bad name. For example, one senior said, “They act like elementary students. They curse loudly and try to act ‘cool’ or like upperclassmen but fail due to their maturity level. I think part of the reason why seniors dislike freshmen so much is the age difference. Fourteen and 18 are very different levels of maturity.”

According to 93 students from the survey, more than half, the most annoying class is the freshman class. One junior from the survey said, “Freshmen try to act “Freshlike they are the men crowd up best, and they the hallways do stupid things and think that they think they’re better help them fit than everyin.” one else,” said A sophomore sophomore said “freshmen Kelly Wood. are immature “I find and act like freshmen anPhoto by: by Briana Heitkamp Photo they’re hot stuff Every class has its ideal place to hang out. In the noying bewhen they’re recause they hall near the cafeteria seniors like to congregate. ally just annoybring a certain ing and loud.” know-it-all atHowever titude to the some students didn’t think freshmen were table that they shouldn’t,” said senior Kyle the most annoying class. Wood. “Upperclassmen are better because “Seniors are the most annoying becasause we know what we’re doing, and undereven though no grade has respect for the oth- classmen think they do, but they don’t,” he ers I feel the seniors have the least amount of added. respect for other grades. Plus being seniors However, some students answered this they feel they are privledgedto do as they question much differently. please,” said junior Chris Tyler. A few freshmen responded differently from Tyler said freshmen do not do anything to others to the question, “What do freshmen do deserve the disapproval of other classes. “It’s that gives them a bad name?” just their title is ‘freshmen,” Tyler said. “I was One freshman from the survey said, “I can once in the same position as them, so I do somewhat understand why people think we’re not hate them like others do. Why bring upon obnoxious; some freshmen are. But not nearly others what I didn’t like for myself?”

Is there a class divide?

One reason underclassmen appear to get picked on so much by upperclassmen is due to a division between the classes. This division seems to be both physical and mental. Classes appear to be physically divided because students in each grade level congregate in different hallways. Also, certain subjects only allow certain grade levels. One hundred thirty students participated in a survey about under and Students seem to upperclassmen. This graph represents how people responded to the be mentally divided question “which is the most annoying class?” depending on how each of them sees their class and other classes. But why does this division exist? “Every school has its own tradition,” said Ms. Robin Spiller, athletic director. “It [the senior hallway] was even a tradition when I went to school here,” she added. “I think the division is always going to be there, no matter what the school does to meld them,” said Spiller. “Link Crew is probably the best thing we have brought in here to help with this issue,” she added.

“It [the senior hallway] was even a tradition when I went to school here.” -Ms. Robin Spiller

Link Crew helps end class divisions

Link Crew is designed to help freshmen adapt to high school life. It also helps break the barrier between freshmen and upperclassmen. The first day of school is only for freshmen and helps them understand the high school better. After that Link Crew leaders might check up on the freshmen. “ When we have our first-dayof-school assembly, we encourage freshmen to get involved in school activities,” said Mrs. Jody Henry, Link Crew adviser. Henry said this hopefully will get freshmen and all other classes to interact with each other.

Photo by: Briana Heitkamp Sophomore Kelly Wood said underclassmen are better. “We’re cool because we stay out of the way and listen.”


T-Bolt Tribune


Student survey says seniors rule all


Varsity teams are mainly made up of upperclassmen because their skill level is better than some of the underclassmen on sport

“Some of that barrier is perceived and not real,” said Mr. Rich Sommer, who also advises Link C r e w. “ B u t I think there’s always going to be a barrier because of the age difference and students maturing faster,” he added.

teams. Working well together appears to be the key to their [the sports teams] success, explained Spiller. “When push comes to shove, our kids work well together,” said Spiller.

Link Crew gets juniors and seniors involved with freshmen, One hundred thirty students participated in a survey about under but what about and upperclassmen. This graph represents how students respondsophomores? Henry deed to the question “which is the best class?” scribed sophomores as being A-Team is only a small group of five or six stuck in a “limbo” stage. They’re too old to be helped by students that could qualify as Link Leaders Link Crew but too young to be Link leaders, but are too young so they get the responsibilities of A-Team. said Henry. A-Team’s main responsibilities take place If sophomores are really interested in the Link program, they can be part of The A-Team, on orientation day for the freshmen and new students. said Sommer.

