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Welcome to the Reverie Faces Lookbook project!

Explore the vibrant fusion of Caribbean culture and Canadian fashion curated by photographer Anthony Berrot under Nexus Of Culture. Dive into a tapestry of colors, textures, and narratives reflecting the rich heritage and contemporary style. Join us on this captivating journey where every image tells a story and every design reflects a cultural exchange. Welcome to Reverie Faces!

Content and Photography by

Nexus Of Culture

The influence of Caribbean Carnival costume designs extends far beyond the parade, resonating throughout the fashion landscape from high-fashion runways to bustling streets. Embraced by designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, these vibrant styles infuse everyday attire with a cultural flair, celebrating diversity and unity at every turn. Drawing from a rich tapestry of Caribbean culture, steeped in influences from Africa, China, India, and beyond, Carnival costume designs offer a unique fusion of vivid colors, dynamic silhouettes, and intricate details. Rooted in African masquerade traditions, these costumes serve as a vibrant expression of Caribbean identity, inspiring designers to incorporate their energy and spirit into their collections, thus enriching the fashion world with a celebration of cultural fusion.

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Nexus Of Culture

IntheStyleof Iseeyoumimi

Nexus Of Culture
Photography by Anthony Berot


Château Neuf is a sustainable and slow wear brand creating luxury fashionable accessories. The brand is envisioned on a desire to harvest true beauty for every woman. Each of our designs encompasses creativity and passion, which we strive to take to the next level. Women who wear our designs will always be remembered and gain a sense of empowerment that emboldens them to step outside of the norm and emancipate themselves from the societal expectations of a woman’s beauty.

Nexus Of Culture


Neuf is the gateway for women to redefine their own expression of beauty. BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE FIERCE AND BE YOU!! “Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder”.

Designer - Château Neuf (Navern)

BE.YOU.TIFUL. My design philosophy is to create what you love but never be afraid to experiment with new ideas or concepts because one would never realize his/ her full potential behind closed doors.

Nexus Of Culture

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Nexus Of Culture


Earrings are recycled lace painted with deliberate intention to give the piece a delicate and romantic flare and accented with felt balls making it perfect to jazz up any outfit. These gorgeous bold painted colourful showstopper earrings are made from recycled and reusable shopping bags, painted lace and thread balls created a dramatic experience for the fashionista who loves to be an expression of beautiful things. Sustainability is not just a concept but it’s a lifestyle that is fashionable and purposeful.

Nexus Of Culture
CN0024 CN0025 CN0026 CN0027 CN0028


All hats are made with bold intentions, glamour , oh lala drama and more drama. I want the ladies wearing my hats to feel beautiful like a Rose. So each time I go to make one of these fabulous hat the thoughts of beautiful flowers flow through my thoughts guiding my hands over the sewing machine in a free motion style anticipating the end result. Each of these hats are made from the entanglement of thread from unconventional free motion style.

Nexus Of Culture
CN0030 CN0031 CN0032
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture

The Creative Influence of Caribbean Designers in Canada

The vibrant cultural mosaic of the Caribbean has long inspired artists, musicians, and designers worldwide, and among those creatively influenced by its rich tapestry are a remarkable group of fashion designers residing in Canada. Rooted in the diverse cultures of the West Indies and deeply connected to their worldwide cultural heritage, these designers infuse their creations with a profound sense of identity and belonging. Their work serves as a tribute to Caribbean culture while reflecting their experiences in Canada.

For these designers, the intersection of their cultural heritage and current surroundings provides fertile ground for artistic exploration. Themes of identity, belonging, and cultural fusion permeate their designs, blending Caribbean motifs and craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities to produce visually stunning and culturally significant pieces.

Many designers are dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques passed down through generations. By integrating these practices into their work, they honor their roots and contribute to the sustainability of artisanal communities in the Caribbean.

Beyond their artistic endeavors, Caribbean designers in Canada actively build community networks and promote cultural exchange. Through collaborations, exhibitions, and workshops, they create spaces for dialogue and celebration, embracing diverse voices and perspectives. Events like the Toronto Caribbean Carnival offer platforms for designers to showcase their work and engage with audiences from both the Caribbean and Canada. These gatherings dissolve cultural barriers, fostering new connections and enriching the creative landscape for both the Caribbean diaspora and Canadian society.

Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture

Channy Styles

Nexus Of Culture


Braids: The Beginning of Channystyles

“Braids: The Beginning” celebrates the rich tapestry of braided hairstyles, including the elegant cornrows, the mesmerizing box braids, and the graceful fishtail braids, among others. Each piece in this series is a testament to Channystyles’ exceptional skill and her unwavering commitment to honoring the history and heritage of these styles. But what sets “Braids: The Beginning” apart is not just the visual beauty of these hairstyles—it’s the fusion of artistry and innovation. Channystyles, in a stroke of creative genius, extended her talent beyond hair alone. In this series, she transformed braided hairstyles into wearable art, crafting stunning garments and accessories that were woven, twisted, and entwined with the same techniques used in hairstyling.

Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture
Nexus Of Culture


Anthony Berot, a visionary photographer, channels his passion for photography, creativity, and cultural storytelling into capturing the essence of Caribbean cultural events. His acclaimed series of Lookbooks, titled “Reverie Faces,” serves as a testament to the profound influence of cultures on fashion, showcasing the vibrant interplay between tradition and modernity under the brand Nexus of Culture.

As both a photographer and co-founder of the Canadian Caribbean Photographic Arts Collective (CCPAC) since 2017, Berot joined forces with fellow photographers from the Caribbean Diaspora in Canada to establish a platform for their distinctive photographic styles that celebrate Caribbean culture. CCPAC’s exhibitions in prominent Toronto and Ajax galleries have become esteemed showcases of Caribbean identity in Ontario.

Berot’s mastery in event and fashion photography is evident in his ability to capture the essence of cultural celebrations and the latest trends. His Lookbooks not only exhibit fashion but also weave narratives of heritage, diversity, and belonging.

With each project, Anthony Berot continues to push the boundaries of Caribbean-infused fashion photography, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the vibrancy and richness of Caribbean culture within the Canadian context.

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