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INSIDE: • ReStore: Sacramento’s best-kept secret • Brand-new, dirt-cheap home goods • Building green • Habitat changes a family’s life

Building Something Great


Shop at ReStore home improvement outlet. Support Habitat for Humanity.

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Changing Lives,


IMPACTING THE COMMUNITY Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento has built homes for



families in Sacramento & Yolo counties and


families overseas. An estimated


children live in homes built by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. More than

2,400 40,000+

volunteers have donated volunteer hours in the last year to Habitat home builds. Each Habitat home build requires


in sponsorship seed money. Habitat relies on donations from organizations, churches, businesses and individuals to fund a build project. Habitat’s goal is to fund of administrative costs with proceeds from the ReStore so of donations go directly to home builds.



Community support makes expansion of Habitat’s work possible

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento needs to raise

$3.2 million each year to continue serving the community.

There are more than

36,000 families

in the County of Sacramento living in substandard or overcrowded conditions.

by Shannon Springmeyer

abitat for Humanity has made it a mission for nearly four decades to help provide affordable housing to low-income families. “From a social justice perspective, everybody ought to have a safe, decent, affordable place to live,” says Ken Cross, CEO of the local affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. Cross says housing is a crucial element in breaking the cycle of poverty. Habitat families number among the “working poor,” earning just 30 to 60 percent of the region’s median income, and live in substandard or overcrowded conditions. Habitat helps make homeownership a reality by building affordable homes with zero-interest loans. Habitat homes provide stability, security and a brighter future to the children of these struggling families. But funding home builds can be a challenge. Cross says many people aren’t aware that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento has to raise $75,000 cash-inhand for each home it builds to pay for land, materials, equipment and operational costs. That’s why, in addition to volunteering, Habitat has a critical need for donations from businesses and individuals to sponsor builds. But there is another way to support Habitat: The ReStore is a huge retail outlet that sells new and used home goods, appliances, furnishings and building materials. All goods are donated and all proceeds go directly to supporting Habitat’s work. Byron Watkins, the ReStore manager, says shoppers

can find deep discounts on a vast array of goods while supporting Habitat’s mission. Shoppers and donors can also feel good about giving a second life to goods that might otherwise become waste. Watkins is proud to be part of something that’s so positive. “It’s phenomenal the great things that go on here,” he says. “Not only do we get the chance to impact families’ lives, we also are making a huge impact on the environment by diverting over a million and a half pounds of raw building materials out of the landfill. What a great concept. It’s just fantastic.” Cross says in the 12 years since it opened, the ReStore has helped Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento more than triple its home building operations. And, thanks to the recent merger between Habitat affiliates in Sacramento and Yolo counties to form the current Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, Cross says continued growth is in store. “By merging our resources and our service areas, we can go in and serve a lot more families and make a difference,” Cross says. Cross is hopeful that community support, in the form of cash donations, volunteering, donations of goods to the ReStore and new ReStore customers, will help Habitat continue to expand the work it has done locally for more than 30 years. “The bottom line is, why we’ve been so successful over the years is because of the generosity of the people of the County of Sacramento and Yolo County,” Cross says.

The bottom line is, why we’ve been so successful over the years is because of the generosity of the people of the County of Sacramento and Yolo County. Ken Cross CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

From left, Ken Cross and Byron Watkins of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento both emphasize how vital the ReStore is to supporting Habitat for Humanity’s mission. Community members are encouraged to get involved by donating to and shopping at the ReStore. PHOTO BY RON NABITY

2 Building Something Great Together | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento | www.habitatgreatersac.org | A Special Advertising Supplement

“ ” I’m not sure that I can stop! Laurence Day Committed ReStore customer

A ReStore Love Story

Laurence Day can’t get enough of shopping at the ReStore and has landed some amazing bargains for home and office projects. PHOTO BY RON NABITY

