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Article by

Yohanna Hidalgo Piedra

Nowadays we have the necessity to be more proactive and competitive to enter this big business world. If we have a good idea to run, we can put into practice. Industrial engineering is considered a professional art of the application of science. It is concerned with precision and statistic to link man and resources. Industrial engineering is a branch to implement the development that leads to business success. Do you know about this modern career´s beginning, its functions and how it can help you to achieve your new goals in a real project? “Engineer is related to the design, installation and optimization of all systems of a company�

It started to appear when industrial revolution began and took over entire world, from 1769 onwards. The new trend to use machines and manpower together led to the necessity to put someone in charge, someone who had the ability to link each component and increase the effectiveness and efficiency, and someone who can lead the company towards the right way; the success of this investigators is reflected even today. Actually it is one of the most popular careers in engineering. Industrial engineering has many functions but it has 3 basic tasks that it should accomplish. Engineering is related to the design, installation and optimization of all systems of a company. For making a good work in engineering they should investigate. 4

They look for basic information that gives them knowledge about any topic. Second when they have all information, they chose one and they design or build a new concept or tasks. It involves a long period of trial and error. The last task is to improve every object or product so that it always can be made better, even their design. this is one of the reason why an engineer never stop to create. Many people are mistaken about the industrial engineering definition. It is not just about manufacturing and processing. It also includes service industries, shipping and logistic businesses and health care organization, but it is not only about studies and applications. The profile is also important to consider for becoming a good engineer. they should demonstrate integrity and responsibility. Having specific interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, such as communication, collaboration, leadership and analytical skills, they explore possibilities and produce believable conclusions. They have a decisive function that is promoting shared vision to work teams and empowers them to achieve the goals for the company. As a conclusion, now you know a little more about industrial engineering career, like when it began jointly with the industrial revolution and what was the participation in this stage. You now also know which purposes it has, such as improving every product so that always it can be made better. Also, you got to know what the requirements to be a good engineer are and their responsibilities. As a final point, I showed you how it can help to achieve every idea and new objectives and develop in simple present a real project for life. If you have the help or advice of an engineer can take greater advantage giving an added value to products while minimizing costs. It is interesting right. So you take the challenge.


Comic strips




Article by

Duvalier López Cascante

After many students finish high school, they have a big doubt about their lives and that is the following: Is a public university better than a private university?. To face this doubt all students must take into account some important tips for choosing a good and right university. The first one is that they should consider all the advantages that have a public university like a private university. Another tip is the students have to be aware of the quality of study of both universities; this depends on the study plan and teachers of each them. Last one each student must know the opportunities offered by universities, because sometimes a university offers better study opportunities than others.

•Advantages of a public university: A public university offers some advantages for all students in the country. Among these we can mention that it is cheaper than others. This can be very important for many students, as in some cases when a student decides to be in this kind of university is because he does not have the financial means to pay for a private university. Also for some companies to finish a career at this university 8

has more prestige; thanks to that sometimes students get jobs faster. Third, they offer students a financial assistance to help them with the study; this is achieved through socioeconomic scholarships. All these advantages make a public university an appropriate place to study a career. •Advantages of a private university: Studying in private universities has important advantages for all students. One example of these advantages is that a student finishes his career in few years. Also, these kinds of universities offer a better flexibility in their course schedules; it is an important help for students working. Finally, private universities have very good infrastructure in their buildings, so students can study comfortably and in the best way. Because of these advantages many students decide and choose to study their careers in a private university. •Quality of study and opportunities offered by both universities: Some universities offer a good quality of study for their students. Often this quality of study mainly depends on good teachers, study plans and because of this some universities are better than others. Also, others factors than can influence this are the good technology equipment of the universities for teaching. Examples of good technology equipment are excellent computer labs for the development and teaching of subjects. In our country there are public and privates universities with these characteristics, and for that reason they can give their students an excellent quality of study without any problem. Students have to consider all the characteristics and advantages that a public

and private university have when choosing one of them. Both universities are good but the student should know which universities offer the career he wants to study so he can choose the better option for him. Also, in our country there are a lot of universities that can provide to the students a good education for their careers. Regardless of the university that the student chooses he will have


his career insured. However, each student has the final decision to decide in which kind of university he or she will study.


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Industrial engineering

Duvalier López Cascante ,

Informatic engineering

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