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trick shots and radio that rocks

school supplier With a new school year now in full swing, Chico State’s Wildcat Store is facing its busiest time of year as students line up for textbooks and school supplies and stop in for snacks, Chico State gear or local products— from Klean Kanteens to books from area authors. Store Director Sarah Foisy oversees everything that takes place at the eclectic college store. She sat down with the CN&R to chat about where the store has been and where it’s headed.

How long have you worked here? I have been with the Wildcat Store for just over two years, and I love it here. Working with Chico State students, faculty and staff has been very rewarding, and it’s great to see the high level of involvement Chico State students have with their campus and community.

This is obviously the busy season, right? Yes, back to school. It’s always the most exciting time, and having the students back on campus brings so much energy. Over the past few weeks, the bookstore team has put in a lot of prep work to ensure we’re ready to help students, faculty, staff and fans start the school year on the right foot—from textbooks to supplies and the latest spirit gear.


Meredith J. Cooper

I spent this last weekend traveling—to South Lake Tahoe for a night to visit with my sister and her husband, and then to Denver, where I got to play the part, with my friend Jackie Karol, of a pool-playing angel. South Lake was breathtaking. I’m kind of embarrassed to say I’ve never made it there before! We flew to Denver because Karol’s company, The Angel of Billiards, was a vendor at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival. We did a variety of things, from trick-shot demos (mostly her, though she did teach me a few!) to mini-lessons to playing challengers for a price (a portion of the money we made will benefit local foster families). You can find Karol at Chico Billiards Academy, at 1005 W. First St., next door to The Oasis Bar & Grill.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced at the store?

Match program at our website:

Our store remodel that took place last January. Organizing the flow of events and ensuring we were ready for classes to start just one week after the remodel [was] completed was challenging. However, we have a wonderful team and everyone pulled together to make it happen!

Any predictions for hot sellers this year?

How are things different since you took over as director? We have more of an expansion on rental books available here. We have some new programs like the Price Match program that started this past year. It’s a program where you can see and compare textbook prices from our bookstore with Chegg, Amazon and other bookseller companies. You can find the Price

Used and rental books are always big. We have a new vinyl album section this year, so I hope that is going to do well. We have a new book from the Book in Common project called My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem. We also have new clothing styles, so I can see a lot of new students getting excited about that.

What made you decide to sell vinyl? Vinyl is one of the faster growing particular forms of music in the music industry right now. It seems to be more common of an interest than CDs nowadays. We’re carrying a variety of music from classic rock to more pop stuff like Kayne West. —TOM SundGren

speaking of … The Oasis recently started accepting credit cards, which came as a surprise to pretty much everyone who’s ever stepped foot in the place. Owner Stacy Schaeffer said it was just time to make the switch-over, and it seems appropriate, as it happened within a month or so of the installation of new awnings out front. I want to take this opportunity to wish The Oasis a very happy birthday, as it opened in 1961—55 years ago. Though it’s moved over the years, it’s Chico’s oldest bar. any day now While we’ve been patiently waiting for Crepeville and Tellers Bar &

Grill to open up downtown, some new names have popped up on the horizon. I’m particularly excited about Cream, which originally opened in Berkeley in 2010. Its specialty: Ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. Sounds de-lish. Check out the store on Facebook for updates—it should be opening any day now in the North Valley Plaza.

Brand new My buddy Chris Singleton, who’s the operations manager over at 101.7 KVXX FM, had some exciting news to share this week. I’ve always liked his station, but my personal musical taste is a little more rockin’ and a little less emopop. Well, I’ll probably let my car radio dial hover on 101.7 a little more starting today (Aug. 25), because that’s exactly where the station is headed. It’s rebranding itself to 1017X and will be airing more alternative hits. “It’s going to be a much more exciting station to listen to,” Singleton said, “more upbeat and energetic music; fewer ballads and pop-sounding songs.” Sounds good to me! shoe gazing The Baker family moved to Paradise 45 years ago and it’s safe to say they’ve made their mark on Chico and Ridge roads ever since. At least when it comes to footwear. They opened Baker’s Birkenstock in Chico in 1976—the store celebrated its 40th anniversary in April—and then a second store in Paradise five years later. In honor of that store’s 35th anniversary, Celeste Baker tells me they’ll be having an open house this Friday (Aug. 26), from 2-6 p.m., complete with refreshments and specials. Stop by for the fun at 5781 Clark Road.

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