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The world is at a crossroads. We're at a pivotal moment in history, when we are re-evaluating and rethinking everything. The New School was made for these times. Catalysts of change for more than 100 years, we are a progressive university committed to using creativity to build a more just and beautiful world for all. From the moment you step onto campus, you become a part of that transformative effort through classes, projects, and other learning experiences designed to challenge what you believe, how you create, and how you voice your opinions in the world. Meet our community of changemakers and discover how The New School is helping inspire their thinking to move our world forward.

The New School at a Glance Since its founding in 1919, The New School has been a center of independent thought and action, a community applying integrative approaches to global problems and leading the systemic change needed to make the world more equitable, more sustainable, and better designed. Today our university is made up of seven colleges offering courses in art and design, music and performance, liberal arts and social sciences, management, media, and more.

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Our colleges

Parsons School of Design Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts College of Performing Arts The New School for Social Research Schools of Public Engagement Parsons Paris Continuing and Professional Education

What we offer

126 degree and diploma programs 56 undergraduate degree programs 57 undergraduate minors

70 graduate degree, diploma, and certificate programs

The New School


A Few facts about us

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10,603 students enrolled at The New School (71% undergraduate, 29% graduate) 1 #1 art and design school 2

#1 most international university in the United States 3 30 consecutive years of Fulbrights awarded to our community 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio

50% of students complete internships while at The New School 87% of 2019 graduates went on to professional opportunities and further education within a year of graduating

1 Fall 2019 enrollment. 2 Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (2020). 3 We have a higher percentage of international students than any other U.S. university with more than 10,000 students.


New York City

The New School


On the following pages, we will introduce you to some students from our four colleges—listed below— offering undergraduate degrees. You can hear from them what it’s like to be a New School student.

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Parsons School of Design Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts College of Performing Arts Parsons Paris


New York City

The New School


Raghav Chhabra he/him BFA Communication Design Parsons School of Design

At Parsons, you’re definitely encouraged to put yourself in the place of others as you design.

The process of learning to express myself has been one of the best parts of my being here. When I came here, finding my own ideas and words wasn’t easy. I remember spending 13 hours on the first 250-word essay I ever had to write in my first year at Parsons—it was so intimidating. But the process of learning to express myself has been one of the best parts of being here, and now I like to present my work. The project I’m proudest of is my thesis. We could design any kind of research-based product, and I was thinking that, as a designer, it would be difficult to be without sight. I researched sight impairment and learned about the blind community and how few tools are designed with them in mind. Since I work digitally, I focused on improving Web experience for sight-impaired people. I discovered most websites lack alt image tags for

photos, which means Web reading tools for the sightless can’t interpret images— making the user experience very limited. So I created a cloudbased Chrome extension using JSON that automates the process of creating missing alt tags and placing them into websites so that Web readers can “speak” the content of images, enabling users to more fully engage with websites. In the end, my thesis led me to make changes to my own website so that people with a range of abilities can connect with me and my site. At Parsons, you’re definitely encouraged to put yourself in the place of others as you design. Before coming to Parsons, Raghav designed menus for restaurants at home in India. Access to new tools including those in Parsons’ Making Center has enabled him to develop his print design skills while focusing on digital work.


New York City

The New School


Carolina Mercado Muñoz she/her BFA Jazz and Contemporary Music College of Performing Arts

To me, jazz is not just music. It is a social cause. It’s about equality.

My female teachers showed me that being a woman is a force of power in my music, not a force of restraint. I was very lucky. I received a Latin GRAMMY scholarship to come here. When I arrived at the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, I met three of the most incredible musicians. They were my teachers. And they were women. I came from a culture where women have a very different role. These women taught me that being a woman is a force of power in my music, not a force of restraint. They taught me that at this moment in the world, you need to know about everything to be your own boss. I look at my teacher Ingrid Jensenn. She’s always the leader of her band. She knows how to record. She knows how to book, how to teach, how to direct.

When I started here, I just wanted to play fast, loud, and be the best. I don’t want that anymore. I think I’ve found a purpose. I want to create. I want to help people with my music. I want to be the icon of Mexican jazz, to show young Mexican women what they can do. To erase the lines. To give voice to those who don’t have one. To me, jazz is not just music. It is a social cause. It’s about equality. Carolina improvises with her sister—also a musician—in her Brooklyn apartment. Her neighborhood café is a favorite spot to grab a coffee, read, and socialize.


New York City

The New School


Aishamanne (Aisha) Williams she/her BA Journalism + Design Eugene Lang College

I’ve learned about new forms of storytelling— and how to tell the stories that are important to me.

There’s a lot of care for one another and investment in our community here. I grew up in the city and worked on my high school’s newspaper and knew I wanted to go into journalism, focusing on arts and culture. I was attracted to Lang’s self-designed study and the Journalism + Design program in particular, where I’ve learned about new forms of storytelling— and how to tell the stories that are important to me. The Gural Scholars program, which supports your scholarship and mentors you in your research interests, has also been an important part of my time at Lang. That support helped launch Alchemy, the Black arts and culture publication I started at Lang. When I came here, I did not see a lot of opportunities for Black students to share their ideas and have

critical dialogue in print. The magazine has made students more aware of one another and what issues are on people’s minds, see each other in a new light, and go beyond one’s own school and learn about what is going on at Parsons, for example. Ultimately, the best part of the Alchemy project is that it has shown there’s a lot of care for one another and investment in our community here. In high school, Aisha learned about intersectional politics and worked on her high school newspaper, which prepared her to launch a student publication, Alchemy, at Lang.


New York City

The New School


Clemente Catalano Gonzaga he/him BFA Fashion Design Parsons Paris

You have to learn how to work in groups, to collaborate, to function like the real world.

Because of Parsons I was able to intern directly with brands like Borbonese and The Kooples. I’ve changed radically. I’m taking classes with students from all over the world, from South America to China. It’s changed me, opened my mind to truly understand there is so much out there to discover. I started out as a business major, but once here, I fell in love with design, switched majors, and now I’m a Strategic Design and Management minor. Because of Parsons I was able to intern directly with brands like Borbonese and The Kooples. You have to learn how to work in groups, to collaborate, to function like the real world. It’s been really hard but I’ve learned these things really early in my career. I mean the projects with these

brands are fundamental to understanding this world because essentially you need to be able to face marketing people, finance people. You need to understand you’re going to have constraints; it's not going to be all about design. At The Kooples, we were considering big social issues like gender fluidity and sustainability in our decisions. These are the factors of the modern fashion world, and you need to be prepared for them. Parsons Paris is this tremendous place where I literally have a one-onone relationship with my professors, so they are always there to help me answer these big questions. Clemente is shown outside Parsons Paris’ main campus building in the center of Paris. New campus creating spaces are now open in the Romainville creative district of the city.