A-Team gets sophomores involved with other classes

“A-Team basically is administrator helpers,” explained Henry. “They are students that are hand selected by myself and Mr. Sommer to do behind the scenes duties,” she explained.


One last thing that appears to separate Photo by: Briana Heitkamp seniors from all other grades is the last-yearSeniors are seen as the top class in schools. Senior Kyle of-school attitude the Wood doesn’t let sophomore Kelly Wood forget this. seniors acquire. “I don’t think there is a teacher or principle here that doesn’t want seniors to enjpy their last year , but when they’re disrespectful, that’s when it’s [senioritis] becomes a problem,” said Spiller. One senior said, “Once you’re a senior all you can do is look down on everyone else. “I feel like i’ve had senioritis ever since the beginning of the They prepare supply year,” said senior bags, organize name tags, Alex Yantis. check classrooms during “It feels like it orientation day for missing just gets worse and supplies, unlock classrooms worse as the year on orientation day, organize goes on,” added and pack supplies when Yantis. orientation “When you’re a day is over senior, students have and check feeling, “I’m big -Mr. Rich Sommer the classrooms man on campus,” to make explained Sommer. sure all supplies are out after “I think it is true and it is the most horrible orientation day. disease you will ever have, it’s so contagios,” said sophomore Caitlin Overholser. Henry described the AAnother senior said “We [seniors] have Team as “room runners,” the most experience and we’re at the top of because they spend orienta- the food chain.” tion day going to numerous “Being a senior gives you some right to rooms. do things, because everyone will get there They may also do such at some time,” said Spiller. “However, for things as sort Link Crew shirts certain issues ‘seniority rules’ doesn’t work,” and get them to the right she added. people and deliver notices to “If a senior tells you to give them your ice Link Crew leaders. cream because they’re a senior, then ‘seniority rules’ doesn’t apply,” said Kelly Wood. Sports teams

Photo by: Briana Heitkamp

Senior Kyle Wood said upperclassmen are better “because we are not as disrespectful as some of the underclassmen.”

“When you’re a senior, students get the feeling “I’m big man on campus”

Is there a division between classes on the sports teams? Spiller said she believes that there is a division between students on the sports teams.


So, which class is best? Freshman? Sophomore? Junior? Senior? There is no real answer to this question. The debate will continue forever. It is up to each student to decide for himself.

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Couples dress up for season of love

To the left: Senior Hannah Cortes, news editor, models a black blazer with a ruffle dress and leggings. This is a more dressy look that is cute and comfortable. Bottom right corner: Sophomore Photography Editor Brianna Heitkamp and senior Kenton Davison show off a casual look with jeans and dress shirts.

Sophomore Assistant Editorin-Chief Lyndsay Boyd wears a dress with a belt, layered necklaces and boots. Red is a romantic color, great for Valentine’s Day. Senior Rebecca Amos and junior Yong Jae Lee talk in the auditorium. Amos wears a leather jacket and a red flowing top. Lee wears a nice jacket with a dress shirt. This look is dressy yet casual.

Dressy or Casual? That is the question Aubree Cash


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, some students believe the holiday is a chance to dress up for friends, family or their valentines. Others think that it’s just another day, nothing special to dress up for. “Jeggings and a cute shirt are about as far as I’ll go when it comes to dressing up,” said junior Mariah Gould, who has plans to go to the mall with her friend on Valentine’s Day. Some students choose to dress up a bit more for the occasion. “Yeah, I dress up for Valentine’s Day. I’ll probably wear a dress,” said sophomore Kristen Buckner. Freshman Tillie Lopez plans on spending the day with her step-dad, who takes all the girls in her family out every year. “I’ll probably be trying to look nice, wearing dress pants, a jacket and a nice shirt,” said Lopez. “You want to wear something nice. You don’t want to look like a homeless person when you go on a date,” said sophomore Alex Crownover.