Customer finds amazing bargains for the whole house


by Shannon Springmeyer

t was love at first sight. Laurence Day wasn’t looking for anything in particular that day he visited the ReStore home improvement store in Sacramento. But then, across the room, a real beauty caught his eye. “I saw this really nice leather-type couch that had a microfiber suede corduroy — a really soft, comfortable look to it,” Day says. “Dark brown and cream pillows. I just sat down on it and I felt it. And I called my wife.” Day and his wife were remodeling their living room and needed a new sofa. This piece fit their new colors perfectly. But the best part? The lightly worn floor model of a name-brand couch that retails for $1,700 was a mere 300 bucks at the ReStore. Day’s wife told him to jump on the deal, and he hovered over the couch, making sure no one else could snap up this bargain before him. He also picked up other items to finish off the room. “TV wall mounts are very expensive,” Day says. “I found the perfect TV wall mount. It was brand new in the box. It looked

like somebody opened and repackaged it — didn’t show any signs of installation. It was perfect for my 70-inch TV. It was $10.” He also bought a set of in-wall speakers. Day says his finds from the ReStore “really upped the room. It made that home theater what it is.” A home improvement enthusiast and admitted bargainhunter, Day calls the ReStore his “weakness.” He first discovered the ReStore when he worked with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento to organize volunteer Habitat home build days for his company, Safelite AutoGlass. “I started looking around a little bit [at ReStore] and I saw the prices, and I started getting interested,” Day says. “I never know what project I’m going to work on when I walk in there — I go in there and I go, ‘OK, I’ve been wanting to do that.’” Day, a quality manager with Safelite, has completed a number of projects inspired by ReStore finds, from carpeting his basement to installing energy-efficient lighting in his barn.

He’s even found materials for remodeling the Safelite office, and turned co-workers on to shopping at ReStore. But not every story has a happy ending. There are also the ones that got away. “There was a very nice-looking dry bar in the ReStore, with a marble top, just gorgeous-looking. It was only a few hundred bucks,” Day says. “I didn’t get it and I didn’t get it, and I kept taking pictures and showing my wife — and then it was gone.” Day says the experience taught him to keep checking in often to jump on the great deals — new donations are always coming in. Day plans to keep shopping at ReStore for the foreseeable future — he likes both the great prices and the opportunity to support Habitat for Humanity. “I’m not sure that I can stop! I almost stopped in there on the way over here [to the interview],” Day admits with a laugh.

WHAT IS RESTORE? CONVENIENTLY LOCATED OFF I-5 AT RICHARDS BLVD.: ReStore 819 N. 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95811 916-440-1215 ext. 1118 Tues.- Fri.: 9a.m.-6p.m. Sat.: 10a.m.-5p.m. Sun. & Mon.: Closed


ReStore is a resale outlet offering more than 40,000 square feet (almost an acre!) of new and near-new home improvement and building supplies, appliances, home accessories, furnishings and more. Goods are donated from local and national retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and individuals. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. That means you can support the great work Habitat is doing in our community while scoring some amazing deals. Items are discounted at up to 70 percent off the full retail price, and many items are name-brand and brand-new! With new inventory arriving daily, you never know what treasures you might discover. ReStore, Sacramento’s best-kept secret, isn’t a secret anymore.

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Strengthening the Community Local hardware store believes in Habitat’s mission


by Mike Blount

ince 1908, Emigh Ace Hardware has provided the kind of specialized customer service that isn’t available at large retail stores. The business thrives on catering to the specific needs of customers in the Sacramento region. So when opportunities to give back to the community that supports them present themselves, Emigh Ace Harware is always willing to lend a hand. The local familyowned hardware store has donated to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento for more than 15 years. Inventory Manager Sheri Jones takes defective merchandise that is shipped to the store and arranges for those items to be donated to the ReStore. “Sometimes, we will get products in that have Craig Franklin damaged packaging or Emigh Ace Hardware manager they are scuffed, scraped or dented,” Jones says. “A lot of those products can still be used, and we just feel like some of it can go to people who can still use them and it will really help them.” Jones says she processes donations every two or three weeks and adds, if they were not donated, many of those items would end up going into a landfill. Emigh Ace Hardware donates a variety of items to the ReStore location on Richards Boulevard for reselling, including umbrellas, patio furniture and assorted tools.