New York City

The New School


Our Undergraduate Colleges and Programs


New York City

About Parsons School of Design Since 1896, Parsons has transformed art and design education. Today our community connects creativity to critical thinking in design-led ways to address complex issues of the day— from climate change to social and economic inequality to the globalization of creative industries. Guided by a world-renowned faculty and New York City’s changemakers, the members of our diverse international community combine personal and professional ambitions while becoming the kind of global citizens the world needs.

Undergraduate Programs

Architectural Design BFA Communication Design BFA, AAS Design and Technology BFA Creative Technology (pathway)1 Game Design (pathway)1 Design History and Practice BFA Fashion Design BFA, AAS Fashion Marketing and Communication AAS Fine Arts BFA Illustration BFA Integrated Design BFA Interior Design BFA, AAS Photography BFA Product Design BFA Strategic Design and Management BBA


1 Students complete pathways through studies in Core Studio Systems and Core Lab Systems, supplemented by program electives.

5,337 enrolled Parsons students (undergraduate and graduate)

The New School



New York City

About Parsons Paris Parsons Paris, located in the heart of a global creative capital, offers you an intimate, atelier-like environment in which to collaborate with peers on study paths connecting fashion, strategic design, luxury brands, and social entrepreneurship. Our community comes from around the world and includes students visiting from the university’s New York City campus. Small classes foster close interaction with faculty mentors and facilitate sustained discussion of pressing issues facing those in creative fields. Our long-standing connections with industry visionaries offer students singular opportunities to work alongside innovators from Paris and around Europe.

Undergraduate Programs

Art, Media, and Technology BFA Fashion Design BFA Strategic Design and Management BBA

277 enrolled Parsons Paris students (undergraduate and graduate) newschool.edu/parsons-paris

The New School



New York City

About Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts Lang is home to a forward-thinking liberal arts community in the heart of Greenwich Village. Spirited and intellectually stimulating seminars and classes challenge you to share your ideas and turn theory into real-world action. Your growth as a scholar demonstrates the relevance of a rigorous education founded on academic inquiry. Our flexible readingand writing-based curriculum challenges you to explore primary texts deeply, express yourself, and debate the ideas driving public life today. Our approach to learning engages students with the city, one another, and faculty practitioners leading social and cultural change.

1,880 enrolled Lang students


Undergraduate Programs

Anthropology BA The Arts BA Arts in Context (concentration) Visual Studies (concentration) Contemporary Dance BA Contemporary Music BA Culture and Media BA Economics BA Environmental Studies BA Global Studies BA History BA Interdisciplinary Science BA Journalism + Design BA Liberal Arts BA, BS Literary Studies BA Literature (concentration) Writing (concentration) Philosophy BA Politics BA Psychology BA Screen Studies BA Sociology BA Theater BA Urban Studies BA

The New School



New York City

About the College of Performing Arts The College of Performing Arts is a community of artists collaborating across three schools—the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Mannes School of Music, and the School of Drama. Your career as a 21st-century artist begins on day one. Through classes, productions and ensembles, and faculty mentoring, you have ample opportunities to develop the skills you need to take your next professional steps in the arts. You work closely with legendary faculty members and enjoy access to world-class venues. You’re challenged to experiment, question, and reimagine performance for an evolving world.

Undergraduate Programs

Mannes School of Music Composition BM Guitar BM Harpsichord BM Instrumental Performance BM Piano BM Theory BM Voice BM School of Jazz and Contemporary Music Jazz and Contemporary Music BFA Instrumental (concentration) Vocal (concentration) School of Drama Dramatic Arts BFA

1,018 enrolled College of Performing Arts students (undergraduate and graduate) newschool.edu/performing-arts

The New School



New York City

BA/BFA Dual Degree, Minors, and BA/MA Program Combine Liberal Arts with Design or Music in our BA/BFA Dual Degree The New School is one of only a few universities in the United States offering a five-year dual-degree program. Our program enables you to earn two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from either the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music or Parsons School of Design. newschool.edu/babfa

The New School


Expand Your Options with a Minor Minors in disciplines offered throughout the university help you tailor your studies to your specific academic and professional goals. Explore interests and fields and graduate with a broad set of professional skills. Anthropology Art and Design History Capitalism Studies Chinese Studies Code as a Liberal Art Comics and Graphic Narrative Communication Design Contemporary Dance Contemporary Music Creative Coding Creative Entrepreneurship Culture and Media Data Visualization Design Studies Dramatic Arts Economics Environmental Studies Fashion Communication Fashion Studies Film Production Fine Arts Food Studies French Studies Gender Studies Global Studies Hispanic Studies History Immersive Storytelling Interdisciplinary Science

Japanese Studies Jewish Culture Journalism + Design Literature Management and Leadership Migration Studies Moving Image Arts Museum and Curatorial Studies Music Composition Philosophy Photography Politics Post-Genre Music: Performance and Creation Printmaking Psychology Race and Ethnicity Religious Studies Screenwriting Social Practice Sociology Sustainable Cities Techniques of Music Temporary Environments Theater Urban Studies Visual Studies Writing


Begin a Master’s Degree During Your Bachelor's Studies Beginning in your junior year, you can take graduate-level courses and earn up to 18 credits (depending on the master’s program) that apply to both undergraduate and graduate degrees at The New School. newschool.edu/bama


New York City

Featured Faculty

Our job is to create the next generation of really innovative artists. Missy Mazzoli

My goal in the classroom is to cultivate space for self-exploration, critical reflection, and collective culture building. Sam Mejias

In many ways, faculty at The New School are the most important part of your education. They help you combine classes, university resources, and extracurricular learning— including opportunities for real-world learning with New York City’s groundbreaking organizations and leaders—into an education available nowhere else. They bring you into their award-winning research and collaborate with you on the scholarly and creative work that drives culture and change. They share their tips for navigating a new university and city and connect you with their networks to support your professional growth. newschool.edu/academics/meet-faculty The New School


Missy Mazzoli ,

Composition Professor at Mannes School of Music “When I’m working one-on-one with students, I like to create an environment where they can say anything, be honest. When students feel free to express themselves, they tap into the music only they can create. Our job is not to turn out an army of students who sound just like the faculty. It’s to create the next generation of really innovative artists.”

Yvonne Watson ,

Associate Professor of Fashion and Dean of Curriculum and Learning at Parsons “I appreciate what each student brings to the classroom and want them to leave my courses empowered to apply what they have learned to other areas of their life and to leading transformation within the fashion system—to make fashion a force of good, a force of change.”

Sam Mejias , Associate Professor of Social Justice and Community Engagement at Parsons “My goal in the classroom is to cultivate space for self-exploration, critical reflection, and collective culture building. I try to facilitate unfamiliar, exciting, and even unnerving conversations that build on students’ own expertise and rich experiences and that help connect personal interests and histories to struggles for justice and equity in the wider world.”