Some students like to choose a color for their clothing that represents the holiday. Freshman Kassidy Simmons said she plans on wearing red, even if she doesn’t have a valentine just yet. While many look at Valentine’s Day as a chance to dress up and look nice, others feel it’s just another day. Senior Elizabeth Brunotte said she plans on spending the day in bed in her pajamas. “Valentine’s is just another day. There’s really nothing to dress up over,” said junior Alex Bastian. Some students have made plans for the big day but still have no plans to dress up. “I’ll probably end up going out to eat with my family, but I wouldn’t see the point in dressing up,” said freshman Samantha Lucas. Sophomore Bianca Hungerford will be spending the day in Tipp City with her boyfriend, senior Cody Phipps. Despite spending the day with her valentine, she has no plans so far to dress up for the holiday.

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Programs, websites help students avoid college roommate disaster scenarios Rebecca Peets

Feature Editor

“Two thousand colleges, 8 million roommates. Which one will you get?” This is the slogan for the new movie “The Roommate,” set to hit theaters Feb. 4. “The Roommate” is about a college student named Sara (Minka Kelly) who finds her safety jeopardized after she’s randomly assigned to a dorm room with a new roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester). What starts as a close friendship soon turns deadly when Rebecca begins to target people in Sara’s life. You don’t want this to be you. So, out of 16 million college students, how do you find one you can live with and who will not put your life in danger? It’s actually not hard. While some schools still randomly assign roommates, many campuses have created websites and programs to help college students choose roommates who share similar interests and lifestyles, most of which don’t involve murdering people.

After you’ve been accepted to college and confirmed your admission, it’s time to figure out housing arrangements for the fall semester. Most colleges require freshmen to live on campus for their first year, which means sharing a room with one or more people. Students usually have the option to give preference to their own friends or classmates to be their roommates. But some prefer to have the experience of rooming with someone they didn’t previously know. “I went random so there was no picking for me. It worked out pretty Photo by: well as far as we get along. Just be open minded about it,” said 2010 grad Andy Knapke. With random housing selections, students will receive a letter from their

‘Smart,’ ‘dumb,’ represent poorly one’s knowledge, academic abilities Dan Welch


To a student, school is the dominant aspect of our lives. Thus, the words “smart,” “stupid” and “dumb” get tossed around a lot as a measure of one’s success in school. These words are wildly inaccurate. Albert Einstein famously failed high school and worked as a clerk for much of his life before revealing the mysteries of our universe. Other people at school demonstrate no common sense but may have a 3.5 GPA. As a senior, I’ve noticed that “smart” and “dumb” are extremely vague, and oftentimes many feelings are hurt by this gross miscommunication. First, what is “smart”? The word is horribly unclear, and when it’s used, it’s difficult to know what exactly is meant. Is the person described good at remembering stuff? Is he creative? Does this person get good grades? It has an odd connotation, too. Is being smart a good thing? Is it bad? Do others regard a “smart” person with jealousy, resentment or disdain? Instead of using words like “smart,” it is not only more accurate but kinder to describe someone as “logical,” “good at memorizing,” “philosophical,” “someone who easily applies things learned to real life” or, as I describe myself when prompted, “enthusiastic about

learning.” All of these are true statements, but not necessarily included in the definition of “smart.” On the other hand, I don’t believe in “dumb,” either. The actual definition of dumb is “unable to speak.” But how do you use it? When you say you or someone else is dumb, what do you really mean? Is he unmotivated in schoolwork? Does he lack creativity or ”common sense”? Does this person have poor grades? Does he think only of the present? Maybe he is instead immature and simply hasn’t realized how important education is or the simplicity of a topic of study. The word “dumb” doesn’t mean most of those things, but we treat the word as though it does. As I write this, I realize how petty this may seem and how this all looks like splitting hairs. While this isn’t the most serious of issues you may face all year, it’s important to be able to accurately describe yourself. How academically oriented you are will help you decide what you want to do with the rest of your life and what you need to do in order to accomplish your educational goals. It’s also important to think about the words you use in everyday speech and whether or not you are conveying your thoughts accurately. After all, speech is only another medium of thought, just like books and movies and music and art.