While giving away usable items sounds counterintuitive to running a business, General Manager Craig Franklin says he doesn’t believe it has a negative impact on the store’s bottom line at all. Conversely, he believes it encourages customers to come in and shop at Emigh Ace Hardware. “We certainly feel that through our community involvement there’s an awareness there, and people support us because of that,” Franklin says. “But we have two different customer bases. Customers come to our location because they have specific needs, and they want great customer service. Customers that go to the ReStore want to support Habitat for Humanity by shopping there. It’s a positive thing for both of us.” Franklin adds that part of the reason Emigh Ace Hardware has been so successful over the years is because of its strong ties to the community. “Over the years, we have always looked at several different ways to support the Sacramento community,” Franklin says. “The items are going to a very good cause, and Habitat puts their money to work changing lives. We believe in what Habitat for Humanity is doing because they are helping families and strengthening the community in Sacramento and across the United States.”

We believe in what Habitat for Humanity is doing because they are helping families and strengthening the community.


APPLIANCES • Washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, cook-tops and ovens, range hoods, microwaves

FURNITURE • Sofas, bed frames, dressers, tables, chairs, shelving, hutches and more

CABINETS ReStore has items for just about any home improvement project you can think of, at up to 70 percent off retail price. Many items are brandnew, making this a bargain-hunter’s paradise. There’s no way to offer a complete list of the wide variety of treasures you can find at ReStore — inventory changes daily. Here’s a sample of what you might find on your next visit:

• Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry

FLOORING • New and used wood flooring, new carpet, tile, vinyl, ceramic, slate, marble

Craig Franklin and Sheri Jones of Emigh Ace Hardware are proud to support Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento by donating goods to the ReStore. PHOTO BY RON NABITY

HARDWARE • Door hardware and hinges, nails, screws, fasteners, hangers, connectors

LIGHTING & ELECTRICAL • Chandeliers, ceiling-mount flush sconces, bath lighting, exterior lighting, residential and commercial electrical supplies

LUMBER & CONSTRUCTION • Particleboard, plywood, paneling, new trim, molding, dimensional and framing lumber, composite decking, treated lumber, bricks, blocks, insulation

4 Building Something Great Together | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento | www.habitatgreatersac.org | A Special Advertising Supplement

PLUMBING • Kitchen and bathroom sinks, vanity tops, tubs, complete faucets, plumbing hardware

TOOLS • Hand tools, garden tools, power tools

DOORS & WINDOWS • Interior, exterior and patio doors, double-pane windows

GARDEN & RECREATION • Grills, pavers, camping equipment, sporting goods, bicycles

AND MORE! • Check often for one-of-a-kind finds, like antique furniture, and new arrivals

HD Supply employees lend a hand at a Habitat home build. Senior Communication Manager Angela Clark says HD Supply also donated $1.2 million worth of excess and obsolete product to Habitat for Humanity ReStores across the country in 2012 to avoid sending it to landfills. PHOTOS COURTESY OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

The Right Thing to Do Company donates to Habitat to keep communities green


by Mike Blount

s the largest industrial distribution building products, which can be used in new home retailer in North America, HD Supply builds or as items for sale in a ReStore. As a result, sells a lot of products. More than 27,000 Clark says there has been an increase in overall items are available through the company, donations. including light bulbs, bathroom vanities and even the While product donations make up a large part miniature bottles of shampoo found inside hotel rooms. of HD Supply’s community support, Clark says that But dealing in that kind of volume could also leave the company’s associates are also actively involved in thousands of obsolete, volunteering with Habitat damaged or excess for Humanity on sponsored products sitting in build days. Jonathan Cronk, warehouses every assistant transportation year. Angela Clark is a manager for HD Supply, senior communications organized a build day for manager for Facilities his team in Sacramento. Maintenance, a division Cronk says that it gives them of HD Supply. Clark says an opportunity to work the company found the together to do some good in perfect environmentally the community they live and conscious solution with work in. Habitat for Humanity. “Some of us were helping HD Supply donated with the sheetrock and some $1.2 million worth of of us were nailing board product to Habitat for together,” Cronk says. “We Angela Clark Humanity ReStores were all here and working Senior Communications Manager for HD Supply Facilities Maintenance across the country in together. When you look 2012 to avoid sending back and see these people get it to landfills. In Sacramento, HD Supply Facilities homes that really need them, that you had a little part in Maintenance donated $72,000 worth of product to putting together, it’s a good feeling.” Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento’s ReStore. Cronk adds that he appreciates the opportunity “Whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint or that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento minimizing our fuel costs, being environmentally provides for his team to come together to do conscious is something that’s important to HD something positive in the community. Clark says the Supply,” Clark says. “Our values line up perfectly with partnership is a natural fit because both organizations Habitat for Humanity in terms of how we both support share common goals. communities and the people who live and work in them. “We’re committed to improving the lives of people We’re supportive of not only helping our customers stay that live and work in our communities,” Clark says. green, but helping our communities stay green as well.” “Habitat for Humanity gives us the opportunity to In 2013, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance partner and do some good where we can through entered into an agreement with Habitat for product donations, financial contributions or Humanity, committing the division to an annual volunteerism. We appreciate Habitat for Humanity and minimum donation of $250,000 worth of residential the work they’re doing.”