Hank Shocklee , Instructor at Jazz, Founder of the Group Public Enemy, and Producer at The Bomb Squad “When I was a college senior, I received my first contract with Def Jam Records and couldn't understand it. I went straight to a law professor and asked for help. You bet I can read contracts now. A performer's career is made up of many facets. For example, pianists need to consider sonic engineering, other instruments, legal terminology, branding, public relations, social media, and money management. I’m here to help my students become active, entrepreneurial participants in their community in and outside of the practice room.”


New York City

Alexandra Delano Alonso,

Co-chair and Associate Professor of Global Studies at Lang, and Abou Farman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Lang “Our work focuses on the concept of sanctuary and its implications for cross-border solidarity networks. We develop students’ capacities for scholar-activism and create opportunities for them to collaborate with community organizations, artists, advocates, and other educational institutions in NYC and beyond.”

Yu Nong Khew, Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Parsons “Empathy applies to learning as well as design, and my teaching philosophy is centered on it. An important aspect of design teaching is creating safe spaces that encourage participation, risk taking, creativity, and iterative design. Through encouragement and support, we can build students' confidence to design innovative spaces.”

Francesca Bonesio, First-Year Coordinator and Faculty Member in the BFA Art, Media, and Technology Program at Parsons Paris “I’ve adapted and evolved in my own career as an architect and artist in Europe, and it’s important to me that I help my students develop this ability. No matter what career or discipline students pursue, if they can’t keep up with rapidly evolving industries and technologies, they can’t thrive as creative leaders and cultivate a vision for the future.”

David Bering-Porter , Assistant Professor of Culture and Media Studies at Lang “I focus on technology and race, and in classes we read a lot of philosophy, anthropology, and history to see what kind of productive juxtapositions and frictions one gets out of reading these texts alongside one another. My role is to help develop a set of critical ideas and tools students can apply to all scenarios.”

The New School


An important aspect of design teaching is creating safe spaces that encourage participation, risk taking, creativity, and iterative design. Yu Nong Khew

I focus on technology and race, and in classes we read and compare philosophy, anthropology, and history to develop a set of critical ideas and tools students can apply to all scenarios. David Bering-Porter


New York City

The First-Year Experience

We’re here to help ease your transition from high school to college and ensure that your first year sets you up for success. Advisors are on hand to guide you in choosing courses, taking part in other learning opportunities, and finding resources to help you thrive. First-year courses of study at The New School are tailored to your discipline and designed to acquaint you with the educational methods and community of your chosen college. From day one, we encourage you to experiment, question what you think you know and can do, and collaborate with others having a range of beliefs and ways of creating. That process unfolds in the classroom; it also happens in organized social gatherings, university-wide events, and outings with new friends to sites throughout the city. You stretch yourself and reflect, prepared to map out the next three years and beyond. The New School


Your First Year at Parsons As a first-year student at Parsons or Parsons Paris, you follow a unique curriculum designed to provide a solid foundation for your time at the school and the rest of your creative life. In the first two semesters, you bring together making and reflecting on studio work through reading and writing, a process that immerses you in a range of art and design concepts, tools, and rigorous critical practices. You explore alongside peers who are passionate about all kinds of art, design, and strategic fields—and who may become creative partners for a project, an internship, or even a business. Advisors help you acclimate to college life and develop the insights and skills you need during your studies and for your future as a flexible and socially aware collaborator. newschool.edu/parsons/first-year-study

Your First Year at Lang Lang’s first-year seminar and writing courses give you the academic foundation, support, and guidance you need to succeed. Academic advisors, faculty advisors, and first-year fellows help you navigate the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to college life and studies. You have tremendous freedom to personalize your first two semesters according to your interests, and two Lang core components prepare you to thrive throughout your studies: the First-Year Writing Program, in which you gain critical thinking skills, confidence, and conviction as a writer; and the FirstYear Seminar, in which you address current issues and develop your own ideas and new perspectives in lively dialogue with peers and faculty. newschool.edu/lang/first-year

Your First Year at the College of Performing Arts At the College of Performing Arts, your creative practice is both relevant to the present day and aimed at forging the future of performance. Whether your home is Mannes School of Music, the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, or the School of Drama, your first year immerses you in an environment that challenges you and your assumptions while nurturing your identity as an artist. Training focused on your craft is complemented by interdisciplinary courses in which you collaborate with fellow students in other disciplines, discovering your artistic and personal voice, exploring expressive technologies, and developing new forms of socially engaged work. Advisors help you plan your studies, including courses designed to develop liberal arts skills in research, writing, and presenting.


New York City

The New School


Isabella Savignano she/her BBA Strategic Design and Management Parsons School of Design

In my Sustainable Systems class, I created a film and made costumes and now can imagine bigger roles for myself involving film.

In Experiments in Visual Storytelling and Personal Identity as an Artist, I learned to be creative in ways I never had before. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to have my own business; I’d started a vintage clothing company in high school and imagined working in costume design for film. I was looking for a creative business program and found the BBA Strategic Design and Management degree. I was confident about math and my quantitative analysis classes but didn’t have drawing skills and had trouble coming up with ideas. So I was nervous being around so many supercreative students. My instructors were very supportive, though, and stayed after class to help me figure out assignments. But the big thing about the first year was that I got really interested in making films—not just clothes for them. In Experiments in Visual Storytelling and Personal Identity as an Artist, I learned to be creative in ways I never had before. Until then, my creativity had been very utilitarian—I needed pants; I made pants. Now I had to storyboard films and come up with personal narratives. In my first year, I created films and designed costumes for a post-climate disaster film and found a location that looked like the Scottish countryside (it was Roosevelt Island).

I now realize that through these classes and films, I’ve gained conceptual abilities that I didn’t have before. And I now can imagine bigger roles for myself involving film and understand creative ventures in a new way.

Isabella now shares an East Village apartment with her first-year dorm roommate. Her interest in vintage clothing has inspired her to develop her costume design abilities for films she made in her first year.


New York City

The New School


Jackson Bisaccia they/he BA Psychology and BA The Arts (Visual Studies concentration) Eugene Lang College

I’m coming into contact with great minds who have struggled with issues I think about and provided reference points for looking at and being in the world.

The more I learned about Lang, the more it seemed like the curriculum and faculty could offer the space to let me make my own path intellectually. I studied ballet intensively and then moved to NYC, where I worked for a few years, knowing I needed more. When I learned about Lang, it seemed like the curriculum and faculty could offer the space to let me make my own path intellectually. I was looking for a program where I could focus on curatorial studies, artistic expression, and queer identity, which I am doing now by studying both visual studies and psychology. At Lang, I’m coming into contact with all these great minds who have struggled with issues I think about and provided reference points for creating new ways of looking at and being in the world. I’m reading the work of Thelma Golden of the Studio Museum of Harlem and Legacy Russell, whose

work has greatly influenced me. And I’m investigating the ways society has been constructed throughout history and why you can’t separate the self from the society you live in. You have to work to understand and value your own vision for new ways of being in the world, and that’s how I’d describe my work at Lang. I want to take the base of knowledge that I’ve built at Lang and give artists new platforms for expression. For next steps, I’ve been organizing visual art and performance events, including one this summer highlighting female and queer artists of various backgrounds.

