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Circle K International presents

WELCOME WEEK Come see what the largest collegiate community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world is all about!

Storming the Seas of Service

What is Circle K International? With over 13,250 members worldwide in 17 nations Circle K is the largest collegiate community service organization. Circle K blends community service with the opportunity to meet many other college students from all over.

Where does Davis belong? International

All clubs of Circle K International are a part of international community that includes America, Jamaica, Taiwan, Nigeria, Australia, and much much more.


California-Nevada- Hawaii or Cal-Nev-Ha for short, is the largest district in Circle K International. With 40 clubs and over 2,000 members it includes some of the most dynamic and diverse parts of the world.


Capital Division In addition to Sacramento State, Sierra College, University of Nevada, Reno, Truckee Meadows Community College and University of Pacific, UC Davis is also a part of the Capital family.

Branches of Kiwanis “When you join CKI, you don’t just join a club, you join a family.” Elementary School: K-Kids Middle School: Builder’s Club High School: Key Club& Kiwin’s College: Circle K (yay!) Post College: Kiwanis Adults with Disabilities: Aktion Club Special Programs Bring Up Grades (BUG): Elementary school tutoring program Terrific Kids: Elementary school character education and recognition program

What does Circle K International mean to you? Circle K is the home that will always welcome me with open arms even when I’ve gone astray :] It’s my passion, my home, and my family. :] -Ami Salvador

Circle K helped me develop my passions. I’m more confident and found really great friends hungry to make a difference in the lives of others. -Andrew Tom

What do the members mean to the club? The members are what drive me to do what I can as Fundraising chair. All of the events we want to put on and need to fundraise for, are for the members and I use that as motivation to do my job as efficiently as possible. -Jonathan Dinh

Without members there is no club ;_; Everything the board does, is for the members. We try our best to make sure everyone in the club feels comfortable and welcome. We try to make sure all of you are happy because without you…who do we put on events for? You guys are the club. We hella need you guys! ;] -Ryan Tom

Why become a member of CKI? Circle K is where I met some of my closest friends, not only from Davis but from all over California, Nevada and Hawaii. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and also help the community. -Melanie Wong

You get the chance to meet the coolest people that I have ever met. -Michael Zhou

I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K International. To foster compassion and goodwill towards others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind’s potential. FIST PUMP.

Elected Board President

Nancy Bui

Administrative VP

Ryan Tom

Service VP

Kyle Prado


Melanie Wong


Aaron Wong

(925)354-7872 (408)691-0420 (916) 220-7166 (949)678-9957 (510)332-8836

Appointed Board Membership Recognition Program Membership Development&Edu Kiwanis Family Technology Service Single Service Fundraising Historian Spirit&Social Spirit&Social Newsletter Public Relations

Sam Carey Alvin K. Yu Melody Huang Kat Lehmann Andrew Tom Wen Soon Jonathan Dinh Adrienne Salvador Ashley Pestano Nathan Espiritu Sachi Prim Ashley Schnider

(925)354-9271 N/A (510)230-8869 (925)207-4495 (408)691-6626 (408)823-7991 N/A (818)574-9631 (559)623-2176 (925)550-8117 (916)514-2093 (925)222-0006

a Kiwanis-family member


Fall Welcome 2013  
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