Our values line up perfectly with Habitat for Humanity in terms of how we both support communities and the people who live and work in them.

THE ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE The ReStore not only offers great deals and helps you support Habitat for Humanity — it also helps the environment by providing a distribution system for recycled goods. Here’s how:

1. B  USINESSES OR INDIVIDUALS NEED TO DISPOSE OF ITEMS. THEY MIGHT HAVE: • Returned merchandise that retailers cannot resell • Discontinued, damaged or dinged merchandise • Floor models • Used appliances, furniture and materials that are removed for upgrade, remodel, move or business closure • Leftover materials from construction and remodel projects

3. ReStore offers an

2. Without a convenient

solution, unsellable or used goods are often destroyed and dumped.

alternative. When allowed by manufacturers, businesses can donate the goods to ReStore. Individuals and contractors can donate used or surplus materials to the ReStore instead of dealing with the hassle of storing, reselling or dumping the items.

4. D  onated items are purchased and re-used by ReStore customers. By linking excess goods and consumers, ReStore helps divert 1.5 million pounds of waste from local landfills each year!

A Special Advertising Supplement | www.habitatgreatersac.org | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento | ReStore nonprofit home improvement store 5

“” I’m just so proud that we could be a part of something that is helping families in our community. Kelly McClure Manager at Sacramento Daltile

From left, Kelly McClure and Connie Martinez of Daltile’s Sacramento location say the company supports Habitat’s mission any way they can, including donating tile to ReStore and volunteering on builds. PHOTO BY RON NABITY


A Great


Volunteering with Habitat can help your business, church or group build a positive sense of teamwork while making a real difference in your community. Volunteers provide 90% of the labor, but Habitat still needs to raise $75,000 in sponsorship to build the home. Habitat offers 3 levels of involvement so every organization has the opportunity to get involved, regardless of budget or size!

STANDARD BUILD • Get together a team of 10 and come build for a day on a Habitat home. Tools and training are provided.

TEAM BUILD • Sponsor your day of building on the job site through a $1,000 donation. Your donation helps Habitat afford necessary items like tools and equipment. All participants will receive Habitat tees and lunch.

HOME SPONSORSHIP • Sponsor a Habitat home at $5,000, $10,000 or more and help be an essential part in making homeownership a reality for a local family in need. Sponsors at the $5,000 level or above receive multiple build days for their team, various sponsorship benefits, and are invited to participate in the dedication ceremony when families receive the keys to their home. A full home sponsorship is $75,000. Join the 129 local businesses and groups who have supported Habitat builds in the last year. Contact Laine Himmelman to find out more and discuss what level of support best matches your organization. Call 916-440-1215 ext. 1108, email lhimmelmann@shfh.org, or go online at www.habitatgreatersac.org.

