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6 - The Newtown Bee Official Guide To Newtown & Phone Directory 2016

TOWN GOVERNMENT Copyright 2016, The Bee Publishing Company

Elected Administrative Offices Phone numbers are included for offices in the Newtown Municipal Center, 3 Primrose Street, Fairfield Hills. First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra (R); 203-270-4201. Term: Two years. Powers and duties: Newtown’s chief executive and administrative officer. Presides over meetings of the Board of Selectmen. Elected. Salaried; $104,484.

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Board of Selectmen William F. Rodgers (R), Herbert C. Rosenthal (D). Term: Two years. Powers and duties: General administration of town affairs. Responsible for coordinating all town agencies. Meets the first and third Mondays of the month at the Newtown Municipal Center, Fairfield Hills. Elected. Unsalaried. Legislative Council District 1: George T. Ferguson III (R), Paul J. Lundquist (D), Christopher C. Eide (D), Judit DeStephano (D). District 2: Ryan Knapp (R), Daniel T. Honan (D), Mary Ann Jacob (R), Dan Weidemann (R). District 3: Daniel J. Amaral (D), Neil Chaudhary (R), Anthony Filiato (R), Phil Carroll (R). Term: Two years. Powers and duties: Empowered to create, repeal, or amend town ordinances and regulations; appropriate town funds up to $150,000. Has powers of a finance board and is the town’s formal budgetmaking authority. Elected. Unsalaried. Board of Finance John Godin (R), James O. Gaston (D), Aaron Carlson (D), Mark Boland Sr (R), Sandy T. Roussas (R), Kelley Johnson (D). Term: Two years. Powers and duties: Long-term planning, short-term fiscal review and financial planning for current town operations. Elected. Unsalaried. Town Clerk Debbie A. Aurelia Halstead (R); 203-270-4210. Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Custodian of town records. The town’s chief election official. Issues dog, hunting, fishing, and marriage licenses. Enrolls voters. Records all property transfers. Posts town agencies’ agendas and meeting times and places. Elected. Salaried; $71,559. Registrars of Voters Joanne Albanesi (R), LeReine Frampton (D); 203-270-4250. Powers and duties: Maintain the voter registry list and enroll new voters on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 9 am and 1 pm at the Newtown Municipal Center, Fairfield Hills. Elected. Term: Four years. Salaried; $31,350. Judge of Probate Joseph A. Egan, Jr (R). Duties: Handles a variety of matters including the admission of wills to probate, the supervision of decedents estates and trusts, conservatorships, changes of name, adoptions and terminations of parental rights, matters involving guardianships and temporary custody rights. Newtown is part of the Northern Fairfield County Probate District (Region 45); call the Bethel Municipal Center at 203-794-8508. Board of Assessment Appeals Marianne Brown (R) (chairman), Maureen Crick Owen (D), James McFarland (R). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Hears property tax assessment appeals and adjusts the grand list accordingly. Elected. Unsalaried. (continued on page 7)

Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016

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