school’s housing department with the name of another student. First, check out the other student on Facebook. If the person has no friends except you, request a roommate change immediately. If the person seems relatively normal and shares some of the same interests as you, you can message him or her to learn a little about that person. Find out if the person has any of the same interests as you. Does the person follow the same sleep schedule as you do or have similar living Google Images habits? This is important because a neat early bird won’t usually live happily with a messy sleep-till-noon type of roommate. Several websites are also set up to find compatible roommates. Sites like URoomSurf, RoommateClick, or the Facebook application called RoomBug, allow students to create profiles and fill out surveys so they can match up with compatible roommates. URoomSurf has already been used by 83,000 students at 775 schools. The University of Dayton has its own program similar to these. Choosing to room with a friend is an

Thomas Akers

option, but it could have bad consequences. It’s helpful to live with someone you know because you don’t have to worry about getting someone you don’t want for a roommate. But it also has the potential to ruin your friendship. Living with friends in a house or apartment is much more difficult when money and rent are factors. It’s best to make your decisions carefully when choosing your own roommate. “Be scared of choosing teammates you don’t know. Share everything because it makes life easier, and understand people will have bad days or weeks, but everyone does,” said 2009 grad Stephanie Dohner. Even if you pick the person you’re sharing a room with, you can’t pick the people who live in your hallway or on your floor. So there are still several opportunities to meet new people. Honors dorms and dorms specific to your college of interest are also good to look into if you wish to live with people on a similar career path as you. The most important thing to know is that roommates aren’t permanent. Changes can always be made, especially if your roommate is the crazy murderous type. But you might just form a lifelong friendship with someone you never imagined you would. It’s best to go in with an open mind. Information about programs such as Roombug and URoomSurf can be found at

115 Cabernet Dr.


T-Bolt Tribune 1.28.11 Feature Students say Single people can have fun love should be with friends on Valentine’s Day celebrated


Charlie Kleptz

Feature Editor

Valentine’s Day is coming. What are your plans for the day? For those who are spending the holiday alone, grab a great group of friends and go out for dinner with them. You could even go see a movie with your group. You will have so much fun that you might even forget it is Valentines Day. Get together with just your girlfriends. Girls like to dress up. If you spend the holiday with just your girlfriends, you won’t feel awkward about dressing up. The girls could come over and everyone could draw a name and that person becomes your valentine. Treat your valentine to something sweet, like a little teddy bear or even her favorite chocolates. If you’re a single guy who doesn’t really seem to care about the holiday, then stay home and just play your video games. Most guys don’t even enjoy the holiday, so don’t ruin it for the ladies if you are one of those guys.

If your wannabe valentine doesn’t ask you out, don’t get offended. He just might not know how to go about asking you out. But if your almost valentine does ask you out, here are some options to suggest: • Ice skating for two •Making dinner together •Renting a movie & pop popcorn •Walking around the Greene and enjoy ing the scenery •Sledding during the day (it’s fun and active) •Seeing a cheap movie that you both agree on •Exchanging silly Valentine’s Day cards If you have a valentine, then he should surprise you with something thoughtful. That could mean candy or a huge teddy bear that says ‘I love you’ or even a candlelight dinner. If your boyfriend doesn’t propose an activity, then you are allowed to bring up suggestions, but only if it is Valentine’s Day. Men, you might not enjoy a dinner in

the dark, but your valentine will really appreciate your doing something you know she will like. She will be so thankful you are her valentine. If you have little siblings, have them serve you dinner in the comfort of your home. They can be little waiters and waitresses while you two enjoy dinner. You two love-birds can cook the meal together and your siblings will get to play make believe. It is a win-win situation. Ice skating also works. You can hold hands and laugh at each other while you fall. Remind your valentine that it is okay to fall while skating. No one is perfect on the ice. Make a homemade pizza. It takes a while, it’s messy, and it is incredibly fun. It is also very cheap. Flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day. No matter who you are, men, you have to get her flowers, even if she tells you not to. Sorry to say it, but it is her day to get things her way.