Tile company gives time and goods to Habitat to improve communities


by Mike Blount

hen Connie Martinez began working as a file clerk for the American Olean tile company in 1977, she was just learning the ropes of the tile business. By the time the company was purchased by Daltile in 1997, she had learned most of the ins and outs of selling tiles, including how to drive a forklift to move pallets and inventory management. One of the most important duties for Martinez was managing slower-moving inventory or goods that did not meet Daltile’s exacting quality standards. “Sometimes we would launch new product collections that would be really well received, and we would need space to stock those products that was being taken up by remaining stock from older collections. We also might have minor issues such as shade variations that we would choose not to sell,” Martinez says. “Rather than throw away the tile to make room for new products, I started looking for places to donate the material.” At first, Connie donated to local schools to help with projects they were trying to complete. But as sales grew, she eventually was faced with the same problem of needing to move greater amounts of inventory. Everything changed when a customer told her about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. “As soon as I called Habitat for Humanity, they were there ready to pick up the products we wanted to donate,” Martinez says. “It was helpful for both of us. We’ve been donating to Habitat for the last 13 years.” On average, Daltile’s Sacramento Sales Service Center

donates between 5,000 to 15,000 pounds of tile to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento three or four times a year. Connie says it’s a partnership that makes sense because it allows her Sales Service Center to maintain current collections in their inventory while also giving back to the community. In 2013, Daltile became a national sponsor for Habitat for Humanity, contributing volunteer hours, financial support and unsold inventory to Habitat ReStores all over the country. Daltile is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the United States. Corporate Communications Manager Jarrett Steele says the sponsorship also gives the company the chance to solidify their staff’s team spirit. “We have more than 250 company-owned Daltile-brand Sales Service Centers across the U.S., and our team members have supported this sponsorship by volunteering for around 20 Habitat home build days nationwide over the last two years, including the build day we had in Sacramento earlier this year,” Steele says. Sacramento Daltile Manager Kelly McClure says the team building day was a great experience for his staff. McClure participated in the $5,000 sponsored build day on Indian Lane and says he is extremely proud of his team. “It was a scorcher, around 105 degrees, but everyone worked really hard to help out that day,” McClure says. “Some of our guys even jumped on the roof to help out. It really helped us build our camaraderie, and I’m just so proud that we could be a part of something that is helping families in our community.”

6 Building Something Great Together | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento | www.habitatgreatersac.org | A Special Advertising Supplement

A New Beginning Habitat for Humanity home changes family’s life


by Mike Blount

hen Nor Lor made the decision to move with his family from Thailand to the United States, he knew it was going to be difficult. He spoke little English, he never went to high school and he had little money. But Lor believed the move would give his seven children opportunities that they would not have if they stayed in Thailand. He says it was the best decision he’s made his entire life.

[ Habitat for Humanity] gives people the opportunity to help themselves and achieve the dream of owning a home. Nor Lor Habitat for Humanity homeowner

Lor and his family moved to Sacramento in 1994. They shared a home with Lor’s grandparents and father. Money was tight and Lor had trouble finding work. “Life was pretty hard back then because of the language barrier,” Lor says. “I knew a little English that I learned in Thailand, but the language barrier was the hardest thing to overcome.” Lor eventually did find work on an assembly line, packaging products. At the same time, he enrolled in English


Habitat volunteers help build a home for the Lor family. Nor Lor says the house was a huge blessing for his family. PHOTO COURTESY OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

as a second language classes at a local school. He says he knew learning English was key to opening up more opportunities for employment. He took the classes for three years, learning as much as he could. In 2002, Lor’s father passed away and Nor became the main financial support for his family. By then, he had found a better job with better pay. But he stressed to his children to take advantage of the educational opportunities that he didn’t have growing up. “I was working to support my children because I wanted them to go to college and finish school,” Lor says. “That was important to me.” The next year, Lor’s brother-in-law told him he should apply for a house through Habitat for Humanity. Lor thought it would be hard to be approved, but he applied anyway. A few months later, he received news from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento that his family had been approved to participate in the Habitat program. “We were really happy when we heard the news,” Lor says. “Paying rent was really expensive, and we needed more space.” Construction started in 2005. Lor’s entire family helped out with whatever they could do, including carrying building supplies, tools and equipment around the site. They swung hammers and nailed boards together. Lor says everyone was excited to help. Lor’s family was able to move into their new home at the end of 2006 after almost two years of construction. He says he


If you or a family you know is in need of decent, affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity may be able to help. An average of eight eligible “partner families” are selected every year to become new homeowners through Habitat for Humanity’s housing program. Families are chosen based on need, income and ability to contribute. Here are the steps to applying:

• Seminars provide quick information on what a family needs to do to qualify. Dates, times and locations are listed at www.habitatgreatersac.org.

