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Nathan Fitzsimmons BA arch. Clemson (864) 506-4787 2



Vault Structure

Lab Linguria Located: Harbor Genova, Italy Professor: Henrique Houayek Collaboration: Eric Hicks 3

Lab Linguria is a city market located in the revitalized harbor of Genova. One key phrase that we focused on was “Giving the Harbor back to the city�. To give the site back, we designed with minimal footprint to provide an arcade like market and seating area.


Surface Isometric Iterations


Longitude Section

To allow a minimal footprint, the programmatic space is lofted underneath the barrel vault surface. The program frames the existing market across the street and connect the program to the city.


Detail Transverse Section


Joint Diagram Detail

Floor Plan 1

Market Stall Function

+4 m


The Fold on Highline Located: Corner 10th Avenue and 18th Street, Lower Manhattan Professor: Berrin Terim Collaboration: Hailey Krabbe 9

Transverse Section

Longitude Section

The Fold was designed to be a co-working space next to the urban highline park in New York. As a co-working building, every space is unique to the workers inside. Given the urban context, we provided a grand staircase that connects the street to the highline and lean the structure toward the context.



Wall Section Detail

Ground Floor Plan +3 ft

The ability to lean the structure is allowed because the double core acts as vertical pins through the form.


Where Earth Meets Sky Located: Provided Site Topography Professor: Joseph Schott 13

North Elevation

South Elevation

Where Earth Meets Sky is a materiality study between the topography and man-made structure. The materials are shown as metal wire and basswood. The contrast of the solid and transparent give the sense of floating to the falling prisms.



Study Model Iterations

The models and drawings show developing view from each angle. The study models rotate and give the viewer a new perspective from each elevation. As well as, the drawings show a growing and shrinking volume. East-West Section


Asheville’s 5th Degree Located: Riverside Industrial, Asheville Professor: Julie Wilkerson 17

Asheville is a melting pot for the arts. As a tribute to one of the writers of Asheville, Thomas Wolfe, a writing center was designed to accommodate the traveling writer. The structure of the building is inspired by my genealogy drawing from the Thomas Wolfe text, Look Homeward Angel.


Longitude Section


Entrance Floor Plan +3


Transverse Section

Transverse Section


Site Plan

Considering the challenges on the site. The building is rotated on a 5 degree axis to allow for a view to the water from the south side. As a result of a study on writers isolation, the open side gives space for a community lawn where the arts district can interact with the building.


Foldable Structures Design Typology Lab Type: Research Internship Date: Summer 2019 Designer: Joseph Choma 23

During the Summer 2019, I assisted Professor Joseph Choma on his ongoing research into foldable structures and materials. As part of my research internship, I assisted in the fabrication of folded paper models and helped conduct physical material experiments with fiberglass. Note: I was Joseph Choma’s only research intern during this time period.


Study Abroad Sketches

Professor: Henrique Houayek 25


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Graduate Admissions Portfolio 2020  

Composition of undergraduate work.

Graduate Admissions Portfolio 2020  

Composition of undergraduate work.

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