Jackson is shown at locations at Eugene Lang College, including the Lang Courtyard gathering place and the Millimeter Reading Room—a library of works related to Lang studies.


New York City

The New School


Jaden Lewis-King he/him BM Instrumental Performance College of Performing Arts

Mannes pushes us to be entrepreneurial and not allow our art to be at the hands of others.

We have conversations about being a musician for the world that we’re living in today, and that means having a digital footprint. What drew me to Mannes initially was the faculty. But learning more about the vibe with The New School and its ethos when it came to classical music made my decision for me. Mannes pushes us to be entrepreneurial and not allow our art to be at the hands of others. We have conversations about being a musician for the world that we’re living in today, and that means having a digital footprint. At Mannes, I learned that I’m the brand, and as musicians, we often lose sight of that. One of the things that is really important about my time here so far is the other students. I’m an NYC kid, and I was very specific about where I wanted to play. Some of the other classical students were like, “Come to these underground jazz sessions”; I thought it wasn’t really my

thing, but then I went and I met musicians from totally different backgrounds, and it completely re-affirmed the importance of being broad. Everyone knows Black musicians are very, very scarce in the classical space. I want to change the face of classical music. Ultimately I want to be neo-classical. I’m learning how to maneuver my classical background, to be a musician for the world that we’re living in today.

Jaden says that when he was considering his college choices, Mannes’ commitment to making music “broader and newer and not the traditional stuffy classical kind made my decision for me.”


New York City

The New School


Student Work Gallery

Student work embodies the interests and talents of our community while reflecting our university’s educational approaches and culture of collaborative work, real-world impact, and transformative creativity and scholarship. On the following pages are projects undertaken for courses or as senior capstone works. Descriptions of works in the gallery appear on the next page, and project visuals follow. newschool.edu/research-and-work 39

New York City


Street Seats: New

York City Department of Transportation × Parsons’ BFA Architectural Design program

Since 2016, Parsons has collaborated with the city on an annual project to design and build innovative sustainable street furniture on campus. Street Seats reclaims portions of New York City streets for safe, attractive outdoor seating enabling the public to rest, socialize, and experience street life from a fresh perspective. Students collaborate in groups to arrive at a single design, taking into account real-world considerations including the needs of users, the site’s context, and a variety of environmental and sustainability factors.

(Un)Silent Film Night

Evelina Dahlgren, BA


Global Studies and BA Culture and Media Studies

Influenced by research she conducted as an intern with the United Nations Refugee Agency, Evelina Dahlgren used her senior research thesis to further her inquiry into the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the reasons for the lack of international media coverage of the conflict. Dahlgren has continued her studies at The New School in an international affairs master’s program.



Savoy Faire Competition:

Borbonese × Parsons Paris

Iconic Italian fashion brand Borbonese recently collaborated with students from the BFA Fashion Design and BBA Strategic Design and Management programs at Parsons Paris on Savoy Faire, a project that brought together accessory design and creative brand management. Fashion Design students worked with local Italian artisans to design new types of bags, while students in the Strategic Design and Management program created a marketing and communications strategy to launch the products in a new market.


Darice Lee,

BFA Product Design

This popular recurring event brings the community together for an evening of classic film and groundbreaking musical creativity. Students from the College of Performing Arts’ three schools create live scores that accompany silent films in events hosted by celebrities including Matthew Broderick and Bill Irwin. 3

Beep Lab Ensemble

In this course, taught by College of Performing Arts faculty member Levy Lorenzo, students built their own simple synthesizers by hand, using readily available electronic components. They then created music compositions, including ones complementing the synthesizers' beeps and trills with vocals and even the analog sounds of students operating their minimachines. They recorded the recital and made it into a video that was shared online.

Robud, Darice Lee’s senior thesis project, is an indoor composting bin and educational tool designed to guide young people to develop sustainability-minded habits while learning about composting, food life cycles, and food waste and loss—a phenomenon schools today often overlook. Many educational composting programs are difficult to maintain and tailored to large outdoor spaces, forcing teachers to forgo hands-on instruction. The Robud kit allows for odorless classroom composting and enables classes to make the practice a daily ritual integrated into coursework.


Quantum Computing: IBM ×

Parsons/The New School

Quantum Computing is a recently offered collaborative course, taught with IBM and Parsons faculty lead Sven Travis, that challenged students throughout the university to fight bias and social inequality through projects employing creative new applications of quantum computing in art, design, education, and business. Shown are works by Marcus Banks (top and bottom right); Marcus Banks, Ani Kapreilian, and Cintialy Roque (top left); and Jiyoon Moon (bottom left).


Jiyoon Moon, BFA Design

and Technology

Jiyoon Moon’s thesis project, The Politics of Naming, offers an interactive virtual space that gives users an inside look at the discomfort experienced by the AAPI community when faced with xenophobia and challenges us to eliminate dangerous rhetorical patterns such as the use of terms like

“alien” and “Chinese virus,” which have been used against specific groups during the current pandemic.


Noemi Florea, BA

Environmental Studies/BFA Integrated Design

Noemi Florea, a current dual-degree student, is collaborating with U.S. city leaders and engineers overseas to develop Cycleau Sanitation, her scalable business model for a low-cost nonelectric sanitation system that conserves resources.

Art of Change Opera

RuPaul’s Drag Race


Mannes School of Music recently presented Art of Change, an experimental opera by creative visionary Jean-Baptiste Barrière. Equal parts opera, video and performance art, and salon of progressive artists and thinkers, the piece employed software designed by Barrière to visually depict the speech patterns of live performers and prerecorded text that was projected onto video screens. The spontaneously generated score was presented by a cast of celebrated performers meditating on muchneeded change in today’s world. 11

and Its Impact

Led by drag historian and professor Joe E. Jeffreys, students in this Lang course interrogate the television series RuPaul’s Drag Race and its representations of gender, race, ethnicity, body image, community, and style. The course places the show in the context of the history of reality television and drag performance, from vaudeville and the 1980s East Village scene to house balls, Wigstock, and Bushwig.


Special Olympics ×

Parsons’ BFA Fashion Design program

In a first-ever collaboration with Parsons, Special Olympics partnered with the BFA Fashion Design program in a course in which athletes and student designers co-created inclusive and sustainable costumes to be worn before, during, and after athletic competitions.

The New School





New York City




The New School





New York City





The New School





New York City


The New School


Cat Gillespie she/they BFA Dramatic Arts College of Performing Arts

The school really instills the idea that you can be a multi-hyphenate.