MEET ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS • Be legal residents or citizens. • Have good credit and be able to prove steady income. • Earn a monthly income of 30 to 60 percent of area’s median income.

is so thankful that organizations like Habitat for Humanity exist. And he’s really happy he was able to fulfill his promise to his family. One of his daughters graduated from UC Berkeley and another from UC Davis. He has a son currently attending college at Sac State and another who’s going to UC Davis. “[Habitat for Humanity] gives people the opportunity to help themselves and achieve the dream of owning a home,” Lor says. “Living here gave us a chance to start a new life and give our family a chance to succeed. You just have to take those opportunities and move forward.”

FILL OUT APPLICATION • Documents need to be filled out completely. Habitat for Humanity specialists will go over the forms with you to make sure they are filled out correctly.

PUT IN SWEAT EQUITY • Families must put in 500 hours of sweat equity working on home builds, regardless of family size. Equity hours must be done at the construction site. Construction generally takes four to six months.


BEGIN PAYING MORTGAGE • Once construction is finished, families pay the closing costs and they receive the keys to their house. Families pay a 30-year, no-interest mortgage on the home. Monthly payments are capped at 30 percent of their gross income.

A Special Advertising Supplement | www.habitatgreatersac.org | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento | ReStore nonprofit home improvement store 7


ReStore Today

Your one-stop, feel-good home improvement store with incredible prices

The ReStore is not just a great place to get amazing deals on goods for the home. The ReStore also helps Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento build homes for families in need right here in our community. And by recycling home goods, the ReStore helps keep 1.5 million pounds of waste out of our landfills each year. Shopping at the ReStore saves you money, helps the community and protects the planet all at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

DONATE The ReStore relies entirely on donations. Every item available for purchase was donated by a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, contractor or individual. Tax-deductible receipt provided for each donation.

A GREAT OPTION FOR: • Extra stock or inventory • Floor models and returned, discontinued or damaged merchandise • Supplies left over from remodel or construction projects • Used appliances or materials removed for remodels or upgrades • Going-out-of-business or moving • Estate donations • Clearing out storage space



• New or gently used appliances, furniture, hardware, lighting, electrical supplies, plumbing (with SDWA certificate), tools, lumber, doors, cabinets, double pane windows, copper and more. (Some conditions apply.) • Must be in working condition and free of mold, water damage, rust and lead paint • No donation is too big or too small ReStore cannot accept some items, such as mattresses, clothing and certain materials. Call or visit the store for a complete list of approved and excluded materials and conditions.

Drop off items anytime the ReStore is open. For your convenience, call ahead to get your donation pre-approved for drop-off. All donations are subject to inspection.



Find new and near-new home improvement materials, appliances, furnishings, hardware, building supplies, sporting equipment, home accessories and more, at up to 70 percent off suggested retail price. Inventory changes daily — you never know what incredible finds are waiting for you.

The ReStore is more than 60 percent volunteerstaffed. Give back by volunteering at the ReStore. You’ll be matched with a volunteer opportunity that allows you to use your unique talents and strengths. To volunteer in the ReStore, visit www. habitatgreatersac.org or contact Laci Dewater at LDewater@shfh.org or (916) 440-1215 ext. 1109.


“I come here because I really like what they’re doing as far as recycling and reusing materials. It is fantastic. I save tons of money.”

“I come here because you never know what you’re going to find. There’s always something different, and if you have rental properties or you’re working on a house, they’ve got great prices on everything.”

“The money they raise allows them to continue doing the great work that they do.” Marlene Back

“The money that I spend here not only gives me a good deal, it helps people in our community who need homes by helping them help themselves.” Lloyd Getchell Jr.

Naomi Johnson Gary Merchant


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ReStore: Habitat for Humanity’s nonprofit home improvement store Conveniently located near I-5 at Richards Boulevard 819 N.10th St. Sacramento, CA 95811 916-440-1215 ext.1118 Tuesday-Friday: 9a.m.- 6p.m. Saturday: 10a.m.- 5p.m. Sunday & Monday: Closed www.habitatgreatersac.org

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Habitat for Humanity

Building Something Great Together  

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