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DegreeWorks Student Tutorial 2012

What is DegreeWorks? DegreeWorks is an online tool that allows you (and your advisors) to track your progress towards completing your degree. This system will show your Degree Audit – a comprehensive breakdown of the graduation requirements for your degree and major/program of study. You can use DegreeWorks to map out your remaining semesters, including: planning your class schedule, calculating your GPA, and exploring a change of major or program.

Where Can I Find DegreeWorks? Log in to MyNewSchool. Go to the Student tab. Click on the DegreeWorks link. (Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.)

The Introduction Page This is your start page for DegreeWorks. If you need help, please take a moment to view our FAQ’s. If you need further assistance click “Help” to send us an e-mail.

To begin, click Worksheet.

Print your degree audit by clicking here

Understanding the Degree Audit This section is an outline of what is needed for you to complete your degree. Details are provided in the corresponding blocks below. Degree Progress Bar: Represents the percentage of requirements completed or in-progress.

Tabs: Each tab leads to more advanced functions

Credits Applied: Credits you have successfully completed, plus all inprogress and preregistered credits.

If necessary, you can save your degree audit as a PDF

Your audit shows the academic year you began your degree, and the credits required for it.

Your Major / Department This section details the requirements for your major or department. Similar sections will display if you have a second major, a minor, or a concentration. Unmet conditions: Summarizes any missing requirements.

Color: Indicates the status of each requirement: Yellow=Fulfilled Red=Not Met Blue=In-progress

Still needed: Lists the courses that can be used to fulfill the requirement

The Last Section At the bottom of each audit you may see the following: • Additional courses you’ve taken that don’t fulfill specific requirements above. For some programs, electives will display here. • In-progress and preregistered courses • Notes that have been made by your academic advisor(s). • Any withdrawn courses or insufficient grades not counting towards your degree (not pictured).

What does this symbol mean??? A Legend is provided to help you understand the symbols.

Here is additional information: • The “:”- used for ranges of course numbers or credits • The “@” – is a wildcard that means anything counts (not just referring to course numbers), example: L@=any Lang Course. ***EXAMPLE: “P@ 1000:2000” means any course with a subject code beginning with “P” and a course number between 1000 and 2000 Looking for a course title? Hover your cursor over any course that is still needed and the course title and credits will appear. Note: this will not work for courses within larger ranges.

The Planner

This tab allows the student and advisor to map out future semesters of course work together. The plan can be saved for future reference and displays where the planned courses fit into the degree. Two windows display: The left pane shows your degree audit, and the right pane shows the planner. Planner Instructions • Select a term from the dropdown menu • Map out your class schedule by dragging “Still Needed” courses from your degree audit, or by typing them in. • Click “Check All Terms,” or click the box next to your planned term • Click “Process New.” Your degree audit should refresh itself to include your planned courses. These courses will display as ‘PLANNED’ or ‘PL’.

What’s a What-If? What-If This allows you to research different “What-If” scenarios if you decided to change your area of study. • Select the new Major or Minor that you are considering. Be sure to also select the appropriate College/ Division. • Click “Process What-If” when all the selections have been made. You will see how your current courses would fit into the new program of study. • You may save the What-If audit as a PDF document if desired.

The GPA Calculators Graduation Calculator This useful tool tells you the GPA you must achieve in your remaining courses in order to graduate with your Desired GPA.

Advice Calculator This is a simpler version of the graduation calculator. The advice breaks down the number of credit hours and grades that must be earned in order to achieve the desired overall GPA.

The GPA Calculators: Continued Term Calculator This tool is used to determine how pending grades for the current semester will affect your overall GPA. The system will display your current and preregistered courses and associated credit hours. You can add or delete courses from the calculator as you see fit. Choose an estimated final grade from the dropdown box next to the course and click “Calculate.� The results will include a projected GPA and the total number of credits earned.

Other DegreeWorks Functions Class History: This window allows you to view your coursework by term. Click this link and a pop-up window will appear.

Student Holds: Check to see if you have Holds by clicking here.

Look Ahead: View how courses you plan to register for will fit in your audit.

Any Other Questions? Feel free to contact the University Registrar’s Office regarding any further questions you may have about the functionality of DegreeWorks.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements of your program and/or what content is being used to fulfill those requirements, please contact your Academic Advisor. Go to MY NEWSCHOOL and try out DegreeWorks!


The New School Student Tutorial


The New School Student Tutorial