T-Bolt Talk What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

Junior Cody Stevens

Sophomore Emily Skipper

Sophomore Lexi Tillman

Freshman Kyler Turner

every day Elyssa Cokinis

Plenty of people celebrate Valentine’s Day with candy and flowers, but do they feel pressure by a significant other to celebrate the holiday or do they do it out of the goodness of their hearts? “Me and my girlfriend don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We believe that if you’re in love, why do you need a specific day to show it? I’ve been with my girlfriend for two and a half years and I treat everyday like it’s Valentine’s Day,” said senior Brennen Dilts. Estimates made by say that Americans spend as much as $13.7 billion a year on this one day. Women buy 85 percent of all Valentine’s cards, but 73 percent of flowers are bought by men. Many argue the point of this day. Some think it’s stupid and some think it’s great. “I feel that Valentine’s Day is stupid. You are supposed to show love all year long and not just one day,” said junior Olivia Day. “And it’s kind of cheesy,” Day added. “I’m pretty much indifferent to this holiday. If I get something from a loved one or friend, great. If not, great. Doesn’t really bother me,” said senior Chelsie Lewis. Approximately one in four Americans does not celebrate this holiday at all. In addition, 15 percent of American women (and men) send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day, said the website all-

“I’d pick dinner and a movie because it is fun.” Junior TJ Ho

“Just doing something “Watching a movie “A movie because that we both enjoy, and and having dinner. it’s fun.” that we are together.” Nothing fancy.” Junior Elijah Markins Junior Aly Somers

“Just hanging out with a girl at my house because it’s simple and there’s not as much pressure.”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t want to do anything. Just spend the day with someone special and talk. I don’t need to be around other people.”

“Taking my girlfriend out to dinner and just talking with her and doing whatever she wants to do. It’s her day, not mine.”

Photo Editor

“Valentine’s Day, much like Sweetest Day, has become a lame Hallmark holiday. It’s a happy day for girls, but destroys guy’s wallets. And the girls wind up dumping the guys three weeks later anyway,” said sophomore Brett Wheeler.



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Break ups can lead to heartache but may provide learning experience Kyle Howard Editor-in-Chief Love stories are the stories everyone remembers. These are the stories women cherish and men gag over, but nonetheless, love stories are ultimately what appeal to both men and women. Take the movie “Fever Pitch,” for example. There is a love aspect to it, with Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon) trying to sell his Boston Red Sox season tickets to be with Lindsey Meeks (Drew Barrymore). In turn, there is also the sports aspect in the movie to keep the men from gagging too much. However, in every love story, there are countless conflicts and breakups that occur before the happy ending. With this in mind, are breakups such a bad thing? Sometimes people get into relationships

that simply do not work out. Other times relationships work for a while but fail in the end. Having this bit of knowledge can help make a breakup much easier. After all, breaking up is one of the most difficult experiences a person will ever have to go through. Personally, I would rather have a girl break up with me than the other way around. This is because I am a considerate guy and do not like to hurt a girl’s feelings. However, sometimes circumstances call for breaking up with a girl. While it is never your intent to enter a relationship that you plan on ending right away, the odds are that a high school relationship will end. Of course, some situations differ from this, but these situations are few. When you see that a relationship is taking a fall and that it is not likely to rebound, get out. Breaking up is never easy to do, but not

Your date did what?

Charlie Kleptz

Rethink dating strategies to help find Mr. Right

Feature Editor Do you jump into a relationship the same way you jump into the the water hoping it’s love right away? Bart came to your rescue at the perfect time when you needed to be picked up. You were at your lowest. Now that you have left Bart behind and he is long gone, every date you go on you jump in way too deep and too fast. You start to rethink your dating strategies. Are you too eager? Are you too forward? Do you lose interest the moment you realize the chase is over? Are your standards too high? Are your standards too low? You aren’t doing anything wrong. You just haven’t met Mr. Right yet. Maybe you are being too eager, and maybe too forward, but whatever the case, that isn’t a wrong way to be dealing with new feelings. Every guy can cause you to act a little differently from the last. It’s normal. If you do find that you are acting a strange way toward this new love interest, or even love interests, just slow down and take a step back

