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Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology PhD


The Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology doctoral program emphasizes cultural psychology as a framework within which to understand basic psychological theories and promotes an approach to psychology that is sensitive to sociocultural diversity both within the United States and internationally. Considerable attention is also given to cognitive neuroscience as well as to other biologically based perspectives for explaining cognitive and social processes. Overall, the research conducted in the program reflects a broad-based perspective that supports diverse methodological approaches and that encourages interdisciplinary work. The graduate program is based on an apprenticeship model in which students work closely with individual faculty both on collaborative research projects and on their dissertation research. Students concentrate in cognitive, social, or developmental psychology but are welcome to bridge these concentrations with courses, research, and work with faculty.

Clinical Psychology PhD The Clinical Psychology doctoral program follows the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training and is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). It combines a psychoanalytic emphasis with cognitive behavioral approaches while emphasizing the importance of pursuing and maintaining integration between scholarship and real-world concerns. The program encourages respect for and understanding of cultural and individual diversity. It also recognizes the importance of understanding the roles of culture and context (both social and historical)

in mediating healthy psychological development, psychopathology, and psychotherapeutic change. In its clinical training, the program is pluralistic, with an emphasis on psychoanalytically informed practice. The New School–Beth Israel Center for Clinical Training and Research provides a solid foundation for students’ clinical experience. From the first year to the end of the program, the practica are designed to develop competencies and meet training goals. The amount, intensity, and breadth of experience gained each year in the program are well beyond what can be expected from most internship sites.

Recent Courses Social Psychology Body as Metaphor Development and Psychopathology Cognitive Psychology Evidence Based Treatment Advanced Issues in Substance Abuse Research Methods Perceiving Others: Individuated and Category-Based Perception Field Work in Political and Social Psychology Ethnicity in Clinical Theory and Practice

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