I was immediately put in a situation where I had to stretch all of my limbs and become more than an actor. I’m a transfer student, but because of the structure of my program—it’s so much about working with people—I was instantly able to make a lot of connections without worrying about the fact that “everybody knows everybody.” When I came here, I was put into a class and told the first week of class, “Every week you're going to write a play, and we're going to read it to the class.” I was horrified. I was not ready for it. I was an actor. But I was immediately put in a situation where I had to stretch all of my limbs and become more. The school really instills in you the idea that you can be a multi-hyphenate.

What’s also superinteresting about The New School is that while I have lots of friends who are performers, my first roommate was from Parsons; my closest friends are designers, policymakers, and fashion people. Here we learn that it’s critical to understand the world around us to become the artists we want to be. We’ve had some intense conversations this past year—conversations that stick with me weeks later. I’ve had a number of teachers actually throw out the syllabus in reaction to events that have come up. I love going to school in NYC. It feels like there is always a heartbeat, and something happening, and people with intention going someplace. The New School’s campus is close to Union Square, which gives Cat access to the park’s expansive greenmarket and some of the city’s biggest specialized bookstores.


New York City

The New School


Camille Jao she/her BFA Interior Design Parsons School of Design

I’ve grown just from being in New York City, which is diverse and has led me to understand how social issues are intimately connected to design.

Interior design is about much more than traditional spaces and can be connected to the ways cities thrive. For years, I’d imagined coming to Parsons but I didn’t expect to discover here that interior design is about much more than traditional spaces and can be connected to the ways cities thrive. I spend a lot of time in Chinatown and the park near Grand and Elizabeth Streets. So for my thesis project, Assemble, I interviewed people there selling things in the park and asked them what they needed for their work. From my research I designed portable sustainable canopies that vendors can use to work safely along the street. Especially now, it’s important that the Asian community is empowered, and design can be part of that. My project involves stall covers with solar lighting that vendors can attach to upright supports placed along

Grand Street park. The canopies protect business owners, enabling them to connect with buyers and socialize in the park. Materials used in the design—bamboo, rice paper—reflect the cultural heritage and traditions of the people using that space. Faculty encouraged me to apply for grants to underwrite building my project; I’m doing that now. Over the past years, my instructors have helped me grow as a designer with an open mind; I’ve stayed in touch with many. Also, I’ve grown just from being in New York City, which is diverse and has led me to understand how social issues are intimately connected to design. Of her studies, Taiwan-born designer Camille says, “I didn’t expect that I was going to be pushed to be so conceptual, research so intensively, or learn to make things by hand”—all skills she employed in her senior capstone project.


New York City

The New School


Jade (Kas) Merriweather they/them BA Culture and Media Studies Eugene Lang College

My program at Lang allowed me to have a clearer understanding of the person I want to be in this world.

I was a part of the original group of organizers who helped The New School create a dedicated space of respite, called The Students of Color Space. It was empowering to see that we have this collective power to come together to make the change we needed. Since then, I’ve been active in the Black Student Union. That's when my interest in film started to take off. I began taking more classes in production and theory and applying concepts that I had learned and applying them to the stories I wanted to tell. I created a couple of short films documenting the experiences of queer Black and Brown folks, talented artist and performer friends. My

program at Lang allowed me the space to bridge all those interests. I have a clearer understanding of the person that I want to be in this world, like fundamentally. I feel a lot more grounded in my values and what feels empowering for me creatively and in my personal life. I think I'm coming away from this experience knowing how to talk to a bunch of different types of people and exercise leadership skills. I’m also learning how to be compassionate and look at situations that I may not understand holistically, and learning how to ask questions, rather than making snap judgments. I think I just became more aware of the world around me, and my place in it. Creating and performing music takes Kas to the city’s nearby parks, where musicians convene.

I helped create The Students of Color Space. It was empowering to see that we have this collective power to come together to make the change we needed.


New York City

The New School


Ani Padinjare he/him BFA Illustration Parsons School of Design

Here you’re encouraged to go out and do things— make things, try new things.

In the beginning, the critiques were hard, because the faculty knew I wasn’t working to my level yet. The best thing about education here is that you’re encouraged to go out and do things—make things, try new things. In my case, I was used to being really good at drawing; from the time I discovered that you could use a pencil to do more than write, I was drawing. But instructors at Parsons really pushed me to try 3D work, making sculpture in the wood shop. I’d never used a wood tool in my life! In the beginning, the critiques were hard, because the faculty knew I wasn’t working to my level yet. I just started trying working in clay, and eventually was proud of the work I did. Going outside of my comfort zone has helped me a lot.

Then one of my instructors encouraged me to learn Maya illustration software. I didn’t get it at first, but he let me work with him after class until I was comfortable in digital design. Now I mainly work with Apple ProCreate. I sketch and paint, but then I develop illustrations further in Apple ProCreate, Maya, and AutoDesk. My thesis website—an interactive world involving astronauts navigating around a wormhole in space—was made with Apple ProCreate, Maya, and AutoDesk. I'd like to work for Apple, maybe developing ProCreate, or work in animation in Hollywood. Encouraged by faculty to develop new skills, Ani created an interactive digital world inspired by human curiosity and featuring astronauts navigating a space wormhole. He also learned to use the wood shop—where he is shown on the previous page—to build an elaborate cat tower.


New York City

Our Alumni and Outcomes

Our unique approach to education has produced generations of creative changemakers who have set new standards for innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability in a range of fields and industries. They apply the insights and skills developed on campus to scholarly and creative challenges around the world, forming a global network of support and impact. newschool.edu/outcomes The New School


Alumni Entrepreneurship and Innovation

43 New School alumni in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 since the list’s inception in 2011

52% of graduating seniors plan to be self-employed or be independent contractors or freelance workers1

148 graduates have launched their own businesses since 2018


National Survey of Student Engagement, 2019.

A Selection of Recent Employers

1,219 unique employers hired members of The New School’s Class of 2019 within 12 months of graduation Google


Ralph Lauren

Michael Kors




Proenza Schouler

Warner Bros.


Lincoln Center for the Arts

Saint Laurent



Alexander Wang

Tiffany & Co.

Helmut Lang

Saks Fifth Avenue

Jason Wu

Acne Studios

ABC News


Loop Lighting



XRC Labs

Memorial Sloan Kettering


Cancer Center PVH Corp.