to look at the full picture. Most likely, while stepping back, you will realize he isn’t all that you were hoping he would be. This will lead to disappointment, and most likely your standards will go up, if they aren’t already high enough. Maybe this new guy isn’t all he is cracked up to be. Don’t believe him if he says he wants to be a youth pastor. Most likely, he is just trying to get you to fall in love with him. Looking for reasons to fall in love is not the way to go about dating. Love finds you when you least expect it, and you can find it in all the oddest places. You could run into the love of your life at the grocery store when your hair looks a mess. You could even meet him at the library for a change. Love will find you when the time is right. You even wonder where your fairy tale ending is. Just wait for the next best thing for now. Love will find you when the time is right. Just keep dreaming. There are other fish in the sea that you haven’t met, and every fish that you will meet or have met will impact your life in some way. So let the fish make their way.

breaking up in these situations could make the situation even worse. This is because you may destroy a positive reputation you may have had, and you may also lose a friend. Many people often stay in relationships longer than they should. These relationships end on bad terms on both sides. It would be great if every relationship could end with the girl and guy being friends when it is over. While that is not necessarily a realistic wish, it is definitely reasonable to treat a woman with respect when breaking up with her. Do not say mean things to her or talk “trash” about her. If you do, it will backfire. Often, when people are angry they say things they don’t mean, and those words can backfire in the end. Everyone says things they don’t mean when they are angry at least a time or two throughout their lifetime. Try dating someone for a long time and then saying a few hurtful things and never again talking to that person. These types of things happen to people when they stay in relationships too long. Breaking up is easier to do when you think about your life in the long run. Learn from it. With this breakup, you are now one woman closer to finding your wife.

1001 S. Main Street 937-836-2777

While marriage is likely a long way away, every relationship you enter gives you more experience in dating and teaches you new lessons and facts about women. Along with this, if you have broken up with a girl and ended it on good terms, then you also have held onto a friend. You can only have one wife, but you can never have enough friends. So if you feel like a breakup is necessary, then it probably is. If you feel like this relationship is taking a fall, get out. It’s the best situation for both of you.

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‘Big Ben’ takes Steelers to eighth Super Bowl

Steelers to face off against Packers in Super Bowl Bryan Murphy Reporter In any sport, making it to the championship game is difficult. Players and coaches know at the beginning of the season if they have a fighting chance. Making it to the Super Bowl is a dream for every team in the National Football League. For the Pittsburg Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, the dream is now a reality. Making it into the playoffs was hard enough for the Packers, but proving they belong was more difficult. They had to beat the Chicago Bears in the final week of the regular season to get a spot in the playoffs. They won 10-3 securing a wild card spot. In the wild card round, the Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 21-16 with solid play from their defense and offense. In the divisional round, the Packers defeated the number one ranked Atlanta Falcons 48-21. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers went 31-36 with 366 yards passing and three TDs. Matching up against the Bears in the NFC championship game, the Packers were favorites to win the game. The Packers went

ahead early with a 14-0 lead and never looked back. With a 21-7 lead, third string quarterback Caleb Hanie threw an interception which completed the game for the Packers. The Packers were heading to the Super Bowl after a well fought victory. With a bye to the division round, the Steelers were looking to beat the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers won the game by coming back from a 21-7 losing margin to win the game 31-24. With multiple turnovers, the Steelers were given the chance to win and they did not waste the opportunity. Matched up with the New York Jets in the AFC championship game, the Steelers were the favorites to win the game. With a 24-3 lead after halftime, the Steelers were on their way to making it to the Super Bowl. With a hard effort from the Jets late in the game, they got the game to 24-19. But the Steelers were too much for the Jets. The final score was 24-19. The Steelers will be making it to the Super bowl for the third time in six seasons. In Dallas, The Packers will take on the Steelers for the NFL championship.