Museum of Art


Rutgers University

United Nations

New York Times

Rosie Assoulin


Tory Burch



Opening Ceremony


Beijing Symphony

Yabu Pushelberg Success Academy Acne Studios WeWork Coach

Orchestra The Refugee Orchestra Project American Conservatory Theater


The Public Theater

Universidad de Guadalajara


Haddad Brands

Entertainment Weekly

Marc Jacobs


The Metropolitan

New York City

Some of our Groundbreakers

Ai Weiwei

Fine artist

Narciso Rodriguez

Fashion designer

Valerie Coleman

Flutist, founder of the GRAMMYnominated Imani Winds ensemble

Harry Belafonte

Performer, activist

Anna Sui

Designer, entrepreneur

Maya Mumma

Academy Award–winning film editor

Sheila Bridges

Interior designer, TV host Kevin Kwan

Author of the Crazy Rich Asians satirical series

Marc Jacobs

Fashion designer, activist

Robert Glasper

Nelson Barbosa

Former finance minister of Brazil Steven Meisel


Nadine Sierra


Tom Ford

Designer, filmmaker

GRAMMY Award–winning pianist, producer

Ana Oliveira

President and CEO, New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF)

Ryan Germick

Creator of Google Doodle, digital creative director

Laura Poitras

Academy Award– and MacArthur Fellowship–winning filmmaker, artist

Ani DiFranco

Singer-songwriter, producer

Tracy Reese

Fashion designer, entrepreneur Thomas DiNapoli

New York State comptroller

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Sex therapist, TV and radio host Donna Karan

Fashion designer, entrepreneur, activist

The New School


A Few to Watch

Linda Briceño

BM Voice ’18; MA Arts Management and Entrepreneurship ’19 Trumpeter, songwriter, producer, singer

James Francies

BM Instrumental Performance ’17 Jazz pianist, composer

Ella Emhoff

Julio Torres

BA Literary Studies ’11 Writer, comedian, actor, co-creator of Los Espookys


BFA Jazz and Contemporary Music ’19; MA Arts Management and Entrepreneurship ’20 Jazz singer, composer

Emily Adams Bode

BA Philosophy/BFA Fashion Design ’13 Founder of Bode luxury menswear

BFA Fine Arts ’21 Knitwear designer, model

Chloe Rowlands

BM Instrumental Performance ’14 Trumpeter, co-founder of The Westerlies

Jordan Cooper

BFA Dramatic Arts ’18 Playwright and actor

Elizabeth “Bunny” Rogers

BFA Fine Arts ’13 Fine artist

Vladislav Ginzburg

BS Liberal Arts ’12 CEO of Blockparty

Jillian Hervey (Lion Babe)

BA The Arts ’11 Musician, performer

Lucy Jones

BFA Fashion Design ’15 Founder and CEO of FFORA accessories Alex Levin

BBA Strategic Design and Management ’11, and Ryan Riegner

BFA Communication Design ’11 Founders of L+R design agency 57

New York City

Myles Loftin

BFA Photography ’20 Photographer Jonathan Cohen

BFA Fashion Design ’09 Fashion designer

Fabian Raphael Rastorfer

BFA Design and Technology ’14 Founder of Fabraz game studio

Featured Alumni Entrepreneurs label on a media outlet, they “publish” seasonal collections that tackle issues about which they want to raise public awareness and start conversations that offer solutions. They recently collaborated with a peer from Parsons on an ear jewelry line meant to address the needs of the nonhearing community.

• •

Trae Harris, BA Arts in Context ’10 Soon after graduation, Harris had her film debut in Newlyweds, a 2011 Sundance-premiered feature. The role set Harris on a creative path that enabled her to develop her own voice for a variety of platforms. She went on to perform at New York’s Signature Theater, in the Netflix television series Orange Is the New Black, and in short films. Today Harris is working behind the camera, scripting a feature, writing pilots, and developing new styles of filmmaking that reflect the artistic freedom and focus on social justice that she benefited from at Lang.

Zenat Begum , BA Economics ’15 Begum says her Lang community and Economics program courses provided her “first sense of community and organizing”—two features now associated with her Playground Coffee Shop. With her socially beneficial business, Begum aimed at bridging the cultural and economic gaps between groups living side by side in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Local residents gather at Playground to discuss gentrification and other timely topics over coffee and in classes and seminars offered for free or on a sliding scale.

Haoran Li and Siying Qu, BFA Fashion Design ’15 Li and Qu founded Private Policy, an apparel start-up with an activist spirit, to give their gender-nonconforming clientele a way to share sociopolitical and environmental beliefs through fashion. Modeling their fashion

The New School


Artistry of Jazz Horn. Of her successful approach to entrepreneurship, Horn says, “Everything I do is businessoriented.” Her work is creatively multidisciplinary as well: She also designs and sells clothes, developed an innovative (and patented and copyrighted) curriculum, and established a publishing platform to share her technique.

Alex Levin , BBA Strategic Design and Management ’11, and Ryan Riegner, BFA Communication Design ’11 After graduation, Levin and Riegner launched a fashion brand but soon after decided to focus fulltime on digital consulting, eventually forming the creative agency L+R. Today L+R offers services including brand strategy, app development, research and usability testing, and graphic design. The firm has built apps for Unilever, designed branding for Amazon, and created VR experiences for Louis Vuitton. Levin and Riegner’s business has expanded; L+R now maintains offices in Milan, Barcelona, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles.

Alfonso Cobo, BBA Strategic Design and Management ’16 Cobo is the founder of Unfold, an app for creating immersive animated stories on Instagram, which attracted celebrity users right from its launch. Its huge following led to its recent purchase by the Web platform Squarespace.

Jazzmeia Horn ,

BM Voice ’14 Horn is not content to excel as a jazz vocalist—she also wants to share her creativity with others through her umbrella business,


New York City

Maryellis Bunn, BBA Strategic Design and Management ’14 Bunn is the founder and CEO of the Museum of Ice Cream (which she also refers to as a “Movement of Imagination and Creativity”). The “museum” is a creative space where giant pools, Popsicles, and unicorns inspire people to come together in fun and imaginative play. The wildly successful venture—begun in 2016 as a San Francisco pop-up and now in permanent residence in cities across the United States—has expanded and now offers its own seven-flavor ice cream brand and children’s apparel line, both available at Target, and has entered into a collaboration with Sephora.

Real-World Learning at The New School

Where the Classroom Meets the World

One of the many advantages of studying at The New School is being immersed in New York City—and the world. Your classroom experience connects to the big questions and issues of our time, and you study directly with industry leaders, activists, artists, policymakers, and community changemakers who co-teach courses. The New School


Internships Internships offer you invaluable opportunities to exercise your talents and gain industry-ready skills and experience, all while exploring the world of work. Many academic programs encourage or even require an internship experience, and you can often earn academic credit for approved internships. With the help of our Career Services staff, you can secure positions that are tailored to your educational goals and aimed at future employment.

Performance Opportunities Central to our performing arts curricula are the unique creative and performance experiences that happen outside of traditional conservatory training. On any given day, Drama students might be performing or reading at a nearby theater, while music students might be sitting in at a jazz club jam session or at The Stone—our collaborative jazz center—while Lang Dance students might be taking the stage at a major NYC cultural institution.

Research Centers, Labs, and Institutes Across the New School campus, students and faculty come together in interactive, collaborative spaces to rethink, redesign, and reimagine the world. In labs, centers, and institutes, scholarly rigor and intellectual freedom unite, enabling our community to generate groundbreaking work that challenges conventional approaches to problems and solutions. Research is shared publicly, and some of these research hubs invite undergraduates to take part in their investigations.