One of the top ranked offenses will be matched up against one of the elite defenses. Each team has to rely on its superstars to win them this game. Rodgers will have to be perfect and be smart in order to top the Steeler’s defense. If Rodgers repeats what he did in the NFC championship game, they might have a chance to beat the Steelers. With one of the best quarterbacks, one of the best running backs and the best defense in the NFL, the Steelers will be a tough challenge. Rashard Mendenhall has to help Ben Roethlisberger with some of the offense as they take on the Packers. The Steelers defense will have to rely on the secondary to defend Rodgers passes. William Gay and Troy Palimalo will have to be enforcers for the defense by getting turnovers off interceptions. Overall, this game should be a classic. With one team outlasting the other, it is hard to tell who is going to win this football game. Both teams have had their up and downs, but on Feb. 6 at Dallas Cowboys field, one team will hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy and be champions.


Bowl season brings great games, upsets Sports Editor From upsets to big games that lived up to their hype, this year’s college football bowl season brought many great bowl games. Here are the five games that were the best of all the bowl games this season.

nessee Volunteers versus the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl. The Volunteers thought the game clock had expired and they had won the game; however, North Carolina quarterback Tyler Yates had downed the ball with one second left to give the Tar Heels a chance to tie the game, and they did. After that play, North Carolina went on to win the game 30-27 in double overtime.

Number five was the Bridge Point Education Holiday Bowl in which the Washington Huskies faced off against the higher ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers. This game was a big upset as the unranked Huskies beat the 18th ranked Cornhuskers. Washington running back Chris Polk led the Huskies to victory with 177 yards rushing and one touchdown in a 19-7 victory.

The number three bowl game of the year was the Allstate Sugar Bowl featuring The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Buckeyes came out of the gate on fire. At the half the Buckeyes were on top 28-10. The Bucks did not carry the same momentum in the second half and the Razorbacks were able to pull within five points, but a late fourth quarter OSU interception sealed the game for the Buckeyes.

With a chaotic ending, the number four bowl match up of the season was the Ten-

The number two bowl game this year was the Rose Bowl game in which the very

Nick Burton

Sports Editor

Senior Paul Winkler is one of few students to be a three-sport athlete. Winkler plays football, baseball and wrestles and he excels in all three sports. Winkler is a four-year letterman in wrestling and a two-year letterman in football and baseball. He is the starting second baseman on the varsity baseball team and a starting running back for the varsity football team. Last season Winkler qualified for the state wrestling tournament as a junior in the 171 pound weight class. Winkler said his favorite sport of the three is wrestling because “it’s just you and another person battling to win.” While wrestling is Winkler’s favorite sport, he said it is also the most difficult sport to train for because he must condition a lot and his body gets beat up a lot. After he graduates, Winkler said he plans on playing football in college. He is considering playing at either Wittenberg University or Butler University, but if he doesn’t play football in college, he plans to attend the University of Toledo. With all of his time invested in sports, Winkler said it can be difficult to find time to hang out with friends. “It’s hard to find time for everything. Sometimes I’m not able to hang out with friends as much as I want, but I usually don’t have trouble getting school work done after practice.”



Nick Burton

3 sport athlete excels on field, in classroom

undersized Texas Christian Horned Frogs faced off against the Wisconsin Badgers. The entire game was close throughout but the Horned Frogs were able to pull off a huge victory led by senior quarterback Andy Dalton. The victory completed a perfect season at 13-0. It comes as no surprise that the top bowl game this year was the BCS National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Both teams came stumbling out of the gate. Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton did not play up to his expectations, but he played well enough to win the game. Despite a late fumble, Newton was able to lead Auburn to victory. Both teams had very high scoring offenses, but this game ended up coming down to which defense could hold the lead in the end. After a last minute comeback by Oregon to tie the game late in the fourth quarter, Auburn came back with a field goal to win the game as time expired.

Scott Boyd

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Outsource Inc.

Engineering Outsource, Inc. Dayton OH 937-477-2892

Issue 5  

The T-Bolt Tribune's fifth issue of volume 28 for the school year 2010-2011.