New York City

Civic Engagement and Social Justice Lang’s Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice offers civic participation opportunities in which students can combine social justice efforts with academic work and build community with similarly dedicated people.

Recent Partnerships

IKEA × Parsons: Students in Parsons programs ranging from Strategic Design and Management to Product Design recently partnered with IKEA and celebrated designer Tom Dixon on developing products for Delaktig, a customizable suite of IKEA furniture. Of the project, Dixon said, “Products that can be personalized and adapt to needs over time are kept—and represent a form of sustainability.” IKEA praised the innovative projects and put them on view at Milan’s Salone di Mobile furnishings fair.

Eugene Lang College Collaboration with the I Have A Dream Foundation and the NYC Department of Education: Lang students taught and mentored elementary school students through the “I Have A Dream” afterschool programs at PS 7 in East Harlem and PS 33 in Chelsea, where they were exposed to critical pedagogy and transformative arts education as they explored the fields of dance and the arts.

College of Performing Arts × Lincoln Center’s New York Public Library for the Performing Arts: The Shelf Life project gave College of Performing Arts students unique access to research in the comprehensive archives of Lincoln Center's New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Students found compositions, videos, and other items in the collection that inspired them to create original works, which were presented publicly in a concert held at Lincoln Center.

A Global Perspective Our community is made up of students and faculty from around the world who gather to bring their diverse points of view, experiences, and networks to the classroom. They engage in learning that is designed for a globalizing future through courses focusing on international events, classes offered with partners abroad, and study abroad opportunities. We also offer intensive programs in English as a Second Language (ESL) designed to help you improve your English language skills and succeed academically at The New School.

Our International Student Community

• •

31% international undergraduate students1 Top ten places of origin of international undergraduate students: Mainland China, Canada, South Korea, India, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, France, Hong Kong (China)


University-wide in fall 2020.

Study Abroad Broaden your perspective and expand your understanding of global issues and creative practices through contact with academics and peers in other universities. Study abroad can be arranged through institutional exchange partners of The New School or organized by you to meet your specific educational goals. From campus, you can also build your awareness of the international context through opportunities including short-term programs led by faculty during academic breaks.

Foreign study programs have taken students to:

Costa Rica, where they combined classroom learning with practical experience through research on and analysis of Central American social and economic issues

Paris, where they considered the life, work, and legacy of novelist, essayist, playwright, and poet James Baldwin

Tokyo, where they immersed themselves in liberal arts, Japanese language study, and culture at the research-focused Sophia University

ESL Certificate Programs The New School's ESL certificate programs offer an excellent introduction to university studies in the United States. They provide an intensive, immersive experience designed to help students improve their English language skills and succeed academically at The New School.

• • •

ESL + University Preparation Certificate ESL + Design Certificate ESL + Music Certificate


The New School



New York City

A Place to Belong; a Mission to Share We at The New School are a community of individuals brought together by a commitment to bettering the world and ourselves. You will benefit from all of the advantages of studying in a major city while enjoying a home away from home at our campus in Greenwich Village or at Parsons Paris. We help you find likeminded people, the services you need to support your growth and academic success, and activities that bring your learning to life out in the world.

Health, Safety, Well-Being The New School is ever mindful of the personal safety, health, and the overall well-being of every one of our students. The support we offer extends from health services and mental health counseling to special measures, including ones addressing COVID-19. newschool.edu/health-services newschool.edu/covid-19

International Student and Scholar Services Whether you are an international student or an exchange visitor, you are joining a diverse and thriving academic and artistic community in one of the world’s great cities. We provide expertise and support throughout the U.S. visa application process and advise on the maintenance of legal immigration status, employment, changes of status, and other immigrationrelated matters. We also counsel incoming students and scholars on higher education practices in the United States and other cultural adjustment issues.

Housing University housing doesn't just offer four walls and a roof; it’s an opportunity to form bonds, ease the transition from home to college, and make new friends for life. Our five residences in Greenwich Village offer students a nurturing, supportive environment as well as many social, educational, and cultural activities. Most students begin their time on campus in an on-campus residence hall but find roommates for off-campus life in apartments. newschool.edu/housing

Dining The New School Dining program prides itself on serving chef-designed, diverse, nutritious food in the main dining hall in our University Center and O Café, at 65 West 11th Street. Our farm-totable food offerings promote the health of our students, community, and planet. Supporting your individual needs are the city’s many specialized grocery stores, restaurants, and takeaway food services. newschool.edu/card/meal-plans


The New School



New York City

Organizations, Activities, Facilities, and Resources Activities offer you opportunities to socialize, exercise your mind and body, practice your beliefs, and amplify learning beyond the classroom.

A Few of Our Clubs, Groups, and Resources

New School Free Press: This studentrun publication brings our university community the latest news and information about cultural and political happenings on campus and across NYC.

Student Groups: These include Printmaking Club, Black Student Union, Diverse Abilities Coalition, Asian Student Association, Cross-Country, and Hip Hop Collective.

Fitness and Recreation: The university offers free group fitness classes, intramural sports, and outdoor adventures like rock climbing and bike riding throughout the city and beyond.

New School Debate Team: Students compete in tournaments and learn to approach debate from a social justice perspective, looking at it as a way to bring about change.

Millimeter Reading Room: This room features a communal study space, lounge chairs, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that hold volumes from the Radical Reading Collection, a selection of books recommended by Lang’s Gural Scholars.

Parsons Making Center: This space offers students opportunities to acquire industry-ready skills, transform the way products are made, and develop a nuanced understanding of supply chains, local production, mass customization, and craft.

The University Center: A focal point of our downtown New York City campus, this building at Fifth Avenue and 13th Street

holds our largest auditorium, a library, computer workstations and printers, and on-site collections of art, architecture, design, and technology materials.

Public Programs: Students get a frontrow seat to history as it’s being made at hundreds of programs each year. Past speakers include Jane Goodall, Zadie Smith, Anna Sui, Edward Snowden, Andrew McCabe, Patti Smith, Ai Weiwei, and bell hooks.

Student Senate: This studentadministered organization channels students' views on university matters.

Help Financing Your Education An investment in a college education requires information, planning, and assistance. Our Office of Financial Aid is here to help you and your family create an individualized financial plan, which can include grants, scholarships, and federal work study along with merit-based institutional aid. (In the 2019–2020 academic year, for example, more than 85 percent of students received such aid.) All applicants, including international students, are automatically considered for applicable scholarships and grants during the admission process. newschool.edu/admission/financial-aid

Connect with Us We are here to provide information, answer questions, and introduce you to more of the people, courses, and resources that make The New School both a unique place to channel your academic ambitions into transformative study and a community to last a lifetime. newschool.edu/admission The New School



New York City

The New School


University Programs PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN Bachelor’s Programs Architectural Design BFA Communication Design BFA Design and Technology BFA Creative Technology pathway1 Game Design pathway1 Design History and Practice BFA Fashion Design BFA Collection pathway1 Fashion Product pathway1 Materiality pathway1 Systems and Society pathway1 Fine Arts BFA Illustration BFA Integrated Design BFA Interior Design BFA Photography BFA Product Design BFA Strategic Design and Management BBA Associate’s Programs Communication Design AAS Fashion Design AAS Fashion Marketing and Communication AAS Interior Design AAS Master’s Programs Architecture MArch Architecture/Lighting Design MArch/MFA dual degree Communication Design MPS Data Visualization MS Design and Technology MFA Design and Urban Ecologies MS Fashion Design and Society MFA Fashion Management MPS Fashion Studies MA Fine Arts MFA History of Design and Curatorial Studies MA Industrial Design MFA Interior Design MFA Lighting Design MFA Lighting Design and Interior Design MFA double major Photography MFA Strategic Design and Management MS2 Textiles MFA Transdisciplinary Design MFA

PARSONS PARIS Bachelor’s Programs Art, Media, and Technology BFA Fashion Design BFA Strategic Design and Management BBA Master’s Programs Fashion Studies MA Fashion Design and the Arts MFA EUGENE LANG COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Anthropology BA The Arts BA Arts in Context concentration Visual Studies concentration Contemporary Dance BA Contemporary Music BA Culture and Media BA Economics BA Environmental Studies BA Global Studies BA History BA Interdisciplinary Science BA Journalism + Design BA Liberal Arts BA, BS Self-designed program Literary Studies BA Literature concentration Writing concentration Philosophy BA Politics BA Psychology BA Screen Studies BA Sociology BA Theater BA Urban Studies BA COLLEGE OF PERFORMING ARTS Master’s Programs Arts Management and Entrepreneurship MA Performer-Composer MM

Mannes School of Music Bachelor’s Programs Composition BM Guitar BM Harpsichord BM Instrumental Performance BM Orchestral Conducting BM Piano BM Theory BM Voice BM

Graduate Programs3 Collaborative Piano MM, PDPL Composition MM, PDPL Guitar MM, PDPL Harpsichord MM, PDPL Instrumental Performance MM, PDPL Orchestral Conducting MM, PDPL Piano MM, PDPL Theory MM, PDPL Voice MM, PDPL

School of Drama Bachelor’s Program Dramatic Arts BFA Master’s Program Contemporary Theatre and Performance MFA

School of Jazz and Contemporary Music Jazz and Contemporary Music BFA Instrumental concentration Vocal concentration THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH Anthropology MA, PhD Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA Economics MA, MS, PhD Global Political Economy and Finance MA Gender and Sexuality Studies graduate certificate 4 Historical Studies MA Liberal Studies MA Philosophy MA, PhD Politics MA, PhD Psychology MA Clinical Psychology PhD Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology PhD Sociology MA, PhD SCHOOLS OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students Creative Writing BA Environmental Studies BA Food Studies BA, BS, AAS Global Studies BA Liberal Arts BA, BS Self-designed program

Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship BA, BS Media Studies BA, BS Musical Theater BFA 5 Psychology BA Urban Studies BA Creative Writing Program Creative Writing MFA Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs International Affairs MA, MS Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management MS

Public and Urban Policy MS, PhD Sustainability Strategies graduate certificate 4 School of Media Studies Documentary Media Studies graduate certificate 4 Media Management MS, graduate certificate 4 Media Studies MA 1 Students can pursue an informal pathway within their major. Pathways do not appear on transcripts or diplomas. 2 Global Executive option available. 3 The PDPL is an Advanced Certificate program open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree. 4 The graduate certificate is an Advanced Certificate program open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree. 5 AMDA Integrated graduates only.

About the Student Profile Photography The featured student portraits appearing in this book were taken by Adeline Lulo, a 2015 graduate of Parsons’ BFA Photography program. Lulo’s parents migrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States, and she grew up in the Bronx, Washington Heights, and the Dominican Republic. Lulo is a grant recipient of the Bronx Recognizes Its Own award and the first annual En Foco Photography Fellowship. She has been selected for the New York Times Portfolio Review twice and recognized by Latin American Fotografía. In 2019, Lulo was featured in W Magazine as one of The 9 Young Photographers You Should Be Following. Her clients include TIME, Nike, AT&T, Refinery 29, ULTA, Cosmopolitan, UNIQLO, and Vice. Statement of Accreditation The New School is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE, 3624 Market Street, 2nd Floor West, Philadelphia, PA 19104; 216.284.5000). MSCHE is an institutional accreditor and federally recognized body. The New School has been accredited by MSCHE since 1960. All degree programs at the New York City campus of The New School are registered by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12234; 518.474.1551). Both NYSED and MSCHE provide assurance to students, parents, and all stakeholders that The New School meets clear quality standards for educational and financial performance. For full accreditation information, please visit newschool.edu/provost/accreditation. The information included in the catalogs and all materials of the university represents the plans of The New School at the time they are made public. The university reserves the right to change without notice any content in its print or online materials, including but not limited to tuition, fees, policies, degree programs, names of programs, course offerings, academic activities, academic requirements, facilities, faculty, and administrators. Payment of tuition and attendance of classes constitute acceptance of university policies

This book is printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper with UV inks that conserve energy and material and do not release VOCs into the atmosphere—reflecting the university's embrace of environmental sustainability.

set forth on this page and in the catalogs and other pages linked from it. For up-to-date tuition and fees, including important information regarding the university’s Reservation of Rights, please visit newschool.edu/ about/university-resources/right-to-know. Published 2021 by The New School. Produced by the Marketing and Communication Department, The New School. Photo Credits Clemente Catalano Gonzaga, Raghav Chhabra, Theo Cote, Evelina Dahlgren, Moran Dankner, Anne Ditmeyer, James Ewing, Ben Ferrari, Sammi Fisher, Noemi Florea, Andrew Friedman, Ezra Gans, Abby Gaskin, Lara Gerlach, Michelle Gevint, Jonathan Grassi, Bob Handelman, Evan Howard, Camille Jao, Joe E. Jeffreys, Ani Kapreilian, Chieko Kato, Michael Kirby Smith, Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen, Darcie Lee, Magnus Breivik Loevseth, Adeline Lulo, Matthew Matthews, Katie Mejias, Jiyoon Moon, Michael Moran, Julien Mouffron-Gardner, Siobhan Mullan, Fionn O'Toole, Jacob Arthur Pritchard, Puxan BC, Clarence Elie Rivera, Sarah Rocco, Cintialy Roque, Isabella Savignano, Martin Seck, Matthew Septimus, Erinn Springer, Matthew Sussman, Cole Wilson, Zach Van Hoozer, Phillip Van Nostrand, Chris Vidal Tenomaa, Shan Wallace, Aishamanee Williams

New York City newschool.edu

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